Extra Vienna tickets

Here’s some good news.

Some extra seated tickets for Vienna on Tuesday 28th June are now available – here.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

21 thoughts on “Extra Vienna tickets”

    1. Yes FEd, I am sorry, too. Was very disappointed when I read the result this morning.

      Schönbrunn is another beautiful venue, there will be a great atmosphere at both concerts.

    2. … And unlike the Egyptair Flight crash over the Mediterranean Sea tonight.

      Makes you realise what’s really important in life… LIFE.

      1. Co-workers of mine said, Why the hell did they (the French) need to go to Egypt, when having got their (so warm) Azure Coast? So stupid, I thought. But apparently, that’s LIFE, to them, sitting on your bum at your home town forever, all your life… all their life.

        1. Are you assuming that ‘they (the French)’ all went on holiday to Egypt?

          66 victims, including 56 passengers from 12 different countries, travelling to Egypt for so many dfferent reasons.

          Please, read this.

          And sorry, I don’t understand the end of your comment.

        2. OK, I think I understand now. ‘That’s life, to them…’, ‘them’ refers to your co-workers, right? I previously thought it referred to the French. And maybe ‘so stupid’ refers to what your co-workers said, not to what the French were supposed to do?

          If so, sorry for being a bit aggressive… I blame the language barrier (easy to say so, eh? 😉 ).

          1. It’s my fault, I am sorry, I see now that I lost quotes.

            Your previous comment (the ‘bit aggressive’ one) is exactly, word for word what I was going to say them (but didn’t do so, sorry to say).

            Language barrier – yes, easy to say. I’m afraid it’s more of the matter of prejudices, usual, habitual way of thinking, or even something deeper. You can more or less successfully teach people any language. But can’t open their minds and embed empathy into them.

            This reminds me the film by Sofia Coppola ‘Lost in Translation’, which I love much. Great movie about modern reality, where Coppola managed to talk of the untalkable. It’s about two Americans in Tokyo (two lost souls). But what exactly is lost there? in which translation? from English to English? 🙂

  1. Grüß Gott! I can’t wait to see David in Vienna! Interesting that the extra seats are only available for the second show. The first concert is almost sold out. At this time there are two seats and a few tickets in standing area to buy.

    The concert in front of the Castle in Vienna reminds me of the Pink Floyd Shows in Versailles in 1988. Maybe Mr. Brickman will have a few extra lights which are directed on the Castle during the concert! The concerts in Vienna would be a perfect place for some filming!

    Meine Verehrung, auf Wiedersehen!

  2. Nice to see that there’s still a way for fans to buy tickets…

    I’m looking forward to reading more posts next week, FEd! Time passes so fast, but I’m making an exception being happy about it because 30th of September is coming near, too. 😉

  3. people who know this place… which position is better to see the show? currently I can buy the block A, the closest, but only the very lateral places… and then there are block C places… they are in the center but far.

    which is better in order to see the show? close lateral or far center?

    i’ll go for pompeii but if you travel from southamerica… why not to go to austria and see one extra concert?

    thanks for your advice!

  4. Vienna would be a beautiful place to hear David do his magic.

    What a great suggestion for lighting to be on the castle in the background. That is atmosphere to an already magical experience.

    I have always wanted to get to Austria and Germany since that is where my ancestors are from. My father’s side sailed away in the late 1700s, my mother’s escaped in 1916. Be interesting looking up old addresses.

    Take Care, Suzy

  5. A couple of days ago I found some standing tickets for the first night I already bought for the 28th A7 block near the stage. 🙂 Both nights in Vienna.

  6. Does anyone know if it’s possible to get a refund for a ticket I have to the 2nd night’s show at Pompeii? Unfortunately I may not be able to go.

      1. Well then, I know it says the tickets are non-transferable so I’m going to ask anyway, is there any way to use (buy) someone else’s ticket? If the simple answer is No, then can you plead and beg with the powers that be to reconsider? After all it’s a shame if there are “empty seats” at such a once in a lifetime special event as Pompeii!

        (I know it’s standing only. LoL)

      2. Thanks for your reply. Can I transfer the ticket to someone who is able to go then?

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