So, Pompeii…

You might want to consider visiting Pompeii, scene of perhaps Pink Floyd’s finest moment amidst the dusty Roman ruins in October 1971, on Thursday 7th and Friday 8th July 2016. Because David’s only gone and decided to go back and perform there as part of his Rattle That Lock tour, the big tease.

I know, I know. More details soon.

Your excited squeals below, please. Don’t try to contain them on our account, there really is no need to.

Who’s watching Live at Pompeii tonight, then? Seems to be a jolly good excuse to me.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

143 thoughts on “So, Pompeii…”

  1. Wow! I read Elton John just announced he is playing there too and Rolling Stone reports that the venue only holds 2000. Whoever gets tickets will be very lucky indeed because it sounds like the smallest audience to date on this tour.

  2. Fantastic news, though I have read that it might be at a slightly different location to the brilliant Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii footage.

    The first time I saw the film was at the cinema in 1980. It was also the first video tape I ever bought (on the superior Betamax format). I’ve had the film on a number of different formats and versions since.

    I suppose there could be a possibility of Echoes being played by David, but I can’t imagine Careful with that Axe Eugene or Mademoiselle Nobs being played, somehow. One of these Days I’m Going to Cut You into Little Pieces or A Saucerful of Secrets with Nick guesting on drums would both be well received by the fans though!!!!

    1. Wouldn’t that be amazing, if David was to emulate the original soundtrack. I suspect that sadly it won’t happen.

      Well, we can but dream.

      I’ll be in Pompeii, as part of my summer holiday, but sadly 6 weeks after these monumental events. Mustn’t grumble though, I’ll be in LA this time next week for the Hollywood Bowl shows.

      And Then…

      RAH in September.

    2. I am afraid that all this is wishful thinking from our part. It will probably just be another stop on the RTL-tour, albeit a very special one at that.

  3. Now I need show tickets, plane tickets from Hawaii, and a understanding wife. The last might be the hardest to get.

    1. Telling the wife this morning that Pompeii was confirmed, her reaction was: “Nice, let’s go then!”

      I am a lucky guy.

  4. Wow! I was right! 😛

    I can’t wait for it… It’ll be magic!

    Hoping for tickets… If there won’t be the small-list presale like the RAH it’ll be a total mess.

    FEd, I don’t know what you can do for it, but I know for sure that Ticketone (the site who’ll sell the tickets for the concerts) permits a presale with unique codes (I know this because I’m in the fan club of two different Italian artists and they have the presale with unique codes and maximum two tickets per person before the general sale). Another idea could be tickets with the name written on it and serious controls at the entrance (like the RAH), but you know, in Italy things like these often fail.

    I know for sure that if nothing of this will be done all the tickets will go to scalpers and their automated programs for buying tickets.

    Of course I’m not complaining about what you do for us, that is always a lot and for free, I was just giving a little suggestion, because just like the RAH concerts, there will be only one site where to buy the tickets, so it’s more manageable than a full tour.

    Anyway I’ll try to be there.

    1. Well said Andrea! I think exactly the same as you! I don’t know why but I was lucky to buy tickets thru Ticketone for Verona this year and (Firenze too) last year, but this time I don’t think to have chance (with 2/3000 tickets available).

      I am very sad because to hear David’s voice and guitar I travelled (and I will travel) for thousands kilometers: RAH last year and next September, Wroclaw, Wien and Verona again 🙂 ; and now he come few km far from my house and probably I cannot be there. 🙁

      Anyway, 3 weeks ago I went with my daughter 8 yo to visit (she never been there) Pompeii and I showed her the amphitheater, the place she saw many times watching Live at Pompeii…..if I get 2 tickets you already know who will be my travel buddy…..

      FEd help us. 🙂

  5. This would be THE concert of this tour !!! WOW !!! Pompeii…. can’t count the number of time I’ve watched that video, on VHS, laserdisc, DVD ….

    And now Gilmour is returning. If only Rick would have been alive to perform Echoes with David.

    Can’t wait for the tickets to go on sale, and hopefully a pre-sale, so prevent the Italian ticket mafia to buy all tickets and sell them at inflated prices on secondary ticket sites.

  6. I’m too old for all this excitement. Could he just come up here and do Hadrian’s Wall? But if there’s a chance of going to Portsmouth I will try, well, would be wrong not to.

    Just nipping upstairs to talk to the boss.


  7. South Italy… Three hours (by car) from my house, this is great!

    Many memories down there. Richard is still with us all in a certain way.

    Love to all.

  8. Can’t wait. I’ll keep my eyes open and I really hope I’ll be able to get tickets when they go on sale… 😛

  9. Does that mean I have to eat my hat and sell all my musical instruments to afford it..?

  10. Hi Fed, me again. No shit, I went upstairs to discuss Pompeii and on the radio they were playing Shine On You Crazy Diamond. So as we had a little dance in the bedroom we talked about going, only problems we thought would be the heat.


  11. WOW !

    That most definitely is a don’t-even-think-about-missing-this occasion !

    Perfect excuse for an unplanned Irregulars trip to Italy.

  12. Wow, David sure knows how to pick a venue! Almost makes the Royal Albert Hall sound boring.

    Hope you’re ready for the endless questions about setlists (especially Echoes I expect)!

  13. As I stated to some irregulars offline, Holy F**k Balls!!!

    I might have to break out a set of fishnet stockings and do myself up with eye shadow and lipstick in The Village to score those resources for a ticket.

    Please refer any potential John’s in NYC to “Tranny for Pompeii” on 8th Street.

  14. Wow, that is what I’d call tantalising! Will have to wait for the rest of information…

    Old man’s tour, he said. I’m 20 years younger and can’t imagine where he sources that energy!

  15. I’m not one to demand a song from David, but I’d think not performing Echoes at Pompeii would be sacrilege, even with the absence of Richard.

    One must not let that moment pass to revisit an epic Floyd Opus in that iconic venue.

  16. Amazing news! I can’t believe it! Dreams come true!

    First, I would like to say thank you to Fed and the David Gilmour’s team for this blog and the idea of presale for the Rattle That Lock Tour 2015. You gave me the possibility to listen David and his wonderful band in Pula, Verona and Orange… all in beautiful amphitheaters which reminded me the atmosphere of Pompeii…

    I’m watching “Live At Pompei” and dreaming of Thursday 7th and Friday 8th July 2016.

    As many people, I hope it will be possible to buy tickets and to be there.

  17. Awwwww, yeah! Presale, please! Please, please, please! Unique Code… one for me! Hahaha. 🙂

  18. Keep it rolling David, you can do it, just keep your fitbit charged.

    Very exciting news Fed.


  19. Hope and dream to be there..! I’ll do everything I can to get my ticket. Please don’t give tickets to secondary market mafia resellers. That would be against the magical of this unique event. So please open a pre-sale list here.

  20. Wow, this is crazy, only-in-our-wildest-dreams news, isn’t it, FEd?! And a perfect musical full-circle moment for David! I’m so excited for everyone that scores a ticket and has the opportunity to attend this historical performance. 🙂 *And to those nasty so-and-so’s who manage to grab tickets by the hundreds in order to re-sell them at massively inflated prices, a big sprinkling of bad juju and pokes from a hundred pointy sticks!*

    My hope is that the performances will be filmed and released on DVD — pretty certain I’m not the only one hoping for this. 😉

    Yes, this news calls for an evening of Pink Floyd: Live at Pompeii! Having said that, I am now thinking of Susan who, along with her fellow Irregulars, made a point of adding “mmmmmmmm” to any discussion of David at Pompeii. 😀 Wish you were here, Susan ~ Shine on!

    Peace ‘n’ love to all ~

  21. Hack my computer Fed !!!! 😀 You’ll see I’m researching flights already to Naples on the Wednesday, then on Saturday a train to Rome then from Rome to stay On An Island (in the Med )for a week then come home. . . .

    My imagination is fired.

    ash 😀

  22. Amazing. Incredible. Stunning news!

    It’s amazing to hear the rumors are actually true. I’m certain the Pompeii concerts will be amazing – and hoping some special surprises in the set lists. Looking forward to hearing more details. If we’re lucky they’ll be filmed for official release!

    Best wishes to everyone who will try for tickets!

  23. This is amazing, although probably unattainable. I will try, but I will not be alone.

    Oh, and FEd, I love the way you have handled this rumour, probably knowing more than all of us. 🙂

    1. I agree SilverCheek, I still remember when, a month ago, I asked about Pompeii and he answered me and I understood it was just a rumor and when 2 nights ago my friend call me and said he read about Pompeii I told him it was just a rumor 😀 …..but after a search on the net I understood that: FEd could be a very good Italian politician. 🙂 You will have my vote FEd. 😉

  24. I will be there on vacation. Unfortunately 10 days later…. All the best to the fans who can be there!

  25. So glad to hear these shows announced on the day of my 54th birthday! I was at L’Olympia in Paris in 2006 on my birthday too, what a great night that was and what a great day to hear about Pompeii. Hope I’m lucky enough to get a ticket.

  26. Amazing !!! Love that movie, the best live performance of One Of These Days and Echoes….

  27. For sale one original 1977 Stratocaster, one Custom Shop Telecaster and one Gibson Les Paul Traditional along with five amplifiers and an assortment of guitar pedals…Oh and a digital full scale piano too…to raise funds for a trip to Pompeii…..hahahahahahha then I can visit the amphitheatre whilst there….LOL…

    Trying to have some fun here, FEd….

  28. i really hope to go and see david gilmour in pompeii in july, but the ticketing system in italy is so unfair…..i really hope there is a way to give a honest chance to true david gilmour fans the opportunity to see the historic concert!!

  29. We have already experienced some surprises with David Gilmour during his career! Just to mention a few of them: In Concert 2001/2002, in 2006 he played Echoes, Wearing The Inside Out, Dark Globe and Wot’s Uh The Deal; 2008 he played Atom Heart Mother with a tribute band; 2010 he invited Waters to play “To Know Him Is To Love Him” with him; then in 2011 he played Comfortably Numb on the top of the wall; 2015 he went on his first South America Tour, and if you think there is nothing else left for him, he returns to Pompeii! Well. I must laugh really! What a surprise! He leaves me amazed!

    Love the movie PINK FLOYD LIVE AT POMPEII … and every fan is familiar with this place! Because we have seen the movie again and again!!

    I would love to be there. But the Tickets will be sold in a blink!

  30. I would love to go!!! This goes without saying!!! I have always wanted to see the city of Pompeii even without the prospect of David playing there. That addition makes it completely phenomenal. I never even knew it was a possibility that he would go back there!

  31. I knew it!! Kidding.

    The rumour says that it will be 2500 tickets per night only, all standing, priced about 300 euro each. The same rumour says that a DVD will be filmed and the track list re arranged a bit. But, again, just rumours…it sounds epic, but complicated as we are talking about Italy.

  32. Could you imagine 3 of living Floyd playing there? Anyway.. battle for tickets and losing nerves starts soon, I hope. Also, I hope to have more luck with this one than with Verona. 🙂

  33. Anybody lucky enough to get tickets for these 2 concerts will be in for an amazing experience, Pompeii is an incredible place. The first time I visited was purely to see the amphitheater where Pink Floyd played. I stood sheltering from torrential rain in one of the arches at the top. Quite surreal.

    Might try and do this one…

  34. Here’s what I found using Google Translate :

    David Gilmour a Pompei, in vendita 2.500 biglietti a 300 euro. Ecco dove È partita la febbre: tutti vogliono mettere gli occhi (e soprattutto le orecchie) su un pezzo di storia. Ma non sarà facile, perché i posti in vendita sono davvero pochi e con il mouse in mano toccherà essere rapidissimi per accaparrarseli. Il click day per i concerti che David Gilmour terrà all’anfiteatro di Pompei il 7 e l’8 luglio, a 45 anni dal precedente che lo vide protagonista con i Pink Floyd, cadrà la settimana prossima, presumibilmente martedì o mercoledì. Per i due concerti, annunciati ieri dal ministro dei Beni culturali Dario Franceschini, saranno messi in vendita dall’organizzatore D’Alessandro e Galli in esclusiva per il circuito Ticket One 2.500 biglietti, tutti per posto in piedi. Prezzo unico: 300 euro più prevendita. Particolare non di poco conto: non saranno previsti biglietti omaggio. Confermato che dal doppio live act sarà tratto un Dvd, ancora da dettagliare il discorso intorno alle eventuali royalties da corrispondere alla Soprintendenza speciale di Pompei, Ercolano e Stabia. Non si conoscono i contenuti della scaletta, ma a quanto riferiscono fonti vicine al management dell’artista si tratterà di due live act speciali, diversi per setlist dal prosieguo del «Rattle That Lock World Tour». Forse collegati allo storico «Live at Pompeii» floydiano dell’ottobre 1971. Già in vendita da oggi, invece, i biglietti per il concerto che Elton John terrà nella stessa location il 12 luglio. Anche qui 2.500 posti disponibili, ma tutti a sedere e su tre fasce di prezzo: 300 euro, 200 euro e 150 euro.

    David Gilmour in Pompeii, sold 2,500 tickets to 300 Euros. That’s where It left the fever: everyone wants to get their eyes (and especially ears) on a piece of history. But it will not be easy, because the seats for sale are very few and Mouse in hand will touch accaparrarseli to be really quick. Click the day for the concerts that David Gilmour held the amphitheater of Pompeii on 7 and 8 July, 45 years after the previous one that saw him star with Pink Floyd, will fall next week, probably on Tuesday or Wednesday. For the two concerts, announced yesterday by the Minister of Culture Dario Franceschini, will go on sale by the organizer D’Alessandro and Galli exclusively for the Ticket One circuit 2,500 tickets, all for standing room. single price: 300 € plus booking fee. not insignificant detail: they will not be provided complimentary tickets. Confirmed by the double live act it will be made into a DVD, yet to be detailed discourse around any royalties to be paid to the Superintendence of Pompeii, Herculaneum and Stabia. Do not know the content of the ladder, but from what the sources close to the artist’s management it will be two live special act, different from the rest of the setlist for “Rattle That Lock World Tour.” Perhaps related to the historic “Live at Pompeii” floydiano October 1971. Already on sale today, however, the tickets for the concert that Elton John held in the same location on July 12. Even here 2,500 places available, but all seating and three price ranges: 300 euro, 200 euro and 150 euro.

  35. Or we can all go home and watch “Up Pompeii” with Frankie Howerd!

    Gary Hurley.
    London England.


    Can’t go there on these dates. 🙁 It is going to be a-mazing though, hope he plays Echoes.

  37. This has to be best thing I read for a while!

    It is just great that they are going to tape it, too. 🙂


  38. I read this again and again to be sure it is true. I just can’t believe it. It’s the biggest dream of mine, never thought it could happen for real.

    Thank you! David Gilmour is a magician. There is some fairytale thing in all his moves during the tour. For me going to Florence, first time in my life, because of him and now off to Vienna. And now I am just too speechless

  39. Sounds totally magically. I really didn’t need a good excuse to re-visit this special place, but this is wonderful news.

  40. What a dream come true to be there! I’ve never heard of a system with unique presale codes. Technology that could actually work in our (fans) favor, who knew? 🙂

  41. Flight booked. Going to go up to Verona too. Just need a Pompeii ticket now. Pinch me. 🙂

  42. Oh Wow! What an amazing prospect. These will be amazing shows. Would be incredible to be one of the lucky 4000!!

  43. My wife said, ‘It’s once in a lifetime. GO!’ I asked her to repeat that…. I didn’t imagine it.

    Now for the hard part to get tickets.

    Wish me luck. NYC to Pompeii, here I come.

  44. FEd you are too silent, maybe you have a surprise for us 🙂 and you don’t know yet how to tell us????

    If it is a unique presale code 😉 don’t be shy but use the right words, I risk a heart attack. 😀

      1. 😮 Oh dear.. I think I need to go and sit down and have a stiff drink… Heart is trembling…

      2. That’s a way to keep us on our toes…

        Do you know when the ticket sales will start? or the pre-sale? 😉

        Is it clear yet at what venue the concert is going to be? When you take a look at for the Elton John tickets, it’s not really obvious. There seem to be too many seats in the actual arena to fit.

          1. I’ve been playing Pompeii for the last 35 years on January 1st – the first day of every new year.

            I’m going to be 50 on July 1st, so that’s from the age of 15 onwards – there wouldn’t be a better present for me than witnessing Gilmour at Pompeii 1 week later !!!

            Keep up the good work FEd.

  45. Fantastic news. Only wish I could make it but will settle for RAH in September. Wonder if he will film Pompeii for the official tour DVD. Would seem a no-brainer to me.

  46. I’m in Verona for the Sunday 10 July gig and Monday 11 gig. It would be extraordinary to get to this show if it were possible before hand. Would anything from the Pompeii gigs sneak into the Verona Arena Sets.. who knows.. Any idea where the nearest airport to Pompeii is?

  47. Okay, FEd, I’m ready to buy tickets. I have my flights and hotel picked out and ready. This will be a pilgrimage.

  48. I’ve been waiting for this moment all my life, but I can’t afford 300 euros for a ticket.

    Lucky those 2.500 though, it will be magic for sure! Enjoy.

  49. WOW!!! That will be amazing. Why oh why did we book Vienna? Doing both would be ouch to the wallet.

    What an experience those shows will be.

  50. Incredible news ! I never thought for a million years this would happen ! Once in a lifetime concert for sure. Live At Pompeii is such an iconic concert film, this will truly be an historic performance.

  51. I think it’s worth the money, to see Gilmour playing in Pompeii, no other venue is that magic!!!!! I just hope I can get some tickets!!

  52. Maybe a ballot for tickets for these concerts would be the fairest option? However if a VIP package including flights, accommodation, transfers to and from the venue and obviously tickets for both nights from the UK can be arranged like they do for grand prix etc, I would definitely be up for that.

    Don’t suppose you can get that sorted can you FED?

      1. Maybe a hot water bottle in my bed with a pot of tea when I get home from work, do you suppose Fed?


  53. It is exciting and scary at the same time. Buying a ticket in Italy is almost impossible, so let’s see and hope for the DVD!

  54. No excuse needed to watch the Pompeii DVD but will be tonight! Been to Pompeii many times and stood in the amphitheatre where they played – how amazing it would be to actually witness David’s new visit!

    Here’s hoping for the miracle of getting tickets!

  55. I just don’t understand you people and your ticket complaints about prices and secondary markets. The entire system has been the same for 50 years except now it’s all online. The prices raise with the times – just relate a gallon of milk 30 years ago to a concert ticket. If you can’t afford it that is too bad but stop whining about it like children. An amazing historic event is announced and people still need to add negative comments about prices and ticket companies.

    Thank you David for returning to Pompeii and giving the fans this wonderful event(s).

    1. Dear Mike,

      I’ve dedicated most of my life in listening to music as getaway from sadness and to dream a little. Mr. Gilmour has always been my hero.

      People hated me because I was trying to make everybody listen to his magic solos and I’m proud of what I’ve done, now a lot of friends are listening to his works.

      I worked hard for months in 2007 to catch a flight and head to Leicester Square at Odeon to attend his premiere of Remember That Night.

      Unfortunately I can’t afford 300 euros this time even though it’s a unique opportunity and it will never happen again. This really hurts me. It wasn’t a complaint.

      Kind Regards and enjoy! 😉

  56. That’s a dream come true, but I can’t imagine being able to get a ticket to that. A nightmare then…

  57. I was following various news and tweets about the gig, and it looks like the price for the entrance will be 350 euro, seems quite a lot of money….but is a once in the life experience!!!!

  58. Would be great if Nick Mason can be there and play “Louder Than Words” together with David. That would be a great tribute to Rick.

  59. The sad thing (I’m Italian) is that TicketOne, the company managing the presales, has a track record of having no transparency whatsoever and allowing scalpers to operate without obstacles. History says that for high-demand events tickets usually disappear in a few minutes, even for high capacity venues as football stadiums, only to mysteriously reappear through unofficial channels in the following months. There’s no proof of course that TicketOne facilitates this (they could just be vulnerable to bots and such stuff), but at least they don’t seem to stop it.

    They are the only huge-scale ticket seller in Italy, but their transparency issues make me wonder why artists that care about their fans getting a fair shot at a ticket (as David has demonstrated) still go for them.

    That said, 300€ if confirmed is a bit too much, albeit for a unique venue and maybe for the good cause of keeping the site in a good state. I have booked plane and tickets for the RAH in September so I guess this is out of question. 🙁

    And just for fun, I’m sure Roger and Nick would love to get invited. 🙂

  60. The suspense of ticketing news is killing me! Hotel booked, flights checked, all I need now is a ticket!

  61. What a beautiful gift to us all. I bet when ECHOES’ first ping sounds out the whole place will erupt!

    Sadly, will not be able to attend but am catching two other concerts and feeling very grateful.

  62. Thank you sooo much Fed. Two tickets secured for the fabulous Pompeii, we are honoured to be going, thankyou for all tweets and updates, without these we would never have got them (or the RAH tickets either). Our lives’ dream come true.


  63. I’ll be at the Hollywood Bowl in 2 days. My first time to ever see my main musical inspiration. I can’t even imagine seeing him at Pompeii.

    I am so glad he is still active!

  64. Just got tickets for 7th and 8th – who is going to be around? Would love to meet you – will be travelling alone from India.

    1. Starting next week there’ll be a new post for each of the European venues to help schedule or publicise any planned meet-ups, get-togethers, car-shares, etc. I hope that helps a little.

    2. I’m sure we will catch up in Pompeii.

      My mum makes me laugh. Oh, she said, Katrina is letting you go all that way on your own.

      Mum, I’m 52 not 14.

      Kind regards

    3. Hi Deepak, I am Ajay, also travelling alone from India. Do feel free to mail me ajaysrinivas63 at gmail, and we can plan something together. Cheers!!

  65. FEd, thanks so much for emailing me to make sure I didn’t miss Ajay’s message! For some reason I thought I would get an email. Can’t wait for the individual pages to make plans, that is an amazing idea!

    Ajay, sure and nice to meet! I’m at raodeepak a.t. your same email provider. 🙂

    Last time (and only time) I’ve seen David before was at RAH in 2006. Total coincidence, my college’s (Imperial’s) graduation ceremony was at the RAH and I had volunteered to hand out bags to the graduating class. Come 3pm, music crew shows up. And I find out it’s David Freaking Gilmour.

    Went to the ATM and paid a tout 100 quid to get a ticket (a total fortune then as a student) and was in the royal boxes with Ewan McGregor. And then Bowie did Comfortably Numb. Just wow.


  66. Hello Guys,

    I am going on Thursday!!! Anyone going on Thursday evening to Pompeii?? Would be great to meet up and enjoy the gig together!

    1. Hi Fabrizio, I am going to the July 7th gig. I am flying by myself from Toronto, Canada arriving in Naples July 4. I am staying near the main train station in Naples. Would be awesome to meet up with other fans to go to the show with.

      1. Hi Bill, I will be arriving on the 6th on June, I am planning to stay in Pompeii though, drop me a line on bianchouk at so we could meet with other fans. 🙂

  67. Going to Pompeii on 7th July for the concert on the 8th July. Leaving from bonnie Scotland and will be the third time of seeing David live in concert, not counting the three times seen with Pink Floyd at Earls Court in October 1994.

    Can’t wait to see him in Pompeii!!

    1. That’s amazing, for me this would be the first time I see David Gilmour live, I cant wait!

  68. Hi guys,

    I will be attending the gig on July 7.

    Was thinking of staying in Naples. That said — would anyone be interested in sharing a ride back from Pompeii to Naples after the gig? Also, any recommendations for a good hostel in Naples?

    1. Hey Alex

      I will also be attending on July 7th, chat me on bianchouk at so we can meet with more fans to enjoy this gig together.

    2. I am very interested in a ride back to Napoli. Should we book taxis in advance or can we find one on way out? We are two people.

      1. To all attendees who need to get back to Naples:

        Just got an email from saying that there will be a special train available.

        Below is an excerpt from the email (translated with Google), with very useful information:


        The retreat will take place exclusively on the location of the event at the ticket office in Via Roma – Excavations Pompei Amphitheatre entrance starting at 10:00 am and ends at 20:00 on the same day of the show presenting the sales receipt, credit card and ID document of the purchaser. To all those who bought a ticket you will be asked to wear a bracelet that will be delivered at the time of the withdrawal of the ticket itself. In the case of the purchase of 2 tickets with a single credit card it is necessary that the withdrawal takes place in the presence of both holders to proceed to the application of the bracelets on the part of service personnel. The bracelet and the ticket will be required for admission to the concert. The entrance with only one ticket will not be allowed. So please show up well in advance of the start time for the withdrawal procedure.


        The door opening is scheduled for 19:00. The show will start on time at 21:00.


        To get to Pompeii will be available to the normal means of transport, while at the end of the concert a special train to Naples was prepared. In fact, on the occasion of the concerts of David Gilmour and Elton John to be held in the amphitheater of Pompeii Roman on the dates of 7, 8 and July 12, EAV offers its viewers a Campania Express service train for return to Naples.

        The train, the Metrostar type, will start at 00:40 from the Pompei Santuario Station, on the Naples-Poggiomarino line.

        Passengers can buy tickets, the cost of 6 € (normal price of Campania Express service from Pompeii Villa of the Mysteries in Naples), in the ticket office of the Pompei Santuario Station or on board the train by contacting the staff present there.

  69. 15 year old at Boston Garden, 1975, Pink Floyd. First concert ever, blew my mind! I really thought all concerts would be like that. Could not have been further from the truth. Swore to myself I would not ever miss them. 41 years later I can say I have been blessed to have attended every tour since, including The Wall at Nassau Coliseum. Was lucky enough to score tickets for the “On An Island” tour and “Rattle That Lock” at Radio City Music Hall. Also caught the “About Face” tour at The Orpheum in Boston in 1984.

    When I first heard about Pompeii, it sounded to me like the show was not at the original venue they played in 1971. April 9th, the night before leaving for Radio City, I realized that in fact it was the same venue. My first attempt to find tickets lead me to a ticket scalper asking for like $1000 for one. I eventually found the original ticket sale site and the 8th was sold out but the 7th was still available. Scored! Flying into Venice out of Boston on the 3rd and heading home out of Rome on the 13th.

    Never been to Italy but looking forward seeing this beautiful country thanks to David Gilmour making a stop in Pompeii.

    1. Fantastic Iko59iko. I am proud of you and quite frankly envy you! This isn’t first David concert ever and coming from Jordan with my mother for her birthday and this is a lifetime dream come true!

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