More on Pompeii

Here are a few more details about the concerts at Pompeii’s Roman Amphitheatre on Thursday 7th and Friday 8th July 2016.

Tickets go on sale on Tuesday 22nd March at 1pm CET – from

Tickets are priced at โ‚ฌ300 each plus a 15% booking fee.

You will be limited to two tickets per person for one show only (not both).

On purchase, each ticket buyer will receive a receipt with his or her name on it, to print out. On the day of the show, the purchaser must present this printed receipt to the designated box office located within the proximity of the main site, together with photographic ID and the card used to purchase the ticket(s). If the purchaser has bought two tickets, the additional person must go along to the box office as well.

The box office will be open between 10am and 8pm on the days of the concerts.

Each ticket holder will be given a ticket and a wristband. In order to pass through security to enter the Amphitheatre, ticket holders must be wearing their wristband and must have their ticket ready for inspection.

There will be no admission without both the ticket and wristband.

That’s all for now, folks.


  1. Richard

    Delighted to see that so many ‘famous names’ from the blog are going to Pompeii! Can’t go myself, but I have been to the ruins before, stood in the middle, and heard ‘Echoes’ in my head…

    Hope the reality is just as good for everyone as the imagination can be!

  2. Steven

    Hi all,

    Really excited about going to Pompei to see David on the 8th. After attending the concert in Brighton last year l really thought that would be the smallest venue I would see David perform in but it seems not. We’ve been blessed with a couple of truly stunning concerts in Pompei for hopefully 2000 lucky people each night. The ticket price although expensive and the method in which they have been sold has I hope helped the dreaded ticket touts fail in over pricing tickets for the real fans. It’s been a constant pain trying to get tickets to see David at the Albert Hall but thankfully I’ve been successful on a number of occasions thanks to this blog and FEd and can’t wait for this September to see the final concerts on the tour.

    Two of us are travelling from London to the concert in Pompei on the morning of the 8th July and leaving early in the morning on the 9th to fly back. Can anyone recommend any very close hotels or accommodation to the concert venue that we can get our heads down in for a few hours before our journey home or any accommodation where like minded Floyd and David Gilmour groups will be staying as it would be good to meet up before?


    • ash

      Have a look at TripAdvisor for hotels Steven. TripAdvisor gives you reviews from people who’ve stayed there. I saw lots of places at about 50 euros a night.

      It looks like there’ll be a few bloggers going so keep an eye on the blog for any arrangements we make for a meet up. ๐Ÿ™‚ Right now it’s a bit like one of those drunken affairs at a brewery. ๐Ÿ˜€ Rest assured though, there’ll be at least 2000 fans in Pompeii that night with a hive mind !


      • Steven

        Thanks for the information Ash. Can’t wait for the 8th. Booking our accommodation now.

    • Stefan


      I have exactly the same plan: I’ll arrive in Pompeii the morning of the Friday show (from Naples airport) and I plan to leave early the next morning back to the airport in Naples.

      The last Circumvesuviana train towards Naples leaves at 22:00 as far as their website says. That’s the latest you can leave Pompeii by public transport – it’s cabs after that or you find a place to crash and leave first thing in the morning. Cabs are quite expensive, so I plan to go back to Naples by train.

      I reserved a 3 beds room that seems close to both the venue and the train station. I’ll be alone, so if anyone else has problems finding a place to crash, maybe we can organise something.

  3. Lorenzo

    I’m still surprised the tickets are still available for both concerts.

    That is an interesting evidence to exchange our opinions about.

    At the same time there are tickets to be sold at 1500โ‚ฌ on the usual reseller sites. How is it possible? How can it be so illogical?

    One thing for sure: ticket speculation has been deeply reduced and we all, David’s true fans, can only thank FEd for it.

    As for David playing Pompeii 45 years later and which set list he’s going to choose, well I feel the best and the magic is yet to be revealed…

    • JulieD

      I am seriously considering selling all my music equipment to go…I also need to pay homage to the Gladiatorial Arena….

  4. Rino

    FEd … don’t forget….. you must remember to David and his staff that …. they need a portable power generator for the concerts in Pompeii …… I’m sure they don’t want to be in the same situation of ’71!!!

    ….NOTE …. I’m kidding!!!!!

  5. Becky

    Sooo excited to have tickets. It’s been mine and my partner’s dream for so long to see the great man and to see him in Pompeii is a dream come true. Got the Friday night tix, now just to sort flights and hotels.

  6. ore

    Hi FEd, maybe this is a stupid question, but after a week tickets for Pompeii are still there and they are calling me ๐Ÿ˜€ for the second night 8th of July, is it still valid the restriction to a maximum of two tickets per person or now is it possible to buy (I bought 2 for the first night) for the second night too?

    You know, I live 40 minutes driving to Pompeii so it will be very easy for me to attend both dates.

  7. Maya

    Why are there still tickets to this event? Are there more than 2,000 seats? Is it at the larger arena where Live in Pompeii was filmed? Or is it at the Teatro Grande?

    Well, no matter. Wherever it is, I’m going.

  8. RobP

    Always missed out on tickets for David Gilmour until now – but now going to Pompeii on the Thursday evening. Excited! Just need to sort out a hotel and flights now.

    Are there hotels in Pompeii itself?

  9. Assaf

    Hi Guys,

    Is there anyone who plans to get to the concert from Rome (on the day of the show)?

    I was thinking of taking a train ride or renting a car and driving from Rome to Pompeii on the day of the show (I have a ticket for the first one), and returning back to Rome right after the show.

    Any of you Italians (or anyone who has the info) can advise if the plan is reasonable? Anyone knows if there are any chances that there will be trains from Pompeii to Naples and then to Rome AFTER the concert?

    Anyone wants to join? ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Stefan

      No public transport leaves Pompeii after 10 PM – that leaves you with taxis or your rented car if you have plans to leave the city straight after the show.

      I was also thinking of leaving after the show (but I’m attending the second one). Due to these small public transport issues however, I have decided to stay another day in Pompeii just to be able to safely reach Naples on Sunday. Win-win situation, as that should give me more time to visit the area. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • ore

      Hi Assaf, I live few kilometers south from Pompeii, I think the best way is to go there by car, you will have no problem to find trains from Rome to Naples and back but there are no trains (circumvesuviana and trenitalia) to go back to Naples, David starts to play, I suppose at 21.00 he is very precise but the show finish not before 23.30 and 20 minutes to go to the train station (Pompei Scavi) and at that time no trains, I don’t know if there will be some extra trains for the shows. I don’t have information about buses, sorry.

      Generally by car you need two and an half hours from Rome to Pompeii but you have to calculate the time to reach the highway after the show, I think it will be busy.

      You can consider to spend a night in Pompeii and go there by train.

      • Assaf

        Thanks for the info, guys.

        Ore, do you think that there are trains from Naples to Rome at night time? I’m thinking if taking a taxi from Pompeii to Naples after the show can help?

        One more, how much will a taxi from Pompeii to Rome should cost, right after the show? Anyone is in for the ride?

        I really prefer not to stay at Pompeii, as my wife will be waiting for me in Rome (sadly enough she is not a Floyd fan…)


        • Ore

          Hi Assaf,

          I just checked for you but no trains from Naples to Rome in the night (the last one is at 21,30 and the next one is 4,21 am).

          About the taxi: I think they take at least 250/300 Eur (Pompeii – Rome).

          Best solution for you is to convince your wife to stay one night in Pompeii or Naples – both so beautiful and Naples is full of life. I am sure she will enjoy that area.

          Good luck! ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • Assaf

            Thanks, Ore.

            I think I will just rent a car in Rome on the day of the event, drive to Pompeii and drive back to Rome right after the concert.

            If any one wants to join, feel free to reply. I’m going to the first show.

  10. Damian cunningham

    I’m arriving in Naples 7th. I’ve hired a car and driver as I’m staying in Pompeii, flying back on the 9th – early, if anyone needs a lift there or back to Naples airport.


    • Nick Vizeses

      Hi Damian

      My friend and I are flying home at 10:20 on morning of 9th. Would be very grateful if we could get a lift with you to Naples airport.

      Best wishes


      • damian cunningham

        My flight leaves Naples to Liverpool 10.40 so shouldn’t be a problem Nick. I’ll contact you nearer the time.

        Kind regards

          • damian cunningham

            Hi Fed, that would be fine with me. I didn’t want to bother you as you’re already being bombarded with requests.

            I’ve changed hotels to Pompeii and my flight leaves about 10.40am to where else? but Liverpool. Looks like a lot of folks’ flights fly around that time so I would be willing to arrange a return people-carrier instead of a car.

            Kind regards

            • FEd

              It’s no trouble at all. Happy to help.

              Nick, please check your e-mail for Damian’s address.

        • Steven

          Hi Damian,

          if you have room there are two of us flying out of Naples at 10.40am on the 9th back to London. We are staying in the centre of Pompei near to the venue so if you are looking for any more people to fill your people carrier to help costs then let me know.

          Regards Steve

          • Damian cunningham

            Hi Steve

            I’ll hang on a bit, wait see how many need a ride back to Naples and sort a suitable ride.


    • Andrew


      I’m flying out on the 9th as well but my flight is a bit later. Would be delighted to get to Naples earlier to see a bit of this city. All depending if your vehicle still has room.

      FEd can send you my contact info.


    • Lucas Gobatti

      Hey Damian!

      Will you be leaving to Napoli right after the concert or early in the morning on the 9th? Do you have any available seats that I could join? I’ll be happy to share the costs of gas with you!

      Lucas ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. RobP

    Now booked a hotel room for the night of Thursday 7th, after the show. Is there anyone local who can advise what times the trains start on a Friday morning? If I booked a flight for 10am, would it be possible to make it?

    • ash

      Hello Rob,

      I’m also researching trains and times, I think the trains start leaving Pompeii for Naples as early as 5am. See Trenitalia – enter the date and time you wish to travel. Right now it won’t let you travel in July (it’s too far ahead) but have a look at a Friday in June. There’s a train that takes less than an hour to reach Naples. Guessing you’re flying from Naples.

      Hope this helps. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • RobP

        Hi Ash, brilliant – thanks for that link. Yes, it was Naples I’m going to fly from. With the trains starting that early, a next morning flight back from Naples is definitely do-able. Thanks!

  12. damian cunningham

    I mentioned earlier I’ve booked a car to take me there and back but it looks like quite a few here will be staying over in Pompeii and travelling back to Naples on the 9th for flights home. I could arrange something bigger to hire if there was enough of us. Let me know.


    • Rob Hulford

      Damian, I could use two seats if they are available. Flying into Naples at 9.30am on Thurs 7th July.

      Iโ€™ve a Saturday morning flight outta Naples on EJ from Naples up to Verona.. you can guess where Iโ€™m off to after Pompeii. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Bill Chow

      Hi Damian, I am staying in Naples, I have a ticket for the July 7th show.

      I would like to join in on the ride if possible to Pompeiii for the show.

  13. Studyhistory

    Anybody know if he’s performing where they made the film Live in Pompeii?

  14. ash

    I hope this link works. . . My daughter says I have to get on the blog and show you this and ask what anyone knows about this water !

    (I’m not saying anything because I don’t want to jinx anything.) ๐Ÿ˜€


    • FEd

      For what you’re all paying to be there, I’m sure that will be mopped up in no time. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  15. Magoo

    I am going to the second Pompeii show on the 8th of July. Seems to be a bit of confusion as to which amphitheater David will be performing at. I’ve read some places that it is the smaller amphitheater at Pompeii and others that it is where PF played in 71. David seems to confirm that it is the same one from 71 in this article. Can anyone else confirm? Thanks.

      • Magoo

        Thanks FEd! I will be driving from Naples Airport to Pompeii late morning on the 8th and returning to my hotel there after the show Friday night, if anyone needs a ride.

        • Stefan

          I’m also reaching Naples the morning of the show on the 8th. If you have an extra seat from Naples to Pompeii, it would be great…

          • asilorepublic (Andrea)

            Maybe I’ll have one.

            I’ll come from Rome with my friend, we still have to decide what to do and how organize the trip.

            As soon as we’ll arrange all I’ll be happy to offer a ride to anyone is in need.

          • Magoo

            Yes Stefan. I arrive in Naples from the States late morning of the 7th. Planning on staying by the Naples airport. Will be picking up a rental car at the airport on the 8th and heading to Pompeii at some point. I have a flight to Venice on the morning of the 9th, so I will be driving back to the Naples airport area immediately after the show.

        • Stefan

          I’m landing in Naples at 8.20 the morning of the 8th. I’m not sure how early are you planning to head to Pompeii, but we can talk it through. If FEd is kind enough to help us change emails, we can further plan things through. Thanks!

  16. Stefan

    It looks like the Friday show is now sold out. I’m curious how many of us we’ll be there..

  17. Stefan

    I have just received a communication from the hotel I made my reservation via Here is what it says:

    “Dear Customer, we would like to inform you that we have changed the prices for the accommodation date 08 July to 10 July. The price for the single room is 180 euro breakfast include. We got a problem about the affluence for the live concert of Pink Floyd thatโ€™s why we must change all prices. If you want to make a reservation itโ€™s obligatory to pay in advance.”

    The price for the two nights mentioned is now double from what I agreed when I made the reservation.

    I find this extremely amusing… What do you think about this?

    • ash

      Hello Stefan,

      In panic I checked my booking through Expedia, their advice is that there is low availability of rooms, however, they do seem to have more than the other booking agencies.

      To my surprise, Expedia has rooms at reduced rates, go quick. ๐Ÿ™‚


    • ash

      I think we are planning a meet up but are holding off from starting to organise it until after the North American Tour.

      I’ve been researching a little, there aren’t many pubs and bars, there do seem to be loads of cafes with street tables, lots of restaurants some with garden tables.

      Please keep reading the blog Peter so you can join in the planning, arguing, plotting and all that. ๐Ÿ˜€

      I just had a look at Radio City Music Hall, Looks a nice venue. Stupid to wish you a good night, of course it’ll be a good night !


  18. JoJo

    So I need some major help here. I need to get to Pompeii for this…..I can’t even believe I went to TicketOne and it seems like still tickets left for 7th, but I can’t read Italian. Could this be? How do I get them, like, now…. Please help me, I need to go.

    • FEd

      If going through, rather than via, you can change the language from Italian to English. Click the flag at the top-right of the page.

  19. Mike

    The site says that “on the day of the show, the purchaser must present this printed receipt, together with photographic ID and the card used to purchase the ticket.” BUT I used PayPal to pay for my ticket through

    Could somebody please clarify?? I don’t want to travel all the way to Italy to find out that I can’t get hold of my tickets!!!

    • FEd

      You could print out your PayPal receipt/e-mail confirmation and take the bank or credit card that you used to pay through PayPal.

  20. RockNFloyd

    At this very moment (late April), I still can’t possibly believe that:

    1 – The man is playing at Pompeii’s amphitheatre.
    2 – I am attending.

    That said, with the permanent shock these news still bring to me, there is one single question in my mind:

    – Will he (pleeeease, for God’s sake) play Echoes in Pompeii???

    It’s never been performed since Wright’s death, the last time being on the closure of On an Island Tour at Gdansk ‘2006 (which I was fortunate enough to witness, few metres from the stage. I should actually add this as a 3rd still unbelievable fact up there).

    His setlists are rather left unchanged for the whole tour.

    Echoes in far from a “small adjustment” at the set, as happened with the occasional inclusion of Wot’s…Uh The Deal trough the 2006 shows.

    But Pompeii and Echoes… It’s just too intrinsically related.

    Any chance for an extra special adjustement to the setlist for the Pompeii shows? And, if so, who would share the vocals with him?

    I’d really appreciate to hear your opinions on that.


    • Ken McGregor

      As I mentioned I’m coming from Australia and I beg David to play Echoes, it would just blow everyone’s minds. I wonder if a set list will be posted in the near future?

      • FEd

        Not until the actual show is over or is about to finish. We mustn’t spoil the surprise.

        • Deadyankee

          Indeed. I have no desire to know the set-list in advance of the show. One can only hope, however, that there are at least some changes to the set as the tour heads back for another pass at Europe.

          Also hoping that there will be some news forthcoming about the finer details of the Pompeii shows, such as the location of the entrance/exit from the site as, with no public transport scheduled and limited accommodation in Pompei, people will need to arrange taxis etc to get out of the town.

  21. Vinicius


    FEd, do you think Nick Mason would say yes, if David put an invitation to Nick play one or two songs?

    In my humble opinion, this is an invitation impossible to decline. If you have the chance to plant this idea in the right people’s minds… please don’t lose the opportunity! Can you imagine Nick and David playing “One of these days I’m going to cut you into little pieces”? This for sure would be the epic moment of the gig. Please share your thoughts on this idea. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Shine on.

    • FEd

      I like to think he would, and I’m sure it would be a special moment for everybody, but I’m in the Stevie D fan club, so…

    • meche

      I would put it the other way around – I would never imagine that if an invitation would come Nick never in a thousand years would say no. He is not crazy, and he has this light attitude and brilliant sense of humour. A “No, it’s just imposible”. I even don’t think I am too naive, and they all three know – it’s kind of a “now or never” situation.

  22. Damian Cunningham

    There is a lovely article taken from the Guardian on the David Gilmour FB site, all taken back stage from RAH last year, great photos.

    There is a photo of David’s old Esquire guitar. If anyone has a look can they confirm if I see a fishing fly stuck to it?


  23. David M

    Hi FEd,

    I have a question I hope you can answer. I have bought a single ticket to the Friday night Pompeii show. I will arrive in Italy a few days before the concert to do some sight-seeing. But now I am really thinking I might like to purchase a ticket to the Thursday show, since there are still some tickets left and I will have already traveled halfway around the world and be there already. And not the least of course because I love seeing David in concert and this will be such a historical event in my mind. The rules say two tickets to one show only. Can you tell me if I can buy one ticket for two shows? It would seem that I am staying to the spirit of the rule by not hogging up all the tickets, but I thought I better check first before purchasing.

    Thanks for all you do. His Hollywood shows were fantastic, and I can’t wait to see him perform in Pompeii (hopefully twice)!


      • John

        @FEd: Can we be absolutely sure with this? I thought it says “You will be limited to two tickets per person for one show only (not both)” – can this really be interpreted as one ticket each for the same person across both shows?

          • Deepak Rao

            Oh damn, I got 2 for the first date and when the second date just opened up I bought another for the second date for a total of 3. Am I in trouble?

    • M K

      1 ticket for each night is OK. I was in the same situation, purchased 1 night initially. I figure if am flying all the way there, I will just go to both shows.

      I was also at the Hollywood Bowl show and also at the Forum. Still puts a grin on my face thinking about them.

      Pompeii will be epic. Can’t wait!

  24. AlexJ

    Hi everyone. I bought two tickets for Friday night as my 18yo son was going to come along. Seems he’s got a better offer so I’m stuck with a spare. I noticed Thursday night is not sold out so I’ve sent a couple of emails to TicketOne asking if I could exchange but got no reply. I know they’re the single night and no exchange possible rules but it’s such a lot of money and I’ll be there on Thursday.

    Does anyone have any suggestions about who else I could try to contact (the promoters maybe?) Or is anyone in a similar but opposite situation who’d like to swap?

  25. Daniel

    I’m travelling specially from Chile just to see this concert the July 8…. but now, reading here, I’m getting very nervous about accommodation in Pompeii. Maybe a lot of us are in the same situation.

    • Jean Hugues Mousseau

      I place a reservation for a room near Pompei via AIRBNB. 40 Euros a night !

  26. John

    Hi FEd,

    I am just wondering, why are the tickets for the July 7th concert still available? I understand 8th was sold out fast as it was a Friday probably. I mean, there are only 5000 tickets for both shows put together, how come our beloved Floyd fans have left the date of 7th still open even after it has been close to 2 months since it went on sale? (since Mar 22nd!!)


  27. Bill Chow

    Lucky to have purchased a ticket on April 15 to the first July 7th show. I will be arriving in Naples from Toronto, Canada July 4th, I will be staying in a hotel very close to the Central Train Station.

    Would like to hook up with other fans during the week and travel to the show with and back.

    • Jean Hugues Mousseau

      Hello Bill. I’m from Montreal, Canada. I will be there for July 7th 2016 ! I reserved a room via AIRBNB. 10 minutes from Pompei.

      My email is jeanhuguesmousseau at Perhaps we get in touch over there!!!

  28. Greg

    There are a number of shows that appear not to have numbered seating including Pompeii. What determines where you stand/sit? If it’s GA is it a race for positioning? I’m looking for front row but how can I be assured of front row or can’t I?

  29. M K

    FYI as of today, Friday tickets are now available again on ticketone. Not sure what is happening. More tickets added on top of the 2500 sold, or some people canceled their purchases.

  30. JoJo

    Ok I am still trying to get these tickets to Pompeii and nothing I am doing will work. I have tried through and I am using a Visa and it just keeps popping up with credit card declined. I called credit card and they are not declining. I tried to call the call center at 892.101 to purchase over the phone. I used the 011 code to dial out of USA, then 39 for Italy then 892.101 for call center. Says not in service. I added 02 after the 39 for an area code (Milan I believe, as that was the area code for the only other number I say) and it won’t go through. I sent an email through their help center. But I am really frustrated. Checked flights, got a hotel reserved, husband got approved for days off and now I Just Can’t Seem to Get My Hands on the Tickets.

    Any help, tips, or tricks would be really appreciated. Thank you!

  31. JoJo

    Thanks for your patience with me FEd! With extreme persistence over the past few weeks and exhausting all other forms of payment that wouldn’t go through …I finally scored 2 tix to Friday night at Pompeii! (On my actual bank/debit card though, only one that would prompt the bank verification window).

    But, the GOOD NEWS IS…if you are still looking for tix for FRIDAY night they just released more tix. Single tickets were available last night and today you could choose 2. Sooo excited and although I only found this blog recently I am so grateful for all the info, support, enthusiasm, and education you provide on the musical genius that is David Gilmour. Rock on.

  32. Khaled

    Coming from Jordan with my mother to see “David Live at Pompeii” and can’t wait!

    Question: will this be seated or standing?

    • ash

      I’m taking a picnic blanket. It’s going to be really hot for standing for maybe three hours. I’m hoping everyone will do the same then we can all sit on the ground. (Until we hear something like Run Like Hell anyway, that seems to spur a charge for the stage everywhere else. ๐Ÿ˜€ )

      I know that I and probably most women attending, will end up either crushed against the stage or right at the very back because all the guys are just too tall for me to see round/over in a standing audience.

      Please everyone, consider bringing a picnic blanket to sit on. For everyone’s benefit.

      I’m really excited too now. ๐Ÿ˜€


  33. Khaled

    How many tickets are available for selling in total? People will be competing for the close area…

    My mother has a back injury and cannot stand for long time ๐Ÿ™ but we will have to manage… After all we’re coming all the way from Jordan for out first David Gilmour concert ever! And cannot wait!!!!

  34. Khaled

    Any hints on travel: I am staying in a hotel in Napoli and thinking of taking the train to go to the show and return at night with a taxi (because it looks like no trains at night after midnight). Does this sound reasonable? How can I secure a taxi from theater to Napoli after midnight?

    Anyone else staying in Napoli? Maybe we can share the cost of a van?

    • Jean Hugues Mousseau

      I will stay near Napoli. I will take the Bus up to Pompรฉi (10 minutes). And I suppose I will take a taxi cab for returning my Airbnb room. Bus stop at 10 pm.

      • Alex

        I would be glad to share a taxi on the way back to Napoli, if you have room for one more person.


    • Joseph

      I will be there the first night, 7/7 with my girlfriend and another good friend. We plan on taking a taxi back to Naples, if you want to share a ride back, we can meet up at the show.

      • Gabriel

        Hi Joseph, I’ll be there on 7/7, my hotel is in Piazza Garibalidi – Naples, I’m by myself, alone. Let’s share the taxi back to Naples? My email for contact: gabriel AT


  35. Stefan

    So the rumours were true: no Jon OR Phil for this summer leg of the tour. I’m glad I got to see that team live once and I’m sorry to see them go… interesting choices for filling up the blanks, though. Can’t wait to hear the new team live. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Stefan

        There were a lot of rumours online and the info was finally confirmed by David’s Facebook page, before a post here was actually published. By now, I guess you are up to speed…El Magnifco confirmed this has to do with the pursuit of his own projects, while Jon is, most likely, involved heavily in what appears to be a bunch of live shows by Roger Waters.

        It was a good team and the Firenze show I was lucky to witness was simply fabulous – the new team should, however, be just as good.

  36. Ken

    Is everyone totally convinced that it will be standing only? Is this a fact or just a rumor? Thanks.

    • Ken

      I sent this question to the folks at TicketOne and they confirmed the shows are general admission, standing room only.

  37. Joseph Christ

    Hello! Any word on what time the doors will open for this event? Thanks!

  38. Ken

    Does anyone know where exactly we are to go to pick up our tickets and wrist bands? Is it the entrance near the main Pompeii train station? Certainly very little information about the shows.

    Thanks much in advance.

  39. FabrizioR

    Hi All! I’m going for the Pompeii Thursday’s gig, anyone else going on that evening?? Would be great to meet up and enjoy this gig!.

    So excited about this dream coming true!

  40. Jean Hugues Mousseau

    I will be at the show of Gilmour on July 7th 2016 in Pompei !! Can’t believe this !!!! I’m from Canada and I go alone in Italy !!! Hope to see you there Gilmour’s Fans !!!!

    • FabrizioR

      Hey Jean, drop me a line on bianchouk at, we can meet with more Gilmour fans and enjoy this gig!

  41. Damian Cunningham

    May need lots of beer as I’m a fair bit twitchy when it comes to crowds and closed spaces so I may well be at the very rear.


  42. Khaled

    How can we ensure a ride back to Naples? Will there be taxis waiting or should we book in advance while in Naples?

  43. Lucas Gobatti

    Hi all!

    Anyone coming back from the second concert (on the 8th) to Napoli straight away? I’m looking for a ride and would love to help with the costs of gas!

    Anyone has one seat left in the car for me?

    Thank you all, this concert will be incredible!

    Lucas ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Magoo

      Yes Lucas, I am renting a car for the day from Naples airport on the 8th and headed back to Naples airport area immediately after the show. I have a flight in the morning on Saturday.

  44. Craig

    Not long now. Coming for London, I’m still quite nervous about only having a flimsy purchase confirmation email, and not having physical tickets in advance. Anyone else?


    • Lee painting

      I think it’s all to do with not being able to sell the tickets on… Which is good.. Everything will be fine.

      Looking forward to Friday, coming on me own from leafy Shropshire.. No1 bucket list gig.

      • becky

        Quite a few concerts now have this ticketing system. It will be fine for sure.

        Flying in from Manchester on Thursday for Friday’s gig. Beyond excited.

  45. Craig

    My crew are staying in Pompeii, near to the event. Anyone meeting up somewhere before hand on the Friday? I don’t know the area so couldn’t suggest a bar. I think there’s a hotel very nearby with a rooftop bar.

  46. Bill Chow

    Does anyone want to go on an independent trip by train to check out Sorrento and Capri tomorrow from Naples? I am staying very close to the main train station in Central Naples. You can reach me at billchow1 at

    Does anyone want to share a ride to the concert on Thursday?

    • Khaled

      Hi Bill

      I am interested in a ride to Naples and back, are you too?

      • Bill Chow

        Hi Khaled, they have a special train coming back after the show. I still need transportation to the show but coming home was the difficult but that has been solved.

  47. Kevin

    Hi Guys

    Can’t still believe that in 3 days I will be watching David play in Pompeii!! I have a ticket for Friday night. Will be arriving from Malta to Rome on Friday afternoon, then train to Naples and train to Pompeii. Fingers crossed there are no delays!

    Hope to grab a couple of beers before the show. Anybody wants to meet up…. kevingauci777 AT gmail DOT com

  48. Rick Strang

    Hi Guys. I’m flying out tomorrow for these gigs. I was doing some research and read a Rolling Stone interview from March that said that David wasn’t actually playing the amphitheatre that Live in Pompeii was shot in but rather one of the other theatres in the ruins. I was a bit disappointed to read that but wondered if it was accurate? There are indeed three theatres amongst the ruins.

    Can we get a confirmation of the actual venue from anyone? Cheers.

      • Rick Strang

        OK. Cool. It’ll help with the ticket collection knowing that at least! I had visions of Gilmourites wandering the ruins like lost souls “Infamy, infamy; they’ve all got it in for me…” Up Pompeii!!

  49. Francesco

    Hi Fed,

    the Pompeii concert will be recorded for a BR/DVD?

    Thanks in advance!

  50. Elena Gentilini

    Hi all

    This is a link to the website of local trains from to Pompei/Naples running the nights of the 7/8th July concerts. I am afraid there is no Italian version but they say you can buy tickets in advance online. Check it out!

    Hope it’s useful!


  51. asilorepublic (Andrea)

    Hello all!

    This is the article with all the useful information for who’ll attend the Pompeii’s concerts: tickets pickup, doors opening, transports. Of course there’s also the English version.

    Hope it will help, if I receive more infos I’ll update the article and let you know here…

    See you on Friday!

  52. ore

    I just received the information about the show:

    – ticket collection from 10.00 at ticket office on Via Roma close to the entrance.
    – extra train for the event leaving from Pompeii to Naples at 00.40 . It will cost 6 Eur.
    – gate will be open for the entrance at 19.00.

  53. Anne

    Does anyone know when the concert is due to finish on the Friday? Organising transport!

    • asilorepublic (Andrea)

      In Rome it started at 21:05 an finished at 00:10. The special train back to Naples is at 00:40, so I think that it’ll finish around midnight as well, in order to permit people to reach the station.