Summer Tour 2016

Here are a few more dates and destinations for your diaries. All tickets go on sale on Friday at 10am (CET).

Monday 27th and Tuesday 28th June 2016: Vienna, Austria
Schloß Schönbrunn, Schönbrunner Schloßstraße 47, 1130 Wien
Tickets on sale 10am (CET) Friday from

Sunday 10th and Monday 11th July 2016: Verona, Italy
Arena di Verona, Piazza Brà, 1, 37121 Verona VR
Tickets on sale 10am (CET) Friday from

Thursday 14th July 2016: Stuttgart, Germany
Schloßplatz, 70173 Stuttgart
Tickets on sale 10am (CET) Friday from
Telephone: +49 (0)711 99 79 99 99

Saturday 16th July 2016: Paris, France
Château de Chantilly, 60500 Chantilly, Paris
Tickets on sale 10am (CET) Friday from
Telephone: +33 892 392 192 (France only) or +33 149 975 191 (international)

Monday 18th July 2016: Wiesbaden, Germany
Bowling Green, Christian-Zais-Straße 7, Kurhausplatz 1, 65189 Wiesbaden
Tickets on sale 10am (CET) Friday from

Wednesday 20th and Thursday 21st July 2016: Nîmes, France
Les Arènes de Nîmes, Boulevard des Arènes, 30000 Nîmes
Tickets on sale 10am (CET) Friday from
Telephone: +33 892 392 192 (France only) or +33 149 975 191 (international)

Saturday 23rd July 2016: Besançon, France
Saline Royale d’Arc-et-Senans, Grande Rue, 25610 Arc-et-Senans
Tickets on sale 10am (CET) Friday from
Telephone: +33 892 392 192 (France only) or +33 149 975 191 (international)

Wednesday 27th and Thursday 28th July 2016: Tienen, Belgium
Grote Markt, 3300 Tienen
Tickets on sale 10am (CET) Friday from and

Please note that there is to be no pre-sale (for anyone, anywhere, no matter how nicely they ask) this time, and sales are limited to four tickets per person. Please be sure to read the small print before you buy.

Good luck, everyone. Let us know how it goes. Fingers crossed and all that.


  1. Damian Cunningham

    Has anyone else read the story? Someone took a photo and put it on YouTube. They called it ‘random man on the beach’, little realising it is David Gilmour. Nick has posted it on his FB page. The Parka David is wearing is very dapper.


  2. ore

    I received yesterday my tickets for Wien, I saw there was few available so I thought on the 25th I’m going to go to Wroclaw (from Italy) and on the way back there is Wien so I (we, me and one of my friend) will stop there on the 27th. 🙂 And Verona with my wife.

    Hard life. 😀

  3. Michèle

    Just in case people didn’t notice, I wanted to point out that Chantilly was all standing with unique price till yesterday (12 February). They have now added numbered seats en ‘gradins’ (can’t translate, sorry, = ‘tiers’?) – Gradins A ou B.


    • kkdowning

      And they are much more expensive than the general standing tickets. Almost twice. But are they any good? Does anyone know the setup? Is it at the hippodrome? If yes, does that mean these are part of the hippodrome’s regular seating? If yes, wouldn’t they be pretty far from the stage?

  4. kkdowning

    Does anyone know where the show will take place at Chantilly? Will it be on the castle grounds? Or will it be at the race track (hippodrome)?

  5. Stefan

    No tickets for me as far as the summer shows scheduled so far are concerned (yet). I would have jumped at the chance to be in Wroclaw, I am obsessively checking the ticket site. Verona sold out way too fast for me and due to work constraints, the only other available option is Chantilly – I secretly hope something may happen, but for the moment I’m not making any plans.

    There’s one news that particularly excites me, though: a rumor reports negotiations for a Pompeii gig. If THAT truly happens, it would be awesome and I’d do everything in my power to be there.

    FEd, do you happen to know if this is even a remote possibility?

      • TW

        That would be really outstanding!

        I always wanted to ask you that:

        How long do you know about tour dates before they get announced, like the dates of that European Tour?
        Because I imagine it is kind of weird when someone asks you about a rumour he/she heard and you’re not allowed to confirm anything, though you know the answer?

        • FEd

          It’s not so weird. I enjoy chuckling to myself in response to each new rumour. Some of them are better than others. Besides, we all need to learn to be more patient – myself included.

      • Phil Walch

        That rumour would be pretty amazing if true.

        Last year somebody mentioned that David was a special guest for the Steven Wilson concerts at the RAH last year. No truth obviously but it is as if it only needs mentioning and it is true no matter who started the rumour.

        So in that vain I will start the rumour of him playing in Hamburg so my 70 year old mother in law can see him live. It is now true, yes?

          • Phil Walch

            Ah yes, so he could just pop over there and do it without us knowing. Camping equipment at the ready! I wonder if I can camp out at Pompeii for the rest of the year in case.

      • Stefan

        I keep a somewhat healthy habit in checking the Italian press for any news related to music in general, David Gilmour in particular. The truth is there’s quite a big Romanian community in Italy – because of that, transportation options from Bucharest to almost all of the big Italian cities are quite affordable and you have a wide array of choices. If a major European tour happens and the artist does not visit Romania (which, sadly, happens more often than not), the best choice to see him live would be, for us here, a trip to Italy.

        The source of my rumor is an article published at the end of January on I sure hope the concert happens, I sure hope an audience will be allowed and I sure hope I’ll be able to be there.

  6. Tom

    Hi, FEd!

    I have few questions regarding Chateau de Chantilly concert. I’ll be very grateful for your help and reply, my apologies if I should ask somebody else regarding these questions.

    First of all, from the start of the selling there were only stand tickets available, few days later they started to sell seat tickets as well. I wasn’t able to buy seat anymore cause I’ve bought stand tickets already.

    The concert starts 9:00 PM and the Chantilly Park is closed at 6:00 PM. I think it would be nice to start the show 7:00 PM , so the guests could go directly to the concert instead of walk somewhere around three hours if they came in the morning to the spot.

    The last and most important question is transport organization. The latest train Chantilly – Paris 11:00 PM. I’m sure it’s gonna be a problem to go back to Paris for no car guests, the show is going to be 2 hours minimal, so there is no time to get back to the train station. Will there be any chance to get back to Paris for people who didn’t come with car for any reason (like me 🙂 ). Will there be arranged some buses or something by organizers?

    I hope you have some information.

    Thank you in advance!

    • FEd

      I only wish I could help, Tom. I will ask, but I wouldn’t have thought any buses would be arranged for this. A very good time to be a taxi driver, I expect.

    • kkdowning

      Thanks for your post, Tom. I have been asking the same questions…

      Like you, I have already bought a standing ticket for Chantilly but may have considered reserved seating if it was available at the time they went on sale. That is frustrating. Then again, does anyone know where the reserved seating will be located? Without knowing, it is a bit risky paying almost twice the amount of a standing ticket.

      I have been wondering the same thing about no-car guests. Getting there by train will be easy. But if we are to rely on taxis after the show, some people will be waiting for a long time. This is hard enough after a small club show, let alone a 20,000 capacity performance. I wonder if they will run a late train? I have seen this in other cities when a large event is planned.

    • Rob Hulford

      Hi Tom,

      I was at Chantilly in 1994 and anyone here who was there would have experience an epic concert, with a huge thunderstorm yet no rain at the end of the show, and the epic firework display afterwards. From memory the concert was delayed beforehand due to complete gridlock leading into Chantilly. By the time anything got moving our coach left at around 3am and we arrived at our hotel in Paris at dawn.

      I am staying near, hiring a car and driving up Saturday evening. I have 3 spare seats for anyone heading back to Paris, so maybe we could arrange something. The concert in ’94 was on the race track and there was 101 ways outta the venue through a forest, so even a simple meeting point is tricky, however with Google Maps nowadays it maybe a lot easier.

      Stay in touch if you need a lift back to town. 🙂

      • Gaurav Diwan

        Hello Rob,

        I am attending the Chantilly concert in July. I am also travelling back to Paris after the concert. Do you still have space in your car? I would be very grateful if you are able to give me a lift. I’ll be fine going to the Gare du Nord station later.

      • PK Van Deloo

        Hi Rob —

        If you still have room in your car, I would love a ride back to Paris after the concert — anywhere that’s convenient for you. Please let me know and best way to connect.

        Many thanks,

      • Olan

        Hi Rob

        I was at that gig in 94, also flew from Dublin to Jersey then St Malo by boat and on to Paris by bus convoy, it was incredible so I’ll be taking my brother this time. We haven’t booked a hotel yet, have you any suggestions?

  7. SilverCheek

    I guess this is more wishful thinking from us… 🙂 I doubt it if they would allow audience in there at all.

  8. Chad Chacchia

    I am taking my wife to see David in California and then seeing him in the 4th row MSG a few weeks later with my cousin. The second is only happening because of this site. My cousin has been a part for a while. I just want to give a huge thank you. I am 40 years old and have never had the chance to see Pink Floyd or David Gilmour live. I have seen the Waters Wall 2 times and both the Aussie and Brit Floyd numerous times. Unfortunately I didn’t really fall in love with the music until I was older and they were no longer together. Needless to say I am more than excited. To make things even greater, I get to see Stephen Wilson twice as well! The odds of that happening in the states are not good.

    This will be a great next 6 weeks!

    • FEd

      Enjoy it, Chad. I’m really glad you will be there. Let us know how it all goes, won’t you?

  9. Paul

    I am thinking of traveling to the Chicago show, April 6th at the Auditorium, and does anyone know if this is different show (playlist, etc.) from his show 2 days earlier in Chicago at the United Center?

    • Tim

      Just bought 2 tickets off of StubHub. Expensive but worth it. Auditorium only seats about 3900 persons.

  10. Erik

    Received my Chantilly tickets yesterday. Ended up being charged €7 instead of the €27 when I checked out. The ticket company said that that was their mistake, but have still send via courier, good on them!

    Still trying to find out about potential public transport after the concert. I’d rather not drive but as the moment this seems to be the only option, unless anyone knows any different?

    Got friends in Paris, so free apartment is already sorted.

    • Erik

      FEd, are you able to help out here? I can’t seem to find any information from official sources (French public transport and the French ticket operator).

      I will travel from the UK to Holland to pick up my sister but would like to travel by train to Paris from there, but if that means I will have to fork out for a taxi (along with everyone else?) back to Paris after the concert, it will change all our plans and we will have to drive.

      • FEd

        I’m sorry, Erik. I don’t have any solid information, but apparently there will be buses to get out of Chantilly after the concert. That’s all I know, I’m afraid. I have no precise details.

  11. Emilio

    Ouch! Italian minister twitting an agreement for a Live at Pompeii?

    Can we breathe again?

  12. gary rodger

    Hi everyone,

    Going to MSG in a few weeks, cannot wait!

    So far on this tour I’ve seen Brighton and RAH (25th). Lucky enough to have Poland Market Square and RAH booked for later in year.

  13. Ron B

    Looking forward to seeing you April 1st in Toronto!

    I’d love to see Beauty added to the setlist. Love it!!!

  14. TW

    FEd, as now a new merchandising collection (T-Shirts, etc.) has been launched for the upcoming leg of the tour, do you know if there will be a special T-Shirt available for every show, or just for some shows?