Los Angeles: Hollywood Bowl

It’s time. I hope you’re ready for two incredible nights back-to-back at the legendary Hollywood Bowl.

I know that some of our longest-serving blog (Ir)regulars are ready; there’s quite a gathering, by all accounts, and I’m sure they’re having a right old knees-up. Have fun, everyone.

What a place to start the North American tour. Set against the backdrop of the famous Hollywood hills, talk about an iconic venue! Instantly recognisable with its white circular shell, the concentric, segmental arches, first introduced in 1929, were the inspiration for Pink Floyd’s Division Bell stage.

The largest natural amphitheatre in the USA, it just won the title of Best Major Outdoor Venue for the twelfth year running. That said, there can be no finer tribute than a 47,000-piece replica at Legoland California.

Best known as a symphonic venue, the Hollywood Bowl has been the summer home of the Los Angeles Philharmonic ever since its official opening in 1922, back in the days when the audience sat on makeshift wooden benches with a simple awning over the temporary stage.

Too many stars have since shone here to list them all, so many giants from rock, pop, ballet, opera and other fields. If you are going to either of these concerts, a visit to the museum is a must. Admission is free.

Once a popular picnic spot in Bolton Canyon known as Daisy Dell – hosting community events such as graduation ceremonies and both political and religious gatherings (the tradition of Easter Sunrise services, where Christians enjoy songs of praise in celebration of Christ’s resurrection, continues to this day) – you are still allowed to take a picnic along to performances. How good is that?

Give us a shout if you will soon be sitting on that hillside, enjoying the scenery, the open air and, we hope, an unforgettable show. How very fortunate you are to be there. We look forward to hearing all about it.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

127 thoughts on “Los Angeles: Hollywood Bowl”

  1. Have fun everybody attending!

    It looks like, because the stage is very similar to the Division Bell Tour Stage, that it will be used the same way. Have a look here and you’ll know what I mean!

    It will surely be a great night. Let’s see if the setlist changes!

    I’m looking forward to read the reviews.

  2. I cannot wait to hear something about the gig. Maybe there will be a changed setlist!?

    I only know the Hollywood Bowl from pictures but I absolutely believe that there is no other modern amphitheatre that is comparable to it. (Well, except the Waldbühne in Berlin. 🙂 )

    Thanks FEd for your as always personal and informative post.

  3. Just got our tickets for the Sunday show in Inglewood, so very super stoked!! Would love to catch the Hollywood Bowl shows though, what could be cooler than that??

  4. Hi Fed, hope all going to the Hollywood Bowl tonight have a ball, looks an amazing venue.

  5. It’s a beautiful morning here in LA; perfect conditions for a show at the Bowl. I’m so, so excited! I’ve been waiting for this moment since July!! Wish I knew where the irregulars were hanging – I’d love to put faces to the names and give them all a big hug!

    I – and others I’m sure – will share details later. It’s going to be a magical night!!


  6. If anyone is in LA for the concert today and has the afternoon free, a group of us will be heading over to Venice Beach with some instruments for a busking-style hang-out sing along. Floyd and Gilmour tunes heavily on tap. Not sure exact location yet, but we should be there around noon-1pm local time in my guess.

    We’re also trying to pick a place for drinks before the show. Also deciding this last minute but I’ll try to share here. 🙂

    1. Confirmed: We’re all meeting by the Sidewalk Cafe in Venice Beach at 12:00 noon today. All are welcome. If you have an instrument you want to play, you’re welcome to join “The Irregular Band” for an afternoon Beach Barn Jam.

      Sidewalk Cafe: 1401 Ocean Front Walk

      We’ll be there until 3pm-ish. Pre-show drinks location still to be determined.

  7. Wow, I cant wait. I got tickets for both nights.

    Just a quick note: The Huntington library is about 30 mins drive from the Bowl, in Pasadena, and they have an exhibit of John Milton’s Paradise Lost. 1st edition manuscript from 1667.

  8. Have fun everybody!

    Big hugs especially to Ken, Melissa, Kim, Gaby, Renee, Erin, Marcus, Angelo, George, Bob, Thomas and all the Irregulars at the Hollywood Bowl tonight. (We know everything in the chatroom. 😉 )

    Looking forward to reading Ken’s A-Z review…it’s compulsory, Ken! 😛

      1. Did someone mention A to Z??

        Absolutely Amazing
        BOWLed over, Breathtaking
        Comfortably Numb in California
        David Devastating
        Explosive Ending
        Floydian Favourites
        Gilmour’s Gems
        Hollywood Heaven
        Irregular Interaction
        Jetlag Jettisoned??
        Kindred Kindness
        Luscious Lasers
        Mesmerizing Music
        Nocturnal Numbers
        Open-air Opus
        Powerful Performance
        Quality Quantity
        Regular Repertoire
        Starry Starry night
        Today Tomorrow Two shows
        Ultimately Uber
        Vivid Vista
        Wonderfully Weary
        Xtremely tired
        Yorkshire Tea anyone?

        1. PERFECT, PERFECT, PERFECT!!!! Thank you Ken. I especially like (x)tremely tired. 😉

    1. The same from me ! Have a great time Irregulars and David and band !

      The Hollywood Bowl looks like a fabulous venue. I had no idea what it looked like until today and I had a look, also at the Waldbühne mentioned by Hannouresk above.

      ash 😀

    2. Thanks! Love to all you folks! The Irregulars are representing you all well here, having fun. 🙂

  9. Hello, everyone. I am at my desk typing right now. In a few hours, I will be jumping on a plane for LA – hoping for an on-time arrival. Haha. I will look for your pre-game suggestions when I land. Going solo tonight. Meeting two friends tomorrow.

    Safe travels to all of those en route. Enjoy the shows!!!!!

  10. Can’t wait for April 11th at Madison Square Garden. I’m thinking about taking a train two days prior to see the Polly Samson event at the Ace Hotel. It says there will be a “special guest”… I wonder what Random Man that could be… Any idea FEd? 😉

  11. Sitting in the Denver airport waiting for the flight to LA. After yesterday’s blizzard I was wondering if we’d make it. We are not there yet but it looks good. Wish us luck!

    Excited to see our first shows at the Hollywood Bowl. Red Rocks is our hometown amphitheater so we are biased about what is the truly best outdoor venue on the planet. Remember, the Gods made Red Rocks!

  12. Enjoy everyone in LA!

    Have seen some photos, this is really cool.

    Rattle that Bowl, guys!

  13. I heard Crosby tweeted he will be making an appearance this evening. It would be cool if he did.

  14. CHEERS!!!

    A bunch of us Irregulars got together last night for dinner and drinks and more are getting together today before the show!

    I’m glad you knew we were getting together, Michèle. I’m not active much, but I’m lurking and still love you all madly!

    Marcus and I met on the blog here, after the last tour. This will be our first time seeing David together and with ALL of the Irregulars too….it’s just a dream! A true full circle moment!

    I’m hoping with the short break, David may have thought of something to add. I remember during the OAI tour when he busted out Arnold Layne in Oakland, just magical!!! Special guests? Who knows?!

    We’re getting lots of pictures and it’s great to be spending time with the Irregular family for this magical time!

    Peace and Love to you all and thanks for all you do FEd!


    1. Hi Erin. What is the rendezvous point this evening? I land at LAX at 4:20 pm. Not sure how well I will do on timing. 😮

    2. Hey Erin! If you get this in time let me know where the irregulars are meeting up tonight! Or tomorrow- as I’m going to both shows!

      Best, Jill

      1. 5pm at the picnic benches on the way up the hill. Did you see them?

        Would love to meet you, Jill!!

        1. With luck, maybe we’ll have a little sing along too with the guitars I brought. 🙂

  15. Can’t believe I’ve finally made it to a live Gilmour concert. And so fortunate to be here with the Irregular famjam!

    1. Nice to finally meet you Kim and all the wonderful other bunch of irregulars who all met up for 3 or 4 days. What special people you all are. Shame we couldn’t get the dude with the grand piano on Venice beach to relent a little!!

  16. I’m here, I’m ready, I’m randomly weeping with joy, I’ve found my fellow fans (MY PEOPLE!) and I’m giving away my 2nd row center seat to a FANatic that my husband should be sitting in, except he didn’t heed the blizzard warning to come out a day early and is now snowed under in Denver.

    Oh. And I met David last night! He teased me a little, gave me an autograph and shook my hand. I didn’t faint or cry or pee so that’s considered winning. I also met the incomparable Polly who astounded me with her intellect and beauty. She signed my book. David gave me a beautiful smile and I’ve subsequently died about 5000 times since. I didn’t stop trembling for an hour or so after.

    What a wonderful day today will be too! And tomorrow when my husband finally gets here!!!

    Thank you FEd!

    1. Hello, Maya. Not sure how to reach you from here on short notice. Does everyone share emails and phone numbers during chat? Feel free to hit me up if FEd is able to pass along my info.

      1. I can do that for you.

        Anybody else thinking of asking the same: I’m happy to oblige, but please note that it’s now just after midnight in the UK, so I’m off to bed for a few hours. (Sorry, I’ve not quite adjusted to the time difference yet, but I’ll get there.)

        Enjoy the concert, everyone.

        1. Oh FEd! I’m so sorry I didn’t check back sooner. I found a random sad sack at the bowl who didn’t have tickets. He keeps proclaiming he owes me his life. I was in a panic, and didn’t know how to contact anyone! I would have always defaulted to our blog, but in my rush to not leave a row 2 seat open out of respect, I malfunctioned completely. I’m sorry everyone!

          1. No worries, Maya. I enjoyed the show just fine from 60 rows back. Haha. In all seriousness, I will be in prime seats for multiple shows on this tour. Very cool that you made an unexpecting fan so happy.

    2. That was a very casual, ” Oh, and I met David last night ! ” !!!!!

      I’m screaming and dancing on one leg then the other and flapping my hands at the thought of it. 😀


  17. Yesterday David Crosby tweeted that he would be making an appearance at tonight’s show only.

    Have fun everyone, this will be a great show!

  18. I hope everyone has a great night for the 2 Hollywood Bowl gigs – and I hope the weather stays kind for you too!

  19. Fantastic that the North American tour is actually underway! Wishing everyone attending a great couple of shows!

    1. FEd, do you know if the fireworks will stay now for every outdoor concert or if they are just planned for the Hollywood Bowl shows?

  20. I’ve not been to the Holywood Bowl, looks like an amazing venue. But I have been to Legoland California 15 years ago.

    Looking forward to the rest of the tour and any different songs.

  21. Both Coming Back to Life and On An Island were played. David made use of the full 3 hours, going on at 8pm and ending at precisely 10:59 which was a minute shy of the strict 11PM curfew. Consequently his playing was mindful of the cutoff time as Sorrow sounded different with an abbreviated intro and Comfortably Numb could have been jammed out longer. Still a fabulous show so no complaining here.

    Marc Brickman did a stunning job incorporating the Hollywood Bowl structure with the lights and topped it off with a synchronized fireworks display during Run Like Hell. David Crosby completely owned it during Comfortably Numb. Compared to the Royal Albert Hall gig (which I was at incidentally), his performance this time added his signature touch much like how Bowie did it back in 2006 – totally night and day.

    Whether or not he changes the setlist, the song order works and the band performance continue to musically surprise every night! I recommend going every night if you can, regardless of the setlist you are not going to get the same show.

  22. I forgot to add that he improvised a bit playing 5am. Previously he had been playing it note for note from the record.

  23. Same setlist again. Seems this works for the band. No Graham Nash singing alongisde Mr Crosby. Looks like they really have fallen out with each other!

    1. A reminder that all setlists are listed on the imaginatively-titled Setlists page (with a nice overview of each concert promised for the Latest News page), but here’s what was played on the first night at the Hollywood Bowl:

      5 A.M.
      Rattle That Lock
      Faces of Stone
      Wish You Were Here
      A Boat Lies Waiting (with David Crosby)
      The Blue
      Us and Them
      In Any Tongue
      High Hopes
      Astronomy Dominé
      Shine On You Crazy Diamond
      Fat Old Sun
      Coming Back To Life
      On an Island (with David Crosby)
      The Girl In the Yellow Dress
      Run Like Hell
      Breathe (Reprise)
      Comfortably Numb (with David Crosby)

  24. What an unbelievable show in such a special place. Gilmour again was note perfect and his voice extremely strong although he did loose his way a bit in Us and Them.

    Felt part of something really special last night and David looked like he enjoyed it.

  25. Just hope that next time David Crosby and Graham Nash appear together again…fingers crossed…

    What I have seen looks great and David’s voice sounds great!

  26. All Irregulars in attendance tonight:

    We’re all talking about getting drinks and food and hanging out at the picnic tables before the show. That way we can hang out and not feel rushed. Say 5 pm. We can bring food and drinks and visit until showtime. The picnic tables are pretty easy to see as you walk up towards the Bowl.

    Hope to meet some new Irregulars!!


    PS – Look for the Girl in the Yellow Dress, that will be me!

    1. I missed the fireworks completely. The dome of the Bowl blocked them. But we were all showered with the debris from the explosions!!! Simply magnificent!

    1. Hi All! That’s me on the right. That’s my cousin with me. I took my God daughter to the second show. She’s 19, plays guitar and is a huge David Gilmour fan thanks to yours truly. Got to school ’em right, doncha know!

      Alas, I missed connecting with the irregulars – perhaps in NYC? I’ve tickets to the RCMH show. However, on the flight home to Sacramento there were about a dozen people on the plane who had been to the show. You could tell by the beatific expressions on their faces. 😉

      Hope everyone going to tonight’s show has a wonderful time. The two HB shows were unforgettable.

      Shine on and Happy Easter!


  27. Is there a way to share photos? I took a couple of great ones. Crosby came out and they lit him a little like God from South Park (crazy US cartoon). But the show was simply amazing. David kissed us hello with 5am them immediately started kicking my face off with Faces of Stone. It landed some 15 rows back. I was shaking like a leaf. I barely remembered that I have arms, but when I did, I managed to take about 10 excellent photos.

    I’m so grateful. My husband finally made it onto a flight today so he will be here for tonight’s show. What a wonderful series of days I’ve had. Just a day when the weight of the world slides away.

    Love you all!

    1. David kissed us hello with 5am them immediately started kicking my face off with Faces of Stone. It landed some 15 rows back.

      🙂 Love that.

      Please keep any photos taken during the performance to yourself, but we’d love to see any others that you have if you get them online and include a link to let us know where we can find them.

      1. Will do. When I get back home I’ll post a picture of the smile he gave me at the book signing. It will melt your hearts.

        Off to have Gilmour tear through my soul again tonight.

  28. Thanks for the night shift FEd! Nice to read how happy the fellow bloggers are just in time as all this happens. I’d like to see some other people around have your work ethics!

  29. My wife and I are just about to board a plane to Burbank. Ready for tonight’s show!

      1. Wow, what a show!

        A couple of photos – here.

        Highlights: Wish You Were Here (I had tears in my eyes), Fat Old Sun, Sorrow, er and everything else of course! What Do You Want From Me was a nice surprise.

        1. A nice surprise. Who was expecting that one?

          Friday’s set was as follows:

          5 A.M.
          Rattle That Lock
          Faces of Stone
          Wish You Were Here
          What Do You Want From Me
          A Boat Lies Waiting
          The Blue
          Us and Them
          In Any Tongue
          High Hopes

          Astronomy Dominé
          Shine On You Crazy Diamond
          Fat Old Sun
          Coming Back To Life
          The Girl In the Yellow Dress
          Run Like Hell
          Breathe (Reprise)
          Comfortably Numb

  30. OMG! “What Do You Want From Me”!! Hope he’ll play it in NY on April 12th, it’s one of my favorite songs from TDB… Luckily we’ll have few more surprises…

  31. If it’s possible, David rocked even harder tonight than last. The sound was alive, engulfing, an extra dimensional experience. The first set left me breathless. I spent a lot of time with my eyes knocked back into my head in ecstasy. He wasn’t just on fire, he was a raging forest fire. I got rocked so hard I could barely breathe at times.

    This was one of those nights that could have carried on forever.

  32. The second night was amazing! Band was tighter, audience was really into it! The Irregulars represented well as I’m sure will be described in the posts that will come in.

    This is a video from a live stream of our pre-concert tailgate party. David Gilmour, his music, and the Blog brought together this motley crew of folks from 4 different countries in 2006 and again on this tour in 2016.

    Thanks to all for a memorable experience these past three days. 🙂

    1. All David’s gigs are memorable but the set on Friday evening and the performance was sublime. Having seen 8 shows, the Friday evening show was tight as a duck’s posterior. 5am was definitely his best to date – note perfect and perfect balance too.

      1. I was going to ask you, Rob, how you felt Friday night compared to the other shows you had seen. It certainly was magical!!! Glad to hear it may be one of the best thus far!

  33. Looks like an incredible venue! Frustrating, as I will be in LA for work the week when he play Chicago. I have an idea of re-booking my flight LAX-Stockholm, Sweden and instead go via Chicago and stay overnight. Therefore, the only opening for me is the auditorium gig, but the chances of getting a ticket is very small. I don’t understand because it says that there are “few tickets available” but only errors when you search Ticketmaster.

    Anyhow, nice with finally a new song in the setlist!

  34. Excellent show, according to the videos I’ve seen on the web … I like the effects on the Hollywood Bowl stage…

  35. ‘What do you want from me’, if it’s a message, works very well.

    Many people (me included when I’ve attended London’s gig) were asking for more ‘old’ stuff or spent words on the setlists.

    Well finally I think it’s David’s tour, he plays what he feels. And I’m sure it’s not over. An Old and Random Man with a great feeling on the stage…what else?

    Maestro, enjoy!


  36. Can’t wait to take “that California trip”, though we won’t be getting our kicks on Route 66, LOL. Just listened to “Out of the Blue” from About Face, what an amazing song! That would be so outstanding if he broke that one out. I’ll be grateful for whatever he does play, it’s not a Grateful Dead show (thank God) and so I understand that set list will pretty much be the same.

    Anyway my dream set list would be: Rattle That Lock (full Album), Childhood’s End, Pole’s Apart, Fat Old Sun, Out of The Blue, The Narrow Way (Part I, II, III), Run Like Hell, Young Lust, Echoes, Not Now John (LOL, why not?), Marooned, The Blue, Castellorizon, and Echoes. An Encore of Shine On You Crazy Diamond would then complete this epic dream set list, haha.

    See you all Sunday in Inglewood!

  37. Great news, What Do You Want From Me…a little more Floyd on the setlist… 🙂

    Still waiting for Marooned, maybe Learning to Fly…..

  38. Hi FEd, do you know if there will be an autograph session in Chicago? I would love to have an autograph.

    1. I’m sorry, I don’t expect there to be any autograph sessions other than possibly – and it’s only a possibility, of course – at Polly’s literary events. Details for Toronto and New York can be found at pollysamson.com.

      1. Hey FEd, quick question about Polly’s New York literary event. I’m trying to book a train up there from Philadelphia, but it says there are no tickets available. Do you think something will open up between now and April 9th?


        1. If tickets are sold out, I wouldn’t have thought so, but I don’t know anything about these tickets or who sold them or when, so feel free to take that with a pinch of salt.

          If I find out anything in the meantime, I’ll let you know.

  39. Personally I found the pacing of the setlists for both nights to be exceptional. Quite reminded me of the early Division Bell tour when the Dark Side songs were interspersed in both sets before the shift to playing it all the way through as on P.U.L.S.E. Last night I was in the second row (thanks to FEd’s tireless work on the Friday presale) and left completely gobsmacked. My 19 year old son Matthew was sitting next to me and we kept saying “this can’t get any better” and then of course it did with every amazing song.

    Too many highlights to name them all so here’s a few:

    – Erin (in an appropriately yellow dress) and Marcus dancing in the pool section right in the bands line of sight during “Yellow Dress”.

    – Guy’s sustained bass notes through the pool section PA could be felt through my entire body.

    – The laser mirrors were literally right in front of us and the beams were just a few feet over our heads.

    And of course best of all was watching David play from up close.

    David was in high spirits, chatting with the band between songs and dancing to the music when others had the lead part.

    Thursday night was great as well, with seats further back that gave a better view of the projection lights on the shell of the Hollywood Bowl. I had a brief flashback to the Miami 92 Division Bell show where the show opened with Astronomy Domine when David played a spirited version on his old Esquire (what a guitar, that!) to open the second set. Then fireworks to close set two? I’m dreaming, right?

    And apart from two incredible shows, the camaraderie of spending the week with Irregulars from all over the world has been absolutely brilliant. KenF actually brought us all tea all the way from the UK. Meeting Mel, Gabrielle, George, Mike, Thomas and Angelo who I’ve known for ten years but never met in person. And of course Rob who I will be meeting up with again in Pompeii.

    I’m still too close to the events of this week to properly put everything I’m feeling to words.

    Thanks to David and the band for the shows. A special thanks to FEd for taking care of us with the second night presale. It was truly magical to be so close and surrounded by so many Irregulars from all over the world down in front.

    Well Done, indeed.


    1. It sounds absolutely magical, Bob. I’m so glad that you all had such an enjoyable time.

      1. Some of the loveliest people ever met and we were all happily revelling in our love for David.

        See you again in July, Bob.


    2. Great to read your post Bob. The senses get overloaded with the audio-visual impressions, don’t they?

    3. Truly magical. I thought my 2006 experience couldn’t be topped. Those brief days in LA blew 2006 away.

  40. Speaking of Polly, there is a link to her Instagram on the home page of David’s website (where some wonderful photos were posted):

    ‘Follow Polly Samson’s Rattle That Lock page on Instagram here.’

    Sadly, the link no longer works (or is it just me? – I get the message ‘Cette page n’est malheureusement pas disponible’).

    Please, do you know where we can now see her Instagram photos?

      1. This one works fine. Thank you very much.

        Hope you can enjoy some time off during the Easter weekend (Monday, maybe?) and also plenty of chocolate eggs!

      2. Lovely pictures, thanks for the link Fed and Michèle. 🙂

        I like those curtains that David is peeking out from. I want some.

        Oh, and thanks to Polly too for posting the pictures in the first place!

        ash 😀

  41. So…..I’ve had a minor rebellion. Gilmour touched me in the core of my vital being last night and this morning I’ve kissed my husband goodbye and decided I shan’t be going home. Instead, I’m going to stay in Los Angeles and see him rip the roof off the Forum.

    The first time he did this to me, it was 1988 and I was 15 years old. He did it again when I was 21 in 1994 and now again as a jaded adult. I was foolish to think I could go back to family life for Easter.

    FEd, how do we give back a fraction of what we’ve received from his playing? Is screaming enough. Does he know how deeply he touches us? I simply couldn’t go home today as planned.

    1. I feel like this is going to be me in two and a half weeks. (By the way, we did wind up keeping both sets of tickets. It’s going to be a mini vacation for my friend and I.) I found a stream of the audio from Thursday’s performance. Immediate goosebumps. I can only imagine what the actual concert will be like. I’ve been waiting for this since I was 9 years old.

      I wonder if there really IS a way we can repay David. So many memories tied to so much music…

  42. There’s a moment when David closes his eyes to shut out all the noise, lays back and just lets rip. It’s pure magic. I’m so excited for tonight at The Forum.

  43. Fed, it truly was two great shows at the Hollywood Bowl and it was great to be with the Irregulars for the three days that I was there. I just wish I could have added a picture of Michael and Angelo playing at Venice Beach.

    Take care and Happy Easter.

  44. What an incredible few days…now back to work with all the happenings rolling around my head.

    Getting to meet my Irregular friends in person was amazing. The shows were incredible. The weather beautiful. Hollywood Blvd was as freaky as ever. There’s really nothing that could have been improved upon except for more time to spend with everyone.

    Can’t wait for NYC! Let’s meet up.

  45. I am finally in front of a computer after my week in Los Angeles. The best part of this trip I expected to be finally meeting so many of you Irregular friends in person. So the most important thing I can say is you are all the wonderful people I already knew you to be! I cannot say this without some regret as I didn’t catch up with everyone of you. Due to my physical limitations, I could not make the dinner on Wednesday, nor take up the offer of a ticket on night 2. Just know that I wanted to be there with you all.

    Thursday was a perfect day, many of us did meet up in Venice Beach to enjoy the weather and the famous sights there. Highlight was busking with Angelo on a few titles. As Rob said, he tried to talk an old bugger into sharing a piano for some acoustic Echoes. But the guy would not relent. Just a brilliant afternoon with you lot!

    I did have some logistical issues getting to the show and got stuck in gridlock just a mile from the Bowl. Unfortunately missed much of set one, but it was a truly magical night and what I saw was an incredible band channeling both the audience in front of them and the spectacular Hollywood Bowl under the moon and stars. Truly special memories. 🙂

    1. Rest up, Mike. Those moments on Venice Beach with our guitars will remain among my favorite music-playing moments ever. I’ll send you a copy of the $1 dollar bill we earned busking, LOL!

  46. Did anybody bring a DSLR type camera to the show?? I’d like to bring mine to Radio City (April 10) but I don’t want to be turned away with an obvious camera at the doors.. just wondering what the policy was in LA?

  47. I’ve been wanting to type this for a while, I really wanted to wait until my brain had a chance to settle so I could express it properly. Even after over a week, I’m still whirling and swirling, so I apologize if I leave anything or anybody out.

    Before I get into the shows themselves, I have to start with the Irregulars. I do believe this was the largest meeting up of the Irregulars to date, including BarnFest. Although with so many people, it was logistically hard to get everyone in one place at one time, we got pretty damn close Friday night, with the tailgate in the Hollywood Bowl parking lot before the show. There were also a few smaller meet ups during the day before the shows. Included in this International Irregular Meetup were: myself, Marcus, Kim C, Renee, Angelo, Gabrielle, Mel, Ken, Jersey Mike, Rob, Jorge, Jean, Dave Warner, EchoesBob, George Gipe, Thomas. (If I forgot you, please comment.)

    And friends, spouses, brothers and brother-in-laws. Some of these wonderful people I already knew, some I met for the first time. Either way, it was how it has been with anyone I have met from The Blog, genuine.

    When you’ve been talking to someone for 10 years, you get to know them. Even though it was the first time some of us met in person, it felt like slipping into a pair of old shoes. Happy and comfortable! It was so wonderful to share this experience with people who find David as compelling, breathtaking and special as I do.

    Onto the shows! Thursday night: Marcus and I get to our seats, they happen to be in the row in front of the projectors. Marcus even mentions “I can’t believe they’re filling this row with the projector so close.” 5am starts, Marcus complains he can’t hear too well due to fans on the projector. Rattle That Locks starts. At this point, an usher came to us and said there had been a mistake. They were not supposed to seat anyone in front of the projectors, and they would have to move us. They asked us to go back around the building to get new seats. Honestly, at this point we were a little mad. Here we were waiting all this time to see David, and they pull us away from the concert in the second song and have us go wait in line for some new seats. Originally, we were towards the back of the terrace boxes, the new seats they gave us were towards the back of the garden boxes, they moved us forward (and centered) a good 20 rows. I guess we can’t complain too much, but we did miss Rattle that Lock and Faces of Stone. Good thing we had tickets for the next night too.

    The show was good, David never fails to impress. The fireworks during Run Like Hell and the Crosby appearance were extra special. Being Irregulars, as we are, a lot of us noticed that things weren’t as tight as David would normally have them. We are use to David’s highest level of perfection, he has spoiled us. The Money solo, where David obviously shook his head with some frustration showed me, my ears were not deceiving me. Admittedly, this is very nit picky, and probably something that 90% of the people in attendance didn’t notice, but I’m just giving an honest critique. While a bunch of us Irregulars were discussing the show afterwards, we ALL knew that Friday’s show would be amazing. If we felt the slip ups, we KNOW the band did and they would bring it even harder the next night. Oh My!!! How right we were! Friday night was AMAZINGLY MAGICAL!!! ❤️

    Thursday night was the first time many of us have been to the Hollywood Bowl, but it gave us a chance to figure out where we could meet up, how long it would take to get from hotels to the Bowl, (LA traffic horror stories, we all have some) from the parking lot to our seats, etc.

    We had originally planned on meeting next to some picnic benches, and that’s what we posted to the blog, unfortunately we weren’t able to get down to the picnic tables as we expected we could, so we relocated. A lot of the Irregulars made it for a tailgate before the concert. There was a feeling in the air that something spectacular was about to happen. We all just had the feeling it was going to be an amazing show.

    As many old timers around here know, Marcus and I met right here, over 9 years ago. He is my soulmate. I don’t know if I would have ever met him if it weren’t for this blog. We lived over 100 miles from each other, living very different lives. I don’t think our paths would have crossed if not for this blog. I know a lot of people’s lives have been impacted and changed by David’s influence (more than just his music) but the fact that through him, came my soulmate, and consequently our 2 children…the man has quite literally changed my life. I could never express in words the feeling of love and gratitude to David and Polly, and the Blog, FEd, the band, and the Irregulars for all you have given us in the journey! So I certainly hope you can feel it!

    Anyway, even though Marcus and I met on the Blog, we met after the OAI tour. We have dreamed and hoped and prayed these 9 years that one day we would be able to see David together. It only seems fitting to see the man that brought us together, together.

    Friday night, we splurged. We had 5th row tickets, centered between Guy and David. As much as we hoped this wasn’t the last time we were going to see David, we had to be realistic and live in the moment and consider the fact that it just might be.

    I decided to get a Yellow Dress. I figured I wouldn’t be the only one to think of this, but we saw no one in a yellow dress either night of the concerts. (Maybe we can get some kind of confirmation if the band has seen any other yellow dresses at any other shows? 😉 )

    Do you know how most people dress for a David Gilmour concert? Kinda like he does…jeans and a T-shirt mostly. Some summer dress also, since the weather was nice. I was wearing a semi-formal yellow dress. I understand the song a bit more now. Put on a yellow dress and see how many eyes you get on you! Everyone was looking at me! Not sure if it was just because of the yellow dress, or because I was wearing something so formal to a David Gilmour concert.

    Friday night’s concert was AMAZING!!! Everything was so tight and clean and really all to the level of greatness David has spoiled us with! The attentiveness at which the band watched David during the Money solo, told me all I needed to know. I could name off the best of the setlist that night, but it would be 90% of the songs. Everything was Stellar!! Thank you, David, for busting out What Do You Want From Me!!! If you remember, it was the 2nd night in Oakland, and another Irregular gathering during the OAI tour that he brought out Arnold Layne. Bringing out What Do You Want From Me, second night at the Bowl, also an Irregular gathering. Could just be coincidence, but I like to think if it was something for the Irregulars that noticed. We all noticed!

    The highlight of this night was, no doubt, dancing with Marcus, wearing a yellow dress with David and the band playing Yellow Dress! It absolutely is one of the top 10 moments of my life! Couldn’t be a more full circle moment! A dream, nirvana! I still feel like I’m floating on air whenever I even think about it!

    I heard it from more than one person that the band noticed the girl in the yellow dress, which is also amazingly cool. I met a new friend, Maya, who we have invited into the Irregulars, she fits the bill.

    My only regret of the trip is not making it down to Polly’s book signing. David did some signings too, even though it was advertised that he would not. I was too afraid we would be packed in like sardines, plus with traffic, timing was tight. I’m now kicking myself, I would’ve loved the chance to meet David, and introduce myself as an Irregular. Oh well, next time. 🙂

    Thank you David, Polly, the band and crew, FEd, and my Irregular family!

    This trip is one we will surely treasure all our lives. I hope we can do it again!

    Peace and Love to you all!!! I love being on this ride with you all!

  48. I too have waited a while to post this comment. I happen to be a 41 year old that only really got into Pink Floyd and then of course David Gilmour about 5 years ago. I had heard the classics on the radio for years and always appreciate the sound. I had viewed the Wall several times in college and alway appreciated the band.

    At 36 though, one day I was running and listening to Time and for some reason that day, it all sank in. Bam…it changed my life! I bought every album and have been listening to them and David’s solo stuff ever since. Not only that, at 35, I went and bought a Strat and started playing. Not kind of playing either. I mean hours a day every day. I am a father of 4 and spend a great deal of time working and running around with the family. When I am not doing that though, I play. About a month ago, I tried out for and got the part of Gilmour in a Dallas based Floyd Tribute. Although I love blues and other rock, my passion is Gilmour.

    So imagine falling in love with that sound in the year 2012 and thinking, I may never get to see him and also thinking I can’t believe I missed all those other tours. Needless to say, when the tour was announced, I was thrilled. I was able to score tickets to the Hollywood bowl and had a chance to see the man who truly changed my life. My wife and I flew out and caught the Thursday night show.

    I will say that I was a bit nervous after watching some of the earlier YouTube videos. I was afraid that I had missed the man in his prime and that it might not meet my exceptionally high expectations. I was very wrong. I was blown away by the tone. Hearing it live was a 3 hour sonic eargasim. I did hear some mistakes on Money and even on the solo for Time. I play most of those songs in my band, so believe me when I say I am intently listening to every little nuance. Overall though, all I could do is smile and think…he is human after all and yet is he?? I have never heard anything like the sound of that guitar and the final solo to Comfortably Numb was an image and sound that I will never forget.

    Lastly, I want to thank you FEd. I have mentioned before that my cousin up in Connecticut, has been on this sight for years and gained access to the MSG presale code thanks to your email. He scored 4th row seats. Something neither he and I could have ever dreamed of! I will be leaving Dallas at 6am tomorrow and will be able to actually see the man up close and personal. I can not express my gratitude enough! I am eternally grateful!

    Shine on to all you die hard fans. I hope I meet a few of you at the show!!!!

    Chad from Dallas Texas

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