‘Yellow Dress’ film

If you’d like to see a slightly longer version of Danny Madden’s ‘The Girl In the Yellow Dress’ film than the one many of you will have seen already at David’s concerts or on the disc that comes with the Deluxe version of Rattle That Lock, you want NPR and The Record on the hour – that’s 10am (EST).

There will also be a Q&A with David and Polly.

If you can’t wait for the film and another chance to hear the song, click here.

The chatroom opens on the hour, so feel free to call in if you have the time. Everybody’s welcome. Everything you need to know about the chatroom can be found here, so don’t be shy.

Author: FEd

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  1. Lovely stuff.

    (Even if it does remind me of Rhubarb & Custard with a bigger budget for Staedtler highlighers!)

  2. In response to today’s Chatroom challenge, here’s my latest effort, in relation to today’s Blog regarding The Girl In The Yellow Dress.


    1. NOOO! Lost the chatroom today. πŸ™

      But the film is absolutely perfect for the song, I loved it! πŸ™‚

  3. Both the new clip and the short interview will be hopefully not the last we will see the next weeks.

    Just thinking: since there weren’t any reports of cameras in any of the RAH gigs, I assume there won’t be a sequel of Remember That Night. Now I’m hoping for a Live In You Name It. πŸ˜‰

  4. The video enhances the song no ends, and is very impressive in the live environment.

  5. David was also on Absolute Radio’s Christian O’Connell show this morning. It’s a section that invites listeners to get someone famous to call in for charity purposes. David chose the Liberty Choir as his choice and spoke briefly about Rattle That Lock and the tour.

    The call in can be heard here.

  6. I have mentioned before that I find it really difficult to have a favourite song on the Album as they are all too good. I’m not really a jazz fan. But this song really takes you somewhere, probably into my past as a young man who has had his fare share of meeting and falling in love with a girl who knows how to work her ticket, and I guess I’m not alone here.

    Not in the same class as the story in this song but when I was 16-17 I used to frequent a rock club in my home town, Blackpool, and met a girl from Italy, her name was Rose. She had me in pieces and she knew it, head over heels, and I think about her and my time in that club when I hear the Girl In the Yellow Dress.

    Hope I’ve not bored you, but that’s the song, it’s clever, classy, and artistic.


  7. I have no idea if this interview has already been posted, it’s from Classic21 website today.

    As for the film, they say: “Un clip d’animation visuellement splendide”, yes, brilliant artistic animation, and filled with so much sensual seduction… Oh and the allusion to ‘Le Chat Noir’, no?

  8. The fuller version of the film really does fit beautifully with the song….. (I wonder if Polly could be “The Girl in the Yellow Dress”)?

    If I may and on a totally different tack, I noticed that the first race at Worcester Racecourse today, is entitled “The Richard Wright Memorial Novices Handicap Chase”. I’ve done some research and apparently Roger Waters bred and owns a horse called “Lemon’s Gent” a previous winner at the course in May 2014. I strongly suspect that this race today, is indeed sponsored by Roger in loving memory of the wonderfully mercurial Richard. I’m going to afford myself a small investment to try and find the winner of the race and if I get lucky; give the proceeds of my winnings to MOAS.

    Shine on……

      1. Yes it is… I think it’s the most powerful song Polly and David did in his solo career…

  9. I love this song.

    This film is different I think from the one shown at the Royal Albert Hall? Anyway, I love it too!

    I especially love the cats. πŸ˜€

    Interesting interview with David and Polly. πŸ™‚


    1. I remember being especially delighted to see the cats on Mr Screen and laughed and pointed and clapped my hands. . . The film maker obviously knows a cat. πŸ™‚

  10. The amount of people (young and not so) who are mentioning this particular track as one their highlights of the album has been quite a surprise to me.

    1. To me Pete, it’s the way the song slowly fades out. It’s just so classy and I’m no Jazz fan, but then again i must be.


  11. Seeing as Polly has contributed so much to this album. She could go on a tour with her book, reading to the audience as David plays in the background, or towards some poetry she has written.

    Sorry, yes, waffling now. It’s just me and Floyd this weekend with no car, so it’s either annoying you Fed, having to correct my English. Or my Xbox.


      1. Did David and Polly recently do something similar to what I wrote here Fed? Saw it on Twitter.

  12. Love the Irish Wolfhounds in SOYCD film, but that’s because one owns my Wife and I!!!!

  13. No luck in the race I’m afraid FEd, on good advice using a pin, I backed the favourite and it fell at the first…(I double checked to make sure Roger wasn’t riding it). πŸ™‚

  14. I was visiting an elderly chap at home today, he’s a very keen guitarist. He also writes music. He said his heroes are Mark Knopfler and Chet Atkins. I said, ‘Have you heard of David Gilmour?’ ‘Yes,’ he said. I said, ‘Have you not heard his new album Rattle That Lock?’ ‘No,’ he replied. Well, there was me with my promotion head on. He’s out tomorrow to buy it.

    Commission in the post, thanks David.


  15. A wee bit off topic but I happened to have Coronation Street on tonight and a rather familiar track started playing over the jukebox in the Rovers Return! Yep, you guessed it, Rattle That Lock. I can’t imagine anyone would be cool enough to play it except maybe Lloyd aka Craig Charles.

    Made me chuckle, thought I’d share!

  16. The video and the song is really different from what you would expect from David Gilmour, but I really enjoyed it and it’s great to see that David has taken a different approach in writing his music to a jazzy and bluesiest sound. It’s just too bad Richard wasn’t alive to be playing with David on this tune for I know he would have loved it.

    By the way, thank you Polly for writing the lyrics for it really fits in with the music.

    Take Care, Thomas

  17. Hi, I’m watching Film4 and the adverts came on. It was Rattle That Lock. Just wondered if this was the first time.


    1. I’ve not seen it but heard it was playing in the Rovers Return on Coronation Street on Friday…

  18. the more i listen, the more i love this CD. and i LOVE this song!! the animation is sly and evocative, and it makes me wonder why David hasn’t ventured into this genre before. i do like jazz – and funk! and David obviously is comfortable anywhere in music.

    FEd, btw, i began with this blog before the ’06 tour, and recognize a couple user’s names already! so hello old friends – i had dinner w/ a few of you before the Radio City concert that tour. maybe i’ll see you at The Garden on April 11!


    1. Laurie, just where has the time gone? It seems like only yesterday we were enjoying On an Island, doesn’t it?

      1. No not EastEnders, nooooooo please don’t.

        And was it just me or did anyone else pick up on Animals in the Doctor Who theme on Saturday? Check it out on iPlayer.

        1. I’ve listened to both a few times now Damien. . . dada da DAH! πŸ˜€

          There is definitely something which is not the normal Dr Who theme. . . it sounds Floydian, I can’t place it though.

          However! What do you think of the graphics? I think they were inspired by The Floyd for this design. Remember the video to Time (I think) on the Division Bell tour, therefore on the PULSE film. . . . Although ours is in colour and has the heads swirling about. I think there are similarities. πŸ™‚

          Are you a fan?

          1. I’m not sure Ash but it may have been updated by the Orb. FEd might know. But the week I caught it the Doctor was playing guitar.


          2. I am a fan. But John Pertwee was and still is my fav Doctor, think it may be time for a Lady Doctor.


          3. Yes, the Doctor was playing guitar. Apparently he used to be in a rock group. I think he should stick to his day job though. πŸ˜€

            I have loved all the Doctors. I always hate the regenerated one but then come to like him.

            I think most of the cast and the crew of Doctor Who, are Pink Floyd and David Gilmour fans. All through the programme’s lifetime there seems to be nods and links.

            EXTERMICAKE! πŸ˜€


          4. Oh yeah, I’m a big fan too, have been all my life.

            A message to David, David’s band and crew, Fed and staff, fellow bloggers, Doctor Who crew bloggers:

            . . . if any of you could use your influence and chat to your pals on Doctor Who to get me an “extra” part on a show I’d love that please, I’d be most grateful. πŸ˜€

            It would be nice if we could film something at Battersea power station with ALL the blogger fans. . . trying to prevent the destruction by possessed or alien earth movers or something.

            But if you can’t do that. . . . I’ll be happy with an extra part, I’ll make my own costume, I’ll be anything, slime, a control panel, a lady in a shop. . .


  19. The more I listen, the more I watch, the more intoxicated I become. I love the kitties — they’re just perfect. Perhaps it’s my eyesight but I definitely conjured up a bird in the knot of the saxophonist’s tie at :13; the Absinthe haze at 2:38 is spot-on (the green fairy in the yellow dress πŸ™‚ ) and I adore the Svengali wanna-be at 2:04.

    I’ve never been a huge jazz fan but this conjoining of blues and jazz really works for DG … it suits him well and the video is a perfect accompaniment.

  20. I’m getting withdrawals now. . . I’ve been playing old albums, AMLOR in particular and when it got to Sorrow I was really really longing to hear it live again. . .


  21. Gotta love all that Jazz!!!!!

    I saw Today on video for the first time. Good to see the boys back and Guy of course, LOL. Jon on guitar too. Wow.

    Hi Phil and FEd, been a while, sorry but in fine form all.

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