Poland: Wroclaw

The European Tour begins in Poland tonight with a special concert on Freedom Square, or Plac Wolności, as part of Wrocław’s European Capital of Culture 2016 celebrations.

David’s new band will be accompanied by a 30-piece orchestra conducted by Zbigniew Preisner, with fellow countryman Leszek Możdżer a very special guest on piano.

The show in Wrocław’s city centre, in front of the National Forum of Music (have a peek at Google Maps) is being filmed by Aubrey ‘Po’ Powell and will be broadcast live on Polish television – on TVP2 from 9.45pm CET, with the second half of concert over on TVP Rozrywka from 11.10pm CET. There won’t be an official live stream on TVP’s website(s).

If you’ll be there, have a great time. We look forward to hearing all about it.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. Have a great start everyone, best wishes to Chuck, Greg and Chester for their first David Gilmour show!


  2. Fed, I read no official streaming but are you aware of any website that will be streaming?

    Thanks a lot.

    1. I imagine there will be plenty of people holding their phones in the air throughout the concert, picking up the tuneless singing and loud chatter of those around them, with no concern for those trying to see past their flailing arms, so that you can watch online in some capacity at the earliest opportunity. There usually are.

      1. Ouch. Guess I’ll go sit in the corner.

        Is it being filmed for release at some point? Or just NO.

        And don’t worry. I won’t even attempt to periscope from Pompei.

  3. In the beautiful city of Wroclaw, really warm and really excited about tonight’s show, can’t wait. 😀

  4. To everyone attending/listening in a way, how is the band? Very excited about Chuck’s skills on Hammond. I bet he’s great!

    1. Right??? And the orchestra! And Greg! I hope we get another CD like Live from Gdansk from here.

  5. A real pity that the rumors on streaming was false, let’s just hope Po’s video gets released at some point.

  6. One of These Days! Included in the soundcheck promo video on Gilmour official FB today.

    Hope to see the Polish TV broadcast on e.g. YouTube asap!!

  7. There were a ton of weird VPN and pay sites that offered to let you stream it. One was a promise of live broadcast on YouTube. Which isn’t as suspicious to me anymore. The Americans just had periscope host a broadcast of the democratic sit-in because CSPAN couldn’t legally turn their broadcast cameras on as the house wasn’t technically in session. So CSPAN ended up having an employee use their periscope and broadcasting that feed. I thought there might be.

    So it’s actually great to be told there is no live stream. Or I would have kept clicking on that bait all day.

    1. It’s a shame there wasn’t an official one, even if pay-per-view, as it might have meant that a few more people kept their phones in their pockets and their arms down. I know we all want to see these shows, but concert-going is an expensive pastime and this increasing need to film everything does spoil others’ enjoyment.

      1. Remember that movie theater simulcast from the On An Island Tour? I’m surprised I haven’t seen one on this tour. Especially for Pompei.

        Have you heard anything about doing something like that for one of the RAH shows?

      2. If people waving their phones about trying to record stuff would stop doing it, they might find they’d enjoy the show more ! (Because they’d actually be paying attention.)

        There will be an official recording made for sale which will have perfect sound and visual quality. We can buy that and watch it over and over again and really enjoy it and it will bring back the memory perfectly.

        For the life of me, I can’t understand why people try to make these phone recordings. They’re always awful !

        Is it so they can go on social media and demonstrate the proof that they were at a concert. THAT, incidentally, they waited 10 years to see and may never see the like of again, but which, in the finish, they didn’t actually take in because they were so focused on filming it and going backwards and forwards to the bar and toilets ?! Good job they’ve got a tinny, crappy recording to fall back on.

        ash, 5’3″ and paying the same money, to get a view, as everyone else. Maybe I should start carrying a sack around and if you spoil my view I can put the sack over your head to spoil your view.

        1. And another thing. . . .

          If fans buy the official recording and watch it over and over again, they can sing all they want at the top of their voices. They can go to the toilet and to refresh their glasses and come back and rewind the recording to the bit they left the room ! How much sense does that make ?

          The bonus is. . . you will actually have witnessed and drunk in every sensation of probably the best concert you will ever have the opportunity to see and you’ll remember it because you weren’t really drunk at the time and you weren’t distracted by your phone.

          I mean really, don’t you think it’s the kind of thing fan gurls do at a Boyzone concert ?

          Do you see men doing it at football matches ? Ask yourself why not.


          1. “Do you see men doing it at football matches ? Ask yourself why not.”


            Maybe it because that’s not more than just passion to them, just a hazard, just here and now. Music is… it’s a different animal. 🙂

      3. Well put, FEd. A quick YT-search this morning just proves your point. I even quit taking photos a long time ago. Experiencing the show at the time, right there, right now beats looking at it through a screen any time.

          1. While heading to Wien right now, I still can’t believe Echoes won’t be in Pompeii setlist.

            I know, FEd you cannot confirm it but I hope you can tell us we can keep believing.

        1. Interesting changes indeed. No AD? I get that both that and OOTD are great second set starters, but the pedigree of AD is sad to loose. Also, in my opinion, TGITYD would have been a better switch for DRIFOM than FOS.

          Well, let’s see in the future how much of these changes was due to the orchestra arrangements this evening.

        2. I wasn’t thinking that the concert was still running…

          I have to say that I’m not happy at all with the changes.. I can understand One of These Days for Astronomy Domine in a “Pompeii way”, but I don’t understand at all Dancing Right In Front of Me instead of Fat Old Sun, which in Pompeii would have been perfect. I hope it’ll come back and maybe Dancing Right In Front of Me would take the place of another David’s solo song, not a PF’s one.

          Ps: FEd, I’m so happy for Wales. It’s happening what I told you: you can do it, and I’ll cross my fingers to make it happen.

  8. I was able to catch the first half via an online SopCast streaming – the Polish channel 2 seems to have a lot of viewers regularly.

    No stream was functional for the second part, though.

    The band seemed a bit rusty to me, but I can tell you I love the way Chester fits in. The way he feels the songs, the way he plays..pure joy. The orchestra was fabulous as well.

    I hope they release an official recording of the concert – to me, it seemed worthy of that. 🙂

  9. Hello,

    I’ve managed to record the most part of Run Like Hell, video is bad, but the sound is fine. Just showing it becouse everyone is saying that second set was not available online.


    1. Thanks, Jan, but I hope you understand that I won’t share it because I don’t want to encourage others to record David’s concerts (or anybody’s concerts for that matter) and also because, after years of commenting unfavourably about bootlegging and all that, expressing the viewpoint of David’s management and record companies, I’d be a hypocrite to start now.

      I hope you enjoyed the concert.

      1. I didn’t expect you to share it, I only posted that here for people who wanted to see some stuff from the set 2 as it was generally unavailable, and also I’m not sure if this is even a bootleg, because this wasn’t recorded at the concert, it’s a video from the live stream on the Polish TV that was available on internet…

        1. Technically speaking you’re right, you did a ‘bootleg of a bootleg’.

          But do you know why young artists and their music have lots of difficulties and they can’t live with music? Because, God, you all have to SHARE and SHARE. And everyone around thinks music is for free. And nobody LISTENS anymore, because if it’s free, it’s too much stuff and we all have no time to listen.

          Terribly sad, in different ways, no matter if you are an iconic rockstar or an unknown singer.

          Very sorry if I’m honest saying this, I’m annoyed by all this kind of stuff, but I know I’m a black sheep.

          Not good and surely disturbing too for staff and management, every morning after a gig one have to cancel stuff from YouTube and various sites, instead of enjoying the night before and looking to the next.

          Please, guys, return to listen and please, respect Music.


          1. Also, younger artists are like Bieber, a knife to the eardrum and down the spine. In a lot of cases, free is still too much money. And the music industry decides who to promote/sign based more on looks and less on ability. Looking at you Britney Spears.

            Watching the video on Facebook just makes me more excited to part with my concert dollars – probably more dollars than I would have parted with anyway. There’s never been a Gilmour album that I don’t want multiple copies of: one to listen to and at least one in back up, in case of emergencies. This is the same for all of my favorites.

            Last year Madonna’s new album leaked and I tried to behave but I heard some of it. It made me so very proud of her efforts. I bought 8 or so copies and booked $15k worth of concert tickets so it had zero effect on my spending.

            Had I not heard Lucas Graham perform on some silly awards show, I wouldn’t have known to buy his album. So there is a huge generational divide on The effect of shared music.

            Finally, I present the Grateful Dead as a case study. My husband used to DAT tape their shows, from the tapers section – all legit, and we have easily a thousand dead bootlegs. He stopped more than a decade ago, don’t worry. But that has never affected our desire to go see them in concert. In fact, I’ve got two days in Boulder with Dead & Co just before I leave for Pompeii. (With John Mayer – who I didn’t know could even play guitar. I thought he would just blow kisses at a reflection of himself in a mirror until I saw him play once with them on a bootleg video.). He did a much better job than Trey did at Dead 50 – which we went to in Chicago. The Dead haven’t released new music in ages, so even with minimal effort they still consistently sell out major venues.

            I think that it’s natural to want to watch everything you can possibly see of Gilmour playing. In fact, it’s reinforcing to me. I’m old now and I’ve lost the fanatical psychotic devotion that came so easily to me in my youth. This gives me glimpses of my former self and pushes me to pay more for the experience of it. Free music has nothing on the sensory saturation of actually being there.

            OK. Commence hating me.

    1. Without Jon Carin’s slide guitar solo, he’d have to come up with yet another way of changing the guitar. 😉

    2. I also would like it more, if Fat Old Sun was in and On An Island out.

      But One Of These Days for Astronomy is a really great choice and Dancing Right In Front of Me is also a nice addition!

      1. Not me. I’ll always prefer Gilmour showcasing his own tunes. Especially the ones that are all him. It’s a purer sense of him. The Floyd was all about Gilmour for me anyway.

        Not to say that Fat Old Sun didn’t melt your face off live, it’s a wonderful song. But I’d be thrilled to pieces with anything he plays. Nursery rhymes, space, anything.

    3. Yeah, the two highlights of the 2015 show for me were FOS and AD and both seem to have been canned. A shame but there you go.

  10. I watched the entire concert streamed online with no issues thanks to those who reported about it and to hell with PFM.

  11. What a wonderful show in this really nice town!!! And when David started playing One of These Days I couldn’t believe I was there, right in front of the stage….Next stop at the “salines” near Besancon, France.

  12. David was just amazing. Although I couldn’t see a thing on stage (I had the cheapest ticket), the band was great. One of These Days sounded superb, great addition to the set. And I finally got Coming Back to Life. Great night. 🙂

  13. Was obviously a great concert and I am really glad that Dancing Right In Front Of Me is finally in the Set!

  14. Just watch the concert you are attending and keep your phone in your pockets, Brighton was a nightmare, Albert Hall fine high up. I just don’t get what people get out of this action.

    1. Some guy on the stage told us that we can use our phones as much as we want to. (I was there in the audience.) 🙂

  15. Nice to see ‘One Of These Days’ included…..I hope that remains in the set…..a bit surprised about the omission of Fat Old Sun…..always sounds great live and always get’s a great audience response …

  16. A wonderful concert, personal highlights were High Hopes and 5am, the orchestra really added to the beautiful music. Worth travelling from Scotland for.

    PS thank you Fed for all the help you give the fans with everything.

  17. Congratulations to everyone who attended last night, sounds like you got a great show!

    Give credit to David and company for diving in at the deep end. First night on a new leg of the tour, with a new band line-up, new arrangements (due to both line-up changes and the orchestra), changes to the setlist — and all on a night being broadcast LIVE. That goes well beyond “knocking off the rust”.

  18. Just watched the TVP broadcast on YouTube.

    What a fantastic concert, new band very tight and David looked like he enjoyed, never seen him speak so much.

    Nice to see him in the middle of the other two guitarists rather than the side of them.

  19. We are sitting having a couple of glasses of wine on the rooftop of the hotel, watching the stage being dimantled in the square, reminiscing about the fantastic gig last night.

    David and band played wonderfully, with the new additions to the line up slotting in very nicely. I thought they all really added something new to the sound.

    Preisner and his orchestra were a lovely accompaniment to the set, although at times it was a little difficult to pick them out in the mix, but I reckon that was to do with where we were standing, I’m looking forward to hearing it again if it is indeed included on a DVD at some point.

    It was great hearing a few variations to the set list too (particularly as I’ve been quite greedy this tour with the number of gigs I’ve attended 🙂 ). One of These Days was fantastic in particular, DG’s pedal steel playing had the place rocking!! Dancing Right In Front of Me sounded great too.

    The band seemed at ease with each other, with David and Chester even exchanging riffs during a particularly extended solo too!

    Chuck’s vocals on Comfy Numb were top I thought, something a little different.

    Joao was on great form once again, taking these classics in his stride.

    Guy really smashed it out of the park with One of These Days being a highlight (oh and his T-shirt too, we loved it Guy!)

    The rest of the band were all excellent too.

    The crowd were a bit fiesty at times, with a couple of fights nearly breaking out next to us, but a great atmosphere nonetheless!

    My Dad enjoyed his 60th birthday present for sure, thanks FEd for looking after us so well with the Blog! You’re a star!

    Off to sample some more of Wroclaw’s delights this evening!


  20. I just watched the concert on YouTube.

    I have to say the new ones make do a really great job! That Synth-Solo on Run Like Hell was absolutely wonderful!

  21. They seem so much more relaxed than at RAH last year, and David is singing so good, sounding really great!

    Not sure if it is the new band setting or that they have evolved into this since last year but I have a feeling there is more of a jazzy, groovy feeling to many of the songs. Even WYWH got a swing to it.

    Really looking forward to Pompeii!

  22. Hi FEd and everyone!

    Just came back from Wroclaw. What an incredible evening! The show lasted almost 3 hours. 😀

    My second Gilmour gig, after Gdansk exactly 10 years ago. As in Gdansk, you could also feel the atmosphere of something historic taking place. Debut of the European tour and of new members in the band, live major TV broadcasting to the whole country (Wroclaw is the European Capital of Culture in 2016), everything on the way to #ReturnToPompeii …

    The band was in excellent shape, including the first-timers! What a debut for Greg Phillinganes! David plays as if there is no tomorrow..

    Chuck Leavell was also brilliant, and what a great job singing Comfortably Numb.. Wonderful.

    I was extremely pleased with the setlist. One Of These Days blew me away! It’s the very first time it was performed since Pink Floyd days. Which brings me again to our collective dream of witnessing him perform Echoes in Pompeii. 🙂 I’m really hoping for a very special setlist there. Maybe with Nick Mason taking part? Definitely a dream!

    See you all on July 8th!! Shine On!

    1. RockNFloyd

      My dream is to see David play Echoes live and I regret missing the On an Island tour.

      But David said ‘he can never play Echoes without Rick, it just doesn’t work’ and I have a feeling that David is the kind of guy who doesn’t change his mind. 🙁

  23. Hello all!

    I’ve “caught up” with the show and I have to say the second part sounded (and looked) much better than the first one. Overall it was a very strong first gig for a second leg of a (undoubtedly) very tiring world tour. We are very lucky David still has the strength to go through this effort day after day.

    There were some “gaps” in the overall sound and i kinda miss the slide guitar parts Jon was able to perform. However, the line-up has a huge potential and I’m sure some memorable shows are waiting to happen. 🙂

    FEd, do you have any idea how many people ended up attending the show?

  24. Hello Fed 🙂

    I’m not sure where to ask you to post this. it’s information for people trying to buy the new Pink Floyd stamps issue.

    I’ve been on the Royal Mail Shop site for ages and no matter what I did, it wouldn’t take me to the checkout. Finally, I telephoned and was able to purchase over the phone. The ‘phone number I was given by their help line, is : 03457 641 641

    I watched the Wales v Northern Ireland match. I thought it was a good game. Bale is amazing, he can’t half run. 🙂 I’m very pleased for Wales. I felt a little sorry for Northern Ireland because it was an own goal but it was a good match.

    ash 🙂

  25. Anyone with a link to watch the second half? I think it was removed from YouTube.

    1. You’re asking in the wrong place, I’m afraid. We’re the ones who remove these things, so…

      Please keep those links to yourselves. Thank you.

  26. Hi FEd,

    We Travelled from Wiesbaden to Wroclaw only to see David playing with his new Band. We have Seen him Last year in Oberhausen, what was a Great concert. I have no Words to describe what we have seen in Wroclaw. It was amazing. We are so happy to have also Tickets for Wiesbaden and the three Weeks until this concert will become so Long. The set List was Great and how he played SORROW was ………….. (No Words).

    My Wife and me, we have Seen many concerts of great Artists but no one is so amazingly good like David Gilmour. When you visit his concert he will pick you up and Travel with you for 3 Hours in his own World.

    1. I hear you, Marco. ‘Sorrow’ is one of my favourites. Fingers crossed that you’ll get to hear it again soon in Wiesbaden.

  27. Now, I’m prey to doubts.

    Should I delete my music files (that may, partly, be “bootleg of bootleg of bootleg” I think) from my work computer, which is to be inherited by my colleagues after my quit? Or should I share the Music?

    What do you think FEd (or anyone who is not working for record companies or can imagine he/she is not working for record companies or can at least pretend he/she is not working for record companies)? Please…

    1. I don’t care what you do with them, just please don’t bring them here, to a section of David’s official site, to show them off. I think that’s a slap across the face of the person who pays my wages. For me, it’s as simple as that.

      1. Yes, I certainly bring them all here. As I always do.

        By the way, David’s official site doesn’t have a link to here. Just by the way. Sorry- BTW.

        1. You know what I meant. A link to YouTube started this discussion.

          The BLOG link is right there, at DavidGilmour.com, between VISUAL and CONTACT. In any case, David hired me and continues to pay my wages, and that’s good enough for me. What David’s Management put on their website, or remove from it, is their choice. It’s mine to respect their wishes, those of the record companies (the artist, promoter and in this case, even the broadcaster as well) by not sharing the link in question.

    2. …I’m not aware of the laws at your site, but in Germany you can make and share copies in limited numbers to persons you know personally. Copies of legal purchased media, may I stress.

      In the age of streaming services this has become obsolete. With an eye on the artists and the work they invested for us all, I buy every song/album whatever, I like and I only let my closest family members to listen to them.

      To make a long story short: to be fair either delete theirs or your copies…

      1. I don’t think it’s a question of laws, simply, if you know you’re hurting someone that clearly dislikes this way of doing things, just respect his view.

        @Laterr : The starting point of that discussion was my (absolutely personal) view of how much music business – and fans – have changed.

        I remember an interview where Roger Waters said he was very lucky to make music in the ’60s and ’70s, and I completely agree with him.

        I’m too young to understand him completely, but I can see the difference between a Record and X-Factor.
        Share music with friends, we all did this (cassette times…) but to film a song – in the middle of a show you’re attending – and immediately post on Facebook is stupid. To generate what? Discussions on social networks like : ‘ Hey, his voice is not so good as ten years ago’, ‘he played a wrong note, listen!’ or ‘I am disappointed he doesn’t play Echoes’.

        In the middle of all this noise, there’s a quiet and reserved man who is still doing great Music at 70 and is touring the world with a gentle smile on the face.

        Maybe we should say thank you?

        Sorry if I was long.


        1. “In the middle of all this noise, there’s a quiet and reserved man who is still doing great Music at 70 and is touring the world with a gentle smile on the face.”

          This just melted my heart.

  28. i see on poland tv this great show, incredible and beautiful show!!!! david is the greatest, and i love this band, but where is jon carin????

  29. Mel and Martin
    I like to be here when I can !!!!
    The trip to Wroclaw – WOW
    1200 miles from Worcester
    a little further than we thought !!!!!
    MR GILMOUR – What a great show (late, late show, 10 pm start)
    and FAT OLD SUN were sadly taken out from last year
    BUT we got the first ever performance of
    Standing Right In Front of Me – GREAT
    Coming Back to Life – GREAT
    MEMORIES of Chantilly, PARIS
    JULY 1994, I think
    The pigs in the sky sties
    the extra bars of Dr Who
    and the so so good video of the dancers
    this FLOYD addiction
    so just played the live version from Hannover August 94
    I think only available on CD single High Hopes
    So good on high volume
    so 3 weeks to ARC ET SENEN FRANCE


  30. Hi everyone!

    I am a cello player, so I was a part of that amazing evening…(I played in orchestra.)

    I still can`t believe, that I was there on the stage!

    This evening was so amazing, so magic and so mystic – I can`t find words to describe my feelings!

    Thank you, Mr. Gilmour and whole band to have the possibility to play with you and of course to hear all my favorite songs!

    I can only say: to play once with David Gilmour and you can die… 🙂

    Thank you all once again!

    1. I think you just made a few people very jealous, Radek!

      Thank you for sharing your experience with us, and for your contribution to what was a wonderful show in a wonderful city.

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