Night 15: Porto Alegre

Tonight’s concert is the last of four very happy nights for the band, touring party and, I hope, all who have attended the shows in Brazil. This one is in Brazil’s most southern state, Rio Grande do Sul, in the port city and Gaúcho capital, Porto Alegre.

Once more it takes place in another impressive modern footballing temple, the Arena do Grêmio, home of Grêmio Football Porto Alegrense. One of the largest and most modern multi-purpose sports arenas, it opened in December 2012. Like Sao Paulo’s Allianz Parque, the state-of-the art venue, which has a capacity of 60,540 seats (and also recycles its rainwater), is another Stadium of the Year winner.

It’s a very blue stadium; even its roof is made of blue glass (the club colours are blue, black and white).

The most recent rock concert to be held here was by Pearl Jam just last month.

Curitiba was idyllic. Porto Alegre seems similarly tranquil with its tree-lined streets of fine neoclassical architecture, many rivers and sprawling parkland. It boasts an attractive Windmills district, Moinhos de Vento – the windmills originally ground wheat in the eighteenth century.

If I may add, Porto Alegre is also the birthplace of one of my heroes: environmental activist José Lutzenberger, later Brazil’s Environment Minister, who, in 1971, co-founded the country’s first non-governmental organisation committed to ecological issues. Chico Mendes Park, south-east of the Arena, is named in memory of another: Chico Mendes, the union activist and environmental campaigner assassinated by a rancher in 1988 because of his work to protect the Amazon against deforestation.

Expect the skyline of this very and proudly green city to be bathed in blue light tonight. If you are heading to the stadium later, do let us know and have a lovely time; we look forward to hearing all about it.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

43 thoughts on “Night 15: Porto Alegre”

  1. How magical it looks at night aglow in cobalt blue!

    The pictures I’ve seen of Porto Alegre remind me very much of a cross-between Durban and Cape Town!

  2. I know it’s already part of the set list, but I guess he’ll HAVE to play “The Blue” here. 🙂

        1. Well, thankfully they have played ‘The Blue’ (it would have been rude not to), but I think ‘Blue Light’ is probably pushing it a bit.

  3. Well, on another note: what about our lovely Government allowing fracking beneath our National Parks? And after saying they would never allow it.


  4. What a treat… What will the Brazilian fans invent, now that the balloons and “run” shields are widely known?

  5. I wonder if David knows that Pearl Jam played…’Comfortably Numb’ in Porto Alegre on November 11 – through a torrential downpour.

    Hopefully the weather will be better tonight.

      1. They must be huge Pink Floyd fans, they also covered ‘Interstellar Overdrive’ that night.

      2. Yep! I went to the Pearl Jam concert and Comfortably Numb was my favourite music in the set. 😀

  6. Hope everybody’s enjoying the shows on the South American leg. Are they being filmed?

    On a separate note, happy birthday to the blog (I’m a little late with this), double figures this one? Wow, where’s the time gone?

    Hope you had a little celebration FEd, you deserve a treat.

    Enjoy the holidays everyone, happy Christmas!

    1. Thank you, Tom, and a very Happy Christmas to you. (Actually, I forgot. That’s old age for you.)

      1. Tom’s comment prompted me to go back to the very 1st Blog post, which was on 22nd December 2005, (so it’s not quite a decade, but we won’t haggle over a few days after almost a decade).

        Being as David is in the midst of his inaugural South American tour, I was curiously interested to discover when the 1st plea’s for him to tour there appeared.

        It seems that Chileans were out of starting blocks, before Brazil (3 to 1) joined the calls for him to appear there.

        The years of pleading have finally been recognized and rewarded in the ecstatic enjoyment, evident by the enthralled, enthusiastic audiences in attendance at the typically stylish and iconic locations chosen for David and his entourage.

        The ‘Old Man’s Tour’ goes from strength to strength and this seems to have invigorated the whole band, may it continue right through to next September.

        And Then…?

  7. It is the blog’s birthday??? I didn’t know that, when did FEd started this, how old is the blog now? 🙂

      1. Wow, ten years, I lost 9 years with you guys but I will make up for the lost time. FEd, you know the time flies when you are in good company and when you do something that you love. You did a very good job! I will be at RAH 29 and 30 I hope you will be there, I will be honored to share a beer with you.

        Buon Compleanno to the blog!!!

  8. The concerts in such big areas are wonderful to see, and I imagine also south American audience are very warm, David for sure will have a nice experience 🙂 ….I wish I could be there.

    About “Coming Back To Life” – I was so lucky to hear it in Florence when David performed it for the first time, I thought that it was a special “gift” for Rick (he played in Florence on 15th September).

    1. Ken, there was a facility to post to the site before the 22 Dec 2005, I’m not sure when exactly, I remember seeing David on the ‘Three Men In a Boat’ show which aired early December that year and I found the site around that time. I remember the comment facility was there when tickets for the 2006 shows were released, that was the second week in December I think, not certain though. I’m sure FEd could check this out if he had nothing else to do…..just saying.

  9. To read the words FEd wrote about my city (the one I was born and live in and love) was very special to me, thanks FEd!

    Yesterday I watched the concert in the front row (or, in good Portuguese, “na grade”, which literally means “in the fence” or “in the grid”), and I could not believe what was going on there. Dave was fantastic, all the guys were having a great time and the crowd did not stop cheering (although I heard that São Paulo there were even more cheers). Phil was loving to conduct the chanting “ole, ole, ole oleeee, Gilmour, Gilmour” and Guy was – obviously – with an impressive energy, and playing magnificently (Sorrow was GREAT, he and Steve doing that little stops in the solo is my favourite)… Particular greetings for João, he was actually on fire… In Curitiba he was a little tense (his hometown) but in Porto Alegre I thought he was playing like a monster… Jon singing Comfortably Numb gave me goosebumps, and so did Bryan in In Any Tongue, which was (okay I confess) the first song that made me cry last night. Lucy was also great in the backing vocals and Kevin was playing just perfectly.

    A word to Dave, just in case…

    Honestly, thank you for coming to South America, thank you for making this “old man tour” a little longer to give us from South America the greatest nights of our lives. I hope this “old man tour” is not your last one, because the two concerts I could attend were my only ones and that is far from being enough…

    1. So pleased for you, my friend. I would love to visit your beautiful country some day. I’ve spent more hours than I care to admit this week looking at photos researching, so that I am able to write just a few short words about each city. It’s been a reminder that many of us live in a paradise that we must do all we can to protect.

      1. I think you sound like you would do good work in a role with the United Nations or something along those lines Fed. And I bet you’re in circles that could get you in. I love this planet Earth and there’s more to it than I think we could ever understand. It’s a spiritual thing to me, not religion. Wish all this fighting would stop. I wish we could start looking after this one world we have, it’s so special.

        Sorry, wittering here again.


        1. No circles. I don’t like those. The only ones I’m in involve my friends and family, nobody offering any exciting but unearned career opportunities.

          1. Sorry, did that sound bad, “circles”? Didn’t mean it in a bad light, just thought, well Gerry Halliwell and the like do it for PR stunts and then there’s folk like you who really care about the planet and people.

            1. No need for apologies, mate. Understood. If she really cares or not is not for me to say, but if celebrities get people interested in important causes, that seems fair enough. I don’t know who is getting exploited more in that relationship, maybe it’s her?

      2. You surely – as usual – did a great job, FEd! Thanks again for taking such a good care of this amazing blog! I wish I could do more here, but this has been a tough year for me. But a year that is finishing in such a good way is obviously a good year!

        Happy holidays and HAPPY BIRTHDAY (perhaps a little late) to The Blog. 🙂

    2. It seems to have been a night to remember and I fully understand that a dream came true for you guys…

    3. I saw Joao Mello at RAH twice, he is so young (20?) but full of energy and personality, David made a good choice to have him in his band, I cannot imagine him playing in his hometown. I saw Theo Travis too (in Italy) but I hope for next nights in London to see Joao on the stage.

      1. João was (is) amazing… Hope I can see him fly very high and reach the success he deserves… Very talented guy and a very good person as well.

  10. Audiences from South America are fantastic – happy that someone from entourage decided to film them singing and posts videos on Facebook. Apparently, David sucks some of their energy and translates it to stunning solos. I hope that this trend will only grow and grow!

    Happy anniversary for the Blog! 🙂

  11. I can’t simply stop remember on that amazing show that we got last Wednesday here, in Porto Alegre! It was a dream that I’ve thought it would be able to become true! But “he” did it, mister David Gilmour!

    I know that I’m talking for many citizens from the city, from the county. THANK YOU so much to give us the opportunity to have you here singing and playing your songs, as well as making the dream of many come true!!! God bless you and your family.

  12. By the way, is there any change or idea to get a DVD available to buy in the next couple of weeks / months?

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