Meet-up: Tienen

Please note that these concerts will now start at 21:30.

Belgian fans in particular won’t need reminding that on Wednesday 27th and Thursday 28th July, David and the band will be performing in Tienen’s historic market square.

Will you be there, too? If so, feel free to use this little space to arrange an appropriate place and time to get together with other fans, either before or after the gigs, to share an ice-cold Duvel (or maybe a Hoegaarden, seeing as the village is so close by). There should be no shortage of suitable places to congregate, with plenty of pubs, cafΓ©s and restaurants to choose from, but any suggestions from those with local knowledge would, as always, be gratefully received.

This looks like another excellent place to spend a summer’s evening or two and enjoy live music.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. A nice cold Duvel sounds perfect FEd. πŸ˜‰

    I’ll be driving over there the coming weekend to scout the venue for accessibility, locations etc…
    Will probably report back Sunday evening.

    Considering the *#$%@! weather we’ve been having since June, I’ve rattled the door of the lady of the weather service, insisting she order perfect meteo for David and his band’s performances. Wonder if she will listen …

    Oh yes, by the way, FEd, the Tienen gigs seem a perfect excuse for you to come over and we’ll have that Duvel and a little chat about the Wales – Belgium match. πŸ˜‰

    1. πŸ˜‰ That was our cup final and I’m never going to get tired of watching the goals.

  2. I’ll be there on Thursday evening 28th July and I’m really looking forward to it.

    We’ll be there late afternoon and have a nice dinner somewhere in the village Tienen. Haven’t decide what restaurant / pub, yet.

    I guess, Italian food would be nice, since David played in Pompei recently. πŸ™‚

  3. Yes right, would like to meet some fans before the gig, but first thing to know is: what time do the gigs in Tienen start? I am all set (tickets safe!) to go, but I would like to know when it’ll start….

    1. Sorry to state the obvious, but this detail isn’t on the tickets or e-mail/order confirmation?

      1. There’s nothing about timing on the tickets, FEd.

        I checked the organiser’s site (Ticketmaster), nothing there either.

        Am assuming 20:00 but it is not explicitly stated.

        1. I’m so sorry that this isn’t clear. I appreciate how important such basic details are when you need to arrange buses and trains home after the concert. I’ll find out for you.

          And now I see that tonight’s concert is starting an hour later… Oh dear. I apologise again.

  4. I’ll be there on Wednesday 27th and I hope the Belgians are no longer sad about the defeat at the European Championships.

    If there is a meeting place before the event, please let me know.

  5. I’ll be there, no matter what, all the way from the Netherlands.

      1. Thanx Ralph! Do you assume that I’ ll be able to catch it on time, as soon as the concert ends?

  6. If you are driving to Tienen, try to avoid the evening traffic peak.

    The stretch of the E40 motorway between Brussels and Leuven is notorious for its 16:30 to 19:00 traffic density and jams, even during the summer holiday season.

  7. I’m going Thursday all the way from DK. Also taking the train from Brussells and back. I hope there’s WC’s around.

    But the city is closed down after the concert, or …? In case, I’ll have to wait for the last train.

  8. I am coming from Berlin for the second show and flying back next morning from Brussels. I hope to go directly to the airport after the show.

    Should we organize train-station afterparty for those who will not be able to catch the last train?
    The town seems to be very small and I doubt they have restaurants or bars open all night.

  9. I have found it more or less impossible to get any useful travel and concert timing information for the Tienen concerts. Which I think is really bad.

    We are driving from the UK 26th for the Wednesday 27th concert. Staying in Leuven overnight 26th and 27th. We have been trying to decide whether to drive to Tienen or take the train from Leuven. Tried contacting Ticketmaster BE for concert timings, venue parking information etc, and was told that “they have no idea and to contact the concert hall”!!!!!!! Tried emailing the parkingshop in Tienen to see where it was possible to park for the concerts and didn’t get a reply.

    It would make sense not to drive from Leuven to Tienen and take the train, but since there is no reliable concert info to go on. I don’t want to get stranded in Tienen until the first train at 04:45 the next day, if the last train is fully booked or not possible to catch due to concert timings.

    I would welcome any information from anyone with local knowledge or who can help. What I need is gratis (parking on the ring road) within walking distance of the Grote Markt.

  10. It has been announced in the event page on Facebook:

    Doors open: 18:00
    David Gilmour: 21:30 – 00:30

    So it seems that there is no chance to catch the last train from Tienen to Leuven/Brussels.

  11. TIMING (subject to changes):

    Doors open: 18:00
    David Gilmour: 21:30 – 00:30

    I have just contacted Live Nation Belgium about any possibility of night trains or buses to Brussels:
    “There won’t be a shuttle service or any night trains to Brussels. More practical info will follow soon.”

    1. Thank you Zuli and Ericssen for the information. I am glad I didn’t book the train tickets now. I look forward to any further information you can share.

  12. Problems aside with the concert information.

    What is really good about this trip from the UK to Tienen to see DG again, is that my son and daughter, who grew up with my music tastes want to see DG as much as myself and my wife, and are bringing their partners too. They have seen DG in 2006 and 2015 and RW in 2006/07/10/13, and after Tienen we all go to the RAH in September 2015 for a DG spectacular. I funded their PF/DG/RW habit when they were at school but now they want to fund the trips themselves. Best money I have ever spent and memories that money cannot buy. I suppose l am just thankful I still have the opportunity to relive my youth at these wonderful concerts and to share it with a new generation of our family and fans alike. Long may it continue.

    I first saw PF at the Bath Progressive Music Festival in 1970 and many many times since. Check out who was also playing at that festival. A few names that you may remember.

    I look forward to meeting you all in Tienen on the 27th and a big thank you to FEd for his tireless hard work and sense of humor

  13. Quick update after giving the Tienen local police a call.

    The car park at the Minderbroedersstraat will be open (a short walk to the Grote Markt). In addition parking areas of local schools will be opened and indicated.

    More info to come after a location preview to Tienen the coming days.

  14. Just received this reply from Parkenshop in Tienen regarding parking for the events:

    I don’t know about special parking arrangements or if you can reserve a parking space, but there is a big parking lot near the train station Tienen, this is about 1km away from the concert area (Grote Markt). For the exact directions I suggest you search via Google maps.

    Lots of fun at the Festival.
    Met vriendelijke groeten,

  15. Popped over to Tienen over noon today.

    Little potential hick-up on the E40 motorway is that there are roadworks going on near the Everberg parking area, between Brussels and Leuven. If you pass there, please beware of the speed limits and speed cameras.

    The kind lady at the tourist office confirmed that the best option for parking is right behind the Tienen railway station. Walking on foot from Tienen station to the Grote Markt (town square) won’t take you much more than 10 minutes. That is well-marked on the roads inbound to Tienen as are 4 other – smaller – parkings.

    Additionally, parking along the N29 (ring-road around Tienen) there are quite a few parking spots, supermarkets and other large shops that have parking spaces. The walk into town from there is never much more than 10 to 15 minutes.

    A little help from Google maps on ‘Grote Markt, Tienen’ should get you organised.

    Public transport after David’s shows seems to be non-existent though. πŸ™

    You may also wish to consult the annual Suikerrock (“Sugar rock”) festival site’s ‘Getting there’ page. Suikerrock starts on Friday the 29th and lasts the weekend.

    Could someone whisper in David’s ear that Deep Purple will be there Friday? Wouldn’t it be a wonderful occasion for a “purely coincidental” guest appearance … πŸ˜‰

  16. There is a nice little authentic cafe right next to the sugar museum called the ‘Marktcafe’ (market cafe) but indeed there are about 10 cafe’s and restaurants directly on the square plus quite a few more in the surrounding streets.

  17. Is there still any safe option for getting tickets for either of the Tienen shows (without getting ripped off)? I am aware of the fact that the shows are officially sold out, but I’d have thought some tickets would “reappear” because some people won’t be able to go. I’m rather wary of buying from an unknown person, and the whole personalisation business doesn’t make it any easier.

    1. Wolf, there will be people at the concerts who are original purchasers of tickets who have spare tickets because one or more of their max 4 party cannot attend. Buying from these people (Not Touts) is your best bet, because you will be able to pass security checks by entering the venue at the same time as the lead booker who you purchased the ticket(s) from.

      1. Can’t argue with that but of course I have to add:

        1. Let’s hope they sell them at or below face value, otherwise they are no better than the touts.

        2. There’s the case right there for limiting future sales to two tickets per person, rather than four, because as it stands everybody can buy more tickets than they need and become a tout with ease.

        3. Wolf, I hope you’re able to enjoy the show without being ripped off.

        1. FEd, in the past I have purchased tickets to shows and have been let down at the last minute by so called friends. On one occasion this happened, I was left with 3 Eric Clapton (which are never cheap) tickets to an Arena show in Sheffield UK.

          I am not the sort of person who would stand outside a venue trying to flog them myself or to try and sell them to one of the touts who are always in attendance at every venue. On this occasion I lost over Β£150 and had three seats next to me to spread out on, I learnt from the experience and now ask for money from others before I order.

          Having said all that, I have in the past purchased tickets from others in my position, who had spare tickets, and needed to sell them. It is not always possible to keep up to date on every concert or event and you always miss out on some. So there is a case for being able to buy and sell tickets at face value. Not everyone is a tout.

          In the past I have purchased a number of tickets from eBay (before Stub Hub) that were well below face value for concerts that I otherwise would not have been able to attend, and I was very grateful at the time.

          1. So there is a case for being able to buy and sell tickets at face value. Not everyone is a tout.

            Indeed not, and of course they are often sold at face value, even at a loss. But everyone has the potential to be one when they know they can get around the ID checks by walking in with three complete strangers. That’s all I’m saying – and I have to say it.

        2. FEd, reagarding your comment.

          2. There’s the case right there for limiting future sales to two tickets per person, rather than four, because as it stands everybody can buy more tickets than they need and become a tout with ease.

          We usually travel in a group of six to many concerts. Thus the DG limit of 4 tickets has been a problem for us at the RAH and Tienen. It meant that at least two separate bookings have to made by different individuals, which usually means not getting all the tickets the group wanted in a single location or not being able to secure tickets before they sell out. Not everyone who wants to buy 4 or more tickets is a tout or the next budding Harvey Goldsmith. Thankfully most promoters take a more pragmatic view and allow up to six tickets to be purchased by a single individual.

          I would just like to point out that in February when I purchased my tickets from Ticketmaster BE there was a limit of 4 tickets per booking. My son purchased the other two required for our group. However, after the various terror attacks this year, when I checked in April on the Ticketmaster website, the 4 limit had been lifted and you could purchase any quantity.

          So it would seem that the four limit was quietly scrapped when it became apparent that the sales figures were not cutting it. Be careful what you wish for.

          1. That’s a fair comment, but if allowing four tickets per person makes it easy for anyone to profit from the resale of as many as three tickets per concert – and let’s not pretend that doesn’t happen, because they’re not all sold at face value – then allowing six makes it even easier and all the more tempting. And they sell out more quickly, which is great news for the professional touts.

            Also, considering that many of these summer concerts were general admission, so you sit – or more to the point, stand – where you like, it doesn’t matter who buys the tickets. But I take your point.

  18. Some practical information about Tienen concerts from Livenation – here. Still no information about public transportation after the show. We’re staying for two nights in Leuven and now thinking about return trip from Tienen.

    1. Evgenii, they have said on Facebook that there will be no transportation:

      Live Nation Belgium: No, there won’t be a shuttle service to Brussels. More practical info will follow soon!

      You can check out the event page here. Maybe we have some Belgians here who could inform us foreigners if carpooling is popular over there and if it would possible to hitch a ride back after the gig?

    2. Ticketmaster now send information to all customers via email. And some stuff to bike and car visitors, and nothing about people who travelled by train and bus. πŸ™

  19. Just received information when David Gilmour will start and end to perform; as I will go there by train (Brussels – Tienen) it seems that I cannot make it back until next morning.

    Does anyone know about some platform / network where to look for a lift back to Brussels right after the concert?


  20. Checked Taxi costs from Tienen to Leuven, max 4 people – 65 Euro. Not so bad if you all club together. Though I guess you need to be booking the taxi well before next week.

    1. So sad that Uber does not operate in these cities. Their online counter tells me about 37-49 euros.

  21. Hi all

    I’m coming from Brussels to the show on the 27/7.

    I understand that going back is going to be hard (no train, no uber, taxi will cost a lot). I’m thinking about renting a car and going with a car there and back. I would like to split the cost with hitchhikers that also go to the show.

    I’m a woman so I prefer to take woman or couple only, sorry guys. πŸ™‚

    You can contact me in my email: galicarmi at

    C U all in the show.

      1. I’ve also sent a message and would like to share a car. Lithuanian couple. πŸ™‚

        Contact me on my email – i.zygiui at

    1. Hey everyone, my husband and I are going from Brussels on the 27th (as you can see this is very last minute!) and was wondering if there’s anybody out there that’s in the same predicament with regards to getting back to Brussels after the show. Willing to share the cost of a ride back or a taxi, thanks very much!

      Please email us if you’re keen – mmaurouard at hotmail dot fr.

  22. Good thinking Gali!

    Too bad that I cannot come with you, since my tickets are for the 28/07.

    So I’m looking for someone who want to do the same thing – rent a car and split the costs – from Brussels on the 28th!

    Let me know at alice.di.pace90 at

  23. As I mentioned earlier this week and after having received detailed information about the concert timing: public transport to Brussels will not work until 6 in the morning; I would be happy to share costs for a lift back to Brussels after the show on Wednesday, 27/07/2016.

    Please do not hesitate to contact me: loup106 at

    Thanks in advance!

    1. I also would like to share a car together! We are couple of Lithuanians. Contact me on my email – i.zygiui at

  24. It is absolutely crazy that Live Nation Belgium haven’t organised some transport back to Leuven / Brussels …. there will be thousands of people stranded in this little town, with nowhere to sleep, since there only is one small hotel, which was sold out in seconds after the tickets was for sale …

    David should have a word with Live Nation Belgium and make them do something about this. πŸ™

  25. Does anyone have space for one more person in a car/taxi back to Leuven after Wednesday night’s show?


  26. It looks like I’m going to catch some kind of cab after the concert to get back to Brussels after Thurday’s show. The first train back comes at 04:54. I don’t think I wanna wait 5 hours on the streets, unless there’s an all-night bar. I better pack my Imodium then! πŸ˜€

    1. Hi Ejner, if you want to, I’m renting a car to get back to Brussels on Thursday and I have one more seat left!

      alice.di.pace90 at

      1. Thank you-thank you-thank you, Alice! But as you can see, I’m just seeing your message now. I didn’t take any laptop or smartphone with me to check my mail beacause, you know it’s a vacation too. πŸ™‚ But great f*ckin’ concert, don’t you think? I was standing all the way at the back, being a little crushed at times. And after the concert, I stay at a couple of the pubs on the square until 4 o’clock, went to the train-station and got a cab to Brussels, after everybody else had left. πŸ™‚

        I hope you had a good concert too.

        And again; thank you!!!

        Greetings Ejner

  27. Hello everyone,

    We’re attending the concert on the 27th and will be spending the night at Leuven, so plan on taking a cab post-concert. In case anyone wants to share, drop me a line at ramyagt at

  28. A couple interested in sharing a car to Brussels after 28th – bdabek at

  29. If you are coming over from the north of Antwerp, please beware that in addition to the roadworks on the E40, you will have to pass one more roadworks site. On the E19 on the stretch from Antwerp to Brussels, between Kontich and Rumst. Descriptions – in Flemish – can be found here.

    Make sure you don’t get stuck in traffic and keep an eye on the Flemish traffic centre map – here.

    Roadworks on the E19 from the Dutch border to Antwerp are scheduled to start Aug 5th.

  30. Hi, we are 3 of us and looking for a ride back to Brussels after the concert, please let me know if anyone wants to share ride and cost. Thanks.

  31. If anyone has two available places in their car after the 28 July concert, my girlfriend and I would be happy to share (and pay for) a ride to Brussels. (email: matej9889 at

    Thanks in advance.

  32. My friend and I will need a ride back to Brussels on Thursday the 28th. Anyone is willing to share a ride?

    Email me at paolocach at gmail dot com.

  33. Looking for a seat back to Brussels after the concert on the 28th. Staying near the Bruxelles-midi station.

    Would be happy to share the bill for a taxi or similar.

    e-mail joachimandersen11 at

  34. Looking for a ride to and most of all from TIENEN to Bruxelles after the show. Also happy to share a cab. Please contact me at: pietropaolo.versace at

    Many thanks.

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