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    1. Das hast du schön geschrieben !!!

      Taki, wir werden bestimmt ein paar schöne Konzerte DVDs bekommen. Wobei ich denke das David zu viele Konzerte für uns gibt.

      1. Absolutely! And more then happy to have David Gilmour enjoying himself on stage! And of course one asks himself: Will there be one or the other date following Stuttgart?

  1. Great news, indeed.

    If there’s some sort of presale, I should furiously start posting comments now, eh? 🙂

    I got tickets for Wroclaw, but sure will try to get hand on one for Stuttgart, too.

    Eagerly awaiting further details – thanks for keeping us up to date!

        1. It means there is no pre-sale for any of the concerts you’ll know about by this time tomorrow.

  2. Hi!

    More dates in the queue?

    Stuttgart is nice, but I wouldn’t go that long way from the Ruhrgebiet. Nothing planned in the more northern hemisphere of Germany?


      1. i still believe there’s gonna be a date in switzerland (moon & stars festival in beautiful ticino). date and location would fit just perfect. 😉 we’ll see…

  3. Well, since I am planning to go by car from Sweden to Italy the week following the 14th, I might just make a stop in Germany on the way…

    1. Thank you, Souza. I have wished for the same thing and am a bit surprised that he doesn’t play this song. It seems perfectly suited for his show.

  4. Any news about the Cologne and/or Wiesbaden dates that rumoured some weeks ago?

    Stuttgart will be great!

  5. Looks like a summer European summer tour is taking shape?

    Any hope for more North American dates? Red Rocks would be perfect this summer?

    1. Good call, Señor Muddy. This would be a beautiful place to see him play. But it is probably too remote in comparison to LA, Chicago, and New York.

      Personally, I think the Auditorium Theater in Chicago will be the best venue for this North American tour.

  6. I have the tickets for 2 nights in London (29 and 30) 🙂 , I just bought the tickets for Wroclaw 😀 , before my wife kills me 🙁 when she hears I want to go to Stuttgart too, please FEd tell me if there will be any concert in Italy!!!

      1. So the Chinese water torture ploy is being used to good effect FEd. Tantalizingly drip feeding the odd date, here, there and everywhere. How long will this continue, I wonder.

        Summer ’16 is shaping up to be beautiful.

        1. Last question FEd. 🙂

          There will be just an announcement of the dates or I need my credit card too? Like Wroclaw date. In this case I have to take a sickness day. 😀

          1. You won’t need it tomorrow, don’t worry. You should go to work (and take Friday off instead).

      1. FEd…hmmm…I already feel a cold coming…I am sure by the end of the week the fever will go up. 😉

        Francesco, I am already doing the laundry 🙁 since last year, after: Verona, Florence and 2 dates in London. 🙂 I think I will start wearing a maid uniform. 😀

        Or maybe the best way to be forgiven is take her with me at one of the concerts and that is why I hope there will be a concert here in Italy, not far from where we live so it will be easier to convince her to come.

        1. Ahahah!! You’re not engaging so much…what about South America? And North America tour?? You cannot miss also these. 😉

          OK, let me think another option….are you also ironing? otherwise you could clean the house everyday….otherwise, yes, take her with you. 😀

          I did it in Florence, where I took my wife with me and she appreciated a lot, it has been like a second, very very short, honeymoon. 😉

          I’m hoping, as you, another date here, close to us, because at that time we’ll have a little baby, we cannot leave him too much time alone with grandparents.

  7. Looks like a northern-europe-openair-tour… We have to look out for smaller festivals, right?

  8. A concert in Stuttgart on 14 July…

    Within the framework of the Jazz Open Festival?

    I bet he will be playing ‘The Girl in the Yellow Dress’ and ‘Dancing Right in Front of Me’.

    Now, David, on 14 July you could have celebrated with us our Bastille Day in Paris…We know amazing revolutionary songs… 😉

  9. He is stalking me! When I lived in the south of France he came to Orange (what a gig!) and now that I live in Munich he is coming close again!

    I already have a ticket for London but I can’t avoid Stuttgart!

  10. As Michèle said, this gig is gonna be a part of the JAZZOPEN 2016… tickets listed price for David’s show are quite expensive, from 90 to 250 eur, but would be great to see it…

  11. More fantastic news. Please keep it coming! 🙂

    Good luck to those trying for tickets on Friday!

  12. That sounds like a really cool place to perform a show. You are so lucky to have so many unique venues that can accommodate concerts.

  13. wonderful!!!! he seems so happy on this tour! i’m so glad he’s adding more dates! the music is quintessential gilmour!

  14. Any concerts planned in The Netherlands? There are some beautiful market places here as well! Take the Vrijthof in Maastricht where André Rieu has his yearly run of big open air shows. It would fit the schedule….

  15. Every week new tour dates, no pre-sale, you know how to give my life the right thrill. 😉

  16. Something is moving…

    Can’t wait for tomorrow and for some Italian dates…

    FEd, if I can ask, why there won’t be a presale this time? For the American dates was a mess, but last time with the RAH it went so good.

    Anyway, no problem, you already did so much for us, we’ll try to pick good seats as well.

    1. I can only give my personal opinion, and I thought it went quite well last time (thanks in no small part to the amazing staff at the Royal Albert Hall) after being left disappointed the time before. The question is: Is it worth all that extra work when some people are always going to share the password and resell their tickets (never mind the moaning and crawling and lying in order to gain an advantage)? In all honesty, I felt it probably wasn’t worth it considering that ‘bloggers’ have done extremely well up until now. Having had to purge my list, regrettably, for obvious reasons (as well as only being an occasional arsehole, not a full-time one), I didn’t wish to decide who is worthy of future passwords and who isn’t; that could obviously change from day to day and would cause much complaint.

      So I hope this is the fairest way for the time being. Let’s see. I look forward to appreciative comments from “hardcore” fans who have spent thousands in support of David and Pink Floyd down the years, but don’t have time to spend online, now that there’s a more level playing field for everyone. Maybe. We’ll see.

      Best of luck.

      1. I understand your point, and of course the decision is yours. An opinion over the presale can be right as well as another one. Who shares the password is to blame and is just a miserable person, as well as the ones who buy tickets for resell. They lack of respect towards you, that organized all that stuff for us without being asked, and of course is a lack of respect towards David as well: I’m pretty sure he would prefer to have in front of him in the first rows some “irregulars”, not people who came later and spent tons of money for that ticket. Could be right to have a presale for those who participate in blog’s life, could be right as well to let all people start on the same line, and see who’ll arrive first.

        My thought about this is: scalpers there’ll be anyway. Having a presale for some people maybe can include someone who doesn’t deserve that code, but can be a little advantage for a lot of “regular irregulars”. Friday, when the tickets will be online, we’ll have to fight with scalpers as well, and the percentage will be of course bigger.

        Anyway, I feel that I can’t blame any decision you take. It’s all up to you and we have to respect whatever you decide to do. I’ve had the luck to buy some first row tickets for RAH in September and I’ll be lifetime grateful to you just for this. We’ll train our fingers on the mouse and hope in Holy ADSL to be faster then scalpers’ one on Friday.

        Have a beautiful evening!

        1. And you. I hope you’ll be lucky on Friday.

          Not my decision, I should stress that (I do as I’m told), but when asked for my view on this, there it was: I didn’t think there should be a pre-sale unless it could be done differently, and with multiple ticket agencies involved, it’s not so easy to arrange or have as much control as you might like.

          All the more reason to appreciate how they do things at the Royal Albert Hall, of course.

          So I’ll hold my hands up and accept your rotten cyber-fruit and -vegetables on Friday, should an angry mob form wishing to throw things at me. The chatroom’s open at 4pm (UK).

          1. You’re joking and you know it. We’ll never never never could be in the position to blame you. Because what you do for us is just great, and we cannot be happier than this.

            Coming back (for the last time, I promise) on the presale: maybe the best way is a unique code which allows to buy max 2 tickets per date. So the “genius” who forwarded the code to their friends is in competition with them in who buys first. Of course, if with the RAH (or with concerts in a single nation) this could be simple because the agency and the ticket seller is one, with a tour and multiple ticket sites it’s very very difficult, and I totally understand that maybe the better ways is just do nothing.

            We’ll see in chat, hoping to celebrate for buying good tickets. 🙂

          2. FEd, you little tease but we do love you.

            I think you’ve reached a fair conclusion, we the bloggers have indeed has ample opportunity to avail of presale tickets for RAH, the American leg concerts and Europe. I think it has been abused by some in the past, the presale I mean, so I believe it’s fair to leave it to chance again. We can’t complain about it, we’ve, I mean I’ve, been lucky enough to grab some of the best seats at some concerts on this old man’s tour! I’m fortunate to be able to afford the travel for the shows I’ve been to and I am also looking forward to heading to New York in April. Roll on the lottery for those looking to see David again, I’m spent I’m afraid, but am grateful for what I’ve been able to witness so far and appreciate the efforts of those that made it possible. I look forward to hearing what’s to come, last time I didn’t have to travel to see David was in 1984, who knows a Dublin date maybe???? LOL!

            Tom B.

          3. No rotten vegetables on Friday, you know that, FEd. The pre-sale links for Europe 2015 were great, no doubt about it. But there are too many rotten vegetables out there who want to make money with tickets that real fans would nearly do everything for. So – equal chances for all is the best solution. Look what Prince fans must do – he plays tiny venues and there is sometimes only a ticket sale at the evening of the gig at the venue. We all can be very happy that DG plays bigger but still beautiful venues and gives fans the more than theoretical possibility to see him.

            So FEd, looking forward to the chat, with tickets or without tickets. 😉

      2. Well, my little suggestion would be to provide a unique code to fans that can only be used once.

        Hope that’s OK.


      3. Fed, I don’t blame you, since you really tried to support and help the most loyal fans of David, and thank you for all you have done. Only thanks to your great work for over 10 years we stayed informed about David´s work and got connected with other fans worldwide. What a shame that a few betrayed your trust, caused trouble and finally led to the consequences that you won’t share any more presale codes. Those who caused that know who they are. Shame on them.

      4. I don’t know about that FEd. You know what they say…’No good deed shall go unpunished.’

        I got nothin’ but love for you, along with tickets to three shows this spring. I’m blessed.

        Good luck to those seeking tickets to Stuttgart – or any other shows tba. It makes me happy to think that David and the band are having a good time and wanting to play more shows. “Old man”? Pah!!

      5. I have always been a Pink Floyd fan, I have been at 4 of their concerts, 5 times at Waters concerts, Gilmour (until now) 6 times, all of the shows were in Italy except the 2 concerts I saw last year in London!

        The tickets for Pink Floyd I bought them trough a friend that was leaving in Rome, this was before online tickets era, for Waters and Gilmour I did everything online without any pre-sale password, of course I would have loved having better seats to enjoy the show more, but this was not possible!

        This is my story, I am sure not everybody was as lucky as me, so I can just imagine how it feels like not being able to buy the tickets you have hoped for so long…and is even worse when you cannot even afford to buy them in resale!

        What I think about it? Well Fed, you have more experience than most of us and you know how the sale with or without password went, you take your time and decide what you think is best!

        I have one regret, that I have discovered you so late and also..sorry for my bad English!

        I don’t need the password…..unless you want me to see the show from one of the first rows! 😀

        Good luck to everybody.

  17. GREAT NEWS, thanks FEd !! Hopefully there are some more dates to follow here in Germany…fingers crossed… 😉 Have a nice evening!

  18. TY Fed for the info, as always. It had been so nice of you sending out emails before, but had been so helpful for all the loyal fans and regulars. But thanks to some who betrayed your trust all other fans have to suffer the consequences. However it is wonderful that there will be more concerts this summer, hopefully not just when we are away. So it is a real nailbiter and cliffhanger what more will be announced tomorrow.

  19. I don’t wish to ruffle anyone’s feathers, nor do I think FEd needs me to fight his/her battles, but it’s a bit wearying continually reading about folks begging for pre-sale links. People abused the link system before so it’s not surprising that it’s not gonna happen this time.

    Getting back to the main subject, exciting times ahead with speculation about future DG gigs and I’d love to hear about a gig in Glasgow. If it were to happen though, I fear I’d miss it (as I did in 2006) due to being away for a week in May and 2 weeks in July. If it does happen, I hope it’s June or late July.

    I’d like to ask something about the tickets for the gig in Poland. Does anyone know why they are/were so cheap? Somewhere around £23-25? That said, the tickets my son and I had for RAH last September were worth every penny of the £200 in total.

    1. I looked up the standard of living in Poland and found this from 2011. I doubt much has changed in 5 years.

      Fans in Poland are paying probably about the same proportion of their weekly wage for a ticket as Brits do. It may be that David takes a loss to play there, it may be that local labour (to make a concert happen) take a much smaller pay cheque than a British labour force.

      I’m guessing. 🙂


    2. Maybe because Poland is not that expensive country to live in 😀 …this gig in Wroclaw is a part of the city’s celebrations as European Capital of Culture 2016, so it seems that the city of Wroclaw wanted to give their citizens and guests an unforgettable show…

  20. Since we have to ‘beat’ scalpers, for me the problem would be that tickets go on sale 10am (CET). Most people are working at that time.

  21. This is great! Seems that David really enjoys the Rattle That Lock tour. I’ve seem him in Pula, Croatia last September. Thank you indeed!

    I’m wondering – can we expect more tour dates this summer apart from Wroclaw and Stuttgart? Anyone more involved in the decision making process reading my question? Please give us a clue! I want to plan my schedule. 🙂

    Pula was an incredible location. Arena di Verona too.

      1. So this will be a long night! Sounds promising!

        Thank you for the reply. I appreciate it. 🙂 I will be following the blog for updates.

  22. I think that the reason why he is making more concerts in Europe is the result of the South American tour. I have seen on YouTube videos from Brazil where 65000 people are singing with him, amazing. With these impressions it’s easy to go ahead. We should be grateful for every concert he makes this Summer in Europe.

    For me it’s absolutely OK that there is no presale, because many people have ordered more tickets they needed to sell them for higher prices on the black market or Internet. Now everyone has the same possibility to get tickets. On Eventim they check if you have ordered a bigger quantity of tickets under one name as allowed.

  23. Stuttgart is great. That’s just an hour away from me!

    I hope I’ll be lucky on Friday.

    Good luck to everyone else trying for tickets.

  24. FEd, I got one more question for you:

    As the Stuttgart gig is part of the JazzOpen Festival in Stuttgart, there will be several festival stages. I think they won’t be able to bring their own stage. Is the stage equipment (Mr Screen, etc.) they’ll use there despite that still the same as on the other gigs? Or does it not work to set that whole stuff up on that festival stage there?

    1. I think I read somewhere (but can’t find it now, sorry) that because of Gilmour, they will construct a so-and-so bigger stage this year, to be used by all acts, so I guess the full production can be expected.

  25. Well, given how this went down I think a presale would have been much better. Most, if not the majority of the tickets are on those rotten resellers’ sites.

    I am not going to Stuttgart, have to put up with travelling to Wiesbaden and having a seat way in the back. 🙁

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