England: London

And so begins another five-night run at the familiar stamping ground of London’s historic, iconic Royal Albert Hall. Two concerts this week, three more next week. Will you be there? Will there be changes?

You know all about this fine venue by now, David has performed there many times, so I won’t bore you again with facts about its stunning mosaic frieze, huge glazed-iron roof or 9,999-pipe organ. I don’t need to mention how there really isn’t a bad seat in the house (and oh-so comfortable those seats are, some of them even swivel), nor praise the helpful, friendly staff for being so accommodating; they truly are the best, I hope you agree.

Maybe you can’t resist delving into the archives to search the Performance Database. There are more than 30,000 events from 1871 to the very latest one. Nobody could blame you for taking a peek at that.

A reminder that many of our Irregular friends will be meeting at The Queen’s Arms pub, which is just around the corner from the Hall, on Queen’s Gate Mews, so please feel free to join them before or after the show for some liquid refreshment. Please make use of the previous post, imaginatively titled Meet-up: London, to see who’ll be there and when. I once again repeat my offer to pass on your e-mail address if you are not comfortable about sharing such details on a public forum that anyone can see. Happy to help.

If you don’t have a ticket, don’t be sad. Look at it this way: what an opportunity to watch Remember That Night: David Gilmour Live at the Royal Albert Hall on DVD or Blu-ray, five more times if you must over these next few difficult days, and regale yourself with fond memories from David’s 2006 concerts.

Have a grand time in South Kensington, folks. We look forward to hearing about five more nights to remember from what has been such a fabulous ride across some huge chunks of the globe.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. Is this it? the last of the 2015/2016 tour? Looks like it!

    Really glad I will be there next week for the last 2 shows.

    Don’t hope the next tour will be in 2025, as there were 9 years between the On An Island and the Rattle That Lock tours…

  2. Will be refreshing this page to learn more about the band and setlist. It’s been very quiet, wasn’t it?

  3. Hi FEd and all blog people.

    I will be at the Royal Albert Hall with Mrs H on Sunday for my 50th Pink Floyd / David Gilmour gig and my seat is in the Front Row Arena, David’s side. Come over and say Hi, I will have a HURLEY t-shirt on, then next Friday it will be ‘come in number 51 your time is up’ show in the 3rd row center again on the Arena floor!

    This Morning I booked tickets for The Who at next year’s T.C.T. show once again at the Royal Albert Hall for the 100th T.C.T. gig at the Venue, both the wife and I went to the very first T.C.T show with the Who and Guests back in the November 2000.

    And way back in December 1970 my first ever Royal Albert Hall concert was with Rick Wakeman and the Strawbs when my ticket in the Circle cost just 7/6d in old money around 40p.

    Over the years I have attend so many shows at the R.A.H including Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Mott, Camel, The Who, Ringo Starr, Sir Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Robert Plant and Jimmy Page to name 10 acts, I just love the venue!

    Gary Hurley.
    London England.

      1. I bumped into both Nick Cave and Sir Tim Rice on the way out of the RAH on the 1st night last year. I remember thinking that Nick looked a miserable so-and-so. I told a work colleague about it and he said, “Well, that might be something to do with the fact that his son had died just a couple of months previously.” I felt a bit shitty and it was a harsh lesson learned.

      1. Hi Bob.

        It was a good night on Sunday.

        Hope you got some shut eye on Sunday night after your overnight flight Saturday Evening!

        I will look out for you on Friday night in your 2nd row seat. We are in the 3rd row center seats.

        Gary Hurley.

  4. Oh my, I can’t believe a year has passed since this tour began. Wishing everyone an out of body experience at these final RAH shows.

    I will take FEd’s advice and be watching all my Gilmour DVDs in solidarity with you! xoxo

  5. Looking forward to news of tonight’s performance.

    Things have been very quiet since the end of the European shows. What treats are in store, I wonder, for such a special venue.

  6. Looking at the beautiful RAH’s pipe organ via this post link, I was wondering, is it where Richard played the pipe organ solo that we can hear on the song ‘Autumn 68’ from ‘The Endless River’?

      1. Merci, mon ami Ken.

        I’m very happy with my trips to Orange and Nรฎmes, Ralph, I have such fond memories of both nights.

        Have a great time in London, both of you! ๐Ÿ™‚

        Could you please add my name on Andrea’s banner? It’s not cheating, is it? ๐Ÿ˜‰

          1. Does it mean you wrote my name on Andrea’s banner? If so, many thanks, Ralph, that’s very kind of you. ๐Ÿ™‚

            It’s such a pity that those who aren’t on Twitter can’t see your ‘lovely photo’ (that FEd is referring to on Twitter), since your tweets are protected.


            1. Ok, now I’m back home after 5 days between London and Munich’s Oktoberfest.

              I have to say that it was a very very very very very very very very (did I say very?) alcoholic holiday.

              But now I’m here, I have some time for a little relax and can spend some words about some things…

              First of all: the last show of the tour (and maybe of David’s career? Who knows?) from the central front row at the Royal Albert Hall was something that I could never imagine not even in my best erotic dreams. If I was there was just thanks to a person, FEd. I’ve spent many words to thank you in a lot of different ways but they’re never enough. Thanks again, mate! What you do for us is so precious and this community exists just because of your lovely way of leading it.

              Then, thoughts in random order…

              This was my 8th concert of the tour (Verona and Florence in 2015, New York, Roma, Roma, Pompeii, Verona, Verona, London in 2016) and this whole year was an incredible experience. I met a lot of great people from the blog and I spent lovely times with them. From Zulya (in the yellow dress) in Florence to the very last, William Cheng (front row’s fellow) last night, you all were great and it has been for me really really really an enormous pleasure and honor to meet you. Pavlov and RobPfromCT in NY, Stefan and Ioana (almost everywhere), just like Rob (together on the very last tunes in front of the stage); Damian, Scott, Ash and Pixie (I’m terribly sorry we didn’t met this weekend, it was the missing icing on the cake, hope there’ll be soon other occasions) for the wonderful night in Pompeii, then Francesco and Bob in Verona, until Taki, Maya, tim, JC_2410 on the very last night at the RAH. For sure I forgot someone, I’m not so good with memory, I do apologise for it in advance. To all of you I just want to say THANK YOU… well, maybe it’s better GRAZIE! I’m one of the last arrived and for sure the youngest one, but you accepted and welcomed me in the family since the first day like I’ve always been there. And this also goes to the other persons I didn’t meet but I talked with only in chat.

              Last, but of course, not least: David. I have to say, the tour didn’t started so good, in Verona and Florence 2015 he didn’t played so well and the setlist was shorter, but after few dates he started to grow like a Rossini’s “crescendo” and reached the state of art, sublimated by Pompeii’s concert. I don’t know if we’ll see him again on stage and when it will be. For the moment I just can be happy for all these concerts and hope Pompeii’s Blu-ray will come out soon to live again that magic night.

              PS: For everyone that was asking for the banner, you can see here that FEd was on the stage with us, and here some of us with the signed banner. Again, I still have to thank everybody who just was looking for me in every place to sign it. You liked the idea and participated with passion in this small gift from our community to FEd, because, remember, this is not “Andrea’s banner”, this is OUR banner, from all of us. At the end of the concert, I gave it to Phil Taylor as instructed by FEd, and hope he’ll get it soon. Of course we WANT a pic when it’ll arrive in your hands…

              PPS: FEd, belated Happy Birtday to you… Sorry but I was in another world until this morning…

              PPPS: So, in the end, I don’t want to be silly again with these honey-tasting words, but my tour was different, better, greater thanks to everyone of you, and now that it’s over I’m sad, because I can’t see David live and can’t see you too.

              Hope there’ll be soon other occasions, maybe “Their mortal remains” exhibition in London can be a good excuse for a meeting? I launch the idea, there’s plenty of time to decide…

  7. I was lucky and got to see him for the very first time last year at the RAH and in only 4 days I will again travel to England. This time I will see him for two nights. I can’t wait and I really hope he will sing Coming Back To Life this time. I love that song so much! Just counting the days now and can’t believe how lucky I am. Never even thought I would be able to see him once and now I’m going back for a second and a third. Will follow the updates here for sure. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. As Maya said above, it hardly seems a year since the start of his last short RAH residency. I was lucky enough to be there on the first night in London and also Brighton a couple of weeks earlier. Tried hard for tickets this year without success, but the memories of those two evenings are still fresh in my mind.

    For those of you who were successful again, I’m a little envious, but hope you have a great time. For those who are witnessing this tour for the first time, there’s no words to describe what you are about to experience, but I can guarantee that your emotions will run riot! Enjoy it you crazy diamonds!

    1. Hello, Hugh. Tickets have been popping up with pretty good regularity this evening. If you are still needing a ticket, it seems you may have a good chance of getting one or two. Best of luck!

      1. Thanks kk, I really appreciate that. I actually had a look on the RAH site a couple of hours after my post and saw that there were 4 in the stalls for Sunday (including one centre stalls row 3!) and quite a few released for the other nights too. I was close to buying the good seat for Sunday, but while I was able to book a cheap flight from Glasgow on Sunday morning, the prices of early flights to Glasgow on Monday morning are horrendously expensive. Also I need to be in my office early on Monday to clear some work before travelling down to Birmingham in the afternoon for a meeting on Tuesday, and travel and hotel is already booked by my employer. Ah, such is life!

        Anyway, I was lucky to see Mr G twice last September, so I’ll take pleasure in reading the accounts of those who are seeing him for the first time.

    1. Apparently, the other keyboard player was Kevin McAlea and the verses of CN were sang by Bryan Chambers. I’m sure, like myself, you’re mystified as to why this has been kept as such a big secret!

      1. Thank you. I’m not surprised and it’s a logical consequence to call a musician who knows all pieces and he obviously didn’t rehearse for a long time ’cause he’s fresh almost like others.

        One thing would be great, but this will not be the right time. I mean, Chuck and Jon together would really be interesting and I hope I can see them with David soon.

  9. Travelling from Lindos in Rhodes this evening for the show Sunday evening, cannot wait. What a great way to recover from holiday blues.

  10. Hi, it’s worth putting out a big message that there are a batch of really decent tickets available for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday shows on Albert Hall website right now.

  11. I shall be there again on 25th and 30th. RAH is always a great place to see David, but after Pompeii, may take some beating.

    Anyway looking forward to 2 great gigs.

    1. Hi Richard. Was Pompeii your favorite of this tour? I thought it was an amazing experience. But the general admission made it tough by show’s end. People kept changing positions, too, so it was hard to settle into one spot. I much prefer the smaller seating shows. The Chicago Theater and Orange shows have been my favorite. Having very nice seats, I believe the RAH shows will also rank at the top.

    2. My favorite part of the shows in Pompeii, other than the incredible feeling itself of just being there, was the lighting that they used around the perimeter of the venue – basically imitating the lighting on Mr. Screen. I have not noticed this at any of the other shows that I have seen.

      1. I think the atmosphere was great at Pompeii & David was on good form. I agree the lighting was fantastic at Pompeii.

        But I think last night (25 Sep) was the best so far.

  12. Great to see some of you picking up last minute tickets. I just looked online and there are a lot of seats. Most of them seem to be side stage and choir. I guess they didn’t want to release them until they were certain that one could see from these seats? Whatever the reason, go get ’em!

    1. Side stage your view of Mr Screen is severely restricted. In the choir you get a lovely view of the back of him, you can’t see the front at all. That said you get a cracking view of the stage. If the choir was the only seat available I’d happily sit there again.

  13. Must have been a great show on Friday. ๐Ÿ™‚ All who are going today and the next days: Clap your hands so loud that David has to continue touring!

  14. I went Friday. Except Yellow Dress and Today (as those two made 2nd set off the pace) it was a great show. A bit rusty in first part of first set (I’m always nervous for the first notes in 5am) but gradually, or quickly, it just got better and better. Great Gig was amazing as well. Overall – not one single sore bend, absolutely amazing playing. It’s almost hard to understand the feeling he’s got. Whole band was terrific. Would fancy another singer in CN but you cant get it all can you. Audience was more lively (i.e. drunk) than last year, but nothing that bothers me.

    Facebook actually reminded me about that I attended last year on Sep 25, so tonight it will be an anniversary! Looking forward to an even more sharp show tonight. Flying from Sweden and it’s worth every penny!

  15. Saw the Friday show, going again tonight.

    The first half for me, as I get older in life, these songs mean more and more. I struggled at times in holding back a tear or two especially during the opening chords of 5am and during certain parts of High Hopes.

    I am sincerely hoping Us And Them is played tonight as that is always an emotional listen.

    These shows threaten to be the last Mr Gilmour may possibly play on tour. Hard to contemplate.

  16. Lord God, you can not trust me with a credit card. I will be joining you on Thursday and Friday night for the final two shows of the tour.

    My priorities are straight, I’m proud to say.

    I’m going to go and have a good cry, finish trembling and start getting everything in order to jet out of Denver on Wednesday.

      1. FEd, thank you so much for everything. I can’t even begin to tell you how important this is to me. I am forever in your debt. I am your man for life.

  17. Off topic (sorry): it seems Roger is doing some rehearsals of ‘Fearless’ (there’s a video around). It was my idea! Maybe he reads the blog?

    Jokes apart, it’s really a David Gilmour song 99%for multiple reasons…it could fit better with David’s feel.

    Honestly, Roger will be saved again by Jon Carin!

    Sorry again for the OT…

    1. … or Childhood’s End, but I’m afraid we probably know the setlist even if the odd song is disappearing or reappearing….

  18. Amazing concert tonight at RAH by David and the band! They were all so inspired as I’ve never seen so far.

    I have no other words to describe such a mystic unforgettable experience.

  19. I noticed last night that people were allowed to run to the stage during Run Like Hell and stay there. I will be sitting 2nd row on Thursday. Do they push into the rows or simply fill the aisle and gap between first row and stage? I don’t care about standing and having people get a nicer view, but if they push into the rows as well I worry that my wife will have a panic attack. No joke.

    Has anyone on this blog experienced the first few rows that can tell me what to expect?

  20. Sunday was probably the most slick and well received of the three shows I’ve been lucky to see (Brighton, Sept 15, now Sept’16).

    First decision: what T-shirt to wear?? Went for the ‘Gilmour Academy’ replica….Drove up, had a quick stop at the Queens Arms: packed and in good spirits. Then some food at one of the RAH cafes: fairly good value for London. Inside the venue met Gary Hurley who was celebrating 50 shows. He was so close to the PA he might not hear much for a while…!

    My standouts from first set were ‘What Do You Want From Me’ and ‘High Hopes.’ The version of ‘Wish You Were Here’ had Polly jump from her seat to take some pics.

    Second set was as good as I have heard, with ‘Us and Them’ getting a huge audience reaction. Noisy evening!!

    The crowd at the front is allowed to have a dance for ‘Run Like Hell’ which puts everyone on their feet for the encores. Sublime!

    We’ve been very lucky…enjoy whilst you can. Thanks to Fed for helping.

    1. Hi Richard,

      Close to the P.A……………..yes, our Row A seats numbers = 25 and 26 the P.A was seat number 27!!!!!! My ears and Mrs H’s are still buzzing now, and we will do it all again on Friday.

      The sound mix on stage was the best ever at any Royal Albert Hall show and the whole band was on one big high all night long.

      Thanks to all the band and crew for one big party event last night.

      And thanks FEd for the Presale ticket link last November for all us blog people.

      Gary Hurley.
      London England.

  21. Last night was my first show at RAH. Very impressive. The acoustics in this building are amazing. And the seating in the Stalls is great. Swivel seats? Fantastic. Hats off, London. This building alone was worth a trip over the pond. Put David Gilmour in there and it is unforgettable.

  22. Any Chance of Pompeii again? I’m left with fantastic memories. A part of my life now just like the Wall. We are so looking forward to the RAH. And then a bit sad knowing it could be a while before seeing something as special and moving and spiritual as what David, Polly and the band have given us all this last year. Sorry for banging on, I know there are so many really bad things going in in the world and I would be a liar to say it does not affect our little worlds. But the David Gilmour distraction is and has been wonderful.

    So sincerely wish all attending a truly spiritual, magical and with some beers, great time.


  23. Is it just me or is the laser trend going in the wrong direction? Less lasers (and lightning overall) on Friday than last year’s September RAH shows. And – even fewer yesterday!!? Me no like. Maybe they didn’t work properly yesterday? Zero lasers in Sorrow. Very limited in Numb. Also, sparse lightning effects y’day compared to Friday. Anyone? Am I wrong?

    Besides that, Us and Them was brilliant. Very good gigs these two, I can travel back to Sweden now feeling very happy. But also, thinking the same thoughts as everyone else in here.

    1. I think someone tripped over the electrical cord that plugs in the lasers during the second solo of Comfortably Numb on Sunday, hahaha. That was most definitely a technical glitch as they went dark just after the red lasers began.

      1. The red lasers illuminated on the green laser setting and I think Marc probably switched them off from the master console ! ๐Ÿ™‚ The laser set up is staggering, and the possibilities endless. Will be interesting to see if any different arrangements are used should any future tour follow any future album by David. ๐Ÿ˜€

      2. I bought some lasers from Ideal World for Christmas and they went dull after an hour. Maybe David could send them back. But I doubt he bought his off shopping TV channels, LOL.


  24. Hello FEd and Blog People,

    Really enjoy reading all the comments and I am green with envy about those of you who are attending the RAH shows. Some comments really struck a chord. To see David Gilmour perform truly is a spiritual experience. It is hard to put to words the feeling you get when you are there listening to him. Moving, soothing, calming, but also thrilling at the same time. Hard to describe. We had a David Gilmour New York weekend in April (Radio City and Madison Square Garden) and it is as if it were yesterday. Usually events tend to fade with time but I remember every minute, my memories are crystal clear and I can still summon the feelings I had listening to him and the band! Amazing.

    So I am curious FEd, who are the Irregulars?

    1. Anyone who feels they have made a contribution to this blog down the years and considers themselves part of our friendly little community is an Irregular, MaryAnn. Some have been posting since the beginning, bless them.

      1. Thank you FEd. I am a bit of a stubborn dinosaur when it comes to social media, but wish I had found your Blog a long time ago.

        My drive home from work will coincide with the time of the encores this week at RAH. Will have DG playing each afternoon in an effort to capture the magic. Look forward to a phenomenal DVD and please, more live shows!

        Hope you feel better FEd.

        1. I’m no longer what I would consider a ‘newbie’ but in the great scheme of things I am. I too wish I had found The Blog at the beginning and not been too damn shy to post anything when I did find it. Happily for me, I stopped being a voyeur and took the plunge — have never regretted a single minute (except the few times I’ve missed a Chatroom session). This is one of the warmest, most welcoming places ever!

          1. The Blog indeed seems a wonderful place full of interesting people. It did take me a bit to actually post but I am glad I did. Hope you have room for a “newbie”. And at the risk of sounding corny, there are two life mottos I try to abide by. One is “Do one thing every day that scares you.” The second one is “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away”. The second one is where David Gilmour comes in…….

        1. Basically, they’re the same people. They just happened to like ‘Irregulars’ more than ‘Regulars’.

      2. Bless them, and bless you FED, and…God bless us, everyone! For all you lucky sods who saw the shows this week, I hope it was transcendent – as always. Here’s hoping we hear some new music and see another tour from David in the not too distant future. I miss him already…

        Peace, love – and to all my fellow Americans…VOTE!

  25. Dear Fed and blog friends ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’ve got a relative in hospital and we might not be able to come to the gigs. We’re hoping we’ll make it for Friday but we might not. Can’t make it to chat today either because we’re going back over to the hospital soon.

    Keep your fingers crossed for us !


    1. Oh no, I am sorry to hear that. Fingers crossed, of course, and best wishes to your relative in hospital.

    2. I hope things improve Ash and see you on Friday! I’ll ring you shortly for an up-date.

      Shine on…..

    3. Sorry to hear about your relative being hospitalized.

      Hope you’re able to make it for the final show on Friday.

    4. Sorry to hear about your relative Ash. I hope they recover well and everything works out for you. Fingers crossed.

    5. Best wishes Ash, we are in the same boat. An unexpected passing in my family changed my plans to the final 3 shows. You chose rightly because you would be regretting not being there for them. Good luck and I hope things work out for you. I am trying to make it to the gig on the 30th too.

      1. William, I’m sorry to hear about your loss. Thank you for your kind wishes. I hope you make it to the concert. ๐Ÿ™‚

        Thank you everyone for your good wishes. ๐Ÿ™‚ My relative is getting better but very slowly with little hitches along the way. I’m still hoping we’ll make it to Friday’s show but if we don’t, David will just have to tour again ! ๐Ÿ˜€


    6. From across the pond, I’m sending positive vibes for a speedy recovery Ash and condolences to you William.

  26. Hey FEd,

    when I managed to buy the 2 tickets for Friday the 30th of September with a little of your help, my thoughts were: now let’s stay all healthy, the Gilmour family, the band and my family…

    You might imagine what crossed my mind when my ophthalmologist suggested cataract surgery in September. My first question after being informed that the risks are miniscule was: can I fly over to London to David’s concert? I was relieved when he promised me that the chances are almost 100% that I could make it. Yet, there’s a little chance of things going wrong, so you can imagine my smiling face when I got today the final go, after my second and last surgery yesterday. Not only I’ll be at the right place in the right moment, but I’ll also be able to see the spectacle with literally new eyes…

    I’m looking forward to a great closing event (pun intended), the Irregulars, Paul and London!


    1. I’m so happy you can make it to the RAH, Taki. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Ich wรผnsche dir (and your wife) viel SpaรŸ!

    2. Wait till you see those lasers ! and I hope David plays Astronomy Domine because the light show for that is particularly stunning !

      Have a good time Taki. ๐Ÿ™‚


  27. The gig on Sunday was magical. He looked like he was having so much fun, the playing was incredible, atmosphere incredible, so much so that I couldn’t care less about the lasers switching off! I hadn’t even noticed it until after the show!

    Was also lucky enough to meet a couple of bloggers also from Scotland, both really nice guys so that was a nice bonus!

    All in all it was just a treat and something I really needed after a very difficult year filled with health problems and stress.

    Thanks again for setting us up with the pre-sale all those months ago. Words can’t express how grateful I am.


  28. Dear Fed, sadly I missed the Chat today, and I have to admit that I really miss the notifications via email, LOL. Anyway, I would like to thank you for all you have done for us fans over more than 10 years and how many happy memories we only share because of you. Same true for the concert next Friday which we will attend only because of you, as the gigs we attended exactly one year ago.

    Since there are no other concert dates announced at all, I am afraid it might be the last concert of David at all? That thought makes me a bit sad and wistful.

    Hope to meet other bloggers on Friday. Not sure yet when they will all meet at that pub, should have come to the chat today, LOL.

    TY again Fed for all you do and please keep up your great job.

  29. To all who will attend the last three shows, enjoy !!!! FEd, any news about how RTL tour will be continued?

  30. Sunday was my first time at the RAH and my second of the tour, first being Brighton. Incredible evening, the band were clearly enjoying themselves and the atmosphere was superb. Thank you FEd. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Now if we can get them to charge less than ยฃ5 for an Old Speckled Hen…

  31. I am a davidgilmourfedblogger only for a few months, but I could not agree more with the comments made by the first bloggers and all the others – it’s a very special thing that FEd is doing here and we could not say enough thank youยดs to you FEd. BUT some comments sound as the blog will be closed soon or David will retire AND I just hope that both things will not happen. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. We won’t let that happen Hannouresk … Ash is a force to be reckoned with … she’s got a tight grip on FEd’s ankle and won’t let go ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ™‚ (it’s an ‘inside’ joke from a few years back) …

      I don’t think we’ve heard the last of David. I’m sure he has much to share and, even if this is the last album/tour, the legacy we have is beyond measure.

  32. Evening all. Just back from Liverpool, tricky drive through wind and rain. I have never concentrated so hard while driving as I didn’t want anything to happen as I’m down to London town tmoz.

    I wish Ash positive thoughts and get better wishes for her relative. And hope to meet up Friday for a few whiskey chasers.

    See you all Thursday/Friday

    1. Does this mean the next series of Sherlock will include an episode entitled ‘The Random Man’, starring David Gilmour?

      1. That would be sooo great!

        One of my favourite TV – shows and my favourite musician combined.

        Maybe Sherlock has to find a stolen guitar. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  33. Guess who’s back!

    Currently on route to S. Kensington for tonight’s show. I can’t wait! Hope anyone going tonight really enjoys.

    Happy days,
    Simon J

  34. Pleasant surprise to see Benedict Cumberbatch singing with David. Great actor. Played “The Doctor” well.

      1. Hi Steve. Great to meet up with you and your lady. Hope you enjoyed.


  35. Hello everyone. My wife is not feeling well and therefore is not going to show. I have 2nd row (literally). I am heading over to Queens Arms (sp?) in about ten minutes. I am wearing jeans and black Nike zippered jacket. Selling ticket for face value, of course. Please feel free to say hi if you need one. Best deal in London. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. No takers. My post was very late, so understandable. I walked around the venue for about 30 minutes before the show. But scalpers kept intercepting my effort – telling me they will handle the business side. This means I tell them my price and they tell the buyer a different price (much higher). I wasn’t in the mood for that, so I just ate the ticket. It worked out nice though. During intermission, a nice lady sat in my wife’s seat. I told her that I would have to charge her 100 for it. Kidding, of course. Turns out she was sitting behind me and couldn’t see. So I was happy for her to sit there and share some stories before the 2nd half began.

  36. Hi FEd.

    In respect of David’s new game show “Celebrity Comfortably Numb” who’s dulcet tones can we expect hear tonight/tomorrow?

    Shine on……
    John ๐Ÿ™‚

    P.S. Benedict did do a lovely job!

  37. Inside, in my seat, ready for the first note. No words for how I feel…

    Actually, there are three: thank you David!

  38. Will be venturing down to London again tomorrow (Fri) with my wife and two teenage daughters. We’re in Row 15 of the Arena seating. If you’re in that vicinity during the interval, please say hello. My wife and daughters are really hoping Benedict C is there again for Comfortably Numb, but I’m hoping for Nick M (on drums, not vocals!).

  39. I’m here and it’s intermission I’m so strung out; I left Denver yesterday at about 2pm Denver time after working all day. As usual I couldn’t sleep on the plane. I love that emotion washes over me more completely when I’m tired, I’m defenseless against it. It’s perfectly right with the universe that I should turn up here tattered and torn. I have a pocket full of tissues instead of stones because I knew this would happen. Gilmour is soulful and funky in equal measure tonight, playful with the crowd yet patient with perfect timing.

    The people behind me have yellow bracelets as guests of an after party. I want one.

  40. Fed. I’ve had an idea for a new game or thread for the future, when when all is said and done on the tour this week.

    How about: ‘who would you like to sing the other part of Comfortably Numb with David and why? For example Nurse Ratchett from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (just a little pinprick…). Or maybe Adele, who can sing the word ‘hello…”

    Just a bit of fun…

    By the way my picture had changed. Does this have a deeper meaning? Was I too ugly?? Should I get paranoid???!

    1. What, with her potty mouth? ๐Ÿ˜‰

      A change of e-mail address will alter your profile picture, by the way. I will investigate further.

        1. Thanks. Cannot wait for tomorrow night. It has been an amazing 12 months since the shows in London last year. It is going to be emotional seeing this tour end.

  41. Just got back home to Glasgow earlier today. I was at the Wed 28th gig. 12th Row Arena Stalls. My guests and I totally loved the show. My nipples were standing and I could feel my scalp stand up on the back of my skull for most of the event. I was very fortunate to see Mr. Gilmour 3 times last year, but I have to admit it was great to hear a couple of different songs in this setlist (notably Great Gig In The Sky – I found it so hard to hold back the tears at the start of that one and I was pretty much inconsolable by the end of it – truly outstanding). David actually sounded even better than I remember last year… he totally laid down the law! The moment the intro to Run Like Hell kicked in, I joined many others in sprinting down the front of the stage to take some pictures.

    I truly hope that David commences work on another album and that we get the opportunity to see The Man ~ The Myth ~ The Legend on stage again soon.

    For Those About To Rattle That Lock… We Salute You!

  42. How is it even possible David is still getting even better every night? Longer, wonderful solos and his voice! How does he do it, night after night, at his age? – sorry darling. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Anyway, third and last evening tonight; wonderful and sad at the same time.

  43. Should Pink Floyd the Movie ever get made Benedict would make an excellent Roger Waters! Mannerisms, facial and vocal.

    Looking forward to seeing one and all later, many thanks Fed for all your help. Have that pre show feeling of excitement tinged with a bit sad that it will soon be over having spent 10 months looking forward to it!!!! Safe travelling everyone and here’s to an enjoyable brilliant uplifting evening!

    Hope all is well with Ash and all others who have had recent problems.

    Best wishes

  44. Lovely to read all these comments, going tonight with mixed emotions as I was meant to be going with my father but he is in hospital for an operation. We went in 2006 and last year so sad not be travelling with him again, but heartened to see so many enjoy something he loves.

  45. So Today is the last day….little tears flow from my eyes if I remember that day when I took tickets for Firenze, my first concert ever with my wife (her first ever), our first time ever seeing David, his guitars (and effects, ahah, you know, it’s called GAS) and the band; the curiosity of discovering live the new album; then the magic moments of Pompeii, the amphitheater, the people know there, the closeness to musicians of high level and to the best guitarist of the world, a show that seems made just for your in your home, the growing awareness to be present and to see THE history; the lightness and the fun of Verona, like a concert in a giant stadium (yes, it’s not San Siro stadium, but Arena is pretty big compared to Pompeii).

    All of this along one year….so those who will be at RAH tonight as audience and staff as well, enjoy your show, say hello to David and the band by me and from tomorrow we’ll reset the clock and we’ll restart a new unknown countdown for a next album and a next tour.

    A big hello to Andrea!

    A personal hope for meeting others Irregulars in the futures (eheheh, what a lot of reasons for David to make concerts…)

    Last but not least: a lot of very special thanks to FEd!

    Keep in touch.

  46. Morning All.

    Someone got into our room while we were asleep. They emptied the mini bar and ate all the chocolate. Well, I’m hoping the hotel will believe me.

    Was just magic last night. I love that David walks on as if he’s in his living room. It’s a bittersweet thing, a front row seat right in front of David. I was like I want to chill, let myself go a bit, maybe a watery eye. And then you think, don’t want to embarras myself so you’re kinda sat trying to look normal, LOL. Seat’s a bit further back tonight.


  47. Getting ready to board my flight for Heathrow. Can’t wait for tonight. Am slightly concerned about my seat given my ticket is marked restricted view and am still hopeful to upgrade.

    Looking forward to preshow meet up at Queen’s Arms. I will be in a Pompeii shirt and Budweiser hat.

  48. What is everyone’s opinion of rushing the stage for Run Like Hell? I was in the 2nd row last night where I could observe it first hand. The people in front of me (1st row) did not know what was about to happen and got completely screwed. They were short and got smothered by the mob. It was appalling to me how rude everyone was. Not only did they invade everyone’s space, the majority held their cameras in the air so that people in the first few rows could not see very well. They also spilled into the 2nd and 3rd rows – pushing in on people’s space. So I will have to take my wife to the back of the floor tonight during Sorrow and look for empty seats so that she does not have a panic attack.

    Very strange for someone that comes from the US as this is not allowed – mostly for safety reasons.

    1. Hi, I have seats a bit further back, I’ll swap with you if it helps your good wife. Me and Kat did get crushed a bit, Kat’s only 4 foot something. I don’t mind FEd passing my email to you.


      1. Damian, thank you again for switching seats during intermission. And thank you FEd for facilitating this arrangement. My wife loved the opportunity to see David Gilmour up close during the first set but was much happier moving back to the 9th row due to the anticipated crowd rush during Run Like Hell. It was literally at our new row that the mob ended. So it made a big difference. Still, even this far back, they spilled into the rows in front of us making it more difficult to see as we were on the aisle. But it turned out perfect, actually, since we were able to easily step into the aisle, walk back a few rows, and slide into two of the many seats that were abandoned. From there, we had a very nice view and enjoyed the encore.

        1. It was our pleasure. We are really happy you and your Wife were able to enjoy, considering coming all the way from Chicago. If you do decide to travel up to Scotland let me know, you’re most welcome to stop by for some Lunch.

          Kind regards

      1. Fed, we were at the end of Row 1 and there was a swell of hundreds of fans who stampeded in front of us. My G/F was trampled on and ended up leaving the show during Run like Hell as she isn’t big and was very upset having enjoyed a fantastic night up until that point. The LARGE security guy had no chance although he pointed out at half time there was an arrangement once Run Like Hell started for the fans to be allowed to flood through. Not sure who the arrangement was with, David? The management? David’s official video photographer was knocked flying, stage left. It was a dangerous arrangement whoever decided to allow this to happen each night. And David was a body length away from someone potentially grabbing his leg from front of stage for the last 3 and a bit songs. And as always, the ones who pushed to the front were the most obnoxious and crazed.. Worth feeding back if you are able to.

        Cheers Rob

        1. I certainly will feed it back. I’m very sorry about that. I wouldn’t have liked it one bit, myself.

  49. I took a walk along the Thames this morning hoping to see the Battersea Power Station. It looks like I’m too late for a vintage photo. Cool project though – turning it into living space.

  50. Was at RAH for the 09/25 concert – simply amazing – a bucket list item – check!

    Please go on tour again next year and we will fly agin from the US just to BE there!

    Will a DVD come out of these concerts?

  51. Well… It’s today, it’s the end of a wonderful tour.

    Hope everyone, and I mean everyone involved, have the best time they can and always remember they took part in History, once again.

    Thank you FEd for being magical, you did a great work and I better stop here, because I could cry if I think of this year.

    Thank you David, where does one start? A gentleman and a great performer, with a great Heart and Soul. Look what you’ve done! You made us all happy once again…so please don’t wait too much to give us more news!

    But you have to do one last show tonight, so enjoy it until the last moment and be happy!

    A big hug to all Irregulars meeting tonight, let’s enjoy!


  52. Slightly more coherent today after sleeping until 1pm London time. What an amazing show. It’s very different seeing him on his turf. He danced more than I’ve ever seen. Usually he’s all business, comes out on stage to kick your bum, does it harder than anyone ever has, says five unnecessary words if you’re very lucky and retreats into the smoke machine’s cloud. Part of the Merlin-esque mysticism surrounding him.

    Last night he danced and played with the crowd like I’ve never seen. Is this the Gilmour you lucky Londoners always get? Home field advantage?

    Money was just a wild animal in a cage, threatening to burst free and maul you. He could barely interlude, his guitar was so on fire. And I know he’s never been a fan of leaping around on stage, but it really was the Gilmour equivalent of slapping on a Flying V in hot pants with your tongue dangling out to see him bouncing around. Possibly I enjoyed his obvious enjoyment more than anything else.

    The guy with the after show bracelet kept telling his wife the wrong song names and I managed to say nothing. For this, I deserve an award. I still want one of those bracelets. It was all I could manage when I left home to not slap back on my Pompeii bracelets and US lanyards to wear at these shows. I should have just done it; gone peak Yank here. I’ve been a horribly American cliche since I landed anyway. I can’t seem to help it. Apologies in advance. But truly, put the RTL logo on anything and I’ll want one.

    The customs guy yesterday thought I was either insane or lying, here for something more nefarious than these brilliant shows. He didn’t know who Gilmour was, which should be required knowledge before passing into high school. Gilmour is a wonder of the world. An international treasure.

    I’m about off to go see the last show. I’m very excited but also a little heavy hearted. Can RTL really be coming to an end? Where did The Girl in the Yellow Dress go? Will I ever be the same again? How do I go back to my boring life after this?

      1. As soon as I saw Guy pull out the upright bass, I was shaking the strangers standing next to me, losing my mind. Imagine their surprise.

  53. We seem to have luck with the weather… A few raindrops but we managed an extensive sightseeing tour by feet. We are resting our old bones for a couple of hours and will be at The Queen’s Arms about 5 o’clock. You can recognise me by my Gilmour Academy replica shirt and an enormous grin on my face. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’ll have a drink on your health, FEd. What a feeling it must be for you to make so many of us happy….


    1. Having been at the front on Sunday, I felt I couldn’t justify the last night as well. I met a couple of other irregulars at the Queen’s Arms, but it sounds like there will be an irregular invasion this evening! Hope you all have fun: I’ll be thinking of you whilst playing guitar myself tonight. Clearly not so well, and to an audience of about 20 people….

  54. One more unrelated observation. Your coin money is worth something. I didn’t realize that. Our coin money in the US is largely useless.

      1. Oh that made me laugh! I haven’t seen a laundromat here. I lectured my daughter that she would need quarters for laundry in her dorm in Colorado and she rolled her eyes at me. I’m an old dinosaur because she just uses her card.

  55. Heading off now for tonight’s show and hopefully will get to the Queen’s Arms in time for a swift drink. I’ll be the senior blonde with the Pompeii shirt so please say hello!

  56. Last 20 minutes at work, Mrs H picking me up at the office door for the drive down to the RAH for the last night of the poms, sorry David Gillmour tour, we are in the 3rd row Arena floor, look out for my OLD T-shirt and please pop over and say Hi.

    Gary Hurley.
    London England.

    1. I saw you. Very clearly from the choir section. Unfortunately another black t-shirt was between us. Hope to see yours again, on stage. Another old man’s tour, please.

  57. I’ve just got back home to Glasgow after Thursday night’s show and can honestly say that is simply the best performance I’ve seen David and his band play. There was an energy I’ve never seen before with the band being so tight, the singing exceptional and David’s solos just off the scale (especially in Money and In Any Tongue back to back!!).

    This was my 3rd time at RAH (’06 and ’15 shows before) with my best mate and was so glad of the simple song changes which made it the strongest setlist he’s played by far. I really missed Coming Back To Life and Great Gig In The Sky last year and in all honestly tears were shed with Great Gig’s inclusion last night as the three backing singers (or should I say lead backing singers, Bryan, Louise and Lucy) took it to another level completely.

    My two other guests were a father and his 22 yr old son (father had to give up Division Bell London tickets because of his son’s impending birth). This was both there first time seeing DG and also first at RAH and we agreed they’ll find it hard to ever see a better show than last night, they were blown away completely.

    To everyone going tonight, please enjoy this incredible experience as we’re just some of the extremely lucky ones who’ve been fortunate enough to go.

    FEd – a big thank you for everything you do and for sending the email last December re tickets, I can’t thank you enough.

    PS – I got to visit Pompeii on a family holiday in early August and they’d already updated the Pink Floyd exhibition under the amphitheatre with DG Shows from July ’16. It’s a superb display and one not to miss if you ever go there!

  58. Wishing all Irregulars a spectacular night tonight for this, the crowning glory of the past year and some. My heart just swells with emotion thinking about how much joy has been brought into all of our lives by our very own “guitar man”, his family, and the trusted team he surrounds himself with.

    And then there is FEd without whom, none of this would even have been possible. Much obliged! โ™ฅโ™ฅโ™ฅโ™ฅโ™ฅ

  59. 1st half. Everything and more.

    David is on fire, taking tracks where they’ve never been before.

    The 2nd half is going to be stunningly, beautifully, historical if that’s anything to go by.

  60. Messy concert, awful audience more interested in beer and talking than the music. I’m quite upset it has to end this way …

    1. I feel for you. ๐Ÿ™ I was at last night’s gig and there seemed a lot of drunk blokes in the audience shouting and filming all the time. Been to 7 gigs over the past year and it was the worst one.

      Consolation was that DG was superb as usual. ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Is it a Friday night thing to have several too many?? Or just more than the usual minority? The previous Sunday audience seemed fairly chilled out and mostly well behaved.

        I prefer to hear the music and ‘remember that night…’

    2. Lizzy, sadly I have to agree. The audiences spoiled the concert for us totally.

      How can people get up constantly for getting a beer? Thank you guys in row 10 right for ruining the gig for us. We never ever had a concert with that kinda audience at a PF or DG gig. We are so piffed.


    3. Must admit, last night was the noisiest of the five nights. I find myself ‘shusshing’ the audience under my breath when ‘Shine On’ begins every night as that subtle evocative sound gently eases its way in.

      I recognize people get excited but save it until after the performance.

  61. Still buzzing after last Sunday’s show, will never forget being right at the front for Run Like Hell, Time and Comfortably Numb. ๐Ÿ™‚ Really wish I was there this evening for the final show, but should be content having been at the Brighton gig and also RAH last year, what an awesome tour. Fingers crossed it’s not the last….

    1. Sorry to say, but people like you ruined on Thursday night the end of my concert. I was sitting second row dead center and had never been so close, I even noticed the square tiny logo at the bottom of David Gilmour’s black T-shirt, ‘cK’, Calvin Klein, top class. I could see and enjoy all the emotions on his face, his little dancing, his fingers, his smile and all that. He and the band were on fire, amazing guitar solos on Faces Of Stones, The Blue, In Any Tongue (what a moving song, my favourite), best version I ever heard of The Great Gig in The Sky, so powerful, Today was a killer, we got a sublime Fat Old Sun (I love the way it starts gently and pastoral, then turns into a wild thing, brilliant version), Sorrow was epic …

      Everything perfect, a dream concert till an army of people suddenly rushed to the front of the stage, invaded the space, pushed everyone and blocked everyone’s view by standing up, gesticulating, holding cameras in the air, filming and all that. Totally unexpected for me and violent. Have to say I have zero souvenir of David’s performance of RLH, Time and CN.

      I was told that this was allowed and usual at the RAH. Allowed by whom??? I don’t think Mr/Mrs Respect would allow this kind of behaviour.

      Sorry for the rant. Mr Gilmour, if you read this, this has nothing to do with you. You, the band, the venue were exceptional.

      1. Running to the front is totally appropriate for ‘Run Like Hell’ just watch the ‘The Wall’ film, listen to the lyrics and it will make total sense. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m sure that David and his Band approve as it creates a fantastic atmosphere for the fantastic finale….

        ‘And the Hammers batter
        Down your door.
        You’d better run’


      2. To be honest, I thought about this when I joined in the rush to the front. Yes, I can understand how you feel but you had the whole concert up close while many others didn’t. Be thankful.

      3. Same here, Mrs X. I was in the middle of the front row on Thursday and wondered what the hell was going on when people started running out in front of me. It was really quite unsettling as they just seemed to appear from nowhere.

        Gutted to find out that was a Calvin Klein t-shirt, I assumed it was a Chester Kamen one.

    2. Personally, I agree with MrsX. I am not in favor of enhancing my experience at the expense of someone else’s. But I am from the United States where this is not allowed – even for David Gilmour / Run Like Hell. So it may be unfair to criticize what appears to be a cultural difference. Is this a European thing, UK thing, RAH thing, or David Gilmour thing?

      If RAH knows this will happen, the least they could do is inform those in the first row and allow them to move to the fence before the crowd surges forward. Otherwise they are unfairly smashed against their seats and unable to see.

      It would be interesting to hear David Gilmour’s opinion on this. I play in a band and object to it regardless of the atmosphere that it may create. If the band wants this type of atmosphere, then play a General Admission venue. Don’t play a theater where unsuspecting middle-aged adults will get overrun and have their experience potentially ruined.

  62. What a night to remember. The sound was probably the best I ever experienced in a concert, the light show mesmerising (and thanks to the doctors perfectly sharp) and David and Band enjoying themselves. Before the encore I experienced for the first time the lighter replacement: people waving their phones with its light on. Very surrealistic…

    Minor nuisance where the people that ran to the front of the stage and held their smartphones up instead of their eyes open.

    Thanks for the help FEd and best regards to the Irregulars!


    1. Taki, I agree with your statement regarding smart phones. I was in the 2nd row on Thursday. It is bad enough that those who crowd the front of the stage smash the people in the front row – taking away their normal seating area. But the vast majority of those rushing the stage held up their smart phones the entire time. So it was very difficult to see.

      What is up with people and their smart phones during these shows? OK, take a few pictures. I get that people will do this. But those that hold up their phone in order to take video during entire songs are just plain rude.

  63. Best concert I’ve ever been to in my life. The band looked and sounded as if they were having a ball. Comfortably Numb was the best I’ve ever heard it.

    I’ve loved this tour, hearing about the concerts I couldn’t attend and going to those that I could but tonight was just absolutely out of this world. Very, very special and I’m so privileged to have been there.

    1. Oh Lorraine, how wonderful! I’ve been in a dreamlike state most of yesterday and part of today living vicariously through everyone else.

  64. I have never heard Money, Sorrow, Fat Old Sun and Comfortably Numb this intense. Perfect ending, now let’s top that off with a wedding!

    PS. I thought the crowd was great. Really into the show, clapping and cheering more than I’ve seen before. It felt like DG and the band really fed on that as well.

  65. I’m still buzzing from Wednesday night’s concert, possibly the best I’ve seen David play which is some statement I know! But he seems to have discovered a band line up which have really gelled and David himself seems to be enjoying it more himself because of this.

    I hope this isn’t the end of his touring and I one day get the chance to see him live again. I live in hope.

  66. Sorry David……There was a false start, you’ve got to do it again!!!!!

    Brilliant show last night especially the second half. Lovely to see a German contingent and Stefanie and Ullie who we met in 2007 at Odeon Leicester Square (still a launch of a DVD????) also nice to see the couple we met at the Barbican the other week plus other bloggers.

    Thank you Fed for your help in getting seats and thank you to David, Polly, the band and all the support crew. Lasers were stunning like being in a cobweb and the onstage chemistry with David and Chester Kamen (who was excellent) was delightful.

    Hope everyone got home safely and enjoyed as much as we did.

    Best wishes

    1. Heather, yes, so nice seeing you again, and what a great coincidence that you got seats right besides Stephanie! As I heard you have been much more lucky with your seats than we have been with no people standing up constantly and ruining the show for you.

      Hope to see you soon again!

  67. I have no words to describe last night’s show. After being at the first concert of the tour and the last one, I feel like a perfect circle was completed. I wept like a baby during the whole first set…way too many emotions. I probably talked to some Irregulars but for some reason forgot to ask if you were from the Blog. I’m the girl from the group who put our shades on for Run Like Hell. ๐Ÿ˜› So if we did talk, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!!

    Last but not least: FEd, I can’t even begin to thank you for this, it means so so much to me. What happened last night will stay in my memory until the day I die.

    Let’s hope this is not the last we see of David!! And that we get a DVD from this tour. ๐Ÿ˜€ (I did see cameras last night!)

    Shine on!

  68. Last night was really special. David sounded sad that this was the end of the tour.

    I went to the first night in Brighton and the last at RAH last night and 4 others in between including Pompeii.

    What a tour, many t-shirts and memories to keep me going for a while.

    I have become comfortably numb……

    1. I am laughing at your “many t-shirts” comment. In order to appease my wife as I travelled around the world to David Gilmour during this past year, I was required to buy her one at each show, hahaha. She has quite a collection. The cool thing is she actually wears them. So I am more than happy to grant her this small wish.

  69. FEd, a personal massive thank you for enabling myself and a good number of other irregulars to get up so close with David on the final night of the tour. A night I will never forget. It was fantastic to meet Maya again, and Andrea, Taki, Ken and some more guys I recognised.

    BTW, I think Phil Taylor collected something off the stage for you at the end of Comfortably Numb… Can you ask Richard Searle or one of the crew to pass it to you, if they haven’t already done so. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Thanks again for everything this year.. So many highlights… That began in LA, and ended up last night at the RAH, with Pompeii somewhere in the middle of it all.. I can finally rest….

    … for another 12 months… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Thanks, Rob. Phil very kindly collected a certain banner, soon to be making its way to me after making its way across Europe. Thank you to everyone who has scribbled on it, and to Andrea for the lovely idea.

  70. I have to be honest I think anyone coming down to the front for Run Like Hell and jumping in front of those in the first row have a real brass neck. You don’t have front row tickets so get back! Ya know?

    I knew it was coming so was up to the stage fast, but if anyone had gotten in front of me I’d have been grabbing them and putting them back in their place.

    Anyway I can’t believe it’s all over, an amazing tour in which I was privileged enough to attend 3 gigs.

    Thanks to everyone, especially FEd.

  71. First, let me say how privileged I am. I met some wonderful irregulars. Taki, Ralph, Ken, AsiloRepublic, JC and family, Lorraine is a magician, she kept disappearing. What a lovely evening with the most lovely people I could imagine.

    I like to humor myself that FEd insisted he play The Girl in the Yellow Dress because several of us missed it – and then he did. So if that was you, thank you again FEd. If that was the universe, I’ll be forever grateful.

    I’m never one to complain about set lists, I’m grateful for whatever he plays, but I’ll always support playing something from his own catalog over a Floyd song. He deserves all the accolades and more for the RTL album. It’s a masterpiece.

    Polly posted a picture last night on her Instagram and I’m pretty sure my friend (Rob) sent me a picture of her taking that picture. Perhaps somewhere in the world is a picture of Rob taking the picture of Polly taking the picture of David.

    I didn’t think it was possible but he saved the best for last. Each and every song was next level blistering guitar. It will take months to recover from the beating he delivered.

    I always wonder why the best descriptions I can think of are these unpleasant words like….beating, scorching, blistering, mauling…. it’s not a violent experience at all. It’s utterly wondrous. It’s forgetting you’re surrounded by the audience, feeling your breath and hearing music that surely would make angels jealous (if they existed). His ability is the Faustian bargain come to life. Though I don’t think Faust could have been a fraction as good on his violin as Gilmour is.

    I have so many favorites from his last two albums. Polly is just an incomparable lyricist, the perfect match to his playing.

    There was a moment in Pompeii when I had my hands on the walls of the amphitheater during Today and my body ached from the lack of sleep, long flight, waiting in line and the posto in piedi. He was playing Today and her words came out as the perfect mantra to encapsulate the memory and wrap it in legend for all time. “If this should be my last day on earth I’ll sing along.” (Also extremely meaningful to me is, “I would take it all again if it came my way” – as I’m being eaten alive by Cushing’s disease – just brilliant!).

    I flashed back to those moments during these last two shows. An idealized sky with the moon peaking over the wall, heart weighed against a feather, did you have joy in your life? All the answers to that are a resounding YES! Thanks to Gilmour and Samson for increasing all the joy in my life by many thousandfold. That’s an intangibly important thing to be able to say. My life is far richer with them creating the soundtrack.

    I’m so so grateful to everyone I’ve met, you’ve improved a perfect existence at these shows. And FEd, thank you for the place to get all these words out of my head. And Gilmour, thank you for kicking my ass harder than anyone has ever kicked it. And Polly, thank you for making it legend.

    1. Maya, I wish I could ‘favourite’, or even ‘favorite’, your concert reviews. They’re brilliant. I’m sure they make others smile as much as I do when reading them.

      I’m so glad that you enjoyed.

      1. Oh god FEd, thank YOU for everything you did to get us all there. The presale codes, the heads up, the encouragement.

        This was a pilgrimage that began when I was 8 and heard him on the radio for the first time. The first time I saw him was 4/18/88 and it was years before I could enjoy a concert again. After that everyone else was flat and black and white, and he was 3-dimensional and in color. For many many years I spent all my money on home sound systems to recreate the feeling of music as a force of nature. (I only blew everything up.) I withdrew my last semester of college to chase the division bell around without a second thought. College will always be there, but Gilmour would not. I remember all the dates I’ve seen him play like they’re a family member’s birthday. Days that changed my life. My daughter’s middle name is Gilmour which annoys her no end. I tried to force her to go to the college that printed her entire name on the acceptance letter – obviously they’re the best school.

        So this tour was the quite literally the nicest most meaningful thing anyone could ever do for me. Words don’t do justice to the reservoir of feeling behind them. I will never forget. Thank you so much for the updates on avail RAH tickets. I needed to be here.

        There is almost nothing a person can love for the entire course of their whole life. So cherish them wherever you find them. You helped me do that. I’m eternally grateful.

        1. Maya, you “get the words out of your head” oh so eloquently.

          Thanks for sharing them.

  72. David’s final concert was excellent last night. Performance, sound, lighting etc. were all superb.

    The crowd were very enthusiastic and there were some great singalong moments. As it was a Friday night and the last show of the tour, there seemed to be a greater proportion of drunks than any other RAH show I’ve been to. It’s such a pain for those of us who just want to enjoy the show, when others just want to indulge in selfish, annoying behaviour. Last night this included constantly wandering in and out of the seating spilling beer, falling over, talking incessantly throughout the songs, smoking, stripping off, standing on the seats, filming the whole performance and even taking selfies of a teddy bear with David performing in the background…..I could go on. My main issue was the lack of control the RAH security had over the proceedings. At any point, things could have turned really nasty.

    Well done for the band for managing to perform when all of the was going on very close to the stage.

  73. FEd, David, band(s) and Irregulars,

    After going to see David and band on Sunday night, I’ve been riding a wave of elation for the whole week. It was the most amazing gig I’ve seen in a long time. It is definitely going straight into the top 5, if not top 2 or 3 ever. I still can’t quite put it into words JUST how good it was.

    FEd, with your help I had managed to get front row and centre for me and my old man, we sat right in front of David, surrounded by lovely blog Irregulars, who were all so welcoming, as always! Kris, Gary H, Richard and the nice chap who had travelled all the way from Canada to go to 4 shows this time, you made it all the better!

    Everyone in the band played and sung so beautifully, there was barely a note sung, plucked, strummed or keyed wrong. The chemistry between all of the band was there for everyone to see, Guy’s interaction with the audience, Joao’s stunning Sax playing, Chester’s solo’s that were so good even David seemed to up his game! Steve, Greg, Kevin all played wonderfully too. The singing section were so good that night as well, Bryan, Louise and Lucita really brought Great Gig in the Sky to life in a way I didn’t think possible. David even danced around, laughed and smiled all night, which added to everyone’s enjoyment I think.

    I think the shuffling around of the setlist was really good, it flowed wonderfully (with perhaps the exception of The Blue, which jarred slightly in the set). The second set just kept ramping things up and up, with solos in Money and In Any Tongue really going above and beyond expectations. Sitting right at the front made it face meltingly loud, which I loved!

    The light show and screen were less visible than usual, which made me just watch the musicians far more, which is probably a good thing! We knew that at the end everyone would rush to the front, so we got up and walked two steps to the stage and stood in amongst the crowd right in front of the stage for Run Like Hell, Time and Comfortably Numb. It was an amazing experience seeing David’s guitar playing up close like that. Emotional in the extreme!

    The immense enjoyment of it all was joined by a slight nagging feeling that this would be the last of the tours, and if it was, it was the most fitting end to an amazing 10 years of this community that has been kindly set up by David & Co and run so well by you FEd. Thank you.

    I’ve been spending today going through my various tickets, programmes, set lists, posters, wristbands and so on. What a wonderful privilege it has been to be a small part of this for 10 years +. You’ve really looked after us well. I found the print out of the email you sent to me to tell me I had won tickets to the Mermaid Theatre gig, what a trip that was. From Live 8 to The Mermaid, to Albert Hall, Glasgow, Amadou & Mariam, Atom Heart Mother with Ron Geesin to premierws at Leicester Square and The Ritzy, Teenage Cancer Trust, Wroclaw and even more Albert Hall shows I wouldn’t change a single minute of it.

    Music is the f***ing best. Live music is even better. Long live live music, David, this site and all that visit it.

    Rock on,


    1. Superb review Lewis! Agree with every word you say and it was a pleasure meeting you and your old man and sharing the experience!

      I truly hope this won’t be the last time we get to experience the unique, soaring, inspiring and ethereal sound that is David Gilmour.


  74. Lewis: thanks for the kind comments. I’m glad that we went Sunday, as it was memorable for all the right reasons, whereas Friday sounds like there were some issues.

    It’s been a great ten years as you say. Maybe not a tour on this scale again, but hopefully not the last time on the road.

    But what memories!!

  75. Just got home and still riding on the high of yesterday evening. Will post more soon but need a nap first. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    But in short : David and everyone in the band played the roof off the RAH and were clearly enjoying it. What a superb experience.

  76. 1st DG gig last night, have tried for tickets many times before (since Earls Court 1994!) but no luck, up in the Rausing Circle….Fantastic night! Wonderful to hear “One of These Days”.

    Really hope for another tour one day, but if not I can say I was there for the last one.

  77. Hi FEd,

    Firstly, I’d like to point out how personally gutted I was that fellow irregulars Ash and Pixie, couldn’t make the Thursday and Friday shows this week, due to personal family reasons and hope things settle down in due course! It was however, a great pleasure to meet other irregulars Maya, Scott, Carl, Taki, Scott, Ralph, Damian, Tom to name but a few; without forgetting Andrea with the much coveted banner scribbled on and I now believe signed, sealed and delivered just for you FEd!

    All the shows I’ve been so fortunate and lucky to experience and attend this past year or so (and in particular Pompeii), have been of the very highest musical and visual standards and is testament to the professional musicians, crew and management David employs to exact these standards! In fact, on night Friday I experienced this first hand, as I was sat next to “Freddie the cameraman” and had some very interesting chats with him…..he’s a thoroughly top fella! These shows have had a profound effect on me and I’m in total awe of what I have witnessed and seen! I feel so privileged and will ensure that these treasured memories, will be the butt of future repetitive conversions with both irregulars and other mere mortals; as I spread the word so people will “Remember That Night”.

    Once again FEd, it only seems appropriate, that at the the end of this particular spectacular “Rattle That Lock” tour, that I offer you my hand with sincere thanks, for all the tireless work and effort you put in, making this unique blog the resounding success that it is! Please feel proud as we’re all so very proud of you!

    ’till the next time!

    Shine on…..
    John ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Firstly, Iโ€™d like to point out how personally gutted I was that fellow irregulars Ash and Pixie, couldnโ€™t make the Thursday and Friday shows this week, due to personal family reasons

      A great shame. I was gutted about that, too.

  78. A quick review of Thursday night’s concert (29th September)…

    The same set list as previous nights, but I was happy with that. I think the band are tighter than the previous shows I’ve seen and the sound quality is crystal clear and very loud and the lighting as beautiful as ever! All the band seem to be enjoying themselves.

    David was very relaxed, more than I’ve ever seen him at least. His guitar work was, as ever, fantastic, but his voice has never sounded as strong, rich and emotive as it did last night!

    The audience was involved from the first note of 5am to the dying chords of Comfortably Numb. I’m sure CN was accidentally cut short because David turned to talk to Guy and I think Steve took this as the nod to bring proceedings to an end. I might be wrong! There also appeared to be a glitch just before David introduced the band, under darkness he played an impromptu noodle before apologising for any inconvenience caused.

    This may well be the last time I see the ‘Old Master’ live, but I’m happy with the fact I couldn’t have experienced a better show, the best of any Floyd related shows I have seen to date. Clearly the best guitarist in the world. For me, of all time!

  79. Terrific trio of concerts for me at the RAH, all with my Dad.


    All in the super Grand Tier which is simply an incredible place to watch DG.

    I don’t post on here much, but a long time reader of ten years or whatever it is.

    Thanks to all and especially FEd!

  80. The moral of the story is: There’s only ONE David Gilmour and there’s only ONE FEd!

    Lucky us to ‘have’ both of them!

  81. It was weird waking up Saturday knowing that the past year of travelling around to see David Gilmour had come to an end. It was a bummer to leave London, too. This was my first lengthy stay (7 days) and I loved every minute of it. It is a wonderful city that played perfect host to the finale of this tour.

    My favorite venue on this tour was Orange. I will never forget that stage and how perfectly suited it was for David Gilmour. It was cool, too, seeing a stripped down version of the show as they were unable to show video. But that is not to say that I dislike the videos. I simply liked the change for that one night.

    RAH was also very nice. Beautiful interior with comfortable seating – especially in the Stalls where you have swivel seats and plenty of room.

    The Chicago Auditorium was also very nice and historic for those of us in the United States (we don’t have venues that are 2,000 years old). Pink Floyd played there in the 70’s, so it was cool to share that evening’s music the ghosts of past performances.

    Speaking of ghosts, Pompeii takes the cake in this regard. Had I been able to sit on the concrete risers with the VIP’s, those would have been my favorite shows. But I do not love standing for 3 to 4 hours – especially for a show that sends me on an ozone expedition like David Gilmour’s (that is a compliment).

    Regarding songs, Fat Old Sun was a big hit on this tour. It was one of my favorites at every show – making it the most consistent front runner. It was great to see a full-house standing ovation for this song on Friday. I noticed Polly, who was taking pictures, look back at the crowd with a big smile.

    I could go on for days, but I have to get to it. So I will end by saying thank you to David Gilmour, his band, and his entire support crew for an incredible tour. It was all of that and more. And, of course, a VERY special thank you to FEd for looking after the Irregulars. You cannot imagine the joy that your efforts have enabled for so many of us.

  82. The wee guy and I would like to thank everyone involved for putting on an excellent tour. I’m a man of few words and can’t possibly match the high benchmark of reviews but agree with most earlier comments. Friday’s crowd was lively and on their feet a few times during the show. I think the band felt the love and fed off that… Fat Old Sun and Comfy Numb were the best live versions I’ve ever heard.

    Enjoy your break Mr Gilmour, hopefully theres more to come? And if not, from the bottom of my heart, thanks for all the memories.

    Wee Alex missed school on Friday afternoon, any chance you could sign his sick note for him? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Popped into the pub Thursday afternoon but didnt see the flag that toured Europe, apologies for 2 missing notes of thanks and acknowledment mate. You are a star!


  83. Fantastic ride once again. I love this dude and I love this community. ๐Ÿ™‚

  84. Well…just sitting down to a nice glass of red..not like I’ve not had any over the last few days.

    The last show on Friday night was incredible, sound, lights, band, venue, red wine and meeting Mr and Mrs Taki for the first time…Carslberg don’t do really good nights but if they did….

    FED, many thanks for those pre sale codes..without them life would be a lot more difficult.

  85. I spent a lot time pondering what to write about our experience this year and last. To be honest, it has not really sunk in that it’s over. What does one say about a person you only really said hello to once but that person has been a part of your life for so long? Someone who has given you so much pleasure, excitement, and sometimes a sidetrack from hurt and loss. You would think I was talking about a family member or friend. To me David is all this and more. Sorry, I’m not being a nutter or overly fandom here, I know everyone on here feels the same way, even Fed.

    It has been a fantastic journey David has taken us on, and Polly. Polly I think does not get the recognition she deserves, brilliant lyrics brought songs to life that I think may never have come to fruition, and I even dare to say if I may: Polly is the drive in all David’s work.

    The RAH shows have been sublime, but Pompeii was the Gig for me although on my own I did let my inhibitions go out of the window. Friday night was a toughy as I knew it was the end. I could see how emotional David was, never seen him like that, never.

    As for the rush to the front and pushing into the aisles, that really didn’t bother me except knowing Kat could get hurt. It’s the fucking phones in the air, in yer face. I never once at any gig anywhere filmed nothing, nada, because I know a DVD’s on the horizons. When the rush came we were 3 rows back, one lad clearly off his face pushed into the aisle in front and had an argument with a chap next to him. I shouted for him to shut up, he said in my ear that he was going to kill me. I said fine, wait till after the gig, I really didn’t care.

    Anyhows, thank you Fed. Here’s to an endless blog. Thank you so much for putting up with me, thank you for the updates, info, entertainment. I’m sure this is not the end so look forward to future blogging.

    Love to you Fed and to David and Polly. Sorry, I know you don’t know me but sincerely. And to all irregulars Friday night in the pub.


    PS Yes I am pissed.

  86. Hi all. Fantastic gig Friday night. More in a later blog. However I was in second tier to right of stage, box 72, so couldn’t see clearly through dry ice and low lighting. Who was the Doctor during CN that night?


    1. I’m glad that you enjoyed it, Carl.

      The only special guest was Benedict Cumberbatch on the Wednesday.

    2. That would be Doctor Strange…the movie is out at the end of this month with Benedict Cumberbatch as, Doctor Strange……cannot wait to see it.

  87. And so the final show of the tour. A year on it was interesting to see how the performances had evolved from what seemed a near perfect show in September 2015 ….. And I remember also back to 2006 saying that surely guitar playing couldn’t get any better ….. Well, I think many views and reviews on this blog have put a lie to that already.

    So what has changed? Firstly the set-list, which has remained pretty consistent benefited from the inclusion of ‘The Great Gig’ (I confess I was worried because I have the perfect version already in my head … But the guys did a great job) and ‘Coming Back To Life’ which injected a little vigour in the first quarter. I was also happy to see the return of ‘The Girl in the Yellow Dress’ which makes a nice change of tone and features what has to be the sexiest cartoon since Jessica Rabbit. I was sorry to see ‘Us and Them’ pay the price as it was spectacular last year and if I had to get a knife out it would have been to ‘Today’ which for me has not quite enough punch, or ‘High Hopes’ which has never been my favourite but I’m happy to acknowledge I’m in a minority of 1 on that one! Overall though it was a fantastic sequence.

    Second the atmosphere. Clearly the last night was going to be a special one and I’m sorry to see reviews of those who found themselves close to the drinking idiots or trampled by what seems to have become the customary dash to the front for ‘Run Like Hell’ – the idea is Ok, it’s a shame the boneheads can’t respect those in the front rows. From my excellent seat 12 rows back, there was no doubt that the crowd was up for this show, the sing-a-longs were more wholehearted, the ‘I love you David’s’ more heartfelt. And both Guy and the backing singers were interacting more as well. As has been noted, it even injected a little bounce into David’s dancing shoes …. Hmmm not dancing exactly, more jaunty sauntering. We (and it seems Ian) could have done without the fat guy playing topless air guitar right near the singers (who had swapped sides) but they and Guy didn’t seem to mind one bit.

    And so to the most important part. The band was super tight and the new additions integrated seamlessly – those cries of dismay when announced have been confirmed as mindless – in fact I wish Guy and Stevie would make it look just a little difficult for the benefit of we mortals – but what stood out of course was David’s playing which (as others have noted) was up another level ….. Flawless, empassioned, subtle variations, intricate embellishments, all massaged, caressed and occasionally dragged kicking and screaming out of the Black Strat and that beautifully distressed ‘Workmate’ Esquire. Oh that reminds me of another change – the periodic close-ups on Mr Screen of some of Mr Gilmour’s handiwork and (no doubt to his great dismay) guitar-face. All in super HD.

    To pick musical highlights would be invidious but we have to mention the tremendous guitar solo in ‘In any Tongue’ which has really come of age and makes a staggering combination with the animation, a version of ‘Fat Old Sun’ which had me just a little worried as we now have a keyboard version of David’s solo which I thought for a moment had replaced it! …. But fear not, because this time it rocked so hard it had the entire RAH on its feet and grooving ….. And believe it or not (and confirmed by no less an authority than our very own Lorraine) THE most extraordinary ‘Comfortably Numb’ outro which had Guy doing the ‘we’re not worthy’ bow as it just kept going on and up ….. Sometimes you’ve just got to try and lock these moments in your head.

    Not a fan of phones at shows, I have to say that the sight of hundreds of iPhones in torch mode all around the RAH hemisphere was pretty cool during the wait for the encore as well and clearly David was also moved by a combination of relief and regret that the tour was over at last – he even talked a couple of times to the crowd!!

    So now we await the DVD and sit with everything crossed that this tour has been at least half as special to David as it has been for us and that he feels energised and inspired to give it another go before too long – time is not on our side and this was just too good to be the last word … Isn’t it?

    1. I love it! There’s a certain guitar face he makes and you ready yourself because you know you’re about to get a huge donkey punch to the soul.

      It’s wonderful, isn’t it?

    2. We saw the fat topless guy as well. For a split second all eyes were on him. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Even though it was a bit distracting, it was an example of the fantastic mood in the Hall!


  88. Hi Fed

    I forgot to mention while staying at the hotel. I always get up for breakfast. The breakfast was included in the rates but the breakfast manager had different details so while everyone was around eating I had to show her the email confirmation which she accepted but asked if I would email it to her. Honestly I would have paid the 20 pounds just for the peace. Later I wrote a letter to the hotel manager, we went out and on our return there was a bottle of champagne, some fruit and a letter of apology. when we came back from the gig they had turned down the bed. And in the morning they brought a banquet breakfast to the room. what a fab finish to a wonderful 2 days.

    Kind regards

    PS Apologies on my earlier blog if a little overboard or was a bit moany over my mobile phonebia.

  89. Friday the 30th was a great experience in my life. ๐Ÿ™‚ I felt truly priviliged to be there to witness.

    The RAH itself – wow – so historic. Friendly and helpful staff, easy access and so on (you Brits are so spoiled!). Exellent seats (thank you FEd). In first row, stalls, front, I felt I could see every little detail on stage and almost got absorbed in it all. The band – the music – the whole thing was just mindblowing. The band seemed so happy, like they were having a great evening, too. To watch Polly taking pictures. ๐Ÿ™‚ And to sense the warmth and love pouring from the audience to the stage was amazing. As it progressed, you could almost feel the audience about to burst with reaction. And the temperature rose.

    We had no problems with people filming, spilling beer, or getting up and down, where we sat. I believe it’s a delicate balance: No one should spoil a concert like that for anyone else! But on the other hand people were having a good, and relaxed, time. When you put 8.000 people (?) together in one room for three hours, you’ll inevatably have some sort of interaction. That’s a part of the beauty of it all – coming together for at great evening. (One of the greatest!)

    Extra bonus:

    1 Getting to hang out with Lorraine, Ralph, and more. ๐Ÿ™‚
    2 Watching some of the audience almost crawling up the ailes to get to the stage before “Run”.
    3 Sitting in front of a VERY lovestruck guy who kept shouting – VERY loud: “I love you David!”. That was funny.

    But I kind of got how he felt.

  90. I have not enough English words to describe my feelings. I’ll try:

    Thanks to David for his music, for the emotions, for the joy in his concerts.

    Thanks to Polly for the lyrics that support and describe the David’ music.

    and finally ….. Thanks to FEd for all his work. You have no idea how much I’m personally grateful to you, I’m just a new entry in this community but you have supported me as an old friend.

    I hope that David will give us another thousand concerts and lots of music and I hope this community is always more prosperous.

    Thank you

  91. I forgot to say: THANK YOU! David Gilmour. Band. Polly. FEd. Crew. Bloggers. RAH. Everyone.

  92. Remember that night! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    My wife and I spent a great evening at the Royal Albert Hall – It was probably the best concert I went to (so far). Mr. Gilmour was really in a great mood, the band was fantastic and the atmosphere in the Hall was truly awesome. So we are looking forward to the next tour of course! ๐Ÿ˜‰


  93. Hi FEd and fellow bloggers. Myself and my wife were at both the Wednesday and Thursday shows.

    For Wednesday we were in row 25 and what a view of the Mr Screen and the ‘new’ visual effects – the show was much more interactive with the live video inserts.

    For the Thursday show we were in row 1, centre. I have long wanted to see how David imparts his tone and passion into his guitar live and can now appreciate his skill, timing and energy involved. It was a truly an amazing and unforgettable experience. David and all of the band were on fine form and Chester, Greg and Kevin all added new layers of sound textures. The sound was perfect – loud but you could hear every note. David seemed to be really enjoying the shows; the extended guitar solo on ‘Fat Old Sun’ was fantastic and a memory that I will never forget.

    Having been to the Brighton and 1 RAH show last year, Chantilly and RAH for 2 shows this year, I can say that David and his team have improved both the set and the music over the last year. I know that David wants to give his fans an ‘experience’ (show) to remember and he certainly does that on every occasion.

    Reading through fellow bloggers’ comments, I knew on Thursday that the crowd crush when ‘Run Like Hell’ started was coming but it was still a bit of a shock when the ‘fans’ piled in down to the front – I managed to ‘protect’ my wife and get her to the front, which was the safest place to be – she even managed to shake Guy’s hand at the end of the show (what a nice fella he is). However, for the Wednesday show, you could not see that much from where we were, which did spoil the experience of Run Like Hell/Time/CN for us.

    I hope that David with Polly’s lyrical contributions has some new material to share with us all, soon.

    And FEd thank you for all of your help in keeping us informed as to the up-coming ticketing arrangements and helping a word-wide community of David Gilmour fans stay connected.

  94. I was lucky enough to see David and the band play last year at RAH, at Radio City in NYC and the Friday/Sunday shows at RAH last weekend. It is with a heavy heart that I have come down from my high and realized this is truly over. I know I speak for all his fans as I sit and wait another announcement of shows at Royal Albert Hall next year. If that doesn’t happen, I am lucky enough to say I witnessed the legend belt out sweet melodies, long fret bending guitar licks and sat in awe as the spectacular sound and light show lit up an iconic music venue.

    Please, please, please don’t let it be the last of shows….

    1. Hello Matt from Maine and Everyone,

      I have been kicking myself repeatedly while reading all the comments about the RAH shows. I should have left home (New Hampshire) and traveled across the pond to The RAH shows but did not push the envelope enough to make it happen. It is utter hell sometimes having to be a responsible adult. I won’t make that mistake again. The top of my bucket list was to see David Gilmour in concert. Unbelievably that came true in New York. NOW the top of my bucket list is to see David at the RAH. Even if another world tour is not in the works, perhaps David could take up residence at the RAH once or twice a year for a week or two (at least!) Please?? An annual or semi annual Gilmour Festival? Come hell or high water I won’t miss it if he does…. I am grasping at straws, I know, but I am holding out hope!

      Happy belated birthday FEd, I know I am just a name to you and a new one at that, but I think you must be quite special given the evident joy you have brought to so many people on This Blog for so many years.

  95. These Nights and Gigs will be remembered – great comments by you, love to read it. ๐Ÿ™‚ Feels now as I was in the RAH too.

  96. Hi Fed. Are you in the photo with David, Polly and all the crew? The one saying thank you.

    Damian (totally sober now).

  97. So from what I read on the blog so far the show on Friday 30th had the most unruly audience of all previous shows. As I wrote before, we never ever encountered an audience like that in all the shows of Pink Floyd and David we went to beforehand, and Mario went to PF shows since the late 60s, and we never missed a PF or David gig since 1980. When I think of the RAH Remember That Night gig on May 30th 10 years ago, no one stood up or ran to the stage. At the Alte Oper in Frankfurt they had guards preventing that anyone stood up during the concert.

    How can anyone get up during a David gig with his sophisticated sights and sounds, you really have to let yourself being engulfed by the magic of his music and show, and that really had been ruined by people getting up constantly, who obviously didn’t appreciate his music, which is a shame. You can have a beer anytime else! The RAH shouldnt have sold anything during the show! So far the RAH always had been our fave venue of the world, but since they dont stop this it isn’t anymore. I don’t know what David’s take on this is, but it certainly must have been annoying for him too when people are leaving during his performance.

    And David and his band did an outstanding performance and show as always. Hopefully we will have a chance again enjoying another show of him without an unruly audience.

    1. They were even running towards the stage during Fat Old Sun – must be ‘totally appropriate’ as well – but at least they got sent back then. I’m still angry about the drunk, frightening audience; not what I want to take away from a Gilmour show at all – or ever had to before.

      1. I’m very sorry, Lizzy. I’m genuinely disappointed on your behalf; I would feel the same way if I had paid a considerable amount of money, waited a long time and travelled a fair distance, to be there.

  98. Now comes the post-tour depression where everyday life takes on that sepia tinted patina and only the memories of the shows have any flash of vibrancy.

    I begin counting the days until the DVD comes out. Any time estimates? Do we know which city the DVD will be from? Is it very rude of me to start asking after it already?

  99. โ™ซโ™ซโ™ซโ™ซ Happy Birthday to you Fed!
    โ•”โ•—โ•”โ•ฆโ•โ•โ•ฆโ•โ•ฆโ•โ•ฆโ•—โ•”โ•— (ยฏ`vยดยฏ)
    โ•‘โ•šโ•โ•‘โ•โ•โ•‘โ•โ•‘โ•โ•‘โ•šโ•โ•‘ `โ€ข.ยธ.โ€ขBIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    โ•‘โ•”โ•—โ•‘โ•”โ•—โ•‘โ•”โ•ฃโ•”โ•ฉโ•—โ•”โ• โ˜… ยธ.โ€ขยดยธ.โ€ขยจ) ยธ.โ€ขยจ)
    โ•šโ•โ•šโ•ฉโ•โ•šโ•ฉโ•โ•šโ•โ•โ•šโ• โ™ฅ(ยธ.โ€ขยด (ยธ.โ€ขยด (ยธ.โ€ขยจยฏ`โ˜…
    โ™ฅโ™ฅโ™ฅ Best Wishes, have a great rocking day โ™ฅโ™ฅโ™ฅ
    โ™ฅโ™ฅโ™ฅ TY for for all you did for us fans, and please keep up your great work โ™ฅโ™ฅโ™ฅ

  100. Hi there,

    I was at Wedneesday’s gig. This was my second gig of David (first one being Pula, Croatia last year) and after Pula I was convinced it can’t get better than that. But I was wrong – and happily I had a chance to find this out last Wednesday. I travelled from Slovenia to see him, reserved tickets already last year and brought my wife and 11-year old son (who is big fan and playing guitar) with me.

    The sound and overall atmosphere of RAH were fantastic and I was deeply impressed by David’s playing as well as singing too. Most of the songs I have never heard to be played so well and with such inspiraiton and joy as last Wednesday. It was even better (I hate to say that) than what is there on legendary P.U.L.S.E DVD and to me it’s simply unbelieveable how David is able to make the best songs even better after all this years, after more than 50 concerts in one year and at age of 70!!!

    Hats-off, maestro – this was perfection never seen and heard before and I really feel privileged to be able to see you twice in the last 12 months.

    Good luck!

  101. Bon anniversaire, FEd!

    Can’t believe it’s the 10th (or 11th?) time I wish you a Happy Birthday.

    Here’s hoping that we will be able to wish you at least ten more Happy Birthday(s) on this blog in the future. ๐Ÿ˜›


  102. I was at the doctor’s yesterday. While sat in the waiting room, my phone pinged with a text message. I reached in my jacket pocket and pulled out my phone and stuck to the side were my ticket stubs from Friday’s gig. Well, I thought, I’m in the right place for some antidepressants.


  103. Hi FEd and all fellow bloggers. I just wanted to express my absolute gratitude for getting the heads up for these shows last year.

    My wife and I attended last Friday’s show at the RAH and boy, what a show it was!! We travelled from Dublin and stayed just around the corner on Queens Gate. From the moment we touched down in Heathrow we knew we were in for a special evening, London just had a special quality in the air!

    When we left our bags in the hotel we headed out for a stroll and wandered down in the direction of Earls Court, another area and venue steeped in Floyd history. We popped into the Blackbird pub for some much needed pie and ale and again were not disappointed, what a great little spot! Afterwards we headed back to the hotel to freshen up for the gig. I popped on my RTL tee and the 2 of us made our way to the hall.

    I don’t think, no matter how many times I see the Royal Albert Hall, it will ever lose its allure. As soon as we saw it, we couldn’t contain our excitement. We quickly got to the bar, grabbed a water, another ale and headed for our seats – 2nd row! I was delighted to see the amount of people who had travelled so far for the show, a group of Italians were sat in front of us, actually they were sitting in the very seats we sat in last September – I knew already what a treat they were in for!

    As soon as the lights dimmed and the smoke bellowed, the room was filled with electricity and excitement. David and the band put on what is probably my favourite of all the shows I have seen and that includes the very memorable Venice show back in 2006. Their excitement and enjoyment was clearly visible on stage, with David bouncing around quite a bit more than usual, giving Guy a run for his money! And Chester really brought a groove to the show.

    At the end, when the lights went up, my wife and I looked at each other knowingly, this may well be the last time we get to see David here, if anywhere. Let’s not hope so! But there was a sense of finality to it. Maybe that’s what all end of tour dates are like, this was my first final date show so who knows!

    I feel very privileged to have witnessed so many wonderful moments over the years, all with sincere gratitude to you FEd – from the cancelled Venice gig which brought us back and forth to Venice twice, at which we were treated to a tour first of On the Turning Away and the wine glass intro of Shine On, to chatting briefly with Guy on the Venetian streets after the show. To meeting Steve outside Leicester Square’s Odeon and getting to ask David a question on the big screen, live and in front of a watching world at the DVD premiere. And of course, witnessing Rick’s last surprise live performance at the end of the premiere. To meet and chat with Guy again at his brilliant My Bass and Other Animals show. To be at the Wall show where David appeared atop the Wall for Comfortably Numb on Roger’s tour, and then finally to last Friday’s show which luckily had no sign of any actors on stage and I got to enjoy David and his band in all its glory.

    FEd, you and this community have really contributed to forming memories for my wife and I which have both shaped our lives and which we will never forget. We’ll forever share them with our 2 beautiful daughters, which at just 3 and 4 have many, many years of David and Floyd enjoyment ahead of them. For this, we are truly indebted to you all.

  104. Happy birthday FED!!! Have a great night and cheers!

    Actually I follow Polly and David also on Instagram, thank you so much for the stunning pics, and the comments about this wonderful RTL tour. BTW I ‘m reading “The Kindness”…

    Ciao FED bye

  105. I visited both the Thursday and Friday concerts at the Albert Hall. This was really special. Especially the Thursday concert was magnificent! The band played tremendous throughout the whole concert. And I loved Us and Them!

    I had a great time at the Queen’s Arms with the lovely fans and of course in the Royal Albert Hall. I hope David Gilmour will return to this beautiful venue soon.

  106. Wishing you a Happy Birthday FEd (hoping you are the FEd-2013-14, sorry if otherwise). Hoping you get better, too.

    1. Thanks very much, everyone, for remembering my birthday. I’m both touched and impressed.

      1. Belated birthday greetings FEd.
        Enjoy a brew or two.
        Keep up the great work that you do.
        Hope you had a great day.
        Here’s to your next one, here on The Blog,
        Is all I can say.

  107. Happy Birthday Fed. Hope you had great time.

    You’ll be happy to know I’ll be offline for a while. Don’t go anywhere.


  108. Well, I know it’s not a matter of life and death, I would understand if you just ignore this post, but I have been wondering for a while why I have not the same avatar on my laptop(s) and my smartphone. I know that avatars are linked to e-mail addresses, but it’s the same address, same posts (I never use the smartphone to post on the blog), but different avatars. And it looks like I’m the only one. All the others (at least those I know) look the same on my laptop and smartphone.

    Don’t laugh at me, please, but the one on the smartphone is ugly. ๐Ÿ˜€

  109. Happy B-Day FEd……. I really didn’t realize that……. have a great day…. better….Live everyday as a Great B-Day!!!!!


  110. Uhh, I just realised that I didn’t write in time… I wish you many happy returns FEd. Stay healthy and enjoy the years to come.


  111. I was totally in stand-by in these days…sorry FEd!

    Happy belated Birthday mate. Hope you have enjoyed your day surrounded by the ones you love.


  112. Wishing you a belated Happy Birthday FEd and hope you had a pint or two of “Brains” in celebration?

    Shine on….
    John ๐Ÿ™‚

  113. Belated Happy Birthday, FEd!

    Hope you had a good one and enjoyed a Duvel for me. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Will have time tomorrow to report back about London.

  114. So, kind of a weird request but….

    I took a TON of pictures of David saying goodbye at the end of the last show from my seat behind the stage. If any irregulars were in the first row or two right in front of David I may have a shot of you with The Man Himself. They’re not great quality, but I’d be very thrilled to have captured your moment to give to you. So let me know if you were near Rob Hulford and AsiloRepublic for the end of Comfortably Numb.

  115. Attended last year on 24th Sep. and also this year on Thursday 29th Sep. and I must say this year’s was a lot better. Longer solos on Faces of Stone and In Any Tongue and I loved the addition of Dave up close on the big circle in the sky!!! Loved it, just wish I could’ve attended every single concert but could only manage the 2 but I’m grateful for that!!!

    Lots of full HD footage shot so loving the memories!!! Watch them almost everyday. We were in box 26 on 2nd tier!!!

  116. Happy Belated Birthday FEd, I hope you had a Great day and got a nice present, and I hope you still have something nice to come. ๐Ÿ™‚

  117. I’m late (as usual) but believe me, FEd, when I say I’ve been pondering and planning to wish you a very happy birthday since the 3rd of October. Because you share your birthday with my sweet granddaughter who just turned 7, I always remember your big day, too. I hope you enjoyed yours with friends surrounded and plenty of cake!

    Now that David’s tour is over, I think I will soon be able to collect my thoughts, memories, and feelings in order to put them down in print. Time to get realigned with The Blog, participate in random nonsense, and, hopefully, make it back to the chatroom. Then it’ll be time to start speculating on when the DVD(s) will be ready for release!! If Donald Drumpf somehow gets elected to the highest office in the nation, I’ll need to be realigned in more ways than one!!! Cue the lyrics of Sorrow …

    All my best to my Irregular friends, old and new. Can you believe that we’re closing in on 11 years of “Blogging since 2005 but still not David Gilmour”? So many great memories …

    Keep the peace and spread the love ~~ we need it now more than ever!!

    Gabrielle, Washington State

    1. Seven?! They grow up so fast. I hope she enjoyed her birthday, Gabrielle. Birthdays are so much more fun at that age than ours.

  118. Blimey, it has been a week already since yet another unforgettable experience.

    The build-up was great, starting off with meeting up again with Lorraine, Lene and Jesper and having a nice lunch together.

    We regathered later in the Queen’s Arms to catch up with Tim, Ken, Taki, Andrea, Maya, Rolf and the whole gang and of course to sign the banner. Caught up with Ulli and Mario and Stephanie as her husband in the arena.

    David and his band were clearly having fun as the concert unfolded. Seated in row 2 I noticed Polly and apparently Gala had seats right behind me.

    From note one on ‘5 A.M.’ it is that goosebump/neckhair thing where David’s guitar playing reaches straight into one’s soul and rattles that sensitive nerve.

    Think it was during ‘What Do You Want From Me’ that I noticed Guy looking at the rest of the band with an ‘oh OK, keep going’ expression as David extended his solo and rocked the RAH.

    You know that you are in for a real treat.

    And ‘Great Gig’, one of my all time favourites … wow … quite an excellent job.

    Part two set the pace right straight away with ‘One of These Days’ and the RAH almost exploded with David getting carried away on ‘Fat Old Sun’. ๐Ÿ™‚

    The vibe that night was beyond imagination.

    And heck, what a finale ‘Comfortably Numb’ was although I had to find a line of sight between all the lens people who rushed through the aisle and right up to the stage front.

    Now we’ll have to find some or other good excuse to have us another Irregular gathering.

    A very big thank you to everyone involved in making RTL happen,

    1. It was so very lovely to meet you Ralph. Thanks for making the blogger sign that gathered us all together.

    1. Ha! Even though I missed out on the meet-up, you caught me in photo #7. The bearded one…

  119. Thnx fed for helping us to get the tickets to see Mr. Gilmour at RAH!!! We were there the last day, the show was amazing and we had such a great time and Gilmour and the band were unbelievable!!!

    Thnx to you again and to Mr.Gilmour…..that sound is still here.

  120. Ok, I wished…..and I wished and finally I was there….took me a year or more to get a ticket and late in the evening of the 25th I clinched a ticket for Friday the 30th, albeit in the choir seats behind and above the stage.

    Now at the risk of rambling, let me set some context.

    Over the decades I have seen the best there is to see:

    Led Zeppelin – Knebworth 1979
    Pink Floyd – Earls Court 1980
    Rolling Stones – Leeds Roundhay 1982
    Genesis, with Peter Gabriel – MK bowl 1984 or 1985 (not sure now)
    Queen – Wembley Stadium 1986
    Deep Purple MkII – Knebworth and NEC 1984ish

    anyway, you get the picture, I’ve seen the best……

    Coming to the present day, I turned up after travelling from Ireland, to see David in concert, a very much longed for event for me.

    I take my seat and my heart sinks to see I am behind the stage looking out over the auditorium, and behind the sightline of Mr. Screen – I’m gonna miss the light show, and the sound will be poor, but my fingers are crossed that “maybe the sound, at least, will be passable.

    I admire the beauty of the venue and get chatting to my fellow fans in the seats beside me. In the row in front are some youths and I think “in 1980 I was that youth at Earls Court, surrounded by ‘old folk’ in their fifties!! I laugh, now I am one of the old folk”, it’s come full circle for me.

    Now to the gig – I need not have worried about the sound quality, it was superb, probably the best I have ever heard at a venue of this size, or any venue for that matter, that pleases me immensely. I still can’t see the lightshow, but the most important factor, the sound is spot on and crystal clear, and amazingly, not too loud, perfect for me.

    What I witnessed was, and I say this with all sincerity, the best gig I have ever attended, without any shadow of a doubt.

    From the off there were goose bumps all over and I just was totally absorbed into the whole event – this was shaping up to be a very special night and it just went from strength to strength as the show progressed, most of my favourite Pink Floyd numbers were played, so that made it special, and they were very faithful to the original studio recordings, which just multiplied the enjoyment.

    One of the highlights for me was “Fat Old Sun” absolutely brilliant.

    And the atmosphere was unsurpassed – totally electric, I know it’s a cliche, but it’s true.

    This, for me was the end of a 36 year wait to see David onstage again, and it was worth every penny and the last minute arrangement of leave from work and dash to London.

    I can now truthfully tell anyone that I have witnessed the very best of the best live performances, ever, in my humble but experienced opinion – thank you David and your immensely talented and very well rehearsed band, you all seemed to enjoy yourselves, and the emotion at the end was tangible. I sincerely hope you tour again, I’d like to be out front if you do, but if not, then I can say that I wished I was there.

    Now, two weeks later, I am still on a high, I never had such a strong and lingering reaction to a rock concert, almost spiritual in effect. I cannot explain to anyone around me how I feel, they never heard of Pink Floyd probably, so I have this sort of euphoria and an unexplainable sadness – maybe I know I will never again witness anything close to this, I have reached the top in terms of seeing pure quality and clarity.

    Sorry for the ramble but my feelings had to come out to people who would understand my feelings.

    Thanks David and your entire band and crew for being the very best there is.

  121. …I have this sort of euphoria and an unexplainable sadness โ€“ maybe I know I will never again witness anything close to this, I have reached the top in terms of seeing pure quality and clarity.

    I know EXACTLY what you mean Ian and suspect we all do.

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