Night Nine: London

Tonight’s is the third and final concert for this week at the Royal Albert Hall. There are of course two more to come next week. Are you going tonight? What are you hoping to hear? What do you expect to see?

Quite a few ‘Blog Irregulars’ will be meeting at The Queen’s Arms pub, which is just around the corner from the Albert Hall on Queen’s Gate Mews, so feel free to pop in for a quick one and a natter before the show.

If you can’t be there, if you’ve watched Po Powell’s ‘Today’ video more times than you care to admit, and find that looking at all the photos Polly has taken and shared on Instagram are making you weepy, pull yourself together and have another go at the Albert Hall’s Famous Faces Quiz. It’s a great distraction.

Don’t forget that tickets for the extra gig in São Paulo, Brazil, announced just this week – Allianz Parque, Friday 11th Decembergo on sale at midnight tonight local time are on sale now. Good luck to you if you hope to purchase some. Please let us know how that goes for you.

Wishing you all a joyous time at the The Queen’s Arms and Royal Albert Hall. Enjoy the weekend, all.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. Will try to get there for a pre gig drink.

    Having been to Brighton and the 1st night at the RAH, I would love a small variation tonight. I won’t lie. Coming Back to Life has always been a favourite of mine. If I wished hard enough then What Do You Want From Me and Poles Apart would be a real treat, however it’s his shows and his music so let the maestro decide and I am more than happy with that.

  2. Settled in in a tiny room at the Eden Plaza in walking distance of the RAH and the pub. Tickets picked up, the sun is out so time for a stroll and then we are ready for what promises to be a great night out. It will be so nice to meet fellow Irregulars again. 🙂

  3. Tickets for the venue Allianz Parque, Friday 11th December are already on sale…

    I was lucky to see David in Arena Pula, such a great show…

        1. Thank you.

          Brazil, I love you and I admire your energy and passion for life, but who had the bright idea of putting tickets on sale at midnight? What’s that all about? Some of us are sleeping at midnight, not buying tickets. 😉

          1. They do this every single show. It opens at midnight (Brazilian time) and we stay up trying to buy these in the website until like 2am (if we’re lucky enough). Then, can’t sleep because of excitement. But I think they do this so people don’t queue in the “real world” sales place, where there is not a fee of 20% you can charge online… Because at 10am when this ticket place opens, there are no longer good tickets (or tickets whatsoever) so you have to pay the 20%… This is very very wrong.

  4. Enjoy tonight everybody!

    A special hug to the lucky ‘Irregulars’ who will meet at The Queen’s Arms pub.

    Who will buy me a virtual Irish Coffee? 🙂

      1. No, no. . . I don’t have any virtual money but I have real money that Tim is looking after for me. . .

    1. They had even managed to import some Timothy Taylor’s Landlord at the Queens Arms to make me feel at home.

      Great to meet up with so many Irregulars this evening.

      Terrific 1st Half, as you’d expect. No surprises yet…

      Second half should be stunning.

      1. Tim (not Ken),

        First I apologise for calling you the wrong name at least twice!

        It was lovely to see you again. 🙂

        1. It was great to finally meet you too, Ash (as well as the other Irregulars present) after missing out on getting together at Brighton.

          There was a a great buzz in the Queen’s Arms and it made for the perfect prelude to an ecstatic evening’s entertainment.

  5. Just having a brew, now butty, in the room in Lancaster Hotel. Have to say Virgin trains were superb. Full English, unlimited alcohol, then lunch, tea, coffee. Was sat in Hyde Park earlier. Would just like to enquire the very start of Animals, you know the bit with the grunting pigs. Just happy to be here.

    God, isn’t London big?

      1. Hi Ash, couldn’t find the pub, ended up in Berry’s Bar. RAH Japanese beers and Jack so was a bit merry. Don’t help the diabetes but was a special occasion. I’m sure we will catch up soon.

        Kind regards Damian

  6. It’s hard to believe but it is now over 43 years since my first concert with David Gilmour and the Pink Floyd at the Rainbow Theatre back on 18th February 1972!

    Since that show I went along to a further 18 shows in London Paris and Dortmund until the last Wall show at Earl’s Court on the 17th June 1981.

    Solo and other shows with Pete Townshend in 1984 1985 and 1986 at Brixton, Hammersmith and the Royal Albert Hall for the Colombian Volcano Appeal until the return of the Pink Floyd from 1988 until 1993 when I went along to another 10 shows in England and Germany.

    Another show with Pete Townshend, this time with the Who at Hyde Park and the Live 8 show at the same venue, concerts at the Royal Festival Hall, The Barbican Theatre, The Mermaid Theatre, and the Empire Leicester Square along with the Royal Albert Hall once again in 2006.

    My last show with David was at the Cadogan Hall, Chelsea on the 15th June 2008 over 7 years ago!

    So tonight will be concert number 47, let’s hope I can make it to 50 concerts by this time next year on my 60th Birthday!

    Gary Hurley, London England.

    1. You’ve done very well to make it to so many concerts, Gary. I’m impressed. I hope tonight’s lives up to your expectations. Have a great time and let us know how it goes, won’t you?

      1. So I went along to the Royal Albert Hall on Friday to see show number 47 until my wife reminded me that David played with Bryan Ferry at Live Aid in 1985 so this was actually show number 48!

        We arrived at 6.45 and parked in the first bay on the junction of Kensington Road with Kensington Gore so that was a bonus to start the evening off.

        After spending a short time in the venue cafe with a glass of diet cola and some old friends, we made our way to our seats in block G row 11 seats 14/15 a perfect armchair like swivelling seat to watch this near 3 hour concert.

        My first thrill was at the very start of the concert when every light in the venue was switched off including all the boxes for the first time ever since attending shows at this prestige venue since my first concert back in December 1970 with Rick Wakeman and the Strawbs for just 30p in the front row of the circle.

        The show was a good mix of old and new tunes and a light and laser combo to match the music.

        My only problem is with people all around us going to the bar for yet another beer during the new songs and the pompous people in the box behind us drinking wine and talking during all the quiet songs.

        So since my first 50p ticket for The Rainbow concert back in 1972 and Friday’s £100 show at the Royal Albert Hall I still get the same buzz and wish I was able to get a pair of tickets to attend the last show next Saturday.

        Gary Hurley.
        London England.

    2. Hey Gary,

      You missed the Cowdray Park Ruins concert in ’93 with Genesis, Clapton and Queen – were you sleeping on the job? Great gig albeit it was an invite-only charity gig organised by Mike Rutherford, we managed to blag our way in on the day by giving the Estate Manager some BS about lost tickets, it was strictly Black Tie (despite the fact it was in a field!!) and £140 a ticket. Was great to see everyone on stage at the end after their own sets jamming on Hendrix covers. Clapton dropping the most horrendous bum note and David staring at him open mouth with a WTF look will go with me to the grave.

      Great gig Friday, shame he dropped Coming Back, hopefully it will figure in the set next week.

      1. Missed that one because when I arrived on the day of the show the Estate Manager told me to bog off because I left my Black Tie at home!

        Gary Hurley.

        1. You missed a great intimate gig Gary – one of my fave gigs, after the Berlin Wall gig and the Feyonoprd/Paris ’94 gigs despite loving the ’88 gigs.

  7. How I wish I’d spent the day travelling to RAH. As it is, I’m returning from a business trip instead…

    You can’t always get what you waaant…

    Enjoy the evening, you who will be there to witness the excellent show!

  8. Slightly off topic.. a bit of amarcord.

    I just stumbled upon these sad pictures of the Stadio Flaminio in Rome, now totally abandoned. This was the place where I finally got to see David live the first time in my life. 12 July 1988, I had recently turned 19, and already a Pink Floyd fan since years, but never got to see them before. I had to wait that David finally resurrected the band after that difficult time that we all know. It was an incredible moment for him, and it was for me, and so many others like me back then.

    It was a massive show, too bad such a big arena is in ruins now.

    1. Oh, that is such a shame. We allow so much to fall into a state of ruin, leaving places unloved and neglected, when they could still be serving a purpose and making lots of people happy (if not making a few people lots of money, as before). I find that sad, too.

          1. But you work there. 😉 Another night and weekend shift… David Gilmour should be proud of you, I’m calling it a night, though.

  9. Just home after night 3 at the Albert Hall (4 this tour for us (!)).

    It was excellent once again, and a real treat for a local. 🙂

    The new album tracks are sounding better and better with each show, In Any Tongue and Girl In the Yellow Dress in particular are very good. David seemed on good form tonight and toyed with the solos on various songs, providing us with some real variety and excitement.

    A special guest on keys, was that David’s son?

    Thanks for all your help in getting us tickets and keeping us in the loop, you’re a star!


    1. Happy you could be there, Lewis. Glad you enjoyed it.

      A special guest on keys, was that David’s son?

      Yes, I believe it was.

  10. Great concert and an improvement from night one without a doubt. David’s son playing on In Any Tongue with a great solo was a highlight tonight.

    It may seem a strange thing to say but I think the song that really emphasises the loss of Richard Wright is Us and Them.

  11. Just back at the hotel from the RAH, had connection troubles in these days. I’ve been to the pub, quiet busy, shouted for Irregulars but none was responding…asked a lot of people who was a blogger…nothing. Had a couple of beers with my wife and moved to the concert…sorry I’ve missed you.

    Write later about the show. First thought? Rick was so precious…night all!

    1. Never heard you shouting (maybe due to me turning up half an hour late as I couldn’t find the pub), really sorry to have missed you too. x

    2. Too bad we missed you Emilio. Next time we’ll have to wear ‘Irregular’ T-shirts or something.

  12. I love hearing about irregulars meeting up!

    Hey, I’m not really a “please play this” kind of fan (he could play a washboard with spoons and I’d be happy), but I think he should reconsider “Dancing Right in Front of Me” in his set lists. It’s really a gem from RTL. The lyrics are smart and personal (arguably the some of the best he’s penned), the composition is fun, the music is engaging, the harmonies soaring, the chorus and bridge changes unexpected, the solo is classic Gilmour. And he’s recorded practically all the musical parts and harmonies himself. It’s also a very understated tune. Very easy to miss.

    I have to say it’s probably one of his best pieces of work. Not sure if anyone with influence would relay these impressions, but he really should include this song on the tour.

    1. I am in complete agreement, Angelo. For me, there is always that one song on any record that does not immediately grab my attention. Rather, the more and more I listen the more the song grows on me. That is the hallmark of song that has such great depth, that a listener cannot possibly know in just one listen its greatness.

      “Dancing Right in Front of Me” is becoming that song for me. It’s absence from the playlist is quite surprising, indeed.

    2. Yes, I agree. Dancing Right in Front of Me is one of my favourites from the new album.

      I was lucky to be at the front in Brighton, and in the stalls on Wednesday. The new songs come across more naturally now, which is great.

      Like several people on the blog, I try to play guitar as well. Last night I had Fender Strat in hand and played Comfortably Numb at a session with friends. Solos OK, but not exceptional.

      Clearly I’ll be going back to my job next week, however David will continue to play the RAH!

  13. Thank you again Fed for helping me secure tickets for the last 3 nights. I probably wouldn’t have come had the US dates been announced prior, but after this week’s experience it was well worth it. Wonderful and friendly staff and friendly international crowd contributed to making this a truly memorable week. US venues could learn a thing or two because the RAH staff are really a class act. Many appreciative smiles were seen all around.

    David and crew’s efforts to stop the scalpers really paid off and successfully created a pleasant vibe of true music lovers who had a great evening. It is a testament to how of his generous character because other artists could not be bothered going the same distance.

    Thanks again Team Gilmour, you’ve made my year.

  14. So Gabriel Gilmour took the stage? That’s a pretty cool family moment right there. Polly’s pic of that moment also has a lefty guitar playing dude stage right. Not sure if that’s the Brazilian sax guy on acoustic duty?

    1. You’re quite right, about the lefty Angelo.

      João Mellow proved his versatility by strumming along during In Any Tongue.

      His vibrant, energetic, Brasswork was very well received by the audience throughout the evening.

  15. So many thoughts. Could write a lot.

    For now…

    High point: Sorrow (especially watching Guy do his little dance!)

    Low Point: Not introducing myself to Emilio when I had the chance!

    1. I apologise for that, mate. Had a bad connection on my phone, I was late and haven’t tried all the time to catch you all. I was thinking it was very late.

      Hope there will be a next time. So sorry.

  16. Eventually left Coventry at 4pm. Got to venue at 7:15. Really wanted to get to Queen’s Arms (thanks for heads up Ash) but knew it was going to be a stretch.

    But what a gig. What a venue. What an atmosphere. What memories. Nothing but positives.

    Did Phil lose his way for a second at the beginning of WYWH though? Just goes to provide though, we are all human.

  17. Wow. Just concluded a 4 show spell with Orange and 3 RAHs. While very sad it is over, I am absolutely thrilled to have had a chance to experience all of this. To top it off, I got to meet and chat with all the band, even a minute interaction with David!

    Thank you Fed for the presales, and thanks David and the band for the brilliant performances!

  18. I’m home now after my third RAH concert. I swapped my choir tickets for four others in a box. I chatted to a few other fans who’d secured tickets only days before who told me there were about 40 seats in the stalls available plus others dotted about here and there, they bought two in the same box as us. I think there were a few spare seats available every night. There weren’t any ticket touts outside the venue at all. Usually they are outside concerts buying and selling so the plans to beat the touts and scalpers have been working!

    I talked to a couple who’d bought tickets just days before but who’d been trying since they went on sale, they said all the tickets went so fast someone must have had prior notice!

    Fed, I really appreciated your notice to us, thank you again. (Let me find you. . . buy you a coffee and cake or beer. 🙂 )

    Can I talk about the lasers? Everyone must know by now that there are lasers. They were absolutely spectacular! AND they got better as each night happened. They got better because they changed. 😀

    Fed, could we have a topic/conversation about lasers sometime? My daughter told me these are called YAG lasers and they’re really expensive. I googled that but can’t tell what is used for concerts.

    I got a different view and spectacular it was, of the lasers the night we were in the box, great stuff. I couldn’t contain my delight when they suddenly came on then again when they changed. . .really, I laughed and smiled and looked around in wonder at the beauty of it all. With David’s beautiful guitar sound, my skin tingled and I got shivers down my spine!

    Be in your seat, not on your way returning from the bar or bathroom, for the start of the second part of the show. Don’t be late or you’ll regret it! Another stunning light show. . .

    I laughed and smiled and cheered and pointed at the stage at what they were doing several times. Keep an eye out for Steve D during Money. 😀

    I love all the songs they’ve played from the new album, I really like Yellow Dress, Today really rocks and makes you want to jump out your seat!

    I’ll let someone else report more now,

    ash 😀

  19. Hello FEd, talk to me about NYC!!!!!!

    Third show, third show, add a third show!

    (Maybe if I keep chanting, have Pope Francis bless this blog, dance naked in Times Square – oh wait, they all do that, well you know what I mean…..)

    Still hoping, still shining on…………..

  20. It was lovely to meet up with some irregulars.

    Lene (and husband, I sorry I’ve forgotten your name) it was really nice to meet you after we’ve been chatting all these years. 🙂

    Also Ralph. 🙂

    Becky and Martin who were following me round I think! Nice to see you both again. 🙂

    Lorraine, my partner in crime! I’m going to enroll Becky into our stalking gang. . . . 😀

    Ecky and Wee Ecky! It was great seeing you two again and meeting your pal.

    Ken! 🙂 Shine on!

    Tim, I’m also sorry I didn’t recognise you straight away! I meant to make you turn out your pockets to see if you were carrying any of my money. . . It was nice to see you again too! 🙂

    Pete from Coventry? I was looking for you but the place was packed. . .

    Sorry if there were other bloggers that I or we didn’t recognise. Every fan I spoke to though during my three days in London, was a nice person, apart from one drunk.

    There seemed to be a lot of Italian people, a few German but there seemed to be so many Scots!

    ash 😀

    1. Ash, see excuse above. But thanks for the heads up.

      Wonderful gig though.

      I am back at the RAH on Tuesday for a Steven Wilson gig. Again, I will not be able to get away from work till 3pm ish and have to rely on a trouble free journey.

        1. LOL, I was shattered on Saturday morning.

          I leave again, for the RAH, in around 2 hours time for night 2 of Steven Wilson. This time the gig starts at 7:30pm. Home by 1:30am and up again to be in here for 7am.

          Apparently Mrs Thatcher ran the country on 4 hours sleep.

  21. David and the band were in top form of the highest order, fantastic show (seeing the lasers from the gods is really something) the crowd energetic and enthusiastic, the venue – well is there a better one? Even though the encore was as expected, I think it was the best ending to a concert I have ever seen.

    It was a privilege to have been there – thank you FEd.

  22. I met up with a dear friend and we went to the Queen’s Arms. I saw Ken F who was a delight to meet. I then got a text from my Dutch friends who were waiting for me at the RAH. I was going to take them to the Queen’s Arms. Somehow I got lost going back there and ended up going in the wrong direction. What is worse is my darn phone lost its signal so I could not text nor check Google Maps. I stopped people on the street asking where the RAH was and nobody knew, which is something I always encounter whilst in London. Finally a kindly gentleman showed me the directions and after blisters on my feet, I found my Dutch friends and decided to stay put with them. Ha, ha. I later met up with Irregular Graham and his lovely wife, Jayne. A lovely couple who I could have talked to all day.

    The show was fantastic with no surprises. But the songs performed off ‘Rattle That Lock’ were fantastic. But Richard was missed in the Floyd numbers. It was nice to see Phil Taylor on the stage before the show setting up the guitars. A familiar face I have seen on stage for nearly 30 years. I was hoping for a close up glimpse of ‘Workmate’. My favourite guitar on the planet and it sounded great live. It has a wonderful bite.

    The band worked fantastic and João’s saxophone parts were wonderful. Obrigado, João, vocé muito bom também. And Guy was full of energy. Wonderful.

    I wish I could go back and do it again, but not waste an hour being hopelessly lost. My Dutch friends nearly gave up on me. And it is not like me to get lost, but there is always a first, I guess……

  23. I’ve just arrived back to Prague from London. David was phenomenal on Friday. Also good party at Queen’s Arms.

    One of best gigs in my life, and trip to remember.

  24. I only have enough time to post a few words rather than a review this morning.

    Magnificence, followed quickly by disappointment that I don’t have tickets for the next 2 nights at the RAH. Another high benchmark in live shows has been set, and I know why 90% of other gigs I attend leave me feeling disappointed and underwhelmed.

    Enjoy the upcoming shows everyone, your eyes and ears should expect an ever increasing assault that will make you dizzy.

  25. Hi Fed

    Whilst we’ve all been enjoying David’s wonderful shows, hope you got some consolation with the rugby yesterday. Have to say the best team won, that being the one that played for 80 minutes and at one point there were so many Welsh players down it looked more like Isandwala than Twickenham. As for the last England penalty, bet David Beckham or Steven Gerrard would have taken a punt at goal regardless!

    Ho hum bring on the Aussies!!!!!!

    Best wishes Heather

  26. David’s son taking the stage to play piano on ‘In Any Tongue’, how lovely! It must have been a very moving moment for his father (and the crowd at the RAH).

    Speaking of the song ‘In Any Tongue’, I just noticed (thanks to the lyrics included in the booklet) the words ‘On any tongue’, followed a bit later by ‘In any tongue’:

    “I know sorrow tastes the same ON any tongue” (literal sense, right?)

    “I hear “Mama” sounds the same IN any tongue” (figurative sense, right?)

    Very clever, isn’t it?

  27. Oh …… My …… God. What a night.

    I think we are beyond spoilers now aren’t we? If not, stop now … You have been warned.

    First things first. Never since the birth of the chat room has the world witnessed Ken, Lorraine, Lene, Ralph, Ash, Becky and for old times sake Nate plus Tim all standing so close you could have lassoed us – with the added bonus of Mrs Ralph, Mr Lene and the immeasurably sweet daughter of Ash for company. And god knows how many other unidentified bloggers – Emilio, you should have shouted louder!

    The Queens Arms, surrounded by Kensington Mews houses of about £2million a throw, proved a suitable pre-gig location, although Ralph did have to run off to find a pre-show bowl of Moules et Frites (Lorraine and I had wisely pre-loaded).

    At the appointed hour I shot off to get my seat and found myself 16 rows back, almost under the centre of the RAH Dome and Mr Screen filling a fair amount of the view. That proved close enough to see facial expressions and far enough to see the whole band – this, thought I, was going to be pretty good.

    But I was wrong. If was not pretty good, nor indeed very good. If was un-be-f@cking-lievably good.

    Now, I can be a hard man to please. I think too much, I hesitate to hyperbolise, I try to manage my own expectations etc. I am after all English. I had also waited 9 long years for this gig, having failed to get tickets last time around, so I cannot make much in the way of comparative comment – except of course for the near perfection of the performances captured on RTN and Gdansk and I said at the time, we may never see guitar playing this good again …..

    Well think on this. How often can you say you’ve sat in one of the World’s leading concert halls, bang in the sweet spot, and heard THE best versions of 11 songs you’ve ever heard – and for those songs to include such masterpieces as Money, Us and Them, Comfortably Numb (FFS), Sorrow, Run Like Hell, Astronomy Domine and Fat Old Sun. Oh and out of the remaining 9 songs 4 were AS good as anything and the other 5 a mere almost as good, and those including Shine On whose ‘almost the best’ is better than almost anything else you ever heard?

    Add to that the absolutely breathtaking visuals of the Comfortably Numb laser show, high art videos for RTL, The Girl In the Yellow Dress (which I love) .. and as a special treat In Any Tongue, plus the old P.U.L.S.E favourite videos for Shine On and High Hopes plus the pure nostalgia of the Money / Us and Them movies …. Oh and add to that seeing David groove to himself in contemplation as he strapped on that beautifully distressed Telecaster for Fat Old Sun under a blood red Mr Screen, that pregnant pause as he decided what to say to introduce Guy on bass, an absolutely heroic sax performance from young Joao on all he touched, a bass note on the outro to Sorrow that seriously threatened structural damage to the place, and more poignantly the sight of David singing ‘A Boat Lies Waiting’ devoid of his guitar as if he had lost a part of himself …. Well, I think you get the idea.

    Those of you who saw other shows as well (Ash, Lorraine, Ken … ) I’d be interested to hear comparative comments but if another night was better than this ….. Well, good luck to you.

    I seem to have missed David’s son guesting on IAT … Is that right? How did I miss him? I guess it’s a complement of sorts – he obviously fitted right in!

    David’s voice was showing signs of strain – he made regular visits to what may have been a mug of honey and lemon or builders’ tea and did skip the chorus on In Any Tongue, leaving it to the backing singers (Oh I do so love to see backing singers groove and Louise is a lovely mover, as were two young fans who danced relentlessly up in the Choir behind the stage in the first half) and I would say the opening part of the show was comparatively a little flat but this was a reflection of the set list as it included mostly poignant pieces including the ‘tribute to Rick passages’. For me the torch paper was really lit by Money and frankly it never left off from therein. In fact I should apologise to those sitting around me because I was drumming my feet and playing bongos with my knee caps like one of those manic wind-up chimps throughout.

    We all have our favourites but I hope that the set list stays basically the same for the remaining shows – it’s not only a great list of songs but the flow and sequence is magnificent. For the shows across the Atlantic, with bigger venues, maybe there will be a few tweaks but have faith folks. David and Marc Brickman only do ‘fantastic’ these days.

    1. “un-be-f@cking-lievably good”

      That’s what I said too!

      Well, as for comparative comments. . . I thought each show was better than the last and the lasers got better too, I’m seriously considering trying to go next weekend or to the KOKO gig which someone told me would feature 10 songs!

      Fed? What do you think? More than a few songs? The RAH gigs lasted three hours.

      David’s son Gabriel only played on Thursday night I think. He must be shy because David only mentioned him quickly although the audience must have spotted him because I noticed the extra body. 🙂 David didn’t introduce him the way he introduced Crosby and Nash for example. Wasn’t Gabriel on keys as a baby too? Which song was that?

      Well done Gabriel! You were obviously a talented baby. 😀 I hope we’ll be seeing more of you. 🙂

      Feet drumming and bongos. 😀 I was dancing in my seat with lots of bum and shoulder wriggling, also foot tapping. . . then I couldn’t stand it any more and got to my feet with everyone else!

      I’m really jealous of people who are going to future shows.

      ash 🙂

      1. I’m seriously considering trying to go next weekend or to the KOKO gig which someone told me would feature 10 songs!

        Fed? What do you think? More than a few songs?

        I don’t know if that information is ready to be made public yet, but will check for you.

        1. Excited to hear more about Koko plans, I’ve got tickets but fully expect to be jet lagged after just returning form a holiday the day before, 10 songs would be a real treat!! You’re too good to us FEd and David!

  28. I managed to sneak in a guilt-free extra concert at RAH. I’d travelled down on Thursday for Friday’s concert just to make damn sure I was there on time – well you never know, things can and do go wrong (but mostly they don’t). I had a spare ticket for the Friday and took it to the box office just on the off chance they could swap it for Thursday, could not believe my luck when they did. (Worked out quite nicely too for the guy sitting next to me on Friday that bought that same ticket on Thursday afternoon.)

    Both nights were just amazing, first night I was beside the stage, second in the Circle. Really brilliant seeing the concert from two very different angles. The lasers from the circle were just amazing, thought there was no way the white sheet lasers could be topped…then the red/yellow ones came on – wow.

    It’s just such a joy watching and listening to such a brilliant group of musicians, the way they interact, the knowing, the split second timing. I’ve heard that same set list 3 times now and could quite happily listen to it another 33 times (I wish).

    Anyway, yeah, I liked it. I’m buying the album tomorrow.

    1. Just listened to the whole album for the first time and it’s the best album I’ve ever heard.

  29. What a special night. A super moon with eclipse. Supposed to be visible in Europe and even clear skies predicted.

  30. Night Nine : London.

    For me, the day started at 3 A.M. (not 5 A.M.) with a 280 miles drive from Yorkshire to Somerset, arriving in time to take my granddaughter to her pre-school class, before grabbing a couple of hours kip and hitting the road to Richmond (via my 1st sighting of Stonehenge) with my son, Ben, who was attending his 1st David concert.

    When we arrived in Richmond we met up with a couple of acquaintances, who happen to be fellow MX-5 25th Anniversary owners John and April. April had seen Pink Floyd way back on the Animals tour in ’77, much to the chagrin of John, who had never seen Floyd or David until Friday, when his lifetime’s ambition was realised.

    We caught the tube up to South Kensington and sauntered up Exhibition Road and did a circumnavigation of the venue, before making our way to the Queens Arms where we grabbed a bite to eat and imbibed some liquid refreshment.

    It was great to meet so many Irregular Irregulars ‘In The Flesh’.

    Julie was instantly recognizable with her red hair, she was kind enough to present me with a copy of her CD (thanks Julie, not had time to listen to it yet, but I will soon). Then, she disappeared (to meet her Dutch friends, it transpired), I later caught a glimpse of her in her seat in the stalls before the show started.

    I almost literally bumped into Tim, whilst wrestling to the bar (it was wonderful to chat at length with you Tim), he was kind enough to introduce me to Ash and Lorraine, both of whom I had hoped to have met at the Brighton show, whilst I was with Geoff Duffy and his lovely wife, Natasha (it’s such a shame you couldn’t get to RAH, Geoff, you’d have loved the camaraderie at the Queens Arms gathering). Lovely to meet you both, Ash and Lorraine.

    Lene and her husband were there from Denmark.

    Bumped into Becky, all the way from the US and fellow Miata (MX-5) owner and Martin. Hope you get her fixed soon, Becky.

    Ran into Ralph, too.

    There were other faces, which seemed vaguely familiar, but I wasn’t sure enough to introduce myself to them. A lady with dark shoulder length hair, who I also saw later in the concourse inside the RAH, gave a half knowing smile, apologies for not saying hello.

    I was in the concourse area talking to my brother, who had travelled down on the train with his wife. It was his 1st time seeing David since AMLOR at Maine Road, Manchester in ’88. He went with me to Earls Court on the fateful night if the seating collapse and missed the rearranged night because he was on holiday, as he was also, when the OAI shows were performed, so he’d had a 27 year wait to finally see David again.

    As for the show itself, the setlist was the same as Brighton, but a lot more polished, musically, although David was obviously suffering with hitting the high end vocals and kept sipping from a medicinal mug of something or other.

    David more than compensated for affliction, by playing some blistering guitar throughout the evening.

    João Mello was a more than competent replacement on Saxophone, other Brass and acoustic guitar, he was given rapturous ovations from the audience on more than one occasion during the show.

    Marc Brickman’s lighting never ceases to amaze, Astronomy Domine was a kaleidoscopic collision of colours, crashing into the auditorium, with dazzling effect. Run Like Hello was irresistibly iridescent. The lasers for Comfortably Numb enchantingly enveloped the entire hall with a floating carpet of colours.

    It was over all too soon.

    We made our way back to Richmond via the tube and said our goodbyes to April and John, the drive back to Somerset had RTL on repeat for two and a half plays, to make the drive more bearable after such an amazing 23 hour/520 miles day.

    And Then… Hollywood Bowl beckons in 6 months. Looking forward to meeting some American Irregulars and doing it all over again.

    1. Ken, that sounds like a great trip. I’m very pleased that it went so well. Here’s to another.

      Thanks for sharing.

  31. Amazing concert ruined by 8 drunken idiots we were unfortunate to sit behind in the circle.

    They were drunk when they arrived, talking and swearing throughout, repeated trips to the bar and toilet during the first half buying pints in twos. At the intermission I saw them in the queue for the bar and they ordered 24 pints between them.

    More drinks in the second half although most of them went down the necks of the poor people who were sitting in front of them.

    Things were getting rather tense to put it mildly, then security arrived and made a feebled attempt to eject the group. Unfortunately we were all sitting in the middle of a row so that did not make it easy.

    Security did get all of them except the main trouble maker out of the auditorium but by then the distraction caused completely wiped out the entire Encore of the show.

    Very disappointed to say the least as I am a life long Floyd fan and was particularly looking forward to the Encore.

    I guess these things happen at public events, however I was very disappointed by the way RAH handled the situation and allowed these drunken idiots to keep buying more and more beer.

    I particularly feel sorry for the poor couple in front of them who went home wet and angry.

    I wish you could publicly name and shame these people, especially the low life sitting in Circle X, Row 3, Seat 161 – You should be ashamed of yourself.

    1. I am so sorry to hear this, Ed. People wait a long time and pay a lot of money to attend concerts, I know, so I appreciate how galling it is when selfish idiots spoil the occasion by acting like they’ve never tasted beer before.

      You’re absolutely right: they should be ashamed and should have been shown the door sooner.

      1. I had a very similar experience about 4 years ago with four very drunk tossers sat behind me at a U2 concert in Montreal. It spoilt the concert for me and my family and many others around them. Ironically, it was having my family there that stopped me from doing something to these guys that would have almost certainly meant I was ejected from the venue.

        I’ve seen it at too many concerts over the years and just wish those who want to get bladdered would just stay in the bar or, better still, stay at home with their six pack of Carlsberg Special Brew. I also think the Stewards and Security staff can do more, rather than turning a blind eye to the drunken behaviour of those who are willing to spend a fortune on buying beer from the venue…..most of which they spill anyway….meaning they have to buy even more of their overpriced nasty lager.

        I’m going to see U2 again in November…..and this time I won’t be putting up with any sort of hassle….I’ll just set my daughters on them. 🙂

        1. Ed,

          Really sorry to hear that. It must have taken a lot out of the evening for you. You have to wonder why these people come.

          I was about row 23 from the stage and I did notice the security was close to non existent. During Run Like Hell a wavy arm guy started dancing in the aisle, no problem really but the pleasant R A H attendant asked him politely to stop. Needless to say he did not. She went off to get help, came back looking flustered on her own, to find about 35 others had joined in! She looked a bit upset and left everyone to it.

          I really liked the fact that fans could be just a few feet from David rather than the 100 ft behind barriers as at big gigs but with only two staff in front of the stage this does depend on respect from the audience. It must get a bit unnerving for the band at times.

          Luckily almost everyone at these gigs are great fans and most respectful but it’s sad to hear your story of just a few affecting your enjoyment.


          1. Thanks for the words of support guys. It did certainly take the edge off the evening. It caused a lot of distraction to a lot of people during the encore.

            Shame. It’s put me off going to RAH again to be honest.

            Sorry if this has been asked a million times, but will there be a DVD from this tour?


  32. I have been avoiding The Blog for weeks now, for fear of spoilers!

    Just to say I was lucky enough to attend on both Thursday and Friday. The show was fantastic, amazing, incredible. Music was note-perfect, sound at RAH was outstanding, and I totally wasn’t expecting Mr. Screen or the light-show.

    Only negative was, as always, too many people there spending the entire night behind a camera lens… shame, really. It didn’t affect me, but I wouldn’t like to be sat behind someone else’s Smart Phone screen all evening. Security did their best to enforce, at least.

    I genuinely hope I get the chance to experience the tour again. Roll on 2016!

    Final note, just to say thanks again FEd for the heads up on the tickets all those months ago. I was so close to the stage on the Friday night, it was perfect.

    Look forward to visiting The Blog again to catch up on the remaining shows.

  33. That was quite a nice evening out in London.

    The pub was quite crowded but we managed to spot Lorraine, Ash, Lene, Tim, Ken and Nate after a short while and after a long wait at the bar.

    It was fun seeing some familiar faces again and getting to link a few new faces to familiar names on the blog and the chat room.

    Pity we didn’t hear Emilio shouting and we seem to’ve missed Ulli and Stephanie too.

    And alas, FEd, the pub had apparently run out of Rev. James Gold.

    My wife hoped we could have something to eat at the pub but considering the queues and waiting times that was hopeless so we had to cut our visit short to find us something to eat before we went in to the RAH.

    We found ourselves up in the second tier boxes on the left of the stage with quite a nice view from our front-row seats, yet it was a pity that our view on Mr Screen was partially obstructed by one of the lighting operators who got hoisted up above the stage.

    Come show time, that first note David plays on “5 A.M.” couldn’t be more “signature David” and the band take us on a wonderful trip through RTL.

    Highlights for me certainly were “A Boat Lies Waiting”, “In Any Tongue” with David’s son Gabriel on piano and “The Girl in the Yellow Dress”. I quite like that jazzy blues in general.

    Congratulations to João for his great sax playing throughout the concert.

    (More to come tonight, lunch break over, back to the grind.)

  34. Was lucky to get to all three shows. Can’t really sum it up in words that well but thought all three nights were good, but I thought Thursday’s was the best – Money especially. Friday’s crowd was a bit more vocal that seemed to stop it from quite reaching the same high as the night before (although others might disagree and have preferred it for the same reason).

    Just wanted to say thanks to FEd for letting us know about the tickets early. Didn’t think I’d get to see a full DG concert, nevermind get to be in the fourth row for one of them. Not only was it a great show to see but being able to watch David’s hands at work that close up is better than any guitar tab book or YouTube tutorial if you want to play guitar!

    1. Bless you for that, Tom. I’m truly thrilled that so many good people, who have taken the time over almost a decade now to contribute to this tiny part of the web, were able to be there and enjoy it so much. That means a lot, so thank you.

      1. Fed. I like the way in which you refer to the good people here. I first contributed to the blog in early 2006, but only a few times until the last 7 months. A mixture of feeling I had nothing interesting to say and recently getting an iPhone!

        Everyone I’ve met before the recent shows, due to these pages, have been good people and added to the experience, so thank you all!

    2. After seeing a lot of photos and videos of the gig in Oberhausen I realised that I must have missed quite a few of the visual effects because of my eyes being fixed to David Gilmour’s hands almost all of the time. 😉

      I had to consciously move my eyes to the other excellent band members from time to time to be sure not to miss anything…

      We need an official BD/DVD, don’t we?

  35. Well, I’m like everyone else. I’m still stunned, don’t know what to write really. 2nd row, 12 feet away I reckon, and doing a number of duets with David was, pardon my French, f*cking surreal. And he was looking right at me a time or two. Don’t wish to sound like an estranged fan but I’ve never been that close to the stage or the famous screen, was soaking it all up. And to actually see the man at work that close blew me away. Kat was blubbing a bit. I held on till I got out and haven’t really stopped even today thinking about it. Katrina summed David up in one and it’s a compliment. We don’t hold too many folk in high esteem but when you’re that close you see the man, a human being who is a genius, a music genius, but also a really lovely, gentle person who probably wonders what all the fuss is about.

    I saw a friend of forty years but a friend who has given me so much with his music. He was so endearing at the interval, he nearly went off the wrong way, made us chuckle and the way he picked his plec up or when he went for his mug of tea. Something we will never forget, very special.

    I’m very depressed at the moment, always am after such a big high to come down from. But we are thinking about Toronto in April.

    Only downer on the night was the rush to the stage. I’m quite claustrophobic, and Kat, very little, couldn’t see, and folk with iPhone style so Kat stood on the chair. I’ve never seen her so enthusiastic.

    Thank you Fed, thank you David and all involved. We do appreciate what hard work went into this tour.

    Kat and Damian

    P.S Apologies for standing on chairs.

      1. I’m nearly getting on the train back for Friday if there are new tickets. Kat can’t make it. I’m 51 and feel like a teenager, just like 1980 all over again.

    1. It’s probably no coincidence that I felt the same in Oberhausen. It’s a surreal situation being so near to someone that you admire so much…

  36. This has nothing to do with the tour I just wanted everyone to see my updated Gravatar…. 🙂

    1. There was a bloke staying at the same place as me near the RAH. Waiting at the lift, I asked if he was here for David’s concert, he said no, he was here for the rugby. I asked how the home teams were doing and he asked me which planet I’d been on! 😀

      Sorry, blog rugby fans, I confess my interest runs as far as national pride when “our” team wins something.

      Did you come over for the rugby Rudders? Did you fit in a night at the RAH? I noticed you didn’t mention the rugby (until today). 😉


      1. Ash… No I didn’t make it to the UK but I did spend most of Saturday night looking for an Englishman to taunt but without luck. Then, as the evening progressed my vision became blurred and my legs were wobbly. Can’t think why after defeating the host nation at their home ground in the Rugby World Cup. #wal

        I will remain sober for the two nights in Toronto!

        1. Ha ha. . . . I love the hatred us Scots, Irish, Welsh and English have for each other during competition but our unity against all comers!

          You’ll enjoy it more sober Rudders, you’ll remember it, won’t have to go pee during Sorrow either. Your eyes will go funny though, the lights are amazing.


  37. Totally agree with Angelo Ortiz. I think Dancing Right in Front of Me is the best song on the Album for all the reasons Angelo has given. I hope it finds its way into the set list before Toronto.

    Well put Angelo.


  38. I wonder if we could get David and Polly to open a jazz club in Brighton and I think we all know the name it would have.


    1. Great idea. I shall practice snaking…in the manner of a python that’s just swallowed a goat whole.

  39. I want to go again….Friday was such a blur…I need to go back to the concert again….after waiting to see David live for so long, it is over. Boo hoo…..

    David, you would be most welcome in Birmingham.

    And I would like to add that: ‘What I lost was an ocean and I am drifting through without you, in this sad barcarolle. What I lost was an ocean and I am rolling right behind you in this sad barcarolle…’ I sang at the top of my lungs. These lyrics coupled with David’s melody is the greatest and very moving piece of music I have ever heard.

    1. ‘What I lost was an ocean and I am drifting through without you, in this sad barcarolle. What I lost was an ocean and I am rolling right behind you in this sad barcarolle…’ I sang at the top of my lungs. These lyrics coupled with David’s melody is the greatest and very moving piece of music I have ever heard.

      Completely agree with you, Julie (only I wasn’t singing – which was for the best).

  40. Sat in the car reading the blog and Money just came on the radio – BBC Radio 2. Think I need a Lear jet. How weird.


  41. Just back home from week in London which included seeing David on 25th. Took my wife who hasn’t heard much of David’s music and she liked the quiet songs but thought lights too bright and some music too loud but I regard this as progress. We had a box and felt posh.

    Interesting range of fashion in the audience. Looked like some thought it the last night of the proms. Handy that David’s gigs coincided with London Design Week and Fashion shows too. V&A great warm up to RAH.


  42. Just got my work car back, got CD player in it. I’m rattling that lock max volume.


  43. Just listening to In any Tongue. Would be good one for Strictly come Dancing, the part where the couple dance to the artist playing live. Not that I’m a Strictly Come Dancing fan but it gets millions of viewers.


  44. Beauty, what a song. Made me weep.

    That’s it, I’ll shut up now for a while.


    1. Beauty has really grown on me. Favs on the album are, ermm… well everything. Dammit, not possible to select favourites!

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