Travel update – Pompeii, Chantilly

Some important travel news for those heading to Pompeii and Chantilly.

There will be a special night train running from Pompeii to Naples following both concerts later this week. The Metrostar-type train – complete with concierge, hostess and security – will leave at 00:40 from the Pompei Santuario Station on the Naples-Poggiomarino line. Security guards will also be at the station.

Tickets can be bought on the train or at the station and cost €6.

There will also be a special shuttle bus service for Chantilly. The times are as follows:

Porte Maillot (Parking Pershing) – 17:00
Château de Chantilly – 00:30

A return ticket costs €30, a single ticket to take you to Paris after the show costs €25. Book online now.

Parking for cars (€20) and motorcycles (€10) will open at 10:00 and close at 02:00 after the concert.

Please also note that the concert in Verona on Sunday will now start one hour later than scheduled – at 22:00, not 21:00 as originally planned. Gates open at 20:00. There is no change to Monday’s gig in Verona, which will start at 21:00 with gates opening at 19:00.

Author: FEd

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36 thoughts on “Travel update – Pompeii, Chantilly”

  1. The unofficial set list for Pompeii says Echoes. Crowd is gonna flip.


    1. I’d bet on it but I hope we will have something totally unexpected too. Can’t wait till tomorrow!

    2. But it was made right after the Pompeii gigs got announced, so there can’t be any thruth to it.

  2. Thanks for this. I was not looking forward to paying for a taxi back to Naples.

      1. But they played in grey, must be the reason why… 🙁

        Anyway, great tournament for your boys, bravo.

        We all will remember Iceland and Wales. 🙂

        Now, Allez les Bleus! Will you?

        1. Oh, bien sûr. Allez les Bleus! Yours is the best national anthem left in this tournament now. 😉

          If you make it to the final, I hope you wipe the smugness off Ronaldo’s face. Bonne chance ce soir.

  3. Hi FEd, I don’t know if there is something wrong on my PC or what … but the news about Verona 10th seems to be deleted with a row over the characters…..

    I can confirm that the news is true and it’s reported on the TicketOne site.

    If the problem is on my site (PC or whatever)…. forget the message!!!!!!!


    1. Nothing’s wrong with your PC, you’re absolutely right, but Management need to be the ones doing the confirming. My bad, as the young people say. I had put a line through your message, but this has now been removed.

      Just like being back at school when we used pens and pencils. Those were the days… I even got a highlighter pen out, did you see?

      1. YES!!!…… but no problem FEd….. I was just curious about the effect……

      2. Where’s the ‘like’ button? For a moment it seemed like Facebook, where fans are confirming things since last year. 🙂

        Enjoy all and have a great experience.


  4. Hello Fed, do you know why the concert of Verona on the 10th of July has been postponed by an hour?

    1. I’m not in a position to say, but I am at least able to confirm this now.

      Just to clarify, should anybody ask: only Sunday’s show is starting an hour later than planned, not Monday’s.

  5. It would be cool if the Wiesbaden gig would start an hour later, so the light show would have a much bigger effect.

  6. Does anyone of our Italian friends or anyone else know the precise location of the ticket collection / booking office? I received a very long email in Italian which seemed to indicate the booking office wasn’t on site at the Arena but nearby. Any help or confirmation would be appreciated.

  7. Does anyone know about catering at Chantilly? Happy to bring our own food and drink but need to know in advance. Thanks.

    1. If ever you didn’t see, I posted this reply to you on the ‘Chantilly meet-up’ post:

      Well, if I were going to the concert of Chantilly from Paris and had no possibility to book a hotel in Chantilly (which I did in 1994 when I saw Pink Floyd there), it’s certainly what I would do, that is go early to Chantilly to visit the town, le Château, le Grand Parterre Le Nôtre, le Pavillon Manse, le Moulin des Princes, la Porte Saint Denis, la forêt de Chantilly, etc…

      RER D looks like the good idea.

      The train station Chantilly-Gouvieux is 2km far from le Château.

      Here, a map of Chantilly. The train station (=Gare SNCF) is on the left.

      And here, les horaires (=timetable?) – RER D Paris Gare du Nord – Chantilly Gouvieux on 16th July.

      Please, be aware that the shuttle bus from Chantilly to Paris will take you to Porte Maillot, not Gare du Nord.

  8. To those going to Chantilly:

    All the necessary information provided by Gérard Drouot Productions – here.

  9. Is anyone planning to head in the late morning/early afternoon to have an explore…?

    Entry to the concert is 5 O’clock, correct?

    However you can explore the grounds of the Chateau/gardens beforehand if you wished or some people have mentioned nearby towns?

    Anyone got a plan or more information on things to do after you reach Chantilly-Gouvieux?

    It would be most appreciated. 🙂

    1. This is a map of Chantilly (the train station of Chantilly-Gouvieux is on the left.)

      Some things to do in Chantilly: visit of Le Château, le Musée Condé, les grandes écuries du Château (Musée du Cheval), le Pavillon Manse, le Moulin des Princes, la Porte Saint Denis, la forêt de Chantilly, etc…

      1. Awesome Michèle! Are you local to the area? Have you been before, anything to particularly recommend?
        Thanks for being so helpful to everyone!

  10. We have bought return tickets for the bus, but plan to get to Chantilly by RER early afternoon as the bus only leaves Paris at 5pm. RER could be tricky as there seems to be construction work at Chantilly station, but we’ll give it a go. It’s a shame most of the information around transport/venue layout has only been announced in the last couple of weeks. As we are not driving, it has been impossible for months to find out how to get back to Paris after the concert.

    1. I’d say “Better late than never.”

      I salute the efforts of the promoter Gérard Drouot Productions. they have organised a special shuttle bus service for the event, they have organised parking, these things must take time to do and many different people/agencies must have been involved. They have e-mailed people with useful information (incluant tos les horaires), they don’t ignore you when you ask questions…

      I don’t know many promoters as helpful as them.

  11. Are all the things you mentioned fairly close to walk to from the station Michèle? Or is that accounting for having a car or other transport? We’re happy to walk, but don’t want to stray too far from the (2km) distance to the Chateau.

    Have a fantastic day everyone! It’s gonna be a beautiful – tres magnifique. 🙂

    1. Sorry if it’s too late…

      From Chantilly train station to the the Domain of Chantilly (according to their website);

      On foot: approximately 20 minutes
      By taxi: 5 minutes
      By bus: the DUC bus (Desserte Urbaine Cantilienne), a bus provided free of charge by the municipality of Chantilly. Departure from the bus station, get off at “Chantilly, église Notre-Dame”.

      Musée Condé is at the castle.

      As for the other things, they all are in the center of the town, please see the the map I aready posted, zoom it and you willl see (for example, Pavillon Manse is located C/3 – Porte St Denis C/4))

      I hope you have a great time in Chantilly.

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