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As you know, the summer leg of the Rattle That Lock World Tour begins on 25th June with a special show in Wrocław’s Freedom Square (complete with thirty-piece orchestra conducted by Zbigniew Preisner no less), with visits to Vienna, Rome, Pompeii, Verona, Stuttgart, Paris, Wiesbaden, Nîmes, Besançon and Tienen, before ending with four nights back at London’s very fine Royal Albert Hall in September.

The band will be slightly different this time.

Fear not, Guy Pratt is still on bass with Steve DiStanislao on drums. João Mello will continue to impress on saxophone, with vocalists Louise Marshall, Lucita Jules and Bryan Chambers singing so beautifully.

They will be joined by Chester Kamen on guitar, and on keyboards, Greg Phillinganes and Chuck Leavell.

Chester Kamen, whose first live appearance with David was at Live Aid in 1985 (no pressure there, then) as both were part of Bryan Ferry’s backing band that memorable and historic day, has numerous credits to his name having worked with Tom Jones, Paul McCartney, Seal, Kirsty MacColl, Madonna, Robbie Williams, Duran Duran and Massive Attack, among others. He has also toured with Roger Waters.

Greg Phillinganes has toured with Eric Clapton, Paul McCartney and Lionel Richie, to name but a few. With a list of album credits longer than my arm (Neil Diamond, George Harrison, Joan Armatrading, Herbie Hancock, Toto), he contributed to every one of Michael Jackson’s solo albums, fact-fans. Discovered by Stevie Wonder, he was Music Director for this year’s Grammy Awards and has released two solo albums.

Chuck Leavell was in the Allman Brothers Band and has been the Rolling Stones’ keyboardist since 1982. He has worked both on stage and in the studio with Eric Clapton, George Harrison, The Black Crowes, Gov’t Mule and John Mayer. As well as recording five solo albums to date, he is a tree farmer and respected authority – and author – on forestry and conservation (making him my new favourite person, basically).

Your love and appreciation for Phil Manzanera, Jon Carin and Kevin McAlea has so often been noted across these pages. They will be missed, I know. But I’m sure you’ll want to wish the new band members a hugely enjoyable time on the road this summer, and look forward to hearing them all playing together.

It won’t be long now…

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. Welcome on board Chester, Greg and Chuck! I’m sure you’ll add your own touch to the songs and I’m looking forward to hear you…

    BTW: now Phil’s farewell via Twitter makes sense.

    Have a great weekend all of you!


  2. If they have been selected by David and are touring then they are the best there is! I can’t wait!

  3. Great news! legendary players!

    I’m very sad about Jon, he’s the one I will really miss, love the others but is hard to attend one David show and not to see him onstage at keyboards.

    Can I ask why? maybe he’s booked to work with someone else?

    Jon and Guy are the same for me, part of the family you know since ages.


      1. Is he booked to play with Roger at the ‘Dinosaurs in the Desert’ event?

      2. A very diplomatic answer FEd.

        Thanks to Jon and Phil for services rendered. A somewhat surprising state of affairs, considering how far back their association with David goes.

        Perhaps he (David) will reveal the reasons, in due course.

        1. It is very surprising. 🙁 I’ll miss them. People are talking about Jon’s singing, yes, I’ll miss that too.


    1. There are rumours of some Roger Waters shows before the Desert Trip concerts.

      1. Wed 28 Sep 2016 Mexico City Foro Sol
        Thu 29 Sep 2016 Mexico City Foro Sol
        Sat 01 Oct 2016 Mexico City Zocalo Square
        Sun 09 Oct 2016 Indio, CA Coachella
        Tue 11 Oct 2016 tbd
        Wed 12 Oct 2016 tbd
        Thu 13 Oct 2016 tbd
        Sun 16 Oct 2016 Indio, CA Coachella

        (from A Fleeting Glimpse website)

    2. I’ll miss seeing Jon Carin too. He is an amazing Musician and he sings the verses to Comfortably Numb (and everything else) so well too. Anybody who can work so long with Pink Floyd, David Gilmour AND Roger Waters must be a special sort of person.

  4. Looking forward to appreciate their new artistic contribute to the shows I will attend in Wien, Pompeii and back to RAH.

    I know for sure they all will be great!

  5. Wow, lot of changing, but we trust on David so I support his choice I am sure it will be a tour “fantastico”. 😉

    FEd, the tour band change, this means that we will see a different setlist too? Try don’t spoil the surprise but please don’t be diplomatic. 😀

      1. Nothing like freshening up his band with a bunch of new songs. Will reinvigorate the tour even more so. I suspect all the summer show goers are in for an amazing treat. Maybe September won’t be the end of the road for the new band. Here’s hoping…

    1. Really hoping for a change – last year’s was great but at the Royal Albert Hall I’d love to see some different stuff. Louder Than Words is one I’m really hoping for!

  6. Greg Philliganes, wow. Haven’t seen him since he played Roskilde with Clapton along with Nathan East and Phil Collins. I have full confidence in David putting a band together that has what it takes.

    There does seem to be missing a second name for the drum kit though… 😉

    1. Totally agree on that last point, even if Mr Mason was just guest drumming on Comfortably Numb. Would love to see some changes to the setlist too. A few more DG solo songs and some tracks off The Endless River would be nice.

      Hope the next leg of the tour goes as well as the previous ones.

  7. woww…….. big change in the band…….. I’m sure they will be at the Top…….. but anyway……I’d like to see the missing one!!!

    Thanks and appreciation to Phil, Jon and Kevin.


  8. As long as DG has a black Strat strapped on, I’m good.

    But one question. Jon was not only a multi talented musicians playing numerous instruments, he also contributed quite a bit on vocals. Who from the band will be filling the additional vocals? For one, I know Jon was great on Comfortably Numb.


    PS – FEd, you may have noticed that I finally gave in and joined the Twitter universe. Still not on Facebook though but having fun with Twitter.

    1. Oh, Twitter’s much better than Facebook.

      I expect all new additions will share the singing duties.

  9. Lots of changes but I’m sure David knows what he’s doing.

    Looking forward to hear David in Rome, then see him in Pompeii and London! 🙂

  10. I’m just thinking of Roger and David on the phone, planning their next shows.

    Roger: “I need Jon, you can have Chester.”

    David: “Ok, but you can’t have Brickman!”

  11. Sad to hear about John Carin leaving the band… He was the last connection between last 25 years Pink Floyd’s histoty… He toured with the Floyd and both with David and Roger. I’ll really miss him.

    Good Luck also to Phil and Bob, and welcome on board to the new entries… See you in Italy!!

    PS: unfortunatley I won’t be home to join the chat so FEd, please, say hello to everybody on my behalf.

    PPS: so sorry for Wednesday’s result, I was hoping for you… Anyway, there were also 2 clear penalties for Liverpool not given by the blind refree.

    1. I did shout at my television and aimed a few rude words at the referee, I won’t lie, but Liverpool were very poor in the second half. Sevilla deserved to win because they wanted it more.

      Sorry you can’t join us in the chatroom today. I will pass on your regards.

    2. Don’t forget Guy!! He’s also been around since the 1987 AMLOR Floyd tour. I hope he’s not going anywhere soon.

      1. Yes, of course… I love Guy and his way of playing bass and how he stays on the stage, but he played “only” with PF and David, while Jon played also with Roger (and maybe some Water’s concerts in the near future are the cause of this) so, like you said before “Anybody who can work so long with Pink Floyd, David Gilmour AND Roger Waters must be a special sort of person”. 😉

  12. I am really surprised. No Jon Carin, no Phil Manzanera? Who will sing the 2. voice (C.numb)?

    But David has a great musical intuition and I`m sure the summer tour concerts will be fantastic.

    I will join in Vienna, Pompeii and RAH. Can`t wait!

  13. These people are professionals and I am sure they will impress. Greatly looking forward to it. I will miss Jon and Phil though.

  14. Interesting times FEd! Looking forward to hearing what the new band has to offer.

    The old band certainly put on a great show for us all many times, so thanks to them for that.

    Not too long til Poland now and we’ll see what the changes mean.

  15. Chuck Leavell was in the Allman Brothers Band and has been the Rolling Stones’ keyboardist since 1982. He has worked both on stage and in the studio with Eric Clapton, George Harrison, The Black Crowes, Gov’t Mule and John Mayer. As well as recording five solo albums to date, he is a tree farmer and respected authority – and author – on forestry and conservation (making him my new favourite person, basically).

    Yes, yes and yes!!!!

    That’s a lot of talent coming together for this leg of the journey – in David we trust.

  16. If it’s possible, could you please pass on my (our?) regrets and sadness to Phil and Jon that they won’t appear at David’s summer shows. I will really, really miss them, they were part of the Band family since 2006 and they did an amazing job. Very humble people too.

  17. Well quite a surprise there. It will be nice to see Chester, Chuck and Greg again after so many years. All great musicians.

    However I will miss Jon and Phil massively as they were more family than just band members. All the best to you both and to Kevin with whatever you do next.

    I feel sure the reasons for these changes will become apparent in the fullness of time but for now I just hope this shake up has a positive effect on the upcoming tour dates this summer.


  18. Oh and no pressure on the three newbies with their first gig going out live on television!

    1. What? A concert live on television? Where and when we can see it?

    2. Can you tell us which TV station please David. Do you (or anyone please) know if we’ll be able to get it in the UK ?

      Thank you,
      ash 🙂

  19. Just curious… is Chester Kamen any relation to Michael Kamen? We know how close Michael and David were.

  20. I agree totally! Jon is a legend in Floydian terms and will be sorely missed!

  21. I’m quite disgusted by this to be honest. If Jon jumped ship for a more lucrative opportunity I can accept that but if this is any way David’s doing I will lose a lot of respect for someone I have truly cherished for my entire adult life.

    Very sad.

    1. Probably just a case of contracts expiring…and contract renewals elsewhere.. .business..

  22. FEd, there’s a question in the air… As has always been done, there must be some visual record of this tour. Will a future video will be realized only with this new band? I say this because there was not told that a show has been filmed professionally….

    Cheers from Brazil!

  23. It’s really sad that Jon and Phil won’t be able to play the second half of the tour. They will be truly missed.

    Take care, Thomas

  24. Hope the change in personnel doesn’t affect the band’s overall tightness/togetherness too much?
    Phil M on David’s right has been a permanent fixture along with Jon C. No reflection on the talented guys coming in, but could it take a while bedding in and affect performances a little? Probably not.

    Either way, looking forward to September at the Albert Hall.

  25. I really dont know why but I’ve always had complete trust in David’s decisions. But I do regret for Phil.

    All I can say is that the best thing is the feeling on a rainy day to possess a ticket patiently waiting in your drawer to reveal its future secrets. This guy is a magician. Trust him.

  26. So sad to hear of the lineup changes but I can’t wait to hear how the new band sounds and what inevitable setlist changes we are in store for. I was surprised both keyboard players are swapping, and it was a treat listening to how their interplaying develop over the course of the tour.

    I love how David’s career continues to evolve, it keeps me on my toes. I’ll be looking forward to experiencing a whole new show in London this September.

  27. I’ll miss Jon a bit, but I’m sure David has chosen a good replacement.

    I’m looking forward to see if, like on the On An Island Tour, there will be some setlist changes in the second leg of the European Tour.

    I would love to hear Dancing Right In Front Of Me live…

  28. Interesting News. 🙂

    I know the work of Chuck Leavell a bit and he is really a miracle at keyboards. I am really looking forward to hearing the “new” band or at least reading how the band will change the setlist and the chemistry.

    Again an entry very worth reading, thank you FEd.

  29. I think Jon is a big loss for the band, new musicians are great but Jon’s keyboard is unique… He had the best teacher many years next to him…

  30. I was really surprised by this news! Phil is the driving force after David’s last 2 albums, and I would have expected him to be there the whole tour. Jon has been part of the touring family since 1987. I cannot image a concert without him. If there was any hope for Echoes being played at Pompeii, it is now gone. 🙁

    I don’t know the new guys, they might even be better, but it will just not be the same.

  31. Wow, I’m really sad to see the back of Phil and Jon. In fact it’ll be odd to see David on stage without Jon given he’s been there with him near enough every gig since about 1985!

    Hearing Manzanera play was a joy too, so I’m sorry I’ll no longer see him in September.

    With that being said, I have no doubt the new band will sound just as good, top quality hand picked by the maestro himself, nothing to worry about.

  32. I was really surprised to hear this. I’m curious how this will change the sound, set list, and vibe. One thing that should be noted: “Sorrow” has sounded incredible this tour. Over a few shows and sitting in different angles over different nights, one thing became clear to me: Phil Manzanera’s guitar part was really adding great texture to the track. Will miss those guys on tour.

  33. A huge surprise to discover that neither Jon or Phil will be on the remaining dates this year but change can be good.

    Would really like DG to play something from his first solo album. There are some real gems on it that would freshen up the set list.

  34. Sorry to hear that Phil and Jon will not be around in the Summer. I also felt that maybe Roger is limbering up and with Snowy’s retirement Jon would be a much need 2nd ‘lieutenant’.

    Have been to a show before with Chester playing and he was very good and blended in very well.

    Still lots to look forward to especially as a follower of Crystal Palace….I can still smile probably for the next 3 hours!!!!

    Best wishes to all

  35. Interesting change in the line up some very talented players there. Have to say the last night in New York the band were very tight, I’ll remember that night for a long time.

    Can’t wait to hear some feedback (no pun intended) on the new line up, does changing major players change the groove the band has? Time will tell.

    Regards to all,
    Tom B

  36. Haha. Let’s hope the newbies can play Echoes, Careful with That Axe Eugene, A Saucerful of Secrets, One of These Days, Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun and Mademoiselle Nobs. No pressure though.

  37. Wow, no Jon Carin? At least he played with Richard since the 80s, but anyone ‘new’… I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I really hope David won’t resurrect Echoes now…

  38. I liked Phil, Jon and Kevin’s playing very much. I was looking forward to seeing and hearing them again. Good Luck to all of you with whatever you’re doing next. 🙂

    However, I like anything David does and I know he’s a perfectionist so the new guys will be exceptional. I look forward to the upcoming tour with excitement and curiosity.


  39. I would love to have a little look into rehearsals going on right now!!

    It’s gonna be great to see the new guys with all their experience bringing along. Look forward to see the gigs.

  40. I hope there will be new set list. Would like to hear “Louder Than Words”, “Poles Apart”, “Lost for Words” and “On the Turning Away”.

  41. new band members…and I hope also new (sorry, different) songs in the setlist !!!

  42. Forever, Dissolved Girl – Massive Attack… Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.

  43. Quite exotic names fly around in the music industry. Not like ‘John Smith’ on guitar, ‘Barry Jones’ on keyboards, ‘Derek Rowbottom’ on bass.

    I’m really sad to see Phil, Jon, and Kevin go. But I’m sure for good reasons, I wish them well and hope to see them again in the not too distant future.

    Who’s the other newby on lead guitar? David Gilmour? Never heard of him is, he any good?

    Kind regards

  44. According to another website Jon is teaming up with Roger in the Autumn! For me personally, it’s shite news!

  45. Wow. I am sorry but this is very disappointing on many levels and would have affected my concert choices. Jon really is the only one who could musically help fill those gaps from Rick. Phil has been such a huge part of these solo albums and tours and I can’t understand him not joining.

    The fans deserve real answers.

    1. You paid to see David Gilmour in concert. You deserve to see him and you will, you’re owed no answers when it comes to who is in his band.

      And as much as Jon is an incredibly talented musician, if you think he’s the only one capable of filling in you are mistaken.

      It never ceases to amaze me how spoiled and entitled some fans are.

  46. Hi Fed – Could you pass on our collective thanks to Phil, Jon and Kevin; they were all great in last year’s shows and Phil and Jon have been part of David’s band family for so many years. I do not know much about the new band members but in David we trust.

    Looking forward, with anticipation, to the Summer Shows in Paris and London.

  47. This announcement carries mixed emotions for me. Sad to see Jon, Phil and Kevin go but really excited to see/hear Chester, Chuck and Greg and what they’ll bring to the band with their amazing talents. Good Luck to all.

    Fed, do you know if there are any plans for a Brighton style “preview show” in the lead up to the start of the tour?

    Best wishes


  48. To whom this may concern:

    How do I request ticket refunds for multiple concerts this summer? I will not attend shows with B list musicians after seeing the proper lineup throughout this tour. I will be only attending the Pompeii concerts and would like a refund for the other tickets I purchased (6 shows). I purchased tickets expecting to see Jon Carin on stage, who has earned that position over the past 30 years and Phil Manzanera who has contributed an enormous amount to David’s sound the past two albums. These new Cracker Jack box musicians are not worth the money I spent.

    1. Hm, I thought it’s David Gilmour who’s touring… I never saw any definition or guarantee how the band’s formed. Asking for refund and stating that David Gilmour chose B musicians to accompany him, well, it’s just ridiculous. I advise to book Jon Carin or Phil Manzanera (which I really admire) concerts next time.

      1. I totally agree.

        David would never choose B list musicians, he’s a perfectionist!

        I saw Chuck Leavell play with the Stones in 2014 for example and he was very good.

        I’m sure everybody will do a great job, just as Jon, Phil and Kevin did.

    2. What tickets you want to sell? I’d be interested if it’s possible.


    3. Jeez… David gets only the best…’The Old Man’s’ tour extended and contracts probably expired…it is all business…

    4. Dear “Fan” Max,

      You know it was only a year or so ago that we “fans” were all elated at the prospect of seeing David live again after a lengthy 10 year sabbatical. Therefore Max, as much as you’re entitled to your opinion, (that’s why FEd displayed your post) and especially as you pay good money to see David and his choice of supporting band (and are lucky enough to be in possession of so many tickets), I do find your comments regarding replacement band member’s of David’s choice as “B list musicians” very disparaging and insulting to all concerned and especially for the one’s they replaced!!!! You also seem selective in attending the Pompeii concerts, where these “B list musicians” will be surely performing with undoubted aplomb and excellence!!!!! I’m sure a refund for these tickets can be arranged for you too???? (FEd????)

      In my opinion Max…..shame on you!!!! A true “fan” would never have contemplated in posting such a disrespectful and malicious load of tripe!!!! In spite of the replacement of band favourites, we “fans” do share your disappointment, however, change can be good and it’s something we should all try to embrace!!!!!

      Have a word with yourself Max and put your questionable brain into gear before putting pen to paper again!!!!!!!

      Shine on…..!!!!

      John (Unconditional “fan”) 🙂

    5. B list musicians?

      Sell your Pompeii ticket too please, you don’t deserve to attend that gig. Give it to a fan who really appreciates what they’ll be seeing and isn’t just showing up to watch “B list musicians” because of the location and occasion.

  49. Welcome the new gang. This should be a real treat and I will miss Jon. Phil and he are obviously busy and it seems to me that David and Roger have spoken. Not that anything will come of it at all. It is nice to see that past scars are healing.

    I wish I could be in Pompei. What a venue all of Europe will be. I like that line… Marc Brickman is not available, LOL.

    1. I read that too and I just thought in complete disorientation: Will Kevin McAlea rejoin the band for the RAH Gigs? Or even more changes for London? Its really suspenseful. 🙂

    2. Wow, so who’s on keyboards and accompanying vocals for the RAH gigs? At this rate, David will be auditioning guys from Pink Floyd tribute bands!!

      1. David announced the 4 nights in London at the end of 2015 (before the South American tour). Maybe he asked their (the band) availability before to fix dates so they will play with him for the last (?) shows, the European dates were planned a few months ago so they already commit to someone else? We will see, I am sad too for Jon, who better than him can play David/PF songs? and any chance to see in Pompeii Echoes vanished. 🙁

        I trust in David’s choices, for sure we will attend a different tour we had last year, but the very important things are his unique sound, his touch on his guitars and his voice.

  50. I’m not surprised at some of the moans in here about the line up. I would suggest you stop reading too much into it. It’s a very long tour and folk have other commitments I’m sure. I for one follow David and his guitar, to me he is and always will be MR Pink and to see he’s still performing and with magical new music I wouldn’t care if the other musicians were The Beatles. I don’t really notice them except for Guy of course.


  51. To all concerned about personnel and sound quality:

    Do you really think that David have no skills on putting together a band?

    Let’s enjoy the shows and think for a moment! Even if changes sometimes can break hearts (Jon…) it’s David tour, in case you missed the point.

    Ah, if Chuck Leavell is a B list musician, I’m the Pope.


  52. A bit harsh – no. Did I book David Gilmour and not his band tickets – yes. However I have now seen the best band of the tour and would have not purchased additional shows with these musicians. There are three keyboardists taking over for Jon. That is enough right there to tell you they are not qualified enough individually to handle this specific sound.

    Hopefully Marc Brickman will at least add some more lasers during the concerts instead of one single song. Mr Brickman: Sorrow without lasers is blasphemy!

    The timing still makes no sense unless Roger is adding many more dates to his tour. Jon and Phil should be there and I have the right to believe so. Trust me, I’m not the only one annoyed about this.

    So it’s going to be David Gilmour and Guy Pratt for the only past Pink Floyd touring members at Pompeii? For god sakes at least invite Nick to play one or two songs.

    1. Max, you really need to get over yourself. Do yourself and the rest of the audience a favour get a refund and pipe down. Nobody owes you anything.

    2. Obvious you never saw Floyd live as you’re now banging on about three on keyboards and they must be inferior artists. Oh wait, were there not two or even three keyboard players at The Wall Earls Court helping Rick, and was there more than one drummer helping Nick? Yes.

      You really need to do your homework on Pink Floyd before you comment in here about artists.


    3. A simple math calculus states like this: 3 players out (Jon, Kevin and Phil), 3 players in (Greg, Phill and Chuck). 2 of the 3 that are sitting out on this one were also sharing vocal duties – now all 3 new additions will be doing that.

      Please remember that musicians are free to make musical choices – the only thing Jon or Phil would “owe” us fans would be to give it all they have on stage. Please also keep in mind that this is an extremely rare opportunity to see and hear David live – one which, at the end of last year’s shows, “fans” were only dreaming of.

      You were lucky to have both the cash and the free time available so that you can make those concert plans. A lot of us cannot afford to be there – I will be in Pompeii at some quite huge costs for me, London was a birthday gift I received from my friends and I’ll travel to Rome although I can’t buy a ticket, just to sit outside the venue and have a chance at another listen.

      While I agree it’s hard to imagine a live band of DG without Jon and Phil, it should also be hard (IMO at least) not to be excited about all the possibilities this change opens.

      1. Well said, Stefan. Thank you for saying what I couldn’t be bothered to say (I’m sorry to say). If I could ‘favourite’ your comment, I would – on behalf of everyone who hasn’t got tickets to another seven concerts and might be content with seeing David and whoever he chooses to be in his band, just once.

        1. Why only seven?

          If you go at almost 10 shows, you are a road manager, and if you see Mr Brickman’s screen you can tell us what song is on the setlist and become a legend on socials living a great week;

          15 shows will allow you to backstage, only brave men can do this;

          If you go to 20 you’ll travel on the same car with David chatting about guitars;

          The whole tour, nobody knows.

          1. ‘The whole tour’? Then you’re David, or Guy, or… but neither Phil, nor Jon. 😀 😀 😀

          2. Michèle, this is not for the band. This is only for Very Important Fans!


  53. Wouldn’t it be nice if they did the wine glasses on Shine On You Crazy Diamond again? 😀

  54. As long as David is playing that is all that matters and hey, the new musicians might bring a new dimension to the songs!

    Just sitting in the sunshine at Hay on Wye looking forward to seeing Sir David and Polly tomorrow night – can’t wait. 🙂

  55. To JC

    Your comments are apposite, if a little reserved sir. It must be that Northern if not Manchester reserve! Careful With That Eugene!

    To Max

    Sir, your comments are noted and thrown in the bin. You say replies are harsh, I say they are not harsh enough, given that you disrespect musicians and pour scorn on fellow true fans who could not afford time and or money to get to Pompeii. Mr Gilmour, to you, is one of a handful of truly great artistes who transcend their chosen art. He will undoubtedly employ accomplished musicians. I am looking forward to the shows at RAH and the opportunity to interact with like minded true fans not box tickers and “progressive hypocrites” and “sarcastic sycophants” as you appear to be from your mindless ill considered and disrespectful post.



    Purchase all his tickets including Pompeii. We fans will support you financially in so doing. Then bar him from this site for life and submit a plea to DG to bar him from purchasing any tickets for any more possible future gigs. Alternatively re Pompeii, get DG to cancel his tickets. Max, go and Set The Controls For The Heart Of Sun or words to that effect.

    PS Please David, consider playing stuff from first solo in lieu of Floyd stuff done to hell.

    See you all there. To JC and his brother, a famous Manc comedian would have had a much better response than mine.

    Carl Jacobs

  56. I really have bad luck lately; cannot join the chat today, so many regards to everyone on this way. 😉

  57. Hello Fed and friend chatters 😀

    I’m sorry I can’t join you today, hope you have a good time and hope you have a lovely weekend !

    ash 😀

  58. To join in the conversation about who will be in the band this summer, I’m looking forward to seeing and hearing them.

    I’ll ask for my money back if they’re rubbish. . . they’re not gonna be rubbish though. 😀

    If I just knew where they were rehearsing I’d pop over to just check quality control, maybe you know Fed ? Would anyone like to volunteer to come with me ? If Fed can find out ?


  59. Wow. I am really surprised at the negativity surrounding the new band. I am from Atlanta so have gotten to see Chuck Leavell play about 15 times over the years with various bands. When I heard he was going to be touring with David I got goosebumps. The possibility of seeing Echoes in Pompeii with Chuck on the keys is amazing. My only disappointment in making the trip over there will be if they don’t play it.

    I know the the old line up will be truly missed by everyone (myself included) but I am very excited about the new one.

  60. Haha, funny. B list musicians. If it was not so rude and completely wrong I would laugh. Chuck being B list is just hilarious and those keys on Thriller were so B list.

    Enjoy your night in Maxxy baby, we will all enjoy the gigs for you.

    Thanks to John, Phil and Kevin. You guys have been awesome and welcome to the new gang. Can not wait!

  61. It would only be fair for David to return to the Americas to show off the new band and possibly new setlist…

  62. The only thing certain in life is change.

    So having musicians that make music with David change over time would be the norm. One must keep focused that David is the mastero of the music/concert/tour.

    Mr. Manzanera, Mr. Carin, and Mr.McAlea are all great musicians. I feel fortunate that I got to see them with David on the USA leg of this tour. They were great and had a positive rapport on stage. But David was why I went to the concert.

    It would be difficult to speculate why this change occurred in the middle of the tour. But, as time goes on, the reason may become apparent.

    David being the professional that he is, searched for excellent musicians to continue with the tour so that those fortunate to go to the concerts will have an experience that they will fondly remember. Sounds like David has found excellent musicians to continue the show in accompaniment with him. They all are talented with a resume that is outstanding.

    So we should trust David’s judgement and welcome Mr. Kamen, Mr. Phillinganes, and Mr. Leavell (Mr . Leavell is even a “tree farmer and author of forestry conservation”. That is positive for all and the planet). Sounds like they are all excellent musicians.

    So the best to them all, as they give to us their best! As the show must go on…

    Take care, Suzy

  63. Kevin had not been touring with the band for many gigs now and John was the complete keyboard lineup. All three of these new musicians will have keyboard duties. Maybe I am paying more attention then you: yes please, bar me because I am not impressed with the lineup changes.

    1. I would suggest that you just give this band line up a chance; there is no need to be disappointed before you even listen to them.

  64. It doesn’t matter anyhow we view this. Personal/Family issues can and always be a factor also in this latest debate. Let’s see how this plays out. There are so many talented musicians able and eager to fit into this exclusive venue. Bravo.

    Last night we enjoyed a festival of musicians to celebrate Jeff Healey’s 50th Birthday at Massey Hall in T.O. One of David’s favourite gigs to play.

    Line up included Philip Sayce, Sonny Landreth, Walter Trout, Randy Bachman, and Albert Lee.

    3 hours of Blues and bliss extraordinaire. I’m still shaking!! WOW!

  65. Good Morning everyone.

    Slightly off topic but just to let you know that David and Polly’s discussion from the Hay on Wye Festival is now available on the BBC Hay on Wye website. It was a brilliant evening; interesting to hear how their songwriting partnership came about and I loved the scat version of Girl in the Yellow Dress.

    The audience was made up of people from many different countries including one dedicated fan who had driven 22 hours from Poland just for the event – what dedicated fans David has!

    I would also like to thank them both for their patience in meeting people afterwards, they were there for over an hour signing and talking to people. I hope they managed to miss the horrendous thunderstorm – I got soaked 🙁 – but it was well worth it as I got to meet them both and what a lovely couple they are and I love David’s sense of humour. 🙂

    Enjoy the rest of the Bank Holiday everyone.

    1. That is a terrific listen and watch – thank goodness for the internet eh?

      1. I reckon ‘The door’ deserves one of those English Heritage blue plaques.

    2. Thanks for that Calista ! I’ve only just watched it.

      Aren’t they nice people ? 🙂

      I wish I’d gone to Hay now. Why didn’t you tell me to go to Hay Fed ?


      1. An absolute gem that I would never have stumbled upon. Thank you Calista. David appears much more relaxed and able to discuss the past lately. “Four men who had toured the world together for 100 years sat in complete silence” has to be one of my favourite parts of the interview. Fascinating.

  66. Further to all these complaints. . . Max, you talk a load of bollo. . . err. . . poppycock ! You made me laugh.

    Imagine if David had hired Chester, Greg and Chuck from the start for the tour. We would all still have gone.


  67. I just watched the appearance by Polly and David at the Hay Festival. What a lovely talk, very humorous and very reconcilable in terms of David’s old band. Sometimes I really want to live in England or in the UK, because then I would be able to visit such wonderful events.

  68. Hi folks. To paraphrase a famous physicist, once you look at something it changes as the act of observing alters the system. Clearly this blog breaks the rule as I haven’t looked for a week and suddenly there’s an outbreak of something! Hopefully only a lot of thanks to musicians past for great times and anticipation of the future. Those ‘how to have a successful business’ books always identify that introducing ‘change’ is one of the most stressful things you can do. It works best when people are open minded…and it looks like we are, mostly…

    Besides, if change provides the opportunity to take a fresh look at some tunes that have been heard in a while or at all then why not? We’ll all be saying ‘wasn’t it great that they played ‘Seamus’ or whatever?’ later this Summer…

    1. I meant ‘…have NOT been heard for a while or at all…’

      Slip of the finger!

  69. @Rob Hulford

    I’m sorry, I saw your question about the Nîmes Airport only today.

    It’s just to let you know that I posted a reply today. (‘More On Pompeii’ – 31 May 2016 – 15:53)

    My apologies, FEd.

  70. Max, I hope you get a violent dose of diarrhoea on the night of the gigs. It’s no more than you deserve for your complete disrespect and lack of appreciation for your own good fortune.

    You’re disgusting.


  71. Wow, what have you done FEd, I’ve been a bit busy of late and have missed this.

    Any poster / information / ticket stub I’ve seen says David Gilmour in concert. With a tour that has extended for such a long time it’s natural that some personnel will have to retire because of other commitments. The summer is here, let’s be thankful for what you are about to witness (all those with tickets that is) I’ll look forward to the extended super bonus disc deluxe box set DVD of the show in Pompeii along with a show from New York or anywhere featuring the ‘old band members’.

    Keep stimulating the masses FEd.

    Tom B

  72. Damian. . . .I just realised you were talking about making rabbit stew ! (angry face)


    1. I was mugged by a gang of rabbits one night on my way home. So I have a grievance. It was down a country lane on the way back after a day of picking magic mushrooms.


      1. Uh-huh. . . a gang of rabbits eh ?


        (I liked the idea about the banner but I’ve answered here because we don’t want to draw any attention to ourselves. . . .)

  73. Woohoo the month is here. 🙂

    FEd, I think David needs telling to add Yet Another Movie to his set-lists for Vienna. 😉 You are in charge right and decide the songs? 😉

  74. After yesterday’s discussion (in the chatroom) on autographs and getting to see both shows, I thought we all meet up early outside the arena with a big banner saying “Bloggers here” and catch David going in for his rehearsals.

    Don’t tell him Pike, I mean Fed.


    1. I’d be game for that. 🙂

      I’m only attending the second show, but I’ll stay in Pompeii (assuming the chat was about THOSE 2 shows 🙂 ) for another day. I was wondering if there’s anyone else with similar plans – maybe we can join in “on an adventure”…

  75. Talking European Tours…Paul Simon will tour Europe and UK in autumn and I really like what I´ve heard so far from his new album “Stranger to Stranger”. It’s for sure not a typical Paul Simon album the Simon&Garfunkel Fan is waiting for…and Paul Simon and David are friends a bit, aren’t they?

    Have a nice weekend everyone. 😉

  76. Apologies FEd for commenting off piste!

    Today we lost a beautiful man full of humanity. A man perhaps who bizarrely showed the world his forthright, but passive principals through boxing! A man who took his fight outside the ring to champion and stand up against the things we revile in the world today especially racism!

    In my opinion, respectfully “the greatest”… in peace…..Muhammad Ali!

    Shine on…..

    1. He was “the greatest”. I’m not particularly a fan of boxing but I always liked Muhammad Ali. I thought that besides his being an Olympic and world Champion boxer, he had great charisma, wonderful showmanship and a huge sense of humour.

      Apparently even world leaders will attend his funeral.

      See an article alongside this one, his family have invited the world to attend.

      You weren’t so off topic JC, remember Lost For Words, there’s commentary from one of Ali’s fights 🙂 in there.

      Can anyone remember which fight that was ? I thought it was the Jungle or Manila. I thought I knew, I have the images in my head ! 😀 (Was it Madison Square Garden or Las Vegas ?)

      I knew of Muhammed Ali for a lot longer than I knew of Pink Floyd, I feel sad that the world has lost him.


      1. “Ladies and gentlemen, the winner by a knockout”. Spookily enough I’ve been listening to ‘Lost for Words’ an awful lot over the last few weeks. I’m developing a door obsession, with or without ivy.

        1. You are also developing a mysterious streak – or maybe I’m just being thick …. Hmmm not an either or is it?

  77. Has it calmed down yet? Is it safe to come out?

    Not long until it all starts again – not sure my aerial will be good enough to pick up the Polish TV though!

  78. Watching Corrie. Wish You Were Here being played in the Rovers.


  79. Muhammad Ali was so terrified of flying that he had to be talked into going to the 1960 Olympics in Rome where he won the gold medal. The only reason he agreed to fly was because he wore the parachute he brought with him during the flight.

    It is sad that when he returned with the gold he was still refused service in many restaurants. Therefore, he threw the gold medal into the Ohio River.

    A shameful situation for him or anyone to be treated that way.

    Take care, Suzy.

  80. Just a tip for Chester, Greg and Chuck…..learn ‘On the Turning Away’ and be prepared for it to be thrown into the mix at short notice, or even no notice, but preferably the night I’m attending a show!!!!!!

    Have a good weekend.

    Best wishes

  81. 25 days until Pompeii! I’m so excited! Thank you so much FEd! The updates and the hand holding are much appreciated!

    Just a quick little note, I was at Red Rocks the other night seeing a certain cover band. In the pre-show track they included a couple of Gilmour tunes from On An Island. And it hit me all at once. I’m going to see Gilmour in the venue of all venues and he’s been playing this very song on this tour… I may have cried. I’m so very lucky.

    25 days away and it’s starting to get REAL. Polly is posting pictures of the band rehearsing. I’m really hoping that they’ll have Gabriel play keys on Faces of Stone in Pompeii. (He composed that, didn’t he?) Two generations of Gilmours playing together at the most epic venue would be such a treat, possibly more than my heart could bear. Fingers crossed!

    Any tips for us? Will water bottles be allowed? Would a camping chair for waiting in line be just too grossly American Big Mac Value Meal of me? I’m learning a little Italian, I’ll be able to ask for our tickets and buy tee shirts and also apologize for the American political system. What else will I need?

    1. I doubt water bottles will be allowed. You know how it is, they’ll charge five times as much for an identical bottle, minus the lid, once inside, so you probably won’t be allowed to take your own.

      1. Oh but GOOD that they’ll be selling some. I was worried that there would be nothing at all because it’s not a traditional concert venue. 21 days FEd until I leave. 21 days!!!!

        1. I don’t know that they will for sure, but I’d be surprised if they didn’t at least sell drinks.

  82. Been a while since I posted. Looks like there was a LOT of STRONG FEELINGS about the change in lineup. It’s going to be another series of amazing shows – regardless of who is in the lineup. I’m really happy for those with tickets. Enjoy and report back. I need to live vicariously through your bliss, particularly after Trump, the death of the G.O.A.T. and now Orlando.

    Peace y’all!

  83. Can’t wait for David Gilmour in Pompeii…..

    Little tip for all the fans as I come from a town near Pompeii, there is a very nice pizza shop right in front of the entrance of the Scavi!!

  84. Vacation day – checked.
    Budget – cleared.
    Plane and hotel details – checked as well.

    “All we need to do is make sure” we enter Pompeii with an open heart. There will be certainly two nights to remember, two nights that will go down in history.

    I’m trying to temper my enthusiasm. I’m really looking forward for the show, but I know nothing will ever match this ( 🙂 ) so I have to take my time while enjoying the show. I don’t want it to end too quickly…

    See you all there!

  85. Chuck Leavell at Comfortambly Numb was a great thrill, Chester Kamen did a great job, especially at Run Like Hell and I always wonder where Guy Pratt takes this energy from – new band and again a great band!

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