Radio City Music Hall

Here it is, the extra New York concert that many of you have been hoping for.

It will be at Radio City Music Hall on Sunday 10th April 2016, which was of course where David’s last tour of North America began back in April 2006.

Tickets go on general sale at 10am local time this Thursday – the 3rd – available, as usual, from Ticketmaster’s website, over the telephone or in person at select Ticketmaster outlets.

There is a limit of two tickets per customer and any remaining tickets will be available at the Radio City Music Hall, Madison Square Garden and Beacon Theatre box offices from Friday.

As before, with each ticket purchased online for North America, you will receive a copy of Rattle That Lock on CD. This offer applies to online sales only, don’t forget.

Whisper it, but a Bloggers’ Presale Password will soon be e-mailed to regular and long-time contributors. If you don’t receive it but are subscribed to David’s Mailing List, you will find the code in your inbox a little later. In the interest of fairness, please don’t pass this code around. The idea is to give an advantage to a select few who have made a contribution to this old blog down the years, and doing so will only reduce the number of tickets available for everybody else, so please be considerate. The same ticket limit applies to everyone.

Just to clarify those all-important details again:

Sunday 10th April 2016: New York, USATickets on general sale at 10am (EST) Thursday
Radio City Music Hall, 1260 6th Avenue (Avenue of the Americas), New York, NY 10020

The very best of luck to everybody hoping to get tickets to what promises to be a triumphant return to Radio City. Let us know how you fare in the various sales and do remind us: were you there in 2006?

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

249 thoughts on “Radio City Music Hall”

    1. You are signed up for the Mailing List, Dan? Because your address isn’t on my list, so you won’t be able to take part in the Bloggers’ Presale tomorrow, I’m sorry to say. My list is made up of regular, long-time contributors to this little part of the web over the last ten years.

      I hope you can try your luck in the following presale on Wednesday, which you’ll see listed at Ticketmaster as ‘Mailing List Presale and VIP Packages’. Good luck with that.

      1. I have been signed up for the list for a while, but i am wondering if my email is on your list.

        Thank you,

            1. That’s the Bloggers’ Presale out of the question (well, until someone inevitably forwards the password and it’s shared around like last time), but not the following day’s Mailing List Presale. If you’ve been on that list for ages, I’m sure you’ll be absolutely fine.

              Have you received anything from the David Gilmour Mailing List recently? I can recall two this month, both offering a discount code for the official webstore…

    2. Hi – hoping I can be included on the blogger password for Radio City. I AM new here – but a big PF fan going WAY back. (Seen the Wall at Earl’s Court London, etc.)

      I understand if ‘not fair’ to send to a newbie – I’m just looking for 1 ticket for me….Thanks for any consideration!

  1. I was shut out of both MSG shows and would like a chance to get into this show, which will likely be harder since it is a much smaller venue.

    How does one subscribe to David’s mailing list, and/or to possibly receive a code from this blog?

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks…

      1. I’m on David’s mailing list, FEd. No word yet about tomorrow’s pre-sale. I expect we’ll receive an email sometime this evening, yes?

  2. That’s wonderful news specially because I will be in NYC!

    Thanks a lot once again Fed.

    Checking my email every 5 minutes now!

    1. I hope you signed up for the Mailing List or used to use a different e-mail address to post here, my friend. You’ve left three comments in all, which isn’t enough to be a regular, I’m sorry.

      (This is awful. Cheers, Ticketmaster. You could have kept it private.)

  3. Great news FEd, Radio City is a place I really want see David play, hope I can get a ticket…

    Thank you so much.

    1. Hoping you (can stay/) stayed consciously composed long enough to secure a prime posterior position, Pavlov.

  4. Good evening FEd,

    I hope all is well in your world?

    With regards to ticket pre-sale, you previously sent me heads up mail for Brighton, which was very kind of you and it kick started a most memorable September; one which will live long in my memory and thoughts! I’m just checking that I’m still on your list, as I’d like to plan to go to New York next April for 5 night break and to take in David’s concert. The icing on the cake for me, will be to take my 15 year son with me for the concert and holiday experience of a lifetime!

    Shine on…..
    John πŸ™‚

  5. Annnnnnnnnnnd I fly into NYC/Newark that day at around 5pm ish… Can I make this happen New Yorkers? Or should I just let this go?

  6. Wow, what a beautiful and historical place…

    I’m sure it would be fantastic a concert in there…

    Thanks David for giving us another concert and thanks FeD for the updates…

    Hope to get the tickets, can’t wait to be there.

  7. What a beautiful looking, art deco, venue. I googled images. πŸ™‚

    I’d love to go. Good luck to our American bloggers. πŸ™‚


  8. Thanks FEd,

    I’ve just gratefully received your pre-sale mail and please be assured of absolute discretion on my part….my lips are sealed! Once again FEd, many thanks for your invaluable help, under what I might add are very arduous and difficult conditions for you! I’ll start my planning now and let my son know we’re going to New York next April, but as a father’s prerogative, hold back on telling him about the special main event! (I might wake him up at 5am on the day.) πŸ™‚

    Shine on……

  9. Good luck to all! The London-concert was a great experience and a night to remember. Fed, you do a great job, a big treat and service to fans.

  10. Good Luck to everyone wishing to see David at Radio City Music Hall.

    … and good luck to COP21.

    One Heart One Tree

    “Everyone will be able to plant a virtual tree on the Eiffel Tower, which will grow to the beat of their heart, and then every virtual tree will be really planted in a reforestation programme. The idea is to connect the virtual and the real, technology and nature, and give everyone the opportunity to act in a tangible sense.”, said Naziha Mestaoui, the Belgian-Tunisian digital artist behind the concept.

  11. Amazing to see so many people around the world appreciating David’s guitar playing. Sure, his voice is great, of course, and he’s not bad at putting songs together, but his heart and soul shines, screams, and cries through his guitar.

  12. I am sooooooo sad that I just discovered this blog and registered to chat with you all today. πŸ™ I am a HUGE fan of all things Gilmour, my husband even more so, and my lil brother gone for too long was insane about Gilmour, Waters, Floyd. We first discovered Floydian Slip in the early 90’s here in Upstate NY across the pond from Burlington and listened every Sunday night. We are not a tech savvy bunch and learned most of what we know about Gilmour through listening, books, and magazines. We got to see Waters on 2 different tours (one with my lil bro before he passed) but have not been able to see Gilmour. I am so afraid that we will not get to realize this dream. I am a huge fan and that is how I was able to even find out about the added show in time, but boo hoo, it might be for nothing.

    Well good luck to you all! I am still hoping for a miracle so I can watch my husband faint on Christmas morning and make my brother smile in heaven. Wish I discovered all you totally cool rockers sooner.

  13. The game is afoot, as Sherlock might say…!

    Hope the US irregulars enjoy the Radio City show as much as we enjoyed Brighton. I’ll be interested to see if the songs from RTL will change a bit, now that folks have heard the album for a couple of months.

  14. Any update for Carlisle, Cumbria? Will you send me a pin code Fed?

    Wishful thinking and wittering as I’m signed off for another 2 weeks.


  15. Woohoo, Christmas comes early in NY.

    It’s great to see that there’s a pre-pre-sale, especially for the Irregular contributors.

    Let’s hope that this will alleviate the problems that occurred when the original US dates went on sale.

    Good luck everyone.

    1. Yes, but I have to say that part of the problem then was people buying too many tickets in the first place and passing the password to others to use, so if (when?) the same happens this time, I don’t think there’ll be a great deal of sympathy or desire to repeat the exercise. But let’s see how it goes and hope for the best.

      1. I honestly hope there is no ‘when’. Amongst the many gifts we have been given here, the gift of trust is the one we least deserve and it has been given to us so generously over and over again. Why can we not just hold it dear?

  16. I was there in 2006 – I Remember That Night! What a great venue to see a concert as well. Not a bad seat in the house and acoustics are great.


    1. I’m sorry to disappoint you, but it has already been e-mailed to a list of regular, frequent, long-time contributors to this blog, people who have been commenting since the start way back in late-2005.

      Are you subscribed to the David Gimour Mailing List? If so, you will receive an e-mail with the password in advance of tomorrow’s Mailing List Presale. Good luck.

        1. Later today, I should think. In time for the Mailing List Presale tomorrow (Wednesday), which is also 11am-4pm (EST).

  17. Hello everyone!

    Great news, though I will not be able to be there.

    I am looking forward to hearing more about the 2016 live show(s) in Germany. πŸ˜‰ That would be nice. Any hints on when there maybe possibly be any news about those? Thanks anyway and have a great day!


    1. I read that he wanted to play in Cologne but I think it won’t happen, because there are just too much restrictions (volume and so on).

      I’m also waiting for the announcement. πŸ˜€

  18. Hi all – I have come across this blog and I am a huge fan. I guess perhaps I never knew about it because it was a site is why I overlooked it.

    To anyone who will not be using their code for the NY show: To have 2 tickets to this as a xmas gift to my wife is something I must make happen for the Radio City show. For anyone willing to help with this and is not going to be using their buy code- I am willing to pay $50 via Paypal or Chase Quikpay to anyone who will give me the code by 10:30am eastern time. Please email me at […] if you have a code, and I will work out a Paypal payment to you for before sending the code, and you can send once I pay you. I know the alternative is to wait until later in the week but I prefer not to since I will be traveling for work the rest of this week.

    This is a serious offer so if someone is not going to be attending and I can use their code to buy, it really is worth $50 to me since this would mean so much to my wife. Please let me know by email. Thanks!

      1. More ‘big fans’ coming out of the woodwork, who have suddenly found the Blog, but hadn’t been aware of it’s existence, for the last 10 years.
        Hmmm, how co-incidental…

  19. Fed,

    Sorry off topic but Mr Gilmour on Radio Two, Steve Wright show this afternoon, 1st Dec. Show runs 14.00 to 15.00, not sure when he is on. Available on iPlayer if you miss.

    Always worth listening to David’s interviews!


      1. Sat through more than an hour of Steve Wright saying ‘Dave’ Gilmour “will be on later” so far. Can I have a medal please?

        1. Still waiting here too, Lorraine. He (David) must be stuck in traffic.

          Oh wait a minute, here we go… SOYCD.

          1. Well, I was not expecting him to say that!

            Well worth waiting for.

            I see the iPlayer site has sectioned out his interview so you can go straight to it rather than scroll through the show.

  20. Thank you FEd, as always, for your kindness. Will be a great gig, another fabulous place!

    Good luck you lucky bastards! πŸ˜€


  21. We remember with a great happiness our 4 shows in September in Brighton and London and still waiting for the shows next spring/summer in Europe.

    Best Wishes to all DG Fans and to you FEd! Have a great Advent season!


  22. I’ve got my fingers (and toes) crossed for an e-mail today for the Radio City Music Hall presale.

    Struck out on both Madison Square Garden gigs. πŸ™

    All the best to everyone trying to get tickets for Radio City Music Hall…

    …that show is really going to be something special.

  23. wow, I wish I found this blog sooner, and I completely understand the secrecy! I haven’t seen him play since the Division Bell tour at Giants Stadium. Hopefully I get sent the password for tomorrow’s mailing list presale.

  24. FEd,

    Wouldn’t it be fair to share the code to all who participated in the blog prior to the announcement? While I check the blog on a daily basis I have only posted a few times. Some of us are shy or very busy but does that make us less worthy than others?

    I sincerely wish all who got the code the best of luck. When there is a will there is a way and I still hope to get into the show. Although not true in this case, what I find true most of the time, is that the harder you work the luckier you get.

    Down but not Out and Best Wishes to All.

  25. David Gilmour is a GOD, while I wish I could get tickets to this show it’s going to be EPIC.

    Have emails been sent out yet FEd?

  26. Any chance you can send me the code a few minutes late? I am like the biggest Gilmour fan of all time. Pleasssseeee?

  27. FEd, thanks again. Was going to go this show also but since I’m at both MSG shows and with great tickets to the second I am passing on the Sunday show. Saw the opening night there in 2006 and it was one of the best shows of my life.

    Hope all who are trying get in get seats and as others have said there really is not a bad seat in the house. Best of luck!!!

  28. Thanks so much FEd, my wife and I booked our hotel to go up a day early and hangout in NYC, now we have something to do that night!

  29. Thanks FED. 2 tickets on floor at Radio City. I owe you again. You are the greatest.

    Can’t wait, only 130 days.

  30. Tickets are already on third party sites for $$$$. Please Please Please consider helping a few true fans that found this blog a little too late.

          1. You’ll know more tomorrow. Please check your e-mail bright and early and be prepared to take an hour for lunch.

            Also, and you obviously can’t see this but please know that I’m winking at all you “Bloggers” in an exaggerated fashion so that you catch my drift and play along with me here; David will be on BBC Radio 6 Music from 9am (UK) with more of this interview with Shaun Keaveny and some interesting development on what you heard from Steve Wright’s afternoon show earlier (which is available here, if you missed it).

            Yes, I’m still winking. Four nights at the Albert Hall in September, he said. Tune in and check your e-mail.

      1. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Waiting at the computer! Turns out the night of a lifetime can become two. πŸ˜‰

  31. Hi Fed, I am sure I will not receive a code for presale of today πŸ™ , but I subscribed to David’s Mailing List few months ago so I hope in that code, do you know when they will be sent?

    I just saw David in Verona, Florence, and at RAH on 24th and 25th of September, maybe I will be so lucky to see him again at Radio City Hall.

    1. You’ll have it in good time, don’t worry. I don’t know when it’s being sent exactly, it’s nothing to do with me. Have faith and good luck.

  32. Hi FEd,

    Even entering the pre-sale code on Ticketmaster site, I’m struggling to purchase tickets. I’m being informed that I’m forbidden to use the site or use automated software to purchase tickets????? Please help if you kindly can?????

    Shine on…..

    1. Please try again, John. Open a new browser, if need be. Tickets are being sold, so it does work.

  33. Well, presale code is useless if Ticketmaster started the VIP package sale for everyone, almost 40 min trying to get a one single ticket…. still nothing…..

  34. FEd – I tried for 40 minutes until the site said no more…..the security may have worked but it prevented me from getting tickets! πŸ™

    1. keep trying….it told me that also but I kept clicking and refreshing and 2 tickets popped up.

  35. I’m good now… Thank You Fed……I have tickets for all 3 show’s In NYC now….I’m In Heaven…cannot wait..

  36. For all of you trying to get tickets.

    The Ticketmaster website shows that the presale is sold out.

    If you use the Ticketmaster app, you will still find nice orchestra seats available.


  37. A small (okay it was GARGANTUAN albeit just a few seconds), heart-stopping, pit-in-stomach inducing moment when out-of-the-blue my browser decided I was a ‘bot’. Quick switch and I was able to secure two extremely decent seats in the Orchestra section.

    So @#$%ing happy right now. πŸ™‚

  38. Got silver package without presale code. If you really want to go and don’t have presale code or can’t get presale tickets just keep searching packages and someone browsing will release tickets at just the right moment.

    Good Luck.

  39. I couldn’t go on the site at the time of the presale started, and I wanted to take some third mezzanine seats because I cannot afford other 220 $ per ticket, but for now nothing is available for that price range, only orchestra seats.

    As usual, the desktop site doesn’t work, it always says that there’s a problem or no tickets available, so I have to do it from mobile, refreshing every minute, hoping for a couple of tickets at a decent price.

      1. Nope, but I’ll explain you why.

        Sorry that these words are coming from a “normal” user and not from FeD (I’m nobody to tell you this), but I sincerely agree with him when he says that “The idea is to give an advantage to a select few who have made a contribution to this old blog down the years”.

        We are here not to have these advantages, but to participate in blog’s life, with comments, presence in chat, and all these things just to feel like a family, even if we are from different part in the world and some of us never met live. All of these without asking something in return, just for the pleasure that this make to us.

        These kinds of advantage are some kindness (totally unrequested) that FeD likes to do for us and are really appreciated, but I can say for sure that no-one of us participate in this blog’s life for tickets presale purpose or stuff like this, no-one fakes and is just for this reason (or I think so) that some of us can have this little margin of advantage even from mailing list’s subscribers.

        For that regards my choice not to use the code is because I’ll go to see David in Toronto, Chicago and NY at MSG, so I cannot afford another expensive ticket like the one in orchestra section (190 ticket + 30 fee is 220 $, too much if you think how expensive is make “a tour” along USA with David).
        So if I’ll find some 3rd mezzanine tickets I’ll take it, because the place is beautiful and is just a part of USA history, but at this point I can afford just lower prices tickets.

        If I won’t find them, I’ll let the chance to other people next days.

        I didn’t pass the code to friends that loves David, for sure I won’t give it to someone that I don’t know at all.

        FeD, sorry if I took your place, but I wanted to explain my point of view about this things, because we are not better than other people, we just love to participate to this blog’s life, and I think this is just all you like to do to say “thanks” to us.

        1. Thanks for understanding. We have to consider those who will wait for the general sale on Thursday morning to buy their tickets. How unfair if there are none left for them because the password has been shared, posted on forums, Twitter, Facebook, etc. I’d be really unhappy in that situation.

          Thanks should also go to David’s Management and Ticketmaster for arranging presales such as this when they don’t have to go to the trouble. I can’t take all the credit.

          1. Of course, all this work done for us, “simple” bloggers makes me (and I’m sure to talk in behalf of all) really proud: it shows a true love that you, David and all the management have for us, and this for me means really a lot.

            For this (not only the presale, of course, but all the little things you do everytime) you’ll always have a deep respect, because nothing is due to anyone and just the will to do this is a great way to show the huge consideration that you all have of us.

            PS: sorry for the OT, but are there any update about Guy’s Q&A?

            1. He’s not forgotten. In exchange for roping some other band members in, I suggested waiting until he’s stuck on a plane with time to kill before tackling our questions. I’ll let you know who our next victim is soon.

    1. whats the password? i would spend the expensive seats or can u buy me expensive seats and ill pay u back?

      1. That’s not how it works, sorry. The people who have contributed to this part of David’s site down the years were sent the password. They can use it if they want to. (Most won’t, leaving plenty of tickets for everybody else.) The general sale is on Thursday.

        If you signed up for David’s Mailing List, you’ll receive a password in advance of the Mailing List Presale, which is between 11am and 4pm (EST) tomorrow (Wednesday). The Bloggers Presale is for bloggers. It’s meant to give them priority booking, which seems perfectly fair to me.

        1. only problem is that that code will be on brokers sites and all bots will snatch up all tickets.

  40. Hey FEd, just a question. I remember signing up for David’s Mailing List quite a while ago but I’ve never received any emails. I tried to sign up again today and it said I was part of it already. What could be wrong there? I unfortunately can’t travel to NY in September but I’d like to get the alerts for the second leg of the European tour (after Brighton, I’m DEFINITELY going to another show).

    Thanks! πŸ™‚

    1. That’s odd. I noticed that two e-mails went out in November (about a discount code for the official webstore) and you say you didn’t receive these?

      Could you try signing up with a different e-mail address?

      1. Nope, nothing. I only recently received around October a discount code from Pink Floyd’s store but not David’s. I only use this email address, but I guess it’s worth getting a new one just for David!

  41. It sickens me that third party sellers are already selling these tickets for incredibly inflated prices. It’s not fair to the true fan. For every greedy hand that gets one of these tickets, a true fan loses out.

    1. Very excited to hear that he is adding more dates. I just heard on BBC Radio that he is adding more dates at the Royal Albert Hall for next September, 2016. Can’t wait! I saw the first three RAH shows earlier this year and it was fantastic!

      PS. Can someone please tell me how to be added to the mailing list? I’ve been lurking around this Blog since ’06, but this is the first time I have ever posted anything. Cheers!

        1. Thank you for your reply. I am signed up for that mailing list. However, I was under the impression there are two separate mailing lists: one for David’s homepage, and a separate mailing list for the blog.

          1. The blog’s list (it’s not technically a mailing list as such, because you can’t sign up for it; I just note that you’ve been here for a while and made a welcome contribution) is made up of those who have been visiting and commenting here since the start, pretty much. It’s a means of giving the faithful a heads-up when there’s something like this going on, in the hope that they can get to the front of the queue for a short while.

            If you’re subscribed to the other one, which is a real mailing list, you’ll receive a password any time now in preparation for tomorrow’s Mailing List Presale, which, like today’s Bloggers Presale, runs between 11am and 4pm EST – that’s tomorrow (Wednesday).

            Good luck.

  42. I’m struggling here FEd. It’s the “you’re forbidden to use the site” bit that’s concerning. I thought I’d put a test in motion by selecting a random artist and see if I could purchase tickets for their gig? No luck that way either, as was still the “forbidden” one! Is it because I’m in the UK I wonder?

    Any advice from anyone else on the blog would be much appreciated!

    Shine on…..
    John πŸ™‚

    1. I have gotten that “Forbidden” message in the past. If something triggers the Ticketmaster site’s bot-detection, it will block you out for 24 hours. If, in that 24 hours, you try to access the site again, the clock restarts from zero and you have to wait another 24 hours from the new time.

  43. Afternoon all, hope everyone is well. It seems the presale is down. Anyone been successful?

  44. BLISS…. Tickets x 2 secured now for ORCH6 Row K. Good luck everyone else.

    Thank you Fed for the loyalty and the sheer joy. That’s 2nd row at Madison Square Gardens on the 12th and now this warm up to boot.

    Once again Fed, thank you so much for thinking of me and the other long standing members here.

    A tip for any presale holders: go to, it’s working fine and after a short wait there are great tickets still there.

  45. Apparently FEd, the word “forbidden” is quite significant! It seems I might have refreshed my browser too many times????? I didn’t !!!!!! If that’s seen to be the case then their security system thinks I’m a “Bot”! It then subsequently slaps my wrists for 24 hours, before I might be able to purchase tickets again.

    I’ll keep trying with code (thanks again) and see how I go!

    Shine on…..
    John πŸ™‚

  46. Able to get nice Orchestra seats for Radio City.

    Tip: DO NOT USE THE WEBSITE. USE THE APP. It is much better… Also, be sure to be on time…. if it starts at 11 am be sure to be ready at 10.58 and keep refreshing like a crazy person!

    Thanks again Fed…. Will be able to go to a total of 8 concerts this tour….. This is a result of my scar of not going in 2006.

    To all of you, very good luck.

  47. My sincere gratitude and thanks to FEd, DG’s management et al. I am absolutely thrilled!

    2nd row for Radio City!

    1. Yep, that’s probably also the look that I just got from Mrs McK on Facetime when I mentioned the possibility of more RAH gigs next Sept. On saying that, the missus and our daughters really enjoyed the RAH concert we went to in Sept of this year. I’m sure David is only doing some additional shows at the RAH because he forgot to play ‘Dogs’ last time round. πŸ™‚

      Still, I’ll settle for ‘Welcome to the Machine’ instead of ‘Dogs’ if I really have to. πŸ˜‰

      Fed – you must really love these pre-sales!!!

    2. I’m already reconsidering part of my vacation plans for 2016. Never been in London (and Britain, with the exception of Heathrow) and dreaming how nice a prolonged weekend would be…

      1. I tried the old “If you really, really loved me you’d let me go to all 4 shows”…but nothing happening.

  48. Hi Fed, I’ve been lucky enough to have tickets for RAH, Orange and MSG a few months ago. I bit thanks to you, thanks again for this blog and good luck Thursday for those who need tickets!

  49. Thanks for the tip off FEd, unfortunately I’ll not be able to make this one, have spent enough on the Brighton and London trips. Although I will admit the thought ran through my mind for a second or two. Anyway we have tickets for the second night at MSG, am hoping to make it that a special break for my wife and I.

    Good look to all the irregulars looking for tickets!

  50. NYC is sure going to be fun in April! MSG set. Cousin coming from TX and we’ll be two happy fellas.

  51. I’ve been listening to a lot of Steven Wilson lately. Too bad he won’t be in town that week also. I know David appreciates his talents.

    1. Steven Wilson is playing the Beacon Theatre on 3/5/16. A very nice venue, a bit smaller than Radio City Music Hall, more intimate. So now I have to make two trips to NYC – March and April. A nice problem to have.

      1. The Beacon is a GREAT venue! Thanks for the heads-up. I checked his site last week for news but didn’t see anything. I guess I will need to be more diligent.

  52. Hi Fed, I have been replying to the blog using two different emails and it looks like I wasn’t marked for the presale today. Is there anyway to check if I am on the presale set to begin on Wednesday?

    1. I’m sorry, I can’t help you with that, unfortunately. Have you received anything from “David Gilmour” recently concerning a discount code for the official webstore? You want to be signed up for the David Gilmour Mailing List and would have signed up via

      I hate to make you feel any worse, but the other address you have used here in the past was on my list; I did send you the Bloggers Presale Password. I’m so sorry you didn’t see it, but I did send it.

      1. Hi F’Ed. A whole lotta stuff…Hope you get some sleep tonight! Re your earlier wink about RAH next September, and watch the mail tomorrow…your post was gone midnight. So is tomorrow already today if you follow?!! Or was it yesterday’s day after tomorrow?

        Or is it simply Thursday?

        1. It’s “tomorrow” already, you’re right. I mean Wednesday: David will be on the radio on Wednesday morning (9am UK time) and you should definitely check your e-mail first thing on Wednesday morning.

          1. Thanks for clarification (tomorrow never comes…)

            Perhaps we should paraphrase a well known line from the blog? ‘Ten hours of moderating and still not a chance of a snooze for F’Ed..!!!’

            1. Oh, I’m going to sleep for ten hours straight just as soon as today’s excitement has calmed and I can’t wait.

              (Your “bright and early” is earlier than mine, by the way, but you’re ready. Good. I like that. Stand by for e-mail. First, BBC Radio 6 Music…)

      2. FEd, could you help me to clarify something? So if you were on the mailing list on and received last month a couple of mails with discount codes and live in Europe you should have received or will receive the password for the presale?

        1. Europeans haven’t had the code today, I’m sorry to say. North Americans only. Not my decision.

          1. OK. But do you think they might get it before Friday? I do F5 every 10 minutes to see if it arrives.

  53. Kept trying and trying…

    …a single seat would pop here, another there.

    I was about to throw in the towel and try again tomorrow and suddenly, as if I had magically “rattled that (cyber) lock”…

    …6th row orchestra tickets popped up at 12:20!

    I struck out for both MSG shows and I am just so thrilled right now.

    Of course, my wife and I are now officially exchanging David Gilmour tickets for Christmas this year.

    Happy Christmas, indeed.

    Many thanks, FEd, for all you do…the world is a better place for it.

  54. Christmas has come early! After telling my husband that it was just more than we can afford (we live in California) he said “No it isn’t. We can splurge a bit. See if you can score some tickets.” I counted down, I prayed, I rubbed my Visa three times clockwise, then counterclockwise and Voila! Orchestra 3 Row J. WooHoo!!!! We are going to make a week of it – since neither of us has been to NY in years. It’s our Christmas present to each other. I am so, so happy!

    By the way, for those of you who couldn’t get the site to work; I feel your pain. The same thing happened to me at the second Hollywood Bowl show. The presale closed and I was shut out. But, another door opened and I was able to get tickets. Have faith. Keep at it. Shine on.

    Fed…thank you…again – David’s management as well – for this gift. It was (another) really gracious gesture.

    Cheers! Jill

  55. Congrats to everyone who got tickets! Can’t wait to hear how it is seeing THE beloved David Gilmour at such a legendary location. I’m proud to say that for the second time I kept the secret! I’m so grateful for pre-sale codes, (even when I can’t use them) and I totally appreciate the “keep your mouth closed” rule! Hope it served people well today!

    1. I agree. I really appreciate the code of honor with regards to these presale codes. I confess to being a relative newcomer to this community, but I have a lovely feeling that I am among friends with a passion for David Gilmour, and more than the usual share of personal integrity.

      Happy holidays!


  56. I scored me some tickets for Radio City. Thanks David Gilmour, FEd, and all those folks who try to get fans first dibs. Looking forward to the 10th Anniversary of our Last Blogger Pre-Show Get-Together at Radio City!

    1. Really pleased for you Angelo.

      Just waiting for the Radio 6 broadcast and FEd to deliver the early Christmas present e-mail.

  57. Hi FEd,

    It seems I was blocked for my eagerness in trying to secure tickets. I mailed their help desk and they confirmed this, so my efforts yesterday were sadly all in vain. Still today’s another day and I think I’m now an unblocked “bot”, so I’ll try again today! This is of course assuming I can still use the same code? Could you please kindly confirm this or furnish me with another code to try today?

    Shine on…..
    John πŸ™‚

    P.S. Thanks to EKMD for your “forbidden” post, as you felt my pain! Sadly though, I have a horrible feeling this error on their part may have scuppered my chance of securing tickets; but positively we’ll see what happens today!

    1. Oh, John, what a shame. I’m sorry. πŸ™

      Here’s the kicker: the Mailing List Presale mailing with password was only going to North American residents, apparently. I would try the same password today, but I don’t know if it’s the same one.

      Please let me know how it goes.

      1. No need to apologise FEd, you’ve helped me more than enough already, in realising my dream of seeing David live on two separate occasions in September and for that alone; I’m eternally grateful!

        I’ll try again later and let you know how I get on!

        Shine on……
        John πŸ™‚

  58. An honest and quite amazing Psychic I know who is a good friend recently predicted I would attend a number of open air concerts in AUGUST 2016. I’ve nothing planned or booked so far. However I know who I would see if he was to play open air venues again. Let’s see.

    He also predicted that the world will eventually be a much more peaceful place. Certainly within the next 10-20 years. He hasn’t been wrong to date with his prophecy. Exciting times.

  59. Hello FEd,

    I tried to register with the official David Gilmour mailing list yesterday (filled out the form completely) but have not yet received any mail or anything. I tried multiple times. How do I know if it worked or not? I know this may not be the right place to ask πŸ˜‰ but on the official site there is no email address available…


    1. Tom, I hate to say that you’ve probably left it too late to sign up. It was worth a try, obviously, but unfortunately there could be no guarantee that so many signing up so late would make it on there on time. I’m sorry to disappoint. You have check your junk/spam folders, just in case?

      1. Hello FEd,

        I checked my spam folder: no email from I was not even signing up to get the secret code for the (pre)pre-sale, but just because I wanted the newsletters. But somehow it does not seem to work at all… at least for me. I tried in Firefox and Opera. Does it even send out an email that verifies the signup?

        Thank you for your help, FEd!

        1. I’m afraid I can’t be much help, Tom. I didn’t realise at first that today’s mailing for Ticketmaster’s Radio City Music Hall Mailing List Presale was only being sent to those on the North American list. Would that be the one you’d expect to be on and recall signing up for?

          1. I visited thiswebsite which led me to this newsletter signup form.

            And then I filled out the form three times in all… that is all I did. πŸ˜‰ But unfortunately have not received any signup verification email. How does the newsletter I tried to signup for and the North American list you are talking about relate? … Right now I don’t know whether I am signed up or not… but I guess I have to wait.

            Thanks FEd!

            1. I’m sorry I can’t help. The mailing list is nothing to do with me and I don’t know if you should expect to receive any verification upon registering. All I know is that you might have left it too late to sign up, anyway.

  60. Thanks FEd for the other little “surprise” that I received today. I’ll make good use of it in a couple of hours!

    1. Excellent, Cesar. There’ll be a space to talk about that later this afternoon, so I look forward to your good news.

  61. Hi everyone,

    Just curious if the show at Radio City will be much different than the shows at MSG, as in more acoustic vs. electric?


  62. I have subscribed to the mailing list since 2006 and never received an email regarding Radio City presale. So bummed.

    1. Don’t give up hope yet, Jeff. It’s not been sent out yet, so keep your eyes peeled for that e-mail. (Just trying to leave things as late as possible to limit the likelihood of the password being shared around hours before the presale begins and the advantage ruined for everyone because some people just can’t keep things to themselves.)

  63. Never received a presale code from David Gilmour. Have received two emails for the merchandise discount.

    Go figure.

    1. Just checking: you are signed up for the North American list, Paul? Because those on the European list are going to be disappointed that only the North American list will receive the password.

      1. Really?? Why??? I live in Italy but I would like to see David in NYC too? I am his fan since I born (long time ago πŸ™‚ ).

        So Fed, I don’t have any chance of receiving the passcode????

      2. I received the email shortly after 10am (eastern standard time). Live in North America.

        Code allowed me into the presale, but no tickets were available.

        Several friends in the US had the same results. I just wonder how many seats were available today, maybe 1000. Radio City only holds 7,000 + –

        Figure 1000 seats for the bloggers presale, 1000 seats for the mailing list presale, 1000 seats for industry insiders, 4000 seats for the general sale? Just a guess.

  64. I just received the email from David’s website about 30 min ago (10:01AM EST). Good luck today everyone!

  65. Signed up for mailing list but was only able to leave mobile number.

    New to the blog, but glad I found it.

  66. FEd,

    I know I am not a regular, but I grew up watching Pink Floyd Live-in-Concert DVDs with my father. His 65th birthday is this month and I could not think of a better present than a live experience. Any chance you could email me the pre-sale password? Many thanks!

  67. Google Chrome wouldn’t accept code, switched to Firefox… got in but too late. Crush me like a bug.

  68. Anyone secure tickets with the mailing list presale? I was shut out even with 4 co-workers trying for me.

  69. No luck here. First Chrome, then iPad killed me. Went to Firefox and got through but no luck, yet. I’ll just keep trying, maybe something will pop up.

    Good luck.

  70. No luck here getting tickets – unfortunately I noticed on David’s Facebook page a few people had posted the pre-sale password, so that let the cat out of the bag. Good luck to everyone tomorrow.

  71. Ticketbastard is a joke. I was in immediately at 11 AM. After making my selection, entering the presale code, typing in their security phrase, etc. and still at 11:00 was told no tickets available. This is just impossible, it couldn’t sell out in less than a minute. Makes me think there never were any tickets on sale, but then I note that on the number of tickets available went up from 392 at 10:30 AM to 479 at present.

    My regrets to all who tried, would love to hear that at least one fan who will actually attend the show got a lucky magical ticket. It’s times like these that make me want to download a bootleg copy of the show. There has to be a better way to defeat the scalpers.

    1. Last year I went to see U2 at MSG twice – what they do for everyone who is a member of their fan club is send them a unique pre-sale code. You can use it to by two tickets to whatever shows you want, but only two tickets total. Everyone’s code is different.

      I was pretty frustrated at not getting a ticket to Radio City for David’s show. However, if I can’t get one tomorrow, I will not buy one through Stubhub or any of the other scalpers. At hard as it may be to believe I’d rather not go to the show than pad the scalpers’ pockets.

      1. Last year I went to see U2 at MSG twice – what they do for everyone who is a member of their fan club is send them a unique pre-sale code. You can use it to by two tickets to whatever shows you want, but only two tickets total. Everyone’s code is different.

        This is a very good way of doing it, I think.

  72. can anyone confirm that yesterday’s password was RATTLEBLOG? was told from a broker that was the password.

  73. I’ve had the “Your wait is less than 1 minute” for nearly 2 hours… Saw both shows at RCMH in 2006. They were the best concerts I’ve ever seen. If you’re lucky enough to go, enjoy!

  74. I just got my email code this morning around 9AM EST. I used the Ticketmaster app starting at exactly 11:00. I kept retrying at lightening speed for 2 hours straight with no luck. I just finally gave up. I almost always end up with something somewhere in the arena, but not this time.

    On the bright side, I have 8th row center for MSG on the 11th, so I can’t really complain.

  75. Is it possible that the blogger presale could have virtually bought up all the tickets or was it somewhat limited? Why would someone post up the password on Facebook let alone anywhere online? I have not seen that before. I’ve looked at times, but I have never found one.

    Oh well, this is a tough one. Where there’s a will, there’s a way, I hope.

    1. Is it possible that the blogger presale could have virtually bought up all the tickets or was it somewhat limited?

      If people kept the password to themselves and considering that only two tickets were allowed per person, that would not be at all likely. Unfortunately, I fully expect that the code was shared beyond those it was meant for, so we’ll soon find out. The sale list will make for interesting reading.

  76. Radio City Music Hall? That’s so awesome. What a great venue to see David. But of course seeing him play anywhere is great to me. Now I hear he’s playing RAH again next year– hmmm….. might be time for another European vacation!

    To all those who are going to see David at RCMH, enjoy.

  77. I was wondering regarding the mailing list pre sale for RCMH as well. I have been trying since it went live and have had no luck at all. I can only assume this means that all tickets reserved for pre sale have been spoken for- ARGH!!

  78. The whole presale thing seems like one big scam. Logged on exactly at 11 and no tickets available throughout the whole day.

  79. I don’t know anyone who purchased tickets via today’s pre sale. I had several friends trying.

  80. Thanks for the tip yesterday FEd to sign up for the mailing list. I did get the presale code just before the tickets went on sale. But like Dan and others, tickets just never came up. But thanks for trying to get the tickets into real fans’ hands. I was hoping to score a pair of $99 tickets and treat an old friend of mine, who is on disability and rarely leaves his house, to the show. But alas, no luck. However, I did score a pair of tickets from Ticketmaster for a MSG show, which I will take my 13 year old son to.

    Radio City is a great concert location. Hearing Echoes, during the OAI Tour there 10 years ago, beats, hands down, every Floyd, and every solo member Floyd Tour, that I have seen over the years (starting with the Animals Tour at MSG in 1977 when I was 15 years old). Echoes is such a classic cut and such a pleasure to hear and see performed in a small location. Has it been 10 years since the last David Gilmour tour? Wow, I’m starting to feel old. I did treat my wife and son to a UK holiday to attend the OAI show at Albert Hall in 2006. That ticket I did get courtesy of your website. My wife and son didn’t attend the show, but I made up for it with visits to LEGOLAND, Anne Boleyn Castle, Stratford upon Avon, etc. So, my wife and son would have to thank you for inspiring a nice UK holiday and I have to thank you for being able to see David Bowie sing Arnold Layne.

    1. Sounds like a fine trip, Mark. I hope you enjoy returning to Madison Square Garden. Back where it all began…

  81. Once again there are no tickets available. The entire ticketing process is a scam. Meaningless presales set up without tickets available.

  82. Anybody have any luck with Radio City today? Almost instantly I got the ‘no tickets available’ message, but kept refreshing anyway with 3 browsers open and the mobile site. Finally got a single ticket about 10 minutes in, 1st mezzanine, row G, slightly off to the left side.

    Sorry scalpers, you couldn’t screw me out of seeing DG this time!

          1. Will do Fed. And thank you for all that you, DG, and the crew do here on the blog. We all appreciate it even if we don’t always say it.

            Monty – what seat do you have? I’m in 608.

    1. Sounds like you are in section 5 with me. You’ll love it. I also went the single seat route. Crazy hard to get anything decent going for 2 seats. Hope to see you there.

      I should have said it is crazy hard to get ANYTHING when going for two seats.

  83. I just cannot thank you enough for all your help FEd. You are seriously making my dreams come true with being able to come to NYC to see my favorite guitarist of all time. Going to be a trip of a life time.

    Cheers to you FEd, hope to see you out there! πŸ˜‰

  84. This is my first post and I’m very excited! I was lucky enough to land a seat during the public sale on the 1st mezz in section 5! That’s my favorite section for concerts at RCMH with a great view of the stage/David, but still close enough. I’m pumped!

  85. Hi everyone. Looking forward to the shows in NYC. I will be at all three nights. Some of you may have met me at the first three Royal Albert Hall shows. I’m Bryan from the band Atom Eve Eclipse in Richmond Virginia, USA.

    RAH was wonderful. Very much looking forward to April.


  86. Radio City tickets are available right now on Ticketmaster. I just scored Orch 1 Row ss.

  87. This would have been fun to go to but I missed all the presales. No worry though as I am going the following night at MSG. Hopefully the tickets I didn’t buy landed in the hands of someone who was shut out of the other nights in NYC.

    Just going once will be a great experience to enjoy thoroughly since the last tour.


  88. Tried to buy tickets to Radio City, tix went on sale Dec. 3 10 AM EST, by 10 AM and 10 seconds as far as I can tell I never had a chance…..sold out. Ended up paying twice the amount through a third party scalper. And I’m fine with it, I didn’t want to miss this tour.

    However, there is something inherently wrong with ticket purchases for shows in this point of history. The fac that a show can sell out in 10 seconds leads me to believe there are dirty deals hiding in the shadows. Ticketmaster is a monopoly that should be dismantled.

  89. Ticketmaster strikes again.

    Once again, thank you FEd, for giving us the presale opportunities. I had tried for over an hour to complete a sales transaction via the website. I then switched over to their phone app, and after much difficulty did get 2 tickets in the Orchestra section.

    I received confirmation, via email on 2 separate occasions. However, I found out, belatedly, that they had called and left a message on my home phone (which, I confess, we do not check the voice mail regularly) that they called to say that their financial network was down nationwide and that my payment did not process. I needed to call them before COB Friday 4 Dec, or they would cancel the transaction. Which they did.

    Why they would not contact me via email, where the official confirmation was received, is beyond me. So, as far as Radio City is concerned, I am out in the cold.

    1. That’s annoying. An e-mail would have been easier, although it’s very good of them to call.

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