Night Five: Orange

Back to Roman amphitheatres, then. This time, to the magnificent one in Orange in the south of France.

The Théâtre Antique d’Orange, with its vast and elaborately decorated stage wall or scaenae frons (103 metres long, 37 metres high and almost two metres thick), was built in the first century during the reign of Augustus, who is memorialised in the statue positioned in the centre of the façade.

Declared a World Heritage Site in 1981, the ancient theatre is one of Europe’s largest and best preserved.

If you’ll be spending the evening there, do let us know how it goes. We look forward to finding out more.

The setlist, as usual, will be revealed here later.

Lastly, thank you very much to everyone who has made a donation and helped spread the word that David is fundraising in support of MOAS, the Migrant Offshore Aid Station. Your generosity is truly appreciated. You’ve helped push the total amount raised so far very near to David’s target of £5,300, which is approximately how much it costs to run the station each day. Thank you for caring.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. Enjoy the evening guys! I’m waiting for the album to appear on Spotify before going to bed… 🙂

  2. Fed, I received the new album by David Gilmour today and I really love it and I think Polly’s lyrics are really good. Now I can’t wait for David to play at the Hollywood Bowl for I know it will be one of his finest.

    I missed you in the chat room yesterday but I hope you got my message.

    Take Care,

  3. Heading for Oberhausen on Saturday from Ireland, anyone got any tips on how to get there from central Düsseldorf? All help appreciated. Never been to Germany before so not used to the transport system at all.


    1. Very close, a lot of people in Germany speak good English so you should be OK asking directions. Been to Germany a number of times (November next trip) and have been amazed by the level of English over there (although a little danke, genau und auf wiedersehen goes a long way).

      Enjoy the show (I’m Irish too)!

    2. Hi Rob!

      Hope it’s not too late… there are good connections by public transport from Dusseldorf to Oberhausen.

      Try here .

      CU in Oberhausen, 😉

    3. @Rob:

      There is a regular train service from Düsseldorf Airport (and main station) to Oberhausen. The ride takes about 20mins and costs about 10€. Shouldn’t be a problem…

  4. Would love to have seen David in Orange, I think my wife was ready to plonk for tickets to either Verona or Orange when the original tour was announced (luckily, or otherwise, I persuaded her to hold out for a US/NYC gig).

    Enjoying RTL at the minute, pre-order came this morning. Made for a great commute home, now blasting the Barn Jams on DVD.

    With David speaking out on behalf of the terrible refugee crisis (and the help that Europe has banded together to provide) and this new album I may have faith in the human race again!

  5. Orange looked like yet another amazing amphitheatre venue, befitting the distinction of hosting David’s Old Man’s Tour.

    Looking forward immensely to Michele’s rapturous review.

    Less than £500 required, to achieve the MOAS target, pretty good going in just over a day.

    Waiting patiently for RTL to be delivered tomorrow.

  6. Just got back to the hotel from the Orange concert and wow! What a night and what a venue! Everything fabulous, David, of course. Oh David, you rock! but even the stars in the sky…

    Will write longer when at home and, maybe, send some photos? Not sure I’ll be able to sleep now…

  7. As an old school Pink Floyd fan who saw his 1st PF show in 1975 and every tour since then, all I have to say is it looks like a wonderful place to see David play a show!!!

    On another note I received an email yesterday telling me that the Rattle That Lock CD is on the way and has already arrived at the local post office here on Wednesday, but according to UPS and USPS tracking info it isn’t going to be delivered until Monday the 21st even though it’s already here. I called the local Post Office and talked to a supervisor there and they won’t deliver it or let me pick it up at the post office which is LAME. After having spent over $300 at Ticketmaster for 1 ticket in NYC at MSG next year I should at least be able to enjoy the new CD on the 18th BUT I cannot unless I go to Best Buy tomorrow and buy the BluRay/CD box set for like $40+ which I had planned to do anyway. Considering that a FREE Rattle That Lock CD was supposed to be given to ticket buyers it should have already been delivered a day early for us TRUE David Gilmour Fans.

    To be honest I’ve already seen a few YouTube HD videos before they were removed by YouTube which SUCKS, and I’ve also heard CD quality versions of the Live shows in Brighton, Pula, and Verona taped by an old school music taper and they sound great. I can’t wait to see David in NYC next year as I’m sure the show is going to be awesome.

    Is there any reason why there is a delay in the shipping and receiving the CD already?

    Thanks for your time!!!

    1. I am sorry to hear this, Jeff. It seems some received theirs yesterday, some today. I’d be disappointed about having to wait until Monday.

  8. Great setlist!! Thanks to the band and crew for a fabulous evening in a fantastic surrounding. Was a little disappointed Mr Screen didn’t work at first, would have been nice to see the new animations, but the quality of the musicians and the very good sound really made up for it.

    See you soon DG band…

    1. We were chatting with the video technician prior to the show who told us the video wall that sits inside the circular frame was, at eight tonnes, too heavy for the venue’s support structure so we only got the frame, lights and central gauze. Personally, I quite liked not having videos as it allowed you to concentrate more on the music, which was superb. 🙂

  9. Hey FEd: Does buying tickets through Ticketmaster via phone make one eligible for the great deal on the “Rattle That Lock” CD? If so how does one do so?

    Thank you, Suzy.

    1. I believe the offer was for online sales only, I’m sorry to say. Ticketmaster would have contacted you already otherwise.

  10. Orange was breathtaking! A stunning venue with and even more stunning band. David is in top form, sharper and more energetic than ever! Absolutely outstanding and memorable. A night I will definitely cherish forever! Plus the tickets for irregulars were brilliant row 0, center stage!

    On the downside, organization at the venue was an absolute nightmare. Stood in line for 2h15 just to recover the tickets plus another 40 in line to get in. Seats aren’t clearly marked and people chose to sit wherever, ushers panicked and apologized and just said “squeeze in wherever you can”, luckily I managed to persuade two young men to get out of our seats.

    All in all a brilliant evening!

    1. Oh dear. Sorry about that, Paul. I’m glad you were able to get those people out of your seats and enjoyed the concert.

    2. It’s a stunning well preserved Roman theatre, they can’t put seat number plates and attach them with rivets, 😉 they could draw or paint big white numbers on the stone, but I’m happy they don’t, would be sacrilege!

        1. Signposts would have been easy enough. They do have red lines marking each seat as well as big red numbers, sacrilege has already been committed!

          They can definitely do a much better job especially for a sold out show like this one!

        2. I was also at the Orange show and have to agree, the queues and organisation was a nightmare. It seems there was multiple entrances, and depending on what ‘block’ you were in denoted which queue you should be in. But there were no signs. We got in around 7:15 and luckily our seats were right at the entrance so we ‘found’ them fairly quickly.

          The seat numbers were written on the stone in chalk, although obviously this rubbed off really quickly. I think little temp flags (saying Block A, Block B, etc.) would have done wonders.

    3. I also attended the show at Orange. If I could go back in time and see any show, it would be this one. The theater provided better atmosphere than any venue I have ever attended. It was magnificent. And, of course, the performance was outstanding. Really, I cannot overstate the feeling of being at this show.

      That being said, I agree with Paul. It was a cluster outside the venue. At 8 pm, we were lined up halfway around the building – nervous that we would miss the first set as the line was not even moving. It seems they must have eased up on security around 8:15 pm because the line suddenly moved very fast. When it was our turn to enter, they did not search us or scan tickets. I am guessing they were trying to stay ahead of curfew?

      As we struggled to our seats, numerous people were saying “good luck”. Once we made it to our seats, they were occupied. The people sitting in our seats were told by security to sit there because their seats were already occupied. Fortunately, they were nice and agreed to give us our seats. The show started five minutes later. Heh…

      I could have done without the stress at the beginning since that type of thing lingers for me and can affect my impression of the show. But, again, the show was so amazing that I wish I could do it again – bumps and bruises included. 🙂

  11. Oh.. my.. God. What a gig! David and the band’s performance just gets more and more polished and powerful too.

    Happy birthday to Colin on the desk.. What a place to celebrate your 30th!!! 😀

  12. I’m only 20, so I “missed” a lot of things and this show was one of my dreams.

    It was really intense, immersive. Three hours of perfect sound, thank you David (and all the team)!

  13. A bit late for my review, sorry…

    Have been fortunate enough to arrive in Orange (Roman name: ‘Arausio’) the day before the concert. It’s a lovely town, worth visiting, filled with history (Colline Saint Eutrope, Roman Theatre, Triumphal Arch, citadel remains, etc…) and Provençal charm. Had a room booked for two nights in a small ‘Hôtel de charme’ (only 20 rooms, located at 50 meters from the Roman theatre, how good!) where we met fans of from Canada, Brazil, even Hong Kong… Impressive and how nice.

    On Thursday (date of the concert) morning, enormous black clouds, storms and downpours… mon Dieu!

    Luckily, by early afternoon, everything got better, clouds disappeared and the sun came back. Phew…

    We visited the Théâtre Antique (self guided tour with audio guide), very interesting, and wow, staff, technicians were very, very busy, working hard to set up the stage, Mr Screen was installed, also, so many
    huge boxes for equipment, with ‘David Gilmour’ and the ‘wireman’ logo from OAI marked on them. Impressive organisation!

    Now the show, incredible, fantastic, what an ambiance in the theatre, and what a performance and energy from an ‘old man’ (David’s words, not mine 😉 ). Of course it reminded me of the Vienne concert in 2006, which had been fabulous too, and I missed Richard sometimes, especially when he should have played the piano or sung, but such is life…

    In Orange, David was more ‘rock’ (sorry, can’t express), et cela lui va très bien. I love the new stuff, especially live and it was a very good idea to mix up new and old songs. Oh and the guitar solos (should I say ‘soli’?), they all gave me the chills…

    Highlights for me:

    – New songs: ‘Faces of Stone’, ‘A Boat Lies Waiting’ and ‘In Any Tongue’. All very powerful.

    – Old songs: ‘Sorrow’ without any doubt, followed by ‘Comfortably Numb’. Impossible to describe, il fallait juste être là.

    ‘Run Like Hell’ put the whole theatre on fire. Awesome electric atmosphere, tout le théâtre debout, dans cette arène circulaire, impressive. The whole band was wearing black glasses and dressed all in black, … ‘Men in Black’ :D. When David left the stage after RLH, the attendance went mad, roaring (is that the correct word?) for ten minutes till he came back. Oh mon Dieu!

    Sorry, I’m too long, I know, so, I stop here.

    Oh and on my way back home (on the train, I heard that SNCF jingle at least 30 times!), I had to change train in Lyon, where there’s is a ‘FNAC’ in the railway station and I could buy… ‘Rattle That Lock’ CD/DVD! Perfect trip souvenir.

  14. How to say…? One week has passed since the concert and…

    After the excitement, I know I shouldn’t, but I can’t help making the comparison between Vienne (2006) and Orange. Both théâtres antiques, both outstanding concerts, the Theatre of Orange, more stunning, more impressive, better preserved than the one of Vienne – oh this magnificent stage wall! – the commune of Orange more worth visiting than Vienne, David, perfect, exceptional even, more energetic than in Vienne, Mr Screen… ‘Sorrow’, the new tracks from RTL, that I prefer over OAI… and all that… but the one I will forever cherish, the one that will remain in my heart forever is the one in Vienne. Why? I’m not sure… “Le coeur a ses raisons que la raison ne connaît point” (Blaise Pascal, I think). Probably because of the presence of Richard, of the osmosis, complicity I felt all over the concert between David and Richard, because of the relaxed mood of David and the band, great communication with the crowd, because it was my first concert in a Roman amphitheatre, because, because… I don’t know…there was something so special and magical that night… and ‘Echoes’ in a Roman amphitheatre… I missed Richard in Orange, I did miss him.

    I’m sorry I can’t express very well my feelings in English, I had written in French, but I know you’re too busy to read long comments in French and of course, it’s an English blog…

    Anyway, Vienne, Orange, both amazing experiences! and about those hard stone seats.. do you really care for your bottom when you’re attending such mind-blowing gigs? 😉

    1. Hi Michèle and everybody,

      These past few years since the release of “Live in Gdansk”, I was a little bit away from this blog. Coming back today and reading your chronicles about the RTL album and the Orange concert last September is great: same place/same people… The magic of music that gather women and men everywhere…

      Well. Like in July of 2006 in Vienne, I was there at the Orange concert. Strangely, I booked my ticket on the March presale but the wait until the D-day didn’t seems to me very long. But it was a nightmare to grab my ticket at the office… There at 6 pm, I was finally able to hold my ticket 2 hours and a half later… When I sat in the theater, the gig was just about to begin…

      Outside a nightmare, but Inside… A real dream ! Nearly 2 hours and half of very good music, great musicians, a good selection of songs… I enjoyed each seconds of the show.

      The place was beautiful and the sound unbelievable in terms of quality… A bit disappointed by the absence of the films on the screen and the lasers but… But however, a very good evening ! I was in the “Carré or”. 😉

      I agree with you Michèle: I couldn’t help to search Rick on the stage… And yes, my best memory of the Vienne show is “Echoes” that I always consider as a duet between Dave and Rick even if the song is a great collaboration in the Pink Floyd songbook.

      Yes, David was a bit more “rocky” on this gig than in the OAI Tour… Because the RTL album is a little more rocky itself… As a result, David made a very good selection of new and old songs that were lying very well in the same bed… My best moments in the show were… Arffff… It’s very hard to tell it in fact… All was good… Like every one in the audience I discovered the news songs that night and the band made very good rendition of them… “5 A.M., RTL, Faces of Stone” is a good trilogy opening. A great solo on “Faces of stone”… It was good to have both “a boat lies waiting” and “the blue” (I call it the “Rick sequence”)… “In any tongue” was probably the best song of the new ones: singers on the chorus were “FABULEUX”, and the final guitar solo too… And then, what a pleasure to meet old friends as “WYWH”, “High Hopes”, “Fat Old sun” (very good lap steel sequence by Jon Carin), “Shine on” (even if it was shortened), “On an island”… I was blinded by the “Astronomy domine” visual performance !!!! And of course, it was all about enjoying “Coming back to life” as a bonus song and the whole end of the show with “Sorrow, Run like hell, Time and Comfortably Numb”.

      Finally, I can’t choose between the 2 shows… Different mood, different songs BUT, same enthusiasm and happiness in the crowd. Being there in Orange was like meeting again some good friends or family…

      I will be lucky enough to go and see again David and the band twice this year. In Nîmes in July and in London Royal Albert Hall in September. I hope that Mr Screen will be okay as the Mark Brickman’s lasers too ! 😀

      My reviews on this blog later. 😉

      ByeBye !

      P.S. You see: my English is not better than yours… LOL. Sorry again.

      1. Always a pleasure to read you, Patoch. 🙂

        I, too, am looking forward to Nîmes (avec son accent circonflexe 😉 ).

        Théâtre Antique de Vienne, d’Orange, Arènes de Nîmes… Our David, c’est sûr, est un homme de goût.

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