Teenage Cancer Trust

David will be performing a special one-off charity gig in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust at London’s Royal Albert Hall on Sunday 24th April.

Tickets go on sale at 9am (UK) this Friday, priced from £25 plus booking fee, available from seetickets.com (Telephone 0871 220 0260), gigsandtours.com (Telephone 0844 811 0051), ticketmaster.co.uk (Telephone 0844 844 0444) and, of course, the Royal Albert Hall Box Office (Telephone 0845 401 5030).

Let us know if you hope to be there.

For more information on the very important work that they do, please visit Teenage Cancer Trust.org.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. Hi everyone, is there a presale for the Teenage Cancer Trust gig of David Gilmour at the Albert Hall for the 24 of April???

  2. It’s great to see David supporting such worthy causes and what should prove to be another fantastic night at the RAH!

  3. Obviously DG has found his favorite place to perform in London. 😉

    The perfect combination – support for a really good thing and another DG concert in a nice venue.

    Thumbs up!

    1. The whole lineup is pretty good. I would love to see New Order and Simply Red live!

      Of course the highlight is DG!


  4. I hope that the younger and not so fortunate fans will have a chance. 25 GBP seems perfect for them…

    Happy to see more and more gig dates. 🙂

  5. Nice.

    He really likes the Albert Hall! 😀

    Hope some of you can be there! It surely will be a wonderful experience.

      1. The 2015/16 Setlist link at the top of the page should give you an indication of what to expect, if you care to check it out.

      1. Is this going to be a full set? I hope so. I’ve got my ticket but just hope it’s a full concert?

          1. thanks. had a friend saying it was going to be a short one as it was just a charity night as opposed to the tour. I’ve got my ticket, have you got one? 🙂

            and is there any news on the playlist as of yet?


            1. I don’t, unfortunately, but I’m sure it will be another great night for all who can be there. Can’t say anything about the set.

  6. Mr. Gilmour is an angel. I guess we already knew that, judging from the way he plays and sings. But wow. His commitment to philanthropy is an inspiration.

  7. I just hope that re-sellers won’t take this opportunity to use these poor children and earn some money. 🙁

  8. That is great that DG is helping out such a noble cause. However I wonder why TCT is not charging more because the show is guaranteed to sell out, and more money can go to charity. Even if here playing a shorter set, charging 40 – 50 GBP would still be a bargain to see him because face value for the September 2016 RAH was around 100 GBP.

    I sincerely hope the RAH staff issue some sort of ticket-door policy to discourage the touts. Those tickets will be gone in an instant and it is wrong for them to profit from an event like this.

    1. You are exactly right, William. If all tickets are just 25 GBP, I don’t see how any non-scalper will get tickets – especially if they are not named tickets as for the other RAH shows. Also, since DG has scheduled 9 other shows, why not make this event more expensive? One, it would discourage scalpers (touts) from buying tickets if street was no more than face value. Two, it would generate more money for charity…

      That being said, I am not complaining. This is a great event regardless of ticket policy.

  9. Got a bit of a surprise when I saw David’s name on the TCT email earlier but it’s a great cause and he obviously loves the venue so what a great match.

    Hope those lucky enough to get tickets have a great night. They won’t be around for long that’s for sure.

  10. UK irregulars have been very lucky of late. Maybe one to leave for those who have missed out?

  11. Thinking along the lines of Taki, I’ll gladly buy a ticket for someone who’s never seen David. I would really like that. So if you know someone or you’re that person you can gladly have my email address off Fed if he’s OK with it.


  12. David is a great man, and this thing remarks it again.

    I lost my best friend 8 years ago at the age of 34, after two long battles against breast cancer, so I know perfectly what means to suffer for this accursed disease in early age.

    I would like to be there on that day, but unfortunately I have work shifts to do. I’ll try my best to move them before Friday.

    Thanks for the news, FEd.

  13. I think it’s smashing that David and the band and the crew are giving their time and talent to this very worthy cause.


  14. “7 young people are diagnosed with cancer every day in the UK.” – How sad.

    A few years ago, I had a pupil who was suffering from brain cancer. He was coming back to school after a heavy surgery and a long treatment and re-education. He had a strong desire to learn, was so courageous, positive, always smiling…

    He died aged 15.

    How could one remain insensitive to such a tragedy?

    Not David, of course.

    1. Dear Michèle~

      The tragedy that unfolded before you with this young, brave student is something that one day, hopefully, will not be experienced by others.

      We can only hope that, perhaps, his tragedy inspired another student to go on to get an education in the medical field as a doctor or researcher to help end the suffering. For no young life should end before it gets started.

      Situations like this haunts us forever…

      I am grateful for those that do what they can to help any way they kind. David doing the benefit and donating the money to the cause helps.

      He was probably happiest in your classroom.

      Sincerely, Suzy.

  15. Hi Fed,

    Great News!

    A question: What truth is about the news that Gilmour will play in Pompeii this Summer?


    1. I heard that too…I had to translate an article from Italian. It would not be at the actual ampitheatre…the article stated…but nearby. If true, I would have to sell my guitars to go….

  16. Hi FED, sorry for the off-topic question: I just read that Il Maestro will play again in Pompeii, just few kilometers away from my house. 🙂 Please tell me if it is true or not. Thank you!

  17. Looking forward to the ticket sale this Friday.

    Tickets cost “from £25” that must be the upper circle standing section.

    I will try my luck with the Royal Albert Hall Box Office for tickets because “Ticketmaster” along with “Gigs and Tours” and TCC are all selling tickets.

    Good luck to all.

    Gary Hurley.
    London England.

  18. Sorry FEd, I didn’t see you already answered this question, so it is a hoax…I hoped it was true.

  19. What a beautiful and worthy cause, good on you David!

    FEd, is there anyway you could use your connections to inquire as to whether this will be a full set or something more akin to the “I’m With the Banned” performance? It’s a long way to go for just a few songs, but for entire set and a great cause it would be well worth it for someone like me an ocean away.

    1. I have been to a couple of these concerts and they are usually a complete performance of 90-120 minutes.

  20. Another nice surprise

    I’m hoping that the pro-David BBC will find some way of sneaking something (perhaps covering all the shows) into its schedule – and £25 is a bargain isn’t it?

  21. Even if you know, you’re not going to say, but looking at dates. David can fit in Glastonbury.


    1. Damian ! DON’T encourage him to go to Glastonbury, anywhere but Glastonbury. . . anyway, we wouldn’t be able to get tickets, it sold out (years ago) ages ago to people that didn’t know who’d be on the bill but who wanted to be able to say they’d gone to Glastonbury. Bunch of posers.

      I admit it myself . . . when I hate, I hate forever. 😀


        1. Yeh that’s me Ash, Glastonbury before I die. But if David was doing Glastonbury, I’m sure Fed would have sorted us out a backstage pass by now, so he mustn’t be. That’s a relief.


          1. I felt guilty today . . .

            There was something on TV about cows’ milk production, Michael Eavis was featured. It was then that I remembered that he is first and foremost a farmer. I love to support British Farmers. I don’t think I ever buy meat or dairy products from anyone but British Farmers.

            I may well have to think again about Glastonbury, it could be the only thing keeping Eavis in business !

            ash (hanging head in shame)

  22. Great cause indeed. The price does seem low given it’s a charity event, strange call that one but fair play anyway. In giving we receive or something like that.

    Good luck to everybody seeking tickets.

  23. More chance of spotting a random man on the beach with his dog than getting a ticket, be snapped up by touts.

  24. Good on Dave! True hero!

    Too short notice to come over from Sweden for this event I’m afraid.

    Hope you guys have a great time!

    See you at RAH in September!


  25. I wonder if in April he will perform something from Pink Floyd – The Endless River album……

  26. Is there a chance to see it on video, TV or something one day?

    I´d love to be there but my wife will kill me, – gladly one RAH event in September is booked already. First time there in. Looking forward to big time.

  27. Is there any possible way to sanction these reselling sites, at least when gigs have a charity character… I can’t believe, or I don’t wanna believe that this is possible… where this world has gone, where?!

  28. Ticketmaster now have a link up for David’s Teenage Cancer Trust show, the tickets will cost from £71.50p to £121.00p. And will go on sale Friday at 9am.

    Gary Hurley.
    London England.

  29. From the e-mail I’ve just had fro RAH:

    “Ticket prices will range from £68.80 – £114.70 (including fees)”

  30. 2nd update.

    The Royal Albert Hall ticket prices will be £68.80p to £114.70p including fees from the R.A.H. own booking site.

    Gary Hurley.
    London England.

  31. Wonderful news! How wonderful of David. The ticket price of 25 Pounds sound too good to be true, lol, on ticketmaster.co.uk they are shown from 71 up, but hopefully that is the wrong info.

    The mystery why the Cologne concert planned for July 7th doesn’t take place.

    According to
    this article published on a local Cologne newspaper it failed …believe it or not…because …. the local authorities in Cologne didn’t deliver the legal approval in print! And because the whole thing couldn’t be planned based on an oral promise.


  32. Sorry guys,

    Tickets are £68.80 – £114.70 (including fees) – Taken from RAH website.

    Will definitely be worth it, I hope to get tickets!

  33. Did you know ‘evian’, spelled backwards is ‘naive’? Racecar backwards is… Yanno.

  34. Can anyone confirm how much the tickets will be?? It says on here they’ll be £25 but on the RAH website it says the prices will range from £65-£105…

  35. Grabbed my ticket! Happy days! Unfortunately I didn’t see any £25 ticket, it cost me £100+fees.

  36. After waiting for only 30 minutes (9.30am) there were only VIP seats at £255 left on RAH website, this was online as the phone line did not work, might be worth in a day or two checking out Absolute Radio website as they sometimes have tickets for sale?????

    Good luck everyone and hope some of you were successful at least we still have September to look forward to.

    Best wishes

  37. Yes! 2 tickets in the bag. Stalls Block G seats 5/6 – very very happy!

    Gary Hurley.
    London England.

    1. Was that through RAH box office or TicketMa$ter? I managed to get one ticket through RAH box office but that was after many, many attempts. 🙂

  38. By the time my phone call was answered at 9.20, David’s concert was sold out except for Loggia boxes at £2480.00 each and can seat 8 people. I don’t have seven friends. . .

    Also at 9.20 I was still number 1802 in the queue.

    I knew it was a long shot. Well done all you people that got tickets ! 😀


  39. Also got 2 tickets! Saw him there last year and now have stall tickets for 2 dates this year, April and September, can’t wait!

  40. Good luck to everyone trying for tickets! Hope you’re able to attend the show, especially for a good cause.

  41. On loads of internet sites, silly prices. Fans either pay or miss show.

    Not fair for decent hard working people.

  42. Gutted that all the Grand Tier Luxury Hospitality packages are sold out. 🙁

    (Thought that was a bit classier than just heaving a sigh that the regular price tickets are all gone?)

  43. Yep. It shows how privileged we have been in the past….

    Well done to those who tried and succeeded. Commiserations to those who were unlucky.

  44. phoned rah around 9, was engaged. tried quite a few times more and got through at 9,07. an automated voice was telling me a booking assistant would be with me soon once available, thanks for holding. some music and more automated chat then 9.33 – success. booking agent, no tickets available, all gone.

    oh well, i tried. at least we got to see him last year.

  45. Yes!!! Just called up Royal Albert Hall and snapped up a single seat – 9.30AM Saturday morning in a second tier box – £100. Sold out on the web site yesterday.

    So for those of you still looking, please don’t give up. Try calling regularly through the coming days, especially first thing and you may strike lucky like I did.

    Good luck everyone!

  46. Like always, resale for stupid prices, every time this happens is a shame, especially this one because is for a worthy cause. 🙁

  47. Having been at RAH in September, I was gutted not to get tickets for this year but got 2 tickets for April 24th so chuffed to bits. Very disappointed to see over 200 tickets on the resale sites by 11am yesterday morning at more than double the price. Something has to be done about it.

    Keep up the great work Ed.

  48. Rolling Stones magazine voted David 6th greatest Guitarist of all time. Jimi Hendrix was 1st.


  49. Yesterday, I had a cheeky little go at getting a RAH ticket for a very worthy cause, generously supported by David and also, with intent to prove a point for the great work FEd does in managing this Blog! We only have to go back to the recent grief FEd got, regarding release of pre-sale codes; with best intentions for the sole benefit of us on here! So quite rightly, no pre-sale this time round and no ticket for me. I for one though am eternally grateful for previous assistance. Thank you FEd!

    Shine on……
    John 🙂

  50. Happy that I managed to get one ticket in the second tier but didn’t see any tickets at £25! I thought that would be too good to be true and how would the charity make any money? But, how come tickets are on sale at Viagogo at over £1500? How can this be allowed? It’s bloody disgraceful.

    1. I think the “tickets from £25” refer to all of the Teenage Cancer Trust concerts and not David’s concert.

      Very pleased to hear you got a ticket Kevan and look forward to seeing you there. 🙂

  51. Oh FEd, I’m starting to get unreasonably jazzed to see David in just one more month! I realized that his benefit for the Cancer Trust, and wanted to say that this is just the tip of the iceberg. My first show will be March 24th at the Hollywood Bowl. I have an amazing garden box seat which is technically a “charity donation” seat. The seat was the normal (very low for someone of David’s ability and stature) price plus a one thousand donation to charity. The charity of choice is the Los Angeles Youth Orchestra through the LA Philharmonic. He didn’t have to do this, certainly his ability affords him the luxury of charging much much more than I paid and keeping it all for himself. It’s really a beautiful gesture from a beautiful heart. My second night (3/25) I have 4th row from the stage, center. (I’m already weeping – I gotta get some industrial strength waterproof mascara for these shows!)

    Then off to Chicago for three shows. I gave my daughter the middle name Gilmour because it was the highest compliment I knew how to pay. David fulfils and exceeds this esteem every day with his generosity of spirit and keen ability. Aaaannnnddddd….. my Gilmour will finally see THE Gilmour who has such raw talent to produce music that the music itself is sentient. The music that speaks the secret emotive language of my soul.

    I am so blessed. I’m so proud to be contributing in a very small way through the purchase of charity tickets.

    Help FEd! I’m freaking out excited! I can’t wait!! I’ve told you the story; that I begged David to return after my last 1994 Division Bell show and 22 years later this ties my loose end into a bow and completes one of my most memorable circles in my life. And now it’s only one.month.away. O.M.G. !!!!!

      1. i’m jumping ahead, but…..the hollywood bowl is 3 weeks from today. can we have a hollywood bowl thread so we (i) can freak out and slobber on myself?

  52. WellM I was that random man with his dog on Tentsmuir beach near St Andrews the other day, stunning place and hardly anyone else. Beautiful big blue skies, even David wouldn’t get noticed up there. Would highly recommend to anyone wanting a holiday, peace and quiet.


  53. Sorry I could contain no longer.

    The ticket issue and sales is the topic of the month, and the last straw was seeing stubhub allowing tickets for the children’s cancer gig on their site to be sold for up to 700 pounds. I’m sorry but how fkn low can you go profiting from poorly children? I hope I’ve not been out of turn but I have just emailed stubhub and complained. The children’s hospice I work for has to find nearly 2 million pounds a year and is only part funded by the fantastic NHS. Makes me so angry, fkn fuming.


  54. Amazing to think that only this time last year we were checking out this site every day to find out the release date for David’s album then all of a sudden (in a day or two) never mind the album we suddenly out of the blue got the tour dates! What a fantastic year it’s been and this is leading up to wishing David a Very Happy Birthday, hope he and his family have a lovely day and all the best for the forthcoming U.S. dates. Have a wonderful time and thank you so much for the brilliant year….and a brilliant album you’ve given us. Look forward to RAH in September.

    Thank you and Best wishes

  55. Just ‘throwing’ it ‘out there’ that March 6 is the annual sacred high holy day of Dudeism: The Day of the Dude! Hope the Maestro will be ‘takin’er easy all day, man’.

  56. Sorry I’m missing you today on the Chat!

    Much love everyone, have a great time…see you soon I hope!

    Ciao FEd and all…

  57. Hey FEd~ I have a question regarding buying a ticket. If one was able to purchase a ticket on line using the code that was sent out does that help reduce the price and enable a better seat rather than purchasing via phone? I was just curious.

    March is a month filled with many great events.

    Looking forward to all that the month will bring.

    Take care, Suzy

    1. No, it would probably be exactly the same. But before anyone starts to shout and stomp, there was no code sent out for the Teenage Cancer Trust concert. And there probably aren’t any tickets left for it now, either.

      1. Thank you FEd for the reply. It makes me feel extremely better.

        Naturally with the Teen Cancer Concert being for an excellent cause, I would no body would expect a discount under the circumstances.

        I am very happy with the ticket price for the event of a lifetime (as I refer to it) I get to attend. It is an extremely fair price. I am so excited. Definitely pushing out of my comfort zone. I will try to remember to breathe.

        Take care, Suzy

  58. Hi Fed and all. There is a page on Facebook I think you would love to see and hear – a chap called Martin Molin has created something called The Marble Machine, the music from it is amazing. Have a look if you get chance, just go on Facebook and tap in Betoko. I could see this on stage with David. Kind of blows wine glasses out of the water.


  59. Hi Fed and all fellow DG fans,

    I’m a newbie on here although I have been reading the Blog for the past couple of years. I’m a big DG and Pink Floyd fan and I’ve been fortunate enough to see PF 3 times on the Division Bell tour and also Sir David 4 times on last year’s Rattle That Lock tour (Brighton and 3 RAH) -and what an amazing experience that was. 🙂

    I don’t know if this the correct place to ask, and apologies to Fed in advance if it isn’t, but I have 2 VIP hospitality tickets for the Teenage Cancer Trust concert on April 24th which I am no longer able to use. I really don’t want to sell them through the unofficial ticket sites as I want them to go to the genuine fans and all I’m asking for is the face value and booking fee which is £255 each. It is a really nice deal as there is food and drink included – which is always a bonus. 🙂

    If anyone is interested Fed, it would OK for my email address to be passed on.

    Apologies if this is not the appropriate place but I really didn’t know where else to go!

    Take Care.

  60. Hi everyone, do we know if it’s going to be a full set Sunday night at the Royal Albert Hall??

    I can’t wait. I am looking foward to this one.

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