Meet-up: Vienna

Who will soon be off to Vienna, then?

Please feel free to make use of this space to suggest places to meet for a drink or bite to eat before the concert, to say where you’ll be staying, to offer anyone a lift if you’ll be driving in – that sort of thing.

Remember to specify which night you’ll be there, and if you aren’t comfortable putting your e-mail address or personal details online for all to see, I’m very happy to e-mail on your behalf. Please make this clear.

Not long to wait now…

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

14 thoughts on “Meet-up: Vienna”

  1. This is the one venue I would wish to be at … would have great personal relevance. The stars were not aligned and that’s fine because I had 3 mights of bliss in New York.

  2. I would be really glad to meet the fans I chat with sometimes. 🙂

    I will be in Vienna on Tuesday. Could you please inform me about the details of the meet-up event in an email? Thank you, see you in Vienna. 🙂

  3. I think Vienna will be a great Venue. I was trying to book for New Year but just can’t get flights.


    1. He can strike a dead ball from ridiculous range with great accuracy, that’s for sure. Hart should have saved that, though.

        1. If he had ‘torn down the wall’ he would have seen it earlier…

          Hopefully it means that both Wales and England can go through.

          1. I’ll settle for that. I’m just so happy that Wales are there and very proud. The prospect of another match after Monday’s is such a joyful one.

  4. Hi guys

    I’ll be in Wien with my wife from Sunday 26/06 morning. We still don’t know much about our visiting schedule apart from attending David’s show on Monday 27/07 evening. Therefore if anyone is going to set any meet-up before or even after the concert we’ll see if we can make it to join.

    Can any local guy give me some advice where to have late dinner and maybe spend same time in the night (dance?) before getting to the airport for our early return flight??

    I am so excited about the show which is going to be the first new full set with the new performers in the band (out of any TV broadcasting possible limitations on 25/06).

    And then Pompeii 7/7..

  5. Who of you knows at what time the show starts, on the ticket the time is 20.00 this means David starts to play at that time or they open gates? Just to know if I can see the match (Italy-Spain) too, it starts at 18.00.

    1. That’s a question I was asking myself, of course… Have you got any idea where to watch the match not too far from the venue??

  6. Vienna is indeed great for a music lovers like myself. I am always amazed by the many concert billboards on the way from the airport. I use, what is your experience, what would you recommend?

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