Summer Tour 2016

Here are a few more dates and destinations for your diaries. All tickets go on sale on Friday at 10am (CET).

Monday 27th and Tuesday 28th June 2016: Vienna, Austria
Schloß Schönbrunn, Schönbrunner Schloßstraße 47, 1130 Wien
Tickets on sale 10am (CET) Friday from

Sunday 10th and Monday 11th July 2016: Verona, Italy
Arena di Verona, Piazza Brà, 1, 37121 Verona VR
Tickets on sale 10am (CET) Friday from

Thursday 14th July 2016: Stuttgart, Germany
Schloßplatz, 70173 Stuttgart
Tickets on sale 10am (CET) Friday from
Telephone: +49 (0)711 99 79 99 99

Saturday 16th July 2016: Paris, France
Château de Chantilly, 60500 Chantilly, Paris
Tickets on sale 10am (CET) Friday from
Telephone: +33 892 392 192 (France only) or +33 149 975 191 (international)

Monday 18th July 2016: Wiesbaden, Germany
Bowling Green, Christian-Zais-Straße 7, Kurhausplatz 1, 65189 Wiesbaden
Tickets on sale 10am (CET) Friday from

Wednesday 20th and Thursday 21st July 2016: Nîmes, France
Les Arènes de Nîmes, Boulevard des Arènes, 30000 Nîmes
Tickets on sale 10am (CET) Friday from
Telephone: +33 892 392 192 (France only) or +33 149 975 191 (international)

Saturday 23rd July 2016: Besançon, France
Saline Royale d’Arc-et-Senans, Grande Rue, 25610 Arc-et-Senans
Tickets on sale 10am (CET) Friday from
Telephone: +33 892 392 192 (France only) or +33 149 975 191 (international)

Wednesday 27th and Thursday 28th July 2016: Tienen, Belgium
Grote Markt, 3300 Tienen
Tickets on sale 10am (CET) Friday from and

Please note that there is to be no pre-sale (for anyone, anywhere, no matter how nicely they ask) this time, and sales are limited to four tickets per person. Please be sure to read the small print before you buy.

Good luck, everyone. Let us know how it goes. Fingers crossed and all that.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

303 thoughts on “Summer Tour 2016”

  1. Well, wonderful. Beautiful venues as expected. I will try my luck. 😉 Thanks a lot Fed!

    1. I wish to find the tickets…When the ticketone website gets busy, it’s almost impossible…

  2. Arena again…

    I hoped for Venice in Piazza San Marco like 2006 and for Taormina with the beautiful Teatro Greco…

    OK, no problem, we’ll try to go back to Arena with good seats.

    Thanks for the news, FEd!

      1. A wonderful surprise!!! The Schloß Schönbrunn in Vienna is such a beautiful location, it reminds me of Pink Floyd when they played in Versailles 1988!

        My sons (12 & 10) get their first David Gilmour Concert!! Two very special nights for a lot of people! Thank you David!!

  3. Not promised too much! Large choice of beautiful venues…

    I think I’ll pick one of those before finishing at RAH in September. Probably Wiesbaden.

    Thanks for posting the dates, FEd!

  4. Hi fed, I’m going to wroclaw and rah, do you think there will be any more shows in the uk?

  5. A great list! Great Venues! Something for every one of us I think!

    And yes, Wiesbaden on the 18th!!

  6. Yeah!!! Wife said “yes”, with exceptions, but said yes! I hope she will be of the event with me.

    Thanks FEd!!!!

  7. That’s really great news! Good luck to everyone, I’ll try to get my hands on a few tickets for Wiesbaden!

    And thanks, FEd! 🙂

  8. This is fantastic!

    The old man still got the touring power! 😀

    Maybe I will extend my RAH booking with another Europe concert!

  9. Great news, but no date matches for me. 🙁

    All others have fun… I’m a little bit envious.


  10. Wonderful!

    Good luck for everybody trying for tickets on Friday!

    I’ll try for Stuttgart or Wiesbaden, I’ll think about that.

    On the one hand Stuttgart is seated and a smaller venue, but on the other hand there are less tickets for Stuttgart because the venue is small and there are festival passes that allow the buyer to attend every show of the festival…

    FEd, do you know if Wiesbaden is seated completely too, because I want to be close to the stage, but I don’t want to stand.

    I’m looking forward to the chat on Friday too!

  11. Ah, none of the dates fit very well, will be keeping my RAH tickets and hope to get back in time for my daughter’s wedding. 🙂

  12. That’s great news! I wish everyone the best of luck when trying to get tickets on Friday!

    Though I think I am set with the tickets for RAH later this year, because I will be busy changing diapers during the summer. 😉


  13. There’s a strange break between Vienna and Verona. Can we expect some more dates here or will it be Holiday-time for the whole crew?

    1. Well spotted. I think they deserve a break. It’s supposed to be “an old man’s tour” after all.

  14. This is indeed a fantastic news! I’m already going to Wrocław and the first night in London, but I seriously consider grabbing some cheap seats in Verona. I was there last time and the sound at this ancient venue was superb. I have never heard something similar to that.

    Thanks for the info FEd!

  15. Great news and venues. Bravi!

    I’m not going this time but it’s exciting the same. Hope all friends have luck with tickets.


  16. We are so happy that David Gilmour Plays in Wiesbaden, our hometown. We hope now that we will get tickets for this event.

    Thank you FEd for this good news.

  17. Hi fed, great venues, just one moan.

    I live in north of England, got to go to Europe or London, last time he did Bridgewater Hall in Manchester, great show. Why not anywhere else in UK? RAH great venue, most of day getting there and back, hotels arm and a leg, time you have bought ticket and hotel 300 quid.

    1. I know what you mean, Neil; it’s the same for me, living in Wales, and why I probably won’t be going to any of these concerts, so I do share your disappointment and above all frustration at how we are all supposed to be conscious of the environmental cost of flying and willing to use public transport wherever possible so that there are fewer cars on our congested and dirty roads, yet we have a train network that frankly only suits London and its surrounding areas.

      Still, it’ll be nice for a few commuters to be able to get from London to Birmingham a few minutes earlier when HS2 carves up the English countryside for their convenience, won’t it?

      I’ll just leave this here:

      Jeremy Paxman: HS2 is a ‘grotesque waste of taxpayers’ money’

  18. Gah! I wish I wasn’t committed to dragging myself halfway around the world this year…

    Well, I’m not, but I bet these look to be amazing venues. Saw Verona set up for a concert once, looked stunning!

  19. Hello everyone. What does the venue look like at Saline Royale d’Arc-et-Senans? I looked it up online and it appears to an estate with some nice buildings. But where is the theater? Does anyone have a link that shows what it looks like?

  20. Is the Bowling Green show an outdoor show that will be played in the park? Or will it be played at one of the nearby theaters?

  21. Fed, thanks again for the presales that you provided for the previously announced dates, including RAH. As much as I hope to see maybe one more show, it will be less stressful trying to get tickets now. 🙂

    1. Me too Lorraine 🙂 …

      I’d especially love to go to Vienna (I can dream though which is what I do most of the time anyway).

      GOOD LUCK everyone.

  22. Is the Chantilly show outdoors on the castle grounds? Will this have a temporary stage and seating? Or will it be a general admission show?

    Sorry, same question for the show in Vienna. Is it an outdoor show on the property grounds?

      1. Paris is all standing or will there be seats (tickets now are just standing)?

  23. Aww, France is very lucky…

    Au Château de Chantilly, I attended my first (and only) Pink Floyd concert in 1994, I still have such fond and vivid memories of that night! I remember, David and Polly had just gotten married the day before, how lovely. I never imagined he would come back there 22 years later… Welcome back, David! 🙂

    But now, after having seen him at the wonderful Théâtre Antique d’Orange, I’m soooooo, but sooooooo tempted to go to Les Arènes de Nîmes… Isn’t it a stunning place? How could I resist the temptation? On the other hand, how could I convince my husband that he must go there at more than 900 km from our home? Oh mon Dieu!

    1. Michèle, you seem to me the sort of person who could convince (persuade) her husband to do anything ….

    2. Chantilly was very nice indeed 22 years ago. Remember the thunder storm in the distance that added lightning effects?

      David playing there again sounds like the perfect excuse to go back.

  24. Damn, will be in Germany first week of June, would loved to have caught a European gig. Still, I do have MSG to look forward to…

  25. Hope someone can confirm Wiesbaden will be all seated. We wouldn’t go if we had to stand but rather go to Stuttgart where we’re sure it’s all seats.

    Please let us all know well before Friday. Thanks for all your efforts and support, FEd!

    1. I have asked (also about Tienen). As soon as I get an answer, I’ll let you know.

      UPDATE: Wiesbaden will be all seated; Tienen will be both seated and standing.

  26. Great news!

    No Wroclaw for me, but I hope I’ll get lucky and manage to get my hands on two tickets to the Verona show – the space looks stunning. I’d do a quick one – land there the morning of the show and return to my country the morning of the next day. I’ll do some math and come Friday I’ll do my best…

    Oh, how life can change… Two years ago I would have never guessed I’ll get to see David and the band live. In a way, I guess I’ve always envied the guys who managed to be there when Pink Floyd toured for the last time, but these are just as great times and we’re lucky to be here. We’re still making history together.

    1. Hi Stefan. I went to a show in Verona this past September. The city is beautiful as is the arena. If possible, I suggest you buy reserved seats. They allowed the General Admission section to be so overcrowded that people sat in the aisles – to the point that you couldn’t walk. God forbid if there was an emergency… Latecomers would also squeeze into your row even if there wasn’t enough room.

      Glad I went. But I will never choose GA again.

      1. Thank you for the tip! I’ll definitely check that out, although one strong point in favor of the acquisition will be the price of the ticket as well. Unfortunately, while I’d love to be as close to the stage as possible, I’m afraid I may not afford it. I need to save as much as I can for the trip to London in September. 🙂

        Crowds don’t usually scare me – I’m used to being a part of uncontrollable masses of people gathered obsessively in the Golden Circle, that’s the way most of the “big” events in my country used to happen. Small club gigs usually followed the same pattern but things have changed now since the end of October incident at Colectiv, when 63 people died. Most of us here are more careful now – and for good reason.

        1. Believe me, I understand about ticket prices. Haha. That is the toughest part about this tour – deciding which ones we will attend even though we would like to see all of them. Haha… As you are used to GA crowds, it will be no big deal. Even though it was crammed, everyone was very nice – as you would expect at such a show. I can’t imagine a lot of unruly people at a David Gilmour show…

          Good luck with tickets. I am going to try for Chantilly and Nimes.

  27. Not so much an old man’s tour as the second coming …

    Good hunting out there in Euroland.

  28. I heard rumours about a planned show in east Germany in Erfurt or Dresden.

    Can we still hope, that it will come true?

  29. Wonderful! So, for the summer tour we have only a general sale that Open on Friday? Don’t exist a pre sale code? It’s impossible to buy tickets for Verona!

  30. Lucky you guys from Europe!!!!! Good luck this Friday to all with tickets, you all have many to choose. 🙂

  31. Damn, unfortunately my traveling plans this summer are completely opposite to this tour dates… Are there more dates to come? Montreux, Moon & stars? Otherwise I look forward to RAH.

  32. I will try my luck for Stuttgart, the only suitable date for us.

    It could be a new experience to hear David surrounded by Schwabian voices.

    Thanks for posting the dates FEd.

  33. Wow, it is a nice “Old man tour” 🙂 and I think there will be some new dates. Verona is a really bad venue where to attend a concert, don’t buy any tickets, don’t waste your money. 😀 I will try to get some tickets for one of the dates… for me and one for my wife just to keep her calm. 🙂

    Good Luck to everybody.

  34. Wow! Congratulations to all of you who have the resources (and luck!) to score tickets to these shows. We have precious few venues here in the states to compare to those listed.

    Best of luck in the queue. May The Force be with you. And don’t forget to report back!

  35. Thank you David for this second leg of the tour … Thank you FEd for all the information and everything else … I hope I will have luck on Friday … Also luck to all of you!

  36. Think I will fight for the tickets in Verona… I will use my football skills, win a couple of duels, do a couple of sliding tackle and grab those tickets… LOL

  37. Last year, I remember being in front of the computer waiting the exact second the tickets went online. To my disappointment, everything was sold out as soon as they appeared!… Apparently, most of the tickets were sold out during a special presale.

    Fortunately, like 5 mins later, they added 2 additional dates in the RAH, and I managed to get 2 tickets. It was one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to.

    Is there any “trick” to get tickets?

    1. My hope is that, with no pre-sale this time and a limit of four tickets each, more tickets will be shared among more people. We’ll soon see if that is the case.

      Let us know how it goes, won’t you? Good luck.

      1. Let’s see how it goes this time. I couldn’t get tickets for RAH again this year, but I will try to go to Chantilly near Paris. Fingers crossed!

  38. Assuming to survive it, I wonder how I’ll be doing in 20 years when I’ll be David’s age.

    The new dates and the venues make it very difficult to stay reasonable. 😉 I’ll try my best but it’s a win-win situation, anyway.

  39. Good luck to all of you! Also, if there is any concert in 2017, I’ll be there – no matter where (I notice he still hasn’t been in Australia or Japan or South Africa (OK, this might be a long shot) so there is hope [? is there?]).

    I hope you have the best time and that he changes juuust a bit the setlist for the delight of all who attended last year concerts. 🙂

  40. Excited for our friends in Europe getting more chances to see David and the band perform. Some wonderful venues on the list – wish we could go to some of those dates.

    Good luck to everyone trying for tickets!

  41. I haven’t posted here in a couple of years (at least) but just wanted to say I’m thrilled David is back on the road and I will be seeing him in Toronto (first night) in a couple of months. I was fortunate enough to sit just a few feet away from him at Massey Hall on the last tour, and really didn’t think such an opportunity would present itself again.

    Also, for people that didn’t manage tickets – I just wanted to share my experience. David’s shows have basically been sold out since day 1 (only a few VIP packages left). However, every few days I have been randomly checking Ticketmaster. When I did so two days ago, about 5-6 really good seats were suddenly available. That is how I was able to get one. Please keep checking if you have not succeeded thus far.

    1. Hi FEd … I would really like to know that too … last year me and some friends went to one of the RAH shows, and spent a small fortune on flight and hotel … so we hoped for some shows near Denmark this year, since we don’t have too much money … on the other hand we would not miss the chance to get tickets on Friday for a show in Germany, if there is no chance for any shows in Scandinavia … so I hope you can help us to decide what to do. 🙂 … Thanks dgf

  42. Hi Fed and all the regulars and everybody,

    this is great news! I wish I can go, this time to Verona.

    Meanwhile… let’s cross our fingers.

    A very nice day to all of you.

  43. I will go to Vienna regardless of getting tickets. Went to the 3 RAH shows last year which was great fun.

    Does anybody know prices for Vienna?

  44. Hi FEd, I’m curious to see if there’s any plans for the gap 29.06.2016 to 9.07.2016. Can we hope for a UK tour or an outdoor concert in London? Hyde Park possibly? One can dream, right?

    I saw David twice at RAH last year. Would love to see him again but unfortunately didn’t manage to get tickets this time. Mainland Europe is out of question for now.

  45. Any chance to get the seating plan for Vienna? It would be better to prepare and have anough money on my card when the time comes. Thank you! 🙂

  46. I would love to tour Europe taking in all the sights and the museums and to see some really good concerts too? What a dream!

    Good luck to everyone trying for tickets on Friday. 🙂


    1. What a great dream. It would be great, wouldn’t it. I do a virtual one on the internet.

      1. I’ve done lots of virtual tours, just makes me want to do real ones all the more !

        Isn’t it funny, when you’re young, you tell yourself you’ll visit the pyramids, the Taj Mahal, the others of the seven wonders of the world. You discover other wonderful things in the world and want to visit them too, African wildlife, Iceland rift, the grand canyon, Moscow, Tibet. . . I really believed I would find a way to visit these places. 😀

        Then real life begins, you stupidly get married and get a mortgage and can never afford anything else ever again !

        I do love seeing natural world TV and internet tours though, we get to see all the wonders up close and usually with an intelligent commentary.

        I’m buying a lottery ticket today anyway. . . .


        1. Honestly, I was never ambitious about travelling. North Wales would do me every year – serious.

          Now my late brother was a different kettle of fish altogether. He did have the wanderlust. His last holiday was to the Antarctic (the icy bit at the bottom). He travelled there from Chile (I think) on a Russian Ice Breaker.

          1. I wouldn’t go that far, no way! I do love the lonely beauty of the Antarctic and it is full of mystery but I’ve never hankered after going to cold places! Your brother certainly was an adventurer.

      2. Do you remember the guy from the 2006 tour that followed the tour and begged outside the venues to buy a ticket from anyone who had a spare? He featured in the film of the tour. He was great. 😀

          1. Yes, that’s what I meant, I just thought how determined he was to see as many shows as possible. They interviewed him I think. 🙂 He must have been young, no wife or children or mortgage. 😀

  47. Thrilled to see more dates. Wish I had the money to travel and see him in an outdoor concert abroad.

    I’m still quietly hoping he’ll add more UK dates. I do find it a little bit harsh that we only get London whilst other countries get a few locations! Still, for how good he and his band are live I’m always willing to do whatever it takes, hence travelling to Brighton and London a few times over the last year or so. 🙂

  48. Is the ticket limit of 4 per person for each show? Or can people only buy four tickets for all shows combined? I guess it doesn’t matter for me since I will not buy more than that. Just curious since that is how they did it for the RAH shows.

  49. Does anyone know if they will run a late train from Chantilly after the concert? The last schedule train is around 23:30, I think. That may be cutting it close for a show that doesn’t start until 9 pm.

  50. Hi FEd, thanks for the update on seating in Wiesbaden. Great news. We’ll go for it (fingers crossed….)!

  51. Rats and double rats. Am away on Holidays for Wiesbaden and Stuttgart. Only hope is that the promised Cologne concert does actually happen. ???????

  52. FEd, I was thinking: why in Europe David didn’t chose the same big venues that South America’s fans had, of course I agree historical places are nicer than cold stadiums (of course cold, before he starts to play his Stratocaster or Gibson) but in this way he can satisfy more fans considering the enormous request of tickets. Isn’t it?

    I am training my fingers for tomorrow…….may the faster finger win!!! 😀

  53. My husband and two friends and I saw one of the RAH gigs last year and totally loved it. Not lucky enough to get tickets for RAH this time and hoping against hope to be able to get Vienna tickets. Always wanted to visit Vienna and never quite got there… Is it difficult to get tickets via an international ticket site, does anyone have any tips?

    Many thanks and loving this blog! Definitely agree re: HS2 FEd – yours from rural Somerset….how about Glastonbury tor for an amazing outdoor venue?? !!

    1. That sounds good – and easily accessible by train – to me, Maria.

      Good luck with those Vienna tickets. You’ll be fine, don’t worry.

  54. Hi!

    I also would like to know ticket categories for Vienna shows. Any seats available? Prices?

    I’m going to travel from Finland for the show if I’ll bee lucky enough to score tickets.

  55. Hope people manage to get tickets tomorrow. Will be interesting to see what happens now there are no pre-sales. Hopefully they don’t just go straight to the touts.

    From the extra dates it looks like David’s enjoying touring again (probably hard not to enjoy playing in some of these venues, the RAH almost looks dull in comparison to some). Considering he referred to it as an old man’s tour he’s getting quite a few places in. Especially when compared to some of the newer rock bands that seem to consider 6 concerts as a tour!

  56. I just notice that for the Wiesbaden tickets is just like RAH, they are personalized with names.

    FEd, is it the same for Verona? In this case we could have a chance. I also saw (through a reportage on satiric Italian show) how resellers buy all the tickets in once, they use a very expensive (1000 Eur) software that in few minutes can buy all tickets even if there are 4 ticket limits, it can repeat the transaction over and over again in few minutes and I thought it doesn’t matter about presale code. 🙁

    FEd, I hope tickets for all dates are personalized.

  57. I have information that some people have chance to buy tickets right now.. so much of that there would be no pre-sale..

  58. Just an idea for David when he stops in LA for the North American tour.

    Booker T Jones of Booker T & the MGs lives in LA and loves to jam. Perhaps David should look him up and do a few BT&MGs numbers such as “Green Onions” or maybe “Time is Tight”. Please record it if it happens!

  59. Hoping to get tickets in the morning. Has anyone been to both Nimes and Verona venues previously, have a preference?

  60. Is Chantilly all standing? Also is this concert on the racecourse or in the chateau grounds itself?


  61. Still hoping for additional UK dates later in the year. Having managed Brighton and the 1st night at RAH last year, I find myself actually quite excited for those who will see the show this year in Europe (even if I’m a bit envious of the beautiful locations they’ll be watching in!) – is that a bit weird?

    Good luck to everyone tomorrow on your ticket hunt.

  62. Less than 10 minutes and all was gone. The “premium” seats were gone in seconds, I couldn’t even select them, and they opened the sale 4 or 5 minutes before the time.

    I got 2 tickets for Arena di Verona for both nights, similar to the one I had in September.

    I’ll wait for RAH to see him from the front row.

    1. I am so sad – You were lucky 2015 AND 2016 now. I wasn’t lucky both dates. 🙁

    2. Yeah, at my location, at 9:58 the sell was opened and in the premium seats area, I guess, almost 100 seats was sold. At 10:03 the Sunday event was sold out, at 10:05 went sold out the Monday show.

  63. No tickets for me. 🙁 Had an important phone call from 9.45 till 10.20, so no chance… But I hope you all will have great concert experiences!!!

  64. Managed to get 4 cat B tickets for Vienna – over the Moon!!!

    Had difficulty getting onto the ticket site which was immediately overwhelmed and kept coming up with a “bad gateway” message. BUT as I had been onto the ticket page yesterday to see the lie of the land I tried clicking on the browser history for the ticket page and got straight in! That’s a good tip for anyone having a similar issue…

    Hope everyone has the same good luck…

    1. Hi Maria. Great job getting tickets. Thank you for the tip regarding the browser history. I don’t know if I have needed to do such a thing, but I would not have thought of that if I did. 🙂

      1. no problem kkdowning – it just occurred to me while I was panicking about not getting through and watching that awful little spinning thingy…. hope it helps in future.

  65. Yes! I’ve got tickets for Vienna and Paris. I was so lucky, I thought the sale started at 10H00 GMT, so I went to the computer at 9H29, and I still managed to get them.

      1. In this page the time was correct, but yesterday I went to and there was a countdown showing them as 10am GMT… I was so confused when I saw the tickets online when I sat in the computer at 9am GMT…

        I bought one Cat A for Vienna, and two general tickets for Chantilly. There were still some Cat A tickets available for the Vienna gig at almost 10H00 GMT though.

  66. Congratulations to everyone who was able to get tickets, I was lucky with Tienen and Stuttgart (2x Golden Circle and 1x in the center Block C). Tickets for these shows are not personalized, am I correct?

    For those not lucky enough: Keep re-trying, as seats will get out of reservation / insurance cases, at some point! (I got my center block ticket for Stuttgart as late as 10:30.)

    Rock on!

    1. Do you maybe have any spare one? I was so unlucky with Verona in 2015 and this time again! It should be a present for my parents and now I am very sad!

      1. I’m so sorry Walter, but I just bought 2 + 2 for me and my wife. We live south of Italy, 900 km far from Verona, so we thought to move for both nights.

        Good Luck.

  67. Dear FEd,

    in Italy it’s just happened the same, old, story… The tickets for both gigs have been burned in 3 seconds… I’m not joking, 3 seconds!!

    No map of seating places, no waiting room on the website…

    I was very lucky, I bought a ticket in row 10 after 1 second from the beginning of sale, but a lot of people weren’t so lucky…

    Last year, with the link for the presale, it was a better situation, a lot of fans could buy the dreamed ticket… Without a specific link for the presale dedicated to the fans and without personal tickets, in Italy it’s impossible going to David’s concerts.

    Last week, on TV, they explained that a lot of tickets are bought with specific software, used by people who will sell later the tickets for earn much money…

    Please, inform David’s staff of this incredible situation… I think that the 80% of tickets aren’t bought by a fans but by people who will sell later at higher price.

    We need personal tickets, like RAH…

    Please, help a lot of fans that in this moment are crying…

    Thanks a lot!

    1. I’m really sorry about that, Alex. All feedback is important and will be considered, I assure you of that.

      1. What Alex says is really true. For September shows there was the map and I managed to buy the seats I wanted for Arena and I got first row for Florence, both using blog’s presale.

        Apart from David’s concerts, buying tickets for Italian shows is just a shame. All “top” events are sold out in seconds. And even with the limit to 4 tickets per person. Also Ticketone way of selling them is not clear? Why they opened the sale 4-5 minutes before the scheduled time? I found them because I occasionally refreshed the page during the wait and I saw that they were there. And at 09:58 managed to buy “just” 3rd category tickets. I cannot complain because some people don’t have tickets at all, but is always the same business.

        They also put other tickets out for sale at random time during the day and the following days, the don’t sell all the tickets at the same time. Why they do this? Who has to buy tickets at X time (when X is a random minute decided from them between 00:00 and 23:59)? I don’t know how it went with the other sales, but it’s almost impossible that the tickets for the first date were gone in 5 minutes and for the second one in 7 minutes. Impossible.

        Then you look over google and find that Viagogo is a Livenation company, and Livenation is also the promoter who organizes the events, so you understand that maybe there could be something underneath this.

        Sorry FEd for this outburst, but also if I got my tickets is the same history repeating.

      2. Thanks a lot, FEd.

        I don’t know if David will play in another Italian concert. In case, please forward my post to his staff… It’s necessary a different selling procedure for the tickets… The concerts are for the fans, but in Italy it doesn’t seem…

          1. I also confirm what the Alex say about the Verona tickets.

            After a few minutes the tickets were… sold out!

            On never “waiting room”, capcha system, “lead booked”… and any other basic system that a ticketing site must use.

            All this is shameful! 🙁

      3. Can confirm that! Verona was ugly and impossible for “normal” users. Same was in 2015 and today again. I am very pissed.

        1. Yes, that’s exactly what happened when getting tickets from Finland also. However, when we tried again and again, we finally managed to get the tickets anyway.

    2. I agree with you Alex, with a named ticked a lot of these problems could be solved; unfortunately, you know, we live in a country where the philosophy of “aiuta l’amico dell’amico dell’amico dell’amico che tiene famiglia” (“help friend’s friend’s friend’s friend’s friend’s because he has family”, for those who don’t know Italian) it’s deep rooted even in the trees….

    3. Yeah, the same for me I confirm. I was there till 9 o’clock and the sale started at 9,55 (not 10 o’clock). No way to choose seats using the map, they decided the seats for you and in a couple of seconds they were finished…

      I had been lucky but what about all other fans who have not the possibility to connect during the working time?

      And what about all these websites where you can buy the tickets SUPER OVERPRICED?

      It’s a shame.

    4. I was in the same situation. No tickets for Verona. Never we will buy tickets from this dealer!

      Now we changed our plans and we will visit the nice city Vienna for 4 days and 2 nights with David`s wonderful guitar playing and singing.

      Best wishes from Berlin

  68. Yes!

    Got row 11 for Wiesbaden!

    Hope you other guys were lucky too!

    See you in the chatroom later. 🙂

  69. Check back occasionally for new tickets. Wiesbaden seemed sold out after 17 minutes!

    5 mins later there were tickets on sale again. And still are (not the really good ones, though)…

  70. We got tickets for Wiesbaden in front of stage. It´s absolutly a dream because with pre-sales that wouldn`t have happend. Thank you David Gilmour for coming back.

  71. Got Vienna tickets for both nights (Standing for first night and Block B7 the second).

    Can’t believe how many tickets are still available for Vienna!

    1. It means that only real fans and not speculators are buying tickets. Tickets sold out in 3 minutes like for the Italian dates of Stuttgart are just weird and clearly purchased by this magic software that can buy 100s of tickets at once.

      1. Vienna was our first choice and had planned to go anyway so we are obviously pleased we got both nights. We will be there for 5 nights as we had already before tickets went on sale.

        The situation with Verona is dreadful. I feel for all of you that found that all tickets were gone this morning. So unfair that real fans are being priced out or are having to pay higher prices due to touts or even worse ticket sites themselves. It was the same recently with the release of David Bowie’s album and all the speculative buying to sell on. I had a pre-order for the clear Blackstar cancelled by B&N and seeing them selling for up to £600 is heartbreaking especially as I own every last Bowie album except that one.

        I hope you all get sorted with tickets.

  72. Have tickets for Wiesbaden B 2, but at the beginning you have no seating plan.

    There are already tickets for Wiesbaden available.

  73. I’m not surprised by the negative feedback from Italy, sadly.

    Hope everyone who was lucky enough to have tickets can enjoy the show.

    Rock on David!

  74. Also got tickets for Wiesbaden! I´m so happy about that and can´t wait til july! A dream comes true for the third time!!!

  75. I Just bought a ticket for Stuttgart, the tickets went very fast and I refreshed one time too many so in the end I had to buy one special one, for 250 euro, that includes food and fancy stuff that I don’t care about but it is OK.

    What is totally confusing is that I have no idea of where I am going to sit. I am in block F, the chart on the website linked even here is very high level and small.

    I don’t mind the price, I don’t care about the food but I do care a lot to have a decent place…

  76. True, all tickets for Verona were sold out after few seconds, it’s just unbelievable… I selected 4 tickets for numerated seats, try to put them into a shopping cart, but was getting notice that seats are not available… than I refreshed the browser and ticked were all sold out… I was waiting and hoping that this is some kind of a mistake, keep refreshing the browser and suddenly tickets for non numerated seats appeared… I had luck and managed to put 4 tickets into a shopping cart and buy them… This was my most stressful buying experience that I ever had and I lost at least 5 years of my life…

    I’m so sad for all that people who didn’t manage to get their tickets, and I’m very very angry on those jackals who are reselling tickets for significantly higher prices…

    Now it’s obvious that selling tickets without presales didn’t solve the problem…

  77. Oh la la… What a stressful experience!

    But youpi! I’m finally the proud/lucky/happy/silly owner of two tickets for one night in The Arènes de Nîmes…

    Now I can die in peace…

      1. Only if he offers me there a Pina Colada, a glass of ‘Costières-de-Nîmes’ (it’s wine) and an Irish Coffee…

      1. 163 days left until the big day for me…

        How about you? … 62?

        OK, must be suffering from Constant Counting Disorder … 😉

  78. What a crazy morning! 😀

    Got tickets for Wiesbaden in Block B2, much better than I thought!

    Thank you David Gilmour, a dream come true!

    Saw him 2006 in Frankfurt, but the seats were far far away from the stage.

  79. I’m very surprised, but I just checked (14H35 CET) and there are still tickets available for Chantilly and Vienna.

  80. Yes !!!! Nimes and Chantilly in the bag !!

    Verona sold out before it went on sale it would appear ?? FED, do you know if had a Presale as the lot seemed to have gone by 9am UK time. Happy with Paris and Nimes though. 🙂

  81. For those who weren´t lucky this morning:

    There are tickets for Germany and Vienna available again.

  82. I managed to get tickets for the shows in Stuttgart and the 2nd show in Tienen.

    Combined with the ticket for the last night at the Royal Albert Hall I am truly happy!

    I just hope that the setlist for the 2nd leg of the world tour will be altered slightly. Maybe a bit more songs from the solo albums?

    We will see!

  83. Just checked Viagogo: 2 offers for the Wiesbaden show – but 8(!) pages(!) of overpriced(!) offers for Verona. All this not even 3 hours after start of official sale. To me this appears to be a very doubtful (if not illegal) practice.

    I truly wish they didn’t sell a single overpriced ticket – but I’m afraid it will sell out, too…

  84. I am very pleased to be able to see DAVID GILMOUR in Wroclaw and VIENNA!! 🙂

    Verona? I tried to get tickets for Verona. But at 10:01 there was no ticket left for both shows!! A joke really! No comparison to the previous year, when I was in the 9th row, thanks presale! Friends received tickets but just for the back rows!

    Currently on eBay: 2 tickets for Verona 10.7.2016 starting for 1500 €. This is just one of many offers on eBay and Viagogo!

    I do not want to complain. I had a lot of luck last year, just because of the presale links! Never before I have been able to see David Gilmour from the front rows! So for that I say THANKS A LOT!

    1. Lucky you, I wanted to go to Vienna but date doesn’t quite suit me… at least I got non numerated tickets for Verona by some strange miracle, and tickets for RAH…

      Selling tickets on such a high prices is outrageous…

  85. On Viagogo there are also tickets for Besancon concert selling at 500 or 800 euros each, even if tickets are still on sale through the official website…unbelievable!

  86. Well, the nearest I got to Verona was fucking Pizza Hut. Anyone got some rope? Not a sniff.


    1. I managed to get 4 tickets for Verona, but 5 minutes after official sale started, just because I was refreshing my browser and tickets reappeared for a moment… looks like they fell out of someone’s basket, luckily for me… I think many of these tickets were sold out before they went on an official sale…

  87. I hope my comments are not mistaken as a moan at this site or its staff and the employer, LOL.


  88. Sorry for those lucky enough to get tickets in Verona. Will you have a beer in the square before you go in or 2?

    Damian not Damiano this year.

      1. Yeah, why not Andrea? That’s 3 litres, goes down too well. So you could just sit there getting slowly pissed and listen to David at the same time.


    1. Hey Damiano, there’s still tickets for Chantilly, its a very nice venue. Not sure what you’d call yourself though, I think Damien is the French??

      I’ve resisted the urge to buy this time around, I can’t risk my marriage, I’ve already dipped into the kids’ college fund. Enjoy everyone with tickets.

      1. I was really looking forward to Verona, Tom. I have a really bad crush on all things Italy. God’s country. I’m just so grateful I have tickets for 2 nights at the RAH. And looking at all these tickets on eBay I don’t think too many are selling, so could backfire on the scumbags selling them.

  89. It’s a shame that such things are happening. I was on at 10:00, Poltronissima was already sold out and when I wanted to buy 2 Tiers tickets they were sold out as well. I mean.. in one minute there were no tickets?? In other 90 minutes I was trying to buy returning tickets but it was mission impossible for me and now I have no tickets for Verona show. What should real fans do?? Nothing! Just hate Italian online selling system.

    So.. if anyone has two Tiers tickets I want to buy them. You can reach me on my e-mail […]

  90. Vienna was way too expensive for me, 160€ the good seats. Especially compared to Wroclaw, where the best place is 1/4 of this price. I have missed out on those, really hope that some will become available later.

  91. It seems I was lucky! Got 2 tickets in row 6, poltronissima, for Verona. Just refreshed 500 times and as soon as it was available, got them.

    So sorry for the ones that didn’t make it. There’s clearly an ongoing fraud under the daylight.

  92. Tried to get Stuttgart tickets, but I wasn’t aware that I had to get my order in in the first 3 minutes…all gone now. This sucks so much I can’t even start to say how much….I really want to see David once in my life and these $§%&#+*!ing a^°$$$+.#+&%§ grab all the tickets and sell them for insane prices…only one hour after sale went online… !!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. Right, lets all get on eBay and send some really deserved abuse to the fucktards selling our tickets.


  94. I very much like the idea of putting the purchaser’s name on the tickets like they did for the UK show, and they have to be present or no deal. I think it would seriously cut down, if not eliminate this Bull Shit.

  95. I´m happy because I could manage to get my tickets for Stuttgart but only because I was able to be online at 10 o´clock. A few minutes later all tickets were sold out. No seating chart, no opportunity to choose, you had to take what they offered you – I really missed the pre-sale.

  96. It’s very disturbing to read the negative experiences that people have had in trying to buy tickets. Whilst we all accept that high popularity inevitably means tickets sell out very quickly, I am very concerned about the amount of tickets which find their way on to premium rate sites – sites which are owned, controlled and operated by the official ticket agencies. There’s something seriously wrong that allows them to do this. I may be out of line here, but I’m convinced that ticket companies are syphoning off large batches of tickets to their premium sites.

    Well done to those who managed to beat the cheats.

  97. Looking forward to seeing Him in Toronto ACC, April first. Picked up three tickets, lifelong fan and with my two brother-in-laws as well.

    Can’t wait!

    So happy David is touring!

  98. Just wondered if anyone was aware of Stubhub who are part of eBay. They are selling tickets for the RAH for between 700 and 900 pounds, some tickets for the states are asking 2000 dollars.


  99. Yeeehhaaaaa.

    Got tickets for:

    Saturday 23rd July 2016: Besançon, France
    Saline Royale d’Arc-et-Senans, Grande Rue, 25610 Arc-et-Senans.

    Been doing some research and the images of the Royal Saltworks are stunning. What a beautiful setting. This has made up for all the other UK venues I never got a sniff at. My lovely wife and I are making a long weekend of it. Driving down in her Z4, hopefully weather will be good enough for the roof down, then go to the show, Sunday lunch in Bern! Really looking forward to it.

    Many thanks to David and of course all the other people who make these events possible.

    1. I think this is really the most unusual place for a concert and the biggest surprise of DG’s Summer Tour 2016, isn’t it? Wish I could be there! Hopefully you write a little report about the gig Julian! Have fun. 😉

  100. And again, I missed out.

    David needs to put an end to this madness. Not all of us can afford to pay a friggin’ 300+ € for one ticket.

  101. viagogo…about 1000 or more tickets for verona are there…..that cant be the solution…that’s mafia style, now it’s clear why it was sold out after seconds…..

    can there be something done by the management for example?? that’s like a big business….people are buying tons of tickets to be able to make money with us fans…

  102. Just a FYI: Madison Square Garden shows now have tickets available though Ticketmaster. Both dates priced at $190 and $125 if anyone is interested.

  103. Hope the weather didn’t cause too much disruption where you are Fed, stay safe.


    1. Many thanks, Damian. Another timely reminder that ‘She could take it back some day,’ that’s for sure.

      1. I don’t know about you Fed, but I feel like I have not seen the fat old sun for such a long time.

        By the way, I didn’t get a speeding ticket, how about you?


        1. Thankfully, no speeding ticket. 🙂

          I feel the same way. It’s been rain, wind, hail, rain, sleet, wind and more rain for so many weeks now.

          That said, it could always be worse and, somewhere, it is.

  104. I know it’s annoying, the ticket problem. But hey, are we not proud, how many artists of a certain age can sell out large venues and have people fighting to get to see them do a tour then go back round and do it again? That makes me happy for David for Polly who, let’s agree, we wouldn’t have had any new material without her poetic verses and thank you to the rest of the band for being great musicians and choosing to follow such a great leader.


    1. It’s great to be able to see this great music and I’m nearly 52, cream crackered, and he’s nearly 70 touring the world, looks nothing like his age. I can’t be arsed going to the shop for a pint of milk these days let alone a trip abroad.

  105. Fair result at the weekend FEd? Did you get to see it, seems the game took its toll on both teams.

    More sad news today: Paul O’Connell forced to retire for good after the injury he sustained in the world cup.

    1. I did see it (but not in Dublin, unfortunately). A good game and a fair result. I think both Wales and Ireland have had quite enough injuries lately, don’t you?

      That is sad news about Paul O’Connell. It’s a hard game, that’s for sure. Their bodies take a real pounding on the rugby field. Then you see footballers writhing in agony and have to shake your head sometimes.

  106. “Old man’s tour” is really filling out. I’m happy for those who get to go. But I’ll be honest, I’m disappointed that I now lose bragging rights for having tickets to the 4/12 MSG show, which was until recently the last show scheduled.

    1. Ah, I feel for you. I felt the same way when first more RAH dates were announced last September and then more or less a world tour! 🙂 Setting my hope to Sept 30 at RAH again. 😉

  107. Tickets arrived already for Nimes and Verona. All of a sudden the amazing memories from autumn last have been jettisoned from the past into the future as a dream to look forward to. Only 40 something days till I jet to LA for 2 nights at the bowl, and then NY after that. It’s a dream come true.

    I wonder if any variation on the set is planned for the 2016 tour.. Any knowledge of this at all fED? 🙂

  108. Just watched Top of the Pops 1981. Roxy Music no 1 – Jelous Guy. Phil looking rather trendy, friend of ours went out with Brian at school.


  109. Old man’s tour? I guess that leaves me in the clear. Lots of luck.

    #NowPlaying: The Who – Who Are You

  110. I’ll be out in the afternoon..if I will not be back in time, let’s have a great chat time all!


      1. The circumflex will be removed from above the letters I and U where the accent does not change the pronunciation or meaning of the word.

        Happy to see that Nîmes isn’t ready to lose its lovely little hat over the ‘i’… 😉

  111. Has anyone else read the story? Someone took a photo and put it on YouTube. They called it ‘random man on the beach’, little realising it is David Gilmour. Nick has posted it on his FB page. The Parka David is wearing is very dapper.


  112. I received yesterday my tickets for Wien, I saw there was few available so I thought on the 25th I’m going to go to Wroclaw (from Italy) and on the way back there is Wien so I (we, me and one of my friend) will stop there on the 27th. 🙂 And Verona with my wife.

    Hard life. 😀

  113. Just in case people didn’t notice, I wanted to point out that Chantilly was all standing with unique price till yesterday (12 February). They have now added numbered seats en ‘gradins’ (can’t translate, sorry, = ‘tiers’?) – Gradins A ou B.


    1. And they are much more expensive than the general standing tickets. Almost twice. But are they any good? Does anyone know the setup? Is it at the hippodrome? If yes, does that mean these are part of the hippodrome’s regular seating? If yes, wouldn’t they be pretty far from the stage?

      1. I have phoned the ‘Domaine de Chantilly’ and GDP, it’s not at the hippodrome but in the park (capacity about 20,000).

  114. Does anyone know where the show will take place at Chantilly? Will it be on the castle grounds? Or will it be at the race track (hippodrome)?

  115. No tickets for me as far as the summer shows scheduled so far are concerned (yet). I would have jumped at the chance to be in Wroclaw, I am obsessively checking the ticket site. Verona sold out way too fast for me and due to work constraints, the only other available option is Chantilly – I secretly hope something may happen, but for the moment I’m not making any plans.

    There’s one news that particularly excites me, though: a rumor reports negotiations for a Pompeii gig. If THAT truly happens, it would be awesome and I’d do everything in my power to be there.

    FEd, do you happen to know if this is even a remote possibility?

      1. That would be really outstanding!

        I always wanted to ask you that:

        How long do you know about tour dates before they get announced, like the dates of that European Tour?
        Because I imagine it is kind of weird when someone asks you about a rumour he/she heard and you’re not allowed to confirm anything, though you know the answer?

        1. It’s not so weird. I enjoy chuckling to myself in response to each new rumour. Some of them are better than others. Besides, we all need to learn to be more patient – myself included.

      2. That rumour would be pretty amazing if true.

        Last year somebody mentioned that David was a special guest for the Steven Wilson concerts at the RAH last year. No truth obviously but it is as if it only needs mentioning and it is true no matter who started the rumour.

        So in that vain I will start the rumour of him playing in Hamburg so my 70 year old mother in law can see him live. It is now true, yes?

          1. Ah yes, so he could just pop over there and do it without us knowing. Camping equipment at the ready! I wonder if I can camp out at Pompeii for the rest of the year in case.

      3. I keep a somewhat healthy habit in checking the Italian press for any news related to music in general, David Gilmour in particular. The truth is there’s quite a big Romanian community in Italy – because of that, transportation options from Bucharest to almost all of the big Italian cities are quite affordable and you have a wide array of choices. If a major European tour happens and the artist does not visit Romania (which, sadly, happens more often than not), the best choice to see him live would be, for us here, a trip to Italy.

        The source of my rumor is an article published at the end of January on I sure hope the concert happens, I sure hope an audience will be allowed and I sure hope I’ll be able to be there.

  116. Hi, FEd!

    I have few questions regarding Chateau de Chantilly concert. I’ll be very grateful for your help and reply, my apologies if I should ask somebody else regarding these questions.

    First of all, from the start of the selling there were only stand tickets available, few days later they started to sell seat tickets as well. I wasn’t able to buy seat anymore cause I’ve bought stand tickets already.

    The concert starts 9:00 PM and the Chantilly Park is closed at 6:00 PM. I think it would be nice to start the show 7:00 PM , so the guests could go directly to the concert instead of walk somewhere around three hours if they came in the morning to the spot.

    The last and most important question is transport organization. The latest train Chantilly – Paris 11:00 PM. I’m sure it’s gonna be a problem to go back to Paris for no car guests, the show is going to be 2 hours minimal, so there is no time to get back to the train station. Will there be any chance to get back to Paris for people who didn’t come with car for any reason (like me 🙂 ). Will there be arranged some buses or something by organizers?

    I hope you have some information.

    Thank you in advance!

    1. I only wish I could help, Tom. I will ask, but I wouldn’t have thought any buses would be arranged for this. A very good time to be a taxi driver, I expect.

    2. Thanks for your post, Tom. I have been asking the same questions…

      Like you, I have already bought a standing ticket for Chantilly but may have considered reserved seating if it was available at the time they went on sale. That is frustrating. Then again, does anyone know where the reserved seating will be located? Without knowing, it is a bit risky paying almost twice the amount of a standing ticket.

      I have been wondering the same thing about no-car guests. Getting there by train will be easy. But if we are to rely on taxis after the show, some people will be waiting for a long time. This is hard enough after a small club show, let alone a 20,000 capacity performance. I wonder if they will run a late train? I have seen this in other cities when a large event is planned.

    3. Hi Tom,

      I was at Chantilly in 1994 and anyone here who was there would have experience an epic concert, with a huge thunderstorm yet no rain at the end of the show, and the epic firework display afterwards. From memory the concert was delayed beforehand due to complete gridlock leading into Chantilly. By the time anything got moving our coach left at around 3am and we arrived at our hotel in Paris at dawn.

      I am staying near, hiring a car and driving up Saturday evening. I have 3 spare seats for anyone heading back to Paris, so maybe we could arrange something. The concert in ’94 was on the race track and there was 101 ways outta the venue through a forest, so even a simple meeting point is tricky, however with Google Maps nowadays it maybe a lot easier.

      Stay in touch if you need a lift back to town. 🙂

      1. Hello Rob,

        I am attending the Chantilly concert in July. I am also travelling back to Paris after the concert. Do you still have space in your car? I would be very grateful if you are able to give me a lift. I’ll be fine going to the Gare du Nord station later.

      2. Hi Rob —

        If you still have room in your car, I would love a ride back to Paris after the concert — anywhere that’s convenient for you. Please let me know and best way to connect.

        Many thanks,

      3. Hi Rob

        I was at that gig in 94, also flew from Dublin to Jersey then St Malo by boat and on to Paris by bus convoy, it was incredible so I’ll be taking my brother this time. We haven’t booked a hotel yet, have you any suggestions?

  117. I guess this is more wishful thinking from us… 🙂 I doubt it if they would allow audience in there at all.

  118. I am taking my wife to see David in California and then seeing him in the 4th row MSG a few weeks later with my cousin. The second is only happening because of this site. My cousin has been a part for a while. I just want to give a huge thank you. I am 40 years old and have never had the chance to see Pink Floyd or David Gilmour live. I have seen the Waters Wall 2 times and both the Aussie and Brit Floyd numerous times. Unfortunately I didn’t really fall in love with the music until I was older and they were no longer together. Needless to say I am more than excited. To make things even greater, I get to see Stephen Wilson twice as well! The odds of that happening in the states are not good.

    This will be a great next 6 weeks!

    1. Enjoy it, Chad. I’m really glad you will be there. Let us know how it all goes, won’t you?

  119. I am thinking of traveling to the Chicago show, April 6th at the Auditorium, and does anyone know if this is different show (playlist, etc.) from his show 2 days earlier in Chicago at the United Center?

    1. Just bought 2 tickets off of StubHub. Expensive but worth it. Auditorium only seats about 3900 persons.

  120. Received my Chantilly tickets yesterday. Ended up being charged €7 instead of the €27 when I checked out. The ticket company said that that was their mistake, but have still send via courier, good on them!

    Still trying to find out about potential public transport after the concert. I’d rather not drive but as the moment this seems to be the only option, unless anyone knows any different?

    Got friends in Paris, so free apartment is already sorted.

    1. FEd, are you able to help out here? I can’t seem to find any information from official sources (French public transport and the French ticket operator).

      I will travel from the UK to Holland to pick up my sister but would like to travel by train to Paris from there, but if that means I will have to fork out for a taxi (along with everyone else?) back to Paris after the concert, it will change all our plans and we will have to drive.

      1. I’m sorry, Erik. I don’t have any solid information, but apparently there will be buses to get out of Chantilly after the concert. That’s all I know, I’m afraid. I have no precise details.

  121. Ouch! Italian minister twitting an agreement for a Live at Pompeii?

    Can we breathe again?

  122. Hi everyone,

    Going to MSG in a few weeks, cannot wait!

    So far on this tour I’ve seen Brighton and RAH (25th). Lucky enough to have Poland Market Square and RAH booked for later in year.

  123. Looking forward to seeing you April 1st in Toronto!

    I’d love to see Beauty added to the setlist. Love it!!!

  124. FEd, as now a new merchandising collection (T-Shirts, etc.) has been launched for the upcoming leg of the tour, do you know if there will be a special T-Shirt available for every show, or just for some shows?

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