Meet-up: Rome

As you’ve seen this week, there will be a dedicated post for each of the European tour-stops to help, I hope, arrange a suitable place to meet with other fans who are lucky enough to be attending.

This one’s for the two nights in Rome on the 2nd and 3rd of July, which are fast approaching.

If you know Rome and can add anything helpful, I’m sure it would be greatly appreciated by all those visiting this beautiful city for the first time. Suggestions for a pre-show drink and snack are most welcome.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. I’m going to Pompeii rather than Rome but, having visited the Eternal City many times, I advise anyone that’s not visited before to contact the Vatican and arrange to visit the underground excavations. Little known but mind blowing – details here.

  2. Hello everybody!

    I’m from Rome and I’ll attend both concerts, so I’d be glad to meet the irregulars who’ll be there…

    I’ll think about a meeting point near Circus Maximus and I’ll let you know. If someone else has suggestions let’s write them down so we can help each other to find the best solution…

    Of course it’s a tourist area and there aren’t a lot of nice bars where to sit and have a drink, but we’ll find out one… 🙂

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    1. A terribly sad day. It seems that she really was one of the good ones, in politics to try to make the world a better place. Maybe the world could be a slightly better place if more of our elected representatives used their position to speak of loving our neighbours, not hating them.

      “Brexit” has brought out the worst in us, I’m ashamed to say.

  4. I come from Lisbon – Portugal.

    Visiting Rome for the first time and, despite the beauty and interest about Rome, my first feelings go to the amazing, out of this world, the sound that always makes me happy no matter what of David Gilmour – PF.

    Not knowing any place in Rome I welcome any idea as a meeting point.

    1. I am flying to Rome from San Francisco to see this. So yes! Let’s meet up. This is my first visit to Rome and I will be there for a few days.

      Please let me know where everyone is meeting up or pick a place. THANKS!

  5. I’ll fly to Rome despite the fact that I did not manage to secure a ticket. I plan to simply hang around and listen to the concert from outside the venue – it’s not much, but it’s more than I could have hoped for at the end of the last leg of the tour. I’ll follow the thread closely to spot any plans for a get-together. If you wish to reach me, I’ve already publicly shared my email in the Meet-up: Pompeii thread. 🙂

    See you all soon.

  6. For all the people who will attend the concerts: here is an article with all the infos. If you need some explanation in English I’d be happy to help.

    1. I’ve updated all the article with a full English translation. Hope it will help who comes from abroad.

        1. I’m happy to help the other fans, especially who comes from outside Italy and needs to know how to move in Rome (Rome’s public transportations are the worst in the whole world, so if you don’t know perfectly how to move you’re dead). I hope Pompeii’s infos will come soon as well. As soon as the local organizer will send out a press release with those informations I’ll write another article (both in Italian and English), and we’ll arrange the place for the meet-up. I’m working along with Francesco to make a nice and recognizable thing. We have a couple of ideas and we’ll let you know in the next days.

          Talking about Rome, it seems that we’ll be very few from the blog (despite the fact that the venue is one of the most iconic and beautiful places in the world), anyway we’ll try to meet both days. I’ll go to take a walk around Circus Maximus in the next days and will find out a bar near the entrance with some tables where to sit and drink some beers before the show.

  7. Rome is next.

    It’s hard to believe that three days from now I’ll be preparing to reach my seat at Circo Massimo, for my second meeting with David and his band (thank you for the unexpected help, Rob!). No meeting plans?

    There’s a lot of darkness in our world today and sometimes it may feel like there’s no hope. Miracles such as the one of being able to witness a concert you never though you’d see might not count that much when you think, for example, of what happened in Istanbul last night… However, I found myself listening to “In Any Tongue” as the news feed was filling with info and I have to say this made me feel there might still be a chance. We might still have a chance.

    I know David and his team go through a lot to get on stage every time – it used to be quite tricky for me, someone in his thirties “spared” from the pressure of a world tour and huge audiences. 🙂 If you get the chance, please thank David for us. He deserves so much more from us than applause…

    1. See you tomorrow Stefan in Pasta Chef.. I hear they sell good ale !!

      Can’t wait for this show. 😀

  8. FEd, for what you know… Do you think the concert will be delayed due to Italy-Germany? I’ve receving a lot of e-mails about concerts delayed at 23 or subjects to a date change to permit people to watch the match. I’m sure David won’t give a f**k about that, but you know how much Italians are addicted to football. I’m pretty sure that a lot of people will have his smartphone in hand during the whole concert to follow the results, and this would be a shame.

    1. I’d be very surprised indeed if there was any such delay because of the football. Can’t see that happening at all.

      1. I’d be surprised too but, you know, I receive mails from press agencies and promoters, and a concert has been delayed after the match, and they’ll transmit it on the megascreen, another one has been rescheduled to July 8th to permit people to go in the venue and see all together the match on the megascreen. It’s just crazy, I know. Ok, we’ll lose Saturday against Germany, so this isn’t out problem, but what if we go to final? It is on July 10th, during the first Verona’s concert…

        1. Hope that Italy won’t go to final!!!!!!!!!!!! …. Don’t touch this date and the concert…..!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. ‘I’m pretty sure that a lot of people will have his smartphone in hand during the whole concert’

      Me too, 🙂 like they did since the start of the tour!!! No surprises.

  9. Good morning, does someone know something about a ‘secret’ event in a Rome bookstore, tomorrow, with Polly and David and a ‘selected’ audience?

    Thank you…

  10. Yes, I know,

    It’s not secret because published on the 1Rosso site (the distributor of Polly’s books). You had to send an email to request…. but now it’s “Sold Out”…. you know …. the event is in a bookstore (no one knows where) there is the press people, VIPs, and small audience…… The presentation is for Polly’s book, is not sure about David presence… well at least they said…..

    1. The event will be in a “villa” on Appia Antica, and there will be also David. I don’t know the exact place, and unfortunately I won’t be there.

    2. It’s not what I found looking around the web, but it’s OK. Thank you.

      I wish I knew before, so I’ll be not one of that lucky guys, sadly.


      1. This is what I found out:

        “L’evento di venerdì 1 luglio si svolgerà davanti a una platea selezionatissima di 120 persone, tra giornalisti, blogger letterari e fan della coppia; il pubblico sarà ospitato in una location esclusiva e segreta, una villa glamour sull’antica Via Appia, e assisterà alla presentazione ufficiale del romanzo, oltre che a un dialogo a due voci, quella di Gilmour e di sua moglie, che avrà per tema il processo artistico e intellettuale che ha dato vita ai tanti successi musicali nati dal loro sodalizio.

        Seguirà un elegante aperitivo finger food curato da Cristal Catering.

        La serata è organizzata dalla casa editrice Unorosso e dallo staff di Satellite Libri e del Roma Secret Store, con la collaborazione dell’associazione culturale The Lunatics.”

        “The event of July 1st will take place in front of an exclusive parterre of 120 people, among journalists, literary bloggers and fan of the couple; the audience will be hosted in an exclusive and secret location, a glamour villa on the ancient Via Appia, and will assist at the novel’s official presentation, as well as a dialogue in two voices, that of Gilmour and his wife, whose theme will be the artistic and intellectual process that gave birth to the many musical achievements born from their partnership.

        Will follow an elegant finger food aperitif served by Cristal Catering.

        The event is organized by the publisher Unorosso and the staff of Satellite Libri and Roma Secret Store, with the collaboration of the cultural association The Lunatics.”

  11. OK, guys… we’re a couple of days away from the concerts and it’s time to organize the meet-up.

    Yesterday I went to see the works on the stage and they’re nearly completed, as you can see on Twitter and, of course, I went also to find out a place where we can go to have a drink or two before the concert.

    There are two bars just outside the Circo Massimo’s subway, so I think that we can meet in front of “Max Roma Caffè” (Viale Aventino, 20) at about 19:00 (it’s OK for you? too soon? too late?), so we have almost one hour to talk and have a drink together, and then we can go into the venue, which is just steps away. I’ll have green trousers and

    this t-shirt. Anyone who wants my phone can ask FEd for my mail and we’ll arrange, so if when you’re there you can’t find me or the place you can call me. If I know in advance how many we’ll be I can try to reserve a table, but I don’t know it this will be possible, in case I’ll let you know.

    I remind you that you can find all the informations about the public transportations, the closed roads, the entrances and so on here, also in English (I just updated the article with the list of the entrances depending on which sector you got the tickets).

  12. Thank you Andrea for all the information. I will be on 3rd of July Sunday, will there be a gathering on both days?

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