Germany: Stuttgart

It’s Stuttgart tonight and please note that the start time is now 20:00, not 19:00.

I hope this doesn’t come as breaking news to anyone as they head out, and you have made the necessary changes to your plans already. I sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this change causes you.

Travel information, including bus timetables and maps with car parks on them, here, if you need it.

As you may know, David is performing at Stuttgarter Schlossplatz tonight, the very grand Palace Square, as part of the Stuttgart Jazz Open, an annual summer festival that’s been held since 1994.

It’s a beautiful spot for it – go on, have a look – surrounded on all sides by historic features with a few modern and contemporary additions. You’ll notice the Roman goddess Concordia stands atop the Jubiläumssäule, the tall column in the centre of the square, surrounded by many other sculptures. The Museum of Art, on the other hand, is the rather impressive 27-metre-high glass cube that was built in 2005.

Plenty to see and do either side of this latest open-air concert, then, and all within walking distance.

Have a brilliant time tonight, everybody. We’re looking forward to hearing all about it.

(I still hope someone reports back from the world’s largest pig museum, surely a must for Floyd fans.)

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. I’ve been there last year. It’s a very beautiful place.
    Enjoy the concert everyone!

  2. Some changes tonight?

    You know, after the RAH, and after Pompeii…the feeling it’s the same : Meddle/Obscured by Clouds. David is 25 again. You can call it Rock’n’Roll attitude…

      1. I hope One Of These Days will kept on the setlist for September but a real treat would be Childhood’s End…

  3. Just one simple OT think after yesterday’s tragedy in Nice, as soon the tour is moving to France.

    There are no words to describe what happened, I’m near to Michèle and to all my French friends.

    What happened yesterday could have been happened everywhere, to everyone of us. Of course I always think about it when I’m in big crowds, like concerts, but I won’t stop to live my life as I want it. Their will is to make us live with fear, but we have to be stronger than fear. And, of course, even if these attacks are cowards, we must not let hate grow up inside us, this would be their biggest win.

    Imagine there’s no countries, it isn’t hard to do, nothing to kill or die for, and no religions too. Imagine all the people livin’ life in peace.
    You may say I’m a dreamer?

    1. Grazie, Andrea.

      Now, don’t get me wrong, that’s nothing to do with you and I understand what you want to express, but I’m starting to be tired of these words of peace, dream and all that, especially coming from someone who (I think) never cared that much for his children. I’m not sure that the victims’ families would find any comfort today in hearing such words.

      Now, the life must go on, as well as the show, as someone else said…


      1. Michle,

        Although it may start a debate here, I agree with you. Yes, I personally find JL as a hypocrite who preached peace while having battles with his own children as well as with his band mates. And I truly find that song quite tiring.

        I also agree with Andrea on the fact that we cannot allow ourselves to live in fear. We are the ones who lose if we do. It is an unfortunate world we are living in today where even in the most common places we have to be looking over our shoulders. But we still need to move forward.

        I cannot say that the thought of something happening while on my journey to Pompeii didn’t cross my mind. But I also live by and work in New York City. So in the end was the realization that it really doesn’t matter the location, anything can happen anywhere, anytime. That is the unfortunate reality of the world we live in. You just have to continue moving forward regardless of the circumstances.

        I hope all the families affected by the tragedy in Nice eventually find comfort and internal peace.

        Always be kind to the folks who are near and dear to you and respect your fellow man.


  4. @FEd

    Will there be Germany T-shirts for this tour? You can find special shirts in David’s Shop for almost every concert or country but not for Germany. Will there be T-shirts to buy on Monday in Wiesbaden or will they be released later, if at all?

    See you all on Monday!

  5. it was a great, fantastic show yesterday in stuttgart. thank you very much for great music, great sound and a great light show.

    congratulations to mr. gilmour, the complete band and the technical crew in the background.

  6. Hi Fed. I just had a look at the pig museum. Up here in Keswick, there is a pencil museum.

    I’ve always said there needs to be a Pink Floyd museum and I would gladly work there for free.

    Sorry, waffling again.


    1. I always thought Battersea Power Station would have made a great Pink Floyd museum.

          1. I’m glad someone rescued The Pig from that auction it was almost entered in a while back.

              1. Sorry but it is funny. I do go for a brew and cake in the cafe, I think it’s still closed due to the flooding. Katrina always wanted to open a shop selling just buttons, laughing again here.

                Have a great weekend, thanks again for all you do sincerely and I hope you still enjoy this as much as we do.


  7. Another fantastic report on the Pompeii shows in the Guardian. With some fabulous photos.

    If I could live life on a loop I would relive this experience for at least another couple of days.


  8. Off topic, but it’s for tomorrow.

    Info from the newspaper ‘Le Parisien’ (Oise edition)

    Chantilly : le concert de l’ex-Pink Floyd David Gilmour maintenu

    David Gilmour montera bien sur scène comme prévu samedi à 21 heures à Chantilly. Au lendemain de l’attentat perpétré à Nice (Alpes-Maritimes), les organisateurs ont décidé vendredi soir, en concertation avec les autorités publiques, de maintenir le concert de l’ex-chanteur et guitariste de Pink Floyd.

    Celui-ci se jouera à guichets fermés devant près de 20 000 personnes au pied du château. La soirée sera évidemment placée sous haute surveillance, état d’urgence oblige. « Un dispositif de sécurité très précis avait de toute façon été mis en place, avec une très forte mobilisation des forces de l’ordre. Il convient de rappeler que la manifestation a lieu dans une enceinte fermée. Un filtrage sévère est prévu aux deux entrées et l’ensemble du parc sera surveillé », souligne Yvon Le Norcy, le maire adjoint chargé de la sécurité.

    Vendredi, dès l’ouverture, le téléphone de l’office de tourisme local, chargé de la billetterie, n’a pas cessé de sonner. Au bout du fil, des spectateurs munis de billets cherchant à savoir si le show aurait bien lieu. « Nous avons reçu beaucoup d’appels de personnes inquiètes qu’il a fallu rassurer », explique-t-on du côté de la structure.

    Vingt-deux ans après le « concert du siècle » des Pink Floyd devant 140 000 spectateurs à l’hippodrome, cette première date française (il n’y en aura que trois autres) de la tournée européenne de David Gilmour reste néanmoins un moment très attendu.

    Google Translate:

    Chantilly: the concert of the former Pink Floyd David Gilmour maintained.

    David Gilmour will rise well on stage as planned on Saturday at 21:00 at Chantilly. The day after the attack in Nice (Alpes-Maritimes), the organizers decided Friday night, in consultation with the public authorities to keep the concert of the former singer and guitarist of Pink Floyd.

    This one will be played before sold out nearly 20 000 people in the castle. The evening will obviously be placed under surveillance, emergency forces. “A very precise safety device had anyway been set up, with a very strong mobilization of forces. It should be recalled that the event takes place in a closed chamber. Strict filtering is provided to the two inputs and the entire park will be monitored, “says Yvon Le Norcy, deputy mayor in charge of security.

    Friday, at the opening, the phone of the local tourist office, in charge of the ticket has not stopped ringing. On the line, spectators with tickets asking whether the show would take place. “We received many calls from people concerned that it took reassurance,” says one side of the structure.

    Twenty-two years after the “concert of the century” Pink Floyd before 140,000 spectators at the track, the first French time (there will be three more) of the European tour of David Gilmour remains a highly awaited moment.

    1. Thank you, Michèle. I hope that reassures anyone with concerns after last night’s tragic events in Nice.

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