Meet-up: Arc-et-Senans

Please note that this concert will now start at 21:00.

Hands up who has tickets for the concert at the Royal Saltworks in Arc-et-Senans, near the town of Besançon. Lucky you, it looks like a really interesting place set in beautiful gardens and so near the Forêt de Chaux, France’s second largest natural forest. (Did I say you were lucky to have tickets? Oh, you are lucky.)

If you would like to meet others from this fine blog as part of your trip, this is the place to make suggestions and arrangements. If you are not comfortable with the idea of including your e-mail address with your comment so that all can see it, fear not. If you tell me who you wish to share it with, I will gladly pass it on for you so you can exchange details (numbers, hotels, etc.) privately. It’s all part of the service.

Some extra details for Chantilly have been announced by the promoter this week and e-mailed to ticket buyers. If you missed them, please see the Meet-up: Chantilly post.

Author: FEd

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20 thoughts on “Meet-up: Arc-et-Senans”

  1. Old man’s tour keeps going… I’m curious to see if the setlist will stay same.

  2. Maybe the less expected venue of the whole tour… I’m feeling a bit ashamed to admit that I never heard of La Saline Royale d’Arc-et-Senans before I knew that David would be performing there. Great, we always learn something new on this blog.

    I now know that it’s called ‘City of Utopias’, probably because it was built by visionary architect Claude Nicolas Ledoux, who had planned a total ideal city. Isn’t it fascinating?

    And David chose it. I wondered, how did all that happen? I found this article (published on February 19).

    I’m sure that everyone going there will have a splendid time.

    On a sadder note, I feel for our Italian friends today, what a terrible train crash in Southern Italy, 20 people killed and dozens more hurt. What a tragedy.

  3. What a tease Michèle, the article is in French and my schoolboy coverage of the language doesn’t go that far!!

    Couldn’t get tickets to any of the UK gigs but picked up two for this one. So my wife Ann and I decided to make a road trip out there. Going out in her BMW Z4, hopefully the weather will be good enough to put the top down and to enjoy a few days and to watch Monsieur Gilmour rattle his locks!

    Looking forward to it. Will report back when we return.

    1. Oh, ‘Google Translate’ is THE tool… 😉

      Of course, just an approximate translation, but it will give you an idea…

      It took me two minutes to get this:

      Arc-et-Senans (Doubs): How Saline brought David Gilmour, Pink Floyd singer

      10,000 tickets have already been sold for the concert of Pink Floyd singer-guitarist, on 23 July, the Royal Saltworks of Arc-et-Senans.

      19.02.2016 at 5:07, updated at 11:55

      This is an exceptional shot. For the first time in its long history, the Royal Saltworks of Arc-et-Senans (Doubs) could accommodate 20,000 people in one evening.

      The direction of the Saline confirmed yesterday that around 10,000 tickets had been sold since February 5 and opening locations.

      It was on a phone call and a few pictures exchanged the monument of Claude-Nicolas Ledoux was selected to become one of the three venues to host a concert of David Gilmour in July. The other two are the Chantilly castle park (July 16) and Roman Arena of Nimes (20 and 21 July).

      “Everything happened very quickly”

      “The production of the tour called us to tell us that the Saline interested them, says Hubert Tassy, ​​the recent Director of Saltworks of Arc-et-Senans. He was looking for a place that has a historical past. Two days later, they were there. Everything was done very quickly.”

      The Stade de France or Zenith in France had been previously proposed. “But David Gilmour wants to play in places of exceptional past. ”

      Gilmour is, it seems, never came to Saline. But Nick Mason, drummer for Pink Floyd, a great collector of antique cars and Ferrari in particular had made a stop at a rally in the old factory desired salt by Louis XVI.

      Plates to protect the turf

      David Gilmour, it seems, examined photographs of Saline before being convinced by this exceptional place World Heritage of Unesco. Saline production will pay the rental on site who will relay to the organization.

      The question is how the monument, not really for this, will be able to accommodate 20,000 spectators. That prospect does not frighten Hubert Tassy. “There is a surface of 15,000 m², I’m not worried about instead. This is a solid place gross. “Metal plates should nevertheless be put on the lawn in the interior of the Saline enclosure to protect it from the crowd.

      One public entrance is planned. It corresponds to the main entrance of the Saline. A security measure, small scaffolding will be built above the walls to emergency exits office.

      As for parking, the surrounding farmland, the property Saline, should be sufficient to accommodate the flood of cars.

      On site, it will be heavy. The giant stage will be to the right of the space.

      The first representatives of Gilmour caravan will arrive on site six days before the concert. In all thirteen trailers should follow …

      Philippe SAUTER

    2. Heading south in France early next week. A few days in the Dordogne looking for some SUN (fat old type will do nicely) then to see the great man again.

      I think this venue will be a real hoot. Staying in Beavoisin for a couple of days.

      Any more loony Floydies driving over ??? catch up ???


        1. Oh FEd, it turned out to be a terror Bastille Day. At least 84 people dead in Nice.

          Once again…

          Que dire, que faire? On se sent, non, on EST impuissant.

          1. Words fail me. I’m just so sorry that even more families are suffering today. I can’t imagine their pain.

  4. Michèle. Thank you so much or Merci beaucoup!

    Attend un concert incroyable.

    Au Revoir.

  5. Hey, I’m planning to go from Brussels by train but still haven’t arranged a way to get out of the venue after the concert. Please, get in contact via e-mail to send me ideas!!! I don’t want to sleep in the streets, hahahaha!

  6. Hi,

    Is anyone going to the David Gilmour concert in Arc et Senans this Saturday from Switzerland? I would be happy to get a ride and share the cost.

    Also, does anybody knows if it will be possible to get to Besancon or Dijon with a bus or a train after the show?

  7. Here, some useful information from the official website of ‘Saline Royale Arc-et-Senans’ – Click (of course 😉 ) ‘Concert/David Gilmour à La Saline Royale/sam. 23 Juillet’.

    Have a look at the access map and parking.

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