New York: Radio City Music Hall

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Tonight’s concert at the famed and very grand Radio City Music Hall is the first of three shows in New York before the North American leg concludes with back-to-back performances at Madison Square Garden.

This is where David kicked off the North American leg of his On an Island tour in April 2006.

And what a place it is. It’s not been dubbed “the Showplace of the Nation” for nothing, you know.

The iconic, opulent Art Deco venue, with instruments depicted in its lobby carpet within a symmetrical patchwork of rectangles (be sure to take a look), is the world’s largest indoor theatre – its marquee a full city-block long – with an auditorium measuring 160 feet from its back wall to the stage and an incredibly high ceiling reaching some 84 feet. It’s little wonder that its stage demands the world’s largest stage curtain.

(Its “Mighty Wurlitzer” pipe organ is the largest ever built for a movie theatre, too.)

The Great Stage, 65 feet deep and 144 feet wide, is framed by a huge proscenium arch which measures 60 feet high, 100 feet wide and is truly a sight to behold: resembling a setting sun with that giant, majestic stage curtain sparkling shimmering gold, amber lighting enhances the effect.

Opened in late December 1932, the vast hall was originally used for stage shows and as a movie house for more than 700 film premieres. It is now the country’s leading venue for concerts as well as stage shows and other special attractions (such as the Cirque du Soleil and the NFL Draft, to give just two recent examples), as well as home to the historic, high-kicking precision dance team – the Radio City Rockettes.

In addition to the many legendary performers who have utilised that enormous stage down the years (big enough to fit a regulation-size professional basketball court, which has in fact been done), there have been major televised events: the Grammy, Tony and MTV Video Music Awards, even America’s Got Talent.

Would you believe that this sumptuous place, reminiscent of a luxury ocean liner, was almost demolished in 1978? Thankfully it was given landmark status by the New York City Landmarks and Preservation Commission, which prohibited alteration to its glamorous interior without the Commission’s approval.

Will you be there tonight? Let us know. There really isn’t a bad seat in the house, as this video illustrates.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

73 thoughts on “New York: Radio City Music Hall”

  1. That’s a very nice venue!

    David’s lighting and music will fit in perfectly!

    It’s going to be another magic night for everyone, I’m sure!

    Have fun everyone, tell us how it was. 😀

    1. Radio City blew it major. Thousands of people out on street in line due to increased security measures. Many did not get in until intermission. I waited a year for this show and missed the first half. No good reason for this. With increased security they should have not started on time. With thousands still in line this was criminal!

      1. We did as the concert hall requested and showed an hour early and got in with no issues, waited about 25 minutes, line started moving in, was in and past security before we knew it, sat prob 25 minutes before he began.

  2. I just watched the “Remember That Night” DVD.

    “Smile” is such a beautiful song. Hope David adds it to the setlist some time.

  3. Hey FEd – thanks to your help, my wife and I will both be there tonight to enjoy David music in this most special of music venues. As your note mentions, they almost tore the old girl down back in the 1970’s but a group of smart folks with common sense, helped by a live TV rant by none other than John Belushi during an SNL Weekend Update segment (little known fact), saved this historical and beautiful building.

    The acoustics are so good in this hall that Tony Bennett, at a ripe old age, still sang without amplification and was heard in every corner of the hall!

    Our anticipation of tonight’s even is an ever-growing “buzz” in the background…….

    Looking forward to this show with glee….

    Thanks again,
    Carl W.

  4. Sounds really great, hope to see this amazing venue anytime with my own eyes. Probably David Gilmour could easily have his own New York residency at the Radio City Music Hall. Maybe we will see such a schedule in the future: David Gilmour Live – Seven Concerts in London (Royal Albert Hall), New York (Radio City Music Hall) …and … lets say: Hamburg (Große Freiheit). 🙂

    Wish all attending a great gig at RCMH.

  5. ….and I must ask the question, knowing the likely answer, however…..what are the chances “Echoes” will ever be heard live again by audiences who would be blown away should they be lucky enough to experience that most special of songs? At over 20 minutes, its not your usual item on a concert set list…..

    Totally impractical, yet an old fan must have high hopes……..and I will just remain a target for faraway laughter….

  6. This should be a great venue. I still am amazed with the show in T.O. last week. Can’t get 5 am and Today out of my head.

    Thank You David and band again. You too FEd. Are you attending any venues?

    I keep wondering about Pompei, will David begin and end the show with Echoes? Man, I’d love to see that show!

    1. I’m not, unfortunately, and would love to be in New York for tonight’s, but I enjoyed what I saw – and, more importantly, heard – in London last year very much.

  7. Great to have David back in NYC!!!! I was at Radio City for 1st show in tour in 2006. Gonna have to wait for Tuesday as he closes the North American tour.

    1. My friend and I are currently on a bus bound for New York as I speak. We don’t have tickets for tonight, but do for MSG. I would love to meet up with some of the other irregulars.

    2. If interested, ask for me. I have a table reserved at Johnny Utah’s on 25 West 51st.

  8. Have a great night to all that are going tonight! Saw the opener there in 2005 and will be at both shows at MSG.

    Hope everyone has a magical night.

  9. I’m in NYC and I need two tickets for tonite….I have seat for MSG Sunday but need tonite’s show….two please, have cash in hand.

  10. Send in the drones, indeed. Has Gavin Elder considered doing this during a show, I wonder?

    The RCMH looks luscious from all angles.

    Enjoy the experience, everyone attending.

  11. Best wishes to everyone going to these shows! New York always seems to bring out something special. I’m sure it will be a great time!

    I went to Radio City a number of times in my youth, even saw movies there. Most memorable was probably Paul Simon touring for the Graceland album. With Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Miriam Makeba and Hugh Masakela. It’s an amazing place.

  12. I listened to ‘On an Island’ into the last night of Chicago’s setlist. I hope he decides to include both On An Island and Coming Back to Life because the combination works really well and he really gets to jam out on both songs. I enjoy listening to the call and response interplay between David and Phil.

  13. It’s been ten years since a group of us from the blog met up before the 2006 OAI concert. If anyone is around, a small group of us will be at Johnny Utah’s at 25 West 51st Street.

    I’m taking my daughter, Noella, to her first Rock concert tonight. She was 4 years old during the last tour. Now she’s 14, and I have two other kids! I hope we don’t wait another ten years for another tour, but if the chance doesn’t come again I’m glad I’m taking Noella with me. 🙂

    1. Angelo,

      That is awesome that you’re taking your daughter. It’s something that both of you will remember. I have taken my daughters to many concerts and it’s wonderful to share the experience with them. When my one daughter was 15, I even took her to see Metallica with me. And as they expand their musical tastes, I have taken them to shows they wanted to see such as Good Charlotte and Taylor Swift.

      Music is wonderful thing to share and enjoy with family and friends.


      1. Thanks Andrew. She did enjoy it. She’s learning guitar and got to see how a virtuoso does it. She also digs architecture and lived the venue (she doesn’t remember going to see Dora the Explorer as a kid). That’s cool that you did the same. I hope to continue this with her. If I could score Adele tickets, I’d be saint in her eyes. 🙂

  14. On my way there now and I cannot even begin to describe the butterflies and sparks! I have my son with me for this first night of three. Will see if I can get through this without shedding tears.

    FEd, there are no words for the gratitude we have to you for making this possible. I feel so very privileged to be a part The Blog and this very special family of (Ir)regulars. Much love, joy and peace to you – THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

  15. I think we just got taken for two hard tickets…they look perfect…walked in MSG Ticketmaster to check ’em…they say they are not real but yet didn’t scan ’em..I feel so stupid.

  16. Can’t wait for tomorrow night’s show at MSG! I have 2 extra tickets if anyone is in need.

  17. You will not be disappointed, David is and the band are so at ease and smooth. He will be remembered for sure. Can’t wait to relive this when the finale is on DVD. Especially Albert Hall.

  18. FEd

    Can’t thank you enough for all you do!

    Probably wouldn’t be going tonight if it wasn’t for you. Much appreciated.


  19. Is it true this one is being filmed for DVD? There was a notice posted for vehicles around the venue to be moved by 6pm for filming. Event listed as “David Gilmour at Radio City Music Hall”.

  20. 🙂 I had tickets for the second show in NY (tomorrow), but since Dave came to Brazil I passed them to a friend of mine… I’m jealous that he’s going and I am not, but that’s life…

    Changing the subject, what do you guys think about this… I know that would be really difficult to happen (and perhaps a little awkward) but since Roger lives in the city he could step by and maybe even do Comfortably Numb… Odd but it could happen. 🙂

  21. Great venue. Saw him there last tour but not this year. But I will be at MSG tomorrow night. I am looking forward to that very much.


  22. We got scammed..we bought real hard tickets..weird part is we met two guys who it happened to also and they were the same exact seats.

    Karma will get them.

  23. Just got to my hotel room from Radio City Music Hall. My Third show of the tour. I’ve never been there. I was completely blown away. The venue is Beautiful, you could feel the history in it. David puts on a special show every time, but tonight, you could feel that it was a one night show there and David and band just treated us to an extra special night. The dynamics of the venue made the lasers point differently, and where we were on the second level, it was just awesome. I haven’t paid attention to the last few days’ set list because we were in NYC, and when David played On An Island, I was so happy.

    David, my guitar God, thank you for such a special evening. The atmosphere, along with the band in rare form, made for an evening I will never forget.

    FEd, thank you so much for helping us fans have the opportunity to be at such a historic place, for an amazing show.

    1. You’re most welcome. 🙂

      I’m so happy that you enjoyed it – and what a beautiful hall.

  24. I must say tonight’s show went far beyond my expectations! David’s playing was dead on and very inspired all night. I am exhausted at this late hour but must say the show was a once in a lifetime event!

    Radio City was PERFECT for David and the band!!!!

    Awesome show with the audience singing along for the last few songs…..

    Shine on, David!

  25. Up early but I don’t care
    To catch a plane to take us through the air
    To the new land they say is brave and free
    Sitting in the square you’ll catch me
    To hear the man whose guitar rocks
    As he beats time and rattles those locks
    Getting just a little bit excited …..

  26. David and company were awesome. I didn’t leave my seat for fear of missing even one second. If you were on the second level, the lasers during the encore looked amazing, one layer of lights below you and one above. I could have listened to him play all night. Wish I was going again and again!

  27. I went to the show last night – one thing I can tell you, that you certainly already know, is that David puts on a hell of a show. His fingers seem to have not aged, as his guitar playing was as good as ever. What a night. It was well worth getting home at 2:30 in the morning, coming a foot or so from two deer in the road on the way home, and making it into work today on a few hours of sleep.

    I may look and feel like a zombie today, but so what – I saw David Gilmour at Radio City Music Hall last night.

  28. An excellent show musically by David and band at this wonderful venue. I was sitting in the 3rd Mezzanine but not a bad seat in the house. That being said…there was some weird behavior that I hope doesn’t continue at this week’s Garden shows. Right in the middle of “The Blue” some drunk guy got up and started ranting and raving about Roger Waters…kind of killed the mood of a beautiful song…but hey, he got to say his piece.

    David sounded absolutely magnificent and his guitar work was flawless.

    Special shout out to Joao Mello on the saxophone.

    1. What is it with some people? Given David and Roger buried the hatchet years ago, idiots still think they have to take sides. I never got it in the first place. Just love and respect the music for heaven’s sake. We should be grateful for all of them. Sheesh….

  29. Sitting in Detroit Metro airport counting the seconds until I get to New York for Monday and Tuesday shows.

  30. I’m still a bit vexed by my Ticketmaster snafu for Radio City. Not to worry though, thanks to you, FEd, I still have my 2nd row tix for the North American finale! Getting amp’ed up at this point. 🙂

    1. It’s a good show Jersey Mike…I hope people behave a little better at MSG than they did at Radio City…the 3rd Mezzanine at Radio City was quite annoying.

      This guy was escorted out of the venue…I mean he basically ruined “The Blue” for our whole section…he was nuts.. yelling and screaming that Gilmour is a fraud…I mean, was he even watching the same show as I was?

      1. Maybe he thought he was at a Trump rally? Bizarre. Hope it was worth the price of admission for him….

    2. Thanks to FEd I’m in the 2nd row too!

      Going to hit up Mustang Harry’s before the show – 352 7TH AVE.

      I’m hoping to get there around 5 (happy hour runs 5-9pm). I’ll be in the Black T-shirt advertising FEd…

      1. 🙂 Have a great time, Rob. Looking forward to hearing how it goes. I knew you had style…

  31. So ‘The Girl In The Yellow Dress’ was dropped last night.

    I wonder if something else will replace it in the future, maybe ‘Dancing In Front of Me’? or ‘Beauty’?

    I would vote for ‘Beauty’; no, for ‘Dancing In Front of Me; no, wait… for both!

  32. Hi Everyone, I may have missed this on older posts but does anyone know what time David comes on stage and what time the show wraps up? Thanks in advance! JJ

  33. Great show at RCMH last night! Thank you DG, band and all involved.

    FEd, thank you for all you do.



    1. Thanks to everyone who has organized this blog…will be at the Garden tonight for more magic…hope everyone enjoys.

  34. So incredibly difficult to do a ‘post mortem’ when I’m still in a half daze (in the best way possible) and there are two nights yet to go. Last night’s Radio City Music Hall David Gilmour concert was a ‘mother and son’ treat and what a treat it was! We arrived in good time, lines weren’t too long and the RCMH team did a great job of smoothly getting ticket-holders into the venue and before too long, we were seated – pretty much dead center with the soundboard just to the left of us. We wanted to take in everything – the activity on the very dimly lit stage, people arriving, all the sights, sounds, the all-over buzz and smells (my son asked me whether he could get high on second-hand smoke and it took a lot of self-control not to guffaw). At one point we wondered where everyone was — the stragglers seemed to have left their arrival to the absolute last minute and then some! The performance didn’t start at 8:00 pm and I have to assume it was because people were still arriving.

    This is where I feel I must say something negative about last night. Why go through the trouble of buying hard to come by tickets for the performance of a lifetime if you have no intention of being respectful of the performers who have gone to great lengths to be there and bring you the best of themselves? To say nothing of being disrespectful to the audience! The foursome who were to be seated in front of me arrived midway through a heart-ripping Faces of Stone and proceeded to argue about who was going to sit in which seat and by the time they finally settled in, I was barely able to catch the tail end of the song 🙁 (I know this won’t happen to me at MSG). A couple arrived at the tail end of What Do You Want From Me and were seated to my right. One of them asked “how many songs has he played?” and I coldly responded “four”. I didn’t want to engage in any chatter otherwise I would’ve asked “where the hell have you been?”. They left after Run Like Hell (some mothers’ children, honestly!!!!). At intermission, I braved the crowd to use the facilities and I would venture to say that there were dozens of people who hadn’t even gone in to the theatre proper for the first set. I asked a couple of the attendants what these people do and was told they just hover around and drink. Perhaps they weren’t ticket holders so I don’t want to rush to judgement. A few of the audience were just generally rude and obnoxious and made things unpleasant.

    Not being one to let these types of setbacks get to me for long, we were able to more than enjoy the second set (as did 97% of the audience) and seeing my boy almost jump out of his skin at the first note of Comfortably Numb was worth everything in the world to me.

    Tonight and tomorrow there’s MSG *grins from ear to ear*.

    1. What’s the matter with these muppets, turning up late, strolling in, expecting everybody to get up to let them pass? So annoying, but I’m glad you didn’t let the inconsiderate sods sour the occasion.

      Grinning with you here.

      1. It was absolutely ridiculous. I had an ailse seat and was mortified by the people passing me removing late deep into the first set. They were wondering around trying to find their row and seat in the dark. At one point I yelled (in my rather large NYC accented voice “The show started at 8 o’clock ya’ moron!!!!” PLUS there were folks who kept getting up to go to the vestibule for whatever reason (beer, popcorn, merc, bathroom, etc). WTF?!!! Really?!

        David told everyone to “Hurry back!” at the intermission. Geez, as a New Yorker I was embarrassed by the gall of these folks.

        Despite that, my daughter and I had a fantastic night.

  35. This show is beyond amazing! I’ve seen Pink Floyd in 1987 and again in 1994. I repeated at least a thousand times over the years that no one comes close to those live shows….EVER! When I saw that David Gilmour was coming to Radio City, I jumped on those tickets fast! My expectations were high. I was out of my mind excited and I will tell you that the show was just stunning. I cried, got chills, and went right back to my youth. Such an awesome experience that will never be forgotten. The sound is mind blowing! Effortless and flawless!

    Thank you so much Mr. David Gilmour! You are simply the BEST! I wish I could go to MSG to see it again. Please come back to North America in the future!

    With much gratitude,

  36. Yes, I agree with the times FEd has listed and I implore anyone going NOT TO BE LATE!!!!!!!

    The first few notes coming from those magical hands set the hair on my neck on end! Don’t miss one note!

    And given whom we are talking about, please show some respect. Touring like David is doing, at age 70, is no small feat!

    PS: A huge thank you to FEd, David, Polly and the band…..a memorable night indeed!

  37. that RCMH was one of the best! typical nyc crowd, dave relaxed, seemed to be having fun.

    what a performance of comfortably numb.

    thanks FEd.

  38. What an amazing concert. The sound was perfect. The light show was extraordinary. I even enjoyed the new tunes off Rattle That Lock.

    We went to David’s wife’s book signing last night and we got to meet David and chat with him briefly. Unfortunately they were extremely uptight about taking pictures. He did sign a Pink Floyd post card for me.

    What a great weekend. I am shot. I’m taking tonight off and will be hitting the final show of the tour at MSG.

    1. “Unfortunately they were extremely uptight about taking pictures.”

      I was there with my husband. 🙂 I wouldn’t classify them as being “uptight” – the staff respectfully asked that we not take photographs or video but did turn a ‘blind eye’ to people taking random shots during the down times …

  39. Anyone who wasn’t blown away at last night’s show at Radio City needs to have their head examined. A truly magical night of music. Can’t wait to go again Tuesday night at MSG. I’m glad I’m getting to see the show in 2 different venues. Somebody mentioned above that David’s song tempo was spot on. I could not agree more. The tone and tempo of David’s guitar along with the stellar light show created a dream like effect.

    I loved the little sound clips from Floyd albums they were playing before the show started.

    1. I felt bad for the poor dude who sat next to me in the orchestra E section, all the photos and vids I took I am sure it was annoying, sorry Graham Lee, ha ha, saw your name on your phone when you were snapping photos too!! LOL.

      1. “LOL”?

        Well, if I were in your shoes, I wouldn’t feel proud of myself.

        Sorry for my approximate English.

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