Night Two: Pula

David’s first concert in Croatia tonight. Who’s going? Hands up. Do tell.

It promises to be a special night in a quite stunning venue. Just look at it.

You might like to take a virtual guided tour.

The Roman amphitheatre, the imposing Arena of Pula, was built in the first century AD, during the reign of the Emperor Vespasian. As well as being the best preserved ancient monument in the whole of Croatia, which is not short of ancient monuments, it is one of the six largest surviving Roman amphitheatres in the world and the only one that has four side towers and all three Roman architectural orders entirely preserved.

More on its long history, here.

Those extra Hollywood Bowl tickets go on sale today for the concerts of Thursday 24th March 2016 and Friday 25th March 2016, don’t forget. Let us know if you manage to snap up any of them.

Author: FEd

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41 thoughts on “Night Two: Pula”

  1. Already mentioned the opportunity to win tickets for David’s concert in London at the RAH on 25 September on Classic 21 radio station (Seven questions about David to answer – Deadline: this Sunday).

    Moreover, also on Classsic 21, you can win tickets to attend a pre-listening session of the new album in Brussels (Belgium) on Wednesday 16 – here.

    Wishing a great time to all those who will be going to Pula tonight. Stunning venue indeed. 🙂

  2. Kind of Pompeii deja-vu… The main difference is there will be fans listening. 🙂

    In seven days we’ll be having an early dinner at this time before marching over to the venue in Oberhausen.

    Enjoy the first official gig fellow bloggers and comment ASAP…


  3. Enjoy the show everyone lucky enough to be going, venue looks fantastic, it’s going to be a great night.

    All the best
    Tom B

  4. My eyes are wide on all sources, waiting for feedback. I’m sure it will be a great night. We contemplated the idea to see him today, but we ended up choosing the Florence date. Tomorrow, we’ll be there, waiting. This is without a doubt a dream come true.

  5. 48 hours to Verona
    72 hours to Florence

    Waiting for tonight’s setlist, for sure will be a wonderful show in a wonderful venue.

    It would be really stunning to see David live at Taormina’s Greek amphitheatre, but I think that moving all tour material to an island like Sicily it’s difficult and expensive. Let’s see, maybe in summer 2016… Who knows?

    Crossing fingers for the weather forecast: in Verona should be raining, in Florence maybe not, it depends on the site you look.

      1. The Fox Theatre in Atlanta would be a beautiful venue for him to play.

        🙂 Hi, everyone! It is an especially happy time with our favorite musician out touring!

      2. Imagine seeing a David Gilmour performance at the open air theatre in Bregenz, Austria? Or Dalhalla, Sweden? I’d also go for a more ‘intimate’ venue like The Mountain Winery in Saratoga, California.

        However, my personal vote would go to the Auditorium in St. Michael’s Cave, Gibraltar … the logistics of organizing that would be frightening (to say nothing of the claustrophobia) but the acoustics, oh the acoustics – and it would sort of ‘fit in’ with the theme (we could all sing “rattle that [rock]” – sorry, being silly).

    1. I’ve always dreamed to see David in TAORMINA amphitheatre, don’t think it’s a money problem. Mark Knopfler and many other artist came here, and for sure it’s a better venue than Pula or Florence and maybe Verona too… very similar to Orange but with a terrifically beautiful landscape!

      Please David, think about it for 2016!

  6. I really expected a different set list than Brigthon, a preshow. Anyway, amazing view of that venue.

      1. Dogs should be great, but I think it is more a Waters’ song… I’d rather have Echoes but without Rick I think that’s almost impossible…

  7. On the final countdown to Orange on Thursday. Really can’t wait.

    On the subject of venues to consider, Ely Cathedral, it or the park next to it would be a great venue, especially for High Hopes.

  8. Sounds like quite a treat everyone got last night. Can’t wait for September 25th though the clock shouldn’t tick too fast, still enjoying our holiday in Greece.

  9. Sitting out in the sun overlooking the sea at the beach of Anaxos, Lesvos, Greece, waiting patiently for the WiFi to load A Boat Lies Waiting interview. Eventually it loads, on comes David and a short piece of the music. So beautiful and so emotional. Got goosebumps and a shiver down my spine.

  10. 24 hours to David’s concert at Arena of Verona. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that it doesn’t rain… the show in Venice during the 2006 OAI tour. The weather should be a little better, anyway, it will be a great evening and an honour and a pleasure to be again in front at David and his band. I can’t wait to be there tomorrow.

    Bye / Ciao.

  11. An absolute stunning venue. Have to say though it wasn’t David’s best effort with more than a few mistakes most notably with “The Blue” solo. A little bit disappointed with the exact same setlist again as I would have expected at least a small variation from night to night.

    All said though, the highs far outweighed the lows and it was a really nice evening in the end.

    1. These few mistakes were nothing big, just to spice all the great rest. He played with emotions, like he always does. But it’s true, this was my first live David concert and you guys are pro….How many times you saw him?

  12. Been in Pula on Saturday. Can’t say anything about the visual effects, ’cause I kept my eyes closed all the time. Really an otherworldly experience, if I may quote Pavlov. Pure poetry. Can’t get it out of my mind and considering the option of going to Verona tonight.

    1. Really? But I bet even with the eyes closed you know, there was a lot going on on the stage. Visual effects was wonderful and new sketches for new album are much different from the previous videos (still using them for Pink Floyd songs).

      1. Res, Mateja. Vse vizualno dogajanje na odru je bil samo balast. Muzika in sound direkt u žilo, orgazem “na suho”.

        Everyone else, excuse me, I replied to Mateja in Slovene (considering her name), saying that all the visual effects on the stage were merely ballast. Yes, I kept my eyes closed, taking the music and the incredible sound in. “Dry orgasms” as we say in Slovene.

        To all who are yet to listen to Dave: nice journey you lucky dogs.

  13. Totally unrelated, Ken Bruce’s (BBC Radio 2, 9.30am-12noon BST) “album of the week” this week is Rattle That Lock – so we’ve got 5 tracks to listen to over the course of next few days.

  14. Was at the Brighton show it was amazing, can’t wait for the RAH on the 23rd.

    Any info when tickets will go on sale for Wroclaw 2016? Thanks.

  15. Okay, okay enough of the teasers, FFS. Replaying snippets a few seconds long is getting tiresome. 😛

    Must say, the live version of Faces of Stone sounds amazing, as does the Comfy Numb power of Tongue.

    What about a couple of DVDs this time from the tour? One of the shows in Brazil and perhaps a RAH? Heck, I’d buy the opening night in Brighton as well.

  16. It promises to be a special night in a quite stunning venue. Just look at it.

    I may be an idiot, but, please, where?

    It would be super, super nice if you included a photo of each venue in your posts (NIGHT ONE, TWO, THREE, etc…), don’t you think?

    Please, could you do that for us, lovely bloggers? “On vous le rendra au centuple”, comme dirait Jésus! (= ” will reward you a hundred-fold” ?) 🙂

    No, neither greedy, nor cheeky, me… 😉

      1. Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… Sorry, not a fan, me…

        There was a (lovely) time when we could find all things related to David here on this wonderful blog. Would you believe me if I told you that I even never visited the official website in the past.

        Sorry for asking, I may be too lazy… or just allergic to social networking (if that makes sense).

        Anyway, only three dodos until Orange! Wow!

  17. Well, I was in Pula. I somehow managed to get the ticket, but my kids were outside. This was the only thing that kept me sad. But what a spectacle. It was really amazing, the sound was great. He is simply the top of the top. I was recently on the concert of some other famous musician (I won’t tell who) and I was thinking I hadn’t been to a worse concert.

    But David is Zeus of the Gods. He played for 4 hours with the 20 minutes break and all the way I was in 9th heaven.

  18. I was at Pula. It was a kind of miracle for me. I have seen DG on DVD million times. But nothing can compare to David playing himself.

    Arena is fantastic, ancient spirit, nice place, full of spirit. City was crowded with fans all of the Europe.

    Show was awesome… New tracks are magic. Old ones… no comment. Really fantastic.

    And this is the link to my gallery.

  19. Pula was, as someone said, an otherwordly experience. I never enjoyed the concert so much, and I’ve seen quite many great names (RW included). The sad thing is I know that I never will experience something alike again (unless I get ticket for some other DG show. 🙂 To sum it up – I had high expectations but what I experienced blew them away totally.

    Just comment regarding “The Blue” mistakes… to my (limited) knowledge there was the technical issue with pedal effect and not Dave’s error. Ultimately he deactivated the effect which meant the whole solo then sounded rather different and less-dimensional comparing to studio version.

    And one more comment on the setlist – to me this was just superb as it covered most of David’s career with and without Floyd – I counted songs from 9 different albums.

    P.S. Dogs is David’s song blended with Roger’s lyrics. However I think David stated he did not like making of Animals much hence wasn’t difficult to leave it out.

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