Night 11: London

I don’t wish to alarm or upset anyone, but after this, there’s nothing until December. Nothing. No amphitheatres, no lasers, no giant circular screen. When you hear ‘Run Like Hell’, it won’t be a cue to rush to the stage because there will be no stage. You can hold your phones up in the air if the urge to do so suddenly consumes you, but you’ll record boring things like wallpaper and shelves.

That’s it. Just one more night, then it’s over until December. How will we cope?

Let us know if you’re spending your Saturday night at the Royal Albert Hall for the eleventh (OK, tenth if we don’t count Brighton) and final concert from David’s 2015 European Tour (you lucky so-and-so’s). It will be emotional.

*KOKO doesn’t count, it’s not a full concert extravaganza.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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    1. Yes…we still have RTL to keep the memory going! Full volume is a necessity! Fabulous’s on now, on my 45 min drive to work….And currently playing….IN ANY TONGUE.. one of my favourite RAH memories…There are no words!!

  1. Well I coped today by having RTL playing full whack while I, yes me, did the house work while someone else went shopping. And Floyd will tell you I’m quite a groover when doing the dishes. I said before it’s over too bloody soon, but the man and the band gave their all and I know this was just for the fans, so a well earned rest is much needed.

    Thank you again and thank you for some much needed and brilliant distraction.


  2. Green with envy and i cannot lie!!

    Wouldn’t it be fabulous if the final show at Maddsson Square was piped live a la pay per view boxing … What a house party that would be!

    Hope everyone has a good’un tonight. 🙂 Wish I was there.

  3. FEd, looks like all is well.

    Have you seen any shows? Which one and what is your fave moments. Do tell!!!!

    1. Well, I’m thrilled that ‘Sorrow’ is on the setlist as it’s always been a favourite of mine. That and ‘Fat Old Sun’ were probably the two that stood out most for the sheer power of their guitar solos. ‘High Hopes’ is another that I’ve loved since the first time I heard it (and, people of the chatroom, you know who you are: I will fight you until the end of time to keep it on the setlist no matter how much you might want to hear ‘Dogs’ or something else in its place, you gits).

      ‘Comfortably Numb’, obviously, is always very special indeed, and that sublime guitar and perfectly timed lighting has the ability to elevate you to a different plane altogether, which is always something quite remarkable when all around you are getting similarly lost in it. ‘On an Island’ has a similar hypnotising effect, I find. That was lovely. ‘Astronomy Domine’, perhaps the best live version I’ve heard, was immense. ‘A Boat Lies Waiting’ was stunning in its simplicity and sincerity.

      ‘In Any Tongue’ is the one that was playing in my head when I woke up this morning, that was definitely a highlight accompanied by such powerful animation. Seeing the brilliant ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’ film again brought back a lot of fond memories (as did the films for ‘Money’ and ‘Us and Them’, to be fair). Guy’s energy on stage is always a delight to behold, and I need to find out how I sign up for the João Mello Fan Club because he was something else.

      Those incredible lasers…

      Too many to keep listing them, but it was an absolute pleasure to be there and be caught up in its magic and carried along with all the emotions that David is able, through his guitar-playing, to pull and pluck from you with what seems like such ease. I don’t have the words to do it justice, I’m still shaking my head and feeling extremely fortunate to have been there.

      I can usually find fault in just about everything, but I don’t know how that could have been bettered. It was that good.

      1. Birthday greetings FEd.

        So glad you were able to enjoy an early present at RAH.

        Here’s to sharing many more with you here on this wonderful Blog, in the years to come.

      2. Well FEd, I was beginning to worry you were going to miss shows!

        So glad you could attend, and witness ‘High Hopes’ before he pulls it for ‘Dogs’. When he does make the move prior to the US shows, that will make both of us happy! I have to admire your fighting spirit. 😉

      3. Sorrow. 🙂 🙂

        I just love that song so much, I can hardly wait for March!

        Thanks for taking time out on your birthday to post your review ~ ’twas delightful! 🙂

      4. My favourite concert of all time. Rick was missed, but the songs played in his memory were beautifully poignant.

  4. Happy Birthday FEd! Have a great one and enjoy your day, mate.

    Much joy to you and beers and cheers!


    1. Thanks very much. The rugby has gone my way tonight (sorry, England), now for the Merseyside derby tomorrow. It could turn out to be the best birthday ever.

      1. And you were doing so well. “Sorry England” – you git, LOL.

        And many happy returns of the day, have a fab birthday.


      2. Let’s hope so!

        In every case, I’m raising just now a glass of wine for you! ehm…ok, a couple of glasses.


      3. Mon Dieu! Brendan sacked by Liverpool on your Birthday! What a coincidence and what a shock! 😉

        And now, who? Carlo? Oh noooooooooo!

          1. Now that the deal is done, you’ll have to learn to type that Umlaut… J-ü-r-g-e-n ! 😛

  5. It’s finally October 4 in your time zone! Wishing you a birthday filled with much love, joy and peace. I think I can speak for all of us on The Blog and in the chatroom that you are our hero and we think you’re the BEST.

  6. FEd!!! Open your window and look at the sky ! 🙂

    (Hope you appreciate its eco-friendly way to travel. 😀 )

    And so happy for you, you could enjoy one of David’s fabulous concert! (even though it didn’t include acoustic ‘Sorrow’. 😉 )

    Allez les Rouges!

  7. Happy birthday FEd! You did it right and made yourself a gift by attending David’s show the other day. As we could read, you now suffer from the same disease as all other attendees: shaking head and feeling like a dream. 😉

    Kind regards from Bavaria!


  8. Happy Birthday Fed,

    Have a great day (if it could get any better). Your review was great and brings back our wonderful memories of 2 great evenings. Stunning energy driven versions of Fat Old Sun and Run Like Hell and a brilliant new album, the songs of which continually haunt me at all hours of the day and night.

    Best wishes

  9. I know it’s a little off topic, but I have to ask:

    I heard that Mr. Gilmour is going to play two gigs in Germany next year. Is that true? I’m from Germany and I would love to see him again. I’ve been to Oberhausen this year and it was so great that I really would love to see him again.

    Hope everybody had great fun yesterday!

      1. You’re teasing us again FEd.

        And Then…

        So long Brendan,
        Au revoir Rodgers
        Will you be a Klopp-tomaniac?

          1. Yes: many happy returns for last weekend!

            Q: if Mr Klopp is to be the new Boss at Anfield, what would represent ‘success’ at the end of the season FEd?

            1. Champions League qualification and a cup, I reckon. Fourth place will do. Oh, and keeping Daniel Sturridge fit all season. What a difference that can make.

  10. Hope you had a good birthday Fed. Keep up the great work. Don’t know how you keep up with it all.

    But whatever you do to keep up it is appreciated.


  11. Happy Birthday FEd! I’ll drink a Duvel to many happy returns.

    Did you wear your false beard in the RAH?

    Glad to hear you enjoyed it!


      1. Glad you got there after all Fed – it would have been a travesty if you hadn’t, even though it meant braving the big City – hopefully somebody treated you to a suitably smooth journey.

        But now you’ve blown it – you’re going to have to get yourself a new disguise. And please be more considerate next time – I can’t stand going to a gig and finding myself sat behind the selfish bugger in the top hat. 😉

  12. Nice review Fed, I’m with you on High Hopes – David’s slide guitar solo in that song is top shelf. A beautiful piece of music.

    Happy birthday Fed, high hopes that it is a good one.


  13. Happy birthday Fed. Hope you had a fantastic weekend. Your efforts on the blog are appreciated and you do not receive enough recognition. Hope the head doesn’t hurt tomorrow.

  14. I join in with everybody else in this community to wish you a happy birthday. Thanks for the review and bringing the images and sounds back to my mind, yes mind blowing indeed.

    Thanks again for all your efforts over the last 10 years, really appreciate the lengths every one has gone to, to get us to the show(s).

    Clink, clink, sláinte!

  15. Got to share this one. Not on the site as often as I would like and missed the presale 🙁 but got incredibly lucky with my timing on RAH box office.

    Saw show on 25th from stalls BUT FRONT ROW Fri and; Sat ~6 feet from David and directly in front of the main man. Unbelievable luck for once (DG may not be the only GOD!).

    Every note etched on his face, veins pumping, furrowed brow predicting every next note, gritted teeth as he bends another unbelievable note or attacks a power chord, the grimace and facial contortions on the intro and outro feedback on Sorrow were unreal as he cranked up the levels of ecstasy.

    The combination of the raw amps coupled with what I think were hidden PA speakers under the front of the stage meant that every note literally went straight from the vocal, Black Strat, Gibson and Tele, through those present in the front row shaking every cell in our bodies (GREAT). Close enough to see every string vibrate (plus Louise’s minor wardrobe malfunction 😀 !!!).

    To be honest after many years of concert going including stunning nights and a box at the RAH in 2006 it is difficult to see anything ever topping this experience, other than maybe being present on Astoria or at a barn jam maybe!! Somehow struggle to see how my vocal, gear, studio or instrumental skills will ever warrant that!!!! Would likely need a PhD+ in sound desk operation instead of an O Level in tea and coffee making which is all accountants seem to do well nowadays. 😀

    WOW, what a night, what memories. Only regret is that it had to be an individual seat and would have loved to have taken my partner and our autistic son to share the experience. 🙁

    Young Greek guy next to me ~20 from Rhodes plays guitar and studying architecture at Plymouth announced after the first set that he could die happy now! Likewise. Hopefully in another decade or so when David is 80+ we might get another dose of luck before he hangs up his guitars. Love the new work and long may it continue, keep it live and get it out there while you can. Still dream of a small pub encounter in a small village in Sussex!! No harm in dreaming especially since the last one just came true. 🙂

    Hope you all had great experiences and memories (Wire child).


    1. “instead of an O Level in tea and coffee making which is all accountants seem to do well nowadays”

      Graham, my friend, you’ve been mixing with the wrong sort of accountants.

  16. PS: How close? When David asked everyone how they were over the PA, I rather rudely took the opportunity from the front row to reply in a loud voice, “more importantly, how are you?” Game on, knew it was going to be a good night when David responded over the PA, “I’mmmm feeling pretty good actually.” 😀

    Honestly it was like having the band in our lounge at home. Would have been dreading the moment when the electric bill arrived though!

    1. Exactly that. The surreal feeling that the band was playing in one self’s place at home. Being in row one in Oberhausen comes #2 after being in row #1 in my daughter’s wedding…

  17. Hey FEd. I want to wish you a very Happy Birthday and many more to come. May the year ahead only be filled with happiness.

    I like that “Sorrow” and “High Hopes” are on the set list as I enjoy both.

    There is another one of David’s songs he wrote that I like (one of many). There is a lyric in it that I relate very well, “Earth bound misfit am I” from “Learning to Fly”.

    Take care, Suzy.

  18. Happy Birthday Fed. Your review of the show has me counting the days until New York. I stand with you on High Hopes. It should never leave the set list.

    I hope you had a great birthday and thank you again for everything.

  19. I would like to send a belated happy birthday your way, FEd! I hope your birthday is as special as my day has been! Time is so very precious!

  20. The Best show in my life was the first time for me. Mister David thanks for having colored my life with your music all these years.

    For FED. Only regret not being able to do any photos of guitars after the show because they have prevented me.

  21. Better late than never, hope you had a very special birthday day FEd, thank you for all your work. 🙂

  22. Not sure if this is worthy enough of a place here but this band who, after 25 years, are making headway were (and still are) hugely influenced by Pink Floyd. In fact some of their earlier albums contain some really good cover versions.

  23. Happy belated birthday Fed.

    On concert review website (no picture content) Pink Floyd fan Ray spotted top live music booking agent and Isle Of White promoter John Giddings at the last Royal Albert Hall concert on Saturday night.

    Next year’s I.O.W. festival will be on the weekend starting 10th June 2016.

    Also the 2016 Glastonbury festival starts the 24th June, the same weekend that Hyde Park concerts kick off.

    Gary Hurley London England.

    1. funny, i had a dream about glasto, you can guess who was heading the bill in said dream!!

      1. No, please not Glastonbury. The tickets have all sold out now anyway. David’s too good for Glastonbury. . . that’s another thing.

        How will we get tickets if he decides to play there?


        1. If he does Ash, they’ll have to allow our Irregular contingent special dispensation, with Access All Areas.

    1. 22 this year, just for a change. 😉

      Thank you, everyone, for the birthday wishes. Sweethearts, the lot of you.

      1. “… 26 years old, or 29 when counting birthdays” was a nice line in Eric Idle’s new book I finished today. So stay 22. We’re not counting birthdays here. 🙂

  24. mr. gilmour, we hope to see you again in europe in 2016 because the show is so so amazing, amazing music, amazing sound, amazing mr.screen, amazing emotions, amazing people want more of this… thanx.

  25. Fed…

    Pen blwydd hapus I ti. 🙂

    Did you like your present? No, not another bunch of lavish gifts from the Irregulars but the Wales and Australia wins… priceless. 🙂

    1. Diolch yn fawr i ti. 🙂

      Don’t get me started on the rugby, you mustn’t, but…

      Best. Present. Ever.

    2. I can’t remember in my lifetime when Wales have had the bragging rights over England on both rugby and football.

        1. Footy again: re the ‘Pool this time.

          I think we’re going to find Jürgen Klopp a lot of fun. It was inspired to call himself the ‘normal one’ in the press conference today…!

          1. Wasn’t he great in the press conference? He said all the right things and oozed charisma. It will be so nice to have a manager that has character instead of one that comes out after another boring performance and speaks about the “character” of the team, as though that’s meant to console us.

  26. Happy belated birthday, FEd….

    Now how’s about a present for us? Throw us a bone about a third night in NYC!


  27. FEd, I just want to thank you again for the pre-sale codes. You wouldn’t believe the ridiculousness surrounding another concert I’m seeing a few times and their entire pre-sale/VIP (and lack of) process. You and the entire DG team has done a completely stellar job of arranging and following through with things that have proven impossible for mere mortals and another act.

    You are a rock star too, FEd, you just don’t know it.

    I have no idea how to make it until the end of March when I have the exquisite pleasure of seeing David play the Hollywood Bowl. I’ll be there two nights, then all three nights in Chicago. Not bad for a Denver girl, eh?

    Thank you so much for making this all possible.

  28. About the homeless woman found dead in McDonald’s, Hong Kong. How terribly sad that she had no friends or family.

    How wonderful though that McDonald’s don’t throw out customers who stay all night as many homeless people do, it seems. I think it is very compassionate of McDonald’s and I hope they don’t change their policies following the publicity this sad story has generated.


  29. An interesting note, my granddaughter Abigail couldn’t settle down until we played Hushabye Mountain for her!

  30. Hope you had a great Birthday.

    Playing David’s new album in car during work 3 days running now, just gets better and better. I nearly know all the words, I try to pick a favourite but they are all too good to separate. Polly says Yellow Dress is the Marmite track. I love Marmite. Just ordered her new book for Katrina for Xmas. A Boat Lies Waiting, just stunning and moving. It will be my brother’s fiftieth on the 10 October so I’ll be playing and thinking of him with those very powerful lyrics.

    Kind regards, take care all

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