Night 14: Curitiba

You lucky, lucky people of Curitiba and surrounding areas.

I think of all the concerts to date, on this tour as well as the last, this is the one I most wish I could be at. What an absolutely stunning setting and such an interesting venue in which to perform in the open air: an abandoned stone quarry surrounded by a wall of rock some thirty metres high with lush greenery all around.

The Paulo Leminski Quarry, or Pedreira Paulo Leminski, is an outdoor concert venue located in the neighbourhood of Abranches. Named in tribute to local poet, writer, musician and composer Paulo Leminski, who was born in Curitiba in 1944, the site is a touch over 100,000 metres long and its stage around 480m².

First opened in 1990, the likes of AC/DC, Bon Jovi, David Bowie and The Ramones have performed here. It was also one of 12 FIFA Fan Fest locations popular with football supporters during last year’s World Cup.

With the Ópera de Arame, or Wire Opera House, nearby – a 2,400-seater theatre constructed from tubular steel and wire mesh with a transparent roof – the Parque das Quarries is one of Curitiba’s most visited sites among tourists (after the Botanic Garden with its majestic three-dome greenhouse).

A model for sustainable urban development, Curitiba has 26 major parks. You won’t be surprised to learn that it boasts the highest life expectancy of all Brazil’s cities. If you have just half-an-hour to spare today, do take a look at the photographs because it really does look incredibly magnificent with its lakes and waterfalls, tropical vegetation, so teeming with wildlife.

If you’re there, enjoy the concert tonight. We look forward to hearing all about it.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

31 thoughts on “Night 14: Curitiba”

  1. FEd, you’re perfectly right. This seem to be a very, very interesting venue, indeed! I’m really curious to hear about the show. Hopefully one of the bloggers here will be there to report…

  2. Speaking of football, the Welsh Dragon is gonna get chased all over the pitch until he’s out of puff when you meet the mighty England.

    Joking of course.


      1. There was a last-minute change to tonight’s: no ‘On an Island’ (but ‘Coming Back To Life’ returned).

    1. It’s so good to see Coming Back To Life, coming back to life in the setlist FEd.

      David just needs to add And Then…to end the 1st Half now and then squeeze in Louder Than Words somewhere.

      Let’s hope actions speak louder than words.

    2. Mr. Gilmour is swapping Coming Back To Life in and out of the setlist. I wonder why and I don’t see a pattern. 😉


  3. it sounds like a beautiful compliment to the music!

    is it just me, or does David seem happier today than he has been in ages? i see more pictures of him smiling lately. it’s wonderful to see.

  4. I like that David is trying to play in some unusual places. Even though I can’t be there it’s always nice to learn about such places or see some recordings from them.

    I find his concert in Verona as one of the best concerts and venues I’ve ever attended. The same goes for Gdańsk, however I didn’t manage to get there.

  5. I hope everybody in attendance enjoys the wonderful experience that is an unforgettable evening with David! (Even Fabio.) 🙂

    Shine on…..

  6. Just curious:

    Was On an Island played? Because David’s Website says it was not, but here on the Setlists Page it says it was?

    Looking forward to hear how it was!

  7. My geography is awful but these cities in Brazil do seem to be high up compared to London.

    Maybe there is no real affect but I was just wondering if there are any other considerations that need to be in mind. As I say, just wondering.

  8. I personally prefer concerts at smaller venues with a lower number of spectators rather than those at stadiums and large outdoors… the atmosphere is much more intimate, but this place and especially Hollywood Bow in Los Angeles are quite interesting venues to attend…

  9. Jealous of anyone who got to go to last night’s show. What a brilliant venue! Found a few videos from the show and it looks special. Also the South American fans are fantastic, they really get into it, some major audience participation going on!

  10. Reading all these reviews of the South American gigs has me salivating like mad to see the show I saw in September at the RAH next September. Two bites at the Gilmour cherry a year apart is sheer perfection as opposed to seeing him twice in two nights.

    Wonder if the 2016 return to Europe will bring any setlist changes? We shall see. If not the show is so good a re-run is just fine too.

  11. FINALLY! I finally got to see Dave (and his WONDERFUL band – seriously!) in Curitiba. It was an amazing night, too bad the crowd around me wasn’t as nice as the ones onstage… It happens…

    However, I live in Porto Alegre, and tomorrow I’ll get to see him again! After this, I will write something more worthwile to read 🙂


  12. I stayed there! Fantastic night. And David played Happy Birthday for Phil Taylor, who completed 64 years old in that night.

  13. After going to the first show of São Paulo, I went to Curitiba! I was at a distance 5-10 meters from the stage. I was teleported to a wonderful world and peace. Had balloons, placards written “RUN”, Run Like Hell, rain, and a beautiful setting for the most beautiful show ever seen in our country! See my parents dancing in Coming Back to Life has no price! Amazing!

    See you on 11 April 2016!

    1. I’m so glad to hear that you enjoyed it and were able to share the experience with your parents. I hope you enjoy the next one just as much.

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