Wider Horizons

This looks good, so you might wish to set it to record, if you can.

Alan Yentob’s Wider Horizons documentary, ‘an intimate portrait of one of the greatest guitarists and singers of all time’ featuring many familiar faces offering their thoughts and insight, is on this Saturday – the 14th – on BBC2 at 9.45pm (UK).

As (almost) always, the programme will be available to watch on the BBC iPlayer later.

Do let us know what you think of it.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

49 thoughts on “Wider Horizons”

  1. How I wish I could understand spoken English.

    But I can enjoy looking at the video… Is it young David at 1:20?

  2. … and as always we foreigners will have to help ourselves. 😉

    The teaser was most promising, so I’m sure the rest will be, at least if David will introduce us to other than Dmaj chords. 😉

  3. Lucky old us … I’m on holiday from Saturday but that’s an iPlayer treat for me to look forward to on my return.

  4. Someone texted me to watch TV on Saturday at this time, now I know why. Problem is I have guests around for drinks. Would it be rude to switch TV on when acting as host?


      1. Just watched it on computer and thought very good and honest. In particular the relationship between David and his mother.


  5. Very much looking forward to this! So good to see David getting the air time he richly deserves. Well done the BBC!

  6. I love the honesty. It is beautiful how basic the creation/beginning of a master of what he does started out with such basics.

  7. This is promising to be something like the best thing ever! Hope I can watch it asap. 🙂

  8. No Saturday football on TV so this will be “Watch of the day”!

    Gary Hurley.
    London England.

  9. This looks to be excellent. Wish I could see it when it airs.

    My big plans are for Veterans Day, November 11. There will be celebratory programs for women veterans and several restaurants will be serving free meals to veterans.

    Back in the 70’s, I was spit on in the LAX airport while in uniform. Being thanked and honored for my service now is very rewarding.

    1. “Being thanked and honored for my service now is very rewarding.”

      As it should be … ah, for a day where there will be no conflict of any kind “in [every] tongue”.

  10. Let’s hope it’s one of those things NOT region restricted on the iPlayer. On the other hand, there is always VPN… 😉

    Looks great. He’s not the youngster anymore but I do love how his music has matured along with him and that he has not become stuck in an embarrassing attempt to stay “young”. *cough*Stones*cough*

  11. Glad to see its on a ‘normal’ channel.

    That’s all we have in our house, the normal terrestrial channels. No Sky or anything like that. No wonder my kids couldn’t wait to get their own places.

  12. Looking forward to it. Just can’t ever seem to get enough.

    We should be able to view it in the US on the BBC iplayer, right FEd?

      1. Thanks FEd, will discuss with my daughter. She also helps me when my devices with a clock blink annoyingly.

        BTW tomorrow is Remembrance Day here in Canada, will be playing “In Any Tongue” as my personal respect for the service of all those who serve and to the pain endured by those returning from war zones.


      2. “If even a relatively small proportion users could be converted into paid users, the additional revenue it could create for the BBC would be significant.”

        I would happily pay a fee to have access to BBC content — so much better than anything I get on cable here.

    1. Thank you for the great find Michèle and for posting FEd! Wish I could see watch Wider Horizons with all you lucky skunks in the UK but this clip will do me just fine. 🙂

  13. Very excited about watching this…great seeing snippet of a teenage David playing his acoustic.

  14. Unfortunately, only people inside UK is able to watch.

    Does anyone have a link to watch it that would work outside UK? I’m in NYC now.


    1. I had the same problem, but I found it on YouTube in good quality – here

      It was very insightful and honest, I really liked it.

  15. Just saw the programme. What a lovely treat to share some of the creative and family process that in inherent in the evolution of David’s music.

    Happiness and peace to David and his loved ones. Thanks for sharing.

  16. I love how the programme kept everything family oriented, cosy and small, and didn’t run off into the big Floyd gigs. I guess David is very much a family man first and foremost and music comes second now. The way it should be, but I’m glad the big Floyd moments happened.

    Postman Pat was awesome.

  17. I have to admit…I enjoyed the programme much more than I anticipated.

    I was half expecting another re-hash of Floyd history by various talking heads, but it actually consisted of intelligent and informative questioning by Alan Yentob and a surprisingly open and candid David talking about his family and childhood – lots of stuff I wasn’t familiar with.

    I’ve never really understood properly the professional working relationship that David and Polly have and this was explained in great detail. Polly was very enlightening about how David expresses his emotions through his guitar and music rather than verbally like most of us and it became clear that she has helped verbalise a lot of his thoughts over the last 30 years or so by providing so much to his lyrics.

    The last 5 minutes or so were quite moving, actually, as he finally seemed to open up about his relationship with his mother. To see him so happy surrounded by family and friends, sitting outside, strumming an acoustic singing ‘Postman Pat’ and being so proud of them all was to see a man at peace with his world – if not with the outside one.

    An excellent piece of film-making and definitely worth a view, I’m so glad he agreed to do it and allow us to have a brief glimpse of the real David Gilmour.

    Thank you!

  18. HI Fed

    Any clue on how to watch if you are not in UK?

    I was already eager to watch and this desire was enhanced by the positive reviews and comments!

    Thanks guys.

    1. Here is a recent article, entitled ‘How to watch UK TV when abroad: watch UK TV for free anywhere in the world – how to watch iPlayer from any country’, which might be of interest to you.

      I should quote and highlight the following passage, however:

      “We expect that you have come to this story because you are traveling abroad and you want to watch UK TV via the catchup services such as BBC iPlayer, 4oD and ITV Player. And, perhaps, you have a Sky Now subscription and would like to watch the content for which you have paid, via a web browser.

      The good news is that this is entirely possible, although we should point out that you are technically breaking the rights agreement reached between rights holder and broadcaster. Arguably, if you are usually a resident of the UK (and a TV Licence payer), you are at least morally in the right.”

      Personally, I have to say that I feel that Netflix is much better value at less than half of what I, and millions of other licence fee payers, reluctantly give the BBC for its television and radio each month (for David Attenborough and Jools Holland, pretty much), but that’s another story. And we should keep this in mind: Reluctant licence fee payers don’t like life without the BBC after all – two-thirds of people in 70 households across Britain change their minds about paying after being deprived of all the corporation’s output for nine days… according to research commissioned by, um, the BBC.

      Good old Beeb. Don’t ever change. You keep telling us what we ought to think, you know best.

      Anyway, carry on.

  19. I got to see it late yesterday (the ‘how’ is unimportant) and was just thrilled. What a fabulous and precious family. Just loved how it ended around what I would call a true ‘braai’ in the most convivial atmosphere with Romany singing ‘Hey Jude’ – a tad of foreshadowing perhaps considering it was filmed some time ago?

  20. I never thought I’d hear David Gilmour say, “I can’t remember the fucking chords!” 😀

    I loved finding out more about the creative processes and Polly’s input. Also how the band works and puts it all together.

    I loved seeing those beautiful family moments, David controlling the meat :D, Khan being so good when asked to ignore all his instincts about dogs and meat put in front of him!

    And Romany at the end. . . just lovely.


  21. When I watched the documentary on BBC 2 I thought it was brilliant. I’ve just watched it again on BBC iPlayer and I enjoyed it even more. Many thanks to the BBC and to David and his family too.

  22. Like IMcK I have watched it twice and enjoyed it even more the second time – this may be because I had the volume higher as first time around I was watching it in a hotel room trying not to disturb Mrs C, but I digress.

    For those of us with an unhealthy Gilmour fixation it was a true treat. All very collaborative, relaxed, insightful and correspondingly revealing. We’re all familiar with the idea that David is a strange blend of English reserve and artistic / emotional expression and it’s interesting to see how recognition and acceptance of that is built into the relationship with Polly, Phil, the band. We’re less familiar with the family dynamic, the revealing story of the complex (in more ways than one) relationship with parents and of course we love drooling over the beautiful family / home / bbq / rehearsal room and how we wish, how we wish we were there.

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