Night One: Brighton

It’s the first night of David’s European Tour. Those lucky so-and-so’s who are making their way to the Brighton Centre will hear Rattle That Lock, which is not released for another two weeks, for the first time.

Ah, but will they hear all of it?

As always, we want to hear from you. Your thoughts and opinions make this blog what it is, so don’t be shy; if you’re going to be at tonight’s gig, let us know. We look forward to your concert reviews.

As I appreciate that some of you don’t wish to know the setlists just yet, these will be listed on their very own page – here – so you can avoid them. (No, don’t click! You have the willpower to avoid this temptation.)

However, the setlist will almost certainly be revealed with the comments below, so if you really don’t want to know which songs were played until you get the chance to be a part of the audience, please don’t read on.

Do please read the following important reminder from the Brighton Centre again, though. Very important.

Have a great night, everyone. I hope you’re ready…

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

175 thoughts on “Night One: Brighton”

  1. Well, the the 5th of September has arrived. Actually hardly slept last night, just haven’t felt like an excited teenager for years (obviously). Feel very privileged to be attending the first show. The anticipation is awesome.

    Gonna explore the Lanes before lunch to try and distract myself. 7 of us in our possé this evening.

  2. Flying to Gatwick in 4 hours for the Brighton show.

    Decided to look at the venue’s website and concerning the concert it says – “The name of the lead booker will be printed on the header ticket and will need to be brought along.”

    This is the 1st I heard of this. The “Header Ticket”? What is that? The one that serves as an address label that clearly states on it – “This is not a ticket” and I threw in the bin?

      1. I emptied my bin all over my back yard, found the “header ticket”, not in great nick, glad I did, it was the 1st thing the steward asked me for, I was so relieved. I was so stressed flying over, all the ticket fuss, me not having done anything wrong, just a Joe Soap, a punter, a fan and could have missed out through the very poor communication.

        Anyway, enjoyed the concert immensely, absolutely fantastic, few muppets in the crowd, drink related, saw people in their vicinity quite annoyed.

        Looking forward to The Royal Albert Hall.

          1. Thanks Fed for replying to me to assure me all would be OK, fair play, I really appreciate that, I just saw your nice message today, all went well anyway.

            Such stress over the ticket with what was supposed to be such a simple straightforward case, 3 Ticketmaster personnel with “over 20 years’ experience between” them told me that “header ticket” was not required to be brought, so where do ya go there? Then there’s me going through the rubbish bin 4 hours before my flight.

            Very nice staff at the venue. Nice lighting for the size of the venue, big screen etc.

            Great concert, great mix of songs and the order in which they were chosen to be played plus some very challenging songs to sing, particularly those requiring the more harsh vocal style and great camaraderie on stage.

          2. Dear FEd and all bloggers,

            Let me introduce myself first. My name is Theo Beckers (on the internet known as Floydian Theo since 1996), Pink Floyd fan since 1972 and operator from Pink Floyd Fans Netherlands fansite since 2004.

            As huge Gilmour fan I’m going to see the show at the RAH on 25th September. When I saw Saturday night the setlist, I was very disappointed. The show had 11 Pink Floyd songs and 9 David Gilmour solo songs and for a solo Tour I hoped he would play more from his own work. Also again nothing from his great work from the past (1978 and 1984). And the Pink Floyd songs he played were also no surprises.

            I’ve waited 9 years for David Gilmour and was very excited to have a ticket for one of the RAH shows, but now I go with mixed feelings. And of course seeing David Gilmour play is always great and Pink Floyd fans like this setlist a lot, but I’m sure that the real Gilmour fan hoped on some solo work from 1978 and 1984, like Mihalis or Raise My Rent, Murder etc.

            I have a deep respect for David Gilmour, please don’t misunderstand me, but I still hope he will put 2 or 3 more solo work into the definitive setlist.

            Theo Beckers
            The Netherlands

  3. Keep up Irregulars’ flag! Make them play for four hours (plus encores). 🙂

    Enjoy the show and be good, everyone!

  4. Stretching my legs with a walk along the prom after the train journey down from oop north!!!

    Meeting some Irregulars later, to get acquainted before the show.

    1. Ken and Geoff and Mrs Geoff, 🙂

      I’m so sorry I couldn’t see you on Saturday, I had a thumping headache and went to bed in the afternoon. London though. 🙂


      1. Ash, hopefully when the 25th comes around we’ll get to meet both you and Lorraine.

        I believe the general consensus is for the Irregulars to meet up once again at the Queens Arms, which is only round the corner from RAH.

        I trust that the out of tune air guitarist didn’t cause you to have another headache.

  5. Have a great evening all of you who will attend the show!

    I’ll surely check the setlist page after every show, because I love waiting for something I know that I’ll get, more than surprises. 🙂



  6. Arrived in Brighton and scoped out the venue, staff were reiterating the advice to arrive early!

    Show starts at 19.30, interval at 20.40-21.00 and will finish at 22.20.

    It describes it as act one and act two… Intriguing! Perhaps the album first then some oldies?

    I have high hopes!

  7. Time for me to disappear from the Blog until the 25th.

    Enjoy everyone. Counting the days until the RAH…. 🙂

  8. Catherine Abigail, my newest granddaughter has just made her entrance into the world! 🙂

  9. The stage looks fantastic, FEd! It’s great to see the return of ‘Mr. Screen’. I’m patiently anticipating the setlist. 😉

    1. Can you believe, I’ve got the setlist as an e-mail attachment and haven’t looked at it yet? Yep, that’s how self-disciplined I am.

      1. Nerves like steel, FEd? I’d give in immediately but as I explained, I get my thrill on a different way… 😉

      2. Good evening FEd! As the first gig is over now… have you been surprised?

        I saw the set-list this morning on Polly’s Instagram-site and was surprised how many of PF songs were played. So I’m looking forward to the show in Oberhausen for more surprises….


        Sorry for not showing up in the chat the last days… too busy in the job.

  10. Well, today starts David tour…. I’m so happy…. I know I’ll see him some dates….

    Thank you so much to all who make this possible.

  11. By the way, great video of David and Polly, from the rear side, walking to enter the Centre just posted on Facebook. But where’s the need my boy, where’s the thrill? Why don’t you simply look at him and say ‘have a great show’, or ‘thank you’…or nothing, maybe, instead of this stupid thing?

    iPhone tour, here we come. 🙂

      1. That`s a nice setlist. I hoped for Dogs, but still it`s really good.

        What about SOYCD, is it played in full or just some pieces of it as usual?

  12. All very exciting, wishing I could be there of course.

    Any chance of letting slip which guitar he’s playing? Is it the black Strat or the Gibson, or is he changing between them?

    1. Now that, I don’t know, but I’m sure guitars will get a mention or two when the reviews start coming in.

  13. Great setlist! Money is a surprise, he has said before that he is not going to play it. I have one question about Shine On, did he play the whole song, or just parts?

    Really looking forward to RAH on the 25th, I am coming from Hungary with my father, we are extremely excited!

  14. I love the way he hasn’t played the new album as the first set, and other stuff as the second, but has mixed it all up. Good to see Shine on, High Hopes, Sorrow, and Comfortably Numb there, everyone’s favourites.

    Didn’t really expect to see Dogs. Apart from the work involved, it’s probably too long for a concert.

    1. I share the feeling, or the hope, that is. At least it looks like that the structure allows a few variations….

  15. Fed, just got to a bar after the gig and all I can say is wow. Surprised by the mix up and choice of songs. It was so immense. I don’t think any fan will be disappointed with what’s going to happen at these gigs.

    Thank you for the heads up about this concert allowing me to take my girlfriend and parents to an unforgettable night. I got one of Steve’s drumsticks too. Thanks again.

  16. OK, I’ve seen the setlist…

    I’m sure it’ll be a great concert, but I’m a little sad that the songs I’d like to listen weren’t in this live, and maybe won’t be in the tour…

    OK, I have to call David and tell him my choices, because he didn’t guess them… 😛

    I’m also sure that “Wish You Were Here” before “A Boat Lies Waiting” it’s a clear “signal” dedicated to Rick.

    1. I think so Andrea, and in the second part ‘Astronomy Dominé’ and ‘Shine On’ maybe are repeating this signal towards Syd and Rick, up in the sky.

    2. I have one doubt: 2006 concerts were very long, about 24 songs, including Echoes, which was 23 minutes itself.

      This evening we had a setlist of 20 “normal” songs.

      Can we expect a longer tracklist for the tour, as this was a preview, or that’s it?

      Of course we have to wait one week and Pula’s concert for the answer…

  17. Well, we just got back from Brighton Fed and it was one hell of a show!! My all time favourite guitar player did not disappoint. It was quite different to the On an Island tour. It was more like a mini Floyd show. It was great to see the round screen back in action. It brought back some wonderful memories of seeing Pink Floyd in 1994.

    David and The Pink Floyd has been a gift to me for most of my life. A gift that just keeps on giving. For that David has my eternal gratitude and thanks. The soundtrack to my life in fact, and what a soundtrack!

    He managed to move me and my lady to tears yet again. I did miss Rick though – bless him.


  18. Almost forgot, all you lucky people that have tickets, David and band are in top form. You have been warned. They blew us all away tonight and they will do it to you as well. 😉


    1. Who would have expected anything else? DG is a perfectionist, isn’t he? It’s great to read all these nice reports…

  19. Sorrow! Hope it keeps in the set until the end… I missed Smile and Take a Breath, though. High Hopes is THE one I need to see live, and I’ll be happier than a kid in a candy factory if I listen to Fat Old Sun live. 🙂

    1. I will love to see Guy playing Sorrow… This bass is so powerful and he is very energetic playing this kind of song.

  20. So sorry we couldn’t get to Brighton but we’re off to Verona next weekend. Really next weekend, I’m sure all enjoyed tonight. I am not looking at the sets or songs, I’m saving for the night, that’s how I am.

    I am watching Kate Bush and as we speak David is chatting about Kate, how he found her and her music and guess what, she just called him Dave, LOL. You can’t take your eyes off her, she is mesmerising. Maybe she might join David on tour.

    See you in Italy

  21. Just got back home from the show.

    It was a privilege to be there this evening! Thank you so much to FEd for helping the irregulars to be at the front.

    Re ‘guitars’, lots of black Strat, quite a lot of the multicoloured Telecaster, and the Les Paul gold top with P90s. Gibson acoustic as well.

    Time for bed!

  22. Sounds great…..the band will gel more with every show and David will surprise everyone with every show. The best part of the band is that they all know how to roll with the songs and will surprise people during the tour.

  23. What an incredible evening. Apart from being one BIG High point, the highlights for me were a STUNNING performance of Sorrow. One of my personal Favs. Comfortably Numb was also one of the very best performances I’ve seen David perform. On an Island – I was so glad to hear this, and again. Sublime.

    The track that took me by surprise for its power was In Any Tongue… As powerful audibly and visually as it gets.

  24. My band occasionally would perform a pre-tour gig or a ‘live’ rehearsal prior to a BIG gig to iron out or ‘air’ new songs in the set. It is quite possible that the set running order will change in the coming weeks.. The mix though was fantastic!

  25. Can’t quite believe I got to see the great man play at a relatively small venue – what a show! The band was brilliant, the sound at the Centre was top notch, the set list was more or less everything I wanted them to play.

    Bring on 23 September!

  26. The setlist seems light on guitar solo heavy songs with longer outros that David can branch out on. Compared to the On an Island Tour it also looks like fewer songs are being played and the show length is about 10 minutes shorter.

    I hope he really jams by the time I see him.

  27. David performed just shy of 2 and half hours overall which I think is fantastic. I saw a comment somewhere here about the set length – some of the tracks off Rattle That Lock are long(ish) epics IMO, and also Sorrow is over 9 minutes long.

  28. Whoever chose the setlist was nothing short of genius the mix of new, old and even older really worked. David and the band played with such enthusiasm, enjoyment and vibrancy and the general upbeat vibes even transferred to lots of our old favourite Floyd tracks and rolled off stage into the audience. The new songs which were interspersed throughout indicated we have a lot to look forward to as well as RAH!

    We left there totally buzzing having enjoyed a fantastic evening with one of the best (if not the best) shows we have ever been to! Well done and thank you to David and the band and all who worked so hard behind the scenes.

    Thank you also Fed for making this possible for us and arranging Bloggers tickets which enabled us to get fantastic front row seats and lovely to meet up with some fellow Bloggers.

    Roll on RAH!!!!!!

    Best wishes to all and enjoy

  29. Wow.

    What a night.

    I’m so grateful that I got such an amazing seat (2nd row dead centre) care of you FEd.

    It’s a good job the doors opened an hour early, as there was quite a tail back getting into the auditorium. A couple in front of me (and Geoff Duffy and his better half) didn’t have any photographic proof of identity and the steward was adamant about this being a requirement to gain entry. (I’m not sure whether or not they managed to get in). The couple should have known better anyway, as it was made clear enough about this requirement beforehand.

    There was quite a varied array of merchandise available, with an average price of £25 for T-shirts. An excellent, informative program, as you’d expect and great value at £10.

    When I took my seat, I was sat directly, behind FanOfAllFive, he told me that he’s going to virtually ALL of the RTL shows (he must have very deep and pockets).

    It was almost 19:50 when the show got underway, with David and band getting a great ovation as they entered, stage left.

    As has already been mentioned by others, the set list was surprisingly (in an unexpected way) mixed up to combine tracks from RTL with classic Floydian fayre and the odd track from OAI, the expectation being that he would play all of the new album in the 1st half.

    It was super to see the circular screen and lighting rig make a welcome comeback in to action, which was used to great effect, with Marc Brickman’s kaleidoscopic palate of colours. I suspect there’s more to come when the Tour starts for real, next week

    Being so close to the stage allowed me to observe the expressions on David’s face as he put his soul into his playing.

    Guy was his usual exuberant self, with quite a sweat on by the end of the night, after his aerobic exploits. El Magnifico, Phil, was in fine fettle, as always, being the consummate rhythm support. Jon filled the void of sadly departed Richard, with keyboard, guitar and vocal duties. StevieD was right at home and enjoying events, just as he did back in 2006.

    You could see the rehearsal time had gelled the group into a cohesive unit, with the newcomers smoothly slotting into place.

    Theo needs a bit more practice with his Sax switch on SOYCD, but we’ll put it down to 1st night nerves.

    The vocal duo addition added more embellishment and depth to many of the songs.

    During Run Like Hell, I couldn’t believe it when Polly came and crouched down right next to me, whilst she took some photos of David attired with black sunglasses for this one track. Apologies for not saying hello, but I didn’t want to interrupt.

    All in all it was a stunning evening.

    When the Tour kicks off in earnest I suspect there may be some minor adjustments, especially in the lighting department, as I can’t but help think that Marc will pull another rabbit or two out of his hat.

    Thanks to Geoff and his charming wife ‘Tash’, for sharing the experience, sadly didn’t get to meet Lorraine or Ash. Hopefully, that will be rectified at the Royal Albert Hall on the 25th.

    Looking forward immensely to re-Rattling.

    1. Here’s my A to Z revue, as requested, by popular demand.

      Absolute Annunciation
      Beautifully Bewitching
      Comfortably Cumulative
      Delicious Delirium
      Effortlessly Effusive
      Floydian Flourishes
      Guitar God
      Harmonious Heaven
      Immensely Immaculate
      Just Jubilant
      Kaleidoscopic Koumiss
      Luscious Luminary
      Majestically Magnificent
      Nascent Nuances
      Omnifarious Occasion
      Perfection Personified
      Quantum Quality
      Remembering Rick
      Sonically Sublime
      Totally Transfixing
      Unbounded Utopia
      Visually Voluptuous
      Wonderfully Wistful of Wright
      Xcellance Xceeded
      Yearning Yet
      Zippy Zeal

      1. Awesome Zenithal A-Z! 😀

        Love the sound of Zippy Zeal, even though I have no idea what it means… 😉

  30. An awesome gig. I felt so privileged to be one of the first to hear so many new songs, and there were so many treasures in the set list. The Blue, Run Like Hell And Comfortably Numb will remain indelibly seared in my memory as highlights of an unforgettable night.

    Thanks David and the band and crew.

  31. We left at 10.30 in the morning and returned home 3.00 the following morning. The queues to get into the Centre were long and a little slow, but no complaints, it was worth every minute. This was some Gig – not least the surprises. More Floyd based than I anticipated.

    Anyone with tickets for future shows will not be disappointed.

  32. Thoughts overnight.

    You could see how much the band were enjoying themselves. Smiles, Guy jumping up and down, and even a laugh from David when the first note of WYWH was not quite as intended! There was a large amount of passion and energy put into the show. The dynamic of mixing the different styles from the new and old material worked well and meant that there was no lull in the audience.

    Highlights for me were ‘High Hopes’, ‘On an Island’, ‘Sorrow’ and ‘Comfortably Numb’, at which point the audience went crazy!

    Those who are seeing later dates are going to have fun…

    1. Love the new Set List feature, FEd! This is a good sign that the band will be mixing it up a bit on this tour. This will make every night even more special!

  33. Remember that Night.

    There will be many things written, enjoyed and remembered from this wonderful autumnal evening in Brighton over the coming days. A few personal reflections:

    A lovely subtle (re)arrangement of Fat Old Sun – it remains David’s early period masterpiece.

    A Boat Lies Waiting – has he ever sang, without guitar, so emotively.

    Us and Them – the music, the lyrics, the images – as potent (if not more so) today as it was over 40 years ago.

    Sorrow – the guitar, the guitar, and then the guitar.

    Run Like Hell – played for enjoyment (and not a little humour) with some stunning lighting.

    There are many others, all warrant analysis and effusive admiration for the sheer class of the musicians, and the depth of the quality on show. For me, I mainly took away two things:

    Firstly, the new album tracks – based on last night, they stand alongside all and everything that David has previously done – musically very strong, and with the confidence of a man who knows who he is, and how he wants to communicate where he’s from.

    Secondly, the sequence that started with A Boat Lies Waiting, taking in The Blue, Money, Us and Them, and ending with In Any Tongue was as good as anything I’ve heard over the last 30 years – remembering this was a ‘preview/warm-up’ gig. Taking in old and new, both solo and band-based, it was quite simply jaw-dropping and a feast for the eyes, the ears and the soul. There is no doubt that the memory of Rick will infuse much of this tour and in the hands of David and his WONDERFUL BAND there will be much to celebrate and enjoy – both now and from the past.

    Heartfelt thanks you to everyone involved for such a magnificent evening.


  34. Apart from The Strat Pack gig many years ago, and Roger Waters’ rendition of The Wall at the O2, I’ve never seen Dave Gilmour live before. This was an absolutely phenomenal gig and did not disappoint at all – I just feel so privileged to have been able to be there.

  35. My son and I were seated in the front row and it was good to catch up with a few familiar faces again. Those were the best seats I’ve ever had, thanks so much for the heads up FEd!

    The setlist, the lights, and the sound from our seats was something else. Blinded for parts of the show, my chest were pounded, ears and head drilled relentlessly especially during Sorrow. It was epic!

    Nice effects with the flickering colours during Run Like Hell, if I had been standing then those would probably have knocked me over. Last night brought back so many great memories from the 94 tour. I’m looking forward to hearing the new album, seeing the show again on the 25th and will remember to bring my sunglasses next time.

    In my opinion I thought last night’s show surpassed On An Island and I’m disappointed I didn’t buy tickets for more shows at the Albert Hall.

    My son sat cross legged with arms folded for a while during the show – Mr Gilmour, if you’re reading and got the wrong impression, he definitely wasn’t unimpressed, but busting for a piss and wouldn’t leave during the show, LOL.

    1. Just got back from hols and, trawling through the posts, found yours Alex. Great to meet you and have the pleasure of also sharing front seats. I was 10 feet away from David. Still can’t believe it!! FEd has made a grown man exceptionally happy. My face was hurting the next day after smiling so much.

      As others have said, the show was fantastic and I also now wish I had more tickets but mustn’t be greedy as I don’t think that night will ever be matched.

      Hope the band enjoy the tour and hope also for a tour DVD. 🙂

  36. On reflection I preferred hearing the new stuff, this makes me very excited for the release. Very, very strong album coming based on the emotion level I reached last night. A Boat Lies Waiting floored me. RTL and Today, both fab in the live setting. Faces of Stone and In Any Tongue, “sweet jeebus.”

  37. Did anyone notice any professional looking video camaras around the stage area? Sounds as if this could make an excellent DVD. 🙂

    1. There was one George. The guy was filming and talking to people in the queue and in the foyer and was there during the show filming lots of angles. He got my idiot dancer clapping his hands in the air, to be honest, I looked at the camera screen and it was a great image, the guy’s black silhouette framed by the lights coming off the circular screen on stage. (Real pity he didn’t get the air guitar bits so we could identify him and get him locked up!)


      1. Hi there!

        For a DVD or Blu-Ray production you need more than one camera. 😉

        Let’s say about 8-12 to cover all the performance from different angles. And that’s an expensive thing….

        What you have seen could have been an ENG-crew, shooting for the news maybe.


  38. Really enjoyed the show last night. Fantastic visuals, particularly great to see those old films on the circular screen again. The only thing that spoiled it a bit for me was having two bass speakers 2 yards from where we were sat in the front row. We were pummelled by Guy’s bass guitar and Steve’s bass drum, particularly during the more energetic songs. This made Sorrow sound terrible from where I was sitting…..shame, because I love that song and everybody else who has commented says it sounded great. As we were stood up for the encore, we were no longer in the direct line of fire of the bass, so it sounded much better.

    Looking forward to the RAH in less than three weeks, as we’ll be in a much more civilised seating location.

  39. I may have a thousand questions about the show already but here are the most important ones:

    1- Does he play the extended version of High Hopes with the acoustic guitar piece?

    2- How many parts of Shine On are we talking about?

    I do believe the set list will be rather dynamic and change from venue to venue, David’s mood and etc…
    Hope to be able to watch some less rated songs such as Wot’s… Uh the Deal; Then I Close My Eyes and etc.

    I am counting the minutes… unfortunately first show for me will be RAH 2nd and 3rd.

    FEd, once again I have to thank you.

  40. I’m still buzzing……what a fantastic night of pure musical joy and a rousing round of applause to all who got that show on! The lights, sound and venue were brilliant, the band and backing vocals were a tight unit and totally professional and of course David was just sublime!

    Roll on RAH for more of the same!

    Shine on…..
    John 🙂

  41. That was an absolute stunner of a concert. Loved every minute of it and try as I might, I can’t pick out a clear favourite from the new album – it’s all fabulous in different ways.

    Without wanting to give anything away about the staging etc, my one regret is that in an attempt to make my rucksack as light as possible I decided not to pack some factor 50 sun-cream and a welding mask. If you’re sitting near the front at any of the gigs you may want to consider doing this.

    1. Lorraine, you know you should always pack the sun lotion when you come South …. No excuses now.

      1. Oh it’s not a complaint, Tim. Not only are my vitamin D levels topped up for the winter, I now see the world through the silhouette of David Gilmour playing the second guitar solo of Comfortably Numb. (Actually I better shut up before someone invoices me or bans me from opening my eyes for copy-write reasons). 😀

  42. Sat in the south stalls, just behind the soundboard, last night. What a performance from all of the band, first time I’ve seen David, I sat open mouthed most of the night, what talented musicians, can’t wait for RAH.

  43. Could I gleek my way in tour date using permission slips from a ticket someone gifted me? Or would it mean their credit card… their ticket? That Facebook link doesn’t look very promising.

  44. Last night’s gig in Brighton was very emotional. My partner and I along with my friend who flew in from Seville, was completely encapsulated by David and his band. Watching the best craftspeople perform is such a wonderful joy. For me being part of this was a great box to tick, but I feel I need to go and see him again, I wish I could get a ticket for RAH.

    Thank you very much David, good health to you and here’s to a wonderful tour. I’m looking forward to buying the new CD.

  45. Fantastic night. Band sounded brilliant, if a little untogether in the first half. It does sound different and Kevin did a fantastic job on keyboards. New stuff was great, especially Boat Lies Waiting and Faces of Stone. David sounded a little raspy, like he had been rehearsing all week.

    Second half was magical, I think folks relaxed a bit by then. Shine On, was glorious and he has gone back to the fuller Floyd sound. Run Like Hell (in really cool sunglasses), Us And Them, Comfortably Numb, so many great high points. But the best song of the evening was the new Girl In the Yellow Dress which my wife Tracey and I loved.

    Weirdly the Venue would not sell water in bottles it all had to be decanted into plastic cups! The reason given, venue security were worried about us throwing plastic bottles at the stage. I and several others said, ‘we are David Gilmour fans and not dangerous,’ but to little avail.

  46. It was an absolutely smashing concert!! The sound was great, if that venue has tricky acoustics or anything, you couldn’t tell. David and his staff (do I call his sound engineers staff?) got it perfect!

    I won’t describe the set list, no one will be disappointed though. The new songs are great, really really good. I don’t remember the title but one of them really rocks out. I particularly liked Yellow Dress. 🙂 Sooooooo good.

    The lights were good, as always, because David likes good light shows too, no doubt! Someone else has told us already that Mr Screen is back, put to excellent work. I can’t tell you doing exactly what. 😉 But you’re gonna love it! There was one song where the entire band put on sunglasses, that was good fun and I never expected to see that, the organised humour of it. I can hardly wait for RAH!

    I was actually very well behaved, they didn’t do the six encores I wanted and because I’d had a headache all day I hadn’t been able to organise the gang to barricade the doors to stop them leaving. . .honestly. . . if you want a job doing well, you have to do it yourself. You can’t depend on anyone if you’re sick. 🙁

    The crowd were on their feet dancing for the last couple of songs, absolutely great vibe, and every one of us was in it. Oh and they were a good crowd, listened quietly (apart from singing along whilst we all danced for the last two songs 🙂 ) There was one air guitarist but he’s such an obvious idiot that he won’t be able to find his way to London so no need for anyone to worry about him. (See my description of his playing in Fed’s ‘Today’ later today topic if you can stand squirming at the thought of it. I mean, it’s perfectly obvious real guitarists wouldn’t do that at a concert by their hero.)

    The venue’s staff were strict with regard to admittance. Photo ID and everyone in the party present. Apparently there were touts outside buying and selling! I dread to think what happened to buyers when they got to the ID checks.

    Well, that’s all I can think to tell you right now, just, you won’t be disappointed, you are going to love every second. 🙂


    1. Without telling anyone which song it was. . . I could swear that instead of singing, “The light was brighter”, David actually sang, “The night was Brighton. . . ”

      ash 😀

  47. It was a fantastic experience and well worth the long journey.

    He actually sounded a bit disappointed that Dick Parry didn’t fancy doing this tour but said, “we send him our love”.

    All I can say is I’m stunned at just how good his voice still sounds.

    The new material genuinely sounded fantastic, there was a jazzy number which was very unusual for him! There was one new track that had a solo that nearly brought me to tears, it was pure Gilmour, raw emotion, crisp tone, hitting all the right notes at the right time.

    The setlist surprised me, I expected the new album in it’s entirety followed back some rarer Floyd material, but I’m simply not going to complain about getting to hear tracks like Money performed live. It really was excellent and having Mr Screen there was a treat, the visuals were fantastic. I still don’t quite get why they all had sunglasses on during Run Like Hell, mind you!

    Venue staff were very strict about no filming or photography but by the time we got to Comfortably Numb people couldn’t resist and obviously thought “I have to have some evidence that I was here for this” and everyone had the phones out and so the stewards were defeated.

    As for his guitar playing, as good as ever, during the opening with 5am I had goosebumps, the raw power of his guitar, its so crisp, so clean, so loud, those perfect bends and with the right amount of vibrato. This is why so many people rush to see him. I actually thought I could feel my internal organs vibrating during the intro to Sorrow. And Comfortably Numb, mind blowing, no better way to close the show.

    All in all a wonderful experience that cheered me right up.

    I mentioned in another thread how people like to say that Pink Floyd were never technically gifted musicians. But as far as I’m concerned you can’t apply that to Dave. Listen to how he plays, singings, jumps between acoustic, electric and slide guitars etc and there’s no doubt he’s a supreme talent. Just a superb experience!

  48. hi fed, any chance of putting the tour merchandise on the site? only had enough money for a programme. gutted.

    awesome show, seen them all over the years but no one to touch dave.

    cheers neil

      1. been through the shop, no new tour stuff yet only a rah mug. just wondered if the tour stuff is going on the website.


          1. good morning fed. still getting over brighton, the best show I have been to.

            having listened to david last night, do you think he will change the setlist about a bit for rah? the album will be out then. correct me if I am wrong, I think there are only 3 tracks we haven’t heard as yet – 1 vocal and 2 instrumental.

            also still kicking myself over the tour merch.


  49. I think it was the best solo concert by David (since 84) I’ve ever seen. If it had had Echoes and Richard it would have been more than merely perfect, which it now was.

    Seeing him walking his dog next morning as if it had all just been in a day’s work was weird. 🙂

  50. A question FEd may be able to answer:

    Did I imagine this or can anyone verify, during Run Like Hell, did a leaping Guy Pratt sing: “They’re gonna take you home to ROGER in a cardboard box!” Could have sworn that’s how it sounded, but by that point of the gig I was so delirious with pleasure (and dazzled by the lights) it could have been a figment of my fevered mind!

    1. 😀 That’s a new one.

      I can’t tell you, I’m sorry. I wasn’t there. I can ask, but can’t guarantee an answer.

  51. I was told by friends that is was basically a Pink Floyd concert. So my promise to myself not to come here has ended as there are no surprises. I hope by RAH there will be more Gilmour tracks. However, beggars cannot be choosers as they say….. 🙂

  52. In Run Like Hell, Guy Pratt definitely sang “They’re gonna send you back to Brighton in a cardboard box.”

  53. Thanks Rob, I knew it wasn’t “Mother”. Must have just imagined “Roger”. Can’t imagine why! 😀

  54. Fed, as an aside are you able to determine from “the powers” if there will be an orchestra with the band in Pula and Verona? It can only enhance the richness of the performance.

  55. I noticed the keyboard parts on Saturday were very light on ‘strings’ for example on High Hopes. I could be speculating however….it wouldn’t make a lot of sense Kevin or Jon playing ‘strings’ if there was indeed an orchestra. Hence the organ parts played by Kevin on Saturday would complement an orchestral arrangement. Just saying. 😉

  56. Just in case David browses by today or in the coming days:

    Saturday was just incredible, very moving. Your solo on Comfortably Numb was sublime. One of the best I’ve ever had the privilege of hearing you perform live.

    Also, that ‘In Any Tongue’ is very thought provoking and moving. In my very humble opinion. That could be an incredible encore one evening.

    See you again in Pula, Verona, Orange and London.

  57. Rob: Lols, and I know this is all about David. But you might just recall the guy who actually wrote the song…

    … and who may even be consulting his lawyers if he finds out a line was changed! 😉

  58. Wondering, do you think there might be some video footage of the shows to get us even more excited?


    1. I hope so, but nothing official or filmed professionally with the permission of artist, promoter, management, venue, etc. Not that I know of just yet, for David’s website, anyway. I also hope that changes.

  59. FEd: there was a guy with a video camera just to the right of us (we were in the front row right of centre). The camera was sufficiently big, and he was moving around freely that he must have been legit…

      1. I’m hoping it was for us, here in the blog and that we can hire a private detective to identify and track down the air guitarist (whom I know the cameraman filmed for a long time) so we can fly him to Siberia and leave him there. . . .

        1. Also Ash please include in the Siberian exile the two guys sitting next to me who talked to each other through almost the entire concert. I asked them politely to not do so without any result.

          Who was it, perhaps Roald Dahl, who wrote the story about a classical music lover who became so maddened by a cough from a member of the audience on a live recording of his favourite piece of music that he tracked her down and killed her?

          A great evening, I echo almost all the comments above. The second half seemed to me a little more tight than the first. The guitar sound from David was clear, loud and simply astonishing.

          A member of staff told me the band had been there all week from early to late, I hope they enjoyed the evening as well.


          1. That’s annoying as well. Why did they come to a concert to do that? I’ve been at concerts where people do it. I feel like telling them I paid to hear the artist and music, not audience voices.

            Yep, they can go to Siberia too!

            ash (don’t get me started)

    1. Yes, I saw him too, in the foyer filming the crowds arriving before the show. Then, again, trying to get to the stage via the central aisle just before the encores. He didn’t make it though!

  60. Keep studying the set list and one question persists. Why Money? And then the conspiracy theory takes over. What if, just what if a certain bass player returned a favour and for one night only!!!!

    As long as it’s the RAH on Fri 25th.

      1. Good point Taki. I think I may be getting a little over excited and letting my imagination run like hell.

  61. Yes, I had “the willpower to avoid the temptation” to click the ‘2015/16 TOUR:SETLISTS’ button, but… mon Dieu, how hard it was… and who said: “The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it.”?

    So of course I clicked. I like the way David mixes up new songs and old Pink Floyd ones, especially since the new album isn’t out yet.

    I hope he still plays ‘Sorrow’ (‘acoustic Sorrow’, FEd? did he hear you? 😛 ) later on this tour.

    I just would like him to replace ‘Money’ with something from ‘The Endless River’, for example ‘Louder Than Words’.

    1. Acoustic ‘Sorrow’, did you say? What an excellent idea!

      (That’s the way, Michèle. We have to keep telling him.)

  62. Hello FEd and all,

    I’m back in Poznań and in the end I found some time to put down my feelings about the Brighton gig.

    First of all I would like to thank you Fed and David for letting me in once again. I’m very much grateful that I could attend to see for myself the preview show. However I must admit that I have mixed feelings after seeing it.

    First I will start with positives, which were: the band and the sound. I liked both very much, and it rather seemed that it was the first gig after 9 days or weeks, certainly not years. The other thing was sound system which was big step forward and what was important song mixes were excellent from the beginning. The venue was not specially acoustically adjusted, so I’m quite sure that it can be even better in other places.

    But I also see some things which should be rethought again. In a coach to Brighton I managed to read interviews with David in which it was clearly stated that Pink Floyd is the past. After arrival to the venue what I saw first? Pink Floyd screen. It was strange, somewhat contrasting with the interviews. It was big and dominated on the stage. The idea of the screen is not bad, but in my view it should be updated, as part of something else on LED displays or something. When I watch Pink Floyd from Live 8 it was done more properly and it stressed both the status of the group and complemented songs performed. Also in Gdańsk screens were great, but in Brighton bringing back a sole screen is a step back, at least to me.

    Next thing is films on screen. The new ones are OK, and Rattle That Lock made the biggest positive impression, but the older ones should be technically upgraded. They look that they are from the previous century. Another thing is lighting, which momentarily is too aggressive for the audience, and it also brings back memory of rather Pink Floyd tours. What is strange it does not compliment the music too much, only offend viewers.

    And the last thing is the setlist. When I was lifting my younger 8-year daughter to the swimming pool for a lesson, the 2nd disc of Live In Gdańsk was playing in my car. And I said to her that I had gone to Brighton to see David’s gig. And that song was performed, in a few minutes another one, and then another one. I thought to myself, and which were not, not too many at least on 2nd disc. I know most of them are fans darlings and David loves them to perform, but maybe it is worth to dust more different ones. Mike asked, why Money? The answer can be linked to the presence of the screen, but if this is a case why not Marooned which has a new video from 2014 or for example Welcome To The Machine, which has an old film but was not performed in 2006, and it probably would work nice after SOYCD. I wonder why there was no footage on the screen to Run Like Hell or Comfortably Numb (it was some but not original).

    I was thinking quite long if I should post it, but in the end it was a preview show and David expects fair opinions. Music side of the night was excellent, but I have some reservations to the show side of the event.

    As of certain bass player, he would rather be more keen on Cinema Show at least in September.


      1. Would you have appreciated Tomasz’s honesty, if he said that the band was not that good, or that the new music is a slag (oh! in different words of course, I mean), I wonder…

    1. Interesting and valid points. I wonder if this show is a run through to try things out across the board and tweak?

  63. It’s quite hard for me to see posts with videos from Brighton and not to click on them. I’m keeping myself far from them but after the new teaser is harder. Cameras were not allowed, so what’s happened?

    Personally, I want to see and listen to David’s new work in quality and not from a phone camera, but venues have to respect what’s written on tickets, or we will have soon an unofficial DVD around. From what I’ve seen from pics around the web, a lot of people were filming during the performance, not quite good for musicians, I think.

    Respect music and enjoy the show, leave your devices for a moment please!

  64. With Money, Us and Them, In Any Tongue and High Hopes all back to back, it does rather suggest a point being made about the current migration crisis in Europe. That’s why I think Money is maybe in the set. Certainly not to facilitate Roger dropping in.

  65. FEd, the show was fantastic!

    Sat in the third row, right in front of DG, the view almost couldn’t have been better.

    The new songs sounded very good live, and it was great to hear some of OAI too, these sounded so fresh, surprisingly so!

    The Floyd material that was played was a real treat, I didn’t quite know what to expect, whether it would just be the same as last time, or at least similar, but to hear Money, Astronomy Domine, Sorrow AND Run Like Hell, was beyond anything I was expecting!

    And it was so loud! A real treat to be assaulted by the bass of it all!

    A few troublemakers near the end threatened to spoil the show for me when one particular chap who was hell-bent on pushing past and standing right in front of me at the end during the encore, took umbrage to my suggestion he should perhaps not do this, and started to threaten me! But, you try not to let these things get to you!

    The venue was good, the setlist superb, the performances great, the lights, screens and all were amazing, bring on the Albert Hall, and thanks again for the heads up about the show, you are a gent!


  66. Hi Fed,

    Reading these comments of the Brighton preview show, has really whetted my appetite for the concert at the RAH on the 25th. The concert felt so far away when it was announced, is now only a few weeks away the excitement and anticipation is building nicely. I am sure by the night of the concert I will be like a child on Christmas Eve waiting for Christmas, and I have fantastic seats too, right near the front, thanks to you.

    We are also meeting up with some fellow Fans who are coming over from the U.S. it is their 1st visit to Blighty and while I’m sure the concert will be everything they hoped for. I am praying we get an Indian summer for their visit, they land on the 18th September and we are picking them up from the airport, hoping there will be a certain CD delivered on our doormat by the time we get back home, so we can all listen to the album together for the first time. Perfect.

    Best regards

  67. For anyone wondering when they will receive their RAH tickets – the Box Office has just told me they will be sent out 1st Class at the end of this week.

  68. What a concert!! The 24 hour trip to the UK was SO worth it!! Intimate venue, sound was great, setlist was incredible!

    We were really surprised when we got to the Box Office to pick our tickets up and we saw it was a 2-Act show with a break. Expectations were high but they were, without a doubt, exceeded! I’d already lost my mind after hearing that big PF song at the beginning! 😉

    Will definitely try to go to Poland next year!

    I’m sure all of us who were there had an amazing time. Hope all the lucky ones going to the RAH enjoy it too! 🙂

    FEd: Any idea when the Poland tickets go on sale? Want to get the good seats this time! 😉

  69. dream setlist in brighton, can’t wait for the show in pula, it’s going to be amazing! we hope to get the same setlist for the saturday, maybe with arnold layne or echoes on it too!

    can’t wait, can’t wait….. it’s going to be the best show, i just know it!

  70. i just think that is a great idea to mix the new songs with the old floyd songs in that way.

    can’t wait to hear the new songs and can’t wait also to hear songs like time, comfortably numb, high hopes, us and them…

    see you in pula!

  71. Late comment:

    I think that the whole “Pink Floyd are over” story is more due to the magazines picking up, after each interview, that line as title than anything really new or shocking. On the other hand it is strange to see how David’s show has become a tuned down version of “his” Pink Floyd era, at least for what I have seen in Brighton. Maybe he just wants to put on the best show that he can in terms of entertaining himself and us, and that bit of nostalgia (Mr.Screen, Sorrow and Run Like Hell) really helped. The 14-year-old that taped and killed due to too many views the Pink Floyd in Venice VHS was delighted with joy. The more sophisticated 41-year-old enjoyed very much the new songs, really, really beautiful.

    Maybe some nostalgia also from the now more mature Guy, Jon and Polly played a role in this as well? Guy could not wait to scream “Brighton” during Run Like Hell as he was doing in ’94.

    Looks like the On An Island tour was more grounded on David’s and Rick’s (never forget he was there) memories and ideas (Echoes, Wot’s… Uh the deal, Wearing the Inside Out), while in this tour the boys and girls of the ’87-94, must have been a bigger influence?

    Anyway, it was great fun! 3 more to go!

  72. A late entry…

    I’m glad I turned up at the gig early as the queue was total pandemonium. I, like many others didn’t bring the ticket header with my name and address to the gig and had to swiftly assault the box office to get reprints. I’ve never heard of this concept in my life… I used my passport as my photo ID (which doesn’t have my address on it), so why would there be a need for this? I know it’s to crack down on touts, but it’s a “little” excessive. They’ll probably be asking for a urine sample by the last date of the Albert Hall shows.

    Anyways, after a hefty 5 hour journey from Glasgow, I can say the gig itself was fairly mindblowing. This was the first opportunity I’ve managed to see Mr Gilmour perform on stage and sitting 7th row centre, I couldn’t find any complaints in the slightest. The performance was flawless (never expected anything less), but it’s only when you see a true master at work that you appreciate just how talentless many of the other performing artists out there are. The sound was absolutely spectacular and the lighting was totally fitting in concept with the song themes. The new songs that he played sounded great and had much in the way of individual character with plenty of variation in vibe. (I can’t wait for my pre-order to come through to hear the full album!)

    The set-list was (in my opinion) complete perfection. I know a lot of people are complaining that it seems to be too Floyd heavy, but for someone like myself only catching the majesty of the black Strat for the first time, I was almost in tears at hearing some of the songs I never thought I’d hear in my lifetime. As my first David Gilmour experience, this will remain a potent special memory for the rest of my life.

    The best part is, I’m going to experience all over again at the RAH on 23rd. Oh, happy days!

    For Those About To Rattle That Lock… We Salute You!



    1. I also travelled down from Glasgow and decided that I wanted to be in the venue asap. Much has been said about the ticket checks and while I’m in agreement re: curtailing the activities of ticket touts, the method of checking holders of tickets was counter productive. Most (all?) people have smart phones these days and the person booking the tickets would have the e-mail confirming the booking on their phone – identity satisfied! This would also have solved the problem for those who don’t have a passport or driving licence. Only problem there would be for those who had the tickets bought for them by a third party (as a present maybe?). As I said in a previous post, Ticketmaster are one of the worst culprits for creaming of tickets to sell on their secondary sites at astronomical prices, so for them to dictate to the public about rule of admission is a bit rich.

      To the gig itself, there’s not really much point in me repeating what others have said other than I loved every single second of the experience of what was a very emotional evening. There’s a couple of songs I might have left out to include something from the 1st album and About Face, but why have a gripe when you’ve waited so long for an event such as this? Also, as the above said, I’ll also be at the RAH on the 23rd and I’d imagine that the set-list may have changed order by then, possibly with the new album in its entirety as most people will have had a few listens by that time.

      For those reading this who are attending the dates in Europe, I know you will all have a marvellous evening. Enjoy it, Memorise it, Cherish it!

  73. Seems security was pretty tight on mobile phones after all, this from someone who was there: Great piece, I was there. No possibility of getting the mobile out. Tight security hovering everywhere… One guy was escorted away.

  74. How Lucky you were all, who went to Brighton. 🙂 Wow. To me, your tellings sounds amazing.

    As for the setlist, we all have our favourites, and how can he possibly please everyone after decades of making music? Of course he could do a concert lasting for days. 😉 Personally, I’m looking forward to hearing live, some of the greatest songs in rock music history, and not just the new material, that I don’t really know yet. (Would have been nice to have listened to the new album for a while before the concerts.) The mix of old/new looks perfect to me!

    See you in London soon. 🙂

  75. Not having been there, I don’t feel qualified to put in my ‘two cents’. However, after reading some of the comments (and tweets), I figured, why the hell not throw in a coin or two.

    I did a little sleuthing last night and by my guesstimate (I’ve been extremely conservative in my calculations), there will be upwards of 400,000 people (mostly fans) attending the concerts over the next several months. The potential for 110,000 or more fans in just Brazil’s three venues alone! For an “old man tour” those numbers are impressive.

    Many of us, me included, have lost sight of the fact that the performance on September 5 in Brighton was a PREVIEW PERFORMANCE or dress rehearsal if you like. By its very nature, a preview allows the production crew and performers to identify issues and/or problems, iron out technical glitches (if any) and make adaptations as they see fit. Certainly present in the audience that night, were management- and production-representatives, critics and others whose opinions matter (or not). To say nothing of the band and their fearless leader who are likely more harsh on themselves than we could ever be. A preview may include all or only some of the material that will be presented/performed at the ‘real thing’. A set list may/may not change depending on a variety of things – local colloquialisms, demographics, and a host of other factors. I’d wager that the likelihood of us seeing the same set list played for each venue is slim.

    400,000 plus attendees is [are] a lot of opinions – some at odds and many with commonalities. There will be a monopoly on opinion — the “true fans” will profess to know best, the pundits will vehemently declare that they are the voice of their fans and go on to express the collective disappointment or [insert adjective of your choosing], and the musicians amongst us will assert that they are, in fact, the foremost authority.

    Getting a little ahead of myself here, I submit that David Gilmour and the David Gilmour-era Pink Floyd are not necessarily mutually exclusive. His sound is his sound no matter whether he plays under the banner of Pink Floyd, makes a guest appearance on someone else’s album or under his own name. What does it matter if he and his team choose to play an assortment from his new album, a bit from On An Island and a mix of classic Pink Floyd tracks at a PREVIEW PERFORMANCE? Give the man an ‘effing’ break – he’s earned his stripes and can play whatever he wants!

    I have a personal wish-list a mile long that varies from day-to-day but know in my heart of hearts that I won’t be one bit disappointed with anything and everything he and his team choose to play on April 12 at Madison Square Garden.

    Which brings me to this place, The Blog, on the official David Gilmour website and hosted by our very own Fed (may we please lay such a claim?). I love this site – it allows us freedom of expression, it’s a place where we can agree to disagree, voice pent-up frustrations, give accolades (deserved and undeserved), and discuss a variety of different topics. Sometimes, we’re just plain silly, often serious but I think we should all step back for a minute and be mindful of the reason we all chose to ‘congregate’ here – the solidarity (without sacrificing our individuality) that we all share – the deep love and profound respect for the person who shares with us the sound we have all come to know and love.

    1. Very well said Pavlov.

      I’m just eternally grateful that I’ve had the unique opportunity to witness David and the band at such close quarters, performing the #1 setlist at the Brighton Pre-Tour show.

      I’m also fortunate enough to be attending future shows too.

      I expect that the forthcoming setlists will vary from one night to the next, although not by too much.
      This flexibility being yet another facet of David’s fluid style, which enamours us (Irregulars, at least) to him.

      I for one, am more than happy to savour and feast on whatever songs that David chooses to play, at any given show, which I am privileged enough to attend.

      Each performance he graces us with, is special in it’s own way and should be accepted for what it is, regardless of whatever is played for his (don’t forget this) and our pleasure.

      Of course, we all have our own preferred ‘wishlist’ of songs, that each of us would like David to play, but it’s his show and it’s his choice.

      Enjoy these moments of pleasure, they are the day’s of our lives and they’re precious, oh so precious.

  76. What an enjoyable post to read, Pavlov. Thanks a lot. 🙂

    I’m off to Croatia tomorrow. Flying to Verona, and then a loooong road trip down to Pula so I will be able to let you all know of any variations to the gig or if there is a flying bed or pig etc… I then head back by car to Verona for his next gig two days later, whilst stopping for breakfast in Trieste and lunch in Venice (which will probably cost more than a gig ticket!!). And then I have to look for an umbrella for the Verona gig.. The forecast for Monday in Northern Italy is for severe thunderstorms and hail. Might need a crash helmet as well if its anything like this in Italy last week.

    I remember seeing David on the Pulse tour in France at Chantilly and a big thunderstorm raged through most of the set, but the lightning was behind the stage and it actually never rained. Suffice to say it enhanced the show a tad more.

    1. I did something similar with the P.U.L.S.E tour. David Gilmour has been the most inspirational person in my life. Big statement but true, and to share as many moments together is incredibly fulfilling. I am a musician too, and similarly, a bit of a perfectionist, so I totally appreciate the huge efforts that David and his team go to, to pull out all the stops.

      David Gilmour – Music to move you.

  77. I hope with all my heart that I hear Louder Than Words performed at one show. I know it’s not off the new album. But in its own right it’s a beautiful piece.

  78. David,

    i saw you on the 5th september, you were literally amazing. i couldn’t see you as i was sat behind the 3 spotlights to side of stage… i tried so hard to see you close up but i failed.

    i just want to say, david, you helped me through the death of my mum, my best friend. your songs help me. they pulled me back from my darkest place i’ve ever been. THANK YOU.

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