Meet-up: Chantilly

For those of you lucky enough to be counting down the days until you set off for Chantilly (or Paris, if you must), this post is for you. You know the rest by now: trains, taxis, buses, bars, hotels, car-shares, e-mail addresses and all that. No pig museum in Chantilly, sadly, but there is a horse museum.

If you’re not going to Chantilly, don’t be miserable. Why not enjoy the Big Bopper and this classic tune? Turn up the volume and sing along. No buts (get it?), it doesn’t matter if you’re at work or if the baby’s sleeping.

We’re very much enjoying your comments about the concerts that have taken place so far in Wrocław and Vienna, so please keep them coming. If you’re going to the next ones in Rome and hoped to meet with other fans for a drink before the show, remember we have a Meet-up: Rome post set aside just for you.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. *off subject* – Shame on the Welsh players celebrating like that…I broke 2 ribs laughing during the game.

  2. If anyone is interested, here is a website (in English, or in French) dedicated to the Domain of Chantilly, where David and his band will be performing on July 16th.

    Chantilly is about 55 km (34 miles) from Paris.

    Don’t forget that you can buy parking tickets for cars (20 euros) or motorcycles (10 euros) from the official site (GDP) where you could buy concert tickets – here.

    There’s a train station called Chantillly- Gouvieux. Please have a look here.

  3. Fingers, toes, Cachou’s paws crossed for you tonight, FEd! (Sorry, Ralph… 😛 )

      1. They did it! Semi-finals! Amazing Wales!

        ‘Together Stronger’, eh? I surely can’t imagine how proud you are!

        Bon week-end. 🙂

        1. 🙂 Merci. Je suis très fier.

          (Sorry, Ralph. I know you could have had a penalty.)

  4. Hello is there anyone going back to Paris after the concert? I am sure there won’t be any trains that late. Does anyone know if the organizers have made bus arrangements?

    Alternatively, could I get a lift? 😛

  5. To those who wish to go back to Paris after the concert, I just received an e-mail from (official) Gérard Drouot Productions: “Nous avons mis des navettes en place.

    It means that they have indeed made special shuttle bus arrangements – here.

    It looks a bit like the link I have previously posted (to Gaurav Diwan), but it’s more complete as you can choose to buy a round trip ticket (30 euros) or a ticket just to go back from Chantilly to Paris (25 euros).

    Timing (French time):

    – Paris (Porte Maillot – Parking Pershing): 17:00

    – Château de Chantilly: 00:30

    If you need help, please click ‘Besoin d’aide?’ on the site, left to ‘Panier’ (= basket).

    Hope this helps.

  6. This is great and what I have been looking for for months. We plan to travel to Chantilly-Govieux earlier in the day on the RER line D from Gare du Nord although interestingly, most train maps don’t show this station on the line, but reading on the internet it is definitely there.

    Michèle, are you able to confirm whether this is a good idea?

    So far we had not received any detail about transport after the concert, but looks like we’ll take the bus back to Paris for €25.

    Does anyone know if you can bring your own food and drink as not sure if they sell any at the venue?


    1. Well, if I were going to the concert of Chantilly from Paris and had no possibility to book a hotel in Chantilly (which I did in 1994 when I saw Pink Floyd there), it’s certainly what I would do, that is go early to Chantilly to visit the town, le Château, le Grand Parterre Le Nôtre, le Pavillon Manse, le Moulin des Princes, la Porte Saint Denis, la forêt de Chantilly, etc…

      RER D looks like the good idea.

      Ther train station Chantilly-Gouvieux is 2km far from le Château.

      Here, a map of Chantilly. The train station (=Gare SNCF) is on the left.

      And here, les horaires (=timetable?) – RER D Paris Gare du Nord – Chantilly Gouvieux on 16th July.

      Please, be aware that the shuttle bus from Chantilly to Paris will take you to Porte Maillot, not Gare du Nord.

  7. Parking for cars (20 euros) and motorcycles (10 euros) will open at 10am and close at 2am after the concert.

  8. Concert at the Domain of Chantilly: Here, all the necessary information provided by Gérard Drouot Productions.

    1. Any info on VIP ticket seating plan? This is the worst informed concert I have ever been attached to!

      1. Really? I thought this was one of the best.

        Sorry, all I know is what the promoters have announced.

        1. If it was I would know about VIP tickets, not your site, but the promoter has only just put a nice picture on the seating pages. I can find no info on the “VIP” tickets if indeed they do exist!

      2. Well, I have never seen anywhere any ‘VIP’ tickets on sale.

        Now, if you’re speaking of (normal) seating tickets and if you bought them online from the official promoter (GDP), there was a plan on their site showing where your seats were situated before ordering them.

        Since these tickets are sold out, the seating plan has disappeared from their site. The only plan left is this one (which, I agree, is completely useless 😉 ).

        I wish you a good time in Chantilly, despite your disappointment.

        (Apologies for my poor English.)

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