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It’s already the third night of the tour in the USA and this time David and the band will be performing at the “Fabulous Forum” – in Inglewood, Los Angeles.

Another round building, this one – listed on the National Register of Historic Places, no less – with its 80 iconic and I expect illuminated columns, is a modern interpretation of the majestic Roman Colosseum.

First opened in 1968, known previously as the L.A. Forum and the Great Western Forum, it has been home at some time or another for many of the city’s beloved sports teams, including the Lakers, Sparks and Kings, all of whom now play their basketball and ice hockey downtown at the Staples Center, leaving the Forum to be used primarily as a hub for concerts and other community events.

Indeed, the Forum has recently reinvented itself as the country’s only arena-sized venue dedicated to music and entertainment, with a $100 million refurbishment, yet has managed to retain its 1960s charm. Able to seat up to 17,500 people on four levels and versatile enough to switch to multiple seating configurations, since its reopening in January 2014 this classic venue, with state-of-the-art technology and amenities, has hosted the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards and concerts galore.

But then, it always did know how to throw a good party. Cream, Deep Purple, The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles, U2, Elvis, Prince… I could go on, there are many more, but you get the idea: they’ve all been here (and some even have the live album to prove it).

Let us know if you’ll be at the “Fabulous Forum” tonight. Do be sure, once settled comfortably in your cushioned seat that apparently allows a virtually unobstructed view of the stage from any angle due to the seating being made up of one continuous bowl, to glance up at the many LEDs on the ceiling; these give the illusion that you are sitting beneath the stars.

It really sounds magical. You will be pampered, I’m sure.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

36 thoughts on “Los Angeles: Forum”

  1. The thing with the LED’s sounds interesting. I’ll be searching for pictures of that!

    Everybody attending, have fun tonight!

    I’m sure you will. 😀

  2. And here I am seating in my kitchen, drooling over your description FEd and waiting for 187 days to pass!

    Wondering what surprise will replace the fireworks since the nightly sky is only simulated. 😉

  3. Just watched a clip of Comfortably Numb from Hollywood Bowl and the lasers looked amazing. Wished I was there!

    Have a fantastic time everyone who is attending tonight – v jealous. 🙂

  4. I’m waiting in a parking lot to collect my son from his volunteer job at an elder care center (he has a 1/2 day on account of Easter). Q104.3 is playing Time and I’m trying to visualize a totally unobstructed view of the stage at the Forum under a ‘starlit’ night.

    Have an amazing night tonight everyone!

  5. Hendrix at LA Forum part of a CD box set I have – 4/26/69. Haven’t put it on in years though remember it being really good. May give a listen while waiting for David to get to New York and another arena with many musical memories…….Madison Square Garden. Will be the first time for a Gilmour concert at the Garden without the group he used to be in (not Jokers Wild, the other one).

  6. Thanks Mr. Gilmour, I have enjoyed your music for a half of a century now. You will leave a legacy.

  7. After going to the Bowl on Thursday night and seeing one of the best shows, I felt so deflated the following day.

    So what did I do? I bought 2 tickets on vivid seats for $40 which are $85 face value – bargain!!!

    We are over here on a road trip touring holiday so we will be heading to the Forum.

    From San Diego with my long suffering wife.

  8. I cannot wait till the magical night at the “Fabulous Forum”. I can not believe that my #1 bucket list item is about to happen. I am beside my self with anticipation and joy.

    Arrived in LA early evening yesterday. My daughter-in-law is insuring that I am taking in some tourist sights. I am thoroughly enjoying myself.

    This will be an event of a lifetime for me.

    Thank you David for doing this fabulous tour. And for being you.

    Thank you FEd for the informative updates.

    Take care, Suzy

  9. I watched few videos on YouTube about last 2 Maestro’s show and everything looks FANTASTICO, lights, lasers are different from the last European tour, fireworks, new song, I am sorry can’t be there to attend one of his North American tour date.

    I am sure David will bring in Europe too all this news and maybe more. 🙂

    Who is attending tonight will have a great night. Enjoy!!

    Happy Easter FEd to you and your family.

  10. Haha! I wonder if I’ll notice any of that? I can’t wait for tonight’s show. It’ll be absolute magic.

  11. A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in him, and an evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in him.

    …that’s all, Happy Easter.

  12. Fed – please help. I can no longer make it to the Toronto show on Thursday and would like to be able to sell my ticket to a true fan in need. Is it possible to facilitate that through the blog?

    1. If somebody left a comment in reply, saying they would like to buy them – and that means buy them at face value or less, obviously – I’d think about it.

      I have to add that you’re not the only blogger in this position, unfortunately, and he hasn’t been able to sell his.

  13. Tonight’s show was wonderful. I am so happy I was able to attend.

    David was magnificent and the band great.

    The venue was comfortable and the light show was fabulous.

    The crowd were all very considerate and well mannered people. The people sitting around me were happily getting a buzz on and very polite.

    Would not trade tonight’s experience for any other concert by another band. David is the ultimate.

    Thank you FEd for the answering my concerns about ID and getting in. It really did help me breathe easier.

    Thank you David for the wonderful night.

    Take care, Suzy

  14. Sounds like David is playing some really nice venues. Bet the ceiling fitted in well with the rest of the lighting. Hope everyone had a good time (hard not to isn’t it?)

  15. Yeah, I noticed nothing about the building. But I did notice Gilmour playing more on his guitar than he did at the Bowl shows. He strayed away from album perfection a little bit and delivered power-filled smoking jams that just melted your face. His timing on his vocals was looser too to which created an atmosphere of impromptu performance virtuosity. I got just a glimmer of what he can really do when he’s unconstrained and what he can unleash from his magical instrument. It was so superlative that no words exist to describe it. He seemed to be having fun like Friday at the Bowl. He was in another great mood.

    I’m so lucky. I’m so glad I stayed.

  16. I don’t think the Forum had their LED ceiling star lights turned on? I don’t know, it was all steel in concentric circles up there.

  17. Another great show at the Forum. What a great place that is, so well organised, we were out of the forum car park in 5 minutes. Bit different to Britain were you can be waiting ages.

    Gilmour again was note perfect and his voice seems to get better.

    The only downside was that because we had a side view we couldn’t see Mr Screen because the speakers were in the way.

    Gilmour appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live later today so may be worth taking a look at on YouTube.

    My Gilmour adventure started in Brighton in September, took me to the Bowl and then on to the Forum. Life doesn’t get much better.

    1. Really appreciate the feedback, Simon. Thanks for that.

      “Well organised” is a fine compliment indeed in these manic times of ours, when so many people are involved (and so many of us are impatient and unreasonable, even pretty stupid at times) and so much goes wrong so often.

      Hats off to The Forum staff for running a tight ship. It makes all the difference, I think.

  18. Just like to ask why can’t people get to their seats for the 8 o’clock start?

    Moments before 5am the arena’s looked half full then people seem to pile in just when it’s about to start.

    Then trying to find their seats in the dark causing disruption to those already seated.

  19. Hello, I have not posted here before but have been an off and on visitor since the prior tour (though my visits during the years between were infrequent). I have a couple tickets to next Monday’s show in Chicago – section 301 – that I won’t be using. Is there anyone here that would be interested in them at face value ($242.24 total cost including the fees)?

    FEd – if there is a better way to distribute this question or you know of anyone looking that would be much appreciated.

    Also, I apologize for any broken etiquette rules by posting this.

  20. I saw a great video on “In Any Tongue” from The Forum, unfortunately has been removed (wow, they are quick!), very funny little detail: 4.20 into the song and David and the band played a little crossover homage to “On the Turning Away”, you know, the “dadada dada dada dada” before the song speeds up during the solo? Very funny!

  21. I am going to the Toronto show on March 31st. Please David, if indeed The Endless River is truly the final release for Pink Floyd, let’s include Louder Than Words in the set list starting Thursday! It is only proper.

    – A life long Gilmour and Pink Floyd fan

  22. Just been looking through some photos and video on Nick’s FB. All looks utterly fantastic. The lights, lasers etc. But honestly, this man just needs a mike and guitar and his voice. I’m over the moon and Mars and back just knowing I’ll be seeing and hearing him again. Life’s short, sometimes difficult. But these times and David touring wipes the shit things in life aside.

    See you in Pompeii.


  23. Where do I begin? I won’t be able to express myself with words right now because I’m still reeling from the two Hollywood Bowl shows I just witnessed.

    First of all I will simply say, thank you so much, David. You’ve enriched my life and made it more bearable with your music. I don’t even know if you understand what you mean to those of us who consider ourselves Irregulars. Yes we are fans, but I can assure you that we are much more than that. We are humans with health issues, mental frailties, car problems, social anxieties and often feel our souls to be beat down by this cruel world. We feel hopeful, invigorated and validated when we hear you play. Your music is like medicine. Maybe I should only speak for myself, but I know in my heart that I’m not alone here.

    Although there are millions of Pink Floyd and David Gilmour fans out there, going to the shows proves one thing to me, there’s a few who really like nothing more than to tune out the crowds and forget the world and get completely embraced by your sounds.

    It would be nice to have a delete button to rid myself of the loud asses who can’t be quiet or find their seats until you’re right in the midst of my favorite song…Uggg… To be completely alone in a bubble with all of the irregulars floating above the crowds…

    I’m tired and I want to go home. I miss my cat, my yoga mat and my pillow. I’ve been in California long enough. I’ll leave tonight and make my way home. Considering how weary I am, I know it mush be hard on you and Polly being on the road. I appreciate your sacrifices. I will always praise you and thank you for what you do.

    Regrets to Polly for not making the book signing, although I did manage a signed copy thanks to my mother in music, Gabrielle, thank you.

    Melissa (*_*)

  24. I’ve never actually posted here before, though I’ve been lurking since 2006 when 16 year old me saw David play at the Gibson Amphitheatre in LA, after discovering Pink Floyd and Mr. Gilmour only a year before. It was a defining moment in my life and one I’ve cherished over the years. Now in my mid-twenties, I have what amounts to a little more, but not insignificant amount of life behind me, I was able to see him again.

    I was fortunate enough to go to all three LA shows this time around and I’m glad I did. David has been my favorite musician for as long as I’ve loved music and his sense of melody and phrasing has a unique route into my soul. Seeing him play after 10 years of waiting and hoping for his return to performance was an overwhelming emotional and musical experience. Both of the shows at the Bowl were delightful in ways that cannot be served by words. Even as an avid concertgoer, I’ve never seen a show that compares to Gilmour’s productions–the quality of the sound, the stage, the lights, and of course the musicianship are wholly unmatched. The lyricism and poetry of David’s guitar is ethereal and mystical–so much so I found myself in tears often through the three nights.

    The Forum was clearly an extra special night for the guitar playing. All the solos went on just a bit longer than the previous night and there was certainly a greater sense of jamming in the improvisations (whether the atmosphere or the lack of Hollywood Bowl strict curfew). It was a treasure of a night and all three nights had their own perks and quirks.

    I hope everyone who has yet to see him on this tour gets the chance to–you are in for quite the treat. I hope to see David play again to remind us all of the tremendous beauty people are capable of creating.

    Thank you Fed for taking such good care of the blog all these years!

  25. I am so happy that I have the memory of David in concert at The Forum to cherish for the rest of my life.

    Initially I was concerned that the closest venue was in LA, 1,000 miles one way.

    I lived in San Clemente 1975/76. My LA experience was limited back then. It consisted of the bus which made it a dangerous endeavor. So thinking of a quest to see David in concert was definitely pushing me out if my comfort zone. But I would regret it if I did not pursue this opportunity.
    With the help of my sons and daughter-in-laws it became a reality.

    My daughter-in-law that drove their Prius (60 mpg) from where they live down to LA, around and about (thank goodness for the navigational system) and back North; made it a great tourist experience.

    We went to Venice Beach and put our feet in the Pacific (a must do being around water~a bit nippy for swimming). We enjoyed the sidewalk along the beach and Santa Monica. Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive were also fun walks. They were safe areas to walk about and sight see in. It is fun to window shop and walking is also free.

    The weather was great. Had a great time being a tourist. It was beautiful in the LA area and people were kind.

    This all happened because of David playing there.

    Thank you David for the experience of a lifetime~hearing and feeling your magic at the concert and getting me out of my comfort zone to have a positive experience in the big city of LA. I have always loved to travel and see/experience new places. You are the greatest.

    And FEd, you really helped calm my worries about getting in at the ticket entrance and your posts are informative. Thank you.

    Take care, Suzy

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