Wroclaw tickets!

Well, this sounds rather special, so I’m going to make it quick and get out of your way.

David Gilmour. Back in Poland. 30-piece orchestra. Saturday 25th June 2016.

Tickets on sale right nowhere.

This very special one-off concert on Freedom Square (in front of the National Forum of Music, to be exact) is part of Wrocław’s European Capital of Culture 2016 celebrations.

You’ll be pleased to know that the orchestra will be conducted by Zbigniew Preisner, with an appearance on piano by Leszek Możdżer, whose work on both On an Island and Live in Gdańsk we enjoyed so much.

The event will be filmed by Aubrey ‘Po’ Powell and broadcast live on Polish television.

Good luck to everyone hoping to get a ticket. Let us know if you’ll be there.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

99 thoughts on “Wroclaw tickets!”

  1. I’ve just purchased 2 Golden Circle tickets. One for Pete, which I managed to invite to Poland back in June, and one for me.

    Very happy,

  2. Good luck to everyone trying for tickets.

    For the sake of my marriage, I’ll have to pass on this one.

    I’m sure it’ll be another special night to remember, for all who attend.

    1. Any chance of other TV networks sharing the the broadcast FEd?

      How about a worldwide transmission.

  3. Have fun everybody. I cant be part of this amazing opportunity, but I will enjoy it from the TV-distance, if possible. 😉 Surely it will be a very special concert.


  4. Went online, booked 2 tx for Golden circle EE, went to checkout, by then they were sold out. Bummer. Feels like I missed by a hair. With my wife being of the shorter sort, the areas in the back will not be for us I’m afraid. Glad to have those 2 at RAH later…

  5. Good luck to all the Polish fans!

    Funny (or not) to see that so many non official Pink Floyd fan sites have already copied this post ‘word for word’, without mentioning their source of course…

  6. Thank you for the Information!! David Gilmour playing with the full Orchestra! That will be again A NIGHT TO REMEMBER!!

  7. It’s fantastic news, we all already knew about. 😉

    I’m extremely happy that I was able to get Cat A tickets, as I missed the beginning of the sale by eating lunch. 😉

    It’s in my home country and it’s going to be broadcast by TVP. Amazing! 🙂

  8. Hi Fed, surely if it is being filmed it will happen on DVD or Bluray. What do you think?

  9. Blast!

    Had 4 front-circle tickets and when I was about to pay the whole site collapsed.

    When I finally got in again the good tics were gone. 🙁

    Well, well. At least I have another RAH-experience to look forward to in September!

      1. Really was.

        Have been waiting for those tickets since the first rumors came out…

        Would have been a nice trip from Sweden to Poland on midsummers eve.


  10. Great event, though I can not be there. I look forward to the filmed material and wish everyone who intends to go, a wonderful night out. 😉

  11. Have fun all you who wanted and managed to get tickets. Unfortunately and although we had plans to visit WROCLAW for the gig, my wife and I decided against it. Poland is sending strange signals for months now and we feel we won’t be welcomed …

    I hope this won’t be a starting post for a flame war, but I rather be honest…


    1. Why wouldn’t you be welcomed? What ‘strange signals’ are you referring too? You talk about being honest, but it looks like you’re hinting at something, but afraid to say exactly what.

      For those lucky enough to have scored tickets for this very unique event, I hope you all have a sensational experience (I KNOW you will!) – I Wish I Was There!

    2. Oh, I’m not afraid to say what, at the end it’s all in the media. The way the Polish administration replaced judges, changed media law and what they say when they talk, doesn’t seem right to me. As much as I’d love to see David, the Band and the orchestra perform, I don’t want to support this administration by visiting Poland.

      This is my/our personal decision and it is perfectly right for me. If others decide differently and I wish they will, enjoy a peaceful and exciting event. And, yes, I know that not all Polish people agree with their government…


      1. Well, that’s just some fool politics – don’t bother with them. I know that most Polish citizens are open minded – specially in Wrocław – so You ARE welcome. 🙂

        The government will be changed at least after four years, possible faster. And they will not change my mind.

  12. Great to see European tour round 2. And I’ve just checked my passport, it expires in June. Had it nearly 10 years. I was 18 when I got it. I’m going to have to get my skates on and get it renewed.

    Why do we need a passport for entry to Europe?


      1. I had to look that up, I’d never heard of the Schengen area. Do you know if people who come from there have to have passports to visit Britain?

        ash 🙂

        1. I can’t say for sure, sorry, it’s complicated. EU (28 countries, including the UK) and Schengen Area (26 countries, no UK) have different rules. The 26 Schengen countries have mutually decided to eliminate passport and immigration controls at their joint borders, but under EU rules, all travellers (including infants) need a valid ID card or passport to travel. When I travel to London, I need my ID card.

          Speaking of Schengen, I read yesterday an interesting article explaining why the recent terrorist attacks and the migrant crisis were undermining Schengen.

        2. Sweden is within Schengen and if I am flying to London there is a special passport control to go into the area from where those (and other non-Schengen area) flights depart. If going e.g. to Berlin, I only need an ID card when boarding.

    1. Just sent my Passport for renewal today, Damian, prior to going to the Hollywood Bowl shows in March.

      If you submit your application to the Post Office ‘Check & Send’ option, they are confident of getting the new one to you within a fortnight. (Watch this space…)

      1. New passport arrived yesterday. A mere 8 days after submitting my application.

        LA here we come…

    2. I’m not quite sure now, but I think I don’t need a passport to enter to UK from Poland, so it’s not necessary to enter to Poland from UK – but I may be wrong.

      Well, now I got it confirmed: I don’t need a passport, ID card is enough 🙂 to get for London RAH concert in September. 🙂

  13. I wish I could be there. Sounds amazing! Wish everybody good luck and hope you get tickets. 🙂

  14. I’ve got one ticket…golden circle early entry…no problem at all with the transaction…very good price!!!

  15. Hi Fed, just got two tickets for the Wroclaw gig, so excited it looks kinda special with the orchestra and setting.

  16. This does sound very special, wish I could make this one!

    Hopefully we will get a Blu-ray release to commemorate the event.

  17. Wohoo! Congrats to all you lucky people going and for the rest of us, perhaps we will get to see a capture of the broadcast!

  18. That night I have a ticket to see another guitar player, Ritchie Blackmore at the NEC in Birmingham, so I will wait like others for The Royal Albert Hall shows in September to see David in 2016.

    Gary Hurley.
    London England.

    1. I remember seeing Rainbow at Stafford Bingley Hall, 1977/78 ish. I remember the support band Kingfish, who were some kind of spin off from The Grateful Dead. They were excellent.

      1. Bloody hell, I was there for Rainbow, Pete. Don’t remember the support act but remember the horrible journey there and back courtesy of British Rail. Only passed my test the week before so not confident enough to drive the long distance. Memories eh?

        1. Good one Mike. That Stafford Bingley Hall was an awful venue to get too. And in and out of.

          But saw some great bands there, including Pink Floyd.

        1. As far as I can recall it was not, Tomasz.

          I do remember: Man on the Silver Mountain, Still I’m Sad, Mistreated, Over the Rainbow.

  19. I am always late and I just found tickets “category A” not so lucky as most of you, but not so bad. 🙂 It is always a pleasure to see David even if I will not be very close to the stage. 😉

    The issue now is to reach Wroclaw from where I live, there are not so good connection….but I love this kind of issues. 🙂

    Grazie FEd!!!!

  20. Hi all.

    I’ve been caught up with stuff today and I ended up checking the blog at around 2 pm. The news is definitely great. I hesitated and that proved quite wrong: by the time I decided to go ahead and plan a Polish weekend, all the great tickets were long gone.

    Any idea if there are plans for an extra batch of tickets to be released?

  21. We have made it and we have got 2 tickets for Wroclaw. It is like a dream to dee David playing with an full Symphonic orchestra. We hope now that he will play also in Wiesbaden the 05.07.2016.

  22. Good luck to those trying for tickets. Congratulations to those fortunate to get some already!


    Is it known whether it’s being filmed on actual “film” versus a video recording? Thanks!

    1. I’m afraid I couldn’t say. If I find out more a bit nearer the time, I’ll let you know.

  23. This will be a special night. I hope everyone who wants to attend can get tickets.

    I would have loved to bring my son and daughter with me to Radio City Music Hall, but I understand that the only way that could happen is if I paid an enormous amount of money to some bastard on eBay, who somehow was able to get tickets, doesn’t care about the artist, and is able to make a huge profit just by clicking some keys on a keyboard. Well, their profit won’t be from me.

  24. Wow! Congratulations to all of those with tickets. It’s going to be a special night for everyone, David and all of the musicians included. I’ll hope to see it on DVD, along with all the others who’ll have to sit this one out.

    I’m consoling myself with the knowledge that I have tickets to the Hollywood Bowl shows, now a mere two months away! I’m getting excited; it feels like I’ve been waiting forever!!

    1. The Wroclaw show will be wonderful. But if I had a choice, I would pick the Hollywood Bowl since you will be able to see much better. I am guessing the sound will be better, too, since the venue was designed for it. You will also have a seat and have a view of the Hollywood hills / sign – unless you are too close to the stage which is not a bad thing, haha.

      One tip, parking is limited. Get there early.

  25. Also, Today is Bell’s Lets Talk Day for mental illness, so thought I’d pass it on… and to be nice and wish the best to those going.

  26. Guys, I managed to grab two tickets for the Wroclaw gig from the Polish site. Anyone having trouble to get the pdf tickets from the link they sent in the email??


  27. And about eBilet, it is a really bad site where to buy tickets. I chose English language but when you have to insert your data (payment e delivery method) it was mainly Polish so it was hard to understand and again the delivery cost was 2500 zl and not 25 zl like it said.

    1. I purchased one ticket, got confirmation and then got an email where they told me the transaction was cancelled but then it was a different order number????

      Very very confusing the Polish ticket sale system!!!

    2. Ore

      2500 zł is a lot of money in Poland (minimum wage is ca. 1200), they cannot charge you that, contact them, I paid 11,70 zł of additional costs, which less than 3 Euros or 2 GBP and is OK for me (I chose home ticket delivery).

      25000 tickets were sold and concert is sold out now. There is a chance that some tickets will return to sale (those which were not paid properly, they accepted wire transfers too). Organizers are shocked with the scale of the demand.

      Any chances for another night in Wrocław or other place in Poland FEd?


      1. Hi Tomasz,

        of course I didn’t pay 2500zl for home delivery of the tickets, but I choose to print the ticket at home, I think it was just a problem in their system. The important thing is that I managed to have my 2 tickets. 🙂

    3. yeah, i agree. but in the end i managed to understand everything and pay for two tickets. my credit card was charged. i did get the confirmation email from ebilet but the links to download the tickets didn’t work… 🙁

      i’ve contacted them via email but no reply received….

  28. I was quite excited about this show, I even watched every day if there is any news about it…

    Unfortunately, everything went relatively quickly, from announcement to the ticket sales… due to some mistakes on the sales website I wasn’t able to buy tickets, mainly because re-sellers which are reselling tickets on Viagogo at unfair prices… Only consolation that I have are my RAH tickets for September…

    But again, what about those real fans who did not manage to buy tickets for any of these shows?

  29. ^^ This surely sounds lovely! I hope you all have a great time – I know you will. 🙂

    What do you think the setlist will be? Also let me extend this question to the shows in the US and the ones in RAH…

  30. Well I’m just really happy to be going to the RAH again. Rattle That Lock is such a brilliant Album I thought I would overplay it. But no, it’s on everyday all day, as I’m in my car most of the day. I may have to get another copy as I may wear it out.

    On another note, my friend’s record store finally closed its doors. Sad day.


  31. When you say it out loud, E-bilet sounds similar to E-bola. One of these is a disease that is extremely bad for your health. The other…(!)

  32. 25zl is about 6€…quite difficult to buy a David concert ticket for such a low price…even in a low cost country…

  33. I’ve met a friend from Poland about 4 weeks ago, we’ve become good friends since. She has gotten to love David Gilmour now, due in no small part to my persistent playing of Rattle That Lock. Turns out her mother lives in.. wait for it.. Wroclaw…. Happy days.

  34. Afternoon, FEd, hope you are well.

    About 10 years ago on this very blog you ran a competition to win tickets to see David and band at the wonderful Mermaid Theatre, we had to explain why we deserved to go, I wanted to take my dad for his 50th birthday and hadn’t the money to get him something decent, being a poor student at the time. You very kindly gave us tickets and we had an amazing time at the gig, and have since seen David a number of times since then.

    Now, no longer being so skint, I decided to take my dad away for a long weekend to celebrate his 60th birthday, which is this year.

    So, I’ve booked it all up and we are going to Wroclaw in June to see David and have a fun few days in the city. He is incredibly chuffed, and it seems a fitting thing to do after how we celebrated his 50th.

    Keep up the good work FEd, you play a big part in keeping us fans happy.

    1. Thanks very much, Lewis. Can you believe that was ten years ago? I can’t.

      Wishing you both a wonderful time in Poland.

  35. I am lucky enough to have a ticket with my friends. 🙂 In fact all the band: a Pink Floyd Tribute Band which I have a pleasure to play the bass will be at this concert.

    As I live in Wrocław I just had to get those tickets (I will go to London in September anyway). I am sure this will be a great celebration day in Wrocław.

    So, what can I say: welcome to Wrocław. 🙂

    I am so happy to get the opportunity to see Dave in my city, and all the fans. It will surely be a great time. 🙂

  36. Dear FEd

    I had tried to ask a question about TV broadcast of the Wroclaw Concert in Polish TV. It seems you had some reason not to publish this (or am I just too blind to find it…?). Would you care to let me know why, please?

    Some legal issue?

    1. You’re looking in the wrong place for it, Rolf; it’s under the
      Wroclaw 2016 post. I’m still waiting for an answer for you. I don’t know if these details have even been agreed yet, never mind if they’re ready to make an announcement.

      1. Thanks a lot! I wasn’t aware it was a different post.

        By the way, FEd: I wouldn’t have known how to get to the “Wroclaw 2016” page if you had not provided the link.

        How can I get there (or other pages) without a link? Trying the search gave only one result, i.e. this page.

        Maybe this can be explained in the FAQ.

        1. The five most recent posts are listed on the right, under ‘Latest Posts’ (I realise, though, that the one you wanted was not quite recent enough to be there).

          Each post that mentions Wroclaw has been tagged ‘wroclaw’, and you will see this at the foot of all such posts. This serves as a link to all the other posts with the same tag (although the Tag Cloud on the right only shows the most popular tags, so ‘wroclaw’ is not there).

          Searching for “Wroclaw” should (and used to) bring up a page listing every post about Wroclaw, but currently and not so conveniently doing so instead shows you the most recent post in all its glory, with a button at the bottom to scroll back through older posts one at a time.

          Some people prefer that, personally I’d prefer a list of posts titles and dates, so changing it back to how it used to be is on my To Do list for when I have some time to tinker. Thanks for reminding me.

          1. Noooooooooooo ! Not tinkering. . . I know what that really means ! I have my ball and chain and handcuffs at the ready. 😀


  37. Dear All,

    I want to buy 2 tickets for Gilmour show in Wroclaw. There is a disaster to find something, even when I trying to find a cat B.

    If anyone want to sell, please contact […]


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