Austria: Vienna

After a very positive start to the European Tour on Saturday in Wrocław, tonight sees the first of two concerts in Vienna’s majestic – and I really do mean majestic – Schloss Schönbrunn.

Austria’s capital city is indeed synonymous with music; Vienna was, of course, at one time home to Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert and Strauss, and they weren’t bad at music-making.

The imperial palace, all Baroque splendour and summer residence to various Habsburg monarchs, and its stunning grounds have, not surprisingly, been listed by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage Site.

Covering an area of some 500 acres, the spectacular park boasts manicured gardens, grand fountains, marble sculptures, a maze, labyrinth, aviary, the longest Baroque orangery in the world, what was the largest greenhouse in Europe when it was built, a chapel, museum, even a zoo. (Yes, the oldest zoo in the world.)

Of all the incredible and historic places that David has taken his Rattle That Lock show on the road, this might well be the most incredible and historic of them all. What do you think? (Please rattle gently, David.)

Vienna’s most popular tourist destination, welcoming some three million visitors each year, Schloss Schönbrunn has served as the location for many a film and television production, and perhaps, like me, you enjoyed the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra performing this year’s traditional summer concert recently, which is still available on the BBC iPlayer, should you wish to marvel at the sheer beauty of the place.

Let us know if you’re in Vienna and can find time to squeeze in a concert or two with so much to see.

Have a wonderful time, everybody.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

44 thoughts on “Austria: Vienna”

  1. Vienna, I have such nice memories being there with my wife, million years ago…

    Enjoy the concerts fellow bloggers and hopefully the weather will do you a favour and stay dry…

    1. Rattle that Waltz ! 😀

      Look, well, if he slips some waltz in there like he did with Purple Rain… 😀

  2. Sorry for the OT, but… Let’s go Iceland!!! 😀

    FEd, I can only imagine how loud you’re laughing: England at home against Iceland and Wales still in! So so happy for you!

    1. 😉 Iceland have been brilliant in this tournament, haven’t they? Great team spirit and travelling support.

      Sorry, England, but the best team won tonight.

      1. England exit Europe and the guy in charge resigns. Think we’ve seen this one before…

    1. What happened, Damian? Poor performance from England tonight. Nothing against Iceland, but England has an embarrassment of riches within that squad. Too many bottled it again.

      1. They have no passion and cannot play as a team. No confidence in each other’s ability. Iceland play well because they have nothing to lose and just go for it and keep the same squad.


        1. I hear David took a break during the concert as he was in shock when England were beaten by Iceland.


  3. I just came out of the concert. The venue was beautiful, and the sunset during the concert was glorious. David and the band were amazing as usual.

    I was hoping he was going to play “One of These Days” again, but he didn’t. We got “Astronomy Domine” back into the setlist. I was happy though about “Coming Back To Life” and “What Do You Want From Me”. Both were “new” songs to me (live). He didn’t play them last year when I saw him in RAH in London.

    One criticism (probably for the organization, not David) is the Cat 1 tickets. My Cat 1 ticket was honestly crap. I was in block A4, in the fourth row, but my seat was so far to the side, that I couldn’t see the central screen, the lights around the screen, and half of the scenario including half of the band and choir. For 160 euros, I honestly feel a bit robbed. The ticket shouldn’t be category 1. I was expecting a much better seat without restrictive view…

    In any case, David and the band were amazing, but I didn’t enjoy the concert as much as I thought I would. I feel like I missed half of the show.

      1. I was disappointed, especially when I was so sure of having a killer ticket! Here is a picture of my (160 euros) view.

        Anyway, I still enjoyed it and I am happy that I was able to see him a second time.

        1. I’m very glad about that, but it’s a real shame that your view was so disappointing.

        2. I feel sorry about your view, mine was much better, I was seated upfront, next to the guy with white hair. However, the show was suuuuuper great, I really, really enjoyed this legend of rock!!!

  4. Amazing venue tonight!

    The new band lineup brought some differences in some songs on the stage and new arrangements too, as in iconic Sorrow or even Time among them. I am curious to hear what other fans and bloggers think about that.

    Too bad One of These Days was out of the setlist this time but I can wait until Pompeii.

    Fat Old Sun was back in and its performance was really sensational, my favourite tonight.

    There’s a growing feeling on the stage between David and Chester Kamen and some songs do benefit from that.

    See you in Pompeii..!

    1. So happy for you, Lorenzo. It sounds like another fabulous night. I’m glad you could be there to enjoy it.

  5. Great show tonight. Loved hearing the new guys, I think the sound of them is great. Really mixed up the arrangement. Would have loved OOTD but not to be tonight. Maybe tomorrow.

    Sunset was gorgeous to the music.

    Once I had threatened to do unspeakable things to the 4 Italians who felt it perfectly acceptable to talk over the music things were perfect. They were quieted very quickly there after.

    A beautiful night to watch David. A especially lovely moment was seeing Polly taking pictures and singing along to her own lyrics. Really sweet to watch her enjoying the music.

    Spent the entire day there watching the crew and heard soundcheck which was surprisingly enjoyable considering we were ushered to a side alley while they finished the preparation.

    So all told, an excellent day in Vienna. Thank you to David and the gang and FEd for just being so damn awesome to us all.

  6. Ahhh, how I wish I could have gone to the Vienna show. I’ve seen Schloss Schönbrunn on TV with other programs. Looks like an absolutely gorgeous location. Perhaps someday…

    Glad to hear Fat Old Sun is back in the setlist, it’s a personal favorite.

    Sorry to hear some of the seats didn’t live up to their price tags, though.

  7. It was a great night indeed FEd!

    And I succeeded in watching Italy’s first goal before getting to the concert too. Now Italy and Wales are facing the strongest teams on each side of the board.

    Let’s see what happens…

    1. I’m looking forward to it. They may be the strongest teams, but, as we’ve seen, great team spirit and togetherness can triumph over star players who sometimes think all they need to do to win is turn up.

      It’s been a great ride for Wales, anyway. I never expected to get this far in my wildest dreams.

  8. Schönbrunn is an amazing castle; I was there twice and both times there was a friendly warm atmosphere around this building and the garden. And now for two evenings David’s music as an additional thrill – wish I could be there.

    Thank you FEd for your restless work these days 🙂 and congrats to Wales as the only British contestant in the quarters. Germany is afraid of Italy but when they win there will be Iceland in the half finals – and they are ones to be afraid of, so it seems to be. 😉

    1. You’re right! It’s a lovely story. I think everyone is wishing Iceland well in this tournament, as such a small nation. They’ve done themselves proud.

  9. amazing concert. I was in the second row central seat and David was so close to me. 🙂

    the show started at 8 but with the daylight the first was nice but we missed the lights’ atmosphere. the sound was a little bit different from last year of course for changing in the band, David was in good fit, his voice his guitar, perfect! was nice to see on WYWH at beginning Kamen had some problems with his guitar, just for a few seconds. I saw Polly during the second set taking pictures, and before show started I saw his manager and 2 of David’s sons in the audience area….and tonight?? maybe I will meet David and i can shake his hand…I will let you know.

  10. Watching the Brexit debate in the EU parliament this morning. Is there anybody out there willing to share their thoughts? It’s kind of right hand over your ID badge. Your mobile phone, company car and your P45 will be in the post.


    1. Well. I changed channel, sick of seeing any more news or politics. I was looking for a radio station when I came across Bloomberg ! 😀 I laughed and laughed at Tom and Jerry, then Bugs Bunny. I love old cartoons.

      HERE, is where I deleted a very long rant. I realised just as I’m sick of hearing all the opinions on various TV programmes. . . everyone would be sick of hearing mine.

      I did see Farage and I think he’s a nasty, arrogant piece of work who said what he did to antagonise people.

      I hope all our friends in Europe enjoy David’s tour and I hope the people of Vienna are having a great concert experience.


  11. Just listened to soundcheck and it knocked my socks off. I wasn’t wearing any bit still. OMG, tonight is going to be epic. Enjoy everybody.

  12. Enjoy this second night. I bet there’ll be some surprise on the setlist tonite!

    1. Mmm…not what I expected but indeed a great setlist last night!

      It’s not the right time for Louder Than Words? Or we have to wait because there’s something special coming soon?

      Time will tell. 🙂

  13. I have deliberately NOT listened to any David Gilmour or Pink Floyd for ages because I love the delight that comes upon hearing it after you’ve forgotten it for a while.

    Anyway, I put Rattle That Lock on in the car today and thoroughly enjoyed it ! Particularly, “Today”. 😀 I love how it rocks along and I want David to play it twice (!) at the concerts I’m at, I don’t mean play it one night then another night, I mean play it again. Or play it for longer. . .


  14. David played OOTD on second night. Awesome show!!! His playing is just incredible, never heard Carin and Manzanera but the new band lineup just blew my mind. Sorrow, OOTD, On an Island, and everything else was just perfect for my ears. The black Strat tone, out of this world for me. I’m glad that my wife dragged me to run quickly along the front of the scene just when OOTD was starting so that I could see David closer, like 10m, he was focused on his lapsteel guitar.

    Thanks Mr David Gilmour for a night I won’t forget.

  15. Hi all.

    Well, I’m sat up late mulling over stuff listening to Floyd, and I think it’s just dawned on me I’m going to see David in Pompeii. Sorry, don’t swear much but f**king brilliant, I will be part of history. I was there to see the man whose music has always filled me with dreams, the Floyd mystical, magical. The Dark Side of The Moon, utter utter class of its own. Takes me back every time to when I was a young boy hearing this mindblowing music surrounded by dad, his hippy mates and the strong smell of herbal cigarettes.

    Sorry to waffle.

    I’m also in a state of sombre thoughts this morning. Lost a very special person this time tomoz. Listening to Comfortably Numb don’t help.

    Here’s to a lot of locks getting rattled. See you in Pompeii.

    Kindest regards to all

  16. I should post this on every “show blog post” but you just have to remember it from time to time instead, FEd: Your way of presenting the setlists making it easy to recognise the changes from set to set, from evening to evening is absolutely great. I love it, thanks!

    1. Thanks very much.

      Funnily enough, I was in muddle with it last night, convinced I had it wrong, and almost decided to just revert to a simple list. Too many late nights, I think.

  17. from the 1st date show – I didn’t think that’s possible at all but I think that this show was even better than the one we saw in Florence last year. The sound was supreme and I had the constant feeling that the group have developed in some way. Don’t want to speculate whether this was because of new players or because David is constantly getting better with guitar /is that possible?/ or with coordinating people he works with. I don’t know the reason but it was different in an unexpectedly good way.

    The other thing I loved about it was what they made with Money. Maybe they did something like this in Florence, they surely make interpretation here and there but now that just left me breathless. I’d imagine and wish for that David and company develop in this direction, including the style of Girl in the Yellow Dress. I have a feeling that there’s a lot of potential in this jazz like style of playing of old and new pieces and wished that there would be chance for this kind of music playing in future for him and the group; I imagine to see this developing in next few years.

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