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Right then, just to repeat: the band that will be touring Europe and South America in September, October and December is a familiar one. I know that everybody who saw them in 2006 will be happy about that.

Phil Manzanera will again be on guitar, Guy Pratt on bass and Stevie DiStanislao on drums and percussion.

(I left a brief pause there, expecting cheers all round. Whoops and whistles are also accepted.)

Jon Carin (loud cheers for him, too) will be joined on keyboards by Kevin McAlea, who has worked with the likes of Barclay James Harvest, Dr Feelgood and Kirtsy MacColl. He most recently accompanied Kate Bush for her incredibly successful 2014 run of London dates, playing not only keyboards, but Uilleann pipes and accordion, as well. You might like to check out his Celtic Orbis project for more of those pipes.

Theo Travis will play saxophone and clarinet in Brighton and Europe, with João Mello taking over saxophone duties at the Royal Albert Hall and across South America. Prolific Theo, who also plays the flute, is perhaps best known for his collaboration with guitarist Robert Fripp – as Travis & Fripp. João, very much the baby of the group and not long out of his teens, has recently been touring with Razorlight and, before that, with their frontman, Johnny Borrell, under the name Johnny Borrell & Zazou.

Backing vocals will be provided by Bryan Chambers, Louise Marshall (in Europe) and Lucita Jules (in South America). Bryan and Louise have been singing together as part of David Gest’s Legends of Soul UK Tour, and have done much work with Jools Holland; Bryan having also performed with Beverley Knight, Prince, Chaka Khan, Soloman Burke and many others. Louise you will also know from Pink Floyd’s The Endless River. Lucita has worked with Roxy Music and, more recently, toured the world with Kylie Minogue.

So, there you go. Band confirmed, a new song (did you like it?) and several more concerts announced all before the weekend. Thanks for your patience; I know you’ve been asking for some time about personnel.

Have a fine weekend, everyone. For those of you off to Brighton, there’ll be a new post for you to share your thoughts and memories tomorrow, if you would be so kind. We look forward to hearing from you.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

22 thoughts on “The band”

  1. Curious to know which of these artist will be on the North American leg?

    Also Kevin McAlea playing an accordion makes me think of Cirrus Minor.

  2. Have a nice weekend you too mate, and to the Band : let’s enjoy and have a great time.

    To the ‘Old man’ himself : thank you again and spread the blues!


  3. Just found the new teaser on the making of Today. It’s not my imagination, David really is upbeat and excited these days. Perhaps putting Floyd behind him once and for all was a good idea after all.

  4. Sounds great.

    Enjoy Brighton everyone who’s going! And have some fresh seafood while you’re there.

  5. Just wanna share the joy all around… The old man in my city is a dream that comes true…

    Hope you have a GREAT time in Brighton, can’t wait to read the reviews. I’m very curious for the set.

    Best to all of you, and thanks FEd, specially.

  6. P. E. R. F. E. C. T. is what it is to me.

    Have a great weekend FEd and thanks again for all the work, the timely information and your kindness! 🙂


  7. Once again David has surrounded himself with quality and versatile minstrels, who are obviously at the top of their profession.

    The amount of rehearsal time that has already been taken, is bound to result in polished performances from night #1 in Brighton tomorrow.

    Can we expect to see some ‘guest’ appearances, too, along the way FEd? I’m sure that we will. But, who…?

    Time will tell, no doubt.

    I hope it starts with a bang, in Brighton.

  8. Thanks FEd for the infos!

    Have everyone a great weekend. Next week will be very important for us here in South America…

    Joao Siqueira

  9. Magic band!

    Anticipation for Brighton today is high. Will post sometime afterwards…

    [Will be interesting to see how strict the photo ID rule will be as I went to a ‘famous’ venue last year that advertised as such but didn’t seem to bother on the evening…]

    Thanks to FEd for the hard work in the last few days, and the next couple.

  10. Great band, nothing to say, I’m sure the show will be great!

    Rick’s spirit will be on the stage with them and he will be remembered from David in songs and words….

    To all of you that are going to Brighton, have a great evening!

    Can’t wait for the setlist after the show and for these nine days to pass!!

  11. Thanks a lot, hope someone can write, I’m curious about tech and sound. Or I’ll answer myself at the gig. 🙂

  12. Colin Norfield, but sound system is different, much better, it is loud but still crystal clear. Team is the same.

  13. Fantastic. Thanks Tomasz, can’t wait to listen to it live.

    Don’t want to listen to any of the rough videos around. Who sings on Rick’s parts on ‘Time’? I think Jon or the backing vocalist, will be strange without Richard Wright, isn’t it?

  14. Shame Theo Travis isn’t performing at the RAH as I really like his work with Steven Wilson but at least I’ll get to see him in Verona. 🙂

    8 days to go…

  15. Emilio,

    I don’t think there were vocal harmonies on time. Rick was definitely missed there…

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