Meet-up: Wroclaw

For anybody heading to Wrocław to see David Gilmour back in Poland on Saturday 25th June, this space is to help arrange a suitable place to meet with other fans before the gig, to share transport, and such like.

Please note that e-mail addresses will not be published unless you make it absolutely clear that you’re very happy for me to do this. (I’m happy to e-mail your contact details for you instead.)

A recognised venue and time would be helpful, so we welcome any suggestions.

We’ll do the same for each concert in turn; starting with Vienna, tomorrow.

This very special one-off show in Freedom Square is part of Wrocław’s European Capital of Culture 2016 celebrations and will be broadcast on Polish television – on TVP 2 at 9.45pm CET.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. Hm, time passes by extremely fast… I hope I will be able to see the concert over TV somehow!

    108 days until September 30th…

  2. Hey community! I live in Wroclaw and therefore I can help you guys with information about almost everything you need! I will keep an eye here on the blog!

    Floydian regards,

      1. Hey FEd! I will provide you today evening or tomorrow evening with a PDF full of information about Wroclaw and good places to go for food, drinks and sightseeing a bit too! Also information about transports and such!


        Floydian regards!

          1. OK here it is! FEd, you can send it for the emails of our fellow Floydians. 🙂

            Info and some warnings!

            Have a nice trip to Wroclaw!

            Hope it will be helpful!


            1. Vitor, that is excellent. Thank you ever so much for going to all that trouble to help others.

              Three cheers for Vitor, everyone: Hip! Hip!

    1. Hallo Vitor,

      ja mach das Bitte für uns alle hier, wir sind dir sehr dankbar dafür !!!

      Viele Grüße nach Polen !!!

      Sehr gerne kannst du mir by YouTube schreiben,
      Gilmour Fan

    2. Hi Vitor, could we get in touch if FEd will be so kind to send my email address to you or let me post it here?

      ropape at

    3. Thanks Vitor,

      Myself and my Father will be travelling to Wroclaw for a long weekend, any tips would be gladly received!

      Would love to meet up for a beer with any irregulars in attendance too!

      Not long now!

    1. I’m still waiting for all these details to be confirmed, but will add more as soon as I am able to. (Let’s hope it’s the full concert.)

      1. Hello FEd,

        freue mich über die Info, und über alle die noch kommen.

        In Deutschland ist noch nichts bekannt ob es im TV zu sehen ist.

        Viele Grüße GF

      2. Well hopefully the performance (and interview afterwards) will be made available somewhere for everyone who doesn’t have Polish TV, like me.

        Let’s wait until the news are coming. 😀

  3. Can’t join the Chat today, we’re ready for school concert with my son…

    Have a nice time everyone!


        1. Sure we have a great defense and the one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time (Juventus block…Conte knows them), but who knows!

        2. Pellè is not one of my favorites but his goal was “The Great Beauty” 🙂 …..I hope the same for the next matches.

  4. This is the absolute BEST blog on the internet with the absolute BEST host. Who else out there does this for us?

      1. May I second this? This is a nice blog, with balanced posts and a thoughtful editor…

    1. I’m with you Pavlov. This great (and free) place is – since the start – one great example of connecting people and make them feel closer to a great musician and man.

      FEd, what can I say, you’re always precious and kind. David made the right choice ten years ago!

      Bless you.

    2. How don’t agree with you Pavlov? I discover this blog few months ago and I saw in this short time, how FEd run this blog with passion but same time so professional, I suppose it takes lot of work….here you have lot of supporters.

      Grazie FEd.

    1. His My Love solo is great; oh dear, this year is so cruel to musicians I admire.

      RIP Henry.

  5. Plant and Page in court today, a bit of plagiarism or Pagearism. But why now after all these years? Surely not for the money.

    Sorry off topic.


  6. Agree FEd is the best. How I wish, how I wish I could join you in Wroclaw and see these European dates. (Sorry…couldn’t resist).

    I know many of you are into your football, but hey, GO GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS!!! Especially after our San Jose Sharks lost the Stanley Cup to Pittsburgh. Blech!

    Shine On, Jill

  7. I don’t know if I will be able, for work reasons, to be in Wroclaw, I will know just a couple of days before the event. 🙁 I have to go with 3 of my friends, if I cannot be there I will be for sure in Wien for both nights, I will reach my friends there. So I hope for more information about broadcasting if it is possible to see it from Italy, maybe thru internet. Let us know FEd and dear Polish friends.

    I think it will be the same setlist of all European tour, isn’t it FEd?

    1. Well, we were wondering in the chatroom yesterday, considering some of the rumours and Polly’s Instagram photos from rehearsals. The Rattle That Lock album in full, maybe? ‘Echoes’ at Pompeii, perhaps? We’ll have to wait a little longer to find out…

      1. Nice pictures, I saw some changes on the stage, David in the center and choruses in the left side. It is very hard to understand what will change but we will see in a few days. 🙂 The only one clue is the bell, so High Hopes is still in the setlist. 😉

        FEd, did you see last Polly’s pictures about Brickman rehearsals? Where is Mr. Screen??!! Please don’t say we lost it.

  8. i’m thinking the broadcast will be live, joining after the intermission at the start of the second set…i just hope adverts don’t impact the tv broadcast and flow of the concert…my guess with approximate local polish times is – first set (not on the tv broadcast) from 8pm to 9:30pm, intermission 9:30pm to 9:45pm, live tv broadcast starts at the start of second set 9:45pm until end of encores at 11pm…followed by (likely pre taped) interview program 11pm to 11:30pm.

    1. On the official Wroclaw2016 website it is written that the beginning time of the concert is 21:30. The gates are open at 19:00. And it will end approximately at 01:00-2:30 (all local time).

      1. So if the concert is approximately 21:30 pm until 01:00 am and the live TV broadcast is only a 75 minute window (9:45-11 pm), then entire first set is shown until intermission, but possibly on a 15 minute delay to add in advert breaks between some songs? Either that or the concert starts slightly later at 21:45…anyone know if TVP2 ever live stream their TV channel on their website at

  9. There are a lot of useful practical information about the concert here (in Polish).

    If you click “Pokaż więcej” you can see a map with stage, sectors and entrances disposition.

    A group of fans from (including me) is going to be in Golden Circle. See you there. 🙂

    1. I hope you all have a really great time, Zuli. I’m sure you will.

      Thanks for the link.

    2. After a seven-hour+ car ride we (three Austrians and an Englishman) should arrive in Wroclaw. After a short recovery in the hotel we will search the Liberty Square! It would be nice to meet someone but I’m not sure about when we will be where. I still remember last year, when we met Zuli, The Girl In The Yellow Dress in Florence! 🙂

      1. Hi there

        Driving out from England Thursday, will be rocking Wroclaw Friday afternoon.

        Think this IS going to be a great concert night. Weather looks OK and warm.

        Catch up with you FLOYDIES if you wish.

        Good road
        Martin and Mel

  10. Sure enough just a week to go
    Driving out to Wroclaw Thursday – how crazy is that ???
    All for the love of rock n roll
    the celebration of life’s FLOYDIAN soundscape
    Mr Gilmour in Poland again
    sure it will match the PULA night and the great shows last year
    Anyone else on the road next week
    Look out for those G.B. plates


    Mel Giles

  11. Is there anybody out there, who will be travelling from Ukraine?

    Am in Odessa, will be going by train to L`viv, then by Polish train from Przemysl, hopefully.

    Any travelmate or a lift by car would be appreciated, thanks.

    Shine on!

  12. Thanks Vitor for your helpful document, it is very helpful and so kind of you!

    Have we any thoughts on a meeting place?

  13. It looks like both first and second half of the Polish June 25 show will be on Polish TV…first half of concert 21:45 to 23:00 on channel TVP2 (plus pre recorded interview program 23:00 to 23:30), and second half of concert is 23:10 to 00:45 on channel TVP Rozrywka.

  14. Some interesting pictures on Polly’s Instagram today!

    A clue to what one of the new songs will be was posted… One of These Days perhaps!??

    My Dad and I are setting off at 0530 tomorrow morning, cannot wait!

    Wroclaw here we come!

  15. Hi Fed. Great guy…

    Do you think we can get the poster of the concert at merch stalls? Cannot believe the production overlooks the importance of such memorabilia. See the Stones for example. One different poster for each night. Great idea. Anybody agree?

    See you there. Hope the Best.


  16. There is also going to be an after party at Klub Liverpool which is 5 minutes away from the concert venue just opposite Renoma shopping complex.

    Details (in Polish) here.

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