Belgium: Tienen

Come on, own up. If you’re on your way to the sugar capital of Belgium, you lucky so-and-so’s, don’t keep it to yourself. The chocolate! The beer! Oh yeah, and the music. That should be good, too.

There are just two more concerts, this time in Tienen’s historic market square, then the band take a well-deserved break before another run at London’s Royal Albert Hall in September.

Tienen, in the province of Flemish Brabant, is perhaps best-known for its sugar refinery, founded in 1836. The annual three-day Suikerrock festival, which starts on Friday and celebrates its 30th anniversary, its main stage also located in the market square, takes its name from Tienen’s long association with sugar.

The Grote Markt, or large market square, one of the largest in Belgium, is surrounded by history and character: traditional shops, restaurants, cafés, two magnificent Gothic churches and, naturally (well, you’d be disappointed if there wasn’t one): a sugar museum.

Behind the Suikermuseum, in what was once the town’s jail, is a smaller museum called Het Toreke, displaying ancient relics unearthed during archaeological digs that show that Tienen was once a Roman settlement. (I mention it just in case anyone needs a Roman fix and is starting to experience withdrawal symptoms.)

If you pass through Tienen’s train station, which is within walking distance of the Grote Markt, you might care to know that it is the oldest station still in use in Belgium and dates from 1841.

Have a great night or two in Tienen, everybody. We really do want to hear all about it (and not just the chocolate and beer, although some of us want to hear about these, too).

One final thing: be sure to take a coat tonight because it looks like it might rain. I’m sure a little drizzle won’t dampen anyone’s spirits, though.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. Almost ready for the concert! With the end of the tour so near, one must wonder what’s next after probably the Pompeii-DVD. Maybe it’s a wrong impression, but it seems to me that David really enjoyed this tour quite a lot, so…?

  2. Hoping that weather gods will be kind tonight and tomorrow in Tienen.

    Some tips from Classic 21 today.

    (‘Tirlemon’t is ‘Tienen’ in French)

    Chocolate… Mmm…

  3. Choclolate, Beer, David Gilmour. Should be David Gilmour, Beer, Chocolate and Kebabs.

    I’m starting a new job Monday, nooooooooooo. I’ve gotten a bit lazy and got used to late nights. Roll on September.


  4. Since this Summer Leg of the Rattle Lock Tour, I would like to see more musicians to perform at central places in beautiful cities. Tienen seems to be marvellous. 🙂 Wish everyone two exciting evenings.

    Off topic: this music years is getting better; after the very nice album by Graham Nash there is a new album by David Crosby on the way … 😉

  5. Great little meet-up place cafe “Het Wiel” at the Veemarkt.

    E40 roadworks finished one day before schedule. Road clear at 16:30

  6. Wonderfully relaxed atmosphere in Tienen. Cafes and restaurants around the Grote Markt are included in the venue. Feels like David is about to play just round the corner in a very intimate setting.

      1. FEd,

        Must say you are well versed on the local brews around the world.


  7. Will be there tomorrow, with my family. It´s the last concert for us after Oberhausen and one RAH, last year.

    So excited!

  8. #NowPlaying : Richard Wright – Breakthrough

    Happy Birthday Rick, you’re still alive in your music. Thank you.

  9. Last night’s concert was great! Apparently it rained, I didn’t notice.

    Thank you Chester Kamen for nailing that wonderful On An Island solo together with David. And I get to go again tonight, FEd!

      1. O wow, I did have the best time, FEd; the second night was even better. I thought nothing could top Pompeii, but musically (the location was rather depressing in comparison) Tienen was absolutely great. An extra song (Dancing Right in Front Of Me) and a very appreciative audience that – I hope – made it clear they miss Richard as well. I got the impression the band also really enjoyed themselves.

        Tienen… who would’ve thought!

  10. Still on the high of yesterday’s performance and quite touched by David’s “Richard tribute” sequence of Great Gig, A Boat Lies Waiting and WYWH. That will no doubt be all the more emotional this evening.
    Richard will be among us, I am sure.

    To all attending tonight’s performance, please get those lighters or any suitable small lights up to create a sea of lights during A Boat Lies Waiting.

    Counting down for night two, in golden circle this time. 🙂

    Might make it to the ‘Het Wiel’ cafe for meet-up before venue-opening. Once the venue is open, the “Grenadier” cafe is easily found for meeting-up pre- and post-concert.

    Here is what newspaper ‘De Standaard’ have to say about night one :

    Poëtische David Gilmour op prozaïsche marktplaats

  11. Off topic but today announced new box set of Pink Floyd “The Early Years 1965-1972”. Looks very nice.

    To all who will attend today concert enjoy !!!! 🙂

  12. A review full of praise by Laurent Debeuf, radio host atClassic 21, who attended the show yesterday.

    (Surely Google Translate could help.)

  13. It´s now the end of a very busy summer for you, FEd, isn´t it? Thank you for your tremendous work, FEd. I think this blog is unique.

      1. Oh yes! What a summer and what a tour. Even DG can´t do it better doesn´t he? And you did very very very well too FEd.

    1. There isn’t much comment on that page, which is strange considering that this is such earth-shattering ‘news’.

      1. I read this earlier. I lost my senses for 20 minutes. Then realised cannot be true, where would the time have been found to write 8 new songs and then go on a tour in 2017 after completed a massive RTL tour? It was nice for a moment then you realise it can’t happen without Rick. Gave me a lovely buzz for a while though.


      2. I thought as much… But as you are to squash something on so incredibly FAST I figured you may do the same here. Maybe your reach is not that far… Still no comment?

        1. I don’t personally squash anything on YouTube, so won’t take the blame for that. As a matter of principle, I don’t allow links that are posted to videos that I know someone else will pull down.

          And as always, I need approval from DG Management to be able to confirm any rumours. The waiting bugs me as much as it does everyone else, possibly more, but that’s the way it is.

          Is that OK?

          1. My apologies FEd. When I say you, I mean the Gilmour/Floyd camp in general. I look forward to any comment… Thank you.

              1. Hello FEd, as we have had no comment and the media has not been denied… May I ask if Roger has found a concept David would be on board for? Understandably, David has been on tour… But Roger has been in the studio…

                1. I truly have to thank you for at least posting my comments… You could definitely not publish anything I intend. Thanks again. I would presume there is more though… EH?

        2. Hi, if you check the site again you may find a little note saying it’s false. It’s also the same site that said Nick was going to be a dad back in January. I think that should close things on this little rumour and if you look around the internet, there is absolutely nothing anywhere about this.

          Kind regards

    2. Umm. This must be a joke. Is it April 1?

      I won’t believe it until FEd says it’s true.


      1. I remember, about three years ago, The Telegraph’s critic, who reviewed Tom Stoppard play “Dark Side”, mentioned vaguely some “tour”. And was beaten by “commentators”, swooping on her, like a flock of crows (for both the review and tour mention, but mostly for the first, nobody seemed to want to take the second any seriously).

        And now, we say about third (!!!) tour.

    3. That must be, as so often, a misunderstanding.

      I don’t think it’s possible for Pink Floyd, or better the remaining 3, to reunite.

      I think what they discovered where the preparation for the Roger Waters Tour, which probably starts next year.

      A reunion would be really cool, but it won’t happen, I’m about 99,99% sure. 😉

  14. Fed, please tell us more about the 27 CD Pink Floyd box set!

    Gary Hurley.
    London England.

  15. In the golden circle with Zuli and Ace (from Any bloggers around come say hi.

  16. I’m getting far of topic, but I’m excited with the PF’s early years package! A lot recordings I never believed to get in my hands… The teaser lets me hope that some good restored videos will also be included, which is the icing on the cake. 🙂

  17. Just back in the UK after last night’s great first night in Tienen. Long drive, but worth every mile. David’s music has long been a big part of my musical life and last night was the first time I have managed to see him live.

    I was delighted that the setting was quite modest in size, so that whilst stood near the mix position (my background is live sound, so I’m quite analytical regarding what I am hearing, so like to hear close to what the engineer is hearing) we were able to see a lot of what was happening on stage without relying on the close ups on the screen too much.

    The wonderful film accompanying Shine On was particularly poignant to me as I have just had a very good friend badly effected by an acid trip, resulting in his commitment to hospital under the mental health act. I hope he will recover, but is still in a very confused state, so the whole Shine On bit got to me a bit.

    The set was great and perfectly chosen. Lighting was superb, a great balance between theatrical shadow and epic moments – I can understand your need for the Ray-bans on Run Like Hell… Mr Brickman’s work 20 odd years ago is still a reference for me when it comes to concert lighting, and I have to say last night’s show was a great testament to his designs back then, but incorporating the quicker and newer tech of today.

    My company last night was a good old friend of mine who turned 65 this year. Seeing David was a first to him and despite an injured leg and various other ailments he resolutely refused to leave earlier and was delighted to hear Comfortably Numb at the end, his “going in the ground track” he keeps telling me rather morbidly! Standing for a good 7 hours was very very hard for him, and I know he would not have made such an effort for anyone else.

    I hope you get the chance to read this David, thank you so much for the great set and for all the music going back all those years. Your LP is just about to go on the turntable…

  18. Congratulations to David and Polly on their 22nd wedding anniversary.

    Meanwhile David is playing Yellow Dress here in Tienen.

  19. TFIF! Vendredi, avec un grand ‘V’!

    If you close this blog for a while after that amazing Blog marathon, bonnes vacances!

    Hope you enjoy and forget us. 🙂

    Mille fois merci pour tout.

    1. Thank you, Michèle.

      I won’t close it, but please don’t be alarmed to find that sometimes it takes longer than normal for your comments to be published throughout August, folks.

          1. I’m recharging for a week now and on Monday we’ll travel over to Corfu. A few days at the Ionian sea, should fill up the batteries before we return to the run of the mill…

          2. Not surprised that you need some RnR. Your international diplomacy skills have been used quite a bit recently….


          3. Take a breath, take a deep breath now.

            As ever, you’ve excelled in providing the conduit between us and them, for all the mesmerising summer shenanigans (and beyond), painting rich tapestries of the wonderful venues that David and the band have played at along the way.

            Enjoy your august August, replenishing your batteries, before the September sojourn at RAH commences.
            Belated 22nd Anniversary wishes to David and Polly for yesterday, hope they can celebrate in style, now that the European leg has ended.

          4. Hi FEd, have an happy and relaxing holiday!!! If you want or plan to spend some day In the North of Italy, inside the Dolomiti mountains, write to me… I have a big favor to return to you …..


          5. Wish you a great time, FED, wherever you spend your vacations…

            And many thanks for all the infos you gave us the last months.


      1. A well-deserved break without doubt, FEd. Enjoy it and have a well-chilled Duvel for me.

  20. I am still hoping David would play “Louder Than Words” at the RAH concert. That would be a great song to end the concert.

  21. just in time to wish you, Fed, have a good break, and thank you for each update of this successful and intense tour, and by the way, happy anniversary to David and Polly and thank you so much.


  22. First, Happy Birthday Rick and Happy Anniversary to David and Polly.

    I was in the “golden circle” at the concert on Thursday in Tienen. An absolutely amazing concert! The band, the sound, the light effects and last but not least, David performed very, very well! Also enjoyed the “open air concert” sound and feeling.

    Thank you guys and David (including Polly) and Shine On… 🙂

    1. I’m very glad to hear that you were there, Ernest, and that you had such a good time.

  23. Thank you FEd for the wonderful, detailed information each venue offered. It was a lesson in history and educational. Beautiful settings for such a magical event.

    Enjoyed each and every blog.

    Now for a much deserved time to relax. May you enjoy.

    Take care, Suzy.

  24. Wondering if David ever considered painting the head stock bright red on any of his guitars.

    1. Why should he? They are awesome as they are… (says me, who doesn’t fancy coloured head stocks on guitars at all. 😉 )

  25. Enjoy your vacation FEd! And if you want to buy a nice bottle of wine to enjoy a sunset with, please send the bill to me!

  26. Amazing concert, great musicians, moved to tears at times, just perfect, what a guitarist David is, one of the best. Thanks for coming to Belgium again, finally. It was a pleasure seeing and hearing you live.

    This is from my blog.

  27. Are you off on your holingday Fed or just chilling at home? Hope you get to do some thing nice. Maybe a visit to the new Yorkshire/Westmorland/Lancashire national park. I know how great Wales is but you would love it up here. Check out round Appleby and area, stunning and not mobbed yet.


    1. It’s most definitely on my list of places to visit. Looks beautiful, all that unspoilt natural beauty.

  28. Time for me to unplug to go outside and collect these god bless-it stones for step building. Rock on.

  29. Congratulations to David/Pink Floyd on the new stamps coming out. They look beautiful.

  30. Just saw the photo of irregulars at Pompeii in the bar. I saw myself, I look old and weary. It was the day’s walk I did earlier – LOL. Reminded me at the gig when David turned round and looked up at the screen. He jokingly stepped back in shock when he saw himself up there.


  31. 27th of July was the second time I’ve been to David this year and extremely happy I did so, after the BIG disappointment on the 12th of April in Madison Square Garden (note: the disappointment had nothing to do with the performance but everything with the audience).

    The Tienen concert on the 27th was everything I hoped for: Immersing completely in the sound, loving every note played.

    I feel the need to warn everybody not to go from Europe to New York/Madison Square Garden to see his/her favorite band/artist. David’s concert was completely spoiled by a very significant part of the audience that was constantly getting up from their seats moving through the row in which they were seated to go in and out of the concert hall to get food and drinks. Apparently they got more thirsty (or hungry) when David started a song that was not on “Dark Side of the Moon” or “Wish You Were Here”, which made it even more annoying. Behind us there was a group of real (local) fans who were just as annoyed apparently, considering that they regularly shouted out: “Sit the f**k down”, to the people blocking our view. All in all a horrible experience (and I’m not even considering the fact that we bought tickets in the “Ticketmaster resale” for over 400$ a piece).

    When we got back from our NY trip (which was great for the rest of the time), we decided to check if there were still tickets for Tienen available. We were surprised to see that they were still available via the official channel (and for the normal price of around 70€).

    I’m so happy to have seen in Tienen what the concert in New York would have been like, if we had been able to see it there without disturbance.

    Tienen was great, it’s engraved in my mind like the “Delicate Sound of Thunder” concert I saw in 1988. We went with six friends in total to Tienen we will all remember that night for a very long time (and the audience did not move an inch during the entire concert as it should be).

    I needed to get this of my chest, hopefully though this channel I can avoid somebody else having to experience the same thing in NY.

  32. Just had a thought for another venue. The Tower Ballroom, Blackpool, and David and Polly can turn Blackpool lights on.

    Just a thought.


  33. At last the Pete Towshend / David Gilmour “Deep End” concert from Cannes, France will be released by Eagle Rock on September 16th as a DVD / CD set.

    The show was taped by German T.V. for Rockpalast in January 1986.

    Back in November 1985 I went along to the 2 Brixton Academy shows and I hope one day this will see the light of day on DVD.

    Gary Hurley.
    London England.

    1. Good evening!

      Oh that’s a good news… I remember that gig (as a regular viewer of the Rockpalast shows at that time).

      But I guess it will only a standard DVD, not a BluRay and in 4:3 ratio….


  34. I’m sure all the shows have been wonderful. I managed to see David at the Royal Albert Hall (with Richard) on his last tour. Unfortunately, I now reside back in Australia, which is a corner of the world that has been, regrettably, in the ‘too hard’ basket for David since ’88 / ’89.

    I can’t help but feel a pang of bitterness whenever I get a Facebook message saying ‘David is playing [insert location here] tonight’. David’s, as well as Pink Floyd’s music, has always sold well in the antipodean region. It’s a shame he can’t be bothered rewarding his southern-most fans’ loyalty with an appearance or two.

  35. Hello again Fed. 🙂 I hope you’ve had a good few days off. 🙂

    I was watching the women’s (individual all-around) gymnastics last night. The broadcaster was focused on the uneven bars competition, suddenly in the background a very familiar guitar blasted out. One of the competitors on the floor was using Shine On You Crazy Diamond!

    Disappointingly, they didn’t show us the piece. 🙁 Sounded great though. 🙂


  36. Hey FEd & Fellow Bloggers~

    Hope the summer has been a good one so far for everyone.

    The August meteor showers were brilliant. But David’s concerts have been a highlight for this summer. His concert on Easter was definitely a highlight for me. Frolicking around being a tourist in Southern California was enjoyable. A concert I will forever cherish.

    Not only did David help many people cross off a bucket list item by doing his magic in so many beautiful venues. I would venture to say that he was able to cross off his bucket list an important item, playing at Pompeii for a second time and for an audience this time.

    It would be great if he did a DVD/CD set of then and now of just Pompeii. And of course, his whole tour on a separate DVD/CD. It would be nice if it included Inglewood, California.

    May the rest of the summer be a good one for all.

    There is an abundance of dragonflies where I’m at. A good summer indeed.

    Hope you, FEd (your write ups were great), David, the band, and all that made so many people enjoy the magic that is David are having a relaxing time doing what you (they) all love. You too fellow bloggers.

    Take Care, Suzy

  37. Time for me to say Thank You!

    I want to thank FEd for his support during the Rattle That Lock-Tour 2015/2016 and of course THANK YOU to DAVID GILMOUR for every single note he played!!

  38. Hi FEd, hope you enjoy your well-deserved break; it is really weird to have everything quiet around DG after all the excitement this summer.

    I just want to make sure that you know that there are new albums by Nick Cave (9. Sep) and David Crosby (21.Oct) on their way. So maybe 2016 will be not a bad year in music (live and studio) after all the less nice things that happened in the world.

    Have a nice time till RAH in September. 😉

  39. Hey FEd~

    Thinking the reason of the anticipated return of the wonderful blog postings was the 2nd of September is because the solar eclipse seen on the other side of the world, at least the other side from where I’m at, is concluded for now.

    Fortunately the 21st of August, 2017 there will be a total solar eclipse in my neck of the woods. A grand birthday present as it will be the day after my birthday. I’m looking forward to it.

    Hope all that were lucky enough to view yesterday’s solar eclipse enjoyed.

    Glad you’re back FEd. Missed the blog up-dates and fellow bloggers postings. But happy you had well deserved time off.

    Take care, Suzy

  40. Too bad the exhibition is not coinciding with the Royal Albert Hall run later this month. The buildings are close to one another and would be the perfect activity before the show.

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