Meet-up: Wiesbaden

If you’ll be relaxing on the Bowling Green on 18th July, this is the place to let others know about it.

As always, I’m happy to pass on your e-mail address to fellow bloggers if you wish to arrange to meet but do not feel comfortable including this detail in your comment for all to see. Please let me know.

Here’s a virtual tour of the Bowling Green and neoclassical Kurhaus, which is now the city’s convention centre. Isn’t it lovely? I’m sure you’ll agree, tranquil and tree-lined, it looks like another splendid place for an outdoor concert in the summertime and yet more gentle, I hope, rattling of locks.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

18 thoughts on “Meet-up: Wiesbaden”

  1. True a nice place!

    Well I’m writing from nursery, I’ve just become…Comfortably Uncle. 🙂

    A new Gilmour fan is born ten minutes ago, his name is Lorenzo.


  2. Hey there,

    I’m new to the blog and to all that gravatar – stuff, so I hope it will work. 🙂

    Is anyone here driving back to Frankfurt after the concert and could give me a ride to Frankfurt Süd train station?

    I need to catch my train back home there that night and would be very glad if I could avoid public transport. 🙂

    Still 17 days remaining and I can hardly wait. 😉

  3. Waaaaales. The Final Wales vs. Iceland is still possible, how great is that?

  4. Is anyone here from Wiesbaden and can tell me where I could be parking? I don’t see any big space for cars around the Bowling Green.

    Thanks in advance. 😀

    1. Hi,

      Da gibt es nur dir herkömmlichen Innenstadtparkhäuser, u. a. befindet sich eins direkt unter dem Bowling Green. Ich weiß auch noch nicht, wie wir es mit dem Parken machen.

  5. FEd, do you think it might be possible to start the Wiesbaden show an hour later too?

    It would be better for the lightshow, but I can imagine that there are some restrictions on when the concert has to end.

    1. After today and this – Pink-Floyd-Star scheut Stuttgarter Sonne – I think it might well be possible, but I have received no official confirmation of the start time. As soon as I do, I’ll let you know.

      (I’m still waiting for Tienen’s, by the way. I think it will be 9.15pm, but will confirm this as soon as I am able to.)

        1. I’m sorry, Rolf. I’m still waiting for confirmation of that. Tienen is now a 9.30pm start, Nîmes and Arc-et-Senans will start at 9pm, so I’m feeling anxious on behalf of anyone with tickets to tonight’s concert. Certainly for those who have tickets for the last bus or train.

          Don’t panic. 8pm start tonight, as scheduled. No change to the start time for Wiesbaden.

          I repeat:

          For the avoidance of doubt, tonight’s concert in Wiesbaden still starts at 20:00, as planned. However, please note: the concerts in Nîmes and Arc-et-Senans will start at 21:00, Tienen at 21:30.

    2. I hope they don’t change the starting time.

      Because if they do, I will be in big trouble, as I live in Leipzig and need to catch the last train home right after the show. If I miss it, I’ll have to stay at the train station the whole night and wait for the first train in the morning, which I would like to avoid if possible. 😮

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