Night 16: Buenos Aires

From a modern football stadium in Brazil to an historic horse-racing track in Argentina, tonight’s concert is in San Isidro, a plush suburb on the northern outskirts of Buenos Aires.

Opened in December 1935 and occupying an area of some 148 hectares, the Hipódromo de San Isidro is used to music revellers; Lollapalooza Argentina is held here and will return for two long days in March.

As is proving common among locations chosen for this short but special tour of South America (hats off to those who chose them), the racecourse is surrounded by stunning parkland. Indeed, it would appear that San Isidro is another peaceful and picturesque part of the world best toured on foot. To give just one example: set among the leafy and cobblestoned streets is a spectacular neo-Gothic cathedral in San Isidro’s historic quarter, Plaza Mitre, standing 223 feet tall. What a majestic sight that must be.

Apparently this is Argentina’s most affluent neighbourhood. It is also its rugby union capital, with two clubs – the CASI (Club Atlético de San Isidro, founded in 1902) and San Isidro Club (SIC), fierce rivals since the 1930s – making a significant contribution in the development and popularity of the sport in this football-mad nation. The Pumas, currently ranked fifth in the world, were Rugby World Cup semi-finalists this year.

Argentina, with no disrespect to your rugby heroes, you gave the world Diego Armando Maradona, quite possibly the finest footballer who ever lived, so it seems only fair that you experience the most incredible performance tonight at the Hipódromo de San Isidro. I hope so much that you enjoy it; I’m sure you will.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

58 thoughts on “Night 16: Buenos Aires”

  1. When I read Argentina, a nice steak comes to (my) mind.

    By the way, the song “Not Now John” features a line about Argentina. 😉


  2. … last night I booked the flight to London next year. The ticket’s prices are rising, as my expectation is. 🙂

    On-topic: Again, I’m curious to hear how the Argentinian fans will receive David and Band. Surely they won’t be any lesser enthusiastic than the Brazilians …

    Have a great weekend all of you, but especially FEd who’s keeping us hooked 10 years in row now. 🙂

  3. you gave the world Diego Armando Maradona, quite possibly the finest footballer who ever lived

    He’s certainly my favourite. 😀

      1. There’s also a certain Lionel Messi, who’s not too bad, a player too, without having to revert to using his upper limbs to score.

        Everyone attending tonight’s show has already backed the winner. Enjoy the ride, Buenos Aires.

        1. Indeed. What a player.

          If I can add one more from the current national squad: Javier Mascherano. He’ll always be loved by Liverpool fans everywhere.

          1. Amen to that, there’s also a guy who’s none too shabby playing for City at the minute!

            BTW, went the extra mile and managed to scoop stall tickets for the Friday concert. I cannot wait!

      2. Maybe Diego Maradona is as popular in Scotland as in Wales because of the ‘Hand of God’ incident that knocked England out of the 1986 World Cup? 😀

        1. Oh. I hadn’t thought of that.

          But seriously, he was a little magician with the ball at his feet (head, chest, hand…) 😉

  4. So FEd, when you already mentioned Diego Armando Maradona, have to say I couldn’t agree more with you, he was something special… Brazilian fans will be angry at you because you did not mention any of their heroes, especially Pele, LOL…

    I get sentimental when someone mentions football, because I am a former Croatian football professional, and now I work as a professional coach. 🙂

    1. How amazing, Mario. Wow, lucky you. I’m sure we could talk all day about football.

      Maradona was a little genius, wasn’t he? A troubled one, like so many geniuses (genii? hate that) are, but absolutely brilliant when running at speed with the ball at his feet. He almost danced his way around the opposition. He was a joy to watch.

      As was Pele, of course, and so many other Brazilians, but Maradona was always my favourite.

      1. Not a real gentleman but he was a genius. Messi is maybe better (technically) but not so fascinating, don’t you think?

          1. Was thinking to Platini too, but maybe is the wrong day today…what a sad and poor story. Platini was one of my heroes when I was a boy.

          2. I may sound naive, but I believe in his integrity (Platini). Maybe he is right when he says that all that is a ‘masquarade’. Maybe some influential twats simply don’t want him to become FIFA president?

      2. Well, my life revolves around football, music and art, so I’m pretty sure that I could talk to you about it for days… my best friend, who was also a professional footballer, and I found ourselves around music, football and art, and we can talk about these things for days… so that could look quite the same actually. 🙂 …Recently I started to follow your Twitter account, just before the beginning of David’s tour, and I saw that you twitted a poster for David’s concert in Pula Croatia… funny thing is that I created this poster. 🙂

        As for Maradona, he was a little genius, with amazing technique and ease of keeping the ball, a real nightmare for the opponents and the great leader on the pitch… Like many others he found it difficult to deal with fame… He is one of my top three players of all time, and the remaining two are Zinedine Zidane and Ronaldo Luís Nazário…

        1. I really liked your poster.

          I’ll have to think long and hard before choosing two more footballers. If “favourite” rather than “best” (although he was a prolific goalscorer for Liverpool over many seasons, if not a success in Italy with Juventus), I choose Ian Rush and, of course, Kenny Dalglish because they brought me so much joy growing up. But so many great players come to mind who have performed at the highest level for club and country: Marco van Basten, Hristo Stoichkov, Gheorghe Hagi… I always loved Paul Gascoigne and, in more recent years, for all his sins, Luis Suarez. These players get you up off your seat, that’s for sure.

          1. Yes, I know there a plenty of great football players, but that three player come first on my mind when someone ask me to choose… When it comes to football, it would take some serious time to count all those great players that I like…

            1. David’s the Gooner, as is Guy. My team is about to lose 3-0 to Watford. Even Dalglish and Rush couldn’t turn this game around, sadly.

      3. I live near Naples and Maradona played for years in Napoli F.C he gave us our fist (one and only 🙁 ) “scudetto” (championship). I saw him many times at San Paolo Stadium and he had really something magic, he looked like he was born with ball. He has no match, he was unique. Wonderful sportsman not the same in his personal life.

    1. Well, I can’t argue that he is a better ambassador for the game, but I do love Maradona’s national pride. Did you see him supporting Argentina during the Rugby World Cup in England? He was really getting into it. I’m always slightly sceptical whenever I see Pele turn up at events and wonder how much he’s been paid to attend.

      1. Yes, there is that and Argentina certainly have a good rugby team. Do Brazil play rugby?

  5. Quite possibly the finest footballer who ever lived….after George Best from Belfast IMHO. 😉

    1. I’m probably the opposite of a football fan, but George Best seems comparable to Diego Maradona: extremely good players in the field and very, very interesting personalities outside of it…

    2. Totally agree Paul, George Best wasn’t given that name for no good reason; a truly outstanding football player. Let’s not forget too, that he performed his silky skills on pitches that sometimes resembled hackney marches! Others to mention, although not quite in the same league as George; might include :- Rodney Marsh, Alan Hudson, Tony Currie, Charlie George, Eddie Gray, Kenny Dalglish and the list goes on…………….!

      Shine on…..
      John 🙂

      1. With a heavier ball, wearing heavier boots and without the protection from referees that today’s millionaire stars rely on. Poor George got kicked all over the park week in, week out.

        As did another great from an even earlier time, who, unlike Ian Rush, did become a success at Juventus and deserves a mention alongside these giants of the game: John Charles.

        1. Great call FEd. A Colossus.

          He did OK at Elland Road too. Never booked or sent off, during his career. Remarkable.

          On a sadder note, RIP Jimmy Hill.

  6. Bragging here, my Dad and uncle took me and my brother to see Liverpool v Borrusia Mönchengladbach in 1973 and after the match we were allowed in the changing rooms and got the team to sign our programme. Keegan, Heighway, Toshack, the whole team and the late great Bill Shankly. Unarguably the greatest football team ever.


    1. Oh that’s for sure, and that one won’t be cheating 😉 (assuming that ‘Mano de Dios’ means ‘Hand of God’).

      Ole, ole, ole, David!!!

  7. Maradona is basically a God in Argentina. Even the great Lionel Messi can’t get close to that affection and he’s got a good case for being the greatest of all time.

    I’ll side with FEd on this one though and go for Maradona over Pele, Maradona was an utter genius with a ball at his feet.

    Hope the Argies have a fantastic night tonight.

  8. I have not made too many comments about the South American tour and if I’m honest to myself and without sounding like an obsessive fan, it’s because it’s quite frustrating to know that I can’t be there, so yes, it’s because, and in the words of Roxy Music, I’m just a jealous guy. But we do have YouTube and I’ve been watching a grainy video of Animals live in Canada from May ’77 which eases the pain.

    I think Chile is going to be the highlight of the tour. Wrap up warm, the clue is the name of the country.

    Waffling as ever and supporting this very special site,


  9. Just a few hours ago arrived from Argentina after David show. Amazing spectacle, was my first time and cover all my expectations and more. The sound, Mr. Screen, David and the Band was fantastic, even setlist was perfect because I cross my fingers to listen Coming Back over On An Island.

    Just wish time pass fast to see him again in April….

    1. So happy for you, Max. I also had my fingers crossed that ‘Coming Back To Life’ would remain in the set.

  10. Merry Xmas to you Fed, maybe Santa will grant my wish of Mr Gilmour playing at my team’s stadium, Celtic Park Glasgow, that for me would be a dream come true. 🙂

  11. Anoche disfruté de un espectáculo que esperé durante toda mi vida.

    El show de DG superó mis expectativas. Pero, luego de razonar comprendo TOTALMENTE la negativa de DG a realizar tours (en este caso por Argentina).

    1) La venta de tickets fué sistemáticamente negada por la gente de fullticket (compré la entrada que ellos quisieron venderme y no la que YO estaba dispuesto a pagar -mucho más cara-) en síntesis, el primer día obtive un asiento de baja calidad mientras que los úñtimos días previo al show salieron a rematar las mejores plazas.

    2) las medidas de seguridad del predio distaban mucho de ser las necesarias para manejar a más de 60000 personas (sin paravalanchas mucho menos medidas lógicas de evacuación normales -ni hablar en caso de urgencias imprevistas-) Afortunadamente nada ocurrió gracias a la buena voluntad de los espectadores, no así por las previsiones de quienes habilitaron formalmente el predio para dicho enento.

    3) los organizadores argentinos de la seguridad del espectáculo liberaron 60000 personas sobre una ALTAMENTE TRANSITADA y neural avenida sin organizar adecuadamente para evitar accidentes, desmanes o avalanchas los cortes preventivos de calles periféricas con las autoridades municipales para evitar trabar el tránsito de esa arteria por horas tal como ocurrió.

    4) Quienes ofrecieron el predio en alquiler SABEN PERFECTAMENTE que a media noche NO EXISTE FERROCARRIL (único medio masivo para evacuar de la zona a decenas de miles de personas) ni servicio de colectivos regulares desde las 12am. Y dichos transportes fueron básicamente los empleados para acceder al lugar, ya que no era posible hacerlo en automóviles particulares por la gran congestión en la zona. Por esto se pudo apreciar gente caminando por las avenidas por más de 10km ya que no había servicio de transporte público en esa periferia a media moche.

    No comentaré otros detalles igualmente serios en la orografía de las vías de escape del predio.

    Prefiero quedarme con la alegría de haber visto y disurtado de un show de calidad brindado por uno de los más importantes músicos del Mundo.

    1. Totalmente de acuerdo contigo, no quise poner en my post nada negativo pero ya el hecho de anunciar que las puertas se abren a las 14 y las abren a las 18 y que retrasan media hora el show y casi una hora después de empezar seguía entrando gente.

      Sorry FEd this post in Spanish, to all who want please use Google translate.

      1. I didn’t want to but I was in the need to do it. Considering I am listening to Pink Floyd since when I was 9 y.o. (1974 with Meddle) I have a big respect for Mr Gilmour’s work and his professionalism. Have seen him last Friday, was a great pleasure for me.

        Best Regards (and sorry for my 1st post).

  12. I have really enjoyed the capsule reviews of each of the concerts on the webpage. If you can’t be there it’s good to know that everyone that is there is having a splendid time.

    Thanks again for this website and blog that keeps distant fans in the loop.

  13. Stood in centre of Carlisle city, amazing how things return to normality.

    Looks like a great night was had apart from traffic problems. I always wonder how David deals with all this love and affection.


  14. Hello everyone, I was lucky to attend this show in Buenos Aires with my girlfriend and mother of our little Vera (not Lynn), best experience ever in my life. Hope we could see him again, although the organization of the show wasn´t so good. I´d like to know David´s feelings about this issue, hope he had felt the love and madness from the crowd, his performance was memorable. The atmosphere was incredible, fans were really excited, singing, jumping and mesmerized with the show!

    Best regards from Argentina.

  15. Last Friday night I’ve experienced art in its most pure form: the one that touches you deeply. I understood that real artists are those who can move us, and sincerely give us their most precious gift.

    Thank you David, band, crew and everyone who allowed us to enrich our hearts with your creation. Thanks.

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