New York: Madison Square Garden

It’s sad, I know, get the tissues ready, but the final concerts in what has been a highly enjoyable tour of North America are to take place tonight and tomorrow night at the world famous Madison Square Garden.

The oldest and busiest major sporting facility in the New York metropolitan area, as well as one of the most popular and profitable music arenas in the world in terms of ticket sales, Madison Square Garden holds approximately 320 events annually. I’m sure we can all list a favourite historic performance or event; we’ve probably all seen something on television that was hosted here, be it music or sport.

Home to the Rangers of the National Hockey League, the Knicks of the National Basketball Association and the Liberty of the Women’s National Basketball Association, the Garden, being a major multi-entertainment venue, also hosts conferences, conventions, trade shows and other special events.

Few places can boast of such an illustrious history that has been beamed to all corners of the world in the television age: a first championship for the New York Knicks in 1970; the first Ali-Frazier fight in 1971 – billed “The Fight of the Century” and the first time that two undefeated boxers fought each other for the heavyweight title – where “Smokin’ Joe” felled Ali with a devastating left to the jaw in the 15th round before winning via unanimous decision; in 1976, gymnast Nadia Comăneci’s first ‘perfect 10’ at the inaugural American Cup; the first ever WrestleMania in 1985, where Hulk Hogan became the face of WWF (now WWE); the New York Rangers winning their first Stanley Cup after a wait of 54 years.

George Harrison’s 1971 Concert for Bangladesh, the first benefit concert(s); the five No Nukes concerts organised by Musicians United for Safe Energy, or MUSE, an activist group founded by Jackson Browne, Graham Nash, Bonnie Raitt and John Hall in 1979; the 2001 Concert for New York City‘The Night The Who Saved New York’, wrote Tom Watson – which honoured the first on the scene at the World Trade Center that horrible day from New York City’s Fire and Police departments, whose bravery and selflessness humbled us all; 12-12-12: The Concert for Sandy Relief in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

Elvis Presley’s four shows before some 80,000 people in June 1972, at the time a Garden record (released as Elvis: As Recorded at Madison Square Garden); John Lennon’s last ever concert appearance, in November 1974, as a surprise guest at an Elton John gig; Billy Joel selling out 12 straight shows in 2006.

Pope John Paul’s 1979 visit, followed by a ticker-tape parade down Broadway, where he addressed 19,000 high school students and famously woo-hoo’ed back at them to cease the cheering and chanting usually reserved for pop stars; Pope Francis’ first visit to the USA as Pontiff last year; Bill Clinton’s victory at the 41st Democratic National Convention to become the party’s choice for Presidential candidate in 1992.

So many great performances have resulted in live albums, concert films and television broadcasts: Billy Joel’s 12 Gardens Live; Elton 60: Live at Madison Square Garden; Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out! (Rolling Stones); The Song Remains the Same (Led Zeppelin); Jethro Tull’s Live at Madison Square Garden – 1978; Johnny Cash at Madison Square Garden; John Lennon’s Live in New York City; Pearl Jam Live at the Garden

There are many more besides these.

Not forgetting that Pink Floyd had a four-night run here, complete with inflatable farmyard animals, in July 1977, then a three-night run ten years later in support of A Momentary Lapse of Reason, in October ’87.

The current and fourth incarnation of the legendary MSG venue opened in 1968 in controversial circumstances. There was a public outcry over the demolition of Pennsylvania Station, the exuberant Beaux-Arts masterpiece that was demolished to make way for it. “A monumental act of vandalism,” screamed the New York Times. The furore led to the creation of the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission in 1965, which saved Grand Central Station from the same fate and, you’ll remember from yesterday’s history lesson if you were paying attention, Radio City Music Hall.

There is delicious irony in that Penn Station, now submerged below ground, needs to expand thanks to a railroad revival – and Madison Square Garden is in the way. After the City Council voted overwhelmingly in 2013 to limit the arena’s permit, effectively allowing ten more years before the Garden has to be torn down for a fourth time and rebuilt elsewhere, in January this year it was announced that the removal of its theatre would allow the station’s renovation and expansion, so the arena itself could remain intact. We shall see.

Have a brilliant time if you’re going to spend either your Monday or Tuesday night at this special place so full of history in the city that never sleeps. Be sure to share your thoughts with us, won’t you?

Don’t forget: Polly’s at Rizzoli Bookstore tomorrow at 1pm, and Guy’s at the Slipper Room on Wednesday.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

145 thoughts on “New York: Madison Square Garden”

  1. My first David Gilmour show awaits! I couldn’t be more excited. Driving up from the Philadelphia area.

    Excited to see what songs he chooses to play tonight.

  2. Driving down from Vermont tomorrow for the Tuesday night show, to say I can’t wait would be the understatement of the year. Would love to hear where people will be gathering pre/post gig.

  3. For all of you attending tonight’s show, enjoy!

    I will be attending the show Tuesday night. I will be meeting up prior to the show at Niles Restaurant, 371 7th Ave. if anyone would care to join me. Cheers!

      1. Indeed! This will be an unforgettable one. I’ll will be sitting with my good friend from college. The first day he and I met, we sat in my car cranking Wish You Were Here on the stereo smoking a hand rolled cigarette. 😉 What could be better than being with a life long friend, listening to our life long sound track just a few yards from the Master himself? OK, I’ll add that it is just 2 weeks ahead of my 50th birthday.

        Life is good, dear FEd.

  4. My brother (David) and his wife (Fiona) are attending both MSG shows, with relatives of Fiona. Lucky them.

    I’ll be with them both and my son for the final night of the tour at RAH in September. We’ll have Rattled a few Locks between us by then.

    Enjoy the shows everyone.

  5. Being a native NY’er I’ve been to the Garden 100’s of times. My 1st show there was Pink Floyd in Oct of 1987. I have been back many times and each time I think back to those 87 shows and picture myself as a young kid sitting in the 300 section (now gone) and watching David play. I have since been around the world to see Pink Floyd and David on tour. There is nothing like seeing your favorite musician on your “home turf”.

    Hope everyone enjoys this master in a historic venue!

  6. Well I am psyched for the final show tomorrow night at MSG but I won’t be arriving in NYC until 3 pm and I see that Polly Samson is doing an appearance at 1 pm. 🙁 Oh well, at least I’ll be able to hopefully enjoy the show at the Garden!!! I’m coming up from Virginia to see the show that I’m sure is going to be the concert of the year!!!

    1. Have a safe trip and a fantastic night, Jeff. Looking forward to hearing all about it.

  7. This might be the last two concerts in the United States for this tour, but maybe it will happen again in a few years. Who knows!

    Anyway, have a fantastic time everybody!

    Enjoy! 😀

  8. Very much looking forward to the show tonight. Very excited as I will be sitting in the floor seats for this show. Watching and hearing David is always a treat and this will be quite different from the last time I saw him.


  9. History meets History. Well FEd I have to say this is very emotional and I wish I was there. After the RAH this would have been my choice.

    Let’s rock, David!

    Enjoy, everyone who’s going…I bet this evening the songs will NOT remain the same.


    1. Hope you are right Emilio! WYWH, brother, I know you would love the Big Apple. 🙂

  10. Do I get my Welcome Home banner out Fed? Brighton Airport is it? Love the photo on Polly’s Instagram – David wearing a beeny hat with the dog photo, and ketchup, bit Starsky and Hutch or New York Docker.

    We went to see T’pau last Friday, Carol Decker what a voice. Well she was signing her book afterwards and I was the last one there. And true to myself I froze like a little boy, couldn’t get my words out, looking like a real grump when I had my photo with her only cause I was crapping it. Honestly, 52 going on 10.

    Regards Damian

    1. Daft isn’t it! I was doing some reportage photography for a Paul Heaton & Jacquie Abbott video and Paul just sat down next to me and said “hi, how you doing?” I just clammed up too. Nice bloke. And Jacqui is lovely, although she’d lost her voice that day. Ironic when you are shooting a music video!

      Anyhow, wish I was there in NYC, great city. Roll on the RAH…

  11. Anybody meeting for preshow get together? I’ll be at

    Local West Bar
    1 Penn Plz
    33rd St & 8th Ave
    New York, NY 10119
    Midtown West

    – Upstairs.

  12. Great show last night. It was nice to see a couple of songs I did not see during the first three nights of RAH.

    Looking forward to tonight and of course the very last night on Tuesday. I have extra tickets for both tonight and tomorrow and will let them go way below cost. Not sure if it is okay to say that but would like to help out a fan looking for a deal.

    bryan aka atomeve

  13. I’m curious to read more enthusiastic posts and more curious to see how the set list will evolve. 🙂

  14. In case anybody is still looking for David Gilmour tickets for the Teenage Cancer Trust concert on 24th April, I’d suggest they keep checking the RAH website. I did just that earlier this evening and managed to get a single ticket in a Grand Tier box.

    While I would have loved to have gone to Pompeii, the RAH ticket is about a third of the cost of a Pompeii ticket, I get a seat for my weary old legs and it’s all for an excellent cause too.

    1. I had been doing that every day, and was finally rewarded last week when 2 front row circle seats appeared saying “Buy me!”. I though it was rude not to….

  15. It’s almost here! Only a few more hours! Got so excited walking by MSG earlier while checking out the area. Especially seeing what I’m guessing were the rigs that carried all the equipment.

    Hoping to make a few friends as well. Going to be up in section 223 tonight (any others going to be around there as well?) and down in row 4 of section c tomorrow!

    Fed, thank you so much again for these opportunities!

    eeeEEEEEeee! So much excitement!

      1. I looked at the google street view of the venue, went whizzing up streets in the wrong direction, as you do. Anyway, there was a huge, biggest I’ve ever seen, lorry/van. Obviously it was for some touring company loading or unloading at MSG.

        Did someone get photographs of what David’s touring rig * looks like. That would be interesting to see. 🙂

        * Rig. I’m assuming this is what you call the touring lorry, van, wagon. It’s a good word. I’ve heard it in terms of “the lighting rig” for example. (Two nations separated by a common language again !)

        I need to know what it looks like so as I know what to lie underneath to prevent it moving until they get me autographs, you see.

        ash 😀

        1. I took pictures of the trucks tonight at Madison Square Garden – 2 were parked on 33rd Street and 4 were in the loading bay. I didn’t see the seventh truck although the ‘horse’ part was in the loading bay. Massive white trailers with red ‘horses’.

          1. Great, Pavlov. 😀

            They are using 7, seven, S.E.V.E.N ! trucks ! ? Where do they put all those at smaller venues ? Where will they put it all at Pompeii ?

            I have even more respect for the crew now.

            Sometime Fed, we could do with a topic about the equipment and logistics of taking the band out on tour. How far ahead do they plan? (Which also begs the question : How far in advance did you know it was all going to happen yet you kept it from us ? ! )


    1. I’ll be in Section 210, row 2, seat 3! Woohoo- cannot wait, my first David Gilmour show!!

  16. I’ll be there with my wife tonight (my daughter enjoyed last night by the way). I was fortunate to catch Pink Floyd in ’87 there one night. I was only 8 in 1977, but if I knew then what I know now….

    Thanks FEd for the historical insights you’ve been providing.

    This is likely my last Gilmour performance (though temptations in Europe abound!). If it is, let me say that I am so thankful to have had these opportunities as a lifelong fan. If he never tours again, I’ll have no regrets. I saw Floyd and Gilmour as much as I could in my lifetime. It’s been a great ride!

  17. Diane, I am in 223 tonight row 11 seat 8-9. I will be the giant in the Dark Side of the Moon T shirt. Do say hello.

    1. Wish I had seen this prior to the show! We were the the two people right near the end of the row right where the tunnel comes out.. both I and my concert going companion were in rush shirts (the last show we saw of course!) Hoping to have better luck tonight!

  18. Enjoy the concert everyone that will be there over the next couple of nights. Make sure you get there early as the venue will be filled with Pink Floyd album affects flying around the room, it’s pretty cool, really feels like part of the show.


  19. Wow. While I loved the whole show and really like his new material, the highlight for me was Astronomy Domine. Maybe because I have never seen that live but that song was special. Loved how it just shook the rafters. Great, great song and performance.

    Looking forward to Pompeii.


  20. O, here’s something to ponder. Polly’s book is selling for $20 while Guy’s book is selling for $25 at show. Both are signed. Does Guy have no dignity of charging more than his boss’ wife?? LOL.

    What do you think? FEd??


  21. Attending tomorrow night with the next generation, my son. Will be great to David in Madison Square Garden for his first solo shows. Saw him three nights when he played Beacon. Also caught Jones Beach and the Pier show on that first tour.

  22. And The Girl in the Yellow Dress is back. 🙂 I really like the song…

    If – and I really hope that this will not be true one day – but if this is David’s last North America Tour, then it’s a fine conclusion with two shows at MSG! Wish all a great MSG Gig today!

    PS: John Lennon’s very last live appearance was at April 18th 1975 at Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City. 🙂 But his apperance at the Elton John Gig is for sure the more memorable one. Very cool his announcement before he sings the Paul Song I Saw Her Standing There: “This is a song by an old fiancee of mine…”

    1. Thank you for the correction.

      John Lennon always had the perfect quip for any moment. I often wonder what he’d have to say about events happening today, or if he’d still be making music and what it would sound like, who he might have collaborated with, etc.

      1. Musically, I think he might have collaborated with Roger Waters. In my opinion they are very similar…in using different measures on songs too.

        1. And speaking of dying young musicians, I often think about what Jim Morrison would be like in these days, or others from the “27 group” – him, Hendrix, Joplin etc. And I cannot avoid thinking that certain poets are just destined to leave us at young age, so next generations will always live with their ways and ideas or music of young people, making these certain players and times magical and sacred.

          And back to topic, both Lennon and Waters are genuine poets but I think as a whole Roger is too much of an individualist kind to share music making ecquallly /what Lennon would deserve/ with anybody after Floyd; and its getting more imposible year after year. So I remain grateful that once a young Roger met a young David. 😀

      2. What I like about John Lennon is his unpredictable nature. And so I agree, FEd, it would have been great to see his actions these days. Maybe there would have been political albums like “Some Time In NYC” or very private, family-life albums like “Double Fantasy” – you´ll never know with Lennon. Of course I would have hoped for a Lennon/McCartney Reunion. Together they were the greatest!

        I hoped that David would play a song in honor of the other David in NYC, maybe Arnold Layne…but maybe this summer in Europe. 😉

        Thanks FEd for your tremendous work these days.

        1. Thank you, Hanno. 🙂

          It really makes me wonder with Lennon. With so many embarrassing collaborations between music royalty and whoever is the current flavour of the month, I like to think he’d have been above all that and never felt the need to try and remain ‘cool’ and commercial, but we’ll never know. I’d love to know what he thought of Oasis…

          1. “…I’d love to know what he thought of Oasis…”

            Or Radiohead for that matter.

            Where is Lucia when we need her????


  23. Fed, thank you!!!!! Because of you I am in section b row 3. Otherwise known as front and center. I owe you so much I doubt I can ever repay you.

    The second set of this concert is absolutely unbelievable. Even from the second deck almost behind the stage.

    Can’t wait for next show. Seriously David is just showing off through the entire second set! It is totally sick.

  24. I attended last night’s show and what a fantastic night it was! Luckily work brought me back to the East Coast which coincided with the show. He went on at about 20:07 and ended at 10:56. ‘The Girl in the Yellow Dress’ returned despite having substituted ‘On An Island’ the previous night at Radio City.

    I’ve been following other people’s streams for the previous North American gigs. He really came out the strong for the 2nd set. The 2nd solo to ‘Coming Back to Life’ was pretty inventive but the magnificent outro solo in ‘Sorrow’ set a new musical bar last night. His, well, improvisation really swelled up the crowd and had my section on the edge of their seats. People were cheering as he brought the crowd to a new musical climax just when you thought he was going to wrap it up. If you can find a recording of it, listen to it.

    ‘Comfortably Numb’ was excellent, it seems he has been continuing to jam the outro out a little longer as the tour progresses.

  25. Great show last night. I first saw David with Pink Floyd at MSG on July 2, 1977 on the Animals Tour. Now again in 2016. Amazing!

    Best version of Sorrow ever last night.

    1. The low frequencies and distortion of Sorrow completely reset my body’s homeostasis. He rebooted me.

      I’m going to check if my tour tickets are a reimbursable medical expenses.

      1. I thought I was having a heart attack but was too speechless to move or say anything … my husband gently assured me that I was fine. 🙂

  26. Just came back from Chicago to Mexico and I must say that the concert is unforgettable, I would never forget that moment, the sound, the magic, so far and to close from Mr. Gilmour.

    I really enjoyed the show so so much and now I feel different….dreams came true!

  27. Great show last night. Heading to the book signing then out and about and heading to the final show.

    Hope everyone has a great day and an even better night.

  28. Monday’s show at the Garden was glorious…I only had tickets for Sunday at Radio City (the less said about the crowd at that one the better) and then last night, after last night I got a ticket for tonight, as it could very well be his final US performance.

    The crowd at the Garden was great last night…roaring in approval after every song…lots of high energy.

    1. “The crowd at the Garden was great last night…roaring in approval after every song…lots of high energy.”

      How right you are about that — there was a lot of adoration. It was electric!

  29. I am planning to be at Mustang Harry’s around 5pm if anyone cares to join. I did put in for a table for 15 just in case. 🙂 Otherwise I’ll be near the bar. It’s right around the corner from MSG @ 352 7th Ave…I’ll be in the black FEd shirt…

    Like Jersey Mike I am bringing along one of my best buds who I took to all 4 Floyd shows I saw back in ’87 and ’88. Although, tonight my mom and nephew will also be with us so we are going to be a multigenerational mix!

    SO excited…can’t believe it’s the 12th already!!! Hope to see as many (Ir)regulars as possible tonight! Cheers and a HUGE thanks again to FEd for taking such good care of us for all these years!

    2nd Row…still can’t believe it – FEd, you ROCK!!!

    1. Hope I can make it down there with a bit of time to spare Rob – even if just to say ‘hello’! My son was to have gone with my husband last night but no matter how much he wanted to be there, there was no way I could convince him to play truant today – we’ve been getting home well after midnight for the past few nights and he has to be up at 5:30 am to get ready for school (things are a little lopsided in our house. 😉 Of course there weren’t any complaints from me … at the moment I care little about being a zombie during the day and could quite happily see David & Co. play every night of the week.

      Last night we were in 303 in the Lounges (fantastic view but microscopic) and tonight we’re in Row 3. It will once again be magical, memorable, up close and personal.

  30. I saw David April 10, 2006 at Radio City and again Last Night April 11, 2016, both times with my son. Both shows were amazing, and last night a tad bit better. I love the new music so it was really nice to hear live and who can argue with the great Floyd selections? Two stick out for me – Fat Old Sun and What Do You Want From Me. They were a pleasant surprise.

    Okay, New York minute of reality now – I wound up with two extra tickets that I could not sell to save my life – I would up getting less than half of face value yesterday in desperation. So the show cost me a lot to attend. Then to see a $55 T shirt? Thanks but no. $46 to park. Great as it was I am still wondering if the evening was worth close to $1000.

    1. If you were coming from NJ, you should have parked in Secaucus and taken the train to Penn. Would have cost you $22 to park plus train fare of $4.25 each way. And you would save on tolls. And a bit less hassle with traffic. Keep it in mind for next journey into NYC.


    2. Sorry to hear that Mr G. Just know that you probably made someone people really happy and hopefully they will pass that goodwill on. Spending money on the show was a tough choice for me too but luckily I was able to secure discounted tickets for myself and a friend. The savings I got on one ticket allowed me to buy another and gift it. He needed some cheering up and treating him to the show really made him smile. He really appreciated it.

  31. Incredible concert last night! Not too much from RTL though. 🙁 Still loved and enjoyed all the way through.

    Highlights for me: Sorrow – one of my very favorites and Astronomy Domine – an amazing light show…made my eyes crazy.

    Saw him during the OAI tour in CA. RTL show seemed more amped up.

  32. Wishing everyone an amazing show. Gilmour has a habit of topping the best show ever with an even better best show ever.

    How I wish, how I wish I were there. Can’t wait to hear how magnificent it was!

  33. Just back from Polly’s book signing. She is very nice and pleasant. David was also there at the beginning but slipped out after a few moments. Nice crowd.

  34. Tomorrow is my mother’s 73rd birthday. I found tix for tonight, so guess what I’m treating her to? She’s enjoyed the music I’ve played at home and in the car over the years. Now she’s here to see Gilmour in person. Her first concert ever.

      1. Thanks, and yes she very much did enjoy herself. She was practically glowing afterwards.

        She had this face on basically the whole time.

    1. Angelo,

      Did mom turn to you at some point and say, “Son, what’s that smokey smell in the air? And why is everyone offering me a smoke??” LOL.

      Hope you had a great time.


      1. I’m not sure where he was sitting, but there was certainly some around us in the first few rows of section c.

      2. LOL! I warned her going in. She didn’t seem to mind it in the least, which made me wonder…

  35. Went to Toronto, Chicago and now New York. Amazing.

    The only negative is the back up singers. Why are they singing In Any Tongue? That needs to be David. They sing loud and out of synch.

    Sorry. Destroys an amazing song.

    1. I’ve grown accustomed to their singing. It bothered me at first. I don’t think he can get up there in those registers on the regular like he used to, not without straining his voice to the point where it affects his singing on other songs. I actually think Coming Back To Life is becoming difficult for him.

      Just my opinion.

    2. ‘Out of synch’ is too much. We’re talking about true musicians. Everyone has his own feel, man.

  36. I love Guy Pratt’s tweet about Donald Trump who – apparently – attended the show:

    “@EricTrump @DonaldJTrumpJr @LaraLeaTrump @_DavidGilmour Believe me, we didn’t play a single note for you. #wishyouwerenthere”

    Go Guy!

    1. Sorry, maybe I was mistaken, I didn’t notice first it was DonaldJTrumpJr… His son, maybe?

      Still find the tweet hilarious. 😀

    2. While there was a part of me that chuckled, I actually thought it a bit unkind and slightly divisive. Music is the great uniter and can be appreciated by people from all walks of life, shapes and sizes, with differing philosophical, political and religious beliefs. Just some fans, with an unfortunate surname, enjoying the show. 🙁

      1. It’s the reason why I don’t appreciate Roger asking bands/artists to boycott concerts… for whatever reason.

  37. Last night’s show was great. It was really nice meeting fellow bloggers last night before the show at Mustang Harry’s.

    Fed, thanks for all you do to keep us in the know with information.

    Our seats were great in the 3rd row section B.

    Hope everyone who gets to a show this summer has a great time and makes some lasting memories!

  38. Hello everyone from New York!

    Yesterday was great!!

    It was the first time I heard “What Do You Want From Me” live and I really really love that song… The rest was simply beautiful: the location, the setlist, David, the band, the laser show (first time I saw it, they didn’t do that for the first leg of the tour).

    I had a beautiful time before and after the concert whit RobPfromCT, his friend and family, and I have to thank FEd for this: among 15.000 people I was entering the floor going to my seat, and I really bumped into him because of his “FEd shirt”. I’m also so glad to have known Pavlov and her husband during the intermission. I’m so grateful to you for all your advice and patience with me when I was planning this trip. I hope to see you all very soon in Italy (maybe Pompeii, Rob?).

    The only thing that wasn’t good was the awful behavior of some people (I cannot even call them fans), two on my left side and three just behind me: they talked loud all the time and their voices were covering the concert’s volume. The “best” one was a woman behind me, talking with an incredible loud voice with the two guys which were with her, and playing with the phone ALL the concert. Maybe she saw 10 minutes of the show, not more. I wanted to ask her: “Why did you pay 200$ for staying at the phone and not seeing the concert? And are you able to shut the f**k up for at least five consecutive minutes?”. Strange people.

    Anyway, apart from these annoying and bothering people, it was a perfect evening with such a good company!

    Can’t wait for the summer concerts!!

    1. Yes I totally agree, last night’s show at MSG was glorious…I was lucky to be seated in a good section where people were respectful of the music and generally into it. I had the same problem with the talkers at Radio City, and it kind of ruined that show for me. But the two MSG shows I attended were just bliss, so I am glad I committed to going to all three New York shows…I had different seats all three nights so each night was a different experience.

      I may have to go to one of those shows in Italy or maybe the Royal Albert Hall in September…

      Glad everyone here enjoyed it…a bit wistful now that he won’t be back in the Americas.

    2. Yes, I had a few of those annoying folks by me at Monday’s performance. I too can’t understand the attachment some folks have with their mobile devices. Very strange indeed.

      I am looking forward to the Pompeii experience. I have never been to a concert outside of the US, so this will be an interesting experience on many levels.


    3. Andrea! Was fantastic to meet up with you before and after the show!!! I enjoyed meeting your family as well. I am trying to convince my wife that a vacation to the coast of Naples is in order. My fingers are crossed but I’m not sure we can pull it off.

      In any event – if you are ever in the NY area again please let me know and I will make time for you!


  39. Another great show last night that was different from Monday. For anyone interested, my comparisons are below but he did great shows both nights.

    The show started about 8:15 so I had fear he was going to cut a song to make the 11PM curfew. Fortunately there were no omissions. The first set was much more spontaneous than I’ve heard in a while with David playing some new flourishes and licks throughout most of the songs. He was in a looser mood grooving along to the music onstage — off the top of my head “Rattle That Lock”, “Wish You Were Here”, “Boat Lies Waiting”, “In Any Tongue” really had him deviate from the solos he was playing before. Monday’s second set was better because the solos seemed more inventive and aggressive. ‘Sorrow’ in the second set was a very close second behind ‘Sorrow’ the previous night. ‘Coming Back to Life’ had a different second solo with him experimenting with double stops so it sounded different. I still prefer the raunchier solo to ‘Fat Old Sun’, ‘CBITL’, and the transcendent ‘Sorrow’ on Monday night though.

    Guy sang ‘send you back to New York’ during ‘Run Like Hell’. Instead of being off, the house lights were dimmed on before the encore so you see the crowd and how happy they were. A very nice version of ‘Comfortably Numb’ closed the show just in time for 1100 or 1101 PM.

    There were lots of smiles after the show. The crowd was much more animated on Tuesday night and for the most part very respectful except an altercation I saw in the section next to mine. Notably everyone there was incredibly nice, and the ushers were very helpful with keeping the positive mood and making sure everyone could enjoy the show.

    Thanks for a pleasant two night run!

    1. I saw an altercation last night and an altercation Sunday night during the same song : The Blue. What is it about that song? Beautiful song that makes some people want to fight? Weird.

  40. I have to say that I was a bit disappointed not to hear that Roger had guested on vocals for Comfortably Numb at one of the NYC shows. I live in hope that Nick Mason might guest on drums for CN for the upcoming charity concert at the RAH.

    Really looking forward to that next RAH concert on 24th of this month. When I bought tickets for one of the RAH concerts that took place last Sept, I had no idea that I’d end up seeing a total of four of David’s shows in the space of 12 months.

  41. I guess different songs pump people up in different ways. Personally I would have guessed ‘Girl in The Yellow Dress’ would get people in a fighting mood — Just kidding. I heard there were fights on Monday too but I didn’t see any of it. Lots more inebriated people were observed on Tuesday night. and I saw the paramedics and police handling someone after the show with a particularly BAD injury. Without going into specifics, alcohol and drugs were most likely involved in my section’s case and it brought out some distracting ugliness. Unlike a symphony, it’s a rock concert so I can see why people want to get faded and kick back to some great music after a long day. Who knows what they’ve been though, so I can’t assume. That’s why the ushers did a great job of handling everyone considering their altered state by keeping the mood respectful.

    As for the talkers, a general rule of thumb, if you kindly ask someone to keep it down, WITHOUT being bitchy, they are more willing to be agreeable. Mostly everyone was just excited to be hearing someone whom they never thought would perform on tour and were pretty respectful to each other’s space.

    1. I will never understand how people who’ve waited ten years and spent hundreds of $ or £ to see an artist, think that getting stoned out their brains or getting drunk, is going to enhance the experience.

      ash (enjoying every sensation to the max)

  42. What a night last night! My cousin came up from TX for this eagerly awaited show. It was a double cross off the bucket list for him: being to an event at MSG and seeing David Gilmour perform live. He/we couldn’t have been happier. Great seats, great show, great time! Memories forever.

    1. Big thank you to my cousin Marchello and to you Fed. The show was incredible and exceeded any expectation I could have ever had. I have been Comfortably Numb since that night and can’t get the sound out of my head. My only complaint is this…What Now!

      I truly hope it isn’t his last tour!!!

        1. Oh my…I never thought the FEd T-shirt would cause such a stir. 🙂

          Maybe I should have had one custom made for FEd as well…

          I think it did make it easier for people to find me and then they could decide if they wanted to say hello.

          Perhaps I should auction it for charity…what do you think – it should fetch a pound or two..?

          1. Maybe two pounds. If you’re lucky. 😉

            Joking aside, thanks for that, Rob. It did make me laugh.

  43. First off, thanks to FEd I was able to watch from the 3rd row last night, directly in front of David, I’m still buzzing from the whole experience. I don’t even care that I had to get up at an ungodly hour this morning to drive for 4 hours. To work. Well worth it though, a night to remember.

  44. Hey, how are people in the US getting these tickets for European shows? I am particularly interested in the Circus Maximus show…(I am sure Pompeii will be $$$$), any guidance would be helpful.

    1. Please visit You can change the language to English by clicking on the little Italian flag found at the top-right of the page. Tickets for Circus Maximus (Sunday) and Pompeii (Thursday) are still available.

      1. Italian flag to click on.

        I wish I had known when booking Pompeii, my Italian is awful.


      2. How are there still tickets for Pompeii available??! Do we have any details? Are the shows in the arena like the movie? Or at the teatro grande across the way? Is the capacity truly 2,000?

        I guess I don’t really mind not knowing anything other than: I’m going. Only 83 more days! And then Gilmour can rip through my soul again at the show of shows.

  45. Thank you Mr. Gilmour for two spectacular shows at Madison Square Garden. And, thank you FEd and Mr. Gilmour for the wonderful seats at last night’s show.

  46. Excuse me, is El Magnifico leaving the band? I’ve just seen a post from him on Facebook with a pic taken at the end of the last night at MSG and the words ‘It’s farewell from me’.

    Hope it’s all ok, Phil!

  47. Sorry, off topic but Liverpool: the greatest come back ever. BOOM!


      1. You’ll Never Walk Alone always makes me weep, should be the National anthem.


    1. Agreed, now buzzing from MSG on Tuesday night AND beating Dortmund yesterday. A week to remember.

  48. I still haven’t quite gotten over Tuesday night’s show… I’m almost so over run with thoughts that I’m still at a loss for words…

    Thank you David. Thank you so much for those nights. Those several hours went so quickly…. And thank you FEd again for making it possible as well!!!

    (Still Squeaking with happiness internally!!!!)

  49. Thank You David for the most amazing concert I think I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen every Pink Floyd, David Gilmour or Roger Waters tour since 1975.

    Before the show me and my friend Jason went over to Pizza Suprema on 8th Ave and 31st St and had the BEST PIZZA in NYC bar none. Before and after the show I went to Times Square to look around and all I got to say is: Times Square has the most amazing video screens I’ve ever seen next to Mr. Screen that David uses during his shows.

    As far as I am concerned David Gilmour is GOD with a Guitar and that’s the bottomline cause I said so!!!

  50. I have been walking on air since the Monday night show @ MSG. I got tickets for 2 of my best friends. 1 is my brother the other, I work with. We had killer seats on the side of the stage. We had the time of our lives. The talent on that stage was awe inspiring. I am so glad that we got to share those moments that I will never forget. It really doesn’t get any better (of course until the next time). 🙂

    1. “I am so glad that we got to share those moments that I will never forget.”

      Very nice description. Those are the moments that do not need smartphones, clips, whatever…

  51. I now know that I HAVE TO visit Anfield Road someday…amazing!

    And isn´t the album “This Path Tonight” by Graham Nash a lovely one? And today the album “Fever Dream” by Ben Watt found its way to me – two great collaborators of DG!

    Wish you a liverpoolian great Weekend FEd.

    1. Thank you, Hanno. I know you wanted extra time and penalties, but maybe Dortmund will still be reeling after that crazy game of football last night and your boys can capitalise on Sunday. Good luck!

      I’m really enjoying This Path Tonight.

      1. Un match complètement dingue! Didn’t it remind you of that Champions League Final in 2005 in Istanbul? Glad you had no heart attack. 😛

        Also the minute’s silence (et le brassard noir) in tribute to the 96 victims of the Hillsborough disaster (anniversary today?) was very moving. A great respect shown by both sides.

        Bon week-end et bon repos! (pas trop arrosé, eh? 🙂 )

  52. Back to reality today… NYC was amazing! Thank you so much FEd for the chance at great seats at Radio City and 2nd Row at MSG! I was soooooooooo glad I got On an Island at Radio City. I would have to say the Money Jam at Radio City was the highlight for me (even if he messed up the words, I thought it was great that he messed up and kept going), as was Run Like Hell. Is it possible to make Ray Bans cooler?!?!? Yep, DG did that, Sorry Zimmerman. 🙂 The lights and sound guys/women really deserve a lot of credit, they did a great job. One guy who was doing the lights was jamming as he was doing his job… I want his job… HAHAHA!

    But NYC as a whole was fantastic! We did 2 nights of shows, Comedy Cellar, Ellis Island/Statue of Liberty, Top of the Rock, Strawberry Fields, MoMA, Momofuku, Keens Steakhouse… the list goes on. NYC is such a great city. For me and where I’d been before I came here, it reminded me of Chicago and Rome slammed together. We didn’t really get to any of the other boroughs, which was a bummer… But we only had 4 days, and 2 of the nights were reserved for DG. But all in all, I loved the city. But too many people for this Iowa boy, I will cherish this past week forever… But I doubt I ever make it back again.

    Thanks again FEd, you really helped make a dream come true!

  53. I suppose there is no 12 step program for RTL Tour Recovery? My detox is going poorly.

  54. 🙁 I am really sad for you, dear american friends, that it was your last night David’s tour but this means that now is our turn. 😉 Could you please send “il Maestro” and his band back, Europe is waiting for its hero. 😀

    FEd are you going to attend any of his show?….or it is a secret…Italy?! 🙂

  55. Ok FEd, I’m having surgery Monday and I’m like… I lay me down to sleep, if I should die before I Pompeii, you’ll help my husband my tickets take? (Please?)

    Morbid, I know.

  56. Hey FEd

    Li’l off topic, but do you know when box office info (opening hours, location etc) will be available for Pompeii?!?


  57. I had the pleasure of being at at MSG on Tuesday night. My boyfriend and I sat in Section B, Row 3, Seats 9 and 10. We had lovely people to the left and right of us! I was absolutely blown away by the performance and wanted to thank fED for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have seen David up close. Additionally, we were able to meet Polly Samson during her book signing at Rizolli’s Bookstore and she was very kind. David did make an appearance at the beginning of the signing but quickly left (I managed to snap a few pics). It was amazing walking the streets of New York and seeing so many Gilmour shirts!

    Speaking of Gilmour shirts–I was unable to pick one up at the concert and was looking into purchasing one on the website. Would someone be able to tell me if the t-shirts run large or small? I always seem to either purchase t-shirts too large or too small!

    Thank you!

  58. Sorry for the late post but I am finally back in front of a computer. After Tuesday’s show I spent the rest of the week at a trade show in Boston. My boss rocks – let me sleep in and arrive 2 hours late on Wednesday!

    Again – thank you SO much FEd for the opportunity to get those seats! Turns out we were just one row away from Tom! So, the evening started at Mustang Harry’s were we met a hopeful (ir)regular to be, Marybeth. She has never posted on the blog but reads it and decided to go and meet whoever was there. Was able to meet Tom and his crew and as promised Pavlov made her appearance! What an awesome way to start a show. When all seemed over the top and outstanding – we entered MSG and as my friend and I were milling about, up walks Andrea!! What awesome fellow irregulars! It’s like we’ve known each other for years, LOL.

    As for the show and set list…I still have no words to put it all together. Too many positives and highlights to list. I do have to say hearing Sorrow for the first time since ’87 and ’88 was a big treat. I really enjoyed all of the RTL songs – they are even better live. A Boat Lies Waiting was fantastic and such a touching tribute as well. And the song order was killer – WYWH – What Do You Want From Me – A Boat Lies Waiting…incredible! And, I still love the solo from The Blue…

    I did miss the beginning of Astronomy as I lost track of time during intermission but caught most from the back of the floor section – no words would do that justice. I am definitely rambling as the entire second set was just insane. When Guy hit those deep bass notes (being 2 rows away and right in front of him) felt like my entire body was being blown out (like that old Maxell cassette tape Advertising – I’m dating myself with that reference) and it was AWESOME.

    My mom (73 years young) and my nephew (25) were completely in awe. My mom hasn’t stopped talking about the show – she was in heaven! My best friend since the 4th grade still can’t believe I waited for his work schedule to come out 4 days before the show instead of going with someone else. I mean how could I? We saw 4 PK shows together in 87 & 88 and because of work he couldn’t make the OAI tour.

    In summary…Wow…thank you David Gilmour and band!!! Simply amazing…the Gold Standard that all concerts should be based on. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  59. Greetings to all my American friends who got to see Gilmour on his tour!

    Hope it was as good as the Royal Albert Hall was last year, and will be later this year!


  60. Did anyone else see The Roy Orbison Story on BBC4? What a fantastic artist and human being, such tragic losses with his wife and children. Highs and lows, I was gobsmacked when he was on the Wheel Tappers and Shunters. Then his rise again with the magnificent Travelling Willburys, oh to have been a fly on the wall when they were recording in Bob Dylan’s garage.


  61. My wife and I traveled from Oklahoma to NYC, having bought tickets for the April 11 performance. We arrived a few days early, as it had been a while since we visited the “Big Apple”.

    On Saturday night, April 9, we decided to attend Polly’s book signing at the Ace Hotel. The intent was two fold. First to hear her and see her up close reading from her book (plus to get an autographed copy), the second was thinking David may come out and speak. After the break, Polly and another author had been up, I told my wife that David wouldn’t steal her thunder, and it was getting a little late so we decided to leave. While walking out, I detoured to the men’s room before trying to flag down a taxi. Of course all the urinals and stalls were occupied except tor the last stall which I found was out of order. When I turned around, David was right behind me, not 2 feet from me! I spoke to him, probably sounding like an idiot, but I told him I would be seeing the concert on Monday night and reached out and we shook hands. He thanked me for being one of his loyal fans. Such a gentleman.

    It was truly a night I’ll never forget.

  62. I must say that after all the anticipation getting to see David do his magic and now that it has come to pass, I am extremely sad it is over. But the memories I will hold dear and cherish for ever.

    Those that are fortunate enough to follow the tour get to keep riding that high. And I understand why they do it. As I would too if I could.

    Looking forward to buying the DVD/CD of this magical event of a life time when it comes out.

    Take care, Suzy

  63. Great show. First time my son saw David live. He was blown away. He thought it was so amazing how well David is playing at 70.

    Was a little sad when the band played. Miss Richard Wright’s vocals.

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