Germany: Wiesbaden

For the avoidance of doubt, tonight’s concert in Wiesbaden still starts at 20:00, as planned. However, please note: the concerts in Nîmes and Arc-et-Senans will start at 21:00, Tienen at 21:30.

Back to Germany, to the Hessian capital and green spa city of Wiesbaden. And it really is wonderfully green.

Its hot springs have been popular since pre-Roman times but Wiesbaden became something of a spa metropolis in the nineteenth century when it was transformed from small rural town with a population of around 2,500 inhabitants in 1800 to large international city of 100,000 within a century, attracting wealthy visitors from all over the world. The wealth can be seen in the architecture and decor of its historic buildings.

If you haven’t taken the virtual tour yet, now’s your chance. Look out for the little blue arrows.

You are standing on the Bowling Green, for so long a clover field, with its three-bowl cascade fountains, looking at the Kurhaus, or spa house, which is flanked on both sides by colonnades bordered by 160-year-old plane trees. The collonades are some 129 metres in length, making them the longest columned halls in Europe. Various events, such as fairs, exhibitions and charity lunches, are held here.

The Kurhaus, as you can easily imagine, remains a cultural hub as well as versatile convention centre. Have a good look at the painted ceilings, marble floors and huge portraits in its numerous parlours or salons. Concert, theatre and ballet performances continue to be held in and around this very fine building.

The Kurpark, or spa park, one of many generous green spaces nearby, is just behind the Kurhaus. With its boating lake and six-metre-high fountain, it looks like a beautiful place to unwind for a while.

So, if you’re stuck for ideas, you really shouldn’t be with bars, bistros, restaurants, galleries, even a grand casino (located in the Kurhaus’ former wine parlour, all cherry wood and crystal chandeliers, with another – The Petty Gamble – complete with slot machines should you have some time and loose change to spare after the concert, found in the Colonnades) – all within easy walking distance.

It looks like the weather in Wiesbaden is perfect for an evening on the Bowling Green. Hope you enjoy it.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. Enjoy the night in Wiesbaden! I’m sure you all will have a wonderful time.

    There’s no change for Nîmes and Arc-et-Senans, concerts were planned to start at 21:00 since the beginning. It’s even written ’21:00′ on my tickets for Nîmes and I got them in February. 🙂

    1. Not a change, but it’s clearly not clear enough when there have been other changes made. Besides, with recent events in Nice and new security demands, the confusion is understandable.

  2. It’s very beautiful here. A very nice place for a concert.

    We’ve got perfect seats right in front of the stage.

  3. Hoping all of you lucky enough to have tickets to upcoming shows have a wonderful time, find each other, and bask in the glow of your shared passion for the incomparable David Gilmour. I saw both shows at the Hollywood Bowl and Radio City. It was a dream come true, and I have FEd to thank for helping to make it possible. I read all of the reviews and comments on the Pompeii show and am just so bummed to have missed it. If only money grew on trees. I can totally relate to that feeling of ‘Geez, what now?’ I only hope that David’s statements regarding all the music he still has inside him will bear fruit soon and we’ll have more of his particular brand of magic to revel in.

    Best to all. Enjoy the rest of your summer. Shine On.


  4. It was a truly wonderful show. Great sound, lights and of course performance.

    The only minus was (a part of) the audience.

    I’ll report more in the chatroom tomorrow.

    1. I fully agree with TW’s statement, positive and negative. Part of the audience (a small part only but enough) obviously didn’t know how to behave decently in a concert (loud talking, standing right in front of seated audience, etc.). Not to mention the nowadays unavoidable smartphone hysteria…

      Still it was a great concert in a wonderful location and with ideal open air weather, and David, the band, and the technicians gave what we all expected: Their very best!

      Now we are looking forward to RAH in September!

  5. Any competitions coming up after the tour. Perhaps we could write some lyrics for a song or two and David could write the music. And by no means not trying to undermine Polly, and no claim to copyright. Mmm think I just answered my own question, nothing more queer as folk.

    As ever waffling again, my little contribution keeping the spirit alive.


  6. Some of the most historic and beautiful places in the world are graced by the most beautiful music that will be known for millenniums: David’s magic.

    Take care, Suzy

  7. It was a fantastic day!

    Great location in front of the Kurhaus, the weather could not have been better. At the start there was still full sun on the stage so that the RTL video wasn´t shown. No chance to see it anyway.

    The band was in good mood and enjoyed themselves. It was fun to see.

    The set was great with OOTD. Wow!

    Some “fans”, or better “no fans”… comment, I might explode.

    Thanks for this great event!!

  8. FEd, could you find out if there will be some Germany shirts for the tour? You can find Poland, Italy, France but not a shirt for the two concerts in Germany.

    Thank you so much for your effort!

    It was a great show yesterday!

  9. Overall, it was a great concert – and the first time I had the chance to see DG live. Nonetheless I have some complaints, mainly about sound quality and arrangements.

    I don’t know why David needs to play delicate, soft songs such as 5 a.m or A Boat Lies Waiting so loudly. To me that defeats the entire point of such music. As for the rock songs, the sound was not only too loud but also very bright. I’m glad I had my earplugs with me because they kept most of the treble out. That didn’t save Fat Old Sun from being a noisy mess at the end. The Girl in the Yellow Dress, a jazz song (very well-received, by the way) – you don’t produce an intimate smoky bar atmosphere with such a sound! Jazz is all about the natural tone of the instrument, of which there was none.

    I’m not complaining about David’s voice, though he definitely had some very weak spots. Very rough at times, out of breath at others. I almost didn’t recognize him when he started singing RTL, though that got better with other songs. Guitar playing? Overall amazing; sometimes frustrating because I’m getting the feeling he might ‘talke off’ in a few seconds…but then the time is gone, the song is over, thought he’d something more to say (sorry I couldn’t resist!).

    There were some problems with the overall group dynamic, especially in the first half. Most of the musicians did not play on the original versions of the songs, and it shows. Steve is a good drummer, but he’s no Nick – Nick used to play much heavier and very forceful in songs like OOTD or Sorrow. Nick also swings more. The 7/4 parts in Money were too slow IMO. Some songs left me unsatisfied – WDYWFM is one of my favourites from Post-Waters-Floyd but the groove wasn’t there and I think David changed the guitar parts. Worst of all was the bizarre rendition of Great Gig – not a fitting tribute to Rick IMO, despite the proper tempo. Very chaotic with the vocalists singing at the same time, and whose idea was it to use a male singer on this song as well?! Other songs were interesting due to the changes, e.g. the bluesy keyboard parts in Shine On that seemed to inspire David (though he almost forgot the words at one point – “come on you raver … far away laughter”) or Greg’s interpretation of the RLH solo. Chester Kamen did a good job, as did João Mello (keep an eye on this guy, he’s really good). And in spite of all the lineup changes, Time was a truly perfect performance. Stunning.

    Not sure about the visual side of it all. Those extremely bright circles of light around Mr Screen in certain songs are a bit like the overly bright mix – impressive but exhausting and in a weird way, slightly unpleasant. But that’s just me. The sunglasses part in RLH was cool though – I was instantly reminded of ZZ Top. Hoping for a DVD/BD to see that part again.

    Where did that weird clip for OOTD come from?

    Before I forget: catering and organisation were BAD!! Had there been a panic on the gallery, it would have been disastrous. You almost couldn’t move.

    And finally…why nothing from Endless River? Louder than Words would have made a nice 1st encore. At least the new songs went down well and sounded like classics, which they did not in their studio form.

      1. … DAS Frage ich mich auch, ist ja schlimm zu lesen.
        Besser ist es zu löschen.

        ES war wunderschön ……von David und der Band !!!

        1. Es gab andere Sachen … von Besuchern die direkt vor mir wahren und sich wie im Urlau benommen haben, wenn ich gekonnt hätte …

          ICH war leider nicht unter den fans von David, sondern nur unter Deppen,Gott sei dank aber nicht die ganze zeit.

    1. Poor human!

      A concert by David Gilmour is a total experience – for some a revelation.

      As this writer describes in his first line, that it was his first live performance by David Gilmour, it simply lacks the maturity to this experience to understand.

      The difference between studio and live is very large especially with David Gilmour.

      Not later than the sensational guitar solo on “In Any Tongue”, which is very different from the studio version, could show him what fascinating music was offered here in Wiesbaden.

      In particular, “One of These Days” was both sound and by the way of playing one of the many highlights.

      And please – generation WhatsApp – spare us with the abbreviations.

    2. Hey guys,

      I’ve seen a few shows in my time. I’m not that old, but music is my passion and in my 35 years around I’m happy to say I got the chance to see some of the best these times allow us to witness. These performances happened both in my native Romania and in other European countries. I’m working to build a career in music journalism (both writing and photography) and I’m an aspiring musician myself.

      A live concert the size David performs (and this goes for any concert, actually) involves a lot of details: sound, lights, location, catering, merchandise, security. Any of these can become an ugly mess if people responsible fail to do what they should be doing. I know David only hired the best for this adventure, but even the best can make mistakes.

      I have to say I enjoyed Julian H’s review a lot. I respect and applaud David from the bottom of my heart for the huge effort he and his team make in order for us to be able to see our dreams come true. It’s one of the greatest musical adventures I ever witnessed, but it’s not perfect and acknowledging that should not be a “crime”.

      I don’t know if we’d want it to be perfect (at least as far as the artist himself is concerned), we have the CDs for that. It should be alright to experience the show any way we want: acknowledging execution mistakes and weaknesses of all sorts but still enjoying the music or simply in awe, deaf to anything else but the joy of being in the audience. You could end up hearing a different concert from me, but that’s OK too.

      Also, being able to spot flaws is actually a pretty good proof that the “critic” is actually a big fan and knows his stuff – the fact that one never witnessed one of David’s shows before does not disqualify that person’s opinions. Live your own life, speak your own mind and listen to what others say with an open heart. Lose those chains…

    3. I must say I get sick and tired of people like you coming on here and totally ripping apart a music genius and then saying you’re a fan. Fan my arse. How can you dare to come on here and write that utter, total bollocks knowing full well David may read the bullshit you just wrote? An English saying: you really boil my piss. He is 70 years old, he’s been on tour for the best part of a year, he’s on that stage for nearly 3 hours, gives his all and more, his voice is superb, guitar is sublime. I don’t go to see him looking for his faults like some people who come on here.

      I write this not looking for Brownie points or anything.



      1. IMO, you shouldn’t take it as if Julian slams David’s performance. Most of the details he underlined had to do with the cohesion of the band, the overall sound quality and the organization – stuff which David’s playing can’t influence a single bit.

        I believe there’s no question about it: we all know David’s age and the limits age raises. 99% of those limits were crushed in every one of the performances I saw. IF David would choose to tour every year from now on, I bet the shows would be sold out for many years to come, even if the playlist does not change. I know I would pay. 🙂

        No one buys a ticket to look for flaws. The fact that we’re able to spot them from time to time and we find the courage to bring them up here and there should not be a problem… but that’s just me.

        1. Sorry to be blunt mate. I don’t think you and me read the same blog.

          Julian, I’ll say again: why do people have to write negative things about the music, the lights, the guitar, David’s voice, the catering, the security, have I missed anything? And it’s not courageous coming on here and trying being a music critic. I thought we come on here to sing his praises. It’s a privilege. Would Julian say it to his face? Would you? Like, oh David, we enjoyed your performance but you fucked up a bit, your voice was off, the lights were shit, you missed a lot of chords.

          Sorry again but I say, keep your opinions and unwanted negative comments to yourselves. RUDE.


        2. There’s a difference though to nudging your pal and saying “f**k me! David dropped a bum note then” and being shocked and amused by it (NOTE: it did not distract David and he excelled and improved upon and all those good things during the rest of the song) and going into a complete and graphic description of everything you personally did not enjoy to the point where you put earplugs in!

          I do feel sorry for people who haven’t enjoyed the concerts as much as the rest of us, you just don’t know what you’re missing . . .

          Damian, don’t let a critic such as this rile you. He clearly has an awful lot to learn and if David reads what he said, David will probably say, “what the fuck do you know!” Indeed, I have heard David say that, I’ve got it on a DVD somewhere. 🙂

          It is a cheek though to come out with it on David’s site. Are you guys so arrogant as to think your criticism is constructive criticism?


          1. Hi Ash. I hope you’re well. Yeah I went overboard a bit but David and the crew can’t answer this sort of rubbish posted on here. So I come along because it really, really, bothers me when it is totally uncalled for and unjustified. I mean, what can they hope to gain from it?

            Anyways Ash, as we say in Lancashire, fuck ’em. LOL.


      2. Sorry, but, even if I disagree with Julian’s comment, he has not been rude to anyone.

        If I were new to this blog and got a reply with words like “Fan my arse”, “total bollocks”, “you really boil my piss”, etc… I would NEVER come back again.

        Respect, please. It costs nothing to be polite.

        Just saying…

        1. I second what Michèle wrote. I feel uncomfortable and disappointed when I read the responses to Julian H.

          Fan derives from fanatic, but do we want to be as such? Can’t we accept different opinions, even if we strongly disagree? And why shouldn’t a negative criticism be allowed here? It was on-topic, wasn’t it?

          1. So would you think if David read what Julian wrote he wouldn’t feel uncomfortable and disappointed? Just saying.


          2. Hello Taki. 🙂 I think Julian needed a scolding. I thought what he said was over the top and became extremely rude and even nasty. He hid all his insults behind a compliment.

            He as much as told David his voice was weak, rough, breathless, so bad in fact that Julian didn’t recognise it. But. . . it got better !!! That was 5, FIVE insults ! He had the audacity to say he wasn’t complaining about David’s voice at the start of his sentence !!!

            Then he proceeded to tell us about his frustration that David didn’t “take off” with his guitar playing. Well, if Julian hadn’t put his earplugs in, he would have heard just how incredible David’s guitar was when he took off. Particularly with the earth-shatteringly good Sorrow.

            I can’t get over some of the rubbish Julian came out with. He asked whose idea it was to have a male vocalist during Great Gig in the Sky. That’s another insult. He just kept on with one insult after another.

            Sorry Taki, that rant wasn’t aimed at you, it became a continuation of the rant at Julian’s complaints.

            Anyway, we should have just ignored him I expect.


        2. Excuse me but who’s being disrespectful? It was my OPINION and it was a load of bollocks, it did boil my piss, and how many other fans go on the website of their favorite group, singer, entertainer and slate their performance? Sorry, I really don’t care if I’m OFFENDING, anyone on here who defends that totally rubbish.


          1. “And silence that speaks so much louder than words”… it’s my motto just now… 😉

          2. No more of this, please. Let’s play nicely. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, I’m glad you all want to express yours here, but if I feel that anyone oversteps the mark and is being completely unreasonable or unkind, I won’t allow their comment.

          3. Hey Damian,

            you (and everyone here, as I understand FEd) are of course entitled to express your opinion and I didn’t call anyone disrespectful, only expressed how I feel…

            I’m fine with your opinion, but I’m also fine with Julian H’s criticism. I do not agree with the way you express your opinion, but that’s your choice, not mine and you do not offend me. I certainly do not agree with Julian H’s opinion and would have enjoyed a fruitful on-topic discussion about his motivation here. Unfortunately this seems not possible, so this was my last post in this cause.


        3. Michèle, he was extremely rude to David. Read again what he said.

          Damian’s colourful language was an explosion of expletives but none of them were particularly bad swearwords or cursings. There are many which are much worse. I suppose what made them appear shocking, was the eloquent run of them. I thought they flowed well much like Julian’s many runs of insults.


    4. In as much everybody is entitled to their own opinions, you really must be someone special Julian to have the audacity to slate David on so many fronts; I feel embarrassed for you! Nothing in life is ever perfect, however, I can assure you that David is meticulous in his planning, to ensure he gives his loyal fans the best musical and visual experience possible! His unexpected, but massively welcome tour and shows, in my opinion, have been absolutely outstanding and is testament to the huge amount of work done by both his musicians and production staff!

      We fans thank you David from the bottom of our hearts and excitedly look forward to the spectacular finale at the RAH in September!

      Shine on….
      John 🙂

        1. Thanks Damian.

          See you, Ash, Pixie, Scott, Andrea, Stefan and the rest of the crew soon!

          Shine on…..
          John 🙂

    5. If you didn’t enjoy this gig, I cannot imagine that anything will ever satisfy you. I pity you. I hope you can find some joy in your life…

    1. So, apart from the sound, the choice of songs, the arrangements, the band, his voice, the lighting and the video clips, it was amazing? OK chief.

  10. Oh, and as predicted above, the weather was perfect. The moon rose during the show! There were also two geese watching the entire concert from the edge of the fountain (which was turned off for the concert). And each time a plane flew above our heads, a woman behind me said “look mummy, there’s an aeroplane up in the sky.” 😀

  11. Dear Julian

    I can’t help feeling you should rather have listened to the old records on your old stereo set (with the worn out tweeters) at low volume…

    You can always find something you don’t like if you try real hard! But you’d better sit back, relax and enjoy a great concert!

  12. It is interesting how different people witness the same event. Judges can relate to this… And I wouldn’t censor the comment, as Gilmour Fan seems to suggest. It’s the differences that make life interesting…

    I wonder if you Julian H have attended other gigs and if you experienced the artists there playing note for note, what was recorded for the album. I never have experienced that and the closest to a recording was Mike Oldfield, but only close, although he had guitar players galore on stage. In my opinion the variations are what make live performances so valuable: there are humans and do not repeat slavishly notes as a MIDI programmed synthesiser.

  13. hi leute. nimmt mich jemand bitte morgen mit nach tienen, aus dem ruhrgebiet?

    thank you very much indeed.

  14. In my opinion what Julian wrote above is empty and shallow criticism.

    I flew to Italy just to see David play in Pompeii and I saw people come from all over the globe, literally. Everyone was in utter happiness.

    Everything about David’s performance was just Perfect. I just wish he tours again!

    I also think it is useless to compare pink Floyd live performance to David’s band. Only Nick, Rick, and Roger play the way they do. Other musicians are no Pink Floyd.

  15. Hey, I’m just a fan. I got really upset with the wording on Julian’s post. That’s just me, it was not aimed at me. It was aimed at the man and the crew who I have enormous respect for. I found it upsetting, so all I’m trying to get across to you is, can you not imagine how David would feel reading it? I do go overboard, a bit passionate but no apologies.

    You say you have a right to criticise or Julian had the right to his opinion, that’s fine, but that’s not what this site was about, not in my mind anyway. I’m being nice here, ggrrrrr.


    1. I understand that and I thank you for jumping to David’s defence. I can imagine how David would feel reading it, one of very few critical comments among so much gushing praise (honestly, he won’t lose any sleep over it), and I’m still approving comments attacking Julian for being so critical even though I think it would be better for everyone to just move on now that you’ve given your reaction and Julian doesn’t appear to be a wicked troll trying to rile everybody by snapping back.

      But that’s what I’ve always tried to do here: welcome differences of opinion. I ask for your feedback, I don’t expect everything to always be received enthusiastically by everybody, and personally, I didn’t have a problem with what Julian wrote. I took it with a pinch of salt, which is how I take most comments.

      More salt will be provided for you in future. I’ll make sure it’s topped up more often from now on so that we don’t run out.

      1. And this is exactly why you’re in charge of this blog, FEd and doing a great job with it.

        We all love DG and if we’ve been to the shows we’ve all heard the times the voice has failed on the high notes, the occasion “off cue” note but that is probably because we know his music so well. Most of us don’t mind because in the whole of it, the total experience of the performance surpasses any such things. If it’s your first time (as with Julian above) your high set expectations might tempt you into “looking for” these flaws and noticing them on a grander scale than necessary, and that is OK, just as long as it doesn’t ruin your overall experience of the evening, which, in Julian’s case, it seems to have not.

        Damian, I think we all feel, respect and appreciate your love of David from where your reaction comes and to some extent I agree with you on what kind of forum this is, at least on a base level. It just reminds me of when I posted a slightly critical comment on a similar forum for Mike Oldfield regarding his latest album, saying that I thought it was quite boring and not up to the progressive standard that he is capable of. I was immidately cut out of the forum and blocked for further interaction. It made me feel sad and excluded, as if all the others were part of an “elite” group where I did not fit. Were I not a genuine fan? Please note that I am not accusing you, Damian, of doing the same thing to Julian here, I just mention this to show that I think FEd is doing the right choices when approving the comments the way he does.

        And yes, I pre-ordered The Early Years, may God have mercy on my soul (and my wallet)…

        1. Hi and thanks for your kind words. In hindsight my language was a little colourful, as Ash described. I would still say the blog by Julian was naughty and overboard. But thinking on it now I really think he did not realise what he was saying, and was probably trying to be a little creative. I have written stuff on here many times then thought, oh no, maybe I shouldn’t write that. If I may suggest to Fed, when you read the comments and you think “mm, not sure about this one,” a little email saying “are you sure you want to put this on the blog?” Just an idea, may save a blush or two, normally me.

          Kind regards

  16. I imagine that artist of this class does not give so much credit of these kind of unkind words. He lives in a world constructed by music not by opinions, otherwise he won’t be able to create his pearls.

    This is a note relating to Damian’s concern that David might read these things which concern is understandable.

    I remember once going to an Alan Parsons concert sick, having the flu. Not that I found mistakes but it all went by me so distant, simple high temperature or other of the kind can make you be not yourself. I think that simple human imperfection at the moment can sometimes lead to such an unfortunate experiencing of a brilliant show.

    Let’s be humans and wish for ourselves another tour therefore another chance for Julian to see what he had missed. 🙂

  17. On a lighter note. Pink Floyd release 27 disc box set to be released called The Early Years. That’s on my Xmas list with Pompeii DVD.


    1. Watch out where you will pre-order it. The biggest on-line merchant doesn’t offer the best value for money, I found out…

      I’ll buy it in UK and not in Germany. 😉


  18. Hello everybody. Just because I singled out some negative aspects didn’t mean I didn’t enjoy the concert! I thought I made that clear enough. I’m genuinely shocked that people would attack me in such harsh words. I posted nearly the same thing on a German site and didn’t get nearly as much negativity in response.

    Yes, I guess I have a tendency to pick holes into things. And yes, most rock concerts I’ve seen were louder than I would have liked. But that’s all personal preference. I didn’t intend anything evil by sharing some of my thoughts, which were quickly written after returning home so I had something to say. Personally, while I don’t at all regret seeing the show, I also think it’s pretty boring if everybody only talks in superlatives and acts as if everything was to their liking, because that almost never mirrors the true experience. See Bjorn Riis’ review of the Royal Albert Hall concerts – he knows this music inside out and he has also gotten flak for criticising things here and there, but he’s just being honest and it’s easier to single out things that seem ‘wrong’. I did mention that “Time” was a truly perfect version. But how long should I go on about all the things that were great? We don’t expect less than that when we go to a David Gilmour concert now, do we?

    I know pretty much every note the man has released. I was too young to see him on his last tour. I’m glad I had the chance to finally see him. He’s the best living rock guitarist. The only negative thing that will stick in my mind forever is the poor organisation and DG had nothing to do with it. Everything else, even the fact that Girl in the Yellow Dress really didn’t sound like a jazz club due to the sound, is minimal quibbles. Did I spoil myself by watching P.U.L.S.E and Remember that Night extensively in the weeks before? Probably. Do I buy the DVD or Blu-Ray from this tour when it comes out? Hell yes!

  19. Actually, reading these comments has completely destroyed me. I didn’t expect any of that. I’m pretty sure that at least where I was seated, I was one of the most enthusiastic guys in the audience. These songs are part of my DNA.

    At least now I know I’ll never visit this site again, thanks to everybody for making that clear to me.

    1. There you go.

      A lesson to everyone to please think twice before saying what you think (and to remember to always take that pinch of salt).

      I am sorry, Julian.

      1. I’m sorry, too and I hope you might return some day, even if only as a reader. FEd is putting a lot of energy and thoughts into this blog and you might find some valuable information here.

        Take care,


    2. As I said earlier, I think I wouldn’t have come back here again if I had got swear/insult words like you did, but I was wrong, this a great site where everybody can express themselves, with many spontaneous and passionate fans. Sadly, passion sometimes leads to aggression.

      I truly hope you’ll change your mind and visit it again and many times again in the future.

      (Sorry if I couldn’t express myself very well in English.)

      Cheers. 🙂

      1. Michèle; don’t worry: you expressed yourself very well both in language and sentiment.

  20. It’s right and proper that everybody has an opinion Julian and I applaud you for making that clear in your recent posts! The problem that most irregulars had with your criticisms, was with your delivery and scathing attacks on David and his vast hardworking support team; which in all honesty are not warranted!

    If I may say respectfully for future reference, in any opinions you may offer from this aside, that you truly look at the full picture before putting your head on the chopping block! On balance be mindful, that being forthright in your opinions, that there maybe a consequence to pay!

    That said on balance I’m sure, we’d welcome any future comments you may have and have no need for a self imposed ban from the blog!

    Feel the love……!

    Shine on……

    John 🙂

      1. Unlikely as there is no information on the V&A website. It looks like either a wholly speculative piece or it is many months away.

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