Toronto: Air Canada Centre

It’s wonderful to finally be able to write that David and the band will next be performing in Toronto, Canada.

David last played in Toronto at Massey Hall in 2006, as he did on his About Face Tour in 1984. Who could forget that? (I know, I know, I did…) He also performed over three nights in July 1994 – with Pink Floyd, on their Division Bell Tour – at the Exhibition Stadium (sadly no longer with us, the stadium was demolished in 1999). There were three nights, too, in September 1987, with one more concert the following May adding to the Momentary Lapse of Reason Tour’s unrelenting schedule. Going back further into Floydian history, there was also a concert at Maple Leaf Gardens in March 1973, as part of the Dark Side of the Moon Tour.

First opened in 1999, the Air Canada Centre is another modern, state-of-the-art venue which has further benefited from a recent $10million upgrade. This 665,000 square-foot sports and entertainment complex has hosted thousands of quite varied events: just about everything from concerts and sport to festivals, banquets, political party conferences, corporate trade shows – even circuses.

Home to the Toronto Maple Leafs of the National Hockey League, the Toronto Raptors of the National Basketball Association and the Toronto Rock of the National Lacrosse League, it made the Top Ten of last year’s top 200 tour arenas for worldwide ticket sales, with a whopping 643,845 tickets sold.

Extremely accessible and fan-friendly, the popular venue boasts three restaurants, two bars and even has its very own in-house brewery, making it one of only two sports arenas in Canada to brew its ale on-site. (Have one for the blog, won’t you?)

We hope you enjoy the occasion and look forward to hearing all about tonight’s and tomorrow night’s gigs.

One more reminder that, due to improved sightlines, some extra seats have been released for all of the remaining arena shows in North America. That means tickets are still available for Toronto’s Air Canada Centre, Chicago’s United Center and New York’s Madison Square Garden.

You can purchase tickets online, over the telephone or in person from all Ticketmaster outlets. You even get a copy of Rattle That Lock on CD thrown in with each ticket purchased online… (Please note that you will receive an e-mail within 24-48 hours of purchasing your ticket with instructions on how to redeem this offer.)

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. David last played Toronto in 2006 during the On an Island tour at Massey Hall – April 9th and 10th.

    1. Oh yes, of course he did. D’oh! Thanks, Mike. That’ll teach me for blogging at 3am.

  2. Actually David last played in Toronto at Massey Hall in April 2006 during the On An Island tour, but we are always thrilled to have him back.

    FEd, thanks again for the heads up on the presale for the Friday show which got me 3rd row seats, I can’t wait.

    1. Enjoy it, Chris. You’ll have an excellent view from the third row.

      Of course, you’re quite right about Toronto. My bad.

  3. Hello, I posted this a couple days ago under one of the LA reviews, but I have a pair of tickets to next Mondayโ€™s show in Chicago โ€“ section 301 โ€“ that I wonโ€™t be using. Is there anyone here that would be interested in them at face value?

  4. I hope David can do a bit of sightseeing besides the shows there. There’s much to see: The CN Tower, the Niagara Falls, etc.

    It’s going to be a wonderful night in a great city! Have fun everybody attending. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      1. I was up there once. There’s a part of the tower where the ground is made out of glass so you kind of feel like you can fly when you’re standing on it.

        That’s a very beautiful picture of it!

  5. After reading this I have to admit that I thought that the Air Canada Centre is just another big indoor arena… I was wrong, I guess! Wish all audience members a great gig!!!

  6. Enjoy! Everyone who’s going will have a great experience.

    David and band are really out of the blue in this moment, for what I saw lately, so immerse in the show and have a great time!


  7. “Kick off your shoes and sit right down
    Loosen off that pretty French gown
    Let me pour you a good long drink
    Ooh baby don’t you hesitate cause

    Tonight’s the night
    It’s gonna be alright
    Cause I love you girl
    Ain’t nobody gonna stop us now”

    – Rod Stewart

    WooHoo… tonight is the night!

      1. “The sun’ll come out tomorrow
        Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow
        There’ll be sun
        Just thinking about tomorrow
        Clears away the cobwebs and the sorrow
        ‘Til there’s none”

        – Annie

        “Tomorrow, tomorrow
        I love ya, tomorrow
        You’re only a day away…”

        1. “Let’s forget all the skies cast over and grey
          And the squalling tempests of doubt
          Holding on clinging tight in the wreckage of love
          But today

          What a time to dream what a day of easy
          What a day it’s been this time of year
          Just a day when the weight of the world slides away

          Evening Star, a guitar in the smoke of the fire
          Light of gold in the garden of old
          I would take it all again, if it came my way
          But today”

  8. Ummm, what about Massey Hall in 1984 and 2006?

    Can’t wait for tonight!

  9. Gutted that I can’t go. ๐Ÿ™ Looks like my ticket will go to waste as well as I have not been able to sell it even at half price. The only thing that eases the pain a bit is that I got to see David in Toronto in 2006.

    As great as I’m sure this ACC show will be there is just no way it can compare to the intimacy of his show at Massey Hall.

  10. Pretty sure he played Massey Hall in Toronto April 9-10 2006 during the On an Island Tour as well.

    Have tickets for tomorrow’s show. 3rd time seeing David – The Wall in 1980 and Division Bell tour.

    1. Yes, you’re right.

      Hope you have an amazing time at tomorrow’s concert. Let us know how it goes, won’t you?

  11. FEd, I bought my ticket online for Madison Square Garden (April 11). Where can I take my copy of Rattle That Lock? Thank you!

    1. You will receive an e-mail within 24-48 hours of purchasing your ticket with instructions on how to redeem this offer. (Also, I should add that to be eligible, you do need to be a resident of either the USA or Canada, or be able to provide an address of someone in either the USA or Canada who can forward your CD or CDs to you.)

  12. Jumping in the car for the 3 hour trip now. See you all there!

    FEd, you have taking enough of a beating I know, but I did mention Massey Hall 2006 on the Jimmy Kimmel Live page. Try and get some sleep!

    1. Wait a minute… There’s a Jimmy Kimmel Live page? ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Have a great time and a safe trip, John. Looking forward to hearing all about it.

  13. Hm, Toronto… I’m still kicking myself because I was there for business in 2005 and did not manage to see anything else than meeting rooms, while I was in the city. I luckily had to move to Coburg then and a friend took me to Petersburg to see the petroglyphs. I met there a very kind member of the Blackfoot Confederacy (with the driest sense of humour I ever experienced) and got bitten by billions of gnats while he was making fun of me …

    Back to the topic: have a great concert all of you who will be attending it! It’s only 183 days for me to wait. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      1. No, of course not. And I’m not having an opening page with a count down on my browsers…

  14. Getting ready to head to downtown Toronto for the show tonight.

    Will let you know how tonight’s gig goes.


  15. I’ve visited Toronto only twice — once for work and another time to visit family. My fondest recollection was St. Lawrence Market (yes, always back to food). ๐Ÿ˜€

    My countdown is now at 10 days *the jitters are starting*.

    Have a wonderful time everyone — can’t wait to read news of it!

    1. Food… Hope you enjoyed your ‘passion fruit chocolate treat’ yesterday.

      Happy Belated Birthday! ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Now just how did you know that was aimed at you Michรจle? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks for the b’day wishes. Was actually on 3/29 but a co-worker was away and he wanted me to have a treat from him personally.

        1. ‘The only real valuable thing is intuition.’ – Albert Einstein.

          He just forgot ‘female’… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  16. Hope our Canadian cousins have a great time.

    I’m letting folk know for Pompeii:

    I’m staying at the Hotel Ristorante Piazza Porta Marina. Don’t know what it’s like, first one I saw.


  17. The first night’s setlist, then:

    5 A.M.
    Rattle That Lock
    Faces of Stone
    Wish You Were Here
    What Do You Want From Me
    A Boat Lies Waiting
    The Blue
    Us and Them
    In Any Tongue
    High Hopes

    Astronomy Dominรฉ
    Shine On You Crazy Diamond
    Fat Old Sun
    Coming Back To Life
    The Girl In the Yellow Dress
    Run Like Hell
    Breathe (Reprise)
    Comfortably Numb

    1. Thanks for the set list. I will be there tomorrow with my 13 year old son who is a huge fan. To add one other date after the one of the Floyd shows in 87: David and some of the others jammed at the Diamond club in Toronto. I was lucky enough to have been given backstage passes courtesy of Nick Mason and Nick also told me about the second show.

  18. Just got back from the show. It was a barn burner! Started a little slowly and then the sound got readjusted and things started to gel. If you are going tonight please hurry back to your seat for the beginning of the second set as the lighting effects are not to be missed.

    David was positively chatty compared to Massey Hall. I thought his vocals on the Girl in the Yellow Dress were really strong. The sax solo was fine, but a little sedate for my sense of the song.

    Sorrow. What can I say? I was up in the nosebleeds and the ground started vibrating. Yeah! David did some fine guitar playing! All the sedate Canadians started hooting and hollering. A fine time was had by all. We all Ran and then got Comfortably Numb together. The crowd was thrilled and the band looked pretty happy too.

    I hope David enjoys these shows because they really are special for us. And I must say that even though the sound was proper loud, I did not lose my hearing! Can’t say that of every concert. These people must know what they’re doing!

    Bring on the April Fools concert for this foolish woman!

  19. Please could someone ask David to play One Of These Days or Dogs Of War during his concert in Wroclaw Poland and/or during Besancon concert in France? Thanks a lot! ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. An absolutely epic performance last night. I’m sure there is a little home town bias for me but I’m just sitting here in awe. How can a 70 year old man sing and play this well?

    I do have a story from the night before to share. I got a call from a friend saying that Polly was going to be discussing and signing her book. Problem was it was in 2hrs and I live 2hrs north of Toronto. I asked if David would be there and he said no. I decided it would be nice to meet Polly and grab a signed version of “The Kindness” and raced down to Toronto. I got there with about 10mins to spare and all the seats were taken. I was stood behind the last row when a polite gentlemen with a British accent asked if I would like a chair? It was Barrie Knight! I said sure and he took one of the two fold chairs he had standing beside him and set me up. Polly arrived, we gave her a standing welcome. As we all sat back down I felt someone sit beside me, where there was no seat prior, I looked to my side to find it was DAVID!!! David Gilmour sat beside me for 20minutes as Polly did her reading and answered questions. He then joined her for some Q&A and an “In any Tongue demo”. After that they signed for us.

    You couldn’t have two better days. Best part is the next show is just hours away. Living the dream!!!

    1. Wow amazing! You lucky guy!

      Hoping for a book signing in Wiesbaden/Stuttgart. ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. Holy sh*t! How many times did you die and go to heaven in that 20 minutes? Lucky you FOAF – what a great, great story!

    3. Wow! You must have righteous karma! What a great story. I’m really happy for you.

    4. Way to go FOAF. I hope you didn’t ask him to sign all your ticket stubs, he’d still be there !

  21. I knew this would be good but did not think it would rate as high the Massey Hall shows, it being a much more intimate setting and all. Man, was I wrong. Perhaps it was where I was sitting, straight back, dead centre stage, 11 rows up. It was absolutely glorious. The boys totally dismantled the place. I’m sure they’ll have to get the building inspectors in for a thorough check-up to make sure the place is still safe for tonight’s performance. Perfect setlist complemented by a flawless performance accentuated by the fullest, richest sound I have ever been so fortunate to witness.

    Many thanks David and band.

    The best part is that I get to do it all over again tonight in about 5 1/2 hours. I feel sorry for anybody that will not be in the building tonight.

  22. Travelling back to the UK after 2 weeks in the glorious Californian sunshine and of course watching Gilmour at the Bowl and Forum will give me memories to last a lifetime.

  23. Well, I don’t know how it happened because I was just looking…but I seem to have bought tickets for the Teenage Cancer Trust concert. (YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!)

    1. As your idol would say:

      “It’s a miracle
      Another miracle”


      1. I had to Google that. ๐Ÿ˜›

        It was more by the grace of some Tanquery Rangpur!

    2. Remember to not ‘just look’ next time you are passing the Porsche dealership.

  24. Agree with John: I thought Massey Hall could never be beat but it was, not by much but it was. This man is incredible with his voice and guitar.

    Going out to buy a Fitbit tomorrow, they must work.


    1. Hi George,

      If we go by setlist alone, we were probably most fortunate to get the relatively obscure performances of Dominoes and Wot’s…Uh the Deal for the Massey Hall shows. For obvious reasons, Echoes and Wearing The Inside Out are for me, and most others I’m sure, as a ‘so glad I was there’ life event.

      P.S. Recently got an equivalent fitness device that you mention and it has done wonders for me in the way of ‘getting off my ass’ motivation, and actually achieved results for overall physical and mental wellness. So ya for sure, go for it!

  25. Totally off topic and I think only the Brits will know this.

    I watch reruns of Bullseye every night, loved the show and the Host Jim Bowen. I found Jim’s website last night, unlike me I ordered his autobiography leaving my details. This morning there was a missed call so I called the number back and said ‘Hello, I missed your call.’ The voice said ‘Hello Damian, it’s Jim Bowen here. I got your message and called to see what you would like written in the book.’

    Had a great chat with him, he said he was also sending me a Bully pin and I could pin it to my pyjamas.

    Sorry, had to tell someone.

    Super, Smashing, Great.


  26. Really pleased to hear that the tour is going so well over in North America.

    Looking at the latest setlist, I’m surprised to see that now the only solo song that is not from RTL is ‘The Blue’. Whilst, IMHO, there’s nothing wrong with this song, there are so many other great solo songs by David that would work better live, e.g. almost anything from his first solo album: Murder, Out of the Blue, All Lovers are Deranged, Take a Breath, On an Island. I am really pleased to see that What Do You Want from Me is now on the setlist, but thought another Floyd tune would have been dropped for this inclusion, rather than the On an Island solo track.

  27. If David Gilmour were the new Toronto Maple Leafs goaltender this would have been his write-up….

    On his debut for the Leafs, “Fingers Gilmour” played at the Air Canada Center, home of the Toronto Maple Leafs. The first of the back to back nights Fingers fought the puck somewhat during the first half of the game, he fumbled the puck early in the first period but managed to reel it in and recover very well. The second half of the game proved what an elite player he is with an overall 0.95 save percentage for the game.

    Second of the back to backs, Fingers really shone and gave us a masterclass. No rebounds, no fumbles. He just continued where he left off the latter part of the previous night. His offence and defence were magnificent in support of the puck which resulted in a shut-out with a perfect 1.00 save percentage on the 22 shots.

    Some of you probably have no idea what I am talking about but most of the North Americans will, hopefully, appreciate it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    My first night was in the “nose-bleeds” and the view wasn’t the best but I was surrounded by “proper” fans who watched, listened and applauded. Second night was 1st tier center stage so the full awesomeness (there’s that word again) of the light and laser show really shone through. Unfortunately the 300Ib guy sat near me only had one way of expressing his appreciation which was to scream, and I mean scream, “WooHoo” during the Floyd songs he recognised. Sad to say he actually said to me “I didn’t think he played Comfortably Numb so early in the set”. I dryly replied “That was Wish You Were Here”… anyway, besides that, I just watched the second night just shaking my head and smiling as solo after solo filled the auditorium, standing ovations aplenty throughout the show and then the last five songs were Sorrow, Run Like Hell, Time, Breathe (Reprise) and Comfortably Numb… do I need to say anymore!

    The band were outstanding but a special high five for Joao DeMacedo Mello on saxophone who was note perfect and did not flinch at being surrounded by greatness

    I’m off to re-learn some of those old solos now. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Rudders,

      I’m sure that you probably have those old solos down pat note for note, and with variations. All you need to do now is acquire the proper equipment to be able to create graffiti by pasting your audience against the walls by using Strat power as your brush.

  28. TY FEd, these are incredible stories so far. Bring em on Originals!!!!

    True Story: Having been to all the shows mentioned above via yourself FEd, it was a first for moi to watch a solo tour only once. I wonder if David changed anything from Thursday night as I’m sure he did. The AC Centre rocked, was perfect in sound and quality and the impressive light show courtesy of Marc Brickman.

    Prior to the first show, my lovely decided to let go of her seat and I chose to bring a long dear friend along to the show. We arrived in T.O. The girls had the night for themselves and us guys went to the show by cab and TTC subway. That alone brings back memories, it has been so long riding the rails so to speak.

    The Fat Old Sun(second time around to hear since Massey Hall) was a great surprise, and the band mixed it up throughout the show with oldies to fill in between RTL.

    I inconveniently left the program behind at our friend’s place that night we stayed over after the show. Bill and I stayed up to 5:30 am. Fittingly 5am is appropriate to our evening listening to music and watching John Lennon’s Anniversary Tribute Concert of which I had no idea was done. Brilliant show by the way.

    Since I have no program right now, I would like to commend Joao on saxes, clarinet. Irishman on keyboards and accordion, El Magnifico, I am jealous! Guy was great on the GWTYD, superb playing and back up vocals by all. Jon Carin, what can I say, even filling in on Today, what a talent to fill in as Richard on everything. The band as I watched had a groove going on all night as people have reported earlier. You know they all miss Richard and that energy was felt by all. TY again for the attempted revue. Peace.

    I hope when David gets to New York, will he be on Saturday Night Live or Jimmy Fallon Show.

  29. Night two: could it match my nosebleed experience of the previous night? I thought, OK, I’m far up but best to appreciate the lasers and overall sound because in the first row, sound and light effects will be compromised. WRONG. Ladies and gents, there are no compromises. The sound was superb, balanced and no loss of hearing side effect. The lasers were amazing. I had to stop and look up look back and look around throughout the concert to fully appreciate the detail, design and complexity of light artistry.

    Musically, stand out for me was the base in In Any Tongue. Took that song to a whole new level and made the link to Sorrow extremely self evident.

    Closed my eyes and floated on the harmonics of A Boat Lies Waiting. So peaceful and fans should listen for Guy’s personal signature of pain placed into the song.

    Phil, I’m not sure that you understand that the listening crew truly respect what you contribute to the effort. Being right in front of you I was able to fully appreciate and properly attribute the beautiful counter-melodies you give under David’s floating and bending flights. Any one of those could be worked into a solo if that is something that you wish.

    Future audiences, do not come to the concert believing that you understand how the saxophone contributes to these melodies. Quiet from your hoots and hollers long enough to contemplate this (new to us) master of the sax. Truly original takes on songs I have heard many a time met my appreciative ears this night. As well, I threw out a challenge last night that was met in spades! The Girl in the Yellow Dress solo was a mediation on “compelling”, a mature and robust flight into the stratosphere and then David was there with anchoring chords to bring it safely back to finish. I was truly honoured to hear the sax parts fresh, new, mature, thoughtful and erotic. Well done.

    David did well too. I think Medusa might tell him to lighten up a little on the poor shlub who messed up the lighting cue on Comfortably Numb, but I do understand, proper key lighting helps build the effect of two unique voices in that song. Go sit in the corner lighting dude and think about what you did.

    David played well, but I think it’s his dance moves that us true fans secretly love. I displayed my own signature and never admired dance moves myself and truly enjoyed this entirely marvellous concert.

    This lady in red can only re-iterate what my comrade from the nosebleeds kept yelling last night: “Thank you David!”

  30. Sounds like both shows were amazing!

    Leaving first thing in the morning for Chicago! I just got my lanyard in the mail today. I swear, it’s creating a monster. I didn’t take my LA one off for DAYS before and after. Now I’ll be fighting the urge to wear both. To the airport and for the next week. I’m a big dork, YAY!

  31. Sorry folks, but Mr. David has serious lovers right here in ole’ northern Kentucky! Deal with it. Mr. David and his guitar, steel and writing, not to mention his voice, led us into places we had never been in relationship to music. So tonight, this Chardonnay is for you, our friend!


  32. The shows were fantastic. Absolutely stunning. Everybody in the band really put an enthusiastic effort in. It’s amazing, they do this night after night, but when you are there, they make you feel so special, like this is the only concert they are doing. Just awesome.

    The first night, we had nosebleed seats, which were excellent. No obstructions, and it was great to see the show from that point of view and really take in the stage and light show.

    The second night, we had front row seats, just to the right of David, and it was just a dream come true. Makes you a little emotional actually. I have no words really. Nothing would be good enough to describe how I felt to be there. When David went to introduce the Band, everyone was just going wild, David had to actually tell people to settle down so that he could introduce the band. You could just feel the power of everybody’s appreciation. At one point Polly walked up and stood at arms length from me and took pics. It was very special and then the silly event security guy walked up and tried to make her leave and she whispered something in his ear and he very apologetically smiled and told her to carry on and walked away. Pretty funny!!!

    Thank you David, FEd, and everybody who made this possible. I will always be grateful.

  33. Great concerts in North America! Excellent to play What Do You Want From Me!

    David is playing fantastic, the band is perfect!! I can’t wait to see and hear him again in three weeks at the Royal Albert Hall!

    Greetings to everyone on this board!


  34. Have a great time everybody. We are waiting impatiently for his return to Europe again. ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. Two days later I’m still trying to get over night 2 in Toronto. As great as night 1 was, this was completely over the top. David was absolutely vicious and showed no mercy. Never heard anything like it.

    Be prepared Chicago! Your senses are about to be assaulted like you couldn’t possibly imagine.

  36. My wife and I are looking for Radio City tickets for a good price. We have MSG tickets already.

  37. Congratulations to everyone who attended in Toronto, and best wishes to everyone going in Chicago! I’ve heard great things about the Auditorium Theater, really wish I could make the journey to see the show there.

    Got a nice extra dose of David this weekend, with the Wider Horizons documentary and Remember That Night on cable TV. Really enjoyed the documentary – it was very personal and insightful, not the usual promotional stuff. Thank you to David and Polly for sharing an intimate glimpse of their lives, home and family along with the work for the new album and tour!

  38. I can’t add much to all the great comments except to say that both shows were absolutely terrific and it was a privilege to attend. The close-up shots on Mr. Screen of David’s hands as he played were mesmerizing. I loved it so much!!!!

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