Meet-up: Nimes

Please note that these concerts will now start at 21:00.

Here’s a little white space I hope can be filled by anyone who has tickets to the Arènes de Nîmes.

First time in Nîmes? Hoping to meet other fans before the show? Feel free to include your e-mail address with your comment. If the idea of doing so fills you with dread and you’d prefer to keep your e-mail address private, let me know who you wanted to share it with and I will happily forward the details on your behalf.

You do that and I’ll watch Metallica’s Français Pour Une Nuit, recorded at this incredible arena in July 2009.

A reminder that the concert in Verona on Sunday will start at 22:00, not 21:00. Gates open at 20:00. There is no change to Monday’s start time, which is 21:00, with gates opening at 19:00.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

7 thoughts on “Meet-up: Nimes”

  1. Thank you so much David for making me visit these beautiful Roman amphitheaters we have in France, that I had never visited before: Vienne in 2006, Orange in 2015, now Nîmes (I’m lying, I visited it many moons ago, I was a little child and not that interested in Ancient Roman architecture at this time).

    I know these venues have not the magic and Pink Floyd history of Pompeii, but it doesn’t matter. I’m looking forward to visiting Les Arènes, la Maison Carrée, la Tour Magne and enjoying David’s concert. Whatever he plays, I will be the happiest!

    (Hope there won’t be TGV strikes that day…)

  2. OT

    FEd, I’m so sorry for the match, Ronaldo woke up just in time for the semi-finals… 🙁

    Anyway you did a great job at this Euro16 and this will remain forever. You can make fun of England for years… 🙂

    1. He did, the little b*stard.

      It’s a shame, but Wales did brilliantly to get that far. Nobody expected it, I don’t think the players had anything left to give, and they gave their all. They will return home heroes, so I’m happy. It’s been one hell of a ride.

  3. Concerts in Nîmes are sold out, but, since yesterday, you can win tickets on French RTL2 radio station for the 20th.

    Here. (Click ‘Participer!’)

  4. Hi everybody !

    Nearly one week before David’s first gig of two in Nîmes. I’m knowing very well Nîmes and Les Arènes. I came a few times for holidays or for working . It’s a beautiful city (like Avignon not far from there). But it will be my first concert in Les Arènes. Like seeing Pink Floyd in concert in Bordeaux in 1994 was my first “live concert experience” ever, I’m so happy that David’s concerts in Orange, and soon Nîmes and The Royal Albert Hall in London (next September) are occasions to discover such great venues.

    I can’t wait anymore to come on the next July 20th. I will attend the gig with a good friend of mine that never saw David Gilmour or Pink Floyd in concert. We saw together Roger Waters in Paris 3 years ago for the last gig of his “Wall Tour” at St Denis Stade de France. He never saw a concert at this scale before and he liked it very much. Yes, it was great. But, I’m sure that he will really enjoy what brings to somebody a David concert. His concerts are really touching me emotionally. And there’s something really special particularly in this tour.

    Everything to be needed is there : The new and old songs are great. The bands i.e. the ‘classic line-up’ with Phil Manzanera and Jon Carin but also the ‘All-star new one’ with Chuck, Greg, Chester and the very talented background singers are very powerful. The stage, the lightning set and the lasers are awesome (Mr Screen is unique) thanks to Mark Brickman. David seems to really enjoy this tour too. There’s a very good atmosphere at these concerts and I’m sure it will be the same in Nîmes in a few days. Let’s enjoy it!

    Bye bye,


  5. Hello Floydies out there !!!

    is anyone going to ARC ET SENANS 23rd next week ???

    it’s all very quiet, no talk about it anywhere

    perhaps it could just be the BEST

    Comments please !!


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