France: Chantilly

David returns to the town of Chantilly and to the spectacular Parc du Château de Chantilly for the next stop on the tour; he performed two nights here in July 1994 with Pink Floyd at its famous racetrack.

Fans of James Bond might recall that this was the home of villain Max Zorin, played by Christopher Walken, in 1985’s A View to a Kill (back when Bond was played by Roger Moore).

25 miles from Paris, steeped in opulence and history through Revolution and Restoration, surrounded by formal gardens and parkland spanning some 285-acres with forest providing a stunning backdrop, the château was once the home of Henri d’Orléans, Duke of Aumale, fifth son of Queen Marie-Amélie and King Louis-Philippe – the last King of France. As grand as you would expect it to be, its art galleries boast the second largest collection of antique paintings in France after the Louvre, with an equally impressive and extensive reading room that houses the second largest collection of illuminated manuscripts in France after its National Library.

Interestingly, their layout remains almost unchanged since the Duke’s death in 1897, as per his wishes. With no heir to inherit the estate, it was bequeathed to the Institut de France to be opened to the public on the condition that its prized collections remain in Chantilly and are never to be sold nor loaned out.

One final line, if I may, as I suspect recent events are playing on your minds right now: Please don’t let the deranged actions of one crazy bastard in Nice prevent you from having a happy and hearty time tonight.

Vive la France.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. Well said FEd.

    Have a great time everyone at the show. David will surely play for you, French people, and for Peace.

    Much love

  2. Have a great night all. Don’t let these misguided fanatics win.

    Remembering all victims. Pakistan, Turkey, Iraq, France, Syria.


  3. Great words, FEd.

    To all of you, enjoy the show in a fantastic location, and report tu us every detail! 🙂

  4. David’s heart is very close to France, and Rattle That Lock is specially meaningful these days.

  5. After travelling to the states to catch the Hollywood Bowl and Forum concerts in March I was completely blown away by the whole experience.

    I tied it into a family holiday so the whole thing cost an absolute fortune. When I see the master play in all those beautiful arenas I’m sorely tempted to put myself in even more debt to catch one of the remaining shows.

    If I had a crystal ball and could see he was going to tour again I would probably leave it but you just don’t know how long he can go on for.

    Is it definitely the end of the tour after the RAH or do you think he’ll announce a few more dates FED?

  6. YES!!! Let’s all enjoy the good moments in life! Let’s all live fully in the present moment!

    I was there in 1994 and have such fond memories of that fabulous concert. Today, my son is there in Chantilly with friends of mine. The new generation loves David’s music too. I wish them and everybody a splendid time tonight.

    So, thank you David for making us escape from all our problems, whatever they are. Music is a great healer, especially yours.

    And also thank you, FEd, for cheering us up so often with your blog, and chatroom, even if you don’t always realise you do. And sorry for probably getting on your nerves all the time.

    OK, enough praise, now, I’m not good at that, eh?

    Loved to look at the ‘reading room’ of the Château. How sad it is that these days so many local public libraries are disappearing…

    1. Not good at that, you say? Oh, I don’t know. If I had to get a red pen out – if allowed to use red – and give that a mark out of ten, I reckon that was at least 7/10.

  7. Viva le FEd. Especially the last paragraph.

    Nice to see Guy expressing his defiance too.

  8. Any chance opening a late night chat sometime Fed? UK time.


  9. The concert was wonderful! After a few technical mishaps David was on point! Did miss Jon and Phil though.

    On the downside of things organization of the event was appalling, let alone dangerous. 20,000 tickets were apparently sold. There were 2 small gates to get in/out through. I got there early and it was a 2 hour wait, in stifling heat just to get through gate 1. Once “in the grounds” it took another 30 minutes to go through zigzagging gates. Water bottles had already been taken from us and it was hot enough people were fainting left and right. Once inside, water was sold out.

    Any emergency that would have required the crowd to be evacuated would have very likely been tragic. I know a fair bit about safety protocols and this was just irresponsible. I appreciate the promoter wants to squeeze as many people in there as possible, as does the tour itself, but palace grounds are simply not a good idea. Here’s hoping to Nîmes being better executed.

      1. Thanks FEd!

        Upon rereading my post, I feel like I complained too much and praised too little (that’s the French in me!). The setting for the show was indeed beautiful and David seemed to be as happy and engaging as I’ve ever seen him, chatting it up a bit here and there and extending a few goosebump inducing solos.

        To my pleasure, Polly took a little video from the stage during Run like Hell and the wife and I are in there. What a lovely memory. Thanks for that Polly!

        Anyways, just one more day at work and it is time to head to Nîmes for more Gilmour!

        1. Not at all. Your points were perfectly fair. I certainly wouldn’t have liked being in that crowd or queuing in that heat.

        2. And I think that the statue in Polly’s video represents André Le Nôtre, gardener of Louis XIV, who not only designed the Park of Chantilly, but also the gardens of Versailles, Vaux-le Vicomte, Palais des Tuileries, etc…

  10. hi, there was a great article in the guardian showcasing photos and audio from pompeii and it mentioned pompeii will get a dvd release…is the likely release october or november, after the tour ends in september?

  11. Great pic. How many people attended the show? It seems huge! Great audio system too.


    1. Great pic? Which show are you referring to?

      If Chantilly, I love this picture (the second one) posted by Kristopher (from ‘The Blog irregulars’).

      David!!! the audience was delighted to see you, but you, you could see the audience AND Le Château! Not fair…(joking, eh? but… 😉 )

  12. I was not there, but, according to my son and friends, it was magical, magnificent, unforgettable, ‘top’, as they said, despite the bad organisation of ‘official’ parking (at hippodrome). A nightmare, it took them two hours to leave it.

    I pass over (correct?) all their superlative adjectives to describe the event, just some of their remarks:

    The concert started 45 minutes late, but, as David kindly explained (in French), it was due to security reasons. Everybody can of course understand that.

    A very, very moving moment when the audience was asked for a minute of silence. 24.000 people and you could have heard a pin drop. Impressive and beautiful. So much respect. Just after, the crowd spontaneously started to sing a bit of La Marseillaise.

    Just before the solo of ‘Rattle That Lock’, there was a technical problem with David’s guitar (old Esquire affectionately called ‘Workmate’, I was told?), he just laughed and said “C’est des vieiles chose, vous comprenez, … comme moi” (“those are old things, you understand, … like me”) and he did a little dancing. Oh David, I love you!!!

    It seems the audience behaved very well.

    Just anecdotes, I know, but I wanted to share them with you all.

    “CONCERT GRANDIOSE” a été le résumé de mes amis.

    FEd, J-3 for me!!!

    PS Maybe I will try to post some photos later, if son is in a good mood. 😉

    1. Oh Michèle, I love EVERYTHING about this description you have relayed — especially not having actually been there but it’s almost as if you were!

  13. Excellent concert last night. David had a mishap during Rattle that Lock with his guitar but took it with good grace!

    Superb location . Looking forward to RAH concert.

    Lastly, thank you FEd for all of your efforts with this blog page – it is much appreciated.

  14. Last night was a great show. I was there in 1994 for the Pink Floyd show and, while a tad more intimate and musical, it remained a masterful showcase. It was all worth the hours waiting in the sun and going through the security scans.

    People were cheerful, friendly and eager to share their Gilmour and Pink Floyd experiences. I suspect that some fireworks were planned but got cancelled at the last minute for security reasons but have no way to confirm.

    Anyhow, a wonderful experience. Thanks to David and all the crew.

  15. I flew all the way from India to attend this concert! Although I was in France for a conference, I stayed back after for this. Yes the waiting and standing took a toll on me but for the duration of the concert everything was forgotten. There was no aching of the legs, just pure elation and so many goosebumps!!

    I shared videos with friends back in India and now I’m “the guy who watched David Gilmour live”. Incredible stuff…

  16. The concert and location were great. As mentioned above, the waiting before the concert was awful and getting there took some patience as well. We took the RER (train) and despite checking a live timetable in the morning, the train only ran half the distance from the centre of Paris, so we had to endure a hot coach for an hour to Chantilly. To have just a couple of small gates, compounded with the heat and lack of toilets and drinks was not great – we felt OK, but did see lots of people worse off.

    Surprisingly, standing for 6 hours in one spot was quite manageable for us. The concert itself was great although I prefer last year’s band. Jon and Phil were missed (and Rick of course…) and the delayed start and minute silence added a poignant few things to the atmosphere.

    The bus transfer back to Paris went quite smoothly and we made it back by 3.30am. Now looking forward to the RAH in September!

  17. Just about ready for a stupid o’clock departure from Luton to Garons in France for the Nimes shows, Wednesday and Thursday evening. Hoping to escape the 35oC heat here in Surrey today… It seems most of his tour has been played in heatwaves around Europe.. Michele, are you attending the Nimes show? Would be great to meet up in the old town or near the Roman Arena. We arrive in Nimes at about 10.30AM. If you are happy to do so maybe FEd can pass on my email address to you? Thanks FEd.

    Looking forward to the show in Nimes immensely. Having had to wait over a week now since the last shows in Verona and Pompeii.

    Any ideas of the size/capacity at the Nimes Arena?

    1. Seems that we will be catching the same flight. I’ll be wearing an orange polo shirt and wearing shorts. Like you I am going to both nights but I have only had to wait since Chantilly on Saturday to see David again.

      I have no problem with FEd passing on my e-mail.

  18. It’s more than a week since Pompeii. Time really goes quickly. I would think David will be ready for a nice rest and a good cup of tea, he deserves it.

    I read somewhere some 400,000 plus people have seen him so far on this tour. I have seen some artists lately, not naming any, but good artist. They would give their right arm for this kind of support.


    1. I thought I was back in Pompeii it was so hot today. I’d also been out and driving amongst crazy drivers again which added to my delusion.

      I’m so disappointed to have cooled down (a little) and come out of my delusion and I’m not seeing David. 🙁


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