Meet-up: Pompeii

Here’s the big one. Who will be going to Pompeii? Remind us.

There have been so many comments about this historic return to the scene of arguably Pink Floyd’s finest moment, so you might want to check the previous entries, listed below, for those. I’d move them all here but that would only cause confusion, so please repeat yourself if you wish to make sure that you are heard.

More on Pompeii
So, Pompeii…

As before, if you don’t feel comfortable including your e-mail address in your comment for everybody to see, let me know and I will gladly e-mail it on your behalf if you tell me to whom you would like it sent.


  1. Taki

    I won’t be there but I’ll be have an eye on the internet for the set list and for information regarding video recording both nights…

    Less than 104 days until September 30th now. πŸ™‚

    • KenF

      I’m like you Taki, circumstances prevent me from making the sojourn to Pompeii, but I’ll be there in spirit. I’ll settle for being at RAH on September 30th as well.

      There’s bound to be another Irregular gathering at The Queens Arms for a pre-show hydration session. Look forward to meeting you and others there.

  2. DeadYankee

    I’ll be there with my brother on the Thursday. I think a meet up is inevitable as Pompeii is pretty small place! Really didn’t expect to be seeing David again after the RAH shows in September so this is an unexpected and thrilling bonus. Literally can’t wait.

    If anyone is looking for a taxi to pre-book to get them back to hotels along the coast then I recommend checking out the Friends of Sorrento website and dropping them an email. They will sort out a ride for you.

  3. SilverCheek

    I will be there on the Friday. I am travelling with my brother and we will spend the day looking at the historical site. We arrive in Naples (via Rome) on the 7th, staying the night there and going to Pompeii on Friday morning. The night after the show will be spent in a hotel close to the arena. Would love to meet up but it is of course also up to my brother. Therefore I will happily listen to suggestions and join in if it suits us. FEd has my email, should you need to contact me.

  4. Joseph

    I will be attending the first night with my girlfriend. I plan on holding out on looking at the setlist from the upcoming leg of this tour, until after Pompeii.

    • Joseph

      Also, does anyone know what time the gates open for entrance into the venue? I’ve searched everywhere, but cannot find an official answer. There is nothing on David’s website, or the ticket website/emails.

  5. Francesco

    I’ll be there on Friday and I’ll be glad to meet somebody of the blog! I’ll arrive early in the afternoon with the train, (I’m still trying to find a solution from Naples station to Pompei) then to the hotel (close to the excavations entrance), and I think quite soon I’ll go to make the queue to take the ticket. Yes, send an email to me through FEd (thank you so much for your time FEd) and we can share our contacts for messenger, Skype, or anything else.

  6. Damian Cunningham

    Well that’s it, I’ve gone and left my job, for reasons I wont divulge. I struggled with the thought of travelling to Pompeii but I am going to be one of the blog’s pilgrims. I will get there. If you see someone outside the gates selling Cornettos, please buy one, LOL.

    Kindest regards

  7. Andrew

    Yes. I am going and really looking forward to it. It should be quite an experience.

    I remember seeing PF outside in a stadium for the Division Bell tour. That was fantastic but that was also 50,000 people or so. This will be just a few thousand.

    I also remember the first time I watched the Pompeii video thinking how cool is that. And now I will actually be on the same hallowed ground experienced live. Awesome.

    I have connected with US Michelle and I know she and I will be pleased to join up with other Irregulars. We will just need to know where as we are not familiar with the area. So let us know as we will be in the area both nights.


  8. Richard

    Going both nights. David won’t come to Australia so I am coming to him. And what a place to see him for the first time in 28 years.

  9. ore

    I will be there on the first night, I live close (70km) to Pompei so if I can help somebody in any way I will be glad to do it.

    This will be “The Concert”. I have two tickets and I don’t know yet how of my family will join me, I will test them in Rome, :-)) first concert for all of them and for one on them there will be the second…..I will let you know who will be the winner. πŸ™‚

  10. Cesar

    I’ll be there with my wife for night 2. We rarely travel alone, so I’m not sure if she’ll like to meet some other David freaks like me, but I’ll try.

    We’re landing in Rome in the morning and driving south to Pompeii. My expectation would be to arrive on time to listen to the sound check from outside the venue. I’m wondering though how close to the amphitheater we could get if we buy the regular day ticket to the site. I would also like to know which door will be used to enter the gig and if those already in the ruins would be able to access directly.
    We’ve been there before and don’t know if my wife will be willing to pay for the ticket to spend the afternoon over there.

    I can share my email or, FEd, you can also share it for me.

    • Deadyankee

      It is almost certainly going to be the dedicated amphitheatre entrance for the gig and, no, I think there’s no chance of any other route into the show. Logistically that would surely be impossible.

  11. Hannouresk

    Off topic: a big hurra for Paul McCartney who is 74 years old today and is currently on a great tour again.

    Wish all who are so lucky to see David Gilmour in Pompeii great concerts. πŸ™‚

  12. Emilio

    How I wish I was there. Will be ten years since Syd’s gone.

    Enjoy everyone, my sadness is real because Pompeii is very close to my hometown! Only one word can describe this concert : History.


  13. Jdubs77

    My wife and I will be going to the Friday show and I can’t wait. Haven’t been able to really get much info on the show other than general admission on the floor of the amphitheater. Any additional info is appreciated.

    Is it weird I have been listening to Echoes just about every day? Ha!

  14. Richard Allen

    Hi everyone. I will be there on the Friday. I will be with my son and 2 other friends, we have no plans at the moment.

    It is my birthday on the Friday, so I will be celebrating my birthday whilst watching David play at Pompeii, could not think of a better place to be.


  15. Stefan

    Hello all!

    I’m landing in Naples the morning of the 8th, I’ll be staying at Hotel Pompeii Ruins and I’m flying back to Romania on the 10th. I’ll keep an eye on the thread and we’ll see how things develop.

    If you want to get in touch, don’t be shy: stefan.tivodar @ gmail . com πŸ™‚

  16. Bill Chow

    Going to the July 7 show, I am staying in Naples very close to the train station. Need a ride to the show and back, would be nice to meet fellow fans before the show, I am coming from Toronto, Canada.

    • Luigi

      In the morning take the train to Pompei, it’s quite cheap. I booked a B&B in Pompei for the night.

    • FabrizioR

      I will be attending to the July 7th show as well, let’s meet up!! Drop me a line at bianchouk at

    • ash

      Bill, see my answer to Tom below, you might be interested in the trains too. πŸ™‚

  17. Amedeo

    My wife and I will be attending the night of July 8. I can’t express how excited I am for this. I always wanted to return to Naples, I was there when I was 15 many moons ago and it is where my father grew up. I always said that when I returned, I would go to the Amphitheater in Pompeii just because of Pink Floyd, and the fact that I can go and see David there, words just can’t describe.

    Thank you so much David and FEd for this opportunity. I will stay posted for a meet up place when one is chosen. Can’t wait.

  18. frank

    That is going to be history.

    As a side note also FEd, the word here in Canada is that the Tragically Hip are going to play the last tour gig in their home town this summer; Kingston Ontario. I mention this because there are so many fans missing out on this tour because of selfish greedy a-holes to make the almighty buck. CBC has offered to let us see it live for everyone. That’s class.

    I wish everyone best wishes for Pompeii, you lucky fans. What a great summer.

    Also heard Eric Clapton is retiring due to health issues. He would be a great guest in Italy wouldn’t he? TY.

  19. Steve

    Two of us are traveling from London on the morning of the 8th July for the concert in the evening and it would be great to meet up with some like-minded people for some pre-show beers. Not sure the Albert Hall in September is going to feel quite the same after Pompeii.

    Not sure you will be able to answer this question Fed but thought it may be worth asking. Do our wrist bands enable entry to the whole Pompeii site or just the concert venue as we are keen to have a look around as we arrive early on the Friday morning ?


  20. Guilherme


    Really looking forward for this show. Would be nice to know a bit more, if there will be special guests, or just the regular setlist of the tour.

    Anyways, I will attend the Friday concert, I will leave Friday midday from Berlin get to Pompeii and stay there till the show. I have no hotel booked, so any help is more than welcome. In case I don’t get a place to stay, my idea is to wander in Pompeii till I get a train to go to Napoli, and them fly back to Berlin around 10am. Anybody has a similar plan? Going to Pompeii without hotel booked?

    Would be nice to meet you guys!

  21. asilorepublic (Andrea)

    I’ll be there, and it would be so cool to see the concert all together… It would be historical just as the concert is.

    I’ve never been to Pompeii so I don’t know how is the area and where we can meet, but we have to live it together for sure.

      • asilorepublic (Andrea)

        Sorry, I didn’t mention it…

        I’ll be at the second concert, Friday the 8th.

        • Francesco

          Me too! If you want we can meet up, perhaps with also other guys.

          Fed, could you please share my email to Andrea and vice versa? Thank you so much!

  22. JC_2410

    Hi FEd,

    I just wanted to remind you that myself and my good friend Sarah Jane (affectionately known as Sweetpea), will be attending David’s little bash over in Pompeii and are actually shaking with excitement; so please do excuse my wonky handwriting. πŸ™‚ I don’t mind fellow bloggers knowing my e-mail address, as we must all meet up for this one off spectacular event! So please feel free to expose me, especially to Ash and Damian Cunningham; so we can congregate for calming, pre-gig beers! Sweetpea and I are staying at a place called the Villa Ketty Resort, which has been described as “heaven on earth” on TripAdvisor! (Check it out, it looks amazing!) It’s situated in the Campania region, about 40km from Naples, 12km from Sorrento and 17km from Pompeii.

    Also FEd I have a long shot, respectful request; based on the reasoning that “If you don’t ask, you don’t get”! When in Pompeii, would it be a possible for Sweetpea and I to meet David to say hello and shake his hand? A refusal will in no way offend and be fully understood!

    One final idea for consideration in praise of loyal bloggers. When David’s tour closes at the RAH in September and after David’s had chance to catch up with family and put his feet up! Would David kindly consider a one off special thank you concert exclusively for bloggers; with proceeds of tickets sales going to various charities?

    It’s great to have a wish list FEd, we can all have dreams, some of which can sometimes come true?

    Shine on……
    John πŸ™‚

    P.S. Wouldn’t a Mexican wave around the Amphitheatre be great, especially if England, Wales or Italy were anywhere near the Euro 2016 final on Sunday 10th!

    • FEd

      When in Pompeii, would it be a possible for Sweetpea and I to meet David to say hello and shake his hand? A refusal will in no way offend and be fully understood!

      I’m afraid I can’t make that dream come true, as lovely as it would be.

      I wish you both a wonderful, memorable time; I’m sure it will be this and much, much more.

      • TW

        Imagine how many comments would appear on this page, if you said you could arrange a meet and greet. πŸ˜‰

  23. Damian Cunningham

    There is a fabulous Family photo on Pink Floyd Music. To celebrate Fathers Day at the Gilmour home.

    Does not matter who you are or where you come from, Family is everything.


  24. Damian Cunningham

    Seems my flight time has been changed. Flying from the greatest city, the one and only Liverpool John Lennon Airport, but now leaving at 17.05. Really!! 4 hours to Naples, is it a glider? Anyhow really messed up my schedule, I’m not the world’s best when it comes to organisation, anyone else on this flight? Gets in at around 21.00.

    Sorry to mess folk around when offering a lift but if you’re in Naples same time as me we can meet and just share a cab or something. Email me if you have my address and coming back we could just get a cab or something.


  25. asilorepublic (Andrea)

    I’ve read down all the comments, and I want to say just one thing: WOW!

    That’s incredible: people from all over the world (literally, from Australia to America) will come to Pompeii for a concert which is already written in history. It’s strange thinking about how David and his music keep us together from any place on Earth, and in these years we’ve created a real family, and I’m so happy about this.

    It would be nice to have a t-shirt to recognize ourselves and see the concert all together, but unfortunately the logistics would be a big problem and fortunately the time for the concert is running down…

    For what concerns the meeting point: I’ve never been to Pompeii, so I don’t know the ruins zone and unfortunately we still don’t know how the concert area will be organized. I have few ideas, but I don’t know if they’re good, so please share all your thinkings about a way to meet and recognize ourselves so that it will be easier… I was thinking about a place inside the concert area (as soon as we’ll have a map) at a certain time and, in addiction to this, to better find each other, maybe would be nice to wear a t-shirt of the same colour. If you have other write them down so we can arrange the meeting. We’ll be a lot of people, for an historical concert, and this we’ll be a once-in-a-lifetime occasion to live it all together, just like a family: the Irregular’s family.

    For everyone who wants to get in touch with me, FEd has my mail.

    • Deadyankee

      The Pompeii Ruins site-map can be downloaded here. It seems fairly nailed-on certain that the entrance to the show will be via the Amphitheatre Entrance which is at the bottom right-hand corner of the map.

    • Damian Cunningham

      Hi Andrea

      can you change your photo? I can’t take your comments seriously and I’m concerned your mum and dad are letting you travel all that way on your own.


      • asilorepublic (Andrea)

        In effect it’s just like you said…

        I have to thank my parents for letting me travel alone across the world for seeing David’s concerts… πŸ™‚

  26. Elena Gentilini

    Dear all,

    Please read here, it’s important!

    Here are some recommendations, suggestions and tips (and some warnings) for those who are attending Pompeii’s concerts.

    I will be attending the 8 July concert and I have unfortunately experienced a few annoyances I would like fans coming from abroad (especially those coming from far away countries) to avoid.

    1) Be careful with the accommodation you have booked. The hosts are raising the prices and are doubling them even if you have a booking confirmation, at the last moment, so you are forced to accept the double price. Print the confirmation and in case you have already paid print the evidence.

    2) Be careful with public transportation: Trenitalia (official railways line) is having maintenance problems on the line Napoli-Pompei so diversions or sudden stops could occur, especially if you are running out of time, so you should be forced to take taxis (public or private) who will charge you a fortune illegally and with no hesitation. Also, try to avoid the line Napoli-Pompei, calling at Salerno, which is considered dangerous for pickpocketing and minor criminal acts.

    3) You can reach Pompeii, from Naples, via the Circumvesuviana. It’s safer and brings you to Pompeii (direction Sorrento) town centre, near the Santuario. You can take it from the Garibaldi underground station, just outside and opposite the railways station (not from inside the Railways Station). You can buy tickets at the place but the desk closes at 8.00pm. so check online in advance the opening time.

    In any case, verify carefully any booking, arrangement or transport option before departure (bring any evidence with you on paper) and try to be plenty of time to reach Pompeii because every unexpected issue/mistake/misunderstanding could be insanely costly and charged by locals.

    Sorry to warn you but I don’t like the idea that such an event could be spoiled by some ‘bad habit’ πŸ™‚ we are aware of.

    Thanks for your attention,

      • Elena Gentilini

        It’s OK, FEd. I will be in Pompeii both days so I am looking forward to meet up with fans like me, from all over the world! I’ll keep an eye here to know where I could find them! Pompeii will be flooded with a wonderful mix of people attracted by the same passion!

      • Bill Chow

        Hey Fed, can you pass along my email to fellow concert goers on your blog here. Can’t believe this historic concert is around the corner now, would be cool to meet up with other fans like myself. Thank you!

        • FEd

          If anyone requests your address now, Bill, I will provide it (and you will see their comment here so will know to expect an e-mail shortly); I won’t send it to a long list of bloggers.

          Likewise, if you wish for me to send your address to a specific person, I’m happy to do that.

    • SilverCheek

      Thank you Elena!

      #1 applies to just Pompeii hotels or Naples also?

      • Elena Gentilini

        Hello SilverCheek, I have experienced the hotel issue in Pompei. Don’t know as for Naples.

  27. Ore

    Dear Elena and dear all,

    I don’t know if I have to laugh or to cry reading this comment! It is absolutely hilarious and I read to my wife as well, we have a small b&b in south Italy, about 1 hour from Pompei, so we work with tourists and we know tourists!!!! Fortunately all our guests are quite “educated” and don’t believe in this cliche, legends… Or I don’t know how else to call it!!!

    1) about accommodations, Pompei is the most visited city IN THE WORLD, so I think this says it all, it has millions of visitors every single day all year around, so it does not see tourists only when Gilmour comes!!! And even if it was truth, is absolutely common, when the Pope has a speech in a certain city in the world or Coldplay has a concert in Barcelona or or or…… Hotels raise prices for that particular event, in the same way prices vary according to season, high season, low season… The price are settled by the request, it is worldwide common!!!

    2) Trenitalia has a bad name between Italians but actually foreigners are very impressed by punctuality and service, sometimes we have strikes or maintenance but hey, raise the hand who lives in a country that doesn’t. When you have an appointment, a plane to catch or similar, you should always leave in advance, either if you go by public transportation or car or foot or bike, right??? And about pickpockets, I will repeat myself, Napoli, Salerno and south Italy general are not more dangerous than any other tourist place, tourists are easy catch everywhere and you should be careful at your luggage and bags, I think is very superficial to point this out!

    Maybe you think you are in an episode of the famous serie “GOMORRA” but then you should be careful also at guns, mafia bosses with Kalashnikovs in the middle of the street.

    As I said, fortunately people that believe this legends are very few, people are used to travel and know issues/misunderstandings/mistakes exists everywhere in the world and passing over this “ignorance” actually enjoy when they are in a beautiful place like Pompeii… Napoli… South Italy.

    FEd, before thanking for comments like this, please read it carefully!!!!

    • FEd

      To be fair, I didn’t read it quite the same way as you did. Of course the points raised do not apply only to Pompeii, Napoli or Italy. But, having seen so many comments from people who bought concert tickets before even checking that they can make the necessary travel arrangements, any advice from locals is particularly appreciated. As is a reminder for anyone travelling anywhere to be careful and sensible when in unfamiliar surroundings where you might not speak the local language.

    • Andrew

      Regarding the hotels in Pompeii, I don’t disagree that from a business perspective there are opportunistic situations. However, it does not seem right that if you already made a commitment on a price, to then renege on that agreement and demand more. Further, while I can accept an increase in price due to the event, it really feels like there is a bit too much greed for the situation. In some cases hotels not only doubled their daily rate but tripled or even quadrupled it.

      It’s a little concerning that if this is the approach to hotels, what will it be like for other aspects such as restaurants, taxis, etc.

      I am reading a lot of really nice things about the local folks in Pompeii, I just hope that greed does not take hold for those several days.


  28. Damian Cunningham

    Well I’ve just gone and booked a car and driver. My flight gets in about 9pm if anyone’s around for a lift. My flight back leaves around 10.40am so I have the car for that return. I reckon I can give a lift for two people maybe three. I understand Ash and daughter may need a lift back, that’s if they are heading to Naples airport that morning, so I would prioritise for them if they’re OK with that.

    Kind regards

    PS Some really funky renditions of Rattle that Lock.

    • ash

      Thank you Damian, that’s really kind of you. πŸ˜€

      We’re flying home on 10th. I’ll buy you a beer though. πŸ˜€


      • Damian Cunningham

        Oh yes, that’s great. I hear you can only get 5 litre sized glasses in Pompeii. Hope that’s OK Ash.


          • Itay

            Hey there Damian πŸ™‚

            I’m new to this blog, stumbled upon it trying to figure out a way back to Naples between the 7th and 8th (meaning, after the 7th which I will be attending).

            Is there room for one more excited yet kind of stressed fan on your ride?

            Many thanks!!


  29. Runlikehell

    Hello FEd, it’s good too see you, have you got an exclusive Pompeii scoop for us yet? πŸ˜€

    I’ll be at the Legendary show on the 7th, the opening night, 45 years since Floyd played there, and The Great Syd Barrett’s 10th anniversary right to the day! What a concert it’s gonna be. I’m flying over from Scotland. Our secret is out, we didn’t want to qualify for the Euros we all booked tickets to see David Gilmour instead. πŸ˜›

    Rumours have it “One Of These Days” will be performed at Pompeii, do you think we’ll see some Pigs too?

    I wish everyone travelling a safe journey and Let’s Make Music History, People!!

  30. Roman

    Is there anybody out there going from Naples to Verona on the 10th or 11th ? Am not sure how I will travel, train or plane is possible. Don`t have a car.

  31. Tom


    I will attend the concert on Thursday and would be very happy to meet up with other fans of the music for some chat and/or beer afterwards! Drop me a mail (through FEd first). I will lookup what the name of my hotel is…

      • asilorepublic (Andrea)

        …me! I’ll stay there!! But I’ll arrive on Friday ’cause I’m going to the second concert…

  32. lee painting

    Hello, first time on me own for a Gilmour gig, wife’s in Australia so she’s left me to my own devices, so I ended up getting a Pompeii ticket, flying out from Birmingham on the 8th. Just wondered if any Floyd fans would be having a couple of vinos before the gig.

    Thanks in advance


    • Steven Green

      Hi all,

      two of us are flying in on the 8th from London and have all day before the concert that evening. It would be great to meet up with others before and after for beers. Happy to share my email address with others via Fed?


      • lee painting

        Hiya Steve … flying in from Birmingham on the 8th, have all day for a beer or 2 … the wife’s in Australia, so I’m on me own which will be a bit strange as we always go to gigs together. If you want to meet up, have a few beers before or after, as I do like beer you can email me or Facebook.

        Looking forward to a great gig in Pompeii.

  33. Damian Cunningham

    Well, much anticipation and excitement for Pompeii. But then there’s the M6. Nooooooooooo!


  34. Maya

    I’d love to meet up with fellow fans in Pompeii. I’m leaving two weeks from today. The first show will be two weeks away once the UK wakes up Thursday. I arrive in Naples at 11:30 on July 7th. I’m staying at a hotel that should be about a block away from the entrance of the Anfiteatro Scavi di Pompei.

    For those of you traveling in from the States, don’t forget your 3-prong power adaptors! Or even 2-prong in case you’re staying at an older hotel which may or may not have grounded circuits.

    I can’t even wrap my mind around this opportunity/experience. We’re all so lucky. I’ve been crying tears of joy every time I think of this. Gilmour is going to melt my face off in Pompei. I’m so very grateful.

    Please feel free to email me through FEd.

  35. Amedeo

    There is a pub just around the corner from my hotel called “The British Pub”. It’s apparently a five minute walk from the entrance to the excavation site where the Amphitheater is, and is located on Via Sacra. The name sounds welcoming and I am curious as to why it’s named that. I guess I will find out possibly before the show, but definitely after. It is at least one option with a good title as I am not familiar with the area.

    Hope to see some folks there and chat about what is sure to be a great show. I am attending the July 8th show with my wife.

    Cheers to all.

  36. Tom

    I could need some suggestions on how to go from Naples Airport to/from Pompei.

    How much does a taxi cost for the trip (approx. 30km)? I need to find my way from Pompei to the Airport very early in the morning of the 8th so any hints on how to do that would be much appreciated (I need to be at the airport at around 7 in the morning).

    • Michelle

      Hi Tom – I used The ride is pricey but they were a bit cheaper than other companies and they are pretty much world-wide and well-reviewed. Alternatively, you can go to and click the “Things to Do” link once you enter your destination. They have shared shuttles available that are very reasonable but there are restrictions on size/number of bags. Hope this helps!

    • ash

      Hello Tom,

      You can get the Metropolitano train, run by Trenitalia from Naples Garibaldi train station and back again early on the 8th.

      Here is a map of Naples – if you scroll upwards and to the right, you can see where the airport is. Maybe you could get a taxi to the station ?

      The train station you want in Pompeii is the one nearest the Amphitheatre (NOT SCAVI) on this map – look for Via Sacra, see a traffic roundabout, enlarge that section of the map, the train station you want to catch an early train back to Naples, is this one.

      However, I read somewhere that there is a bus service from Capadochino Airport to Pompeii. Sorry, you’ll have to research that. πŸ™‚

      Hope this helps.

  37. Deadyankee

    Gosh. The cost of attending this show just rocketed for anyone from the UK. Weird times.

  38. Deadyankee

    Can’t wait for the show…can we make some sort of pact before we all head to Pompeii? Let’s not all spend the whole EXPERIENCE trying to film the show on our phones thereby killing the atmosphere and resulting in hundreds of wobbly, useless footage that ‘proves’ we were there. Sure grab some quick snaps but don’t spend the whole show trying to capture it. It’s being filmed so the footage is already being captured better than you can do it and, personally, I’ll be mortified to be at a show that’s captured for the record showing the audience doing nothing but hold phones in the air like chimps.

    • Shawn P. Diffley

      May all who enter heed your plea!!!!!!!!!! Are you at Citi Field this weekend? Just a hunch. Getting psyched for the 7th. Leaving out of Boston on the 3rd. Snap and tuck those phones…

    • Lorenzo

      I totally agree with you and I can tell you the audience in Wien did it continuously throughout the concert I attended on 27/06.

      It was really disturbing and the stewards did quite nothing to stop or prevent it.

      I do hope that in Pompei this bad attitude will be deeply limited by the selection of the audience due to the cost of the ticket and the location not too cheap to be reached.

      And I trust staff members will be rude enough to stop that anyway… Won’t they, FEd??

      • FEd

        I hope they will, but I understand why they are sometimes reluctant to step in and confront people in the audience. Perhaps the combination of sunshine and beer will make it harder for them to do so?

        • Lorenzo

          So let’s trust the power of Pompeiian beer… but also of the staff members this time.

          It will be such an historic event so please do whatever is needed to have people behave in the correct way.

          Maybe some gladiators among the audience would know how to make this commitment totally respected…!

    • Khaled

      Hi ‘Deadyankee’

      I second your point on please do not just film the concert and forget living the moment. It was so annoying in Rome when everyone around me did that.

  39. Riccardo Tripli

    Hi everybody.. I’ll be in Pompeii for the first night. My wife cannot attend the concert anymore, so if somebody needs a ticket, I would sell my wife’s one at the original price of €370,00 and of course we have to meet the day of the concert.

    Kind regards
    Riccardo from Palermo – ITALY

    • Andrew


      Would you be interested in a swap? I have an extra ticket for Friday as the person I was going with cancelled on me. I will be in Pompeii starting Wednesday and would love to attend Thursday and you will then be able to attend Friday as well.

      This offer stands for anyone who has an extra ticket for Thursday and would like to trade for a Friday ticket.

      Let me know, FEd has my contact info.


      PS – Ironically the person I was originally going with is named Ricardo.

      • Riccardo

        It would have been a great idea, but my flight to come back home is booked for Friday evening.. Let me try to see if they can change my booking.. I’ll let you know.

        • Andrew


          Sounds great, let me know.

          FEd can send you my email info.


  40. Luigi

    Hi, we are two Friends from Sicily, Luigi and Nicola. We are going to see the first night. We will be happy to meet other Friends who came from other country, especially if they are women. We think to arrive in Pompei in the morning, take accommodation in hotel, then eating and relaxing before the show.

    Ask Fed for my e mail.

  41. Assaf Y

    So excited !

    I’m arriving in Rome with my wife for a few days, and I’m going to the concert alone (after attending with her the RAH back in September).

    I’ll be driving from central Rome, for the first night.

    I plan to leave Rome late morning with a rented car, and drive back to Rome right after the show.

    If anyone wants to join and share the drive, that would be cool.

    FED, feel free to pass my email to anyone who show interest.


    • Bill Chow

      Hi Assaf Y, please have Fed forward you my email. I need a ride to the show and back. I am staying at a centrally located hotel in Central Naples 400 yards from the main train station. My ticket is for July 7, can’t believe it’s next week.

      Thank you!

    • Itay

      Hey Assaf! My name’s Itay, I’m going to the show on the 7th and have to figure out a way back to Naples where I’m staying.

      Any chance for a ride? (Tremp) πŸ˜‰

      Would happily participate in the cost, goes without saying.

      Please let me know!


  42. Andrew


    Do you know if both nights at Pompeii are sold out? TicketOne shows tickets are not available.

    Since I sit with an extra ticket for DG at Pompeii on Friday night, I would love to trade with anyone my one extra ticket for Friday for a ticket to Thursday. Especially if Thursday is sold out. I don’t want to deal with touts nor do I want to be one.


      • asilorepublic (Andrea)

        At this moment on TicketOne there are still some tickets for Rome’s second date and Pompeii’s first date: here.

        • Andrew

          I don’t see that, when I click on the link it shows Not Available for all dates.

          Unfortunately, I can’t buy another ticket for Thursday as I already have two in hand for Friday and can only use one of them.


  43. Maya

    I’m leaving a week from today. Denver, CO to Pompeii. It’s surreal to me. How did I get so lucky? (The answer to that is FEd, thank you a million times over FEd.)

    Have I mentioned I flunked my last semester my senior year in college? I saw a teeny tiny classified ad in the newspaper on the first morning of classes for that semester that said, “Pink Floyd Tickets”. So I left campus immediately, drove straight to the ticket broker, handed over ALL my money and could no longer go to class because I needed two jobs to support my travel expenses. My professors were appalled. When they asked me why I would do something like this, I told them, “School will still be there next year. Pink Floyd will not.” I graduated in ’95 instead of ’94. I’m still not sorry. It’s 22 years later.

    Pompeii is kind of like that. I’m a Realtor, so summer is totally my busy season. I’m spending just one extra day in Pompeii not at the show, instead of taking a (normal person) two week holiday in Italy. My reasoning is, “Italy will still be there, but David Gilmour will not.”

    Some things never change.

    • Riccardo

      Sooo cool…. you gotta be a very smart woman Maya! Have a real good trip to Pompeii.

  44. Deepak Rao

    Hi all,

    I will be at both the shows on 7th and 8th. Arriving from India on the 6th and staying put in Pompeii till the 9th – would love to meet up with as many of you as possible as I’m travelling alone. My email is raodeepak at gmail.

    Can’t wait for this, should be something else!


  45. Damian Cunningham

    A bit of advice for fellow pilgrims to Pompeii and beyond.

    As I’m a bit of a dopey so-and-so and gets easily flustered when inundated with documents and online stuff, may I suggest folk make 2 copies of any documents needed. I know we have them on our phones and laptops now, but you just never know. I’m keeping copies of all my paperwork in a safe pocket. Well, you never know, imagine looking for your docs for the entrance ticket and you’ve lost ’em or your bag don’t show up. Just a thought from a born worrier.

    I’ll mention again my flight into Pompeii gets in Naples around 9pm from Liverpool. If you’re stuck I will gladly share my ride.

    Kind regards

  46. Maya

    FEd, do we know yet if there will be chairs inside the anfiteatro? Or will it be all standing room?

      • ash

        PICNIC BLANKET ! We can all sit on the ground, a picnic blanket is so easy to take with you.

      • Khaled


        I came with my mother from Jordan just for this! My mother (who is an athlete) had a spinal fusion surgery and cannot stand for 3 hours. Therefore I brought a portable chair for her. Question is how can I ensure they will let me take the chair with me inside? In Rome they were very particular as they would not let me take the selfie stick (for iPhone) inside because “it could be used as a weapon”.

        • FEd

          Unfortunately this is a real concern for the staff, Khaled. They usually keep the lids from plastic bottles for the same reason.

          All you can do is explain yourself and hope they are reasonable and understanding.

  47. Maya

    Oh! And a quick recap on the documents needed. I have:

    Receipt from
    Receipt from PayPal
    Credit Card used to purchase
    ID. Passport and my drivers license

    Do I still need to bring a piece of mail to show further proof of address? Am I missing anything?

  48. Vinicius


    Hi FEd, I will arrive in Pompeii in the Friday for the day’s gig. I am finishing my planning now and need to take some decisions on my logistic. When we will be able to know the hour that the place where to get the tickets will be open?

    This is such a precious information to me, as I will only have the chance to arrive in Pompeii very few hours before the gig itself, and right after a long journey across the ocean. Please, please, please, share this info with us!


      • Alex

        When I bought the ticket, I read that the tickets will be available from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. only for the day of the concert (7 July for the concert of 7 July, 8 July for the concert of 8 July).

  49. Lizzy

    I saw a photo of the stage being built in Pompeii! (I don’t think I can share that here, can I FEd?) Anyone else getting nervous already?

    • Emilio

      Seen on Facebook. I’d leave it ‘transparent’.

      Have a nice chat everyone. Can FEd please say hello to all from me?


  50. Cesar

    In just one week from now I’ll be driving from Rome towards Pompeii! I’ve done the online check-in for my flight and printed all the required documents. Time will surely fly until next Friday.

    Scenario is being built up already in the Amphitheatre, there’s even one pic on the web. It looks huge!

  51. Rino

    The ticket office will open at 10-10.30 a.m. You’ll receive the ticket and a bracelet, you need BOTH to enter in the Arena.

    The Arena will open at 5.30 p.m. but this is not sure…..

    • Rino

      Little add …. the ticket office will be open from 10.00 am to 20.00 pm in the day of the concert.

  52. Ed Morris

    Hello everyone!

    Well, I am flying out of Stanstead on Wednesday morning 6am and arriving in Naples at 9:45 in the morning. Then heading for Pompeii via the train to where my hotel is. I am going to the Thursday evening gig… so if anyone fancies meeting up….. please do get in touch…

    At the moment I am Comfortably Numb with excitement.

  53. Peter Becker

    Attending the first night …. anyone want to meet up?

    pjpb1999 at


  54. Jdubs77

    Flying into Naples Friday afternoon for the show that night. Please share my email address to anyone who would like to meet up pre game.

  55. Rob Hulford

    Does anyone have details on the train from Naples to Pompeii, maybe a link for timings / line and prices? Would be most helpful. Arriving in Naples at 9.30AM Thursday morning.


    • Deadyankee

      If you want to get to the Pompeii gig (I’ve ancient Pompeii) then get a bus from the airport to Garibaldi Station and take the Circumvesuviana train heading towards Sorrento to Pompeii Villa Dei Misteri. The trains run regularly from morning to late evening.

      If you need to get into the modern town of Pompei for a hotel then you take a mainline train from Garibaldi to Pompei. This will probably be a train that terminates at Salerno. Times and prices/pre-booking via the Trenitalia website.

  56. Lorenzo

    So FEd, you’re in the semifinals…! Can you believe that’s true??

    We have to wait one more day and keep our fingers crossed…

      • Lorenzo

        I wish I could keep on smiling too about football as I woke up today but I can’t anymore.

        Now I’m just looking forward to History and Music on 7/7.

        I am sure nobody will forget that night.

          • Lorenzo

            I know that even if I am somehow vaccinated as I experienced losing a World Cup and a Champions League (attending it) by penalties..

  57. Mr Floyd

    My brother and I are coming from Tel Aviv Israel, we are very excited.

    Do you think that Waters, Mason will join the show?

      • Deadyankee

        This calls for a competition. What’s the furthest you’ve travelled only to to be disappointed. England fans disqualified.

    • Assaf Y

      Hey Mr. Floyd,

      I’m flying from TLV as well. Which of the gigs are you attending? Are you staying in Pompeii?

      FEd, kindly pass my email to Mr. Floyd.


  58. Cesar

    Uhmm, we should have done some davidgilmourblog T-shirts for the event. Black or white T-shirts with the wireman in the opposite color on their front (plus The Blog below) and the iconic Pompeii columns (the ones used in Live in Pompeii) on the back. And a very simple text reading David Gilmour – Pompeii 2016. We could have even made a nice group picture for FEd. πŸ˜‰

    • asilorepublic (Andrea)

      We’ll made a nice group picture for FEd too, trust me… πŸ˜‰

    • Stefan

      I would be up for that. If you decide to do it, please reserve a white L T-shirt for me. πŸ™‚

      • asilorepublic (Andrea)

        no t-shirts, but you’ll see on friday and I’ll tell more in the next days…

  59. Damian Cunningham

    Pompeii 8th/9th July – 31 to 33 degrees. Phew, lots of ice cold beer methinks.


      • Rino

        FEd… you have a email………woowww….. can’t wait for Verona ……. luckily there won’t be Italy in final!!!!

      • Damian cunningham

        Peroni mmm, I’m sat there now in the square, people watching, waiting for the moment in Music History.


  60. Damian Cunningham

    Hi all, totally off.

    Any Seal fans on here? Well, he was performing in Manchester. He was walking round the city during the day and discovered a girl playing guitar and singing with this fabulous voice. He did a duet of I Shot the Sheriff with her, then later at the Bridgewater she came on and did a song. Have a look on his FB page, her name is Poppy from Brighton. It will warm the cockles of your heart just like David in Venice with the wine glass chappy.


  61. Deepak Rao

    Hi Fed, do you have any insight into what merchandise will be available and approx cost?


  62. ash

    I saw him last week Damian.

    He puts on a great show and his voice is so good. His light show was pretty spectacular too ! BRIGHT ! ! ! When they started playing Crazy, the crowd let out a cheer and jumped to their feet straight away from the sheer energy of such a start and they stayed on their feet until several songs later when Seal sat down a sang a slower, calmer song, Sara Smile an old Hall and Oates song which he made all his own. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the information, I looked at his FB page and listened to Poppy, what a great thing for Seal to do, singing impromptu in the street with her. Her voice and style are lovely.

    Don’t know if people remember David and Seal performing Hey Joe together?


  63. Damian cunningham

    Just been doing some last minute shopping. I went to pay and Money was playing loudly, very surreal. Two assistants were at the till. I said to the girl, ‘Great taste in music,’ she said, ‘Who is it?’ The lad assistant turned to her and said, ‘You don’t know Pink Floyd? 60s onwards, progressive rock band. Shame on you.’ He must have been all of 23.

    So I have everything for the trip. Mosquito spray, cholera tablets, first aid kit and some euros. You know, euros, something England are no longer in – football and union.

    Best of luck Wednesday Fed. England expects every man to do his duty. Smash ’em.


  64. Deepak Rao

    Would it be easiest perhaps to set up a Whatsapp group so that we can communicate easily?

    I’m happy to set it up but understand some people might not want to share your phone numbers.

    If you don’t mind – please send me your phone numbers to raodeepak at gmail dot com

    I find it the easiest way to communicate while travelling. πŸ™‚

    • Magoo

      Maya, I’ve read your posts and I’m guessing we are on at least some of the same flights. I am also flying out of Denver Wednesday morning and get to Naples 11:30AM on Thursday.

      • Maya

        Woot!!! Yup, United to Boston, Lingus to Dublin and then Naples. Can we meet up? I’m so excited!!!

        • Magoo

          Different flights. I’m going through DC and Munich. Staying in Naples by airport. Live in Telluride. Leaving for Denver shortly.

          • Maya

            Telluride is gorgeous! I’m in Castle Rock a little south of Denver metro.

            Safe travels to you! Feel free to email me – maya.klein at I just put an international calling plan on my phone which allows free texting! So if you’re up for meeting up we can keep in touch!

  65. Richard Allen

    I’ve looked through lots of info above and very useful it has been. But I have come to the conclusion that the last trains back to Naples from Pompeii are around 10pm, correct?

    How are you all proposing to get back to Naples, or will David finish early?

    Looking forward to Friday, getting very excited.

    • Deadyankee

      There is a train at 00:40. Helpfully the promoter has only announced it today and has provided details only in Italian. The Β£45 booking fee clearly not stretching to translation. Seems to depart for Naples from the Pompeii Santuario station and cost 6 euros. See below:

      “In occasione dei concerti di David Gilmour e di Elton John che si terranno nell’Anfiteatro Romano di Pompei nelle date del 7, 8 e 12 luglio, EAV mette a disposizione degli spettatori un treno del servizio Campania Express per il rientro a Napoli.

      Il treno, del tipo Metrostar, partirΓ  alle ore 00.40 dalla stazione Pompei Santuario, sulla linea Napoli-Poggiomarino. Per i passeggeri del treno notturno, sono previsti servizi di accoglienza, con hostess, e di sicurezza, con guardie giurate in stazione e a bordo. I passeggeri potranno acquistare i biglietti, del costo di 6€ (prezzo normale del servizio Campania Express da Pompei Villa dei Misteri a Napoli), presso la biglietteria della stazione di Pompei Santuario o a bordo del treno rivolgendosi al personale lΓ¬ presente.”

    • Elena Gentilini

      Check this out! They have just announced trains running after the concerts. Naples/Pompeii and back. You can buy them online even though there is no English version to date. πŸ™

      Hope it helps!


  66. EchoesBob

    Left San Francisco with my son Matthew at 6:15 this morning and now cooling our heels in Atlanta waiting for our connection to Rome. We will do a whirlwind tour of Rome Tuesday and Naples Wednesday before arriving in Pompeii Wednesday evening. We respected the ticket policy so we only have tickets to Friday night but we thought we would enjoy the vibe of 3000+ David fans on Thursday. Saturday we are catching the high speed train up to Verona for both the Sunday and Monday shows.

    Anyone who wants to get together can get my address from Fed. It doesn’t quite feel real yet sitting in an airport lounge but tomorrow will be different when we trek through the Coliseum and Forum.

    The best part of the Hollywood Bowl shows was getting to meet so many old timers from the blog. Here’s to a repeat in Pompeii.

  67. asilorepublic (Andrea)

    This is very important for who needs to come back to Naples after the concerts:

    “In occasione dei concerti di David Gilmour e di Elton John che si terranno nell’Anfiteatro Romano di Pompei nelle date del 7, 8 e 12 luglio, EAV mette a disposizione degli spettatori un treno del servizio Campania Express per il rientro a Napoli.

    Il treno, del tipo Metrostar, partirΓ  alle ore 00.40 dalla stazione Pompei Santuario, sulla linea Napoli-Poggiomarino. Per i passeggeri del treno notturno, sono previsti servizi di accoglienza, con hostess, e di sicurezza, con guardie giurate in stazione e a bordo. I passeggeri potranno acquistare i biglietti, del costo di 6€ (prezzo normale del servizio Campania Express da Pompei Villa dei Misteri a Napoli), presso la biglietteria della stazione di Pompei Santuario o a bordo del treno rivolgendosi al personale lΓ¬ presente.”

    “On the occasion of the concerts of David Gilmour and Elton John to be held in the amphitheater of Pompeii Roman on the dates of 7, 8 and July 12, EAV offers a Campania Express service train for return to Naples.

    The train, the Metrostar type, will start at 00:40 from the Pompei Santuario Station, on the Naples-Poggiomarino line. For passengers of night train, there are concierge services, hostesses, and security, with security guards at the station and on board. Passengers can buy tickets, at the cost of 6 € (normal price of Campania Express service from Pompeii Villa dei Misteri to Naples), at the ticket office of the Pompei Santuario Station or on board the train by contacting the staff present there.”

  68. Rino

    Anyone interested. I have read on a newspaper that for the two concert there will be a special Train from Pompeii to Naples at the end of the concert (both days). It leave the Pompeii station at 0.40 and the price is 6 euros. The ticket can be bought on board or at the train station.

    To be sure… ask at the ticket office of the station.


  69. asilorepublic (Andrea)

    Hello all!

    This is the article with all the useful information for who’ll attend the Pompeii’s concerts: tickets pickup, doors opening, transports. Of course there’s also the English version.

    Hope it will help, if I receive more infos I’ll update the article and let you know here…

    See you on Friday!

  70. Daniele

    Hey all. I won’t be able to show my credit card (the one I used to buy the tickets) because it is expired and the bank took it. On the bill it’s written to take ID card and bill. Do you think I’ll have problems?

    • FEd

      If you take a credit card bill or statement, with the card number and your name and address clearly highlighted, along with a passport or some other type of photo ID, I’m sure you’ll be fine.

  71. Jo-Jo

    Thanks for all the info and help from everyone. Can’t wait. Driving up to Montreal from New York and flying to Rome tonight. Trains to Naples and Pompeii tomorrow. Tickets for Friday night, but hoping to catch the vibe in Pompeii also before it all starts.

    Safe travels to all.

  72. Amedeo

    Good luck with your journey everybody who is attending. Driving to Toronto from New York, then flying to Rome / Naples. Very excited. Feels like a dream. Can’t wait to meet as many of you as possible.

    I hope you all have a safe trip.

  73. Deepak Rao

    Safe travels everybody and hello from Bangalore Airport – can’t believe it is in motion!


  74. Peter

    I am here!

    Tonight, Wednesday, British pub at 6pm?

    I’m the guy in the Floyd shirt.


  75. Dan

    Hi all

    En route to Naples, now getting excited. Would be great to meet some of you for drinks. I’m staying in Naples and going to the Friday night.

  76. Andrew

    I have left Rome and now on train to Naples. Final destination, Pompeii. I saw one person at Roma Termini with a DG Rattle That Lock shirt but had no time to catch up with him as he was at ticket counter and I had a train to catch.

    Yesterday afternoon in Rome as I left the Colosseum and headed north, I noticed a couple wearing Waters Wall t-shirts. I asked if they were heading to Pompeii. Yes!

    They traveled from the UK but were not Blog Irregulars. Avid PF fans. They will be attending Thursday performance. So if anyone runs into Henry and Mooshu (sp?), say hello from me.


    • Andrew

      Correction, Peter not Henry. And I have now run into them two more times since yesterday.


    • Phil lawton

      That was probably a very frustrated me, Phil. I flew in from Australia. Struggling with the language barrier.

      Am staying at the Pompei resort and going to tonight’s gig. Wearing another tour T-shirt at the moment.

      Any place people meeting pre concert?

  77. Alex

    To all attendees who need to get back to Naples:

    Just got an email from saying that there will be a special train available.

    Below is an excerpt from the email (translated with Google), with very useful information:


    The retreat will take place exclusively on the location of the event at the ticket office in Via Roma – Excavations Pompei Amphitheatre entrance starting at 10:00 am and ends at 20:00 on the same day of the show presenting the sales receipt, credit card and ID document of the purchaser. To all those who bought a ticket you will be asked to wear a bracelet that will be delivered at the time of the withdrawal of the ticket itself. In the case of the purchase of 2 tickets with a single credit card it is necessary that the withdrawal takes place in the presence of both holders to proceed to the application of the bracelets on the part of service personnel. The bracelet and the ticket will be required for admission to the concert. The entrance with only one ticket will not be allowed. So please show up well in advance of the start time for the withdrawal procedure.


    The door opening is scheduled for 19:00. The show will start on time at 21:00.


    To get to Pompeii will be available to the normal means of transport, while at the end of the concert a special train to Naples was prepared. In fact, on the occasion of the concerts of David Gilmour and Elton John to be held in the amphitheater of Pompeii Roman on the dates of 7, 8 and July 12, EAV offers its viewers a Campania Express service train for return to Naples.

    The train, the Metrostar type, will start at 00:40 from the Pompei Santuario Station, on the Naples-Poggiomarino line.

    Passengers can buy tickets, the cost of 6 € (normal price of Campania Express service from Pompeii Villa of the Mysteries in Naples), in the ticket office of the Pompei Santuario Station or on board the train by contacting the staff present there.

  78. asilorepublic (Andrea)

    Hi guys!

    Time to tell you more about FRIDAY’s meet-up (I’ll be there only on Friday, so for the first show I think you’ll have to organize something else).

    Since I’ve never been to Pompeii before and I don’t know if there are pubs, restaurants and so on near the entrance, for the moment I can tell you how to find me INSIDE the amphitheatre.

    This is me, I’ll have the same green trousers and this T-shirt. Anyone who needs my phone can ask FEd for my mail and we’ll arrange.

    I’ll watch the concert from the bottom of the venue, so when you’ll get in it will be simple to see me, also because I’ll have a banner, just like this, but of course with another phrase written on it. Sorry, but I can’t tell you which one, it’s a surprise, you’ll understand there why. Don’t forget to bring with you a marker pen! πŸ™‚

    I don’t know if when they open the doors someone wants to run and see the concert from up close, but I won’t, and I hope we’ll see the show all together, for sure it will be the biggest Irregular’s meeting ever, and we’ll celebrate it as it deserves.

    PS: I’ll arrive on 8th in the morning, and during the afternoon I’ll visit the ruins with my friend. We can meet inside the amphitheatre and of course, if we find something, also before and after the concert for a beer. Just write down your ideas or suggestions if you’re already there or know Pompeii’s area and we’ll arrange something.

    PPS: I remind you that you can find all the information about the public transportations, the tickets pick up, and so on… here, also in English.

    Can’t wait to see you, and to be part of the history that David will write again in Pompeii…

    • SilverCheek

      This sounds awesome, and thank you for doing this!

      Will you be serving grappa? πŸ˜‰

        • asilorepublic (Andrea)

          It’ll be too hot in Pompeii for grappa… But if you’ll come to Verona I can bring some special one… πŸ˜‰

          Naples, and Pompeii, are the land of “limoncello”…

    • Cesar

      I was used to watching concerts always from the middle of the venue (close to the mixing desk) until last year, when I was in the seventh row of the RAH. Seeing David and the band just a few meters away was a magical experience, especially when we all ran to the stage front for the encores. Watching Comfortably Numb solo right there was a spine tingling experience. The icing on the cake was my wife picking one of Phil’s guitar picks.

      Having said that and taking into account that my wife is not as tall as me and this is a standing show, I’ll probable be early to try and be closer to the stage. However, paraphrasing Roger, what wife wants, wife gets, so I have no idea about which place in the gig I will end up.

      Being early has got another drawback: food! It’ll be either getting something at 19:00 or at midnight. Does anybody know if we will be allowed to enter any snacks or drinks into the venue? Some water will be a must, as it’ll definitely be hot!

  79. Cesar

    Now the date is getting closer, if you see on Friday a 1,90m guy, shaven head and most likely wearing a 1994 The Division Bell metal heads T-shirt (it used to be black, now faded to grey), say hello (that’ll be me).

    Hopefully my wife will let me take it out of the antiques drawer…

    I’m trying to keep expectations low for any kind of surprises (=no Mademoiselle Nobs, haha), but I do hope David will play One of These Days on Friday. I watched yesterday Wroclaw’s show in preparation and I must admit I quite liked Chester Kamen’s work on the second guitar. Chuck and Greg’s playing was not bad at all, but I still cannot help feeling strange not seeing Rick and Jon on the keyboards. Sorrow’s rendition was spectacular, someone should limit David’s bass tone on his Strat or some old stones in Pompeii may fall apart!

  80. ash

    Hello Fed and fellow Pompeii ticket holders. πŸ™‚

    Well. . . My daughter and I missed our flight ! We should be in Pompeii now. DON’T WORRY we will be there tomorrow !

    We couldn’t get a taxi because it is Eid, the festival at the end of Ramadan. We rang one of our usual taxi firms who said they had no taxis available. We tried another and their automated service confirmed our booking. When they didn’t turn up, my daughter rang again but they had no taxis available for at least half an hour. We rang yet another firm, their driver was here within ten minutes.

    He did his best for us and got us to the airport five minutes after our 40 minute last check in time. πŸ™

    I really did think something was conspiring against us. Bloggers who’ve known me a while, and Fed of course, will remember what happened to us in Venice and I’ve also told some people about being marooned in Cyprus when a volcano erupted about six years ago. . . .

    Anyway, we are booked onto a flight for tomorrow morning. Hopefully we’ll still get out tomorrow evening to meet up with fellow irregulars. Have a great night tonight those of you already in Pompeii. πŸ™‚

    ash (who will at least get a good night’s sleep in a cool bedroom, and that’s the only good thing we could say about it. πŸ˜€ Err. . .I plan to be in bed by 7pm having been up since 5am)

    • FEd

      Oh, what a pity. πŸ™

      But you can’t beat a good night’s sleep in a cool bedroom, that’s what I always say.

      Onwards and upwards.

    • Khaled

      Wow TW!!!!!! Amazing!!!! I see the lighting system all around the amphitheater !!!!!

      Can’t wait, just nine hours. πŸ™‚

      • TW

        Have you also seen the little black boxes behind the lighting system?

        Those are another surprise… πŸ˜‰

  81. Peter

    Some pre Pompei get together
    Going on at Sofi at Pompei
    Spotted Dave in his limo
    Receiving citizenship from Pompei

  82. Scottishfloyder

    Hello everyone, I’m in Pompeii chilling before the gig, where’s the meet ups? I have to catch up, LOL.

  83. Terry Hewitt

    To everyone going to the Pompeii gigs, have a ball, I’m sure it will be amazing.

    I will just have to wait on the RAH on the 29th, after Wroclaw my finances just won’t stretch to Pompeii. πŸ™

  84. Andrew

    FEd and all,

    So here is my saga with my extra ticket I have for Friday. As of today I was not able to find someone with an extra ticket for Thursday to trade for my extra Friday ticket. But all is not lost.

    While I am not attending Thursday, I did make a local PF fan very happy. When I was checking into my hotel, they prepared a wonderful information package about the concert. I asked the girl if she was going, she said no, the ticket price was way too much but she is a big PF fan. I told her I had an extra ticket. Again she said no, she cannot pay 300 Euros. I said I would give it to her. She said she cannot accept such a thing. So I said, I understand that taking something like this makes you feel obligated. I gave her one final offer, I said 100 Euros for the ticket. That way you don’t feel obligated and I make it affordable for you. She thought about it and said yes, I accept your offer.

    I cannot explain how happy this makes me. I know she is a true fan that was just priced out of the show. I would have gladly just given her the ticket but I respect that she did not want a handout. I felt it was a good compromise.

    I probably could have gotten far more than what I paid, but I have said before on this site that I don’t like ticket touts. So I did not want to become one myself.

    I truly hope she does not back out. I want her to experience this show.

    So no ticket for me on Thursday but I’m feeling really good about Friday.


    PS – from what I have seen so far, Pompeii is beautiful and rich with history. Looking forward to further exploring as well as meeting other Irregulars over next two days.

    • Andrew

      I guess Karma comes around. I accompanied a friend to pick up her ticket today and ran into Peter and Mooshu again. He introduced me to his friend who was there and had an extra ticket for tonight. So we made the same deal. I am going tonight!


    • Mike

      Lovely story Andrew. The true David Gilmour fans really are nice people.

    • Pavlov

      Friggin’ hell, the sunset and that lighting on the one photograph! Make and enjoy the magic these next two nights everyone.

  85. Assaf Y

    Leaving the hotel in Rome to the car rental and starting the drive to Pompeii. Excited to meet you all and watch the show! Safe travel to all.

  86. Stefan

    Last preparations on the way. Tomorrow at this time I’ll be in Pompeii, already checked in and waiting to get my ticket and bracelet. No words to describe the joy this adventure brings to me.. Tomorrow should come faster and last about a week. πŸ™‚

    Are any of you reaching Pompeii from Naples early morning tomorrow?

    • Dan

      Hi Stefan

      I am heading to Pompeii from Naples in the morning. I’d be happy to join you. Do you know what time you’re leaving?

  87. Khaled

    Hi all

    I am staying at Hotel Plaza (Best Western) room 124 (very close to train station in Napoli). I agreed with a taxi (Mario) to drop me off and pick me up after concert ends around 12:20 for a total cost of €100. We are two (me and my mother), if anyone is interested in sharing the cost please email me (get it from FED) or try to reach me at the hotel. Tel number is 081.563.61.68 / 61.77 and leave your name and number. I think I will leave Napoli at ~5:30.


  88. Mike

    Well here I sit, at home in the North East of England having endured the mother of all battles between my heart and head. The head won but I know I have made a huge mistake in not purchasing a ticket for Pompei. Just seen a magnificent picture of the arena on Facebook taken by Polly with Vesuvius in the background. Absolutely stunning. Why oh why did my head win?

    Well I would have had to sell my motorbike to fund the trip, would probably have ended up divorced and maybe lost my job for going AWOL. Now with just hours to go before the first concert, none of the above reasons matter anymore. Yes I was lucky enough to see David at the RAH last September but Pompei, so historic, David may play Echoes my all time favourite live track ever that never fails to stir my emotions and always makes my hair stand up. I can always buy another motorbike, marriage is overrated and I could always retire early.

    To all you people with tickets for the next two nights, enjoy. I will sit here under my ever increasing black cloud getting more grumpy by the minute and hope a DVD is released for what is sure to show David at his very best.

    I wonder if I can get to Pompei in six hours?

  89. Damian cunningham

    At Liverpool John Lennon airport pulling into car park and the Beatles came on the radio.


  90. Emilio

    For a strange cosmic junction, I’m in Pompeii today.

    Heart beats too fast to write correctly. Will search for Irregulars around.

    Emilio (still shocked by someone’s gift)

  91. KenF

    Tonight is guaranteed to erupt in rapture of seismically volcanic proportions.

    To everyone attending the love will be flowing hotter than lava.

    Enjoy every mesmerisingly, magical moment.

    • Mike

      Hope Vesuvius can take Sorrow. It rattled the RAH locks and the foundations.

  92. Scottishfloyder

    Trying for a ticket for tonight’s show and do the double.