Nights 12 and 13: São Paulo

I didn’t think it possible to be so excited about a concert I won’t be attending, but I’m genuinely thrilled that David and the band will be performing on Friday, and again on Saturday, in São Paulo. (Brazil! Finally!)

Who has tickets to these eagerly-awaited shows at Allianz Parque, the home of Palmeiras football club?

Truly a striking sight with its stainless steel façade, the eye-catching state-of-the-art stadium is one of Brazil’s many contemporary architectural successes of recent years.

Coated with plates of stainless steel – an incredible 210 tons of the stuff – which has many holes in it, the façade’s tube and strip design is known as “Stripweave” and gives a contemporary wicker effect. The holes allow sunlight as well as air to pass through, keeping the ambient temperature inside the ground pleasant and, as well as reflecting the sunlight, it creates a most impressive visual effect. Low maintenance and self-cleaning, I also love the fact that its roof captures rainwater for use around the stadium.

Barely open a year, besides numerous sporting events, its first rock concert was by Paul McCartney, who performed on two consecutive nights for as many as 90,000 people in November last year. Maroon 5, Iron Maiden and Coldplay are the next big names due to visit this popular and award-winning venue.

What changes, if any, do you expect to be made to the setlist? Which songs are you most hoping to hear?

I just know it’s going to be amazing and am so happy for you after waiting so long for this moment. Enjoy it.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. South American tour starts tomorrow……

    About setlist, I hope David adds a few more song than Europe tour…

  2. That venue looks amazing. I hope everyone down there has a great time!! (I’m sure they will.)

  3. Have great fun everybody! I’m sure it’s gonna be amazing.

    I think he may play Louder than Words and/or Dancing Right In Front Of Me. But whatever he’s going to play, I’m sure it’s gonna be great.

    I think the lasers will look amazing in a space so big.

  4. I do hope the two or three fans who over the last ten years have often left random “David, come to Brazil” implorements on the blog have survived their heart attacks and enjoy the show.

    Perhaps we will hear from them?


  5. Wishing all our fellow David Gilmour fans in South America the very best experience ever. David has had some time out since the European dates. Has there been time to polish up some additional songs for the set? Could Louder Than Words be included tomorrow evening? 🙂

    I’m really excited for you all, even if I am 6000+ miles away. 🙂

  6. The venue looks great. I hope everyone attending has a great time. I know what’s in store for them. 😀

    I’d also like to wish David and the band all the best for a good tour and a thoroughly lovely time sightseeing.


  7. I love the intimacy of the RAH but I would love to see this tour outdoors, I’m sure it’s going to be spectacular.

  8. I would like to be there next 2 days. ;( Maybe there will be something new in the set list?? The European set list tour was fabulous…to improve it, he just can add new songs. 🙂

  9. Venue looks amazing. Hope all the bloggers attending have a great time.

    My top 3 wishes for set list additions are;

    1. Dogs
    2. Childhood’s End
    3. So Far Away

    Peace and Merry Christmas to All.

  10. I echo your sentiments FEd. There are surely no more deserving fans that those in Brazil, Argentina and Chile. I couldn’t be more happy for all of you — dreams certainly do come true if you dream them long enough. 🙂

    Wishing all a magical time!

  11. Fans in Brazil have finally come into their own… and I know how they feel, because I felt the same when David came to Croatia… I am very happy because of them, and can’t wait to hear and see how it will go, while counting the days to the September 29th gig in London next year… and for all those who will attend this gig in São Paulo, have a great time…

  12. Off topic…Thanks for keeping this blog open on an avenue other than Facebook. Having been a victim of identity theft not long ago. With what little information they could find online, an unscrupulous and anonymous fiend managed to rack up exorbitant medical bills under my name. Fortunately it was pretty easy to prove it was not me but it still took months to clear things up.

    Looking forward to any surprises in the setlist. I can’t wait.

  13. To our friends in South America.

    Enjoy the shows. What a great band. Hope David plays Coming Back to Life for you. Keep us posted.


  14. The football stadium is 4 times bigger then my team Queens Park Rangers’ home ground who, back in 1975 (40) years ago, staged a concert by Yes (I was in the crowd myself) and was filmed by BBC TV for a 1 hour Old Grey Whistle Test. The TV show was only aired once and must now be lost for ever!

    Gary Hurley
    London England.

  15. I cannot believe this is happening! Got tickets to Curitiba and Porto Alegre (my hometown!!!!! My soccer team stadium!!!!!!). I want to listen to whatever Dave wants to sing, but of course that High Hopes is probably the top. If he goes crazy and decide to play Echoes it would be my second pick… After this, anything from Division Bell, actually, and maybe something from Obscured, like Wot’s…


  16. Good morning FEd and fans!

    Besides the venue being fantastic, I find it incredible that more than 50,000 people are actually in a very small place at the same time to share a musical experience together. That is the case with many concerts but I believe it is rather magical when you really think about it.

    Something I would like to point out: Maybe it is just my shabby old monitor, but is the brightness of the text (in the posts and comments, not the titles) a bit too low? I sometimes find it hard to read and wonder if others may feel the same.


  17. Hey that’s f****** huge!

    Let’s rock David and band, enjoy it!

    Ciao FEd, true it’s exciting.


  18. Well, I’ll go with the flow here. I know David and the band will do themselves proud. Will be nice to feel the sun on your back.


  19. These pictures by Radio Futuro really look like the Momentary Lapse of Reason tour stage ! Nostalgia !

    I hope the Brazilians will have some surprises in the set list !

  20. After years of wait, today I hope it is a great day.

    I am disappointed, sad, because many hits of Pink Floyd won’t be played.

    In Europa maybe doesn’t have a lot of impact in the choice of the setlist, because there were already a lot of presentations. But here in Brazil will be the first time and I really hope the setlist is better.

    I am awaiting that show since 1994, when I saw a show epíco of Pink Floyd in VHS (P.U.L.S.E).

    Sad that the following songs will not be played:

    Learning to Fly
    Poles Apart
    Take it Back
    Another Brick in the Wall II
    Hey You
    Brain Damage
    On the Run
    Coming Back To Life

  21. Hi everybody! Never thought that David would play at such big venues again. I am very excited to read some comments from those who are attending the shows. Excited about the setlist, too …

  22. Hope everyone going has a wonderful time and that David, Polly and the band and all enjoy South America. We have fond memories of a couple of trips over there and if they get the chance a visit to a tango show in Buenos Aires is well worth it. Nothing like Strictly Come Dancing, the dancers were so swift and agile one wrong move would bring tears to the eyes! Have a great time.

    Best wishes

  23. If there were any changes to the setlist my wish list would include Fearless, On the Turning Away, Dogs and Yet Another Movie.

  24. I’m very excited about it… and as I am waiting for the Chilean concert, I think the setlist will be almost the same … and may be a little different from European ones…. Also, I saw in some pictures from the rehearsals and seems like he will be using the Mr Screen as a screen for himself, not just for videos as at Europe. Polly has not posted pictures from the light show as she did before the European concerts, so it is a mysterious thing what changes will they do now they are playing in big stadiums…. as an old man’s tour, hehe!

  25. Is there anything better then a show day? I’m not even going to the SA shows and can hardly wait to hear about how they go. We are all so lucky to be able to experience this! Enjoy!!

  26. Very happy for you all, Brazilian fans! – Finally! indeed – I’m sure you’ll enjoy whatever he wants to play. 🙂

    Just found on YouTube David’s press conference in São Paulo.

    Won’t tell you “TGIF” today, FEd… It might be a busy weekend for you. If so, bon courage!

    1. Just watched the press conference on YouTube. David looks and sounds in great form and I may be reading into things so I apologise in advance but come on Polly, step in the limelight. You’re part of Floyd and all David’s solo work, you’re his inspiration and a band member. Enjoy the trip.

      Hope I’m making sense here.

      So happy for you all,

    2. Thank you Michèle, very interesting, wish I could understand all the spoken words perfectly though.

      1. Same here, laterr. What a pity that the ‘subtitles’ button at the bottom of the video doesn’t work!

  27. Back to work and hopefully fun for David and his excellent band… I’m curious to read more about the setlist and the what our Brazilian friends have to report.

    1. Hello…

      Coming back to life (after nearly) 4 hours live broadcast yesterday evening…. and just had a look to David’s Facebook-site.

      Nice pictures from the first venue, stadiums looks good… must be a very new one.

      Some pictures show the equipment on the stage covered, must have been raining hard…

      The setlist published from the first night looked very familiar to me, same songs as they did on the tour here.

      Have a nice Sunday

  28. I’m happy for all these people from South America that will be able to see him – enjoy your shows, Guys!

    Before the first show I’m curious about the lightning and production. Regarding a setlist I don’t have any expectations – whatever he plays, I’m always happy.

  29. Well, who’d have imagined that this wondrous day would actually arrive. After the endless river of clamouring for David to play in Brazil, the dreams and wishes of thousands of South American fans are now finally a reality.

    David’s willingness to venture to previously unvisited locations, halfway around the world is to be widely applauded.

    The logistics involved, in such an undertaking are obviously considerable and proves testament to a recognition and commitment from David, Polly and their considerate management team to finally assuage the plea’s of the legions of Latin Americans across the continent.

    Best wishes to those fans who are fortunate enough to be attending these once in a lifetime shows. David and his band won’t, I’m sure, let you down.

    Everyone present will no doubt witness an unforgettable event, whatever the setlist turns out to be.

    Looking forward to all the rapturous reviews in due course.

  30. Yes. It must be very strange for so many people seeing one of their ‘heroes’ for the first time. And for David et al too, with an audience that has no previous ‘reference point.’ Might this make a slight difference to the set?

  31. Good luck to fans attending in Sao Paulo, hope you have a great time. Your patience will be rewarded with amazing music!!

  32. I expect the same set list. I’m wondering when he’ll debut “Louder Than Words” as a live piece. It’s on his mixing desk so he’s going to do it eventually.

    The venue looks stunning and I’m jealous of anyone going to the South American gigs because their crowds are fantastic and it’ll be a great atmosphere.

      1. woohoo! thank you! definitely going to go drool over it!

        i blew up our living room today with P*U*L*S*E at about 115dbls, and made my family admire it yet again. i’m so crying-happy to see David play again in March!!!

    1. Hello Kris, Fed,

      I’ve never heard of this, “It’s on his mixing desk. . .” I’m guessing it’s a technical technique? Does it mean that sound levels are pre-programmed into it or something like that? Thank you. 🙂

      (Also. . . how do you know this?)

      ash 🙂

      1. That probably sounded like a stupid question. I imagine today’s technology does mean that mixing desks have an inbuilt computer, therefore stuff can be stored in its memory.

        What I meant was, are you talking about the mixing desk that’s out in the middle of the audience or is there another as well? (You refer to David’s mixing desk.)

        If it’s the former and it has memory, why wouldn’t everything be on it? So why did you specify Louder Than Words if everything is already in the memory.

        Or does David and the band load stuff on to the mixing desk during rehearsals before the tour begins?

        Also, are sound levels for the pre-arranged set list, not tested for individual venues to check out the venue’s acoustic idiosyncrasies? I’ve always thought the sound engineers on the mixing desks in the crowd can and do make changes as the concert progresses I imagine lots of human bodies make a difference to the sound compared to the empty venue.

        I hope this isn’t a totally stupid question. 🙂 I just go and enjoy it all usually. Recently, because of the various films and documentaries we’ve seen about David’s work leading to the album and tour, I’ve begun to take more notice of how it’s all done.

        ash (blushing)

        1. Hi Ash, I talked at length to Colin Norfield in Verona and he was saying that, and I hope I recall this correctly, that the band has rehearsed around 40 songs prior to going out to play Brighton. I think there were others tracks from DSOTM. And Division Bell. I can’t confirm Louder Than Words as we didn’t discuss that. But yes, others were rehearsed which is why the basic mix is stored on the desk. This is then refined according to conditions at the venue as well as other conditions and factors.

      2. I believe Kris was referring to a photo that circulated in some internet circles, showing a computer screen with buttons programmed for various songs including Louder Than Words. There was speculation the picture was of a lighting control console.

      3. Hi Ash, yes indeed. Someone got a good photograph of the sound engineer’s desk. You could see the controls for each song, one of the songs was Louder Than Words, though it had obviously been omitted from the set lists so far. So I’m confident it will make an appearance eventually!

        1. Thank you Rob, Mooncusser and Kris. 🙂 I understand now.

          I was sat near the mixing desk at one of the shows and at one point my eyes settled on Marc Brickman who was in the same area with a computer and I’m guessing a “mixing desk” for the lights.

          He was gently waving a hand as if conducting an orchestra, he touched all the finger tips together to his thumb, at one point and just as he snapped his palm suddenly open, all the white lights on Mr Screen suddenly blasted us with a brilliant white light! It was fabulous to watch the lights (as we all know 🙂 ) but I really enjoyed watching Marc at work too. 🙂

          And I’m going to do it again at the Royal Albert Hall!

          Thanks again for the information guys.

          ash 🙂

  33. I am so thrilled to see David and core play S.A. Since day one, fans have reached out to see him and the band. What a Venue!!!!

    1. Nah. . . .he won’t play Sorrow. 😀

      It’s so devastatingly good, I think there would be a riot if he left it out Frank!


  34. I’m not the only one who loves Animals here. It’s my favourite Pink Floyd album. I know Rick wasn’t keen on it but I would pay anything to hear it live in its entirety. I know, never going to happen or just Dogs. It’s just a musical feast of utter brilliance and pure genius.

    On another note I’ve decided my favourite off RTL is 5am. You can imagine David getting up about 4am going out sitting in a field and waiting for the birds to start singing and watch the sun rise. Then Beauty reminds me of Ibiza 90 with my Bro. Spent 2 glorious months out there with him, treasured memories refreshed by David’s brilliance.

    Kind regards Damian

    1. I love Animals too. When I saw Roger Waters on his 2007 DSOTM tour, Sheep was definitely the highlight of the show. However, I consider 4 of the 5 tracks on Animals to be Roger’s songs. For me, though, Dogs is a David Gilmour track and contains some of his best ever guitar work.

      I remember buying the album while on holiday in 1977. I didn’t have access to a record player, so had to spend the rest of the week just looking at the cover and reading the lyrics on the inner sleeve. By the time I finally got a chance to play it back home, I knew all of the words off by heart.

      Really pleased that David has finally made it to South America, though I’m a little sad that Nick Mason isn’t with him, so that it was officially a Pink Floyd tour. I hope Nick gets chance to do a spot of guest drumming at at least one of David’s shows. It would be particularly great if both Nick and Roger could join David to perform Comfortably Numb at some point on the tour.

      One last thing, I notice the circular screen is now being used for live footage, so I was keen to find out from anybody who has seen this live as to whether or not this works?

  35. Have just arrived at my house…

    The show was good for medium.

    Sound quality there is nothing to discuss, but it is far from being a fantastic show. The stage was too small. The smaller stage I’ve ever seen in my life. The sound in the first part of the show was low and there were three problems before they played Money. The sound of High Hopes was low and Gilmour gave a little wrong in the middle ground. And it lacked gas on the saxophone solo in Money.

    Psychedelic lasers, just in Run Like Hell.

    The setlist was same to the show of Europe. Here in Brazil he didn’t play Breathe.

    First Set:
    5 A.M.
    Rattle That Lock
    Faces of Stone
    Wish You Were Here
    A Boat Lies Waiting
    The Blue
    Us and Them
    In Any Tongue
    High Hopes

    Second Set:
    Astronomy Dominé
    Shine On You Crazy Diamond
    Fat Old Sun
    On an Island
    The Girl In the Yellow Dress
    Run Like Hell
    Comfortably Numb

    See Ya.

    1. Maybe you could do better, no problems when he was in Europe. Maybe you’re tone deaf.

      Sorry, being rude here. A bit like you.

      1. Sorry for the interposing, but I think (despite you surely are not interested in what a silly chicken like me could ‘think’), that maybe Fabio just did not take notice of the brackets. Why not simply say him, that the setlist state ‘Breathe (reprise)’, which does not mean ‘Breathe’ as a whole song. Maybe in Europe everyone knows that Time includes the Breathe reprise. Why then it need to be mentioned in the setlist at all? There is no Time without Breathe reprise, no?

        Second, maybe ‘no problems’ means that Damiano cunningham has no problems, but hardly all the five thousand attenders of Albert Hall do usually post their thoughts on this blog, – not every one may even use the internet, I can suppose.

        And, of course you can hear better from your side, than a person who is really there at the place?

        Think you are turning into a bunch of selfish monsters, just like your avatars show.

    2. Oh and by the way, as we say. It is not a Pink Floyd tour, it is David Gilmour with his new album Rattle That Lock. The Floyd songs are a bonus for the fans.


    3. Fabio, your’s is a fair point. But you have to understand this is not a Pink Floyd show (or U2 or Stones). It’s David tour, he sings what he want to sing and, if you noticed, his shows are always focused on music (thanks God). Now, if you remember the tour announcement, you’ll remember the ‘small’ tour and hat Brazil was not on the list…then you had this gift from him and you’re disappointed? Can I ask if you have the new album? like it? or you’re familiar only with PF stuff?

      Anyway, I’m sorry for you. First time for David in Brasil and you seem to want a ticket refund. 🙂

      Enjoy more, you were a very lucky man.


    4. Maybe your expectations were too high? Can you tell us where you were seated relative to the stage? Someone else mentioned that in such large venues the sound quality may vary more between seats than in smaller venues.


      1. I remember being at a Bon Jovi gig at Wolverhampton Wanderers’ football ground. We were on the pitch and the sound was absolutely awful. It seemed like it went up into the roof of the seated area and rolled back down again. We saw them another time at Coventry Ricoh Arena, again we were on the pitch and the sound was really good.

        Maybe some venues simply aren’t good enough for music. However, as evidenced somewhere else here, I don’t know much about the wizardry of sound engineering. I just know if it sounded good to me or not.


    5. If I saw him live on stage and all he did was singing “lalala”, I would still feel like I was the happiest and luckiest in the world. But that’s just me. 🙂

    6. The sound in the first part of the show was low and there were three problems before they played Money. The sound of High Hopes was low and Gilmour gave a little wrong in the middle ground. And it lacked gas on the saxophone solo in Money.

      …and the grass was greener, and you were younger, and they are not the Pink Floyd, and that’s not a David Gilmour’s guilt, Fabio my dear. Do you realise how many people on the planet haven’t seen him live? how many will never have a chance to express their ‘disappointment’? 🙂

      All the best.

  36. I found some nice videos from yesterday evening here.

    It looks like everybody had an wonderful evening (…as expected!).

  37. Hi FEd,

    Come on, a South American tour but in Europe David and his team couldn’t come to Portugal? 😛

  38. Wow. David is in Brazil. Pinch me. Never thought it would happen. Great for all the fans down there. Enjoy.

    I find it interesting that David is playing songs from his last album but still does not play anything from his first two solo albums. It would be such a treat if he dusted off a song like “No Way Out Of Here,” “Murder,” or even “Blue Light.” Anyone agree??


      1. David’s first solo album is one of my all time faves…excellent songs and playing on it.

  39. What’s great about this blog is that FEd strikes a fair balance in contributor’s comments and opinions! An example of this, is that the whole of South America is awash and buzzing with excitement at David’s long awaited presence in that part of the world. All except it would seem Fabio! Who in exercising his right to criticise; may have actually gone to the wrong venue????? Pure sacrilege!!!!!! But there you go! You can’t please all the beautiful people all of the time!!!!

    Shine on……
    John 🙂

  40. No changes maybe means that even in Canada and US there’ll be the same setlist…

    I hope, as usual, for Coming Back To Life, which is going in and out from the setlist, not finding its definitive place.

    I’m very happy that David’s fans from about all the world this time can see him live.

    Ps: FEd, the draw wasn’t that bad, you can qualify as second, for me.

    1. I’ll take second. I expected to draw England. I also expect an injury to rule out either Ramsey or Bale, so hope I’m wrong about that.

    2. No changes to the set-list is good news – we all have our favourites but this set-list is about perfect, trust me.

  41. I think I’m turning into an obsessive old fart. Just buzzing every time I see a clip or an interview. I thought you’re supposed to feel like this when you’re a teenager. That’s what the music does to you, keep on rocking.


    1. I can totally relate Damian – feeling like a giddy school girl much of the time 🙂 and it is great. I’m going to be one royal mess by the time April rolls around and Lord only knows how insufferable I’ll be after I’ve been to the performances! “There’s a hunger still unsatisfied”.

  42. It seems like he gave up on “Coming Back To Life”. I heard it twice on the European tour– Orange + RAH October 2nd.

    I wish he would make some small variations to the setlist.

    We all understand if not but likely all would appreciate seeing something new…. a surprise
    maybe in the US?

  43. Some amazing comments coming from many different places as to how good these gigs were.

  44. Just want to say, MERRY XMAS, FEd and everyone. I know FEd, but Goodwill and Harmony to everyone and let’s keep this planet in one piece OK?

    Peace. 🙂

  45. Wish I was there! Despite some negative reviews on here! Sound quality definitely can be lost in bigger stadia. The quality of sound at the RAH was phenomenal.

    Best wishes to one and all!

  46. Oh my, I am deeply gutted. Been sick all week and just finding out about the new London dates today. WAS feeling a bit better. 🙁 Guess that’s how it goes!

    Hope all is well and those Brazil concerts sound flippin’ amazing!

  47. A David Gilmour solo makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. I wonder if 40,000 Brazilians singing along to every song played had the same effect on the band. Must have been amazing.

        1. Always? It haven’t been ‘always’ like David Gilmour having ‘to gently ask for some quiet’, have it? Or like “would you please be so kind to turn your (f***ing) mobile off (or better put it into your beautiful arse instead)?”

          Sorry if I get your words wrong.

          What do you mean by ‘we’? Anyone can build a wall, not a hard job, that. But there is no any help in building walls. ..well, if you are not Roger Waters. 🙂

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