Italy: Verona

David and the band are delighted to return to the magnificent Arena di Verona tonight for the first of two concerts after a hugely enjoyable show there last year.

One of the best preserved Roman amphitheatres, the Arena hosts the annual Arena di Verona Opera Festival which is currently underway and will, until 28th August, continue with its busy schedule of opera and ballet performances. (I think the old place deserves a couple of nights off to rock, don’t you?)

We’d love to hear from you if you will be there, especially if you went last September and are wondering how the new band will sound. Maybe you were even there in May 1989 for Pink Floyd. Do let us know.

Please, please don’t forget that tonight’s concert will start at 22:00, not 21:00. Gates will open at 20:00. There is no change to Monday’s start time, which is 21:00, with gates opening at 19:00.

Author: FEd

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  1. I was there last September and I’ll be there both nights this year.

    Of course, after Pompeii it will be difficult to see a concert in a “normal” location, but I’m pretty sure it will be beautiful as usual…

    Hope to meet some irregulars at Atlantis pub (Piazza Cittadella, 7) tonight at 20:00 and tomorrow at 19:00. Look out for a guy with green 3/4 pants, a black old-style David’s T-shirt, and you’ll find me.

    See you later!

    1. Hi, I am off to the gig at Tienen in Belgium, last train back to Brussels is 11:50pm. What time does he normally finish ???

      1. Hi, consider two and a half hours for the show, then about 15-20 minutes for leaving the venue with the crowd, and Mr Gilmour always starts at the exact time announced not a minute later.

      2. I’m sure you’ll make it onto the last train easily if it’s an 8pm start. Even a 9pm start, if you’re quick.

  2. Enjoy the show, folks!

    David is in a state of Grace, and Band too…so it will be amazing!


  3. Enjoy the shows guys and let us thank all that amazing staff that keeps this old man’s tour up and running so smoothly. The logistics must be a real challenge and yet until now they worked flawless, at least as a result. 😉

  4. Ahh Verona, what a town and venue. And yes, the beer always tastes better in the sun. Andrea, you were slacking a bit with yours matey in Pompeii so I expect a pic or 2 of you downing it this time.

    I’m just a jealous guy tonight having dinner in The String of Horses in Faugh, Cumbria. Lovely pub food, fantastic, but only pints.

    Enjoy tonight, god bless the band, it will be perfect.


  5. Verona, I can still hear the sounds, this morning my eyes sleep (back home at 3.40am!!).

    What I did not like is the overall sound of the concert in the Arena, too dry and too many basses, bass and drum very confused. I did not see the 2015 leg of the tour, I’ve only saw some videos. So, I can only say: with the new band the sound is more groovy, more ROCK, in other words NEW.

    Very hard to realize that the Man on the stage is 70 !!! MERAVIGLIOSO!!!! is the only word I can use…… Sorry not to meet Andrea, but I was in Verona all the day and I was really melted (!!!) from the sun.

    David is really in great shape, Sorrow, Great Gig, On an Island, 5am, absolutely fantastic……. but not only, beautiful voice, maybe it need a little bit of reverb to make it more “round” ….. well, I can’t find more English (and also Italian) words to describe the gig……. Thanks…. Thanks…..


  6. This show was possibly the best concert I’ve ever seen in forty years of shows. David was absolutely on fire all night. The PA was four times the size of Pompeii so they had the extra umph to keep the sound pristinely clear and loud. Verona Arena is perhaps the perfect sized venue. Not a bad seat in the entire place and open air for perfect sound. Additionally we could really hear Chester Kamen properly in the mix tonight and he is quite the guitar player in his own right. The dual guitar solos in On An Island were majestic.

    Yesterday morning I stopped by a little market near the arena for some supplies for the flat. I was about to pay the total when the owner saw my wristband from Pompeii and said “Ah David Gilmour.” Suddenly the register showed a 10 euro discount! The people of Verona are lovely and have been very welcoming to the large crowds here for the shows. How can you not love a town where two perfect pizzas and a grappa can be had for 15€?

    Every David show of course has it’s highlights, but each time a song finished I thought to myself “I’ve never heard that played so well.” So well done indeed last night to all the band. I could also hear Phil G’s voice distinctly last night, and his vocals on Time were stunning. David said “He sings like a bird” when introducing him last night.

    I finally met Andrea last night before the show and signed his banner. “Grazie FEd” indeed. I hope David understands what a great job you do for his community.

    Ciao bella!

  7. Yesterday in Verona was very very hot, even more than in Pompeii… I had a great time at the meet-up with EchoesBob and with Sara and her husband too. Bob is a fantastic person and I’ve seen how he does his fantastic drawing, just fabulous!

    At the concert happened just what was my fear: another live two days after Pompeii, after that location, that incredible show, is not the same thing anymore. Nothing could be the same. Moreover, behind me I had three howler monkeys from Milan who just escaped from the zoo. When I told them that I wanted to hear the concert and not their silly screaming all the time, with their good behaviour they just made even more, in spite. That’s the reason why this world won’t get anywhere: good manners and education are at the base, and if you don’t have it when you’re 30 and more it’s a problem. Because of them, sometimes I was really hoping the concert to end soon, I just had the “nerves in tatters”.

    By the way, apart from those barbarians, I found David a little in trouble with the voice, maybe because of the big hot and humidity, but he played well (especially “Sorrow”, wow), the concert was good and the audience was really involved. He said a lot of times that he loves to play in the Arena, and I think it’s true, it’s such a special place.

    For tonight’s meet-up: at 19:00 at Atlantis pub (Piazza Cittadella, 7). How to recognize us: this is a pic from yesterday’s meet-up. From left to right: EchoesBob, me, and Sara’s family, with her husband and their son.

  8. Just bought 2 stamps at post office and they’re Pink Floyd. Gets more surreal as days goes by.


      1. It’s time for Louder Than Words! In Romeo and Juliet’s city, it could fit well…

        1. Not tonight, sorry. Two changes: ‘The Great Gig In the Sky’ comes back in for ‘Us and Them’ in the first set, and ‘Astronomy Dominé’ replaces ‘One of These Days’ in the second.

          1. ‘Astronomy Dominé’ is a highlight. It’s interesting how David’s balancing the mood every night. Sure, in the first half, it’s a very emotional sequence when they do ‘The Blue’/’Great Gig In the Sky’/ ‘A Boat Lies Waiting’/ ‘Wish You Were Here’. Great sequence.

            BTW, I’ve to stop making predictions, or he’ll never play that song!

        2. I begin to doubt if David will ever play ‘Louder Than Words”. I wonder why as it is a beautiful song, the last song from PF and it has never been played live before.

  9. The second concert is just finished and I’m again at the Atlantis pub for a drink with some friends…

    Today luckily I didn’t have the monkeys on my back and I’ve really enjoyed the show.

    David sang in a wonderful way. His voice was powerful like never before during this tour, I don’t know how he did after yesterday, but I want to know his secret… The band is playing better with every show and I think that this was one of the best I’ve seen this year. I really love Greg’s way of singing Time. Also Chester is wonderful and the double solo on On an Island is really delightful.

    Today I met Francesco and spent a great time with him and his friend Stefano, and of course he signed the banner.

    I’m sad that my tour for now it’s over (5 shows in 10 days). I’ve had really great days and I’m so glad that I met a lot of irregulars (mostly some of them… Understand, Ash? 😛 ).

    But maybe it’s right to take a break and rest from David’s concert for a while… The wait will increase the pleasure… Now officially starts the countdown for September 30th, Royal Albert Hall, front row. I already can’t wait.

  10. Hi guys

    Great shows I see.. We were in Wroclaw for our summer Gilmourish stop and it was specialissimo. 🙂

    FED, we all think it’s time to play LTW, this tour cannot miss a gem like that.. You agree? We got also the litho even if the day after it was already half the price we paid on the webstore but it is worth the same.

    Cheers everybody


    1. FED, we all think it’s time to play LTW, this tour cannot miss a gem like that.. You agree?

      Hmm, I’m not sure. I like the songs they’re playing now more than ‘Louder Than Words’, to be honest.

      1. Many of the PF songs in the set list have been played in previous concerts: Pulse, Remember That Night, Gdansk, David Gilmour in Concert, etc… It would be refreshing if David would play some other PF songs.

        “Louder Than Words” is definitely worth playing live.

        1. It’s not going to happen. That album was a full stop on Pink Floyd and the lyrics should be enough to tell you he’s not going to play it solo.

  11. – Off topic 1:

    Sorry but I would like to make sure people going to Chantilly (and it’s on Saturday) don’t miss out all the necessary information provided by Gérard Drouot Productions – here.

    – Off topic 2:

    Bye-bye, David (C, not G 😉 ). Hello, Theresa. Good luck with your new ‘Iron Lady’, UK. She said she would negotiate a happy Brexit with the EU and build a better Britain, good luck with that as well!

    – Off top… Oops… In topic:

    Verona, what a beautiful city, I wish I could visit it, it’s on my ‘to-do-list’. One day, maybe… How could you call its Amphitheatre ‘a normal location’, Andrea? Shame on you! 😉 – A stunning location!

    1. Merci beaucoup.

      Another ‘Iron Lady’! The last one worked out so well…

      Here’s hoping for an early general election.

  12. FEd,

    I have seen several pictures of the Pompeii show. I will probably be sick until death that I wasn’t able to attend. It must have been absolutely amazing.

    I am still naturally high from the show at MSG that I was able to see thanks to you. Is there any speculation that a film of that show might have been made?

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