Night Six: Oberhausen

Tonight’s concert is the first since the release of David’s fourth solo studio album, Rattle That Lock.

Will you be at the König Pilsener Arena? Indoors where it’s nice and cosy, no need to worry about the weather, in comfortable seating (with numbers on, so that everyone sits where they should). I mean, come on; Roman amphitheatres are all well and good, but those stone seats…

Just about every artist you’d expect to perform at this modern, multi-functional stadium has performed there in the two decades (almost) since its construction. As you might expect, as well as concerts of all genres, it has hosted orchestras, musicals, festivals and sporting events, proving itself to be very popular with visitors.

We look forward to hearing from you when you’ve vacated your soft, contoured, numbered seat.

Just to add some more thanks for surpassing David’s target of £5,300 raised in aid of MOAS, the Migrant Offshore Aid Station: your kindness and compassion is so very much appreciated. Thank you so much.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. As Oberhausen is just about 30km away from my home, I’m not in a hurry yet. 😉

    But what I’m asking myself since that date was announced… why Oberhausen and not the Westfalenhalle in Dortmund???

    David knows the Westfalenhalle quite well from legendary PF gigs I guess and I’m sure that location has better sound conditions than the Arena in Oberhausen…


  2. Two thirds of the way lay already behind us, as we drink our afternoon coffee… We’ll arrive in our hotel in 2 hours time and have a break before we move on to the cozy venue. 🙂

    I’ll report again after I’ve vacated my soft seat, FEd. 😉

    1. Neither am I. Not one bit. I’m not even thinking of sausages and beer. I don’t even like sausages or beer.

      (Do you think they believe us?)

      1. Of course they do and the beer in Germany is superb as were the litre glasses in Verona.


      2. Sorry it’s just me again. Can I just ask how you knew about Guy’s running on the spot routine and how uncomfortable the seats are in the Roman amphitheatres?

        Just asking.


        1. Yeah. . . . Fed’s been up to something if you ask me.

          On the subject of hard stone to sit on. . . you know those garden kneeling pads you can get in the Pound shops? If David charged a little more he could order lots and have them printed with the tour poster (or something wonderful David’s team will think up) for the tour that comes after this one. . . 😛


  3. I did try to talk Kat into following the tour round the world but I had to succumb to the fact that I’m a bit of a Walter Mitty.


  4. Hi, good evening. 🙂

    Had a nice pre-show meeting with Ulli and Stephanie and then found my comfortable seat in block 207.

    First part is done, very nice selection of songs.

    Sound is very good for mne, was a little bit afraid that at the area were I have my place, the reflections from the roof and the backside would cause some sound porridge, 😉 but the direct sound from the arrays is brilliant.

    Waiting for part 2.


  5. Just back in hotel from Oberhausen.

    Fantastic concert sound and David’s voice in great form. Had restricted view seats and couldn’t see the screen but this didn’t matter and to me was a better performance than Brighton which was also excellent.

    Just sorry to say this will probably be the last time I see David perform as I don’t have tickets for any other shows and feel he won’t tour again.

    1. I hear he’s carrying on next year so don’t give up hope on extra UK dates. Oh I’m a presumptuous bugger.


    2. Hi Rob!

      I won’t be sure that DG is not touring anymore…

      In an interview with our radio WDR2 he spoke about more dates in Europe next year.

      Some rumors here in Cologne whisper about an open air show next year in summer on the Roncalli-Platz in the center of Cologne….


  6. Hi again! As promised here my few comments, as I do not want to spoil the show for others:

    The sound from the first 2 rows was terrific. You could hear well, and what you could hear not, you felt (thanks to Guy and Steve for that part).

    The light show, I can’t describe. One must have seen it, to understand why I’m lost for words…

    The setlist was a perfect blend of old and new, of dancing songs and guitar apotheosis, but most important played by a very relaxed and calm David Gilmour and a tight Band. My hope of hearing Childhood’s End live was not fulfilled, but honestly: do I care? No, because of the perfect show…

    Re perfect: I only noticed one glitch, but that’s probably because being a guitar player myself, I tend to hear details. It’s impressing how good the band performs, especially the vocal assistance by the background singers (applause again for you two guys) and Jon, Guy, Phil and Steve.

    My eyes grew more than moist in more than one occasions: it’s not the usual Saturday night when Mr David Gilmour decides to spend it with you and not his family. Sitting in the first row in front of him, my wife beside me and my daughter in my back, I felt as if it was a private performance, just for me. My daughter said right after the concert, that it was a dream like situation. DG was so near…

    When the concert was over standing ovations showed the crowd’s feelings. The encore found us all standing, dancing and singing along those battered songs, as David described them short after the start. I’m sorry for all the guys in the rows behind, but that was the point when the disciplined fans and listeners, couldn’t be more than happy, partying people for a song or two.

    I personally did not take one picture of the whole performance; too much I was afraid to lose, while handling the camera. My daughter did me the favour to shoot some snaps, which I’ll post later on.

    Finally all songs were played and a great night gone. Do I ever need an autograph from David? No, he burned his autograph right into my brain cells, were it will remain as long as they exist.

    Last thing to mention: you made a human being happy with exactly one e-mail, FEd! I wish I could ever achieve that. Thanks again, especially also for my wife (she said she’s so happy, seeing me so happy) and my daughter, who’s a guitar player, too, and was speechless seeing a master of masters live and alive. I owe you and you name it, you get it!


    AKA the guy with the Gilmour 63 Academy t-shirt in the first row… 🙂

    1. Taki, I am so very happy to hear that you and your daughter enjoyed yourselves. Seriously, that feeling of knowing that I could play a tiny little part in the creation of such a special shared memory for you is all I could ever ask for in return for that one e-mail.

      Thanks for sharing your night with us; I’m sure you’ve made other people smile as well as me and let’s face it: in a pretty miserable world, we all need to smile more. So I’d say we’re about even.

      1. Thanks FEd, you’re as generous as always. 🙂

        I forgot to mention that the nh hotel was obviously occupied by DG’s fans. The bar was open until the early hours and I had a nice chat with a pair from Belgium there, while fetching the obligatory goodnight beers for us… Nice people everywhere, so the world isn’t lost yet…

  7. To Pavlov (sorry, I’m not on Twitter):

    And the plural of ‘hoof’ is ‘hooves’, while the plural of ‘roof’ is ‘roofs’? 😉

    Of course FEd would disagree…

    1. Not on Twitter, Michèle? Yet you’ve seen English is hard!!

      You must have David/Rick-type telepathy with Pavlov.

  8. The band and David were simply amazing and created a very (!) powerful wall of sound. The Oberhausen Arena had good acoustics. Great gig!

  9. Thanks Taki for your review. Just how I imagined it would be and hope it will be in Toronto next spring. I love Childhoods End too but I do like the set list the band is playing especially mixing the old and new together.


  10. Just got back to the states (Texas) from the weekend after watching the show last night. (Just last night?!) I came to Germany just for this occasion for the weekend.

    It was an amazing performance.. I LOVED that it was held at a small venue. The last time I saw Gilmour was in ’94 Houston, tour of Division Bell at a large stadium. The small venue was much more intimate and you could actually see all the artists.

    At first I was worried that the rest of the crowd was asleep or something. Honestly I’ve never been to a concert where the audience was listening so intently. Talking to a few other attendees around us it seemed like most were very hard core PF/Gilmour fans.

    I’m just now getting a chance to hear the album itself now that I’m home. The emotions of hearing it live are returning easily. It was an amazing experience, one I will not forget.

  11. Good morning FEd!

    What I forgot to ask: have you been on tour with David? Or are you doing your editor’s job from home office?

    Photos: I shot a bunch of pictures with my pocket-cam, quality is average, not as good as if would have used my Nikon D800. I did right to leave that device at home. As I noticed, all the people who came with DSRL to the concert, had to leave it at the entrance…..

    You can see my pics on my Nikon image space, here.

    Only viewing, download is disabled and I will close the album in a few weeks again.


  12. Just seen a Brighton clip on YouTube and was shocked at how many people had phones held high to film David and the band. Really hope that this is not the case at RAH as I could be seriously falling out with some people if they block my view.

    Just enjoy the moment and buy the DVD that will surely follow.

      1. I agree but perhaps the venue staff feel they would be fighting a losing battle and, indeed, causing more of a disturbance to other audience members than the photography/video offenders? Perhaps a more effective and less disruptive method of stopping this new paparazzi would be laser guns that are especially designed to home in on illegal cameras/smart phones? Just a thought!

        1. OK, confession time. I took absolutely NO photos at the Brighton gig despite being in row eight and dead centre (I could see David’s tonsils, I was that close) but I did take a few shots at the Orange gig simply because the rake of the seating was at approx 45 degrees (therefore, sitting well below those behind me) and I also checked first that I would not disturb my fellow audience members, who, incidentally were taking far more photos than I. What a hypocrite! 🙂

      2. Hello!

        Using Smartphones at concerts has become “standard” and is one of the disadvantages of our multimedia society.

        How to stop that? Nearly impossible I guess or who could manage to collect 10000 smartphones at the entrance and give them back after the show to the owners…

        On the other hand… if David Gilmour would not have liked it, why didn’t he say some kind words to the audience? Other artists do so as I have heard….


          1. Or do what Rick Wakeman said at his Queen Elizabeth Hall concert this year: “You all have 1 minute to take pictures now, then switch them all off.”

            It worked!

            Gary Hurley London England.

      3. The security guy in our area at Brighton did a very good job of dissuading the use of mobiles until towards the end of the second set when it became impossible. Unfortunately it has become the norm for many.

  13. “We look forward to hearing from you when you’ve vacated your soft, contoured, numbered seat.”

    When we get to the Royal Albert Hall we will be mindful of John Lennon’s evocation to “rattle your jewellery” to show our appreciation.

  14. Tonight I will be flying from the States in time for the initial RAH 3 night run. I won’t be taking pictures but I confess to downloading bootlegs of the prior gigs. After listening I was unimpressed with the Brighton gig but he has really started to open those songs up and improvise since then– initially I was afraid his skills had waned but he has still got it.

  15. The concert in Oberhausen had been terrific. After 9 years of withdrawl David´s sights and sounds were overwhelming. Since the Wall we never missed a PF or DG tour, and each concert had been an experience one of a kind, like a holiday trip, magic, intense, mesmerizing, spellbinding. Looking forward now to the concert at the RAH, one of the best venues in the world.

  16. I met a colleague today and was very surprised to hear that he was in Oberhausen, too. He was still moved by what he said was the best concert he’d ever been and how he would like to see David Gilmour live again. Let’s see what 2016 will bring us…

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