Extra London date

Here’s some good news.

There will be an extra show at the Royal Albert Hall on Friday 23rd September.

Tickets go on sale a week tomorrow – that’s Thursday 30th June at 10am (UK), so be ready – as usual available from the Royal Albert Hall (Telephone 0845 401 5045 or +44 20 7589 8212 if outside the UK) as well as Stargreen (Telephone 020 7734 8932).

There will be no presale but a strict limit of four tickets per person will apply, as previously.

Furthermore, choir seats for the other four Royal Albert Hall shows will be released, now that the team have finalised how the show will be staged, so you might wish to try your luck and obtain tickets for the nights of the 25th, 28th, 29th and 30th September.

The very best of luck. Let us know how you get on.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

98 thoughts on “Extra London date”

  1. Oh man just when you are pretty safe from any temptations because the gigs are sold out and you just don’t want to spend the money, there is a new entry at the blog and you read “Extra London Date” as the latest addition to the old man’s tour and now I have to consider all these things again – thank you for that FEd. 😉

    But what happens with the rest of GB (stay with us in the EU!!!)? I could imagine that the Scots and the Irish would love a Gilmour gig too …

    1. If you could come to Wiesbaden there are some tickets available right now.

      If they are away until this comment gets published I would advise you to just check the website whenever you’re in the internet.

      As the event comes nearer the scalpers who didn’t sell their tickets will give them back and they will be made available through Eventim.

  2. That’s cool for all that want to see the probably last concerts of the 2015/16 tour 🙂

    As of today it’s 100 days to September 30th and they’ll pass incredibly fast …

    1. it’s hard to believe Gilmour has only played in Australia on 2 tours in his whole career… two shows in 1971 and twenty two shows in 1988…so over 28 years since the world’s greatest guitarist played down under.

      anyone know why this is? is it the cost and hassle of bringing equipment to such a far away country?

  3. When I saw this first I thought – “Not again!”. At the 2015 shows I bought tickets to what I thought was going to be the final shows, then he added not only shows after that in RAH, but all over the frickin’ world! Now I bought for the 30th, hoping it would be the final show and now he adds another one!

    The relief when it was prior to the other ones. Otherwise he would never be able to make it to my daughters’ wedding.

  4. Hey, that sounds good!

    Maybe a chance to pick one more night in RAH. We stay a few days in London and it would be fantastic to see one more show! That´s the most thrilling week of the year!!! Ok, except Pompeii…sniff…..

    FED, do you know when the additional tickets are being sold?


  5. Hi FEd,

    The max 4 tickets limit, does that include the other AH gigs? In other words, if you already have four tickets for the other Albert Hall gigs does that mean you can’t apply for this new one too?



    1. I’ve been waiting for that question.

      If you have tickets for the other shows, even if you have four tickets already, I’m told that you can still buy tickets for this extra night – but no more than four and you do need to take photo ID along with you. The lead buyer with photo ID must be present when entering the venue.

      As for the choir seats, if you already have four tickets for any (or indeed each) of the other Albert Hall gigs, you cannot buy more. You cannot get in twice for the same night on the same ID (the limit being four tickets). One of your three guests could buy up to four choir seats with his or her own ID, obviously.

        1. That’s what David’s manager says, anyway. I am checking again just to be sure.

  6. Good luck getting tickets tomorrow everyone, I consider myself extremely fortunate to see him the last 3 nights at the RAH so I can’t bring myself to deprive someone else of the experience. Thanks again Fed for keeping us in the loop and providing a platform to share. Reading everyone’s ticket experiences will add to the excitement to the weekend’s tour opener.

    I remember watching Chester Kamen playing with DG in Bryan Ferry’s band for Live Aid. Greg Phillinganes is a musical genius/ prodigy, and Chuck Leavell can play any style with grace and technique. Having those keyboard virtuosos is going to open a different palette of musical possibilities. What a wonderful summer!

    1. Nobody panic! They’re not on sale today, they go on sale next Thursday (the 30th).

      1. Thanks for the correction, Fed. It would have been a bold move to have the ticket sale on the same day as the Brexit vote. Gilmour fans in line for voting would have been disadvantaged.

  7. Does anybody know how much the choir seats were on sale for last time? 🙂

    1. Think it was around the £80 mark including fees. You can’t see Mr Screen from the choir but it’s a decent enough view of the stage.

  8. Brilliant news. Also, European merch has hit the Gilmour web store! Including the Pompeii litho!

    This is a convergence of a lifetime of love, the most epic venue on the planet, and the very best guitarist that there has even been. I’m humbled. I fully expect his awesome power to rent the world asunder and Vesuvius to bow at his feet. I leave two weeks from today to greet my destiny.

      1. And after that, if I ask you to please explain me what are the choir seats, …but I don’t know, I swear! Would be happy to learn it..

        1. I am sorry, Fed, I have found it all from Albert Hall site, it gives all you need to know about the hall. I only wonder whether the choir area has seats, or is it general admission? As far as I can notice, it depends, different events different seats. But for events like David Gilmour’s concerts it should be seated area, I suspect.

          Thank you, and sorry again.

        2. Go onto the official RAH website and all will be revealed. You’ll certainly get an ‘interesting’ view from there – just don’t expect to see the screen.

          1. I thought It could probably be possible to kill two birds with one stone from anywhere leftmost or rightmost. But you’re right apparently.

  9. I tried to get tickets last time and just missed out by minutes! I’m going to try my utmost to get them for this gig! *fingers and toes crossed*

  10. I am flying to London, from the States, just for this. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I am lucky enough to get a ticket on June 30th 10am UK for the Sept 23rd show.

    Two checks on my bucket list; David Gilmour the magnificent and The Royal Albert Hall. What a DREAM SHOW!

  11. Thanks a lot Fed for always supporting us.

    Do you know when the choir tickets for the other dates will become available?

    I am very anxious to see if any big change in set list. I assume ECHOES will be part of the Pompeii gig even though Mr. Gilmour said there was no point playing without Mr. Wright.

    1. 10am (UK) Thursday, along with tickets for the new date. If that changes, I’ll let you know.

  12. Great news, am very tempted indeed even though I said New York would be my last gig. Anybody asked which band is backing – sorry, just kidding.

    Roll on the weekend, I’m looking forward to see if the new line up will mean any changes to set list, please keep us in the loop.

    Tom B

    1. I don’t like to spoil surprises, so the set will be published at the end or just as the concert is about to end – on the Setlists page.

      1. People who where at the soundcheck in Wroclaw yesterday told me what was played. I won’t spoil the surprise here either but I can say that there are changes and they’re great ones!

        It makes me look even more forward to 18th July. 😀

  13. So, Leave?

    It seems England is starting a long process now (they say they need from 2 to 10 years) to exit from UE.

    Let’s see what happens.

  14. So, the tickets will be available from next week Thursday 10:00 AM, right? And do we have to understand it in Greenwich time zone?

    1. You do, although please note that we’re an hour ahead of GMT at the moment, enjoying British Summer Time (BST), which is UTC+1.

      Hope this helps anyone looking to purchase tickets on Thursday from outside the UK.

  15. Very sad to hear the news today about the Brexit. And sadly GB is no longer a united country, Northern Ireland and Scotland voted in, Wales and England out. But it gives me comfort that aside from the fact if GB is in EU or it´s not, the British people remain Europeans and remain our friends. Politics is one thing, the people is something different. And just for example – how many European (and by European I mean the Brits too) fans are united in their love for David and his music? You are no longer in the EU but you still are one of us, Britons!

  16. To our Belgian friends:

    Don’t forget to listen to Classic 21 radio station on Monday 27 July to try to win tickets and fan packs for David’s concert in Tienen (to those who are wondering, ‘Tirlemont’ is Walloon/French for ‘Tienen’).

  17. Good luck to all those after tickets! It will be an amazing experience. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like David will be playing the Stour Centre in Ashford then!

  18. My questions:

    Thursday at 10:00 AM I will be in work, earliest I will be able to buy ticket at 16:30 PM. Is there any chance, I will be still able to get any tickets?

    What time the concert will begin? 19:30 is a beginning time or the time of gate opening?

    1. There is always a chance and I hope you will be lucky. 🙂

      The doors will open before then and the concert will begin slightly later, but not much later. I’d aim to be in my seat by 19:30.

      1. Maybe I will arrive there about 19:45. So is there any chance I will be late a small part from the concert?

        1. Possibly, but I don’t think the other concerts at the Royal Albert Hall started much before 20:00, so you should be OK. I hope you have a great time.

            1. I don’t have that information yet, I’m sorry. Probably the same as the other four dates. From memory, those tickets were priced from £65, I think. Somebody can correct me if I’m wrong.

  19. Tickets are sold during work time, why can’t they go on sale after 4pm so I can get access to buying them online? Tried to get tickets for my husband’s 60th Birthday and they went so quickly. 🙁

    1. I can’t remember or find that information right now, unfortunately.

      Can anybody who bought tickets help, please?

  20. My last question: How the ticket receiving will be? E-tickets in e-mail or they will be posted? My most important question: Can I use the credit card of somebody else for the payment?

    1. You need to use your own credit card and they will be posted to you, or you can collect them from the box office.

      1. But, if they are posted to me, and I used someone else’s card, how can they get it know there at the entrance?

        1. You need to use your own card, with your name on, and show photo ID at the door (also, if you collect the tickets from the box office, you should take the card you used to purchase as well as photo ID).

          1. OK, but if I got my ticket on post, then at the entrance do I have to show my credit card to the security together with my ID as well? Or can they check it somehow by the ticket code, if the card owner and the buyer is the same person or not?

            1. I don’t think so, you just need your ticket plus photo ID at the door, but the ticket buyer’s name will be printed on the ticket; I expect that name has to be the name that’s on the credit card.

  21. If I know it well, the tickets will be available -besides the mentioned pages upstairs- from the ticketmaster.co.uk as well.

  22. Good luck to all those people unlucky last time, for both choir seats and the extra night. I will bow out of this one and do the honourable thing to allow others a chance. Anyway, they say she comes on a pale horse, errr oops wrong band and (much better) concept album TLLDOB, hopefully, if anyone can sort me a ticket for Chepstow Drill Hall, I’ll be there to see IQ 1st Oct. The end of the month we will all be at the ultimate gig; our brilliant daughter Kayleigh (yes that song)’s wedding on 28th in Derbyshire. Set list is coming along fine with some Floyd tracks sorted by moi.

    To those at RAH, including JC (like the car mate), on 30th can’t wait and, enjoy the gig!

      1. Apart from Floyd and Gilmour stuff.. Roy Harper …Cricketer… Genesis 1970’s, inc solo Gabriel and Hackett, King Crimson, Rush Anthem… Farewell… Circumstances… Motorhead, Black Sabbath, Priest, UFO, Scorpions 70s, Marillion, BTO, Free, Bad Co., Neil, Bruce, ACDC (Bon to Back In Black), Zeppelin. George Benson, Curtis Mayfield, Jnr Walker, Kansas, Temptations, Fleetwood Mac, Doors, would love to have Zappa Bobby Brown but hey, Orange Juice, Tears For Fears, Moody’s, BJH. And more soul and rock.

        1. Love the sound of that.

          I’m sure it’ll be a great night. Congratulations to the happy couple.

        2. FEd…….Carl failed to mention…..The Nolan Sisters, Peters and Lee, Bucks Fizz, Brotherhood of Man, Benny Hill, Mud, The Osmonds, Gilbert O’Sullivan, Barry Manilow, Bee Gees, Boney M, The Partridge Family, Village People, Pussycat Dolls, Billy Joel, Dexys Midnight Runners and a whole lot more!

          See you at RAH and paint him white Carl!

          Shine on….
          John 🙂

  23. Got two tickets, hurray! Thank you so much for the telephone numbers. Got them by ringing as websites kept saying no tickets !!

  24. Managed to get 2 arena E tickets on row 16. I’m a very happy man right now (hope I read the arena layout correct…) Almost got a heart attack in the wait – the stress…

  25. I was under the impression that only the Sept 23rd show was available today but I managed to get 4 tickets in the arena for the Wednesday 28th show…

    1. You’re lucky. Tickets are being returned and re-released all the time; it’s just a matter of being in the right place at the right time. Hope you enjoy!

  26. i was 1493 in a queue on rah online, at 10.21 got through to next page – buy your tickets. a few frantic minutes trying to buy and getting told sorry, none available. at 10.27, very happy, two tickets in the raising circle w row 7, then a few more frantic minutes having to register with rah to buy them. finally, success – order confirmation. we are going.

  27. Managed to get 2 tickets for the 23rd September show. Phew! Looking forward to it as managed to get a ticket last year and it was one hell of a show.

  28. I could get 1 ticket for me to the Circle R. The most reason why I decided to go, because David is not coming to Netherlands, and the Belgian, French and German dates are just not good for me. So, after this, I would be a little bit angry, if he suddenly put a Dutch date. 🙂

  29. I have a recurring dream re 30th Sept at RAH and it is this:

    That DG relents on his reluctance, nay ambivalence, towards at least his first solo LP. He contacts a certain Roy Harper to perform on Have A Cigar and brings him back on to perform Short and Sweet. Then, later in set (naturally some Floyd has has had to be jettisoned), he brings on a certain lady from Dorset with a son called Bertie to perform You.

    He even performs Mihalis and Cry From The Street, then does Echoes.

    This fan of true solo and Floyd from mid seventies leaves venue on a musical non chemical or alcohol induced high and takes several days to come down.

    One can live in hope.


  30. I wonder will we see some more London dates added shortly, I note from the RAH website that Monday Sept 26th and Tuesday 27th are completely vacant, the hall is not in use on either night, is it being held back for more concerts, or just to rehearse material from the first solo LP? 🙂

  31. I have one more question:

    I just got to know, there is a policy for the latecomers in the Hall. What will be the policies at the Gilmour concert? If I arrive after 7.30 pm, maybe I cannot go in?

    1. From the Royal Albert Hall’s FAQs page:

      Is there a policy for latecomers?

      The latecomers’ policy at the Hall does vary depending on the nature of the event. As a general rule, latecomers may be prevented from entering the auditorium until a suitable break in the performance.

      1. Yes, I read this. But I would like to know, what the policies are specially for the Gilmour concert. By the way, I asked them on Facebook as well, they answered, I would be able to go in if I was late, maybe they just asked me to wait until the end of a song. I hope so. But generally what is the time, by when latest everyone must go in?

        1. Considering how very helpful and understanding the excellent Royal Albert Hall staff are, I’m sure they will let you in when there’s a break in the music if the concert has started by the time you arrive. As I said before, they don’t start much before 20:00, there often seems to be a wait while people return from the bar, so I am sure you will be fine arriving at 19:45. Please, don’t worry.

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