Night Four: Florence

Something slightly different tonight, all the more so following the switch of venue from the Teatro Le Mulina to the Ippodromo del Visarno, which is more used to racehorses galloping around its track than energetic bass players running – like hell – on the spot. (Seriously, where does Guy find the energy?)

So it’s not a Roman amphitheatre this time, but how very fortunate that David and the band are back in delightful Florence with such happy memories of 2006, performing in the open air.

Will you be there, too? We want to hear all about it. I’d also like to know if you were at the Piazza Santa Croce in 2006 and how you feel tonight’s concert might differ beyond its setlist.

Author: FEd

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40 thoughts on “Night Four: Florence”

  1. Today marks the anniversary of Richard’s death, so, maybe, David will like to pay tribute to his friend… ‘Remember a Day’? I think he already played that song in tribute to Richard a few years ago..

    Oh how he will be missed tonight…

    1. I suggest everyone holds up their lighter/pocket light to create a sea of little lights and rises when David plays “A Boat Lies Waiting”. I am sure Richard’s spirit will be there in a very special way tonight.

      Shine on Richard.

    2. I too would love Remember That Day. I am curious as to why nobody seems to care much about the last PF album, The Endless River. How about Louder Than Words? It would be a great way to end the concert instead of CN in my opinion.

  2. I agree Ralph, A Boat Lies Waiting would be a fitting tribute on this special day.

    Enjoy the show tonight everyone!!

  3. I was in Piazza Santa Croce in 2006, with my dad, and tonight I’m here again, always with him.

    It’s a sunny day, it’s hot, I’ll be in the first row and it will be a great concert!

    All sounds great!

  4. The latest video is just wonderful. That should keep me happy until Friday. Can’t help but notice David isn’t using plectrums so much these days.

    Enjoy the concert. 🙂

  5. Enjoy the concert tonight guys! It will a memorable evening, I’m sure…

    I’m waiting for Saturday to come. All preparations for the journey were completed yesterday, we are in a closed arena, so the weather won’t matter to us…

    And Friday 00:00 I hopefully will be able to stream the album. 🙂

  6. As far as I can see the WYWH and Boat Lies Waiting part of the set list is already a permanent tribute – but a rendition of the Great Gig and / or a ‘Richard’ track would obviously go down very well also …. and I’m still hoping Autumn ’68 might find its way through that Albert Hall organ somehow ….

  7. My thoughts will be with the band, Richard’s family and David with the anniversary of Richard’s passing. What a great day to celebrate the life of one of the greatest talents of his generation.

    Shine on and hope everyone has a special show.

  8. I was there in 2006, one of the latest performance of Richard, Echoes was outstanding.

    This time I’d love to be in town for ‘A Boat Lies Waiting’, what a piece of tribute to one of the best musicians ever.

    1. Pavlov, 🙂

      Thanks for the link. It is a lovely interview.

      I Smiled when David said, so matter of factly, as if everyone thinks that way, “You can’t do things by half measures.” So many people have an attitude of ‘that’ll do’ and I’m not talking specifically about other people in the music industry, I mean people from many walks of life.

      Another few words that made me melt was when he was talking about how much Polly affects his life, “She does so much for and with me.” It was just so nice to hear a man say something so lovely about his wife.

      Something Polly said when discussing Louder Than Words, she described how sometimes there were long silences when the guys were together but, there’s an “eloquence when they make music.” Do you know, even that statement speaks volumes. 🙂

      There’s something else that came to me but it’s gone out my head, I’ll have to listen again.

      Cheers Pavlov.


  9. Heard that Coming Back To Life was played during the soundcheck today, so maybe this will make it on this special day.

    1. I found a completely different meaning to the words ‘Coming Back To Life’ on my way home from Brighton after the concert.

      I was thinking about the concert and the nice time I’d had there before and after, I can highly recommend The Creperie. We went there to eat, out of this world good. 🙂

      Anyway, on the train. . . I was also thinking about what I’d left behind at home, what did I have to do, what work, appointments, the coming week and wearily I found myself saying to myself that I always hated this coming back to life! As in coming back to normal everyday life after having not thought about it for a while.

      I laughed at myself thinking. . . .I’m a zombie!

      ash 🙂

  10. Question for who was able to join the concerts so far.

    Is David playing an extended version of High Hopes with acoustic guitar part?

  11. Some kind of remembering Rick should be great.

    I’d like if I heard “Night of Thousand Furry Toys” or something, but maybe it is too much to ask. 😛

    Not much to do with Rick, but “Green Is the Colour” should do a great piece. 😉

  12. Hope everybody attending enjoys the show in the magnificent city of Florence. I’m sure Richard’s spirit will be present tonight.

  13. Absolutely love Firenze. We were there for our honeymoon following our wedding on 7/30/94, and loved it so much returned in August 2000 before we tried for kids.

  14. Coming Back To Life must have been a real treat to those in attendance. I hope it remains in the setlist for New York. The Division Bell is one of the greatest albums of all time. It is so under rated.

  15. Just reached home, after the show. I can’t really describe how it was – it exceeded all expectations I had both technically and emotionally.

    I’ll be back in a few days time with a larger “review” – for now, all I can say is that I’m really happy David still shares his gifts with us and we’re here to live it…

  16. Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!

    When I heard the first notes of Coming Back To Life I couldn’t believe my ears. I wanted it so much, it was such a big surprise and a big emotion as well. I don’t have any problem to admit that I cried all over the song.

    It means so much for me and for my life in this moment, I couldn’t be happier than this and the fact that it came totally unexpected is the “plus”.

    Anyway, the concert was great, even better than yesterday, when there were some slight problems. David suffers a little in the high vocal parts, specially with two straight concerts, but is well supported by the other members of the band.

    I’m going to sleep happy just like a baby, I can’t describe my feelings.

    I was in the first row, seeing David in the eyes, and he played THAT song. OK, now I can die, I’m happy with that.

    Thanks to David, and thanks to FEd: if I could sit there is because of the blog’s presale.

    Now the next countdown is for Toronto’a gig. Too long… 🙁

    Goodnight from a happy guy.

  17. Coming Back to Life made an appearance without having to drop a song. Tonight was the first night he did 22 songs, while he has previously been doing 21 songs, making the show a longer. I am glad he picked a song where he can really take off and jam on. I watched him perform it 4x in 2006, and each time he played it differently.

    I hope this trend continues and CBITL makes it into the setlist permanently, congrats Florence!

  18. RAH got tickets available now, just got 2 for Grand Tier, 25th Friday, no problem.

    Best of luck guys.

  19. En route to Orange now for what will arguably be the most beautiful of all the settings for David’s European tour. Cant wait!!

  20. I know it’s not about Florence. . . .My tickets for Royal Albert Hall arrived yesterday!!! 😀

    AND!!! I got an e-mail this morning to say my order from David’s eurostore has been shipped!!!


  21. For anyone interested, the RAH still has seats left for almost all the nights except Fri Sept 24th and Sat Oct 3rd.

  22. Anybody still waiting for their RAH tickets need not worry, I’ve been assured by the kind people at the box office that they can do a reprint on the day if you bring the credit card used to book seats.

    And then shortly after, I receive a text to say our tickets arrived. Heart beat quickens….

  23. i love that he has a little bit of freedom with the set list. and i love that Sorrow has been in the set lists consistently so far. i can’t wait for March/April in the states!

    i see my deluxe set has shipped for arrival friday and i have 9 regular copies of RTL arriving from the ticketmaster promo – hopefully – tomorrow.

    i’m so very grateful for this new album/tour.

  24. The rain is pouring this morning and thunder is echoing around this awe inspiring venue. It is forecast to clear this afternoon. Bumped into David’s head caterer last night as she jumped into our taxi as we got out at the antique theater.

    David, if you are reading this, what a fine lady she is. We were chatting together in Pula too.

    Looking forward to the show this evening immensely. It starts an hour earlier this evening than Verona at 8pm. Dunno why but I have a hunch that there maybe a new tune or two in the set this evening. Can’t wait!!

  25. Hello, everyone. The written part will follow in a short while. Here are some pictures I managed to take that fantastic night. Take a look and let me know what do you think. 🙂

        1. Photos… Did you really tell me (Orange post): “None taken during the actual concert, though.” ? 😉

          1. The link doesn’t work for me, I can’t see them.

            But anyway, the point is that I’m clearly wasting my time asking people not to take photos during the concerts and refusing their links; people still take them and the band members re-tweet them. They’re taken for instant Facebook and Instagram gratification – and many of them are very good! People want to see them and keep sending them regardless.

            As principled as I’d like to be about this and not allow any of them, because surely the next step is being tolerant of videos, I’m vastly outnumbered here. But I thank you again for only posting photos of the stage taken before the concert started.

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