Italy: Pompeii

Tonight’s the night, folks: the first of two concerts, back in Pompeii for the first time in 45 years.

David received a particularly warm welcome upon his return, being made an honorary citizen by Mayor Ferdinando Uliano in a ceremony yesterday.

The Anfiteatro di Pompei is the earliest known permanent stone amphitheatre, built around 70-80 BC and 150 years older than the Colosseum, buried when the ancient town was obliterated in all of 48 hours following the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD.

Perhaps it needs no further introduction to Pink Floyd fans than this (lovers of history, Mary Beard, leading authority on the Roman era, can teach you so much about the tragic people of Pompeii and Herculaneum), and anyway, we’d much rather wait to hear your thoughts at the concert’s end both tonight and tomorrow, so please tell us all about it. Spare us no detail, we want to know everything.

However, I suggest you keep an eye on Polly’s Instagram for more photos throughout the tour. If you are following, you might have already noticed David swotting up with one of Mary Beard’s books.

Have a magical time in those ancient ruins, everybody lucky enough to be there for what promises to be very special indeed. Please also take a moment to remember Syd on the tenth anniversary of his passing.

A reminder that the concert in Verona on Sunday will start at 22:00, not 21:00. Gates open at 20:00. There is no change to Monday’s start time, which is 21:00, with gates opening at 19:00.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

184 thoughts on “Italy: Pompeii”

  1. No doubt these shows are the highlight of the tour, I really wish be there, enjoy all people who will attend today and/or tomorrow. πŸ™‚

    1. A simulcast would have been better. But, yes, I’ll wait for DVD too.

      Everyone present savour the (Two) Nights of Wonder.

  2. I’m still fine with my decision to leave it at the one concert on September, but I’m really excited with the many tweets and stuff from the others that are going there…

    So as FEd said, let us know how it was!

    Re Syd: the crazy diamond still shines on!

  3. I follow you, FEd. I want to know everything, too and I really envy you all who are going to this very special concert. If it’s in reality half as beautiful as it does look on Polly’s pictures it must be marvellous!

  4. It’s going to be two fabulous nights. I’m sure that there are going to be big surprises!

    Wish I could be there!

  5. David will be the voice/music for the people of Pompeii that were covered in sudden ash so long ago.

    I read about the archeologists finding what they believed to be servants holding onto the children and babies as they were suddenly overcome by the eruption. The way the eruption happened preserved them so that it captured their positions.

    “The soon to be ghosts of Pompeii were silenced before they had a chance to scream or cry out…” is what came to my mind when I saw the pictures of the sudden end to their time. I learned of this decades ago. So it is fascinating that David is so intrigued by Pompeii too, as many people are.

    It is a spiritual place for such an event. I think Mr Wright would enjoy what David and the band are doing.

    Hope all will relish the experience and hope we will be treated to a CD/DVD of the event.

    Take care, Suzy

  6. Sorry for that copy and paste, but I’d like to remember all about FRIDAY’s meet-up (I’ll be there only on Friday, so for tonight’s show I think you’ll have to arrange in another way).

    I’ve never been to Pompeii before and I don’t know if there are pubs, restaurants and so on near the entrance, so for the moment I can tell you how to find me INSIDE the amphitheatre.

    I’ll watch the concert from the bottom of the venue (with green pants, green hat and a black David’s old style t-shirt), so when you’ll get in it will be simple to see me, also because I’ll have a banner, with a phrase written on it in black and red. Sorry, but I can’t tell you which phrase, it’s a surprise, you’ll understand there why. Don’t forget to bring with you a marker pen, you’ll need it!

    I don’t know if when they open the doors someone wants to run and see the concert from up close, but I won’t, and I hope we’ll see the show all together, for sure it will be the biggest Irregular’s meeting ever, and we’ll celebrate it as it deserves.

    PS: I’ll arrive on 8th in the morning, and during the afternoon I’ll visit the ruins with my friend. We can meet inside the amphitheatre and of course, if we find something, also before but above all after the concert for a beer. Just write down your ideas or suggestions if you’re already there and have find something nice or know Pompeii’s area and we’ll arrange.

    PPS: The fate decided that David will play there for the first time in 45 years right on the day of Syd’s departure. I think he’ll play Astronomy Domine this night and will celebrate him. Shine on!

  7. Magic will happen tonight and tomorrow. We’re so lucky to be a part of it. See you all tomorrow!

  8. On further note, my respects to Syd. For he is the very start of Pink Floyd. A creative mind that was so tortured.

    I will enjoy reading Mary Beard’s book. As I mentioned in my previous blog, it has been decades since I have read/seen any information on the tragedy of Pompeii.

    I am also hoping not only for a CD/DVD on Pompeii but another CD/DVD of the tour. Especially a clip at Inglewood, Los Angeles. That would be great.

    Take care, Suzy.

  9. Always worth a moment or two to remember Mr Barrett.

    Bon chance, ‘…enjoy the show …’

  10. Hope Vesuvius can take Sorrow. It rattled the locks and the foundations of the RAH last September.

    How I wish, how I wish I was there.

  11. I suspect Marc Brickman will have conjured up a fine feast of explosive pyrotechnics and panoramic lighting of the highest order for Pompeii, if Polly’s photo from yesterday is anything to go by.

    It’s going to be stunningly, beautifully awesome.

    1. The light show was amazing Ken. Everything we know and more.

      What was extra was, lights like the ones on Mr Screen all round the top of the walls of the Amphitheatre. They were mobile (would that describe them ?) just like the ones round Mr Screen. Pixie said she’d never seen so many lighting technicians, there were possibly four to each light !

      I think it was during ‘A Boat Lies Waiting’, all the lights on the walls pointed up into the sky and met at a central point above, they created a dome like in a church or temple. I loved that. πŸ™‚

      I was going to say that for the second half of the show, fires were lit all round the top of the walls as well. However, I can’t actually remember exactly when they were lit ! Oops, someone else can maybe tell us. πŸ˜€ It was very beautiful.

      I’ve talked before about those lights round Mr Screen, they whizz round so fast and the ones on the walls did the same. You couldn’t help but take your eyes off the stage to look around at it all.

      There were fireworks off the top of the wall at the end, and they were spectacular and really unexpected. The crowd were surprised and delighted all in one.

      I love the lights for ‘Run Like Hell’, SO BRIGHT !!!

      The lasers. What can I say ? We ALL love the lasers.


      1. Many thanks Ash, for the illuminating description of the unique set up of what was surely the most scintillating luminosity.

        I only hope that some of the perimeter lighting can be put to a similar use in RAH in September.

      2. Ash,

        Sorry I missed meeting up with you while in Pompeii.

        The fires around the perimeter were lit during the intermission and I thought it just added to the charm of the venue.


        1. Me too Andrew. We may well have been in the same place at the same time and not known it though. I spent time in the early afternoon in the Old West bar then again in the evening, with bloggers I met up with. I’ve since discovered that Echoes Bob and Andrea, I’d love to have met you too guys, were also in the same bar !

          1. I actually didn’t go to any of the bars. I spent more time in restaurants or exploring Pompeii.

            Although the dates have passed and I don’t plan on another European excursion any time soon, FEd can still share my contact info with you.


  12. I have seen a picture online where the wind machine is on the stage… Wow! ‘One of These Days’ tonight?

    1. You’ll have to wait and see but they just did ‘The Great Gig In the Sky’…

      1. I’m thinking that it has been played instead of “What Do You Want From Me”.. πŸ™

        1. It looks like David decided to add one song in the first half. Very well chosen one for the place and the date!

            1. Now I know I was wrong. Us And Them wasn’t performed, so both parts are still in balance.

              The Great Gig In The Sky would be a treat for RAH….

      2. ‘Great Gig’? In Pompeii?

        Still remember it from 21 June 1988 in Versailles. One of those goosebump-raisers …

  13. … that’s all folks …

    I’m so happy for everyone who was able to attend tonight’s gig at Pompeii! I know we’re all there in spirit. Can’t wait to see the setlist, FEd! Thanks for everything!

  14. Wow, the people will have a great 2 shows. Can’t wait.

    Speaking of books; I wonder if David is working on his own biography. With Polly and photos to add on to the historical ones. Hmmmmmm!!!!

  15. No Echoes even though clearly that’s what we came to see/hear, and no mention of 10 year anniversary of Syd’s passing? I’m disappointed David! I believe I saw Adrian Maben in the seats though.

  16. This was the Holy of Holies. There are no words to describe what I just witnessed. There were professional cameras and crews at this gig, so let’s hope it comes out on DVD.

    First, David was on point tonight. He was the consummate virtuoso, bending, soaring sonic perfection. His sound was excellent as always.

    Tonight, however, the music had a dance partner in the ancient anfiteatro. The entire amphitheater was lit along the top wall and next highest tier in 360. Fires burned in intervals along the top wall for the entire second set. Like, I’m the ape man and you’re Prometheus, so I go bat s*** crazy fires. The lights were swaying, spinning, perfect visual punctuation for the perfect sound track. The stage smoke and the lights created an irresistible lure for the ghosts of Pompeii to bear this witness.

    Then the pyro. 360 degrees of sparking screaming pyro blasted in time to the music during Run Like Hell.

    I will never forget this night. I came down into the amphitheater after waiting in line most of the afternoon (after flying in from Denver on no sleep). The hewn rock walls spark imaginings of gladiators taking the same path to face the lions. The rock walls are rough, charged with inexplicable energy and impressive to behold. The grass grows over the former seating area. Everything is haunting and ambient and beautiful, a perfect place for David’s music.

    The entire show was alive. The audience was from all corners of the world. The ghosts of ancient Pompeii were immensely pleased. it was nothing but intimate harmony, things seen and unseen. Truly amazing.

    Just a perfect night.

    1. Thanks for sharing the intimacy of this most immaculately haunting of shows Maya.

      The 360Β° lighting and pyrotechnics look to have provided a perfect kaleidoscopic Pompeiian panorama.

      FEd, can you get David to have a word with Marc? Those perimeter lights simply have to be used when the tour returns to RAH in September.

  17. Well I’m a bit at a loose end. EE has blocked my phone, I can’t call or text anyone. They did it in Verona, they’re a bunch of crooks. I pay every month without fail. I didn’t get to call Katrina till after 11pm, she was worried sick. Hotel was useless, there phone used via Skype. Meanwhile eventually had a wander down, saw all the peeps coming back from the gig. Managed a beer. Hotel is practically on the ruin gates.

    I’m fuming though, EE ruined my first night here, twats.


    1. Same here. Was supposed to hook up with Ed but my phone is just not playing ball unless on wifi.

  18. Breathless venue. So happy I was there.

    I really enjoyed the whole day visiting Pompeii and the ancient city and I couldn’t stop looking around during the concert.

    I was so close to the stage I couldn’t believe it.

    Most of the audience and me too were a bit disappointed at the end because there have been only minor changes to the ordinary setlist of the tour.

    We all were waiting for Echoes to be played in this unique venue but I do realize it’s quite hard to insert such a long and iconic suite in a tour like David’s when the concerts are so close each other all around Europe.

    But we all were dreaming about it.

    1. Anyone expecting Echoes really was dreaming. It was never going to happen.

      Amazing gig, the light show was astounding and Chester really brings some grit to the rhythm section.

      Appalled by the locals that talked through the whole thing. A great gig and venue wasted on them.

      1. You are right, Echoes would have been a dream but it was so hard not to dream while attending that unbelievable gig in such an extraordinary unique venue.

        It was a dream made true to be there in the middle of the Anfiteatro in Pompei. So few of us who were given the invaluable chance to be there.

        As the hours pass by my memories become carved in stone inside of me.

        I will always remember the day!

  19. hello you all lucky guys.

    being at work not Pompeii and only 1500 km away, πŸ˜€ I found a great deal of marvellous, extremely beautiful pictures from the last night show on FB page of “Ancient City of Pompeii”.

    I don’t know how to put a link, sorry.

    last night I went to bed with the thought as I was there and I felt so excited. πŸ™‚ it looks magnificent and once in a lifetime thing.

  20. Welcome home David! You have written history and still do.

    May I suggest the next Roman amphitheater – Ostia Antica? Reachable by metro from Rome, towards the coast.

  21. I’m leaving soon from Malta to Rome. Then train to Naples and train to Pompei. Super excited. Hope to meet some of you there!

  22. Anyone travelling back to Sorrento after Friday night’s show? We can’t find any taxis available. Not sure if late train goes to Sorrento either. Willing to pay for any spare seats. πŸ™‚


  23. It was absolutely magical.

    So intimate. So tasteful. Highlights for me were David doing a little jig and dance during Wish You Were Here – In Any Tongue, On an Island and of course the lasers during Comfortably Numb.

    Onwards to tonight. πŸ™‚


  24. Any tips from anyone who was at last night’s show? Best place to be, lines to get in, bathrooms, water, anything sold inside, can you bring anything in?

    I heard last night’s show from my hotel and could see some of the lights and fire. I am so excited to go to the show tonight, going to get wristband soon and enjoy every second of this! The only scoop I did get from people coming out of the show last night was that Friday night’s crowd better pick up the energy a bit and let David know we want this show to last as long as possible. Everything he does is amazing, but it can’t hurt- Can I get an Echoes, Echoes, Echoes.

    1. Any water bottles you take in will have the lids taken away (pack a spare). Professional looking cameras not allowed, only small compacts and smartphones. You can buy beer and water just as you get in. I stood halfway up and in the middle and got the full sound and visual effect. Amazing!

      The normal tour T-shirts with one exception: DG in mosaic on the front with the amphitheatre on the back.

  25. Is the crazy expensive high tech drone above the show part of the filming? It was there during sound check Thursday night too. I hope so, or that could get really annoying. Has to be getting awesome footage!

  26. It was a dream. The highlight was of course ‘The Great Gig In the Sky’, when I sat on the grass and, almost in tears, I closed my eyes feeling Rick’s masterpiece with all my body. Band it’s fantastic. Chuck is playing very well, in his own style…and that’s a great thing. Chester is maybe the best guitarist who has ever played along with David. And it’s difficult to do, especially when the Man himself is in a state of grace like yesterday’s evening.

    What can I say FEd. Really it was outstanding. I was sure about Echoes, maybe it’s a matter of respect towards Rick. And I agree. No pieces from Syd Barrett, even if when David told us about ‘new and old ghosts’, referring to Pompeii, I’m pretty sure he was thinking to Syd, too.

    Bless you all.

    Grazie David.


  27. I’m already in the queue since 11 am. It may well be the only chance I get to be this close to David and Co…

    Everybody’s happy, friendly and communicative – David’s music erases any borders, language barriers or worries.

    If you’re in the queue, do say hello to the guy with a green beret. I’ll be in the back of the arena for the second part anyway.

  28. Surprised and a bit disappointed with the absence of Echoes.

    Although David has made clear that playing without Rick would be tough, I imagined he would try regardless!

  29. The images and accounts being shared from Pompeii are amazing! Looks like it’s been a fantastic time so far, hope for more tonight. It will be great to see the professionally filmed footage if it’s released.

    Best of luck to everyone attending!

  30. We are going to see the second show tonight, but last night we drank Peroni beers at this bar in front of the Anfiteatro and listened to the concert. You could see parts of the light show. When the Great Gig started, every body went crazy. I had a lot of fun sitting there, talking to fans from all over. Wished I had met some Irregulars though. Hopefully tonight.

    This is so magical.

    1. Amedeo.

      Been looking around for you here, finally found you. πŸ™‚

      We met outside the theatre on the 7th and had a nice talk. πŸ™‚ And we met you again after the concert the next day, and then sadly lost track of you as we went to buy water.

      Well here you are. πŸ™‚

      I’ve uploaded some great shots I took during the show to my Facebook. Just look for Lars H. Normann. πŸ™‚

      See you around buddy, very nice to meet you and your wife. πŸ™‚

  31. My original tickets are for tonight but TicketOne made tickets available Thursday morning with no restrictions so I’m a bit poorer in cash and richer in life. Everywhere you look is someone with a Floyd or Gilmour shirt. It’s like a giant family reunion.

    Someone asked earlier who sang Great Gig. Louise and Lucia took turns on the opening vocals with Bryan coming in for the lower register parts in the middle. From that point they sang the rest in three part harmony, which is a first as far as I know. It brought tears to my eyes as it was apparent this one was for Rick. Afterwards David announced that as a song for ghosts, both ancient and recent. And one in particular for whom the next song was written: A Boat Lies Waiting. Truly moving.

    I’m sitting in a pub called Wild West directly across from the amfitheatro entrance from now until 6 or so if anyone cares to join.

    1. Thanks Bob (and other reviewers who weren’t disappointed about Echoes).

      The Great Gig, for Rick, in that setting – doesn’t get any better than that.

      These are halcyon days indeed.

  32. This morning I visited the ruins with my friend, now we’re resting a while in the hotel, but in an hour we’ll be at the Anfiteatro. I’ll have a banner with a phrase written in black and red, green 3/4 pants, black old-style Gilmour shirt, green hat and orange Asics running shoes. Look out for me and come, I’ll have something for you!!

    See you in a few, can’t wait!!!

  33. I’m in, can’t believe I am here, near the stage too. Dreams come true.


  34. I’m inside! In the back, near the exit… If you want I’m here!

    Otherwise let’s meet at the pub Old West at the end of the concert… It’s just in front of the exit, slightly on the left.

  35. I’m at the front, been weeping like a child.

    Very special, very.


  36. The show was great and exciting, no doubt. Wandering around in Pompeii and with tons of fans was so cool.

    Having said that, I must add that I expected more. I have been in the RAH for 2 nights back in September, and expected the Pompeii show to be something else, unique and different from all other venues, because of the history and taking into account the price tag.

    Re The Great Gig In the Sky, the lap steel guitar and piano was amazing, vocals not.

    Now, there is a great old Roman amphitheatre in Israel, FEd, maybe you can pass this info to David so he consider a visit.

    I also want to take the opportunity and thank you, FEd, for all the info, help and support. You made my dream come true, without you I probably wouldn’t have got tickets to any of the shows I went to, so, big thanks!

    1. I’m so glad you could be there, Assaf. If I helped a little, that makes me really happy.

      1. Three Cheers from the California delegation for all you did to get us here and the Hollywood Bowl, FEd. Everytime I see a Brit here with an all access pass I wonder if it’s you. Anyway we all owe a debt of gratitude for making this community possible after all these years.

        And of course the second show was even better than the first.

        1. Bob, nice meeting you in the line before the second show! Also good to hear that night was better than the first. πŸ˜‰

    2. I wish I could visit the Roman Theatre of Scythopolis (Beit She’an? Not sure of the spelling, sorry) in the Jordan Valley. It looks absolutely stunning.

  37. Thanks for all of the descriptions, reports and excited comments. It makes it (ever so slightly) easier not being there.

    Can’t wait to hear about tonight’s performance! Cheers!!

  38. Very pleased so many are enjoying the shows. Wish I was there with you.

    By happy coincidence, VH1 Classic are showing Remember That Night (from RAH) right now. πŸ™‚

  39. I was lucky enough to attend both nights. I was also thrilled that tonight I gave a local Pompeii resident the opportunity to see her first ever DG performance.

    I felt the energy level on stage tonight was much higher than yesterday. Possibly because we were told that tonight was officially being filmed.

    I also love that David directly addressed the crowd about Echoes. In short he said that Echoes is a wonderful song. But it’s a conversation between two people. And Richard is dead. So we no longer perform that song.

    Short, sweet and to the point. And it quieted the crowd.

    Truthfully I heard all the rumors about Echoes but I really never expected it to be played.


    1. Very nice to meet you Andrew. Thanks for your tip about seeing the first half of show near the front and the second half near the back. We followed your tip and it felt like two complete different experiences.

      Best wishes from Becky and Darren staying at Costa

      1. Becky,

        It was great to meet you and Darren as well. Glad you enjoyed the show from different perspectives. On the second night I didn’t even bother getting close to the stage. Just hung out around the midway point. Due to the size of the venue, the massive round screen and the incredible light show, there really was no bad “seat” in the house.


  40. What an amazing evening. I still can’t believe I was standing there in that historic place. It was everything I hoped for and more. I just want to say this real quick. I’m sure many of us who care, have heard David say on “Later with Jools Holland” that he would not be able to perform Echoes again because of Rick’s death and I believe the majority of us understand that. I very much applaud David for spelling it out for those who need to understand these things. I can’t tell you how many people l heard saying “oh yeah, he’s definitely going to play Echoes” and I just shook my head. I had a snook next to me who yelled Echoes between almost every song and after David spoke his mind on the subject, this guy still yelled Echoes. Really??

    I apologize for this guy and all the others who don’t get it. David, please know that a lot of us do really know what’s what with this stuff.

    Thank you so much for the beautiful memory tonight.

  41. Up nice and early this morning. Great night last night, catch up with irregulars, my ankles are killing me, too much swaying me thinks.

    See you in the UK, I am knackered.


  42. Hi fed, were the shows at Pompeii filmed? everybody seems to think so.


    1. Neil,

      At the venue there were signs stating that filming was taking place. Security guards also advised that it was being filmed.

      Of course what is planned for the footage, your guess is as good as mine.


  43. Every little bit of the show I saw (and heard) on Instagram looks absolutely stunning!

  44. Just watched the Wroclaw gig in full and I really like what the new members bring to the group..Chester Kamen is a great player.

  45. That is what I mean fed, nobody categorically denies. says a lot.


  46. I’m back home in Rome, tomorrow morning I’ll depart again, back in Venice and then Verona for the two last Italian shows…

    What can I say about yesterday? About this wonderful night? There aren’t enough words, maybe “astonishing” would be good… The location was simply superb, the light show was incredible, watching the concert with the other irregulars the icing on the cake. We, and Dave, wrote the history. I think we’ll talk about this concert for the life, and will tell to our nephews “that night in Pompeii, I was there!”. Can’t wait for the Blu-ray, hope they’ll do it in time for Christmas.

    Moreover, I’m madly in love with ash’s daughter (and she knows it). FEd, you’ll have to come to our wedding. Before that there is just a little problem: I have to convince her to marry me. Can you spend a good word for me? πŸ˜€

  47. Some other nights to remember for sure…

    Great photos, must have been great gigs.

  48. I really do wish I had made the trip to Pompeii but I simply couldn’t afford the high ticket price, particularly if you add to that the costs of travelling, accommodation etc. It certainly looked visually stunning in the photos, and I hope to be able to hear and watch it one day.

    I’m really pleased that David played One of These Days, but it would have been the icing on the cake if Nick Mason could have joined David for that particular track. I really hope Nick can accompany David for at least one song on his fairly long tour. If they were able to collaborate to release the brilliant album The Endless River, it can’t be asking too much for Nick to perform just one Pink Floyd song with David at just one venue.

  49. Just missed David going through the Napoli airport. That certainly would have been a treat to just say thanks for playing Pompeii.


  50. Oh FEd, just got back from two nights in Pompeii and it was so wonderful, I still can’t believe it. The second night especially was fantastic. The light show and fireworks were out of this world and yes, it was being filmed (and I don’t mean by the hundreds of annoying phones, the only minus). I was really moved and relieved when David said that he could never play Echoes again, because it was ‘a conversation between two people’, and with Rick dead… Very sad, but I couldn’t agree more. Always great to hear Rick at the beginning of ‘A Boat Lies Waiting’ though. Thank you for making me cry, David, especially the second night with ‘On an Island’ and ‘In Any Tongue’.

  51. All I’ve really seen is photos and it honestly looked absolutely stunning. Special gigs no doubt.

    I’m surprised so many expected Echoes, I knew he’d never do it and I completely respect his reasons for not playing it. Personally I wouldn’t want to hear it done without Rick.

    How did you guys find out it was being filmed? I hadn’t heard anything about that. I hope it was!

  52. In case you are not aware of this, The Friday Night show was filmed because they had a sign at the gate that said the show was being filmed by Serpent Productions. I have a photo of the sign here.

  53. I believe Amadeo summed it all well. We all hoped for Echoes even abroad in Canada. A Boat Lies Waiting for me is the perfect setting to say how much David misses him. That to me is Echoes. In Toronto, that song really impressed me emotionally to no end.

    TY David, FEd and all of you irregulars. DVD, hopefully a memoir down the road and let’s give the entourage a well deserved break. See ya all soon!!!

  54. Back in Sweden. Still amazed. It was everything I hoped for and then some. The Rick tribute with GGITS, the opening of the second act with OOTD, the pyros. I could go on and on…

    Incredible sound and as I’ve said before, this band has brought a sort of relaxed and more swaying feel to some of the songs, WYWH and Money being the most obvious. On several times it seemed like David went deep inside himself and just kept playing, the others just laughing and waiting for him to come back [to life].

    I missed out the irregular meet-up, sorry ’bout that. I saw no banner when we entered the arena and then we got a good spot that I did not want to leave. Kept looking when exiting the arena, but there were so many people so we went to our hotel at the Porta Marina entrance, just to find out you were at the Old West. FEd, please know that I should have been behind that banner as well, since you made this possible. Can I make it up to you guys on the RAH show on the 30th?

    Now we wait for the bluray of this, both nights were filmed, I need to revisit this…

    PS. Oh, and yeah, Guy sent us all back to Pompeii in a cardboard box…

    1. Sorry you missed them at the Old West, but I’m so glad to hear that you enjoyed the concert. It sounds very special indeed.

    2. I’ll bring it to London too, don’t worry. I’ll attend on 30th, and I’ve read there will be a lot of irregulars too, so I’ll have it with me and the ones who didn’t sign it in Pompeii will have another occasion there (and also these two nights in Verona).

        1. OK, now that Pompeii is over and you’ve seen the banner I can reveal the idea behind it: I was thinking about something recognizable in a place like that, so a banner was the best choice (as soon as I opened it I found Ash and her lovely daughter), but what would have been the phrase? I thought about “ciao, FEd” but it was a little bit poor as idea, so I came out with “thank you FEd”. Then I realized that it has to be in Italian, because we were in Pompeii, so “Grazie FEd” with the date of the concert and signed as “the irregulars”. It was a way to thank you for the big work you do for us, because I think we’re a big family and that’s all because of you, that made this possible. I decided to color it in black and red (of course the red for your nick was in honor of Wales, and a little bit Italy too, because the precise color name was “rosso corsa”, the same, identical of Ferrari’s car).

          Then the icing on the cake to make it a real gift from everyone of us: every irregular had to sign it at the concert and after that I would have sent it to you (of course, if you will). Now, since I’ve met only a bunch of people, and I’ll meet more on this two Verona’s concerts and September 30th at the RAH, I’ll bring it with me also for those shows and I’ll make it get signed from the ones who weren’t there. I hope you’ll decide to join us for that last concert of the tour, it would be great to give you the banner in person and celebrate with you our big and world-spreading family.

          (Good job, mate!)

              1. Thanks for the “young”… πŸ˜€

                You’re too kind. I’m so happy to have met you, and your lovely daughter. I spent a wonderful time with you after the concert and can’t wait for September 30th. I’d have more to say to you, but maybe here isn’t the right place.

          1. Andrea, I’ll be honoured to sign your banner on 30th September, as one of the Irregulars.

            The Queens Arms is commonly regarded as the pre-show meet up, watering hole. Hopefully I’ll see you and everyone else there.

          2. Missed you for one day Andrea, but maybe we can arrange something and so I could sign it too!

            1. It’s not a problem, we’ll find a way from here until September. Let’s talk on Twitter’s PM about it.

  55. ..And Chuck Leavell is killing it on the organ. No one will ever replace Rick but Chuck brings a great feel for this kind of music from his years with the Allman Brothers and Stones.

    I was bored on the train to Verona yesterday so I did a quick drawing of Guy and David playing A Boat Lies Waiting. To me this was the most moving part of the Pompeii shows. I tried to capture the feeling that Rick was there just beyond the shadows in the lights. He certainly was there in our hearts…

    1. That is beautiful, Bob! A “quick drawing” you say? I wonder what you can manage when you take more time… Would love to print a copy of that if it’s OK by you. FEd has my email address in that case.

  56. I thought it showed great respect towards his fans on David’s part that he addressed the crowd directly regarding Echoes. He did it in such a tasteful and gracious manner. I know it helped me and the group I was with to still honor that piece of history without hearing it played.

    Thank you David for an awesome, memorable, and historic night!

  57. Well, I’m Home after an eventful trip. Nice to be sat on my sofa thinking back to the journey over.

    It started badly for me and all for the sake of a certain phone company and no way to communicate.

    Friday morning I got up early to walk into town to get a sim, about mile walk into town. I got the sim OK but then my phone died, I had not charged it. I sat and had a coffee and then started walking back to my hotel. Big mistake. I took the wrong route. I got totally lost. My Italian is limited, I had a translator on my dead phone. No one spoke English and no taxis anywhere. 3 hours later, still wandering trying to find a way back or find somewhere familiar. No chance. I was getting to a point where I was in a bit of bother. I’m a bit diabetic, I didn’t take my stuff as I thought I would be back in half an hour. I got to a stage where i couldn’t find a way out of my situation, I was ready for going home, heat exhaustion was kicking in, I was having a thing called a hypo. I know it sounds silly but shit, I thought, this is ridiculous.

    I walked into a petrol station, they got the idea I was in trouble, a man in there having a drink beckoned me to follow. I told him my hotel but he never heard of it. He very kindly took me to the train station. Real kindness from a complete stranger, the world is still wonderful when this happens. I managed to tell the lady in the station my hotel was near the ruins, she showed me the platform and on a map where to get off.

    I was by now using a reserve energy, from where I don’t know. On the platform a young English couple all of 19 allowed me to text Katrina to let her know I was OK, they also allowed me to travel with them as they were going to the ruins. After one change we arrived. I thanked again another act of human kindness, bless them. Honestly, I went down the platform round the corner and there was my hotel. I tell you, a grown man nearly collapsed with joy and exhaustion. 5 hours after and just to nip up the road.

    At the gig I managed to get myself a nice spot up at the front to the right of the stage. I’m normally nervous of crowds but there was loads of space, the build up was magnificent, On came David, 5am, blubbing a bit here and through the show, dancing, singing along, loving the truly spiritual ambiance, looking up at the shadows of what looked like guardians next to the torch flames around the arena, feeling the Love for the man like so many there, while thinking back to earlier in the day. I knew if I had to I would go through it again 10 times over.

    I’m really sorry I wrote on here saying Echoes was on the unofficial set list. Truly sorry I even contemplated he would play it.

    Great to meet up later for a beer with the irregulars. See you all in London.

    Kind regards

    1. “Eventful trip” sounds about right. Poor you. I’m glad it all turned out OK in the end.

      1. Thanks Fed, I hope you took what I wrote as a story not a moan. And just wanting to show everything I went through was worth every step.


  58. Hello everyone!

    I just had a wonderful trip and concert at Pompeii. It had all the good stuff in it: a nice hotel with a nice owner offering a great dinner! Met some nice like-minded fellow fans, saw the ruins (at least a bit of it … should have gotten a map beforehand… noted for next time). And the concert was absolutely great!

    Sometimes expectations that are too high (see Echoes, see special guests etc.) can lead to a mindset where it is hard to dive into the moment and just enjoy the music and the ambience (hope that’s the right word… not a native speaker)!

    Be safe everyone!


  59. Hello everyone,

    I returned to Romania yesterday afternoon. I’m at work now and, as I have no mood whatsoever (or energy, for that matter) to do what they expect of me, here I am giving all of you my side of the story.

    I knew it was perhaps my only chance to see David up close, so the 8th of July looked to me like this: landed in Naples at 8:30, reached Pompeii at 9:30, checked in my hotel at 10 and at 11 I was already a happy camper, holding my precious ticket in the queue.

    Six hours of waiting followed, but the wait was definitely worth it: once I reached the inside of the venue, I was able to find my place in the 2nd row center, a tad to the right of David’s microphone. It was just what I was hoping to achieve.

    Right before we went in, the guards told us that, as the show was filmed, no recording device was allowed inside – that included phones. A mini-riot ignited and, eventually, the plan was abandoned (not really sure if the guys played a prank on us or if those were the real plans – everyone in the queue took it very seriously, though).

    The place does have a special energy and feel and I believe David and the team managed to take it all in and reflect it back to us magnificently (perhaps re-interpreting the DSOTM cover if I may use the parallel). The concert was amazing – better than anything I ever witnessed before.

    Of course, I was, secretly, hoping for a guest visit of Nick on CN. Keeping “Us and Them” in the setlist would have also been suitable if you ask me, but you don’t. πŸ™‚ Although there were no significant changes to the standard playlist (except for the addition of TGGITS, of course), this concert seemed very different – everyone both in the band and in the public was somehow more connected to the songs, more aware of each other.

    One thing in particular made me happy: usually if David makes a mistake he kind of gets upset and he disconnects, it takes a while for him to come back in the “zone”. There were some mistakes but this time David seemed no to care that much, which was awesome from my perspective. After all, we did not care all that much either. πŸ™‚

    I watched the second set from the back of the venue – I wanted both to give someone else the opportunity to advance a bit and see David closer and to enjoy the light show as it should properly be enjoyed. I was lucky enough to meet Andrea and the rest of the Irregulars there and you know what followed once the show concluded. It would have been nice to have you with us there at the Old West, FEd. Thank you once again for all you do for us!

    The quality of the sound was amazing no matter where you were standing in the arena. The light show was fabulous too – can’t wait to see how it will look like on the Blu-ray. If it could go my way, I’d attend each and every remaining show… But it’s not and that’s OK. Others need to see David too.

    We shall all meet in London, come September.

  60. I would just like to thank you Fed for the chance to get tickets for Pompeii.

    I really enjoyed the gig, it was very special to be there, the atmosphere was amazing, lighting fantastic and the sound quality was excellent.

    My son was very happy to see One of These Days, the last time David played this on the Division Bell tour he was not born, it’s one of his favourites.

    Royal Albert Hall next.

    1. You’re very welcome. I’m so happy to hear that you and your son enjoyed it, Richard. I hope you enjoy the next one just as much.

  61. Just one comment on Echoes. As I said before I never expected it to be played. But prior to the start of the concerts some PF snippets were played through the sound system. And they also played “The Ping.”

    During the show we heard a number of those same snippets played in their respective songs, such as the dialogue in Money.

    So while it is pretty cool to just hear these things preshow and without the musical context, to send out a ping is a huge tease. And I could understand how some in the audience would assume that Echoes was going to be played.

    So maybe it was just a poor choice to Ping at all.


    1. Yes Andrew I can tell you that the Ping was sent out also during the intervals of the concerts I attended this year before Pompeii, at RAH 24/04 and in Wien 27/06.

      So it was emotionally possible to dream that this Ping was like a constant rate space signal calling to its source, to the core of it all: Pompeii.

      But I was conscious after all that such a dream wouldn’t possibly become true. We all understand, respect and accept David’s decision not to play Echoes anymore without Rick.

      But dreams are by themselves limitless and longing to Pompeii during all these months while being lulled by the impossible chance to listen Echoes there again, has been nevertheless a huge and intense emotion.

      Thanks David and thank you FEd for making it possible for me to be in Pompeii.

  62. New to the blog, but I have caught three shows on the current tour, including Thursday night in Pompeii. What an amazing experience! Unfortunately, I seem to have misplaced my ticket stub from the show, which I intended to frame. I reached out to Ticketone and was advised that they could not provide a duplicate.

    Does anyone who attended the July 7 show happen to have an extra ticket stub in good condition that they do not need?

    Thanks in advance! – Dan

  63. I don’t know where to start with a review, everyone else has described it all so well.

    First thing I must say is, it was really nice to meet up with Fellow Irregulars. JC and Sweetpea Sarah, ScottishFloyd, Andrea and friend Christian, Damian, Stefan. . . all of you, you are lovely people to spend time with. πŸ™‚

    All of you except Andrea ! πŸ˜€ (I’m kidding Andrea. . . if you want my daughter Pixie, you will still have to prove yourself however, I’m not giving into your charms quickly. . . )

    Pixie and I met up with lots of fans including a group of Scottish blokes. . .the same ones three times, they were really nice, happy fans. Rob at our hotel who wore a Pink Freud T shirt. Owen and Deirdre who read the blog but don’t write to us. . . WRITE ! Another nice couple I spoke to at breakfast whose names have left my mind. Lots of fans in the streets, we just smiled at each other or chatted briefly.

    The audience were amazing, there was a really nice atmosphere, a camaraderie. There were lots of people waving phones around but Pixie and I were never going to get a good view of the stage, we knew that, we could see heads of the band now and then but we could see Mr Screen and OMG, the light show ! The music was just wonderful, sound was perfect and you didn’t have to see it anyway.

    Sorrow made the ground vibrate under your feet ! Honest, you would think David had summoned an earthquake warning of an impending eruption.

    David, you and Marc Brickman excelled yourselves this time. The Amphitheatre light show was magical.

    The crew. . .we saw some of them in the Old West bar. . .I tried to finagle a crew pass out of one guy, no luck. There were a LOT of them. Pixie says she’d never seen so many lighting techs.

    The cameramen. There were lots with really high tech looking cameras. Looked like a very professional crew. ScottishFloyd introduced us to a camerman who’d helped him when he felt ill the night before. We stood chatting to him for a little while. πŸ™‚ In fact, it was whilst chatting to him that we spotted Andrea and I went over to introduce myself. I signed his banner and went to get the others to sign. Eventually we all joined Andrea and Christian. Stefan joined us for the second half. Rob Hulford was a little way in front of us.

    The concert was probably the most beautiful and most stunning I’ve ever seen. The fires were magical in such an ancient place but the lights were so out there ! Just stunning.

    I loved every song David played and I want everything on his playlist so he’ll have to put on longer shows at RAH ! I loved One of These Days substituted for Astronomy Domine but I like AD and its light show better. πŸ˜€

    The new band are great, play well together. They sounded great but it looks like I’ll need another choir seat at RAH to really see what’s going on and who’s playing what. πŸ˜€

    I’ll write more as I remember stuff, I expect. πŸ™‚

    1. Wow, a chapter all for me, I’m honored…

      It was a wonderful night, and of course also thanks to you two. You’re lovely and Pixie is really your mirror. I don’t want to spend a lot of words in public about that, I don’t want to bother the others or saying in public “private” things and feelings, but you know what I think and I wasn’t joking at all. We’ll have the occasion to talk about it… Of course I’ll have to prove everything, and I’ll do, you can trust me.. :*

  64. Hello Everyone

    I got back late last night, am exhausted. I knew from the moment the concert was announced it was gonna be special but it was beyond my expectations, the whole thing. Walking around Pompeii with thousands of other fans was an experience, we are one huge family. Everywhere you went Floyd fans spoke to you and were so welcoming, everyone was looking out for each other. That aspect alone was so amazing. Thanks to the big dude who lives just outside Naples who I was rocking with on the 1st night and the two girls who keep an eye on me when I was a little bit overcome with the heat and due to my bad chest.

    Only one gripe was the 1st night. I was clearly in a bit trouble and asked to be allowed on the seating part just for 5 or 10 mins to rest and get a breather but was refused by security and medics twice (stairs at both sides). I had a medical certificate from my doc and an inhaler to prove I had a condition. It wasn’t bad enough for me to go away to 1st aid tents etc but it could have gotten worse certainly if I had stayed in the crowd. I had plenty water all times but was told to go out the venue. I had to leave the arena and go outside. I didn’t like the prospect of possibly being found unconscious outside somewhere on the ground all cos I was denied a little 5 to 10 mins to sit. The heat and humidity was hard going I think for a lot of folk.

    But back to the good stuff, I managed to met up with Ash and her Daughter who were both very lovely lassies, it was an absolute pleasure to meet you both and can’t thank you’s enough for your company and time. Andrea, absolutely Top Bloke. Sorry I forgot the lady and gentleman and the other couple of guys’ names we were with, absolutely great people that made my night, and Bill from Canada, the two Big Norwegian guys I met outside the British bar and in the gig a few times, the Chilean Floyd Site Guys, and Mauricio, The Scottish Boys Gary, Paul, and the other dude, we rocked it on the 2nd night. The whole atmosphere around the city was amazing, the locals were great and very helpful. I managed both nights and so glad I did.

    Overall I Felt The Love!

    The concerts themselves were absolutely mind blowing, the visuals were just stunning, the sound amazing. I don’t care for the small mistakes made musically here and there, Mr David Gilmour was absolutely brilliant. That man plays his beeping heart out, every track was just awesome from that 1st note in 5 AM into Rattle That Lock. Sorrow, what a killer version, One of These Days, Money, High Hopes – every track fantastic. IMO he’s a modern Mozart, such an epic guitarist and unique, no one will ever play like that again. It’s a shame Mr Gilmour cannot be amongst the actual crowd and be in it and experience what it’s like in there for for us himself. This is a thing, unfortunately he cant be on stage and in the crowd same time but I’m sure he would understand things in a way he might not quite be able to imagine. That whole band are easily “The Best” if not one of “The Best Touring bands” going. That Great Gig In the Sky was a more fitting tribute to Richard than Us and Them, I feel, cos it does mainly highlight the piano and the lack of lyrics speak louder than words (pun intended), I know Great Gig was a co effort but I always regarded it as a Rick track. πŸ˜‰

    Now I hope I’ve gotten this part right and excuse any mistakes. πŸ˜€

    Louise Clare Marshall and Lucita Jules did a great vocal part, had me in tears and damn, how much I miss having Mr Richard Wright with us. A few folk had said Mr David Gilmour looked near in tears when he had finished Wish You Were Here. Emotions in that venue you couldn’t not be touched by it.

    Bryan Chambers, also great vocalist, he was great throughout the whole show. Having a male vocalist instead of the traditional 3 women adds something a bit special to the harmonies. In Any Tongue was epic.

    Chester Kamen was fantastic too, he really give a lot to the overall performance. Every track that man played with a passion. His work on Wish was brilliant, one of the best WYWHs I’ve ever seen.

    JoΓ£o Mello is a fantastic saxophonist. Dancing Right In Front of Me would have been a good track cos he gets to do something a bit newer, his work and performance in Wroclaw was brilliant but his sax work on Money was brilliant and Shine On! That man shone!!

    Greg Phillinganes and Chuck Leavell were fantastic on the keys, all thought the gig you’s done The Great Richard Wright proud, great performance guys, that Great Gig In the Sky. I still well up thinking about that.

    Guy Pratt, there’s not much I can say about Guy, reason being he always delivers a great performance. Guy’s bass during One of These Days shook the whole place right up to the back and on Money, Time and as usual. Great bass player who always delivers.

    And The Great Steve DiStanislao, “The Smiley Man”, easily one of the best drummers/percussionists going. That man can play for fun and that smile says it all and it’s always a pleasure to see him on the skins, he brings so much to a performance. I feel drummers and bass players are often unappreciated but Guy and Steve laid the foundation for those shows, were the backbone of it, and set the rest up for the others to come in. What a creative force that whole band are.

    The whole crew from stage, lighting, sound technician, cameramen, crew, security, medics (apart from the 3 or 4 as mentioned above) all done a fantastic job!!

    Marc Brickman, what a guy. Absolutely stunning show and those lasers, just stunning, easily best in the business. I’ve never seen a show or lasers like it, the whole pyros, the whole lot, beyond words. When is the DVD out!!

    The two cameramen Warren and John, absolutely great guys. I can thank them two enough for the help they gave me and the chats and laughs and on managing to get me a set list too.

    3 days on, when I think of some of that gig, it still puts me in tears.

    And a Very, Very Special Thank You To Mr David Gilmour and Polly Samson without whom, none of this would have been possible. That said with the utmost Love and Respect. Long may your creative collaboration continue.

    I strongly urge anyone who is a fan and has not see David Gilmour Live, to hell with everything! If you can or can’t or must struggle to get out there and catch a show while you can, you won’t regret it.

    And to FEd, Thank You for all the work you have put in over the “Years” in keeping the Blog going. Great work and your presence is expected in London in September, if you ain’t got a ticket hopefully something can be worked out for you as a Special Thank You for everything you have done for us!!

    Thanks Again Everyone!! I hope everyone had a safe journey home.

    Much Love n Respect!!

    Peace Folks. πŸ™‚

  65. Me and my friend Mark were at the Friday night gig. What an absolutely fantastic concert, the lasers, lighting effects, venue, setlist and the performance of the band and of course the sublime guitar playing and vocals of David Gilmour!! What a beautiful setting and historical moment that will live with me forever.

    I can totally understand David’s reason and decision not to play Echoes now that Rick is gone and I feel a good compromise would have been to play it through the PA system before the concert started to let the fans hear the song within this fantastic and historical venue!

    It was good meeting up with Damian at Liverpool Airport and sharing a taxi with him in Pompei, we also met back up again at Naples Airport on the way back home and onwards until Liverpool Airport!!

    1. Hi Michael

      great to know you got home OK. It was a pleasure giving you a lift. Sorry I couldn’t do the same back to Naples. I hope you get tickets for London.

      Kind regards

      1. Hi Damian

        This is Michael from Glasgow, myself and my mate shared a taxi with you in Pompei. Hope you are doing good, what gigs are you going to in September at the Royal Albert Hall? I have a ticket for Friday the 30th and if you are at the same gig then we could meet up for a few beers before it?

        All the best!

  66. Hi,

    Just got back from Pompeii and Friday’s gig. Simply stunning and the best use of lighting in a venue ever. The anfiteatro was a part of the show all night.

    Thanks to David and band and crew.

    However, a special thanks is due to Fed for all his help in securing us tickets for Pompeii and gigs on the rest of the tour. Thanks!

    See you all at the final Royal Albert Hall show in September.


  67. Today I’m in historical Fleetwood, LOL. Lovely day sat outside Pablo’s drinking coffee then off to get my tickets for tonight’s show. Oh wait, that’s been and gone, wahhah, dummy out. But there’s still London. 2 nights of pure bliss, can’t wait to hear the voice and guitar. Tonsils tickled by honey and nectar. That grows goose bumps as big as strawberries.

    Great to be spending time with mother showing her this wonderful site.


  68. Dear “Gilmour Family”,

    Firstly, a massive thanks to FEd for all his hard work, in making special memories for us all…’s so very much appreciated!

    Secondly, a big thanks to David and his entourage for exacting these special memories…..I’m struggling really as words fail me!

    Thirdly and by know means least, it was so special to meet other irregulars…..Andrea, Ash, Pixie, Scott, Rob, to name but a few! (See you all again at RAH in September).

    Other blog postings have really covered the high-lights and points I wanted to cover, so keeping it simple for me; it was just about being there!

    Shine on…..
    John πŸ™‚

  69. I’m back home, back to work, back stateside. Thank you FEd, from the bottom of my heart. I will never forget these shows. Thank you a million times.

  70. Have we mentioned the Return of the Black Strat?

    According to Phil Taylor’s book, it’s the same guitar he played in 1971 at Pompeii. What a story!

  71. I just remembered about the picnic blanket !

    I couldn’t find mine. πŸ™ It was supposed to be in the car but it’s disappeared. We resolved to buy one in Naples or Pompei. In the event, we couldn’t find any. Brainwave ! Beach towels ! That’s what we took with us. No one else had taken anything to sit on and the audience stayed on their feet all night. Pixie and I did sit down during the interval and shared our towels with others. πŸ™‚

    We also kicked our sandals off and stood on our folded up towels, very comfortable for tired feet. Oh, and I danced all evening.

    Fed, thank you for all you do for us bloggers.

    ( Also thank you for the heads up about Andrea. . . .I had thought he was a bit dodgy, a shady character type of person. . . but I changed my mind on your say so. πŸ˜€ )


    1. I hobbled out of the Arena Ash. I wasn’t the only one, loads of folk bending and stretching, and holding their backs. I can’t believe folk stood all afternoon in the queue so as you could get a good view. I still got up to the front, but then moved back in case there was a rush to the stage. I hope you’re both well and look forward to seeing you again in London. And some lovely beer, though I dread to think how much a litre would cost in the Big Smoke.

      Kind regards

      1. We are well, thanks Damian. I will buy you a drink this time ! Don’t you worry about the cost. πŸ˜€

        Madness in that heat to stand for so long in a queue then all evening too. I’m glad we had our ” picnic towels ” ! πŸ˜€

        Yes, you’re quite right, you can weave your way to the front if you want so it does seem mad to queue for so long. I expected a rush during Run Like Hell because that’s generally when the crowd can’t contain themselves any longer. πŸ˜€

        I’m looking forward to London too. Trying not to think about it or wish it to come too soon though because afterwards, there will be nothing to look forward to. πŸ™ I read what you said before about feeling deflated once it’s over. It is awful. . .we know we’ve seen the very best there is. . . nothing compares.


        1. I just remembered. I think she was Scottish, asking us all what we thought about the gig. Seems strange now I think back on her, who was she!


  72. Well, I’m back home in Rochester, NY and everything is just as dull as when I left. The life in Italy, especially the night life, is really full of energy. The wife and I had a great time visiting Pompei, Napoli, Sorrento, the Scavi (Ruins), and of course, the stunning July 8th show. It was the fifth and final show that I would attend this year, and what a way to end it all. For me, it was the best show, I think because it was the last for me, it was in that place which made it so special, and it was in my Motherland. Of my shows in North America, Radio City was the Best. Thank You David!!

    Thank you FEd for your hand in helping us make some excellent memories. If I could, I would provide you with 2 Fiat 500’s. A beautifully restored antique, and a brand new daily driver. πŸ™‚

    1. πŸ˜€ Bless your heart. I’m so glad that you both enjoyed your Italian adventure.

  73. Can anyone else describe that deflated ‘coming down’ feeling after one of David’s shows? It really is a crap feeling. Many moons ago I remember it like it was yesterday, being home after seeing The Wall in London. I got some post from Earls Court, as I opened it I thought ‘It’s Pink Floyd, they’re doing extra shows.’ Nooooo, it was flipping Manhattan Transfer. 36 years ago I still remember that feeling LOL and I got lost then, some things never change.

    I was at the Hot Ice show Blackpool last night. Beautiful skaters from all over the world, great lights, lasers. I was bored shitless. Still, our mums enjoyed it.

    Roll on London.


    1. I do definitely after Vienna. Didn’t feel it last year.

      I kept silent on that as I thought it’s my issue. But day after day I become more overwhelmed by this strange nostalgic blue mood realising the big anticipation is staying behind me now and some things maybe won’t ever come back, not the same anyway. The blog helps me to live through it by imaging the next shows. I loved the expectation and the enormous love atmosphere of the concerts, the shadow of these beautiful cities always presenting around the corner like a fairytale. This guy is not only a genius musician, he has a grand style. And yes, we are awake from the dream but this music and experience will be part of us always. Sorry for the cliche, or “what has been seen cannot be “unseen” in the most magical sense. πŸ˜€

  74. What an incredible show it was last Friday. πŸ™‚

    I went there with my lovely girlfriend, and we sat outside the theatre on Thursday and listened to the first show. I met some very nice guys there, Amedeo from this blog among others, nice to meet you and your wife. πŸ™‚

    A few nice surprises in the setlist and an unforgettable version of One of These Days!!

    The light, lasers and pyro was out of this world awesome! It blew me away. πŸ˜€

    And the band was just fantastic, that is really what I think… πŸ˜‰

    David plays very well for a man his age. I didn’t notice any flaws really. I went to his first show in Pula last September and it was a very different experience (although equally beautiful). I now have very fond memories of a unique evening in the lovely Pompeii. πŸ™‚

    Thanks David and the rest of the band and crew for the effort! It was worth every euro!

    1. Lars,

      I had a very nice time talking to you and your girlfriend. You are both very nice people, and I very much enjoyed drinking the Peroni beers in your company. It was very nice to meet you both as well. I hope someday we’ll see each other again.

      Take care my friend.

      1. Same to you mate. πŸ™‚

        I hope too our road cross again someday.

        I took some great photos at the concert if you’re interested. You can find me on Facebook: Lars H. Normann.

        Cheers my friend.

  75. Hey up Fed, just seen the Guardian, it says on there the lady thanks Gavin Elder director of the upcoming film of the concerts. Not your fault but I have never understood the secrecy round the release, surely it is great to share the event with other people not able to go for whatever reason.

    Cheers Neil

  76. Hello, good morning!

    The Guardian has a very good story out about the Pompeii concerts, found it on Polly Samson’s Facebook site.

    Enjoy it.


    1. If you look at the big pic in the opening named “Fire at the Volcano” at the very end of the parterre, central, there is me with, on the shoulders, the banner “grazie FEd”. πŸ˜€

  77. Just booked my train tickets for London. I would urge others do the same as we got return 1st class for 200 quid. I’m excited again and I wont get lost, my little woman is coming with me.


  78. Aww Damian Β£200!! Damn! Did you try Trainline site?

    Anyone going to use a train in the UK, use a site called – it’s 100% legit. I’ve used it many times and a single from Scotland cost me Β£25 (Β£50 Return), it was about Β£50 1st class single.

    You can go to any station (with a self service ticket machine) 15/20 mins after making your booking your tickets should be ready at a self service machine, just put the card you used to book the ticket with and make sure you take note of the booking number (5 or 6 digits) cos you will need that to collect the tickets too. You could even get tickets the day you travel, it’s recommended to book about 21 days before you travel but check back as prices can change regularly so just check back every few days or get price alerts.

    Check that site first before you pay extortionate prices. This site has literally saved me 100s of pounds. I got a return to London last year, Β£50 and saved Β£130 as the tickets would have otherwise been Β£180.

    1. Hi Mate. I’m just happy I’ve booked. I think Β£100 each return not bad, 1st class.

      Look forward to seeing you in London.


  79. Would you like to hear about my adventures. . . driving in Italy ?

    We hired a car in Naples to get to Pompeii and a little to the south, to our hotel in Castellammare di Stabia. Well, the first part of the driving adventure began with the windscreen wipers. . . I tried everything to find a way to switch them off. I kid you not, it must have taken ten minutes. Then I sorted the leg length and mirrors and all that, then the gears. . . all of this is on the opposite side of the car to what I’m used to as a Brit. We collected the car at about 2pm, I’d been awake 11 hours and didn’t sleep very well. . .remember, I told you about missing the plane after rising at 5am ?

    I moved off quite well considering all the horns going all around me, changed gear after trying to find the gear stick on the wrong side. It was only on our third day, I finally was able to change gear first time. I even put her in to fifth gear. . . intentionally ! I had attempted to move off in fifth, I had successfully moved off in third. The car was great ! It took all the assaults I afflicted on it and never stalled once !

    Now then, all of this learning how to use a vehicle that doesn’t only have its controls on the wrong side, it was also very different in terms of all round visibility, to what I’m used to. Oh, and a weird thing to get used to is, where you are in the road. I kind of know where the white line on the road appears to be in relation to the corner of my windscreen. Well, you don’t actually think about that until you hit your wing mirror on a very large wheelie bin and your navigator in the passenger seat keeps on leaning over towards the centre of the car and says, loudly, “mind the wall/car/tree/etc.” and you’ve driven it into a kerb a few times. Somehow, I didn’t damage this car. I was certain given the height of the kerb that I must have dented the front bumper but it was always fine. πŸ™‚

    Actually mastering the controls of the car wouldn’t have been so bad if it hadn’t been for all the horns. I never found where my horn was, by the way. Worse, what happens at junctions and roundabouts. NOBODY STOPS at these places. Vehicles on the road already do CATEGORICALLY NOT have right of way.

    Junctions and roundabouts are pretty much a free for all. Everyone moves onto them no matter where they are coming from. Everyone sounds their horns. After my first hour on the road and sweating and fretting and being so glad I’d booked super duper, events of God or volcanoes, punctured tyre, absolutely any eventuality, insurance cover, I simply burst out laughing at all the horns. I decided they were actually cheering me on.

    Another weird thing they do in Italy, this is very strange. If you indicate to turn left and take up position in the road and wait for a gap in oncoming traffic, the cars behind give you the horn and start overtaking you to your left. You sit there for ages then, waiting for the cars behind you to stop overtaking you and you miss the gap you should have used to complete the manoeuvre. (Stopping for breath. I should point out that by now, if I’d had a swear box, I could have bought tickets to Thursday’s concert too.)

    So, I’m sat in the middle of the road having been horned at and glared at, not pitied though, all flustered and can’t get the car in gear ! I’d had to put the handbrake on and put it in neutral, you see, because I was waiting so long for all the traffic to clear, I couldn’t just keep it in gear and hold it with the footbrake.

    All of this assumes your navigator doesn’t miss the turning.

    Now, before we went, I researched the routes. I printed out maps, printed closeups of junctions we needed. I drove the routes using Google Earth Street Views. It should have been very smooth. There were nine pages, I placed them in order and numbered them. My navigator, she was actually brilliant but for dramatic effect . . . used Google Maps on her phone. Now, those are tiny screens and maps compared to the ones I printed out. So, after a slightly heated exchange, I gave in and allowed her to navigate. She took us down a dead end. Then she took us down a twisting, turning lane that gradually became so narrow that there was a serious risk of getting wedged against the walls. Later at the hotel we looked at the map and she said, “yes, your way was better Mum”. The next time we went out, we again missed turnings. Eventually we had to stop because we couldn’t stop laughing. We’d gone backwards and forwards and round and back trying to get back onto the road we’d missed !

    I need to describe what local roads round towns/villages are like. Haphazard. Lumpy, high kerbs, low kerbs. Cars abandoned rather than parked. Cars simply pulling out so you have to perform an emergency stop. NOBODY uses indicators except me then they all horn me again (they cheer when you do it right πŸ˜€ ). No signposts.

    Road markings, where visible, are totally ignored.

    So, by my third outing, I’m starting to drive like a maniac that would be arrested in Britain. I’m cutting people up, just pushing my way onto junctions and islands, three point turn on junctions, driving in the middle of the road, assuming I have right of way AT ALL TIMES. It worked a treat. I stopped getting horned.

    It seems that Italian drivers just want you to get out of their way or at least keep moving. They even sound their horns at pedestrians on a traffic light controlled pedestrian crossing ! I know I can drive anywhere in the world now.

    I returned the car after cleaning the wing mirror of rubber scuff, completely undamaged !

    The motorways are great, there are hardly any vans, trucks or lorries. I was wondering if there was a different road system for heavy vehicles when I actually saw a couple. The motorways are smooth, no bumps no road works. I applaud your motorways Italy, BEEEEP BEEEEP !!!!

    1. πŸ˜€ Ash, all I can say is that you’re sillier braver than I am. What an experience that must have been. Hats off to you for laughing your way through it. Well done.

    2. And you said you would have come and rescued me. Me and you in a car in a foreign country, now that would have been interesting. My directions, you driving.


    3. Ash,
      It’s funny you said you can drive anywhere in the world now. I also rented a car near the Naples airport and I know what you mean. One night last week in Pompeii, I was telling the bartender that earlier I was driving in Naples and that it seems in Italy they drive a little weird everywhere, but Naples…my wife must have had 20 heart attacks while I was driving. The bartender laughed and said “you know, there is a saying that if you can drive in Naples, you can drive anywhere in the world”. I told him “you are correct” and then I laughed. Now reading your post I chuckled and thought of that conversation.

      Cheers on you for doing it and at the same time, trying to get used to driving on the other side of the car and road. πŸ™‚ I thought it was hard enough to drive there, and I was on the side of the car that I’m used to.

    4. @ Ash

      i was gonna make a cheeky remark about your driving but almost forgot I could get “skite aboot the heed fir ma” cheek in London for it, Lassie. :P:D

      but Italian drivers, OMG!! they are craziest drivers and best i’ve ever seen, they rarely have accidents, they don’t even wear seat belts!! :O i seen so many near misses and not one accident, it’s a sight to behold. i’ve never seen so many different things on a scooter in my life, i’ve seen things on scooters that defy all logic and reason – dogs! cats! a whole family (husband wife and 2 kids!) guy on a laptop! folk on mobile phones! a guy drinking a beer! a kid driving! and more! even a hugely obese guy topless wearing what I can only hope was eh? shorts!? white socks, Jesus sandles! and hair like Krusty the Clown from The Simpsons! he nearly ran me over, i didn’t notice him till he started beeping at me and shouting. jumped out the way! that’s when i see it! it all happened so quickly, i couldn’t get my head around the whole wrong side of the road thing too, trying to cross a road.

      in Italy they invented horn beeping into a whole new language! in Italy they can talk “horn” every beep means something if you beep at someone or shout beep at a passing car they actually respond and beep back at you. πŸ˜€ the 1st few days i thought, wow, there’s a lot of angry drivers here, then realized it’s not what it seems, they are all just chatting. πŸ˜€

      Italy is a great country. πŸ™‚

  80. Hiya Damian

    Cool man, yeah, I’m looking forward to London, it’s gonna be a good one mate, can’t wait to meet up again.

    Pompeii was Great!! I wish he had done more nights at a lower ticket price. πŸ˜€

    For all the phones and cameras I’ve barely seen any vids and pics on the net. Well, I can understand no vids but thought there would be more pics kicking around. The Guardian website done an article “David Gilmour live at Pompeii – a photo essay”. I’m in a pic or 2, just, and no more. πŸ˜€

    1. My only gripe on the night and every time I go to see David are all the twats with their phones filming. I don’t mind the odd photo shot or at the start, but to stand there with their phone in the air blocking your view really pains me. I did lose it a bit and shouted ‘put your f*ckng phone away.’

      See you in London.


  81. To anyone who was at the Pompeii shows.

    Outside the city hall / municipal building there was a large banner with a pic of David circa 1971 that said something to the effect of ‘welcome home David’ or ‘Pompeii welcomes you back’. I could have sworn I took a picture of it but can’t find it anywhere.

    If anyone happens to have a copy, please reach out to FED for my email address.

    Still can’t get the show out of my head. One of These Days in Pompeii…surreal experience!

  82. Hi FEd,

    Nice to see you taking a long deserved break from your Blog duties. I can help this person (Jdubs77) out as I took some photos of the banner. So unless someone else has already reached out, if you give me their email, I will forward them the pics that I took. Thanks, and have a great rest of the Summer.


  83. Where have you been Fed ? !!!!! Welcome back ! πŸ˜€ Did you have a good holiday ? I missed you !!!!! πŸ˜€

    Love Ash X

  84. Hi Damian

    Michael from Glasgow here, shared a taxi with you in Pompei. I am going to the gig on the 30th September at thr RAH, if that is one of the gigs you are attending then maybe we can meet for a few beers before?

    Kind Regards


  85. Pics received and they look great. Fed, thanks for coordinating and Amadeo thanks for sending.

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