‘Today’ later today

Something else that some of you are going to have to ignore.

The second single from Rattle That Lock – ‘Today’ – will be played for the first time on Simon Mayo’s Drivetime show on BBC Radio 2 this evening. Expect to hear it some time between 5pm and 7pm (UK).

If you miss it, don’t worry: as always, the show will be available to listen to on demand online.

If you decide to tune in, do let us know what you think of it.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

34 thoughts on “‘Today’ later today”

  1. Still trying to avoid listening to this so, thankfully, I will be on the weekly shop between 5 and 7.

    Not sure if it has been mentioned on here yet but a David Gilmour version of The Beatles ‘Here There and Everywhere’ is available on the CD of the current Mojo magazine.

  2. Off topic, but…

    “Rattling locks since 2005 but still not David Gilmour”

    Genial, FEd! ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Is it just me or does the start of ‘Louder Than Words’ sound similar to the atmospheric guitar/piano music in the middle of Withnail and I (the Penrith section)?

    1. Thank you, Anna. With all the excitement about the concerts in Brazil, Argentina and Chile, the song was overshadowed somewhat. I hope you enjoyed it.

  4. Just listened to the song. It’s great!

    By the way…anybody seen some circular screen around? ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. OK, back on topic now: Is that not the most funky bass line ever to grace a David Gilmour song? Very different to RTL. Strong funky 70’s vibe/rhythm to it with a guitar solo that screams ‘extended jam when we play this one live’; great soundtrack to my morning commute, today.

    1. Oh, I hear that. It’s crying out for a solo at the end.

      Damn these infernal radio edit fade-outs.

  6. Hints of Peter Gabriel & Tony Levin. Very different to anything I’ve heard him do.. The vocal low register in parts will help to give David’s voice a rest. You could easily dance to this.

    Great Work!

      1. She’ll probably leap onto the mixing desk.

        Rumour has it, she’s in very close proximity to it, so that she can take over control of events and demand that David & co. perform a three hour encore.

          1. You won’t believe it! My daughter had to restrain me!

            There was an idiot dancing air guitarist in front of me!

            Fed, thank you again so much for the advice for the sale of the tickets. When I had the opportunity to get tickets in the stalls, I chose to sit a bit farther back thinking I’d be that little bit raised off ground level therefore more able to see. . . being only 5ft 3 inches, I almost never can see anything. Having visited irregulars in the front rows of the stalls, I wish I’d bought tickets there!

            NOT because my view of the stage was poor, NOT because the sound was poor where I was. . . it was spectacularly good, just as I expected it would be, because I know from old that David (and the Floyd) always has done things perfectly!

            The seats I chose were on a walkway so all the poor bladder control and beer freaks and latecomers walked in front of us. This was tolerable because there weren’t many. For that reason and the idiot dancer, I wish I’d bought seats in the stalls because there was no space in front for anyone to walk or dance.

            Let me tell you about the idiot dancing air guitarist. He leapt to his feet at familiar sounding intros, or good bits during a song that obviously stirred him.

            He stretched his little finger out and curled it to reach the string at the top of the neck whilst his others were on the bottom of the neck, his thumb curled out round the back of and at arm’s length along the neck of his air guitar. Then he very deliberately touched the string with the very extended little finger. Then he changed finger positions and slid his hand up and down an imaginary neck. . . . FFS!

            He couldn’t play guitar because he was playing some other song completely!

            I checked where David’s fingers were, where Phil’s were and where Guy’s were. . . this fella wasn’t playing any of their pieces. Notice I know he was playing at some other gig, that’s how distracting he was! And another thing. . . .he played along with brand new, never-heard-before songs! It was embarrassing to watch. I really wanted to tell him he was making a fool of himself and I also wanted to bash his stupid head in for bobbing about in the way and being so distracting. Don’t you think I did well to NOT do it? My daughter restrained me. (I’m considering putting her up for adoption.)

            It was a great gig, I loved the new songs especially Yellow Dress. I met Marc Brickman. . .shook his hand and got his autograph. ๐Ÿ™‚ He said he wasn’t used to being recognised nor asked for his autograph. I think he’s a legend! We said hello to Colin Norfield and his good lady wife whom we’d met and chattered to a good few times in Venice nine (?) years ago. They remembered us!

            The idiot guitarist didn’t spoil it for us. . . .I just wanted to tell you a funny story.

            The concert was unbelievably good. I can hardly wait to go to the Royal Albert Hall. No one will be disappointed. ๐Ÿ™‚ I bet there’s more surprises to come but I can’t imagine anything better than what I heard and saw last night. ๐Ÿ™‚


            1. Good God, how annoying. They should have snipers suspended from the ceiling at all venues (the ones with ceilings, obviously, but they can can set up towers for open-air gigs), ready to fire tranquilliser darts at these people at the first sign of any bother.

              When I rule the world…

              You did well, Ash, and so did your daughter. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

          2. Or a giant hook on a crane to descend and pluck him from the audience and dump him in a sin bin until the end of the show. . . .

  7. Got to hear ‘Today’ via BBC iPlayer and I think it’s great. Reminds me of About Face, probably ‘All Lovers are Deranged’.

    Really looking forward to the concert tomorrow. This will be only the second time I’ve had a front row seat at a concert. Last time was UB40 at Newcastle City Hall in the early 1980s. However, at the start of concert, everybody rushed the stage and my front row seat was worthless. I sincerely hope this doesn’t happen tomorrow night!!!!!!!

    1. It won’t. It will be calm and orderly, with everybody sitting in their seats, you’ll see.

      Hope you have a great time. Let us know, won’t you?

      1. Certainly will, sir. Thank you again for the heads up on the Brighton concert……hence, the front row seat!

          1. Actually can’t wait!! Giggling Squid for lunch before a swim in the sea, a beer on the pier and then the show of the decade! Then off to Verona, Pula and Orange in the coming weeks… Agggghhhh!!!

  8. hey up fed, where is the next teaser with famous faces, etc?

    only joking, getting impatient.


  9. Today reminds me of Roxy Music meets Pink Floyd, you can tell Phil had some input there. This is all coming together rather well.

    Have a good weekend all.


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