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Do remind us which of Syd’s songs you are most fond of, so we can play and enjoy them again, and let us know how you have been honouring the memory of the brilliant and beautiful Crazy Diamond who didn’t shine for as long as he might have, but certainly shone more brightly than a thousand others who enjoyed longer careers and gave much less of themselves in return.

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  1. Dominoes is a jazzy number, great bass rift as is Girl In The Yellow Dress. What vision Syd had.


    1. Agreed! Very representative of Syd.

      Was Sir David on bass by any chance..?

      Other question for Our Master while I am here: that soaring magnificent solo in “The Gold It’s In The..” fades out too short under 3′ just when things are getting interesting, with that ultrasonic bend on the 21st fret. Shall thy pupils hear one day what was going on after that? The tapes must be somewhere.. waiting for a remix..

  2. Well where could this man have ended up? But I think we can agree there would be no Dark Side Of The Moon, Wish You Were Here, and all the other popular Floyd albums.

    Bob Dylan Blues says it all to me. This is who I think Syd would have been very much like. I also saw Marc Bolan in him. The man was very well ahead of his time and I say a really great loss to the world of music. I still think he would have eventually gone his own way even without being poorly. But always remembered for songs such as Astronomy Domine, and not forgetting his final Floyd track Jugband Blues.

    Always Remembered, Shine On Syd.


  3. There are two hearts in my chest:

    Since 2006 (Munich!) I love Dark Globe and the feeling when I remember this night but I’m also being sad because of his death a few days before.


    SHINE ON !

  4. I play Syd’s music quite regularly. I have been really enjoying the just released double 7 inch set “1965 The first recordings”. I hope it is a sign that Piper may get the Immersion treatment soon!

    My fav Syd tunes are the typical ones; Emily, Astronomy Domine, Interstellar and really all of Piper in general. That is Syd at the peak of powers IMO.

    While I like and own all of his solo works I have to be in the mood for them, some tunes like Dark Globe really make me sad as they reveal the fractured mind. I will also commend Dave on the job he did with the Introduction to Syd set he did a few years ago, it sounds really good.

  5. Remembering and listening to David’s poignant cover of ‘Dark Globe’ at the RAH in 2006, shortly after Syd died. Beautiful, such emotion in his voice. It was released on the live CD ‘Arnold Layne’ later in December, I think.

    Won’t you miss me?
    Wouldn’t you miss me at all?

    We miss you.

  6. See Emily Play is a real fave. Mainly because that was my introduction to Syd. Although to be honest I knew nothing about him back in 1967. That introduction came in the back of a Ford Anglia while en route to Wales for a family holiday. The song just happened to come on the car radio and it completely grabbed me.

    Later, it was the Barrett album that I really enjoyed. But I do remember seeing David on his 2002 tour at the RFH and he performed Dominoes. That, for me, was such a jaw dropping moment. Just never expected it.

  7. Welcome back and happy new year to all.

    Listened to See Emily Play on the way home in the car, one of my favs that.

  8. I love the duo “Waving My Arms In the Air / I Never Lied To You”.

    Or the intro for “Baby Lemonade”.

    “Birdie Hop” is amazing! And really difficult to sing.

    1. I’m just listening to ‘Baby Lemonade’ and thinking the same. Definitely one of my favourites.

  9. To each their own but I was always partial to Jugband Blues – absolutely brilliant.

    Happy 70th Birthday Syd!, your legacy lives on.

  10. I still like Terrapin very much. David’s acoustic version from the Royal Festival Hall sparkles.

  11. Octopus was a nice song on his first solo album. I think David even plays guitar on that one.

    He was such a brilliant musician.

  12. For me “Lucifer Sam” represent Pink Floyd and Syd as its best. Of course I’m quite too young for the London 66-67’s, but it gives my imagination a sense of how it was at that time….Thank you Syd!

  13. When I visited Royal Albert Hall this Deptember and the second act sprung to life with a mind blowing version of Astronomy Domine, it was obvious that David and the band wanted to pay tribute to the mind blowing genius that was Syd. The Piper at the Gates of Dawn is truly a one of a kind magical experience in its entirety. Thanks for that Syd, and shine on.


  14. Dominoes for the beat, Baby Lemonade for the chorus and Lucifer Sam for the lyrics are my favourites…


  15. As it happens Spotify ‘Discover’ presented me with ‘Terrapin’ this week which was nice of it, but I have to vote for Astronomy Domine, particularly having had my ears pinned to my seat by it at RAH.

    1. and the lights. . . remember those lights. . . I can hardly wait to see and hear it again!

  16. And the sea isn’t green
    And I love the queen
    And what exactly is a dream
    And what exactly is a joke.

    I really love the last minute or so of ‘Jugband Blues’ from the ‘Saucerful’ Album! It’s wonderful sad in my opinion! Thank you Syd for all the creativity and music you gave us!

    I wish you all here a happy new year!

  17. Happy New Year to you FEd, and all others on this blog.

    For me my favourite is Interstellar Overdrive from the “Piper At The Gates Of Dawn” album.

    Gary Hurley.
    London England.

    1. Yes, I’d go for Interstellar Overdrive as well. Or ‘Bike’ for being so eccentrically British…

  18. At the time and in response to the news of Syd’s untimely passing FEd wrote :-

    “We are very sad to say that Roger Keith Barrett – Syd – has passed away. Do find time to play some of Syd’s songs and to remember him as the madcap genius, who made us all smile with his wonderfully eccentric songs about bikes, gnomes and scarecrows. His career was painfully short, yet he touched more people than he could ever know”. (The list is immeasurable)!

    Says it all really……a genius so sorely missed!

    Shine on……

  19. It is a darkness when people have to leave, especially when they leave too soon. At least Syd’s light will shine forever.

    I have always enjoyed “Lucifer Sam”, I love all animals-especially cats. Another tune that I’m fond of because of its happiness is “The Gnome”.

    Some of his lyrics could be children books.

    Shine on… Syd.

  20. Its even more annoying when programmes like X Factor/The Voice produce these seasonal superstars who they claim will be the next big thing. I mean, God love him, but Joe McElderry is the next big thing??

    And then you listen to Syd or Pink Floyd, Clapton etc and I think has the world gone completely feckin’ mad.

  21. Thanks to him we have had a band named Pink Floyd (Sound), it’s a pity for his short artistic life.

    I celebrated looking at new official website (with so many new photos) and headphones on playing The Piper, my favorites are Interstellar and Astronomy.

    Happy Birthday Syd!

    …and Happy Birthday to Guy Pratt too with a little delay, I hope nobody will be mad but this is the first post after his birthday.

    Buon Anno Nuovo a tutti. 🙂

  22. syd was a pure diamond and we miss you… your music and vision is still shining.

  23. and to see david playing astronomy domine live was something special, i was blown away with so many feelings going through my body and the music sounded so, so beautiful! it is from another world.

  24. One of my favorites:

    An effervescing elephant
    With tiny eyes and great big trunk
    Once whispered to a tiny ear
    The ear of one in fear you hear….

    Always brings a smile to my face and puts a spring in my step.

  25. Love Dominoes and See Emily Play. Very fond of Jugband Blues as well. Ah who am I kidding, I love all of his stuff.

  26. Happy New Year great blog! Now a lot of years together (more or less).

    For Syd: Arnold Layne and the real song of adieu Jugband Blues.

    With love from Italy

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