More on Pompeii

Here are a few more details about the concerts at Pompeii’s Roman Amphitheatre on Thursday 7th and Friday 8th July 2016.

Tickets go on sale on Tuesday 22nd March at 1pm CET – from

Tickets are priced at โ‚ฌ300 each plus a 15% booking fee.

You will be limited to two tickets per person for one show only (not both).

On purchase, each ticket buyer will receive a receipt with his or her name on it, to print out. On the day of the show, the purchaser must present this printed receipt to the designated box office located within the proximity of the main site, together with photographic ID and the card used to purchase the ticket(s). If the purchaser has bought two tickets, the additional person must go along to the box office as well.

The box office will be open between 10am and 8pm on the days of the concerts.

Each ticket holder will be given a ticket and a wristband. In order to pass through security to enter the Amphitheatre, ticket holders must be wearing their wristband and must have their ticket ready for inspection.

There will be no admission without both the ticket and wristband.

That’s all for now, folks.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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    1. Hello everybody,

      I think that David should play Echoes, One of These Days and A Saucerful of Secrets in these shows again. To play Set the Controls and Careful With That Axe versions would be too much for the hearts of the fans. (I would like to see David playing in Barcelona.)


  1. Well done on the ticket limits and wristbands. Clearly, a lot of thought and effort went into that – nice one!

      1. Will the tickets only be available on David Gilmour’s site or will they be being sold on other sites?

        We live in UK.

  2. With there being such a limited amount of seats, I think the restrictions put in place are an excellent idea which will, hopefully, deter the greedy touts and ensure only genuine fans get tickets. By the way Fed, will the tickets be only available from If so, another good plan. Excitement is going into overdrive!

  3. I appreciate all this security effort to prevent from ticket speculations. Just consider we’re in Italy so please David have a British check yourself on it…!

    I hope I can get my ticket and live this historical moment…

  4. Nice procedure that will keep the business man away. Although the 360 Euro will be worth for such an intimate event, they are definitely too much for me and my wife. I’ll wait for the video…

    Best of luck to all who can afford it!

    1. Agree with Taki. Sounds like it’ll be a great event but my David Gilmour ticket/ Kid’s College / Home Renovation/ Family Holiday funds have all dried up.

      Good luck to everyone looking to get tickets, I’ll look forward to the reviews from you lucky guys here and possibly a DVD release (I’ll check down the back of the sofa for the cost of a DVD if I have to).

      North American leg kicking off soon – can’t wait.

  5. Sorry, can’t focus on anything job related right now… Do we know if it is standing audience only, as rumoured?

  6. Great idea about the ticket restrictions after the Verona fiasco…

    Good luck to all of you who are entering this lottery. Amazing place to have a gig.

    Heard something that the concerts will be filmed.

    Great occasion to invite some of the old friend(s) who were there with you 45 years ago, David… ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I don’t understand: only one price means there will be no difference between sectors, so no seats (no parterre at all, I suppose). Or will tickets be given on a first come-first served basis on the day of the event?

    By the way, the most popular newspaper in Italy, says tickets will be sold via as well.

      1. And this makes most of the ticket restrictions useless. Plus I think that there could even be other costs, in addition to the 15% presale, ticketone got us used to it.

        That’s too bad, 300โ‚ฌ is understandable this time, what I really can’t stand is all the rest.

  8. Last time I tried to buy from Chantilly site my gold card visa was refused. I couldn’t buy the ticket. I am from Turkey, can this be the reason?

  9. It’s the same procedure the Foo Fighters did for the concert in Cesena after the “Rockin’ 1000” asked them to play there.

    It’s a good idea to have tickets only to be picked up there, and to get into the show area with both the tickets and the wristband.

    Hope that this fact and the bloody prices (345 โ‚ฌ for standing tickets are a LOT of money) will block the touts.

  10. Probably a silly question but am I right in thinking CET time is one hour ahead of UK time so that would be 12,00pm here? Either way that’s bad news for me. I don’t finish work until 13.05 UK time.

  11. I also like the ticket procedures.

    Thank you everyone who made this all possible.

    Good luck everyone!

  12. Well done ๐Ÿ™‚ , but I didn’t understand it is a general sale??

    And again just standing? How many tickets will be available?

  13. Excellent news for ‘real fans’. That will hopefully stop the scalpers in their tracks.

    Good luck to everyone applying.

    I wonder if there will be one or (even) two, special guests??

  14. I am glad that there are these strict measures against the horrible thing which happened with 2016 Italian shows and We hoped for Verona so badly and as many here, didn’t have any chance at all but are now happy owners of Vienna tickets. I hate mafia so much, if you don’t live in a country ruled by mafia you don’t even have a clue what a monster it is, it takes all from normal people, including a Gilmour show… so in all my heart I am most pleased and happy when somebody tries and finds a way to beat this monster up in the name of music. And it shows the team cares.

    So I find it logical and thoughtful and whoever wouldn’t be there for some reason physically we know many and many will be there by spirit and happy for the simple fact this venue is possible.

    So good luck and thank you.

  15. Very well procedure taken to guarantee genuine buyers.

    About the price, well, considering the venue, the event, the surround, etc., it seems to be quite reasonable.

    I’m crossing my fingers hoping there has been an agreement also to broadcast one date on Italian TV.

  16. Thank you for making it impossible for most fans to attend the concert with all the ridiculous restrictions. You’re fools in thinking you’re making a single dent in the secondary ticket market and hurting the fans much more then them. 90% of the real fans won’t get a ticket on Tuesday. Most of us could get a ticket afterwards if it wasn’t for the restriction nonsense.

    Does management think they are the first to try this? Hundreds of artists such as Pearl Jam have made efforts like this only to realize they are only hurting themselves and the real fans. This would have been the event of a lifetime for real fans that have followed the band and David for over 50 years and will have had there dream shattered by more bad decisions from PF management. Disgusting.

  17. Hope this concert is recorded for Blu-Ray release, would love to be there, but no hope sadly.

  18. Are you insane? 300โ‚ฌ?! There are people in the world, even in “rich European states” who have 300โ‚ฌ per month to eat, drink and by clothes …

  19. It’s drives me absolutely crazy to find fellow real fans thinking it’s a good idea to have these insane restrictions to purchase tickets. It’s going to keep you out of the events not increase your chances to get in! The website will be bombarded and those 2000 tickets will be gone in seconds! Your odds of getting a ticket must be lower then 1% when it could be 100% if allowed to purchase elsewhere. Would I mind paying extra for a ticket elsewhere knowing I could attend instead of having no chance like I do now? Yes, I would pay 200% more! You have no idea what you’re talking about and management has no idea how hurtful this will be for the fans.

    My god I can’t believe you are destroying the biggest event for Floyd fans since Live 8. I want to reach through this computer and shake you all until you wake up and understand the ticket situation is the way it is for a reason and putting wristbands on isn’t doing a damn thing.

    1. Seriously?

      Personally I hope it’s fans, old and new, local to the area that get the tickets.

    2. ‘Shake you all until you wake up’ it’s a great title for a song. Thank you so much. ๐Ÿ˜€

    3. You’re the first person I’ve ever come across who admits they are happy to pay 200% more through a secondary ticket site making a ticket for this concert around ยฃ1000 a night, surely exactly the reason why the touts and these site continue to fleece the average concert goer and making it worth there time to snap up all the tickets as soon as they come on sale.

      I do hope you manage to get tickets sadly by the time I get home from work Tuesday they will be sold out but no way would I ever consider paying touts extra for a ticket.

      However disappointed I will be at least I have the RAH in September to look forward to so perhaps that helps.

    4. Simple maths and physics shows that if one person can only buy 2 tickets per time and there is no machinery buying, than it would take hours and just a bit waiting for the server, 8000 tickets to be sold out. also if we agree that there are a million fans for example and 8 thousand only would get a ticket, it is 0.8 percent visiting of us all. it’s the way it is. going through this discussion i keep on thinking about a line 20 years ago – what do you want from me…just 2 years ago Mr Gilmour announced an old man’s show with 4-5 venues…and you know it’s so wonderful that we are too many, too many indeed. What would be our world like with 8 thousand, all satisfied, Gilmour fans only.

      I surely prefer millions non visiting. ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Sorry Fed, another question (I am soooo excited about this!).

    I read a (Google) translation of an article in Le Matin which suggested these two shows would be filmed for a cinema release followed by a DVD release, apparently to help finance the shows. Do you know if this is true? It would certainly take the sting out of the disappointment if I’m not lucky enough to get a ticket.

  21. I wish everyone all the best to get a ticket. Every audience member will be a person with an incredible unique experience! And many many many thanks to the team and FEd; its really a damn nice thing to give the fans the possibility to buy a ticket (or to try to) under fair circumstances!

  22. I am not going to make any friends and most already seem to disagree with me but I do not believe the entrance rules and preventing tickets from being sold at reputable locations is a good idea. I have only been able to buy a single ticket for the four shows I am attending the correct way and I did everything right such as using pre sale codes, showing up early and spending hours on the official sites trying to get tickets. The one ticket that I was able to get from Ticketmaster for the Forum show in LA I could get for $100 cheaper from any of the secondary sites so an increased cost is not always the situation. I was only able to get tickets for each of the three other shows afterwards at reputable ticket resellers such as stubhub.

    I can’t even imagine how difficult it’s going to be trying to get tickets to these shows. They are all going to be gone in literally minutes and so many fans are not going to be able to attend such a historic show.

    No offence but are those in charge sure that the site will be able to handle that kind of traffic? Ticketmaster and Eventim wasn’t able to handle a few of the sales and this is Live at Pompeii we are talking about. There is going to be billions of people from everywhere across the globe hitting all at once and you better be sure your server can handle that kind of traffic.

    Look, I do not agree with some of the ticket issues that plague us either but the fact is there are legit good reasons why being able to purchase tickets at other locations at later dates are possible. Many here happy with the procedure thinking its going to help them are not going to have a glimmer of a chance to get tickets because of the procedures and rules.

    I know the idea behind this is with good intentions but it’s my honest opinion it’s going to hurt more people that really care about David then those that do not. There will also be people in attendance that do not want to be there as much as someone who could be there if these guidelines were not in place.

    I am sorry but this is not a good way to go about providing tickets for such a high demand and historic event and will disappoint many true fans by achieving the opposite intention. I hope I am wrong but I just do not see it.

    Good luck to those who try to get tickets because you’re going to need it.

    1. Tickets being limited to two tickets and one show only will stop some of the touting. We all come at things from different angles but to think this will limit fans getting tickets is not correct IMO. The limits make this less attractive to touts which is the reason it is being done this way. Wristbands and ticketing procedure will help fans get into this event I think.

      There will never be a perfect solution until tickets have photo ID for each person going but I think this idea is as good as any.

      Well done to DG and his team I say!

  23. FEd….please clarify whether it will be in the same ampitheatre as the one Pink Floyd performed in 1971. A lot of people seem to think it is. I have read conflicting information on this.

    1. As have I, but I’m afraid I can only discuss what’s been confirmed. Preparations are still being made.

      1. Okay thanks, Rino. So why is it advertised as “ampitheatre”? Is the Teatro Grande also considered as an amphitheatre? Do not mind me, there is a little debate going on outside of this blog about the exact location. It is actually an interesting topic. Perhaps it is a case of not understanding Italian.

        If indeed the venue is the Teatre Grande -Scavi, would there be a bit of a deception going on in that concert goers thought they were going to the Gladatorial Arena itself – as per 1971 film instead? That is why I wanted clarification so us debaters can settle the argument once and for all. I thought that I would get an easy answer to this as Elton John is also having a concert in Pompeii and guess what? No clarification as to the exact location either. LOL… ๐Ÿ™‚

        I wish I could go….

        1. I have asked.

          Me: Is David performing in the very same place as Pink Floyd’s Live at Pompeii?
          Answer: Yes.

          1. It said so on the site’s home page last week.

            But much more interesting: Did you actually ask David ? Did you speak to him on the phone ? Did you tell him I’m coming to Pompeii ? What did he say when you told him ? ? ?


      2. Rino, are you sure that is the place (Teatro Grande)? It looks pretty small, and while I hope you are right because that would be like David playing in my living room (okay, a bit of an exaggeration), I don’t think that place holds more than a few thousand people. Nearly every seat looks to have great views so I can only hope you are right. I’m thinking it’s the Amphitheater that is about a half mile away, which I believe is the one PF performed in back in 1971. Either way, I’m thrilled to be going!

  24. 300 โ‚ฌ for a ticket? Who is this for? Presidents of United States and mafia bosses? Is this a good thing?

  25. HOW MUCH!!!!!!

    Does that include the air fare????

    For that price, I’d expect lots of free pie too (without the crust).

  26. Ok, let’s wake up…

    Too much for me in this moment, sadly.

    Well done with the procedures, though… The ‘Italian job’ will fail this time.

    Now, let me cry for a while.


  27. I am glad to see the security, it is so annoying to be a real fan and not get a ticket, only to see them advertised on eBay and the like for enormous prices.

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed that I manage to get 1 ticket. My wife and I have decided to make a weekend of it as the Friday gig will be on my birthday. She is not a Floyd fan, so won’t be going to the gig.

    Already got my hotel booked, just need a ticket and then can book the flights.

  28. This looks like a good solution to fight ticket-scalpers. Kraftwerk operating successful like this for years now. Thumbs up! Ticket prices are a different story… they indeed may look a bit greedy… ๐Ÿ™

    1. Kraftwerk are actually even more robust than this. Any show they play in Germany (and one I attended in Paradiso in Ameterdam) requires the name of the attendees to be stated at the time of booking. Resale is forbidden apart from on the site where they can only be resold at face value or less. The newly resold tickets have the name of the new concert goer on the ticket. Everyone attending is ID checked on the way in. No scalpels, no secondary market. Good ticket availability in the days before the concert as people drop out and all at face value or less. It’s the way ahead.

      The Robots have again predicted the future.

  29. All good, only problem I’ll be on a ferry to Ireland and the internet is pretty awful. Also will there be beer available? We’re talking about turning this into a holiday. Amalfi coast looks stunning. Italy’s stunning, Pompeii is amazing.

    Thanks again David. You see how much excitement you create, it’s such a buzz and it’s you who creates it. Sorry if I’m starting to sound like a nutty fan everyone, but you have to take the moment. Live it, love it. Even if I don’t get there I’m enjoying all the hype in here.

    Right, I’ll shut up now.


  30. Great call on the ticket procedures. Hope these tickets end up in the hands of those who deeply want them. Touts have no place in the ticket buying world IMO.

    Good luck to everybody.

  31. Dears, I would precise some issues about the procedure adopted, it is for:

    1) to guarantee an equal opportunity to ALL to buy a ticket, disadvantaging ANY intermediate speculators that would earn money with no efforts (and without paying any taxes)

    2) to take definitively out ALL false tickets and its printers to speculate (and steal money). This kind of event is a morsel for the criminal organizations (yes, a cheater for me, it’s criminal)

    These should be viewed as a plus, for buyers, for sellers, for every fan, for each single person that is working to organize this event.

    Enjoy your stay in our Pompei.

  32. Of course there will be many many disappointed fans; but aside from the whole ticket sale topic, DG would have to play Pompeii over thirty? forty? fifty? times to satisfy us all. So – we just have to play this lottery and very very very few will be lucky and 99% unhappy. We all know this.

    So let’s just hope that there will be a great concert film – ALL of us are going to enjoy this, without any limits.

    1. completely agree. it’s an imperfect world. it just can not be fair for 100 % – there is no such thing when money is at stake. but they try. and at these venues there are always people who are not fans and it’s annoying but what at some point you don’t know who is who; and who of these non fans contributed to the realisation of the show and therefore his distant cousin non fan gets the ticket for something big and goes because it’s trendy? it’s just the way world goes round for bilion years.

  33. This is such exciting news!! PF live at Pompeii was the first film I saw when I became a fan. If I could definitely fly to Italy for this I would try to get tickets. This will be filmed I’m sure and I will buy it. I’m very excited for those who will be seeing that performance.

  34. Hi, is it going to be only one price for the tickets? only 300 euro? or cheaper than this?

      1. Thanks FEd & Chatterers,

        Hope to catch up on Tuesday’s planned chat, before I head out to LA for the Hollywood Bowl shows.

  35. Wow, would love to be at that show.

    Lots of history for David. Wonder if Nick will tag along that gig.

    Good Luck everyone. I can see this show being filmed for us fans later on.

  36. Well here we go again, moan Pink Floyd, moan tickets, moan moan, oh woe is me, this is exactly the reason there’s no presale and limited tickets. 300 euros moan, well I guarantee you the hire costs of this venue will be astronomical.

    And finally, it’s not Pink Floyd it’s David Gilmour.

    Not moaning,

    1. 300 Euros is a lot of money to most people, me included. Also, it is NOT obligatory for each individual concert to make a profit on a tour.

  37. Absolutely fantastic process on the tickets FEd. I wont be going but I’m sure everyone that wants a ticket will get one as this process will take the touts completely out of the picture. I’m very proud to be a David Gilmour fan today. Good luck with the tickets guys and gals!

  38. Interesting to see how many of us can’t pay the price… This may help local fans to attend since they won’t have to pay for flights, hotels et cetera.

    I’m very comfortable waiting for 196 days to pass. We can’t have everything, can’t we?

    Have a great weekend all of you!


  39. Excellent news! Good luck everyone! Who needs cardio when David Gilmour tickets go on sale???


    Lets hope the Vesuvius won’t erupt during Run Like Hell… ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Lets hope the Vesuvius wonโ€™t erupt during Run Like Hell

      I very much doubt anyone would even notice if it did. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  41. Uhmm, really hesitating on whether to try and go or not. Flights from Madrid to Rome cost currently 76โ‚ฌ and then I could sleep in the car. My head says don’t go, but my heart tells me the opposite! I’ll make up my mind by the 22nd, hopefully.

    I also support the purchasing policy, I’m still angry because I haven’t been able to buy tickets for Springsteen in Madrid. 20000 flew away in less than 3 hours just to appear in other sites at astronomical prices.

    FEd, do you think the exact location for the gig will be clarified before tickets go on sale?

  42. If I win the lottery I will buy a ticket for all of us guys. We would be the happiest people in the world that night.

    Congratulations FEd, as usual, for your precious work for us.

  43. I think the arrangements for buying tickets is about as good as anyone can make it to beat the touts. Surely there won’t be 1000 of them per night bringing in one fan who paid an exorbitant price ? There’ll be some maybe but most of the tickets will surely go to fans.

    I’ve decided to remove myself from the competition so that a local-ish Italian fan has a better chance of getting tickets (as Lorraine said ๐Ÿ™‚ ).

    Besides, my daughter says it’s a really mad escapade. I countered by pointing out that we could fly the round trip for ยฃ196 each and that would take in a trip to another part of the med for a week or so too. She asked have I looked at hotel prices yet, plus car hire for our holiday ? This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, said I.

    She pinned me down, tied me up and took all my cards off me ! So unreasonable. I thought I’d brought her up quite well too. Anyway, I’ve put her up for adoption now. I mean, which one of us is the grown up and which one is the penchant child here ? Do you know what else she does ? She complains about the volume on the hi-fi !

    I would absolutely love to go but it would be quite an expenditure and I have got tickets for two nights at the Royal Albert Hall, which I’m really looking forward to! ๐Ÿ˜€


    1. I agree with you on the adoption part, not on the rest! ๐Ÿ˜€

      Have a greet weekend, ash.

    2. Hey Ash,

      Did you drop her on her head as a baby or what? Sorry that you’ll be missing it. I, alas, have to miss it too. I’m going to both Hollywood Bowl shows and Radio City Music Hall – 10th row for that one. I feel incredible lucky – in spite of not having the resources to go for broke (literally) and try to get some tickets to the Pompeii show.

      Best of luck to those who ARE going for it. Report back!

      Best, Jill

  44. This really is amazing news FEd!

    Now, how to move hell and high water to get there without also getting a divorce… it could end up a really expensive trip!

    Cheers, Mark

    P.S. A quick hats off to FEd from all the ‘lurkers’ on here who read often and post infrequently – of which I am one with nearly a decade between posts. You provide an amazing service. ๐Ÿ™‚ Also hats off to all those who to post frequently – you keep this blog buzzing – thank you!

  45. 345 โ‚ฌ ?!!? This is too much. So this an event only for rich people….

    I saw AC/DC 2003 in Munich in Circus Krone. Ok, you canยดt compare this venue with Pompei, but it was a fantastic Club Gig and the total of attendances was less than 3000!!! And I paid 56,50 โ‚ฌ !!!

  46. Thank you FEd for the good job. I think is the best way to have a fair competition to get tickets.

    If I can buy 2 tickets, I would like to go with my child, 8 yo, but if there are just standing it will be hard for her to see the show, because of her height.

    My question is: there are some restrictions for the age? No seats, just standing?

    1. I’m waiting for an answer and will get back to you as soon as possible. I imagine that age restrictions will apply (over-14s only?), but let me find out for you.

  47. It`s great!! We hope that we can buy some tickets via David’s website.

    We visited 20 years ago Pompeji in July (it was nearly 40 degrees) and we dreamed about a concert with Pink Floyd and us in this arena. And now many years later the dream can be true!?


  48. Got into an agreement with my wife today: We were going to go together to the last night at the RAH in September but she prefers spending a long weekend in Italy rather than going back to London. So, I will have to either sell my second ticket at the RAH and go on my own (spending the night at the airport to save some money) or try to sell both tickets. There’s plenty of time, so we’ll see. And, of course, I’d have to have tickets for Pompeii first (let’s pray for that!)

    Actually, we were together in Pompeii a few years ago, she bought the trip as a birthday present to me and we absolutely loved the site and its surroundings. I had a very special feeling when I entered the amphitheater and imagined myself in the middle of the ’71 concert.

    By the way, do you know that Pompeii film was released in some cinemas in Quad? Some time ago one of the reels was found, carefully restored and sound sync-ed by the fans and it’s really a magical concert. Hope Adrian Maben can re-release the film soon and we’re able able to listen to it in 5.1.

  49. This is incredible! Just dig out of some plastic debt. Let me think a little about this one….

  50. That’s a really big thing, David will do there. Maybe one of the biggest in his career. I wish him and his crew good luck for this challenge.

    I will not have the chance to go there but where can I pre-order a Blu-Ray recording of that event?

    1. the exact location i believe is the roman amphitheatre, which is located very close to the main entrance of the scavi of pompeii.

  51. What an amazing opportunity! Potential epic proportions. Possible Echoes return? I am hard pressed to believe it without Rick.

    I am looking forward to a DVD of this tour.

  52. Hi FEd,

    Well, the concert at Pompeii will be a flashback to the past.

    I’m sorry, but is too much for me.

    I hope for Verona tickets.

    Bye for now

  53. Hi Fed

    I read tickets will only be on sale ONLY on … Why the horrible is advertising tickets will be available trough their website on Thursday at 13:00!?! Will redirect Italian buyers to! If so, I will only lose precious seconds to buy tickets and probably will have no possibility to be a lucky one to attend the concert. So.. Where do I have to try to buy tickets – or

    Thanks a lot.

    1. I can only suggest that you visit nice and early on Tuesday and allow plenty of time to click on such a link.

  54. Hi, FEd.

    I am in Edinburgh at the time and I will mostly use my mobile phone for internet access the next few days. Is the ticket system on David’s site optimised for mobile devices as well or will I have a better chance of purchasing if I find a PC/laptop?

    I really don’t want to miss this one.


    1. Well, personally, I know I’d be much happier using a PC/laptop, but you should be fine with your mobile phone.

      (What am I saying? Mobile phones are evil and fiddly, touchscreens temperamental at the best of times. Please find a desktop or laptop if you can, with real keys that make the most satisfying sound when you bash them. That’s my advice.)

      1. I washed my mobile phone in the washing machine and it still works ! There is a good story to it though. . .

        I put the washing machine on and heard clunking noises, squatted down to try to see what was clunking. Put the light on, got a torch. . still couldn’t see what was doing it. I wondered if I’d picked up a shoe from the bedroom floor when I picked up a pile of washing ?

        It was an extraordinary situation, I don’t usually have piles of dirty washing on the bedroom floor mixed in (maybe) with shoes.

        Then the phone lit up ! There was water and bubbles all around it ! I switched the machine off and drained the water so I could open the door and rescue my phone book, pictures, and considered how long it would take me to get my number transferred to a new SIM.

        I opened it up, there wasn’t too much water on the inside and I dried it with a tea towel. I switched it on and there were bubbles on the screen and the second the backlight switched off, it lit up again ๐Ÿ™ it seemed to be very confused. I took it apart again and put it in the airing cupboard but secretly I knew I had to change all those numbers over to a new SIM because the old one probably wouldn’t fit a new phone. That was another thing ! I had to find a new phone that I could actually work and I had to do it quickly because there were important calls I couldn’t afford to miss. ๐Ÿ™

        I bought a new phone, I like simple phones for calls and texts, I don’t need the internet on the move but my washed up one had it and it turns out not a bad camera compared to the new one. This was a ยฃ30 ish phone, SIM free. Just so you know, it was dirt cheap. (It was awful and I hated it ! )

        A bloke behind me in the queue told me to put my washed one in a bag of rice, he said that would dry it out. It was useless for a (very expensive by comparison) smart phone like the damaged one he was holding, but it was worth a try for mine.

        I tried it and the bubbles and lighting itself up problem gradually got better, I tested it several times you see, but after about ten days, it was back to its old self. ๐Ÿ˜€

        ash (whose daughter is now looking at clothes for Pompeii, do you like how drily I said that ?)

  55. This concert in the Roman amphitheatre would be epic. I hope it is, that would explain the ticket price but it looks like I will be hanging fire for a Blu-ray release.

    Good luck securing tickets everyone.

  56. 300 euros for a concert is a robbery.

    Gilmour is marginalizing his fans that have low income. It’s unethical IMO.

    Does he think he will take all this money with him in the afterlife?

    1. I think most of the money is going to the upkeep of Pompeii, not David. Pompeii is crumbling and they need money to help restore and stop it all falling down.

  57. What is the age limit? Can we have our 8-year old son with us? He’s been around on concerts with us since he was a baby… And the only way to see David Gilmour at Pompeii for my husband and me is if we can have our boy with us.

      1. Think we’ll just go for separate ordering as long as we know we can have our son with us. Thanks for the answer!

        1. I’m still trying to get an answer about any age restrictions in place, but as these are General Admission tickets (one price, everyone standing, no seating), at least that wouldn’t be a problem for you. Good luck!

    1. Hi Suzana,

      I have the same problem I would like to bring with me my 8 yo daughter but with no seating, I think it will be hard for us adults to have a good view, I suppose for children it will be impossible to see something…we will see, I understood not all details are set so maybe something will change, some of us said, and I read somewhere, that the location will be “Teatro Grande” and not “Anfiteatro” that it is smaller but there are big stairs (gradinata in Italian) in that case we can bring our children too for sure.

      1. Hope you got the tickets. Don’t think it would be a problem to take an 8-year old to the concert. If I have to stand all the way in the back – it’s worth it.

    2. I can now confirm that there are no age restrictions in place but, of course, your son will need his own ticket.

      Best of luck!

        1. Once again – thank you, FEd! Got the tickets, can’t believe it!!! This is a dream come true.

      1. Thank you for the good news FEd, we have two tickets so we will be there on the first night. No age restrictions?? I already know that one day my 3 yo son will kill me because I choose her sister instead the youngest fan of DG/PF. ๐Ÿ™‚

        I hope I will find some shirt for celebrating the event, please suggest a xxxxs size too. ๐Ÿ˜€

        Grazie for your time that you dedicate to us, I understand it is not easy.

        1. T-shirts for toddlers? Now there’s a money-making idea. ๐Ÿ˜‰

          I hope you both enjoy it, Ore. It will be amazing.

  58. Hmmmm. . . I don’t have a great track record for going abroad.

    I got delayed when trying to fly home from Cyprus because of a volcano erupting, Iceland several years ago, remember that, there was loads of ash in the skies that could clog engines so planes were grounded or diverted. This ash was very nervous about getting home and we were late and diverted !

    I’m a bit wary of Italian scaffolders.

    Shall I ? Shan’t I ? It is a lot of money, it will be decided by the clogging of the web site . . .


    1. Ash, with a name like that, it’s clearly your destiny to make a pilgrimage to Pompeii.

      I’m sure you’ll strike it lucky with tickets.

  59. 300 Euro currently converts to ยฃ234.63. A lot of money yes but for a once in a lifetime opportunity, definitely not. I guess if you can afford it, get logged on tomorrow and keep everything crossed.

    Can you imagine if you were there in 71 and managed to get tickets for this?

  60. Wish that I didn’t even know about this. Gutted that I can’t make it (if I would be successful in scoring tickets of course). However, looking forward to, and totally stoked about the two shows coming up in Toronto in less than two weeks. Haven’t been able to sleep well lately for both reasons of the Toronto shows coming up and not being able to attempt to try for Pompeii seats.

    See you in Toronto! (X2).

  61. I plan to come with my nineteen year old son. We’re Heading down to LA tomorrow to meet up with bloggers from all over the world prior to the Hollywood Bowl shows. Perhaps we can do the same in Pompeii. I didn’t sleep much last night because I’m so excited.

    Thanks FEd for your part in all of this.

  62. Just stopping by to say GOOD LUCK! to everyone trying for tickets. I will not be able to make an attempt but this is very exciting nonetheless.

  63. FEd, just for curiosity (luckily I’m not a cat): do you know how many tickets will be available for each concert?

  64. Hello guys, I am writing from Italy. As many of us, I am about (trying) to buy the ticket for Pompeii, tomorrow 13.00.

    We, down here, are very “scared” by the secondary ticketing mafia and we have found the following on viagogo website: […]

    How comes that this website will put on sale tickets which should be nominal and accompanied by credit card and ID of the holder/buyer ONLY!!!

    Viagogo has announced that for every ticket bought there will be a person from VIAGOGO who will accompany the ticket holder inside the venue in Pompeii!!! Can you believe that??

    Pls Fed check…for all of us who are waiting for tomorrow to buy a ticket that costs like one-week holiday here and that will be probably bypassed and swindled by profiteers and illegal actions! Sorry for that but I had to inform all of you about what’s happening in view of a concert that represents a dream for many people!



    1. I can believe that, unfortunately, but it’s very disappointing.

      Good luck getting tickets, Elena. Let us know, won’t you?

    2. So, let me think, the secondary seller will be at the box office getting the ticket and then pass it to the final buyer? I should ask the security to ask ticket, wristband and ID card/passport even inside the area.

      Otherwise the secondary seller should buy two tickets and reverse all the related costs (tickets, travellings, margins) to the final buyer (that has also its costs for going to the venue)…for which final price? 2-3000โ‚ฌ? I’m not so sure this could be “sellable”…

      FEd, anyway, a further check inside the gig border of any identity document should quite definitely stop any speculative imagination.

  65. Best of luck to everyone trying for tickets on Tuesday! Hopefully things go well – or at least as well as possible when 20 million people (and automated programs) flood the internet to buy 2000 tickets.

    No system will be perfect at keeping out scalpers/touts and getting tickets for all legitimate consumers who want them. That’s the reality when event tickets are handled as a commodity. I do applaud Mr. Gilmour and his team for at least trying something.

  66. I’m freaking out here… I think I have never wanted anything for myself as much as I want this ticket.

    Fingers crossed for all of you there trying to get the ticket. May the force be with us!

  67. I hate to say this Fed. . . I’m looking for where to buy tickets, I’ve been to the first page, the one with RTL album cover on it, I’ve clicked the link to the live dates. . . I can’t find anywhere that looks like a link to buy tickets.

    Will something suddenly come alive at midday please ? and will it be the RTL picture page or the live dates page ?

    Sorry, I know it’s probably frantic this morning.

    ash ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Maybe go straight to and you’ll see David there.

      You can change the language from Italian to English by clicking the Italian flag in the top-right corner.

      The link to is this one (for Latest News, etc.), otherwise you get the Rattle That Lock microsite.

      Good luck, everyone.

  68. Do we know if we would be able to pay by paypal? Maestro?

    Good luck to everyone!


    1. Thanks, Franz. I work 5 km from the airport but thankfully we didn’t notice a thing here. Nevertheless everyone here is pretty shaken up by the events. My successful acquisition of 2 Pompeii tickets should be cause for joy and celebration but at the moment it’s hard to feel that way…

      1. I’m happy that you have tickets but happier to know that you are OK. They are such awful scenes.

      2. Echoing FEd’s comments – glad to hear you’re OK. Getting tickets for Pompeii is a bonus, especially today. It’s sure to be an amazing event, wish we could join you. Stay safe, be vigilant.

    2. Absolutely awful. Thinking of Ralph in particular.

      Such a tragedy puts things into perspective. (Do those Pompeii tickets really matter so much now?)

  69. That was really stressful, but I got one!

    Can’t believe that after attending 2 shows in RAH back in September, I’m going one again – to Pompeii. So excited.

    Thanks Fed for all the info and support! Keep it up!

      1. For sure we’ll arrange a meetup.

        A nice thing would be to see the concert all together: the tickets are all general admission, so there is just one sector and we’ll be all there. We have plenty of time to organize something. Maybe also a banner to show David that the irregulars are there too…

        Let’s keep in touch. ๐Ÿ™‚

          1. Count me in too, if possible and desired. ๐Ÿ™‚

            Is anybody coming the morning of the Friday show from Naples?

          2. For me no problem. Maybe we can create a little mail group with all the Irregulars that’ll be there on Friday: it would be so cool to be in 20-30 people seeing the show all together… This is the deep spirit of the blog, I think… This is the one and only occasions because there is only one kind of ticket, so if we’ll reach this it would be a memorable day for everyone and for the blog in general…
            Maybe we can talk about it in the next chats, we have so much time to organize it…

            Would be so cool to have you with us as well, FEd… Please think about it!!!

  70. Yeeeeeehaaaaa! Can’t believe I just did this! I bought 2 tickets for July 8th concert!

    I’ll turn 30 that exact day! What an awesome day it’s gonna be!

    It’s just so incredible to think that I’ll be there that night! Plus I’m going with my mother who has never seen any Pink Floyd or David Gilmour show, even if she lived a few km from some of 1974 and 1994 Pink Floyd Shows!

    2016 means : Pompei – Chantilly – Arc and Senans! Just crazy! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks to everyone who made this possible! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hi Ludo, was it through TicketOne? I got confirmation but I can’t quite believe it ?

      1. Yes, it was Ticketone! Although I didn’t have the nerves to turn the page into English, afraid of losing the two tickets in my basket. So I did everything in Italian (which I don’t speak but hey… French isn’t that different!), so the confirmation email is in Italian too… who cares!

        I got two! ๐Ÿ™‚

  71. Stressful as hell – but got one ticket for Thursday. Hooray!

    So one huge DG fan from Finland is on her way to Italy. Just need to find the money for the flights, hotels etc. ๐Ÿ˜€

  72. Tickets were gone, but a minute ago, both days were available, again, so check fast if you haven’t got one.

  73. OMG, I think I got two. I didn’t expect it. I got this confirmation email: “TicketOne is pleased to provide you the details of the order that you have successfully executed on 3/22/16 . Your order ID is …”

    Have I got them ? Is it true ?…. this is the ultimate pilgrimage…..

  74. Immense relief to grab a ticket for Thursday, just need to arrange flights, room and a motorcycle to ride the Amalfi drive again.

  75. Hello all!

    I’m happy to report that my smartphone worked just fine and I was able to secure the ticket I was dreaming about. That being said, see you all in Pompeii Friday the 8th!


    On a sadder note, my thoughts go out to everyone in Brussels now. May they all be safe!

  76. I’m going to Pompeii. Dream come true. Thank you so much David and FEd. Words can’t describe how happy I feel. Still in shock…

  77. Let’s hope he will play some songs that appears on the Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii this night, but I really doubt it after seeing the set list for this tour.

  78. on the confirmation mail it says

    David Gilmour
    Date / Time: Fri, 7/8/16 9:00 PM
    Place: Anfiteatro Scavi di Pompei / POMPEI

    on the confirmation page i printed out after the order was confirmed it says: Fri, 8/7/16 9:00 PM

    anybody else have the same issue?

    1. Hi

      Here in Italy we write first the day, then the month and then again the year.

      So 08/07/16 it means you got the second night.

      Hope it will help

  79. have my ticket!! now I have to take a plane from Chile, check for hotels and so on… it is a dream… so I can be poor after that for a while.

    anyway, any help from Italian fans, like info about cheap hotels or another will be very welcome.

    saludos a todos!

    1. Hey Daniel, have you sorted out your Hotel yet? What did you get? I’m in the process now, I speak Spanish.

  80. I’m going. I had already booked my hotel in hope that I would get tickets. Many thanks FEd.

  81. I cannot believe I have tickets for this show. I also cannot believe I will be traveling by plane for 12 hours from the US.

    I have been overseas but have never been to Italy. This is a first for me in so many ways and I really look forward to not just the show but the cultural experiences. Really just stepping into the unknown.

    Can’t wait to hear who from the Irregulars (Ash, Michele, Ulli, etc., etc.) will be going. My tickets are for the Friday night show but I will be in the area both nights.

    So much to plan, so little time. This will be so cool.


    1. I’m not going to Pompeii, but to Nรฎmes, Andrew… and I’m probably as excited as you are!

      Enjoy your trip to Italy!


      1. Ahh, Michรจle,

        C’est la vie.

        I know more French than I do Italian.

        It’s a shame that you won’t be in Pompeii and I will not be in Nimes. That’s just the way it is I guess. But I’m sure we’ll both have fabulous experiences that we can share in the chat room sometime.

        For now in the universal language, xoxo.


      2. Hi Michรจle.

        I will be in Nimes for both shows on Wednesday evening and Thursday evening. Would be cool to meet up.

        I am flying from London Luton airport directly into Nimes. Is this a very small airport? How to get to the town from Nimes airport?


        1. I’m sorry, I saw your question only today.

          It’s a small airport.

          There is a regular shuttle bus service between the Nรฎmes Airport and the city of Nรฎmes. The shuttle can be found to the right when exiting the airport terminal. The cost to go from the airport to the city centre is about 6.50 euros, buy your tickets on the bus. The shuttle is synchronized with arrivals and departures of regular scheduled flights.

          Les Arรจnes de Nรฎmes are not very far from the railway station.

          I hope this helps, click ‘Shuttle from 20 to 26/06/2016’ to have an idea, it will be updated regularly.

    2. Hi Andrew – I was searching today to see if anyone from the US was attending the Pompeii shows. I am going to the Thursday show and thinking about Friday as well since they just released new tickets.

      This will be my first time in Italy as well. I will be travelling from the East Coast. I am hoping to meet up with others going to the show since I will be travelling alone and I am a little nervous about it.

      1. Hi Michelle, I am hoping to meet with others as well for the Thursday gig! Going from the UK.

      2. Michelle,

        I just saw this post. Have you made your plans yet? I am landing in Rome on Monday, July 4.

        FEd can share my contact details. Let’s chat a bit.


  82. Dear Fed,

    thank you so much for the strict rules about the selling of tickets! ๐Ÿ™‚

    This time, a lot of real fans were able to buy the dreamed ticket… I’m very happy about that!

    Last time, I wrote about the mess of Verona’s tickets. I remember that you assured me that, in case of new gigs, the procedure would be changed.

    And the new procedure has been working very well!

    Thank you so much, FEd!!

  83. WOW !!!!

    Got tickets for Pompeii – still can’t believe it…

    I hope David stops announcing concerts, I’m really broke now after getting tickets for so many 2016 shows. It seems every other week there’s a new announcement. Started of with RAH in September, then Poland, Stuttgart, the rest of the European tour, the Teenage Cancert Trust in the RAH, and now Pompeii. What’s next? Pyramids in Gizeh? (The Dark Side of) the Moon?

    1. Haha. I am with you, Kees. I swore I was done buying tickets after Nimes. But I couldn’t help myself when he announced Pompeii…

      If he does play the moon, will we need a special visa? Or will my passport be enough?

  84. It’s really amazing. Seems like all the roar was not necessary because you’ve done excellent work. I think you make many many fans really happy!

    Wish all an amazing gig!

  85. Whoa, this was surprising. I guess the steep price tag has had an effect on ticket sales.

    Sales have been open for almost 3 hours and tickets are still available for both concerts. Doesn’t happen a lot with David!

    Andโ€ฆticket rules also help of course. I appreciate that real fans have been given the opportunity to go after it. Should happen more often!

    1. It is not just the ticket price…it is the hotel, the flight etc. etc…I would sell my soul to go…but cannot.

  86. Nice to read that quite a few of them who hoped to attend the gig in Pompeii will do so!

    I’m happy for you and especially that the new procedure worked!

    Taki, who’s patiently waiting for September 30th and a great video recording from Pompeii….

  87. Got tickets for the 8th as well, but my thoughts today are on Belgium. What a sad day.

  88. If anyone missed out on tickets, they are still available! I just checked for Friday and could have bought tickets just 5 minutes ago.

  89. Imagine if Roger and Nick turned up? If they were going to at any point during the tour this would be the place.

  90. Tickets still appear available 3+ hours after they went on sale. I bought mine but now I’m suspicious, weren’t there only supposed to be a few thousand per show?

    Anyone else share my concerns?

    1. Hi John

      the place is quite small, I guess the price for a standing ticket looks too much expensive. I’m here in Italy and lot of friends of mine (Pink Floyd fans) don’t want to pay such a terrible amount of money for a ticket without numbered seating. We will have to go and wait outside the venue and be sure it will be terrible waiting, the sun in south of Italy in July is almost a killer!

      I got my tickets.. but the most I think at the price, the most I feel like crazy!

      1. John and Riccardo –

        The price is a bit steep, but I paid almost 5x this to see David’s 2015 show front row in Verona due to resellers, so this price seems very reasonable to me!

        Any ideas on how the DVD filming work between the 2 shows?

        1. Well, IMHO the price is still high, and the price you paid for Verona is theft! I had no idea the prices reached that high… really, people should realize they are encouraging and participating in scalping when they buy at such prices.

          This price on the other hand is official. I’m aware it’s probably just enough to cover costs, but still it’s a rock and roll concert. When I read it I got the same feeling I got when Roger released a 500$ Wall Live boxset.

          Anyway, congratulations to anyone who will travel to Pompeii, I’ll be dreaming of you guys. ๐Ÿ™‚

        2. They will film both days and then choose the best performance I guess, the same thing happened at Royal Albert Hall for Remember That Night DVD.

          I found myself on that DVD, hope it will happen again! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    2. I do. I sincerely hope they don’t sell more tickets just due to demand. Probably it’s just a result of the pricing in combination with the restrictions.

  91. Well Fed, I’ve managed to get two tickets at 3.45pm this afternoon for the Friday night. Can’t believe it as it looked all sold out at 1.00pm. How many people does the venue hold for the concert?

    1. I don’t have any figures yet, sorry. I’m sure you won’t be packed in like sardines, though.

  92. I really hope everyone who wanted tickets was able to get them. Have you seen the resale on viagogo? Lowest priced ticket for Thursday is $3,200 (USD) and $3,700 (USD) for Friday. Ridiculous. I especially love the ticket and hotel package that some sellers are offering when you can get a hotel within walking distance to the ampitheatre for $50 (USD).

    1. That’s crazy as tickets are still available at face value via the official site!

    2. Hi Kkdowning

      Where can I find sellers for hotels near the theater?


  93. I can’t wait to see you all there! I’ll be at the 8/7/16 show! Time to learn more than just dirty words in Italian! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Thank you so so much FEd.

    1. One of the reasons I regret for not going to this venue is exactly that Italian audience is just so marvellous. Being in Florence last year I had a feeling as I was “home”, surrounded by people all completely in love with Gilmour music. And this is beyond description, even the owner of the hotel to which we went by chance was a Floyd fan, great time being there indeed.

      1. And as I keep forgetting- hello to you all. New here, very happy to find you guys and getting to write now and then, very sad it was not earlier, and grateful to FEd- more people like you and him would mean a better world. Well at least a more Gilmorian world which is more or less the same. ๐Ÿ˜€

  94. Congratulations to those who were lucky enough to get tickets. Passing on them is one of the most painful things I’ve had to do but unfortunately my regular gigging partner will be working in Sri Lanka at that time and the prices are just too steep for me to go alone.

    Those gigs will be special though, no question.

  95. After what I thought would be an issue preventing me from attending I’m pleased to say I am in fact now going! Yeah! Thank goodness the tickets didn’t evaporate this lunchtime and at time of typing this (4.30pm 22/3) there are (unbelievably) still tickets available. Testament to the strict ticketing policy of this show and maybe the understandable high ticket price. Either way, I’m glad to be going.

    Although, a rather bittersweet feeling as I continue to see news bulletins throughout the day from Belgium. My heart goes out to all affected by these terrible events.

  96. FEd – I got tickets for Fri. Do the ticket restrictions prevent me from buying two tickets for both the Thurs and Fri show? Can I just buy them under my wife’s name? Traveling from the US to see David (again!), would love to take in both shows in Pompeii since it is quite a journey, and it seems tickets are still available 5 hours after they went on sale.

    1. I wouldn’t like to advise you, Matt. Although we all might assume that there would be nothing to stop your wife from buying two tickets herself, sometimes people living at the same address stick out like a sore thumb on sales lists when we’re looking for anyone who might be trying to cheat the system and buy more tickets than they need in order to sell them at a profit.

      It does say that “You will be limited to two tickets per person for one show only (not both),” so that’s per person not per household.

      You can certainly try, and I’d be interested to know if anyone else has tried, but please be prepared to possibly lose two of them (you would be refunded, obviously) in the next week or so. I’m not sure that I’d take that risk, personally.

      1. O dear, my friend bought tickets as well; same address… please, please, please don’t take them away…

        1. I’m really afraid to ask (let sleeping dogs lie) but it’s been hanging as a sword of Damocles above my head ever since as well…: we haven’t heard from the organisation (yet).

          Do you have any idea if we’ll be okay, FEd, or could we still hear from them, or be turned away at the door even, do you know?

          1. I think you’d have heard by now if there was any problem, Lizzy, so try not to worry.

  97. Hi FEd,

    Just to let you know I’m absolutely ecstatic and thrilled to have secured two tickets only for Friday the 8th! It’s amazing what a little patience, recital of prayers and divine intervention can bring!

    Shine on…..FEd your making great memories for many, many people! Irregulars take note…’s time for a big party in the sun. ๐Ÿ™‚

    John ๐Ÿ™‚

  98. In case you paid the tix with PayPal, there’s no “credit card” you can show at the box office. Any idea, whether this might be a problem?

    Got tickets for Friday. ๐Ÿ™‚ CU there!

    1. I would print out your receipt from PayPal, which will show your address, and take something else that also shows your address (any recent bill, maybe two different ones) so they can see that they match. If you used a bank/debit card for the PayPal transaction, I’d also take that along.

  99. Accommodation, where’s best to stay, can anyone advise? Maybe a little away from the venue? Seems to be more choice.

  100. Got my ticket for the first concert on 7/7. Flights and hotel booked.

    Today I built a dream.

    Thank you FEd for all that!

    I do look forward to watching David play his first notes whilst the sunset lays down on Pompeii around us..

  101. I will need to miss this concert due work commitments, so no ticket for me. In 2006 I missed the night with David Bowie at the RAH for the same reason, I gave my ticket to a friend. I hate my job sometimes! So this makes two filmed shows missed.

    My small consolation is that I was there at the Royal Festival Hall in ’02, that was the start or re start of his solo career, and one of his finest performance ever. Somehow it would be great to see a concert in Pompeii (on the DVD for me…live for you) a bit more intimate as focused as the 02 gig, a little artistic twist from the rattle that tour but, whatever happens, I know it will be special!

  102. Trying to restrain myself here. I’m going to Italy, Pompeii. The journey continues. It’s 1980 all over again.

    A huge thanks to Fed, you are the Dude. And big thanks to David.

    But a bit of sadness – I’m going in my lonesome. I’m 52, travelled the world and I’m crapping it like when I was 16 going to London all them years ago. So come on, I’m there for Friday so would appreciate a meet up with my fellow bloggers. Hope to see you all for some serious beer Thursday night. I’m kinda staying in Naples. Let me know.

    Bless you all. Bless Fed. I wont say David cause that may be seen as odd, LOL.


    1. My daughter and I are going Damian, we can organise something I’m sure.

      I haven’t done any research on Pompeii other than the obvious but I’ll have a look for bars, cafes, restaurants and all that sort of thing. ๐Ÿ™‚


    2. hi Damian

      going on my own as well, no wife, she’s in Australia.

      maybe meet up for a beer if you fancy a couple .. bit nervous myself travelling on me own .. but really looking forward to the gig .. you can message me on Facebook or get in touch through email.


  103. The booking agency will not allow me to purchase tickets from Australia, why?

  104. I’m so happy for all of you who scored tickets to Pompeii. I wish I was among you but, as some others have expressed, I’ve drained the money jar with tickets to other shows: both Hollywood Bowl shows and Radio City Music Hall. I’m heading down to LA (from northern California) tomorrow, completely blissed out that I’m about to see HIMSELF after a lifetime of waiting. The stars have finally aligned.

    Profound gratitude to FEd, who helped make this dream possible for me.

    Best to all in this groovy community,

    1. You’ve not seen him before Jill ? Oh gosh you are in for a real treat. ๐Ÿ˜€

      ALL other concerts will pale to insignificance for you after this one ! Have a wonderful time !

      ash ๐Ÿ˜€

  105. It seems the shows are not sold out, yet. Because I can easily put one in the shopping cart at So people, anyone who wants to go, should buy their tickets – and avoid viagogo, because their prices are crazy!

    Let me say a few words about the pricing of the tickets: I am still a bit shocked when I look at the price tag and I am sure it will be a reason for a lot of dedicated fans of David Gilmour not to attend, because they can not afford it (keep in mind, it’s not only the ticket itself). On the other hand it might just have been unavoidable because of the very limited amount of people that fit into the Pompeii venue that, together, need to cover all the costs.

    I would love to see the rest of them come along for a couple of songs and I would not mind to hear Echoes played in its most suitable location. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  106. Fed, thank you very much!

    We booked our David gigs in Pompeji. Now our short holiday trip to Pompei is complete, flight tickets and hotel booked and we are so happy!

    Thanks again!

  107. Absolutely pleased that many fans got tickets! Enjoy it. Happy too for the nice feedback on restrictions, well done everyone who pushed for it.

    I’d really like to write something about the latest news.

    Now someone will post #jesuisbruxelles. Another month and it will be another city. Then another one.
    Are we in war? and what fu***** kind of war? to strike people living peacefully? (I wrote people, not state). Italy sells weapons, USA too, many others too. Belgium is the heart of EU (that doesn’t exist, in fact) and this is all very confusing. Terrorists have European passports too. We have to do something. Maybe we have to understand that our condition (you can read ‘our cage’) is not based on freedom but on crazy political agreements. Look here in Italy. We sell weapons, then people run from there, came here and often they die (even if we know it only when we see the bodies that make us cry), then we keep them again here in poverty and finally, when the Boss tell us, we strike them when the ‘necessary war’ starts.

    A nice circle indeed. Much money for sure. Upon this, we build our everyday life.

    You know, we are in trouble. We need more communication in a moment we are surrounded by communication.
    I really hope for my children I can do something to change it because this is really a sick world.


  108. Hi! I am from Turkey. Yesterday I tried to buy two tickets to Pompei concert but in the ticketone it wants ‘codice fiscale’ and we don’t have that code.

    So how can I buy tickets to the concert? I don’t want to miss that!

    1. Tax code?!

      Did you go, scroll down to where it says “Tickets for Pompeii Roman Amphitheatre July 7, 8” then “CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS”?

      Please try that and let me know if you have any problems purchasing through

      1. “Codice fiscale” is the personal code that the Italian state uses to identify people. So it doesn’t make sense that you are asked for it if you’re not Italian.

        I guess wrong site, as FEd thought?

    2. Hi Mansur Segmen,

      in Italy “codice fiscale” is equivalent to the “tax code” or National Insurance Number (NIN) in English.

      I hope I have helped you!


  109. Finally used another computer, booked tickets and am coming from Australia, yay!

    1. Now you’re what I call a fan. All the way from Australia, my hats off too you.


  110. Can anyone explain please why the cost of the tickets is so staggeringly high?

    I would have thought someone of his standing could have played there for free if he had so desired?

    It smacks of fan exploitation, unless someone can tell me otherwise?

    1. Well, have you considered that artists have to pay to hire venues ? I suspect those who look after the Pompeii amphitheatre would charge a lot because of the importance of the site and its maintenance.

      This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, no one has played there since 1971 and there were only local children as spectators that time.

      I don’t think David has never been one who exploits the fans.


      1. Actually there was one other performer at that venue. I understand that Elton John had a show there a few years back.


      2. I think my ‘exploitation’ remark was a bit strong, but still….Glastonbury is ยฃ228 for the whole ball of wax, I think Pompeii is working out at ยฃ272 for two hours?

        I appreciate that the costs of staging a concert in such an venue must be higher than Brixton Academy, but ‘those with the broadest shoulders’……ยฃ150 a go I could just swallow that. This side of The Beatles reforming with all four original members it is hard to imagine a more expensive price!

        I am lucky, I have a choice, I could have gone to Pompeii. But this cost is too much for me at least, good luck to those that think otherwise.

        We chose last year to go to Pula, a wonderful venue, a welcoming town and a great gig, this year Nimes for us, which should be memorable again.

        1. Glastonbury v Pompeii

          I consider quality versus quantity (of mainly stuff you wouldn’t want to admit you paid to see and didn’t know was going to be playing when you bought the ticket. They still haven’t put on a band I thought I might change my mind for. Although, I do have sympathy for Michael Eavis as a British farmer struggling along with the rest of them and the festival might be the only thing keeping him in business.)

          You know David is worth travelling to see, Pula, Nimes. Both of those venues will have cost you quite a bit to travel to, hotels etc. I’ve added up my bill for all that and concert tickets, to Pompeii. Come on now, considering all that expense, the concert ticket price for Pompeii is actually only a fraction of the total bill. Yes, it’s a bit more but not that much.


          1. I really don’t get people’s thought that we are being exploited by David. The amount of money over the years Floyd and David have given away, and a house worth many many millions to Shelter. Come on, please, it’s a money maker? Never has been and I think it’s quite small-minded to think so.


    2. Hello, MJ. If David Gilmour was in the business of exploiting his fans, I believe he would have charged much more for the shows at RAH as well as some of the other high demand venues. That leads me to believe that some, if not all, of his reasoning for increased ticket prices are the extra costs of playing a venue like this. It does not have any modern infrastructure for lights, sound, etc. Some of the proceeds may also go to preservation of the venue.

    3. My thoughts aren’t based in fact and yes, you’re probably right, ‘someone of his standing could have played there for free’. But why on earth would he? Take into consideration that there are band members, a crew, and assorted staff that need to be paid along with administrative costs. Most certainly an historic site such as this costs money to maintain and surely the city has a crew just for that alone. To say nothing of the costs associated with the logistics of putting on a concert there – I cannot even begin to imagine what the clean-up and insurance costs alone must be!

      Expensive? Very! ‘Fan exploitation’? A myopic viewpoint in my opinion.

  111. Does the fact that tickets were available long after the start time demonstrate just how pervasive and predatory the ticket brokers are?

    I know ticket prices were set “high” but for such a limited, magical space, it doesn’t seem so bad. People spend (near) as much for a Broadway show here in NYC and I can tell you, I have never come close as feeling as good as I have walking out of a Broadway show as I have from a Gilmour show. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I don’t fully get the argument that, “well, you also have to consider the expense of getting there, hotel etc”. No I don’t. If David (or anyone else for that matter) is not playing in my hometown I would have to make travel arrangements anyhow.

    I really hope this sets an example of stricter ticket controls actually getting tickets directly to fans.

    Congratulations to all of those lucky enough to be going. It’s going to be legendary!!

    1. I really hope this sets an example of stricter ticket controls actually getting tickets directly to fans.

      Tommy, I fully agree with your consideration.

      Here is the only key for any future event so that real fans will be preserved and hopefully rewarded.

      Thank you so much FEd for this first step in this true direction too.

      I’m sure David himself feels it must be this way.

  112. Hello guys, hello Fed!

    Finally, like many of us, I have successfully bought my craved ticket for Pompeii!!

    I want to thank this blog, for the service given about all the useful info on David’s tour. One special ‘THANK YOU’ to FEd, who is always there for all of us! I’ll be surely following the blog to fully enjoy what seems to be one of the most unique shows of the history of contemporary music!

    Shine on from Italy!

  113. So I will go to Pompeii! Wow! Something I wanted to do anyway. However, I never thought that the reason for the trip would be a concert by David Gilmour! The whole story is still a bit unreal to me! I will be in the footsteps of Pink Floyd!

    Thank you FEd for supporting us!

  114. Hi FEd! I am from Brazil and got two tickets yesterday from, which just checked now and amazingly they still have tickets available for both dates in Pompeii. This triggered two questions in my mind:

    – Is this correct? For a so called small audience, shouldn’t these tickets have evaporated (even considering the elevated cost)?

    – How big will be the audience? I found rumors of two thousand people will be able to attend the gig each day. Other info pointed to a five thousand… What is the real number? Everybody will be standing?

    And I got a chain of other questions heavy in my head now (most of them fed by the unbelievable feeling that soon I will be at the Anfiteatro Scavi di Pompeii)… my girl will we be allowed to celebrate this event with her own favorite ration of wine during the show? What are the facilities will be made available for the viewers during the concert? As we are talking about a historical / archaeological spot, there may be a lot of restrictions on what can be done or not… so, when can we receive a “rules and regulations” info sheet about this gig? ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I’m afraid I can’t answer all your questions, but yes, everybody will be standing.

      1. I am curious about how stuff will “work” at Pompeii as well. But I am sure, FEd will tell everyone in time.

        I am also suprised that there are still tickets left to buy, which is good of course! I wonder if there were certain measures in place to sort out ticket scalpers?? Maybe FEd can say a few words about that because so far it seems only (or mostly) fans have got hold of the tickets (only a few are on sale on viagogo).


          1. But will there be beer? I’m not an alcoholic, honest, hic. And perhaps some pies to soak the small amount of beer I’ll be downing… I mean, drinking.

            Will you be meeting us at the airport Fed, like one of them holiday reps? Sorry, just cracks me up what people expect from you.


            1. ๐Ÿ˜› Sure, why not? Holding a large piece of card with your name on in one hand, a beer in the other.

  115. Of all the places that David has played and will be playing, that would be one of the most spiritual places. And David chooses to perform in some of the most special places on Earth.

    I still have a VCR version of Pink Floyds performance there. Very moving performance. Do not have a VCR any more so it has been awhile sense I have watched it. Fortunately, I splurge on the his newest labor of love as they come out on DVD/CDs.

    I am grateful he is also a good businessman, therefore, keeping his works of art from becoming commercial music. That would be sad. Especially since his music is above and beyond commercialism.

    Hoping to hear some older songs at The Forum.

    Dark Side of the Moon has many meaningful songs. As does all his work. I have always enjoyed Speak To Me/Breathe, Learning to Fly, On the Turning Away, Take a Breath, The Blue, Dancing Right in Front of Me, to name just a few. So being able to attend and hear live the magic he does on his guitar making the haunting, floating music will be a night I will never forget. I am looking forward to it more than words could ever convey.

    The Forum may not be the most fascinating place on Earth, but for me it will be on that night.

    I am so excited I am able to attend. Traveling a ways to do so and definitely out of my comfort zone. But a lifetime event.

    Take care, Suzy.

  116. Dear FEd~

    Reading the above in regards to having two bills with addresses and or credit card receipts is making me worried. I have left where I live already in my quest to The Forum. (I am at my son and daughter-in-law’s home, my daughter-in-law will be joining me).

    I have my drivers license and credit card that I used to purchase tickets with me. But having print out tickets that have only my name on them is making me concerned. Will my drivers license and print out tickets be okay? I sure hope so. It would be devastating for me otherwise not to say how sad.

    I realize you are busy with all the questions. But I will anxiously await a reply.

    Thank you, Suzy

    1. No need to panic, Suzy. That was only if you bought (Pompeii) tickets using PayPal instead of a credit card. You will be absolutely fine with what you have – the credit card you used to pay and a form of identification.

      I hope you and your daughter-in-law have a wonderful time at the Forum.

  117. For all the people who are asking for hotel suggestion:

    I booked at “Pompei boutique inn” and paid 56 โ‚ฌ for one night, with free parking. And is just in front of the entrance of the archaeological site. I’ve never been there but I’ve read the reviews and they were all good, so if there are still rooms available maybe we can make an “Irregular hotel”.

    On the other side, if we want to arrange a meetup or (luckily) see the concert all together, let’s wait for the end of the American tour and then maybe we can do a mailing group to arrange all this stuff. I’d be happy to help and very glad to finally give a face to every Irregular’s name… ๐Ÿ™‚

  118. What and Why ??????!!!!!! You will be in the middle of one of the most historical and important, beautiful places in the world….I’m sure at your house you don’t urinate on the floor or against the wall, neither throw trash everywhere, or broken/steal stone or things……. so … the only rule and regulation you need are the one of civilized man ……

    Think to enjoy the show, the place and the surrounding….. instead … bring with you some water!! In July the temperature can go very high.

  119. Congrats to all who scored tickets. More than a once in a lifetime experience. Hopefully this might mean some of those older classic PF tunes might get the dust blown off for a well deserved rendering.

    Cheers, Howard

  120. For those who are asking about Pompei and the amphitheatre, I can say that I visited the ruins last November and the place has an absolutely magic atmosphere itself. The state of the Amphitheatre is decent but, I mean, the concert will be set in the flat oval space surrounded by circular concentric (seating) tiers. The natural seats apparently can’t be used because of the poor and bumpy state in which they are. I doubt they can be fixed in any way before the gig. I am sure that the organizers will find an acceptable solution to welcome the public, considering that we will be standing.

    Regarding accommodation, there are small hotels and b&b in town a few metres far from the venue which at the moment have still vacancy and acceptable prices but I suggest to book asap because the rooms are running fast after the announcement of the concert.

    To reach Pompei is very easy, by two railways lines coming from Naples getting directly a few hundred metres from the ruins. The town is tiny so I can imagine the atmosphere during those days with people coming from every corner of the world with one common passion will be unmissable!

    1. Thank you for the information Elena. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Do you know anything about taxis in and around Pompeii ? I’m thinking if we have a late night in Pompeii and miss the last train, can we get a taxi alright ? Our hotel is approximately 7 km away.

      Thank you. ๐Ÿ™‚


      1. Hi ash!

        I am pretty convinced people from Pompeii will be of great help. They are usually very friendly so as you get there I suggest to ask the hotel as well. If you can’t find a taxi, but I doubt, there will always be a relative of the family who will offer a lift for a few euros (I guess). ๐Ÿ™‚

  121. I have reserved a 3 adults bungalow at Fortuna Village hotel, which is quite close to both the Pompeii site and the railway station, for the night of the concert on the 8th.

    Somebody promised me some help with free accommodation for the night, but if that does not work I’ll have to finalise the reservation. That leaves me with 2 spare beds for the night of 8th – if anyone needs help, we can organise something. ๐Ÿ™‚

  122. Here’s the way I see it. Aside from the historical aspect of David playing Pompeii, this might be one of the most intimate performances he does on this tour. The next closest might be Radio City Music Hall. Otherwise David is playing in some pretty sizeable venues to some really large crowds.

    I also really hope that due to the historical significance of the site, that David does something special and not just perform his standard set list for the tour.

    It would be fantastic if he did something like the one set of new material and other songs and another set playing the original set list from the Pompeii video. That would certainly be mind blowing.

    So while the ticket price may be steep, you will get your money’s worth even if he doesn’t do the Pompeii set. It’s an opportunity to see him perform in a smaller setting.

    And based on my experience with ticket prices in the US, this show is cheap for what you are getting. Especially when many bands are selling first 10 row seats at $250 to $300 each and even more if you buy a VIP package.

    And not having actual seats to sit in? So be it, it gives you a chance to walk around and experience from different areas. A DG show provides an incredible experience if you are in front of the stage or the back of the hall. And sometimes the visual and sound experience is better further back.

    I’m really looking forward to it and I would be totally shocked if David doesn’t pull out a few surprises. I’m sure we will learn more as time passes. And by then, just hope you’ll still be able to get a ticket.


  123. Delighted to see that so many ‘famous names’ from the blog are going to Pompeii! Can’t go myself, but I have been to the ruins before, stood in the middle, and heard ‘Echoes’ in my head…

    Hope the reality is just as good for everyone as the imagination can be!

  124. Hi all,

    Really excited about going to Pompei to see David on the 8th. After attending the concert in Brighton last year l really thought that would be the smallest venue I would see David perform in but it seems not. We’ve been blessed with a couple of truly stunning concerts in Pompei for hopefully 2000 lucky people each night. The ticket price although expensive and the method in which they have been sold has I hope helped the dreaded ticket touts fail in over pricing tickets for the real fans. It’s been a constant pain trying to get tickets to see David at the Albert Hall but thankfully I’ve been successful on a number of occasions thanks to this blog and FEd and can’t wait for this September to see the final concerts on the tour.

    Two of us are travelling from London to the concert in Pompei on the morning of the 8th July and leaving early in the morning on the 9th to fly back. Can anyone recommend any very close hotels or accommodation to the concert venue that we can get our heads down in for a few hours before our journey home or any accommodation where like minded Floyd and David Gilmour groups will be staying as it would be good to meet up before?


    1. Have a look at TripAdvisor for hotels Steven. TripAdvisor gives you reviews from people who’ve stayed there. I saw lots of places at about 50 euros a night.

      It looks like there’ll be a few bloggers going so keep an eye on the blog for any arrangements we make for a meet up. ๐Ÿ™‚ Right now it’s a bit like one of those drunken affairs at a brewery. ๐Ÿ˜€ Rest assured though, there’ll be at least 2000 fans in Pompeii that night with a hive mind !


      1. Thanks for the information Ash. Can’t wait for the 8th. Booking our accommodation now.

    2. Hey.

      I have exactly the same plan: I’ll arrive in Pompeii the morning of the Friday show (from Naples airport) and I plan to leave early the next morning back to the airport in Naples.

      The last Circumvesuviana train towards Naples leaves at 22:00 as far as their website says. That’s the latest you can leave Pompeii by public transport – it’s cabs after that or you find a place to crash and leave first thing in the morning. Cabs are quite expensive, so I plan to go back to Naples by train.

      I reserved a 3 beds room that seems close to both the venue and the train station. I’ll be alone, so if anyone else has problems finding a place to crash, maybe we can organise something.

  125. I’m still surprised the tickets are still available for both concerts.

    That is an interesting evidence to exchange our opinions about.

    At the same time there are tickets to be sold at 1500โ‚ฌ on the usual reseller sites. How is it possible? How can it be so illogical?

    One thing for sure: ticket speculation has been deeply reduced and we all, David’s true fans, can only thank FEd for it.

    As for David playing Pompeii 45 years later and which set list he’s going to choose, well I feel the best and the magic is yet to be revealed…

    1. I am seriously considering selling all my music equipment to go…I also need to pay homage to the Gladiatorial Arena….

  126. FEd … don’t forget….. you must remember to David and his staff that …. they need a portable power generator for the concerts in Pompeii …… I’m sure they don’t want to be in the same situation of ’71!!!

    ….NOTE …. I’m kidding!!!!!

  127. Sooo excited to have tickets. It’s been mine and my partner’s dream for so long to see the great man and to see him in Pompeii is a dream come true. Got the Friday night tix, now just to sort flights and hotels.

  128. Hi FEd, maybe this is a stupid question, but after a week tickets for Pompeii are still there and they are calling me ๐Ÿ˜€ for the second night 8th of July, is it still valid the restriction to a maximum of two tickets per person or now is it possible to buy (I bought 2 for the first night) for the second night too?

    You know, I live 40 minutes driving to Pompeii so it will be very easy for me to attend both dates.

  129. Why are there still tickets to this event? Are there more than 2,000 seats? Is it at the larger arena where Live in Pompeii was filmed? Or is it at the Teatro Grande?

    Well, no matter. Wherever it is, I’m going.

  130. Always missed out on tickets for David Gilmour until now – but now going to Pompeii on the Thursday evening. Excited! Just need to sort out a hotel and flights now.

    Are there hotels in Pompeii itself?

  131. Hi Guys,

    Is there anyone who plans to get to the concert from Rome (on the day of the show)?

    I was thinking of taking a train ride or renting a car and driving from Rome to Pompeii on the day of the show (I have a ticket for the first one), and returning back to Rome right after the show.

    Any of you Italians (or anyone who has the info) can advise if the plan is reasonable? Anyone knows if there are any chances that there will be trains from Pompeii to Naples and then to Rome AFTER the concert?

    Anyone wants to join? ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. No public transport leaves Pompeii after 10 PM – that leaves you with taxis or your rented car if you have plans to leave the city straight after the show.

      I was also thinking of leaving after the show (but I’m attending the second one). Due to these small public transport issues however, I have decided to stay another day in Pompeii just to be able to safely reach Naples on Sunday. Win-win situation, as that should give me more time to visit the area. ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. Hi Assaf, I live few kilometers south from Pompeii, I think the best way is to go there by car, you will have no problem to find trains from Rome to Naples and back but there are no trains (circumvesuviana and trenitalia) to go back to Naples, David starts to play, I suppose at 21.00 he is very precise but the show finish not before 23.30 and 20 minutes to go to the train station (Pompei Scavi) and at that time no trains, I don’t know if there will be some extra trains for the shows. I don’t have information about buses, sorry.

      Generally by car you need two and an half hours from Rome to Pompeii but you have to calculate the time to reach the highway after the show, I think it will be busy.

      You can consider to spend a night in Pompeii and go there by train.

      1. Thanks for the info, guys.

        Ore, do you think that there are trains from Naples to Rome at night time? I’m thinking if taking a taxi from Pompeii to Naples after the show can help?

        One more, how much will a taxi from Pompeii to Rome should cost, right after the show? Anyone is in for the ride?

        I really prefer not to stay at Pompeii, as my wife will be waiting for me in Rome (sadly enough she is not a Floyd fan…)


        1. Hi Assaf,

          I just checked for you but no trains from Naples to Rome in the night (the last one is at 21,30 and the next one is 4,21 am).

          About the taxi: I think they take at least 250/300 Eur (Pompeii – Rome).

          Best solution for you is to convince your wife to stay one night in Pompeii or Naples – both so beautiful and Naples is full of life. I am sure she will enjoy that area.

          Good luck! ๐Ÿ˜‰

          1. Thanks, Ore.

            I think I will just rent a car in Rome on the day of the event, drive to Pompeii and drive back to Rome right after the concert.

            If any one wants to join, feel free to reply. I’m going to the first show.

  132. I’m arriving in Naples 7th. I’ve hired a car and driver as I’m staying in Pompeii, flying back on the 9th – early, if anyone needs a lift there or back to Naples airport.


    1. Hi Damian

      My friend and I are flying home at 10:20 on morning of 9th. Would be very grateful if we could get a lift with you to Naples airport.

      Best wishes


      1. My flight leaves Naples to Liverpool 10.40 so shouldn’t be a problem Nick. I’ll contact you nearer the time.

        Kind regards

          1. Hi Fed, that would be fine with me. I didn’t want to bother you as you’re already being bombarded with requests.

            I’ve changed hotels to Pompeii and my flight leaves about 10.40am to where else? but Liverpool. Looks like a lot of folks’ flights fly around that time so I would be willing to arrange a return people-carrier instead of a car.

            Kind regards

            1. It’s no trouble at all. Happy to help.

              Nick, please check your e-mail for Damian’s address.

        1. Hi Damian,

          if you have room there are two of us flying out of Naples at 10.40am on the 9th back to London. We are staying in the centre of Pompei near to the venue so if you are looking for any more people to fill your people carrier to help costs then let me know.

          Regards Steve

          1. Hi Steve

            I’ll hang on a bit, wait see how many need a ride back to Naples and sort a suitable ride.


    2. Damian,

      I’m flying out on the 9th as well but my flight is a bit later. Would be delighted to get to Naples earlier to see a bit of this city. All depending if your vehicle still has room.

      FEd can send you my contact info.


    3. Hey Damian!

      Will you be leaving to Napoli right after the concert or early in the morning on the 9th? Do you have any available seats that I could join? I’ll be happy to share the costs of gas with you!

      Lucas ๐Ÿ™‚

  133. Now booked a hotel room for the night of Thursday 7th, after the show. Is there anyone local who can advise what times the trains start on a Friday morning? If I booked a flight for 10am, would it be possible to make it?

    1. Hello Rob,

      I’m also researching trains and times, I think the trains start leaving Pompeii for Naples as early as 5am. See Trenitalia – enter the date and time you wish to travel. Right now it won’t let you travel in July (it’s too far ahead) but have a look at a Friday in June. There’s a train that takes less than an hour to reach Naples. Guessing you’re flying from Naples.

      Hope this helps. ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Hi Ash, brilliant – thanks for that link. Yes, it was Naples I’m going to fly from. With the trains starting that early, a next morning flight back from Naples is definitely do-able. Thanks!

  134. I mentioned earlier I’ve booked a car to take me there and back but it looks like quite a few here will be staying over in Pompeii and travelling back to Naples on the 9th for flights home. I could arrange something bigger to hire if there was enough of us. Let me know.


    1. Damian, I could use two seats if they are available. Flying into Naples at 9.30am on Thurs 7th July.

      Iโ€™ve a Saturday morning flight outta Naples on EJ from Naples up to Verona.. you can guess where Iโ€™m off to after Pompeii. ๐Ÿ˜€

    2. Hi Damian, I am staying in Naples, I have a ticket for the July 7th show.

      I would like to join in on the ride if possible to Pompeiii for the show.

  135. Anybody know if he’s performing where they made the film Live in Pompeii?

  136. I hope this link works. . . My daughter says I have to get on the blog and show you this and ask what anyone knows about this water !

    (I’m not saying anything because I don’t want to jinx anything.) ๐Ÿ˜€


    1. For what you’re all paying to be there, I’m sure that will be mopped up in no time. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  137. I am going to the second Pompeii show on the 8th of July. Seems to be a bit of confusion as to which amphitheater David will be performing at. I’ve read some places that it is the smaller amphitheater at Pompeii and others that it is where PF played in 71. David seems to confirm that it is the same one from 71 in this article. Can anyone else confirm? Thanks.

      1. Thanks FEd! I will be driving from Naples Airport to Pompeii late morning on the 8th and returning to my hotel there after the show Friday night, if anyone needs a ride.

        1. I’m also reaching Naples the morning of the show on the 8th. If you have an extra seat from Naples to Pompeii, it would be great…

          1. Maybe I’ll have one.

            I’ll come from Rome with my friend, we still have to decide what to do and how organize the trip.

            As soon as we’ll arrange all I’ll be happy to offer a ride to anyone is in need.

          2. Yes Stefan. I arrive in Naples from the States late morning of the 7th. Planning on staying by the Naples airport. Will be picking up a rental car at the airport on the 8th and heading to Pompeii at some point. I have a flight to Venice on the morning of the 9th, so I will be driving back to the Naples airport area immediately after the show.

        2. I’m landing in Naples at 8.20 the morning of the 8th. I’m not sure how early are you planning to head to Pompeii, but we can talk it through. If FEd is kind enough to help us change emails, we can further plan things through. Thanks!

  138. It looks like the Friday show is now sold out. I’m curious how many of us we’ll be there..

    1. Seeing as a Welsh show seems unlikely and I’ve done the RAH to death, I’ll be there on the 7th.

  139. I have just received a communication from the hotel I made my reservation via Here is what it says:

    “Dear Customer, we would like to inform you that we have changed the prices for the accommodation date 08 July to 10 July. The price for the single room is 180 euro breakfast include. We got a problem about the affluence for the live concert of Pink Floyd thatโ€™s why we must change all prices. If you want to make a reservation itโ€™s obligatory to pay in advance.”

    The price for the two nights mentioned is now double from what I agreed when I made the reservation.

    I find this extremely amusing… What do you think about this?

    1. Hello Stefan,

      In panic I checked my booking through Expedia, their advice is that there is low availability of rooms, however, they do seem to have more than the other booking agencies.

      To my surprise, Expedia has rooms at reduced rates, go quick. ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. I think we are planning a meet up but are holding off from starting to organise it until after the North American Tour.

      I’ve been researching a little, there aren’t many pubs and bars, there do seem to be loads of cafes with street tables, lots of restaurants some with garden tables.

      Please keep reading the blog Peter so you can join in the planning, arguing, plotting and all that. ๐Ÿ˜€

      I just had a look at Radio City Music Hall, Looks a nice venue. Stupid to wish you a good night, of course it’ll be a good night !


  140. So I need some major help here. I need to get to Pompeii for this…..I can’t even believe I went to TicketOne and it seems like still tickets left for 7th, but I can’t read Italian. Could this be? How do I get them, like, now…. Please help me, I need to go.

    1. If going through, rather than via, you can change the language from Italian to English. Click the flag at the top-right of the page.

  141. The site says that “on the day of the show, the purchaser must present this printed receipt, together with photographic ID and the card used to purchase the ticket.” BUT I used PayPal to pay for my ticket through

    Could somebody please clarify?? I don’t want to travel all the way to Italy to find out that I can’t get hold of my tickets!!!

    1. You could print out your PayPal receipt/e-mail confirmation and take the bank or credit card that you used to pay through PayPal.

  142. At this very moment (late April), I still can’t possibly believe that:

    1 – The man is playing at Pompeii’s amphitheatre.
    2 – I am attending.

    That said, with the permanent shock these news still bring to me, there is one single question in my mind:

    – Will he (pleeeease, for God’s sake) play Echoes in Pompeii???

    It’s never been performed since Wright’s death, the last time being on the closure of On an Island Tour at Gdansk ‘2006 (which I was fortunate enough to witness, few metres from the stage. I should actually add this as a 3rd still unbelievable fact up there).

    His setlists are rather left unchanged for the whole tour.

    Echoes in far from a “small adjustment” at the set, as happened with the occasional inclusion of Wot’s…Uh The Deal trough the 2006 shows.

    But Pompeii and Echoes… It’s just too intrinsically related.

    Any chance for an extra special adjustement to the setlist for the Pompeii shows? And, if so, who would share the vocals with him?

    I’d really appreciate to hear your opinions on that.


    1. As I mentioned I’m coming from Australia and I beg David to play Echoes, it would just blow everyone’s minds. I wonder if a set list will be posted in the near future?

      1. Not until the actual show is over or is about to finish. We mustn’t spoil the surprise.

        1. Indeed. I have no desire to know the set-list in advance of the show. One can only hope, however, that there are at least some changes to the set as the tour heads back for another pass at Europe.

          Also hoping that there will be some news forthcoming about the finer details of the Pompeii shows, such as the location of the entrance/exit from the site as, with no public transport scheduled and limited accommodation in Pompei, people will need to arrange taxis etc to get out of the town.

  143. @FEd

    FEd, do you think Nick Mason would say yes, if David put an invitation to Nick play one or two songs?

    In my humble opinion, this is an invitation impossible to decline. If you have the chance to plant this idea in the right people’s minds… please don’t lose the opportunity! Can you imagine Nick and David playing “One of these days I’m going to cut you into little pieces”? This for sure would be the epic moment of the gig. Please share your thoughts on this idea. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Shine on.

    1. I like to think he would, and I’m sure it would be a special moment for everybody, but I’m in the Stevie D fan club, so…

    2. I would put it the other way around – I would never imagine that if an invitation would come Nick never in a thousand years would say no. He is not crazy, and he has this light attitude and brilliant sense of humour. A “No, it’s just imposible”. I even don’t think I am too naive, and they all three know – it’s kind of a “now or never” situation.

  144. There is a lovely article taken from the Guardian on the David Gilmour FB site, all taken back stage from RAH last year, great photos.

    There is a photo of David’s old Esquire guitar. If anyone has a look can they confirm if I see a fishing fly stuck to it?


  145. Hi FEd,

    I have a question I hope you can answer. I have bought a single ticket to the Friday night Pompeii show. I will arrive in Italy a few days before the concert to do some sight-seeing. But now I am really thinking I might like to purchase a ticket to the Thursday show, since there are still some tickets left and I will have already traveled halfway around the world and be there already. And not the least of course because I love seeing David in concert and this will be such a historical event in my mind. The rules say two tickets to one show only. Can you tell me if I can buy one ticket for two shows? It would seem that I am staying to the spirit of the rule by not hogging up all the tickets, but I thought I better check first before purchasing.

    Thanks for all you do. His Hollywood shows were fantastic, and I can’t wait to see him perform in Pompeii (hopefully twice)!


      1. @FEd: Can we be absolutely sure with this? I thought it says “You will be limited to two tickets per person for one show only (not both)” – can this really be interpreted as one ticket each for the same person across both shows?

          1. Oh damn, I got 2 for the first date and when the second date just opened up I bought another for the second date for a total of 3. Am I in trouble?

    1. 1 ticket for each night is OK. I was in the same situation, purchased 1 night initially. I figure if am flying all the way there, I will just go to both shows.

      I was also at the Hollywood Bowl show and also at the Forum. Still puts a grin on my face thinking about them.

      Pompeii will be epic. Can’t wait!

  146. Hi everyone. I bought two tickets for Friday night as my 18yo son was going to come along. Seems he’s got a better offer so I’m stuck with a spare. I noticed Thursday night is not sold out so I’ve sent a couple of emails to TicketOne asking if I could exchange but got no reply. I know they’re the single night and no exchange possible rules but it’s such a lot of money and I’ll be there on Thursday.

    Does anyone have any suggestions about who else I could try to contact (the promoters maybe?) Or is anyone in a similar but opposite situation who’d like to swap?

  147. I’m travelling specially from Chile just to see this concert the July 8…. but now, reading here, I’m getting very nervous about accommodation in Pompeii. Maybe a lot of us are in the same situation.

    1. I place a reservation for a room near Pompei via AIRBNB. 40 Euros a night !

  148. Hi FEd,

    I am just wondering, why are the tickets for the July 7th concert still available? I understand 8th was sold out fast as it was a Friday probably. I mean, there are only 5000 tickets for both shows put together, how come our beloved Floyd fans have left the date of 7th still open even after it has been close to 2 months since it went on sale? (since Mar 22nd!!)


  149. Lucky to have purchased a ticket on April 15 to the first July 7th show. I will be arriving in Naples from Toronto, Canada July 4th, I will be staying in a hotel very close to the Central Train Station.

    Would like to hook up with other fans during the week and travel to the show with and back.

    1. Hello Bill. I’m from Montreal, Canada. I will be there for July 7th 2016 ! I reserved a room via AIRBNB. 10 minutes from Pompei.

      My email is jeanhuguesmousseau at Perhaps we get in touch over there!!!

  150. There are a number of shows that appear not to have numbered seating including Pompeii. What determines where you stand/sit? If it’s GA is it a race for positioning? I’m looking for front row but how can I be assured of front row or can’t I?

  151. FYI as of today, Friday tickets are now available again on ticketone. Not sure what is happening. More tickets added on top of the 2500 sold, or some people canceled their purchases.

  152. Ok I am still trying to get these tickets to Pompeii and nothing I am doing will work. I have tried through and I am using a Visa and it just keeps popping up with credit card declined. I called credit card and they are not declining. I tried to call the call center at 892.101 to purchase over the phone. I used the 011 code to dial out of USA, then 39 for Italy then 892.101 for call center. Says not in service. I added 02 after the 39 for an area code (Milan I believe, as that was the area code for the only other number I say) and it won’t go through. I sent an email through their help center. But I am really frustrated. Checked flights, got a hotel reserved, husband got approved for days off and now I Just Can’t Seem to Get My Hands on the Tickets.

    Any help, tips, or tricks would be really appreciated. Thank you!

  153. Thanks for your patience with me FEd! With extreme persistence over the past few weeks and exhausting all other forms of payment that wouldn’t go through …I finally scored 2 tix to Friday night at Pompeii! (On my actual bank/debit card though, only one that would prompt the bank verification window).

    But, the GOOD NEWS IS…if you are still looking for tix for FRIDAY night they just released more tix. Single tickets were available last night and today you could choose 2. Sooo excited and although I only found this blog recently I am so grateful for all the info, support, enthusiasm, and education you provide on the musical genius that is David Gilmour. Rock on.

  154. Coming from Jordan with my mother to see “David Live at Pompeii” and can’t wait!

    Question: will this be seated or standing?

    1. I’m taking a picnic blanket. It’s going to be really hot for standing for maybe three hours. I’m hoping everyone will do the same then we can all sit on the ground. (Until we hear something like Run Like Hell anyway, that seems to spur a charge for the stage everywhere else. ๐Ÿ˜€ )

      I know that I and probably most women attending, will end up either crushed against the stage or right at the very back because all the guys are just too tall for me to see round/over in a standing audience.

      Please everyone, consider bringing a picnic blanket to sit on. For everyone’s benefit.

      I’m really excited too now. ๐Ÿ˜€


  155. How many tickets are available for selling in total? People will be competing for the close area…

    My mother has a back injury and cannot stand for long time ๐Ÿ™ but we will have to manage… After all we’re coming all the way from Jordan for out first David Gilmour concert ever! And cannot wait!!!!

  156. Any hints on travel: I am staying in a hotel in Napoli and thinking of taking the train to go to the show and return at night with a taxi (because it looks like no trains at night after midnight). Does this sound reasonable? How can I secure a taxi from theater to Napoli after midnight?

    Anyone else staying in Napoli? Maybe we can share the cost of a van?

    1. I will stay near Napoli. I will take the Bus up to Pompรฉi (10 minutes). And I suppose I will take a taxi cab for returning my Airbnb room. Bus stop at 10 pm.

      1. I would be glad to share a taxi on the way back to Napoli, if you have room for one more person.


    2. I will be there the first night, 7/7 with my girlfriend and another good friend. We plan on taking a taxi back to Naples, if you want to share a ride back, we can meet up at the show.

      1. Hi Joseph, I’ll be there on 7/7, my hotel is in Piazza Garibalidi – Naples, I’m by myself, alone. Let’s share the taxi back to Naples? My email for contact: gabriel AT


  157. So the rumours were true: no Jon OR Phil for this summer leg of the tour. I’m glad I got to see that team live once and I’m sorry to see them go… interesting choices for filling up the blanks, though. Can’t wait to hear the new team live. ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. There were a lot of rumours online and the info was finally confirmed by David’s Facebook page, before a post here was actually published. By now, I guess you are up to speed…El Magnifco confirmed this has to do with the pursuit of his own projects, while Jon is, most likely, involved heavily in what appears to be a bunch of live shows by Roger Waters.

        It was a good team and the Firenze show I was lucky to witness was simply fabulous – the new team should, however, be just as good.

  158. Is everyone totally convinced that it will be standing only? Is this a fact or just a rumor? Thanks.

    1. I sent this question to the folks at TicketOne and they confirmed the shows are general admission, standing room only.

  159. Hello! Any word on what time the doors will open for this event? Thanks!

  160. Does anyone know where exactly we are to go to pick up our tickets and wrist bands? Is it the entrance near the main Pompeii train station? Certainly very little information about the shows.

    Thanks much in advance.

  161. Hi All! I’m going for the Pompeii Thursday’s gig, anyone else going on that evening?? Would be great to meet up and enjoy this gig!.

    So excited about this dream coming true!

  162. I will be at the show of Gilmour on July 7th 2016 in Pompei !! Can’t believe this !!!! I’m from Canada and I go alone in Italy !!! Hope to see you there Gilmour’s Fans !!!!

    1. Hey Jean, drop me a line on bianchouk at, we can meet with more Gilmour fans and enjoy this gig!

  163. May need lots of beer as I’m a fair bit twitchy when it comes to crowds and closed spaces so I may well be at the very rear.


  164. How can we ensure a ride back to Naples? Will there be taxis waiting or should we book in advance while in Naples?

  165. Hi all!

    Anyone coming back from the second concert (on the 8th) to Napoli straight away? I’m looking for a ride and would love to help with the costs of gas!

    Anyone has one seat left in the car for me?

    Thank you all, this concert will be incredible!

    Lucas ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Yes Lucas, I am renting a car for the day from Naples airport on the 8th and headed back to Naples airport area immediately after the show. I have a flight in the morning on Saturday.

  166. Not long now. Coming for London, I’m still quite nervous about only having a flimsy purchase confirmation email, and not having physical tickets in advance. Anyone else?


    1. I think it’s all to do with not being able to sell the tickets on… Which is good.. Everything will be fine.

      Looking forward to Friday, coming on me own from leafy Shropshire.. No1 bucket list gig.

      1. Quite a few concerts now have this ticketing system. It will be fine for sure.

        Flying in from Manchester on Thursday for Friday’s gig. Beyond excited.

  167. My crew are staying in Pompeii, near to the event. Anyone meeting up somewhere before hand on the Friday? I don’t know the area so couldn’t suggest a bar. I think there’s a hotel very nearby with a rooftop bar.

  168. Does anyone want to go on an independent trip by train to check out Sorrento and Capri tomorrow from Naples? I am staying very close to the main train station in Central Naples. You can reach me at billchow1 at

    Does anyone want to share a ride to the concert on Thursday?

      1. Hi Khaled, they have a special train coming back after the show. I still need transportation to the show but coming home was the difficult but that has been solved.

  169. Hi Guys

    Can’t still believe that in 3 days I will be watching David play in Pompeii!! I have a ticket for Friday night. Will be arriving from Malta to Rome on Friday afternoon, then train to Naples and train to Pompeii. Fingers crossed there are no delays!

    Hope to grab a couple of beers before the show. Anybody wants to meet up…. kevingauci777 AT gmail DOT com

  170. Hi Guys. I’m flying out tomorrow for these gigs. I was doing some research and read a Rolling Stone interview from March that said that David wasn’t actually playing the amphitheatre that Live in Pompeii was shot in but rather one of the other theatres in the ruins. I was a bit disappointed to read that but wondered if it was accurate? There are indeed three theatres amongst the ruins.

    Can we get a confirmation of the actual venue from anyone? Cheers.

    1. The last I heard – from David’s manager – was that it will be the same place.

      1. OK. Cool. It’ll help with the ticket collection knowing that at least! I had visions of Gilmourites wandering the ruins like lost souls “Infamy, infamy; they’ve all got it in for me…” Up Pompeii!!

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